Hex 42 00a0 इतिहास ? &   first two digits ; Gregorian Modern. AD

2,000,000 B.C.

Earth is seeded with modern animals and plants [ from this planet ]


Reincarnational line.

Vishnu 70,000 B.C.

Osirus 28,200 B.C.

Zeus 12,250 B.C.

Modern Eon

Bible Eon: Sumeria

Ancient Enki

Protectors Seraphs: Interstellar: Orioinites. Asians on Earth.

Enoch is one of my reincarnations and the origin of The real non ba'alite Masons on earth.

Nephilim = evolution gone backwards: have six toes, double sets of teeth as sharks do. source is Enoch.

Kṛṣṇa, circa 3100 bc.

Kalki, code this life. Vishnu line. Seal 3

Enki/Enlil/Anu. Contract. Controller of the Heavens, Enki gets heaven. source ancient Sumerian Texts. recorded in Neo Babylonian and revised or changed in Akkadian. However , see Matrix Keys 🔑

King List Blood Line: reality reincarnational spirtial - line

Marduke,: aka Abraham, originally Abram: Bible

Anubis: aka Abraham, Ancient pre Egypt.

King List Blood Line: reality reincarnational spirtial - line

Anubis, First Judgement - some millennia before Osirus,

First Judgement, First Death

I ordered Depopulation. Sumerian Evil Wind. []

Sumerian, revised by dark forces to Lucifer Period Lot, first five or seven Biblical cities. Sodom and Gomorrah

1:01 p.m. M.T. -111w, 40n. #11272018AD.


Joseph, son of Jacob and Rachel, يوسف‎ Yūsuf or Yūsif; Ancient Greek: Ἰωσήφ Iōsēph: Bible

Achilleus : Greek: Ἀχιλλεύς, Achilleus: recorded in Iliad.


-111w, 40n M.T. #11272018AD. Jesus Christ returned . bookoflife.org.


King David, Bible

A Warrior King, scholar

Elijah: Bible

Socrates: A Greek Swamp Drainer

Alexander. son of Philip ii of Macedon. Warrior



IAM: traitors killing humans for perversion and profits


Jesus Christ 3D

Sindone di Torino, Sacra Sindone, 3D χριστός ; < ˆ 5.916666666666666 f.t. = 1.9722222222222222 yrd.






1:41 p.m. M.T. -111w 40n. #11152018AD.


EU Middle Age, Orient Enlightened


Prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam

a warrior , scholar
Aisha married at age 19 years old. Dream at 16. Qur'an forbids prepubescent intercorse. I wrote it. 200 years later an extra alleged writing changed it to 6, 9.

Early Modern Age

Michael Notredame, middle age latin: Nostradamus, family name Gassonet

Alexandre César Léopold Bizet

Current Life: born 1966 A.D. SilverLake, Los Angeles, 118w, 34n.

Paramilitaries and Evil Illuminati are after me so no Name here. Escaped 57 major Assassinations, over 2,000 snares in Los Angeles. 1998AD Archangel Michael - 23 September 2017AD . retired name. [ Jesus Christ: post 23 Sept. 2017 ] Do not publicly use this as people are mind controlled, all over Planet Earth.

Reincarnation of Jesus Christ List














Kuru is spongy brain disease, eating human parts: equivalent to mad cow! Diseases. Kuru .


Matrixkeys: 1:00 - 1:10 p.m. MT -111w40n

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