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mp3 convt music file by arc m

a solo (sol)


mp3_guitar_miniamp_1987_mjmsolo 9 Minuets & 23 seconds of nutty jam(s). original perhaps made up on the spot.

Original Song

Original guitar

Original guitar short delay, solo

Original guitar & Rockin'

Original guitar leads pull-off with reverse pull-offs.

song 96 raw file

my guitar & comp 8 what i could save


Music gamma index

Formats: mp3 & MS wave format, a larger file, runs on windows media player or special sound editing equipment, and has a higher quality than a basic mp3 format. However, these are large files, but computers are getting much faster and so with the new technologies today,  this eventually will  not be a problem.  

The recordings are poor quality, done on a portable tape player, and usually over a previously recorded cassette tape, then re recorded over a cheap head-set microphone from the old portable tape machine, and again, this is not my beloved Gibson ES 347, it is a knock-off production line Korean model that retails for about $100., so the sound is terrible – but this was all I could afford.


My mother bought me an caustic nylon – stringed guitar (the  best for classical guitar!)  after my father and her refuse to allow me to ride skateboards any longer. I was about the age of 12 years-old.  I had crashed a concert wave skate-park ( the famed Reseda, SFV, Los Angeles County) and broke my arm in seven places and had a cast for a while. The medical bills concerned them, so I stopped what I loved. My sister, about 1 1/4 years older than I dated musicians, and my mother did too and also was a piano player herself, she used it to escape her family's attention. She was accomplished and had managed to practice from time to time; it was very enjoyable. She could play difficult pieces with ease and she would love to entertain guests – so there were many long nighttime parties, well into the morning. My sister dated some guitarists who showed me the basics.  I love music, so it was not a burden to leave skateboarding for guitar playing.  I worked at Marshalls' clothing store after school during my junior and senior years of high school, living at Pacific Lodge boys home,Woodland Hills, SFV, Los Angeles, CA., , and was able to purchase my first real guitar, a blond - transparent wood finished $1,500 Gibson ES 347, oak, abalone inlay, gold plated bridge and tuning knobs, and an intonation envious of a Steinway. It has a phaser switch so it could sound country, classical to bluesy or switch to frontal pickups and make a sound like a Les Paul or Gibson flying V. I preferred humbucking double coiled, and when I would make a guitar from a reject, I would buy a humbucking and solder in new pickups.

Michael J. McDonald Guitar recordings:

track 1 mp3 1989

track 2 mp3 1987

track 3 mp3 a solo

track 4 wave 91.3 MB. CBM ( Michael) Guitar. ( cheap korean guitar)

There were no needs for a $100,000 rack to plug into and dazzle, the guitar already sounded like an entire symphony. These recordings from my ES 347 were lost. I had this guitar stolen at Pacific Lodge Boys Home when I was 18 years-old and was one of the major decisions to why I choose to leave the Guitar world and join a cult, CUT, at Malibu and spend the rest of my Marshall’s money, about $1,300 for a religious retreat sold as a university, a mystical school, which not all are able to attend.

track 5 wave 29.9 MB A song I entitled pistol packing peewee ( a play on youth w/ guns on school yard playgrounds, a problem in the U.S.A. from 1980s-1990s in the U.S.A.

track 6 wave 7.98 MB , a guitar solo with a small bit of delay.

track 7  wave 69.2 MB, a long song, high-noise so keep the volume down at first and adjust upward later.

track 8 wave 96.2 mb, jammin at 3005 Benedict Cyn., a luxurious house ( 8th baths) just below Don Henley's home on Benedict Cyn., the third house form the top on the west -side of the street. I lived here from 1995-1997 and some months. I took a gardening job for one day and I was kept on as a painter and later as a house sitter, and lived there for 9 months, alone, while I was painting the interior. and then lived in a closet ( it had a bathroom but not big enough for a bedroom, close to the kitchen.). When the owner was away, about once a month for a few days to a week, I had the time of my life. The land has a beautiful view of the canyon and houses on Bel Air side of the mountain.  

track 8 wave 96.2 MB (uploaded at 100 MB), a long improvised song.

track 9 wave 198 MB, original song, long and mainly made up as I went after the first initial phrasing.

I was painting ( house painter, residential) on Burbank st. when I was about 22 years-old, and in the basement of a large condo, a Korean flying ‘V’ replica, in red, was being thrown out. I believe the boss said this condo once belonged to  actor and now social advocate Todd Bridges, and the walls had evidence that this guitar was used in parties to smash the joint, totally out of control air-guitar ( but with a real guitar) rockin’out scenario. I took it and made a new guitar out of it. I Bondo it, and performed advanced car paint techniques, painting it white and re-constructing the inners ( the electronics, including a custom Humbucker, double coiled) This cheap guitar is what you hear on these recordings. It has some flat ‘high e(s)’ at the 13 th – 18 th positions. However, it was workable.

track 10 wave 53.7 MB free style. Black Sabbath's song, War Pigs, 2nd album, Paranoid, abbriv. about the politicians leading the Humans into the Vietnam War, over nothing but greed. ".. spreading death and hatred to mankind...Oh Lord, yeah!" The actual song is short then I go off into a free style ( e.g. making this up as I go).

track 11 wave 10.3 MB solo with pull-offs and hammer-ons.

track 12 wave 79.3 an acoustic song, but recorded with poor sound and the re-transfer-recording was even lower volume. So to hear this one, a possible amplification is needed.

track 13 wave a short 12.2 MB solo done on a wahwah peddle. This makes the sound from an instrument 'watery' or wavy in frequency.

track 14 wave 36.3 MB, I used a pedel I loved but needed to hawk to survive. It had an 8-second delay. here was a sample.

track 15 wave 55.5 MB a battery Marshall amp, the small practice - carry bag versions. Poor sound.   

track 16 69.2 MB is a repeat but hopefully a different sound recording level and clarity.    

track 17 wave 18.8 MB.

track 18 wave 19. MB.

track 19 wave 34 MB.

track 20 wave 25.4 MB

track 21 wave 22.7 MB

track 22 wave 45 MB

track 23 wave 27 MB

track 24 wave 21.4 MB


Wave format:

track 25 [ electric guitar 1 file]

track 26 [ electric guitar 2 file]

track 27 [ electric guitar 3 file]

track 28 [ electric guitar 5 [mismumbered file]

track 29 [ electric guitar 6 file]

track 30 [ electric guitar 7 file]

track 31 [ electric guitar 8 file]

track 32 [ electric guitar 9 file]

track 33 [ electric guitar 10 file]

track 34 [ electric guitar 11 file]

track 35 [ electric guitar 12 file]

track 36 [ electric guitar 13 file]

track 37 [ electric guitar 14 file]

track 38 [ electric guitar 15 file]

track 39 [ electric guitar 16 file]

track 40 [ electric guitar 17 file]

track 41 [ electric guitar 18 file]

track 42 [ electric guitar empty]

track 43 [ electric guitarempty]]