Jesus Christ 3D


Sindone di Torino, Sacra Sindone, 3D χριστός ; < ˆ 5.916666666666666 f.t. = 1.9722222222222222 yrd.

IAM that IAM. ↕

My left eye, gold at the center with rays. Photo Sunday, December 9th , 2018 AD. -111w, 40n U.S. mountain time. IAM a real Judean.

Soulless containers on Earth Arab - Italian - Latonian and Blue Blood Ayran Race

Swamp update 12112018AD 12:58 am mt

The Fountain of Youth

🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 ⬇

USA Coup by Mexico , Germany, UK , Italy and Rome with all of Latonia Latin America. Called "THE PLAN."

Aryan Mafioso supporter James " liberal Arts Major" Comey refused to answer 245 questions & everything done closed doors  in the hearing, sounds like he's shook up? A commentator shouted.

Committee  :  " State your name ?"
James Comey: " I plead the 5th!"
IAM: The fakeilluminati sure does have heavy hitters!

United Kingdom , The Times. ---

Paedophiles are taking advantage of the boom in live streaming on YouTube to convince children to take off their clothes or adopt sexualised poses.

The Times has discovered more than 100 grooming cases in which young people who broadcast online are manipulated into inappropriate behaviour by strangers. Children are promised thousands of extra subscribers to their channels if they comply.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, failed to remove half the live-streamed videos showing the sexual exploitation.

  a possibility: "But those DEW satellites will kill us all, help please!"

Paedophiles grooming children live on YouTube
Harry Shukman, Mark Bridge
December 10 2018, 12:01am, The Times

YouTube failed to remove live-streamed videos showing sexual exploitation after they were flagged up.

John F. Kelly worked against POTUS anti pedo programs. These Global Military Germanoids are perverted child abusers.
He is not a Jew.
Ask him about DEWs, chem trails, sat-DEWs? Ask him why HOR and Congress members over two decades keep getting their families threaten if the bring these topics to the House floor?

Currently The bad Army- military is attacking The New York Times, as ' skizoidphrenic ' for suggesting " directed energy weapons ' exist and to be used on Americans! Patent leaks for the last few years intend these systems were conjured up over 40 years ago- and now operational! I AM certain these weapons have made ' mush' on John Kelly's mind. These weapons make victims ' weak' minds suseptable for implanting false memories or aggressive confusion , leading to anger outbursts! Currently most often now they are used to trigger M.K. ultra minds for " mass shootings!" John Kelly, non-too- bright cannot even  tell you Obama is such a victim. His mind is implanted all sorts of ' crazy' things. But he is too far gone to save!

Why did U.K. write about this noting the exposure for years now?
IAM: Rumor that The Devil and The Beast threatenned Google top whistleblowers. They are/were alive and on Earth currently!

YouTube " Role Models | Hillary Clinton"
these are young prepubescent children that Scharf, Hitler, Whore of Babylon eat, sacrifice, and exploit. 2 million views. The little boys are said to be prefered By Beasts in The Book of John's Revelation; Often the 27 th book of The New Testiment, The Holy Bible ( code). Even The Holy Qur'an bans sex with prebubescant children. Deep State are said to be preoccupied by their lusts for infant " energy!" These baby rapers and "Swamp feeders" control all DEW weapons and nuclear weapons.

Hillary Clinton harrps always about the children like Elizabeth Bathery had done .The Russian Hack revealed this "revelation". 
See more on Hillary's stratagem if caught?

These sattalites shot up by Besos at California are DEW weapons to target all against anti- Pediophile warriors. Q. Source! They have a constellation of Army Directed Energy Weapons to point on individuals anywhere on planet Earth.


They are marketed as crowd control mechanisms for the Army  but that remains not their true purpose. Eventually they will be combined as a total submission package for planet Hell! 

The Beast chip will ID anyone for 24/7 targeting!. Therefore from space to ground, targets are assessed, managed, controlled and if The controllers choose too, eliminated. The Beast system is run by Jacob de Rothschild and 1, 000s of his agents of Child abuse! This included the modern  Sharf family of hidden NAZIS. They are fake Christian and fake Jews by DNA !

DEW weapons are varied and combine pulse frequencies to disrupt natural biology in us humans. Top scientists from at or least to the 1960s were saught - out, bought-off, conscripted, used and discarded; 187 or rewarded and monitored. They studied the effects of sound or energy-waves ( same thing) on animals, but by Bush 43 began experimenting on humans in the general populas.  As drone tech advanced post 1998 AD they put them in these; today they are in our upper atmosphere and can and already have been used on humans. I AM such a victim. Humans can be spotted using new sat- inferred scanners, locked and targeted. I use my own secret protection. I have too now.

THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH In the Modern Age and Copied by Hollywood and Rome, Germany and globalist families that have Wall Street stocks or large global banks and World Intelligence Agencies and many Charities, social services and child services. Behind the scenes of the soulless container masses on Earth


Behind the scenes 1,000s of lawyers on the scene for years had understood that Bathery was killing women, draining , bathing, drinking their blood in hopes of staying eternally Young. So horrendous was this lawsuit claim that this claim was kept hidden and these charges for just "murder for politics " to which took its place to cover up the real soulless containers upon this Earth exposed these Reptilian into which reincarnate into body containers.

Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed was a Hungarian noblewoman and alleged serial killer from the noble family of Báthory, who owned land in the Kingdom of Hungary. She has been labeled by Guinness World Records as the most prolific female murderer. Rumor she was a cannibal and bathed in blood of her victims. George Soros is Hungarian  and is one of Hillary Clinton's closest buddies.

of the largest court case of its time in eastern Europe, 1,000s of lawyers and witnesses knew the truth but changed the narrative to " immigration"

Some 3,000 migrants missing, two weeks ago secret report. We caught filming going on for their surveillance for abduction. We all know what this is all about. Think floors below the virgin isle. Faketemple. Surveillance footage. Storage facilities. Hope Federal trial will reveal. 

Beast System International News

Reserve Bank of India Governor Urjit Patel resigned for "personal reasons."

Germanic  Rothschilds wants 🇮🇳 RC imf bank to implement junk- bond markets and lower national 🇮🇳 interest rates, so shelly Rothy lenders can make , small but numerous lending institutions, many $ billions per annum  for more Rothschilds $ 900, 000,000,000 trillion profits  in assets and in cash. The Devil says, " I do not have enough money. DEW satellites are expensive!!"

Jerry Nadler said" Monica Lewinsky told her Twitter followers that Bill Clinton paid her $25,000 to lie and cover up William J. Blythe III, Bill Clinton's their sexual affair and Clinton is a Democrat like me and we can do any crime we want ."

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), the likely incoming House Judiciary Committee Judiciary Committee also implied he wants to one day drown in a giant wave at New York. He stated "this is my wet dream!"

NY Establishment Pervocrats hate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

US Sephardic target Nadlerites that cover up massive pediophila networks. Newsweek.

French ongoing Climate riots organized by The 😈 Jacob and Evelyn " the tranny" de Rothschild.

Gilets Jaunes . November 17th 2018 ongoing into February 2019.

European Union Rolling into 10 Nation States SEAL ONE 2016 Launch codes

Frexit : Emanuel Macron in November 2018 Demanded the Working Class of France pay for the super rich lifestyles of the Globalists EU Elite. This was the reaction. Most French believe Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron is a closet bisexual or an in the closet Gay Homosexual.

Emmanuel Macron jump for protection into his Castle. He did call for a EU army, but Germ tanks invaded 🇫🇷 already. Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron 21 December 1977 (age 41) Amiens, France
Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron va à la seconde mort.


Pas de l'homme Emmanuel a appelé à une armée européenne. À Davos, le Rothschilds appelé pour l’Allemagne à envahir la France.

  three strait weeks, Macron approval at 24%. France Yellow Jacket Climate Change Protest upon raised taxes on the working poor. Rich get richer no matter what new climate tax is complimented. The EU tried to get the EU corpos to pay for the poor not being economically hurt, but were harassed by Black - cube, Cambridge Analytica's 2009 created Euro- deep state. CA did not dissolve, Rothys just change names, "doing- buisness-as" a long time bad illuminat trick!

  Arc de Triomphe. Burned cars, including police cars.

True gave us codes at Paris next to Macron. He also escaped an assassination too that day. Thank you Secret Service!  In code True outed Macron as a Rothschild agent, M.K. ultraed!  Macron then a Dew- false memory implant victim, does what he is told. Macron decided to raise gas prices on the masses, crippling their poverty finances. They run the service city jobs. This has led to some  three weeks and ongoing protests; dubbed "The Yellow Jackets. "

Climate Change Set Up for a foreign Invasion see Frexit

What Intel NAZI 🇩🇪 is not biblically communicating is that Panzer (code) have been deployed by Ba'algum. Therefore this is a soft coup by The 😈. Thousands of Parisians are being beaten and later arrested, targeted by 🕵 satellites that are launched at California: the last three years, nearly five a week. There are secret rocket facilities and production lines. Q this takes much more money than our Federal government can afford; Finally , we can conclude RIT 😈 agents are making financial moves globally. Here, Q, let me explain.

Donald J. Trump is halting the 25 year RIT China boom and switching gears toward Vishnu lands. Think The Reagan economic policies actually flourished under Bill Clinton's terms. Instead of raising ' interest rates' under the 1990s U.S. economic boom, he lowered taxes on rich corporations 1999 AD secret legislation ( on my old website, Congress names, etc.) and McCain's junk bond scandals flourished. Then U.S. markets following The 😈 ' s policies lowered interest rates rather than raise them . this way immigrants could flood in and buy up homes while working at Taco Bell or Burger King. This led to the 🏠 market crash under Bush's early first terms. House prices skyrocketed ( junk bonds) 10,000. % and after 8 years, in 2008 the market crashed, and Obama took the blame for his first two years in office. The 😈 made trillions off of interests and the markets while tech companies began to go public on the U.S. Stock Market: thus creating a larger wealth devide while these new tech giants became the new global rich and the  puppets of The 😈's Beast system.

Under Clinton the economy boomed, about 4%, and for 🇺🇸 that was 👍. To save America the Federal Reserve ( owned by the 😈) forced Congress and bullied  HOR not to raise interest rates. This way small private loans would push Americans into financial bondage, and import cheap labor and [code] ascertian  food! These policies did not lead to deflation, but just the opposite: fakenews does not report on our 20 year inflation rates. 

Always an oportunist The Devil 😈 is looking toward 🇮🇳 and using Modi to do what he did to 🇺🇸 to The Vishnu lands. India currently has a 7.5% annum GNP. and economy sector. Remember Bill Clinton puppet took Bill Gates to Congress court, no bundling, and globalist Gates ( Microsoft) moved its trillion dollar industry to 🇮🇳, 2,000 AD. So 18 years later India has capital but refuses to increase interest rates. That was the reason for the " firing" of the India private national bank cheif today! RIT will force Modi to lower interest rates which will increase massive immigration into a country, smaller than China with a 1.2 billion person population. The Devil sees this as a new Marxist 🇩🇪 robbery of € 100 trillion over the next 20 years, establishing no - interest loan sectors controlled by his crews only, robbing the country blind, leading to a global crises.

The U.K. does not make anything to sell to planet earth, graphite was a disaster, and cough - drop economy will not fund the national socialism of London; he is using his money to buy DEW for his sexual diseases. These cost a lot of money and included in these high prices are rockets, are patents and killed-off or conscripted scientists, blackmailed politicians and blackmailed corpo -global - players, and a massive orphan abduction program ( thus includes getting Law Enforcement Officers) on his side to run a global, " 1,000 points of. Lights [ abduction] " centers ( code) for food ( code ).

🇨🇳 did not anticipate Trump's trade war and like The  Romans, Babylon, Akkadians, Hellens, Persians, Spanish, Vikings, etc. They spread themselves too thinly all over The 🌎. The shift for RIT works in the 😈 's favor because ground Intel is all over London! Remember The British Empire invaded the Deccan lands and 🇲🇲 and eventually the south of 🇨🇳. They have good Intel to sceme ' opportunities' to infiltrate a burgeoning burgening Indian Empire. They too have nuclear weapons thanks to Clinton's sleepwalking during his terms!

South Pacific Arabs will also benift thus increasing their hegemony, mainly sunni or faux sunni.  During the Bush 34 terms one could purchase a two car garage, a swimming pool, washer & dryer, and a multi- bedroom house at 🇮🇳 for $65,000 . Global immigrants with cash, as happened at California will take advantage of the lower interest rates and relocate there and cause a social chaos mess: all to all unbeknownst to make The 😈 more wealthy. Mortgage will have little to no interest rates! So, the shift Q looks to being traveling to The South China continent in our near future.

Q: check "AppleWebKit/601.1.46 (KHTML" accessing my secured suite, with double later protection. Ssl + protected permission, from my server side. U.k. involved M16. Gecko.

They did not ask me for permission big mistake.

Note for a decade. nsa uses drop permissions. Np. Lex. Old but only upon open access. This is strait robbery!

// "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 19073 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 9_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/601.1.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/9.0 Mobile/13B143 Safari/601.1" "\\ M  Bloomburg in print outed Tim Cook spy chips in his new products. Internal access. What say Sergi, Larry? Android? Goog. Cook threatened him to retract or get sued. War abrewing. Birch hono takes my stuff, he falls! Period! 

These are protected, non pub. Files, over three plus months secured, but  accessed as late as Nov. 17 and later. I have not accessed them, either , so lifts are robots or human plus bots at MI6 Rothschild Beast 1 levels.

How many billions $$$ did homo make at Apple to steal my stuff? Did not give me a penny. Bad mistake.

1.1" 404 89 "-"
1.1" 404 89 "-" ( masked as a bing bot) but secured files. How are they accessing them?

Check this too:

(via GoogleImageProxy)" "

Here is a full hack@ of many. - - [17/Nov/2018:16:06:11 -0800] "GET /images/aster/gamma/OI/oi_iii.ii.g.htm HTTP/1.1" 404 89 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; AhrefsBot/5.2; +" "" - - [17/Nov/2018:16:06:36 -0800] "GET /images/photogallery/m/michael_pastlife_Nostradamus_sonpainting_idealized.jpg HTTP/1.1" 404 89 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; AhrefsBot/5.2; +" ""

These have not been pub for four months, at least. Accessed Nov 17 th. 2018AD. They moved my server from 🇨🇦 Yahoo small business to an underground Asian or UK - EU facility. Got info on changed upload time stamp " differentiation(s). Company 🇮🇳 help would not know these things. This is criminal. UK bad mistake. Nplexity = nsa downloads. That is very very old news to me, known for over a decade.

Donald J. Trump a rare Jewish Leader on Earth, attacked by Nazis

small amounts of gold at the center ; Donald J. Trump's left eye.

A Judean Eye, & Scottish

always has some gold in the eyes. I too have this pattern and with blue- green eyes. This is why IAM hunted by these people and their crews. ⬇

Arab Italian Latonian and on this page some Blue Blood Aryan Race

The Bush sr. Funeral, Dec 2018. Apostle Creed does not mention ME. So Donald Trump did not have to say it. The Bush, Clinton, Obama, Pences, Cheneys, Brazils, and Mossad and MI5 and the Vatican Clubs of Rome and the Mexican Mafioso and Latin Mafioso threw assassins at God. They uttered it to themselves. Their LORD is a ba'al worshiping cannibal Full German non - Jew banker with $ 900 trillion dollars. Enough said! It lies and promotes itself with only $400 Billion. It lies and calls itself a Jew. Its pedigree is a line that goes back to Christ Before Caiaphas, by Matthias Stom. Joseph Caiaphas, known simply as Caiaphas (Hebrew: יוֹסֵף בַּר קַיָּפָא‬; Greek: Καϊάφας and later Caligula and Nero. This is the real blood line of The Clintons, Bushes, Obamas and Rothschild. They have no bloodline to King David. They are all liars and use assassination teams of legal "homo ba'alite" teams or of the many races of Soulless containers to perpetuate the lie.

July 5th 2018 POTUS asked " What is the 1, 000 Points of Light . ?" Nov 2 - 27 I revealed it to the world . Bush was gone Nov. 15th, held on ice to funeral Dec 2018 AD.

  Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh is the husband and consort of Queen Elizabeth has no Gold in his eyes. Not a Jew.  He is a proponent of The Beast DEW systems against the People of God.

No Gold in Eyes & Anti- 🇺🇸 Media fakenews

MS - 13 NBC soulless drug runners

  Alexandra E. Witt (born April 9, 1961). U.S.C. Education: University of Southern California. No gold in the eyes.

  Lawrence O'Donnell, no Gold in his eyes.

Communist News Network

Wolf Blitzer C.N.N. a German blue Eyed , last name means lightening in German.

  C.N.N. a German. Vanderbilt 👪. Uses name, Anderson Cooper. Real mother was known to abduct South American Children and hang them up in an indoor pool, slaughter them to worship Molech, aka Ba'al, a pagan child sacrifice statue. Tony Podesta, source NY police dept. Photos is said to host a memorial painting of one of these mass slaughter events.

Brian Stetler  C.N.N. a German blue Eyed , he hates Trump and us Jews.

Hollywood Media Controllers

A Hollywood producer, a German blue Eyed , he hates Trump and us Jews. Producer of David Khari Webber Chappelle show.

Internet Industry & Media Controllers

  A German blue Eyed , with no gold in eyes. Bill Gates, a Germanic family. Rumer he is at the head of poison and vaccines, owns huge stocks in vaccination industry and foreign forced implication. Africa.

  🍎 C.E.O. Tim " global surveillance" Cook. No gold in the eyes.

U.S. Military John F. Kelly and anti -Trump and anti- U.S.A. a Marxist globalist.

Communist News Network

  Taylor Swift, father is an investment banker.

  House of Representatives

  Harold Watson "Trey" Gowdy III is an American attorney, politician and former federal prosecutor serving as the U.S. Representative for South Carolina's 4th congressional district since 2011. Rumor he is a Clinton slave. No gold in his eyes.

N.S.A. Obama appointee

  James Clapper a non- Jew, former N.S.A. chief and CNN contributor. He has no Gold on his eyes. A DEW proponent on all anti pedio warriors. He also worked closely with The Land Beast of The Holy Bible to try to kill GOD.

  Christopher E. Kubasik is Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of L3 Technologies, a global aerospace and national security company with 2017 sales of $9.6 billion that employs approximately 31,000 people worldwide. " no Gold in eyes.

Christopher E. Kubasik is Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of L3 Technologies, a global aerospace and national security company with 2017 sales of $9.6 billion that employs approximately 31,000 people worldwide. " no Gold in eyes.

12112018AD 8:29 a.m. m.t. -111w 40n. June 2nd 2016 Tory Smith ( Illinois, he can join the exclusive people of 1, 000 years of peace on earth; pence can go to the second death, have its soul deleted after the 1, 000 years is up and complete) uploaded a video that V.P. Mike Pence raped or sacrificed 186 children. He died July 2th  2016, under mysterious circumstances. The Rothschilds used Masons that worship Ba'al a pagan home statue that calls for grown men to over power small humans , A little child because big men can overpower them. All because as Tory said, Mike Pence's could not get sexually aroused unless he abused small animals, we call children. He breaks God ' s Commandment of #1.  " pence hates Love of others. " Did Vice President Mike Pence Lament That God Never Asked Him to Sacrifice His Children?" The San Francisco burn literature. Tory claimed poison uploaded his last video on June 13th.

The Onion " did a spoof that Mike Pence was jealous because he was not Abraham who a demon acting like God asked the Jewish Patriarch to sacrifice his own son.  The Onion outed Mike Pence as a fake Christian .

"Saying he would surely rise to the occasion if tasked by the Almighty with the ultimate test of faith, Vice President Mike Pence said that he was disappointed that God has never called upon him to kill one of his own children. “It’s just heartbreaking that the Lord hasn’t summoned me once to show my dedication to Him by sacrificing one of my precious kids,” said Pence, ]

[···]." The Onion is run by pagans that view other cultures not having pedio fealty as unworthy of respect.

Michael Richard Pence (born June 7, 1959) . Columbus, Indiana. U.S. sD. Final delete. Orion team.
Delete Nancy Jane (née Cawley) and Edward Joseph Pence Jr., for having such a demon. A disgrace to The LORD. #IAM.
Mike Pence with his pedo club signed off with other pedophile to have God assassinated and replaced with Ba'al GOG to worship. the same month with GOGITE James Comey's approval. Jesus Christ returned as promised. 8:32 a.m. Mike Pence is given no forgiveness. #IAM. 8:44 a.m.m.t. 12112018AD.

 Mike Pence hates me, sent assassins to kill me.

 Mike Pence official and rumored pedophile photo , left eye. Donald J. Trump was forced to have him run as his V.P. James Comey, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and the Bush family call Mike Pence their dear buddy!


#12112018AD. -111w, 40n.

#CrimeState or #deadstate




Qanon is a psyop by Soulless containers Beast of the Sea !

Not sure about Anna or Susan Wojcicki? They may not be bad? Just cautious, at the moment. So I will leave this up for the moment. #12112018AD. Federal Court Jurisdiction, San Francisco California. Google Inc. Alphabet Agencies.











































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