Jesus Christ 3D


Sindone di Torino, Sacra Sindone, 3D χριστός ; < ˆ 5.916666666666666 f.t. = 1.9722222222222222 yrd.

IAM that IAM. ↕

My left eye, gold at the center with rays. Photo Sunday, December 9th , 2018 AD. -111w, 40n U.S. mountain time. IAM a real Judean.

Updated 007 dir. ⬆

Donald J. Trump a rare Jewish Leader on Earth, attacked by Nazis

small amounts of gold at the center ; Donald J. Trump's left eye.

A Judean Eye, & Scottish

always has some gold in the eyes. I too have this pattern and with blue- green eyes. This is why IAM hunted by these people and their crews. ⬇

Hex 42 00a0 इतिहास ? &   first two digits ; Gregorian Modern. AD

The Devil on Earth

Greek Germancia circa bc-ad.

Jacob = 114= 6
de = 9
Rothschild = 18= 6 +6 + 6= 9

6, 9, 9 = 24= 6

6 9flipped, 9flipped = 6, 6, 6.

fake Jews are liars. Jacob de Rothschilds calls himself LORD and a Jew. He is an Antichrist too!

( s ) is a plural form for the extended family, not singular. We use singular. Bill Clinton is therefore not The Beast of the Bible , Revelations.

The Beast of The Land !

#2 most evil Beast on Earth is George Herbert Walker Bush. Since 1974 he ran what Kennedy called The Global Military Complex. All foreign policy and diplomacy was directed by him , personally until November 15 th 2, 018 A.D. !


George Walker Bush. Has no Gold at all in his eyes.

Bush and Rothschilds personally came after ME to destroy ME. I blame the Entire World for worshipping these TWO Beasts of the Holy Bible. I do not forgive them or anyone that worshiped or worships them . As far as IAM concerned all on Earth will be Charged for their crimes for worshipping these TWO #BEASTS!

#Confirmed Jesus Christ. Reincarnated.

Mason pervs. York Rite: only 7% of Germans were Nazis. The Globalists are 1% and own 99% of land, business, economy ( banks) and wealth. They will never share voluntarily. So we need a more permanent solution.

When Donald Trump leaves office, the next boss will face the same issue.

👻 George Herbert Walker Bush

I cracked 1,000 points of Light on 11 11 2018. You were gone four days later, put on ice! 🐍

You should not have thrown hitters at ME. 😠


[ History: elected Grand Master Sir. Thomas  Gres(ham) 1567, one year after I left Earth( Salon, F.R. as Nostradsmus) the Masons split into northern, southern. York; thus the Scottish and the Yorkish devide; early modern age ].

William Blythe iii reincarnation Caligula

Parent(s): William Jefferson Blythe Sr. Lou Birchie Ayers. Like the Hollywood Movie ' The Omen,' people start to die quickly around him; his dad drowns two weeks after he was born. Creepy! No gold in his eyes. Thus not a Jew. KABC " Who are alleged in The Illuminati: " William J. Blythe III is a member of the Rockefellers, a relative.


Whore of Babylon

born Rodham, banned in O.T. Revelations. Blue eye, left. A Rothschilds' U.S. contact with Beast of the Land. ACii adores her, photos exist. No gold in eyes, Hillary Diane Rodham is of N.A.Z.I . Germanic stock!

1, 000 Points of Evil.

Adolf Hitler's Sex Kitten

Germanite: Saxe-Coburg-Gotha,  M K ultra at Barvaria when a child: - changed family name to Windsor. Queen Elizabeth II. U.K.

#12082018AD. -111w, 40n.


Vladimir Putin a buddy to NAZI & Rothschilds and Sergi GOOG Brin.

Blue Blood eyes : right. Whore of Babylon' s good buddy . gave her $400, 000 , 000 million dollars . I got nothing.

😝 Q:

2nd Corinthians 11:14, “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”

. Deception: Revelations = lies.

1% Rich : The Devil & his Pervert Freemasonry Criminals!

Freemasonry: Rumor with testimonies

😳 to enter must have 80 IQ or less , lie about how you are 130+ IQ.
😍 Sacrifice or rape a child on film or in the past, in front of witnesses. Or pay $1,000,000 every four years to the Illuminati.
😁 Get bad Law Enforcment Officers to cover up all your crimes. Courts too.
😰 Cannot leave the M.A.F.I.A. aka Freemasonry or York Rite.
🐸 Operational: install Freemasonry in Academia, Military, Media, Institutions, Banks, political positions, city councils, private industry, public service, lawyers, sports, entertainment, the music industry and religious institutions.

👹 tools: nuclear weapons, energy weapons, surviellance systems, torture systems, mind control systems, land contracts, pharmaceutical forced systems, poisons, propoganda systems, jails, prison, fire- arms, restraint systems, underground facilities, patent control, crooked politicians, stockpiles of gold, silver and precious metals, biological weapons, and psychological liars. Robots, psychos, pathologists, perverts , 90% financial systems and assasins.

↖↗🔻🔯 Freemasonry and Illuminati goals: swim in 200 miles of human blood, create great earthquakes and tsunamis, perform terrorist attacks , poison the people, target to eat, kill and torture the people of God and establish The Abomination of Desolation; move underground and into space to continue Freemasonry and to continue Illuminati Evil- Ways; to rewrite history that the real people of God were evil terrorists and the Freemasons and Illuminati were never evil- perverts or never criminals - M.A.F.I.A.

York Rite: Access to $900, 000, 000, 000 Trillion Dollars

Johann Adam Weishaupt: The founder of the illuminati. Bent downward nose. Blue eyed.

😳 Sephardic: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Blue eyed low IQ Paul Ryan Was Elected at 28 and Called 'a Genius' While I'm a 'Fraud'
IAM : liberal blue eyers are bigot racists!

Head of The Illuminati are Rothschild(s) and C.I.A. aka The Global Military York Complex.

Updated § 8:11 p.m. m.t. #12112018AD.

The Rothschilds had played a major role in the Bavarian Illuminati, (25) and it is known that a least one of the sons of Amsel was a member. Amsel loved child sacrifice and placed his sons in the major European capitals. Five sons, a pentagram. Told all his sons to keep wealth and have incest relations, only! This led to Jacob de Rothschilds losing his frontal cortex, deformed.

Did Robert Mueller tell all of you he and GHWB sent assassins at me by MI6's request and corrupt FBI that tried to kill me? That's foreign collusion. Big time!

♥ Robert Swam Meuller. III is a German. His father help to organize The Holocaust. The Holocaust of millions of white Jews and innocent good people, mostly poor that lived in Europe.

Robert Mueller's father worked with Adolf Hitler on the Holocaust.

Heinrich Müller was head of The NAZI Gestapo. He was brought over to America by Jay E. Hoover in the Ultra- Ultra Classified Operation Paperclip. Robert Meuller 's father then spent the rest of his life working at DuPont!.

Beast of the Land ID

Out of Respect George H.  Walker Bush's. Real Lineage was Concealed until After His Passing

There are multi- millions in top positions of power or just average Joe's who all know of his lineage and private lifestyles. They worshipped this Beast!

Prescott  Sharff. "  To cut "  " to sharpen"  ⇒ schärf dir das ein!  → get that firmly fixed in your mind. ➡ schärfen.   ( literal , figurative ) to sharpen stylized, scharf .  Bush NAZI when doing business with Hittler, born as ( post conscription, Hitler, tried to evade draft Thus spelling change. ) the NAZI blue bloods of Germanic Barvaria changed names. This B- blueds had various code names, the most famous was called " Operation Paperclip. " Another was called " New Horizons." This included Queen Elizabeth of Windsor's parents. They are German blue eye bloods too from Barvaria. That is also a fake name. She was M.K. Ultraed under Adolf Hitler, his little bitch! Photos exist.  All NAZI came from Barbarian blue eye, some green, but absolutely "no Judean" at All!

Real Jews like IAM have gold in our eyes.

Blue eyes came by way of 🇷🇺 Russia, up from the Caucuses, and very ancient from The Decca lands= modern day India, thus their origins of the ' Ayran Race!'

When Columbus asked for commission to "explore" he sold his story as looking for the code, Aryan lands, i.e. India! 🇮🇳. Because of Plutarch, he and fellow Europeans had known about ME: Alexander The Great 's soujourn through 🇮🇳. When Columbus met The New World Indians, these had crossed a Russian -Alaska land bridges, also some had arrived on ships from the periods of Atlantis, pre. flood-when globalization existed in pre- history.  Most records were demolished in the Biblical Flood. Usher used. Most skeletons on North all the way to South America have heavy Asianite D.N.A. ( modern science).

Evil Eye of Ancient Egypt was always Blue

"These blue eyes indicate a character who either is demonic or possesses the "evil eye", magic, or witchcraft. In Mediterranean countries, this comes from the Demon's Eye amulet, which is always blue. Blue (or gray) is also the eye colour of choice for many wizards who are eerie or sophisticated instead of mysterious."

Commonly, these eyes weren't originally blue, but became that way through prolonged use of magic. T.V. Tropes

Germanic blue eyeds passed into Rome circa 60 B.C. and later after conquering and ruling The Roman Empire, by the way of Gaul, they took England 150-260 AD. The Scottish stopped them from taking the northern isles .

The Scottish, Albans, were already world class global warriors and halted Roman Titus's troops for seven years before Rome took the second Temple at Israel. This won them the coveted title of ancient Free Masonry. The were trying to "free" the Israelites from Roman bondage ( hegemony).

Proto-Germanic *skarpaz. Compare Low German scharp, Dutch scherp, English sharp, Danish skarp.

From Old High German scarf, from Proto-Germanic *skarpaz, from Proto-Indo-European *(s)kerb-, from *(s)ker- (“to cut”). Compare Low German scharp, Dutch scherp, English sharp, Danish skarp.

The ancestral home of the Scharff family is in the German province of Bavaria.

Scharff is a German nickname surname. Such names came from eke-names, or added names, that described their initial bearer through reference to a physical characteristic or other attribute. It is a name for a sharp or quick witted person. ( Collens Encyclopedia).

Early [Modern ]Origins [ European middle age] of the Scharff family

The surname Scharff was first found in Bavaria, where the name was anciently associated with the tribal conflicts of the area. They declared allegiances to many nobles and princes of early history, lending their influence in struggles for power and status within the region. Chronicles first mention Sigehard Scharf of Bavaria in 1060, and Hainrich Scharpf of Wuerttemberg in 1330. Later the various families branched into many houses, and their contributions were sought by many leaders in their search for power. ( Collens Encyclopedia).

Blue eyed or greenblue or just greenish have difficulty when blending into to non- pure bl/grn eyed communities. When Seraphic hid persecution and came up from The Visigoth Iberians to resettle in upper 🇫🇷, Prussia and lower 🇵🇱, they were forced to live in sheltered and controlled communities. Overtime the social germinates ( Prussian federates) created Ashkenazi ascriptions to their own names. Thus a social amalgamation of tribes, but ' add-on ' "affixes' kept the race- record clean.

Thus Austrio- Barbarian/ Barvarian  Adolf Hittler, born as was a blue blood , blue eye, " now a misnamed Jew."

Jacob The 😈 Rothschild's great- great- great grand daddy also adopted the same pogram, living in a Barvarian Austrio Jewish " ghetto" = a controlled shelter - - - - - - Non-Jew DNA to blend in took the false ID of a gold in the eye Judean. He has No Gold in his eyes! Thus not a Sephardic, a fakie-fake- N.A.Z.I. The later Rothschilds of the 20th Century ran the the WWii holocaust to try to eradicate real Jews, to cover -up their lies and incestial breeding. 

Jewish (Ashkenazic): nickname for an energetic or quick-minded person, Yiddish sharf. Compare German Scharf.? Questionable. ? Bush have total blue green eye. No gold. Thus no Judea.

Bush- Dick- DuCockass -  lineage:  The Sharf family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. The most Sharf families were found in the USA in 1920. In 1840 there were 5 Sharf families living in Pennsylvania. This was about 45% of all the recorded Sharf's in the USA. Pennsylvania had the highest population of Sharf families in 1840." - Genealogy website.

Anyone that had anything to do with funding, banking, helping 🇩🇪 Germany's Third Reich ( Empire) that tried to claim Hitler as Jesus Christ and establish a 1.000 year reign " had their children wives,  girlfriends, home friends, and their own surnames changed in the most massive identity cover in modern World History. Rosenstine = Himmler, Meuller = Muller, rocket scientists, e.t.c. and Sharff= Bush. Melenge = Dr. Green. ( a masking pervert death doctor that was in reality just a serial  pediophile). The infection of Evil Germinites affected Jay Edgar Hoover, an African American that went along in suit to also become a Pediophile;  cross dressing sissy, behind the scenes. In those Christian days, all this evil - perversion needed to be hidden from the wider general population.

The first pedio club of the NAZI migrants which Jay E. Hoover often frequented was in the Laurel Canyon of  Hollywood Hills , California. The secret club name was Operation Paperclip , although not the original hiding spot; that was originally in a different U.S. State.  The code name alerted other New Horizons to come enjoy their former German NAZI pervert - evil abuse of children: their lifestyle.

Peter Stzork who spied on Donald Trump and Americans to put a blue eyed Hillary Rodham - Clinton into power.

no gold in his eyes.  🍎


Rockerfeller Rape University 1,000 sexual abuse cases

New York Times. Oct. 2018.   1, 000 sex abuse cases against German NAZI Dr. Reginald Archibald ; New York Times. Oct. 2018 AD. R. at Rockerfeller University also took pediophile photos. Pervert Active for 30 years as Bushes, as Clintons and as Obama's were in power. 7:55 p.m. M.T. #12112018AD.

Swedish Feminists call for open boarders and to expel Swedes, as the U.S DNC - RNC , Rothschilds, NAZI south America & Germans champion the Feminist Initative FI. Source . Västerås. .The Swedish Congress. #11252018AD.

Russian Hack

Revealed Illuminati Controls 🌎.
Mueller is 😨 terrified of their global assassinator hitter squads ! " I do what they say or die? " 😞.

Special NAZI holocaust Investigations 2016 U.S. elections.

Robert S. Meuller net worth $18,000,000. Declared $2.5 million for two years connected to a law firm for two years worked. The rest was 12 years as the Chief of the FBI and previous lawyer appointments. He targets the poor and works for elite bankers. Never follows truth or the US Constitution. If he ever does it is because he is forced.

Robert Mueller's 2 .5 year  investigation cost $ 40,000,000 ( ongoing) million U.S. dollars, Bill Clinton's 3 year investigation by Ken Starr cost $8,000,000.

♥ Robert Swan Mueller III, b. August 7, 1944 New York City, New York, U.S., Final 11: 11 a.m. M.T. -111w, 40n. #11242018AD. Final. Lied too many times ! Protects child abusers aka the Russian Investigation into Seth Rich who helped Jews. Miller, English for the word IN GERMAN MUELLER. knows that H.L.S. copied live John Podesta's ( Portugal Arab that aligned to German) emails to cover up Seth Rich' s transfer of these to Wikileaks. Why they had him monitored for over many months, in live time. This way Julian Assange was confused for a few weeks to duplicate copies, different headers. Those copies had Homeland security codes on them. ♥ Donna Brazil who is a German spy for the Beast GHWB showed up to the hospital to over see his Murder. tracked by same tech but by a Christian.

GHWB Beast is subservient to Satan, aka Jacob de Rothschilds.

This is The Beast of The Bible

Brazil did not know Seth Rich. But she dedicated a book in his name saying he was not the hacker. To cover up the child abusers found in those emails. She is one of the most vial and evil beasts on Planet Earth. She is an Antichrist follower. Donna Brazil ♥ to her also. And final. She supports the evil Empire of children abusers, The Germans! Donna Brazil leaked to a New York radio host prior to Assange's release. Because ES knows his computer. Phone and room were monitored. This was to set up Trump supporter RogerStone, and Jerome Corsi. #Confirmed by Jesus Christ returned as promised.

The German word Müller means "miller" (as a profession). Robert Swan Mueller III, and ♥ Jay E. Hoover are both tied as the longest serving F.B.I. Chiefs in American History. Just after 911 attacks The ♥ GHWB appointed FBI director Robert Swan Mueller III to cover up the September 11th attacks and robberies as the lead lawyer for the long time 911 Commission : which found that buildings implode with thermite and energy weapons ; and when no jet airplanes hit them the world woke up to later see a M. I. T. Cgi fakery , like in the movies that pre- edit false images into media footage, live that day: Bush Sr. CIA camera crews had ground camera teams and had media stations to coordinate false - film to give to the major networks, in real time. ABC Peter Jennings knew, and claimed this attack looks more like a demolition; he contracted cancer and died with a short time. Bush Jr read "My Pet Goat," a code to laugh in the face of Democracy. Goat in illuminati is code for the 'Government by the People.'

NAZI experiment on children with sever torture to please their perverted desires to do harm to humanity make up a cultural narrative of Germany starting so many wars: WWI, WWII. Jacobs great-great grandfather bought Deutsche Bank AG . They have no D.N.A. associated to caring of others in them and why no one of the Germans cared on or after 11 th September 2001. To shame me and real Jews, Hebrews, Israelites Jacob chose The First Day 11 th September as the start of the aincent Jewish Lunar Calendar: Abraham ben Meir Ibn Ezra , calendars sources middle age Europe. This was for a shaming factor..

♥ Heinrich Luitpold Himmler was The Head of The Gestapo under Adolf Hitler. He helped run The Holocaust : murder and torture of millions of white Jews and innocent good people, mostly poor that lived in Europe. The Rothschilds brought his children to 🇺🇸 America, changed their names and were trained the under M.Kontrolle Ultra - Classified. Allegedly, R.R. is His son: bloodlines .

Himmler was also a head of Hitler's Warlocks. He worked closely with The Angel of Death. and M. Kontrolle - Ultra was fashioned around the later's work.

The core of this system was raping and torturing very young children and using electrocution to wipe their minds which last for about two decades, on some not all. Then the witches and warlocks "suggested" or built false memories into the child to use them as tools for The Dragon.

Angel of Death

Josef Mengele was a German Schutzstaffel ( SS) officer and physician in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. The Rothschilds bankers took interest in his methods of mind-control.

Rod Jay Rosenstein is an American attorney serving as United States Deputy Attorney General since 2017. Prior to his current appointment, he served as a United States Attorney for the District of Maryland. He targets Jews , Christians and Hindus , Asians and Muslims: code: RJR Dragon Club.

NAZI Vs. Jewish - Scott Donald J. Trump. Just like the U.S.A Civil War to stop the German slavery south.

Hitler formed an Alliance to Portugal and ♥ John Podesta is Portuguese. Hitler was a pedio Warlock witch! Those emails show globalists worshipping pedio- Adolf Hitler. John Podesta was ♥ William J. Clinton's White House Chief of Staff, 1997- 2000 and was ♥ Hillary Rodham Clinton's 2015-2016 presidential campaign manager. ♥ Tony and John Podesta 's Lobbying Firm had 90% Rothschilds owned Corporations and banks - These Rothschilds are Germanic, not Jews at all. The Rothschilds worship Adolf Hitler and pray to him and sacrifice to him, as well!


Hitler was an Austrio-German Warlock! Presscott Bush's New York bank funded directly to Adolf Hitler!
. Photos exist of these two as brothers in arms against The Real Jews!

German Angela Merkel is a descendent of Adolf Hitler -  a German - Austrio. German Bush owns the CIA and killed or helped kill  Irish John F Kennedy with African German and pedio Jay E. Hoover. Kennedy was a Catholic Christian . The Bushes believe Adolf Hitler was Jesus Christ returned as promised. The C.I.A have photos of them, old , of Adolf Hitler in Argentina in 1967AD. He had built a 1.5 mile tunnel from his bunker to The Berlin airport. So that was his escape. The World is over for the people of Love. The only  racist fuckers are Germs Hebrew AFRO- plus Aryan DNA. Non angelic.

Why are Germans so evil? Vlad The Impailer, Count Dracula. The heritage line is ARYAN, and EVOLUTION gone backwards. .

Seth Rich in his early life work for  the benefits for Jews. Robert " German " Mueller hates the Jews. Rothschilds ran and funded The Holocaust. IAM a Jew too.  Jacob hates me for being a Scottish Jew and standing up for the innocent children on Earth. . Donald J. Trump is also a Scott. Robert Mueller hates Donald J. Trump for standing up for justice and the innocent Children.

11:11 a. m. -111w, 40n m.t. #11242018AD. Jesus Christ returned .

Time magazine claimed Hitler as the most admired ; over a half a century later, it is now Robert Swan Mueller III. Time Magazine is run by perverts of Germanic descent.They support their own!


Germans have Energy weapons to destroy New York & New Jersey & plan to blame Christians, Jews and real religious Islam: all because of their greed and desire to abuse children and to abuse adults.

Germ ANY

GERM. ANY. Apply quoted. The country is anti Christian or full of false Christians. The United States of America had the most population of Germans. While William J. Clinton sees himself as a Nordic, he has Germanic heavy heritage.
updated 1: 11 p.m. M.T. -111w, 40n.

Working for Jacob Rothschilds means you wind up broke and most likely dead.

Unlike the menorah, the Lion of Judah, the shofar and the lulav, the Star of David was never a uniquely Jewish symbol. Rothschilds incorporated their godless hexigram. Ba'alite cultural cannanite aincent symbol !

Six points , Six sides, Six pyramids or triangles make up The Beast Economic Code.
Blue. Represents no oxygen or totally left-wing ideologues.

Ω note: A Pentagon makes up the Center and is enclosed. It Represents a building at Washington D.C. built in the 20th Century by funding of The Rothschilds!

New Secular (godless) Order which is a more precise translation of the Latin phrase, “Novus Ordo Seclorum." = "New Godless Order !" This was because The Rockerfellers and Rothschilds, mainly the later own The Federal Reserve. The bad Rothschilds eat babies and God forbids this de-evolution ritual; thus NGO= New Godless Order!

Original NAZZI

Amschel Mayor James Rothschild (18 April 1955 – 8 July 1996) was the executive chairman of Rothschild Asset Management of the Rothschild banking family of England.

John Todd: 1776, Benjamin Franklan to Alexander Hamilton  broght eye of Lucifer to America from The. Rothschilds, French wing. Source Amschel Mayor Rothschilds. His own family killed him for revealing this hyjack of German NAZI on all Americans. RINO = DINO support all Dragon York Rite Rothschilds - NAZI programs, including Child abuse. Jacob and David made fun of his size and intelligence, so he went to The Rothschilds' archives and tore them apart. He is going to heaven.

two crooked cross pens

The Rothschilds keep their records written in human blood! The 1, 000 points of Light is a mask for the Ba'algum " Mother of Darkness" Castle. Child sacrifices are means to attaining the 'red ink' to which they keep all of their secrets of "Kontrolle" hidden from The world. 🌎.

George H.W. Bush 1988 at Convention speech orders the world to worship The 1 , 000 Points of Lights.

In reality these are elite spots of hunting humans, sacrificing children and infants , prostitution, especially homosexual , drinking blood and other human fluids, orgies and cannibalism; and of course, drugs and business connections. However, unbeknownst to most , if not all these are secretly filmed, kept in secure locations and the point is to use them as "blackmail! "

11 Septemer 1990, Beast of the Land, Bible mentions for the first time "The New World [ Godless Order] Order "  of child rape and cannibalism. George Herbert Walker Bush. Again, this is the first day of the Calender of the Jewish year, Lunar Month.

" Sieg Heil,” the NAZI salutation is actually a York Rite salute behind close doors: a  ritual to a chapter's leader or higher rank! Source , Lexicon of Freemasonry. 

Rothschilds boast not only being cannibals but hording 174 tons of sterling silver, which The U.S. Military helped them steal in 70 years of fake U.S. foreign Wars.

U.K. Germanic section of the MI6 is in a meltdown over Trump wanting to declassify FISA warrants in the Russian collusion investigation. Threatening it will harm the USA. Intelligence cooperation. MI6 is very vocal Anti Trump and anti- American . MI6 is run By best buddy of Jacob, fakejew- real German agent NAZI and British traitor Prince Charles to his own people ; and why The Queen will not give him the Royal reigns. 🐇. J. Bond. 4:05 p.m. #11232018AD.

§kyNet 11222018 link 11:54 a.m.m.t. -111w, 40n. Load 11:55 A.M.

Jacob Rothschilds & Eveylen dumb Rothschilds Hacked Two of my Phones! - Pissed . Rothschilds created Cambridge Analytica; John Podesta had 90% of Rothschilds owned Corporations on his resume.

Gemalto working with NSA & GCHQ organized a hack ( Nsa keeps all "keys" ) to hyack 2, 000, 000 SIMS cards ecryption a year . Obama commented 2014 on this saying " We need to find a balance " & but that ," we must trust our Intel agencies!!"

What does this mean? The French working with Rothschilds at Netherlands, and British globalists and American globalist NSA now can rob your "WALLET" ; LISTEN TO YOU: EVEN WHEN your phone is off, and rob all of your data and personal computer belongings! So if you have bitcoin or crypto- currency, then dumb Rothschilds and The NSA will rob you blind! Original source. Edward Snowden.
For more Team Crypto Trumpet. of the Bible go here #11212018AD

By Is19a Retour. 3: 03 p.m. M.T. -111w 40n.

NSA/GCHQ Hacks SIM Card Database and Steals Billions of Keys

#confirmed they hack my phones , turn off sound, cut off calls, steal data! Throw assassins at me. Yeah ♥ Da Globalist Cabal


IAM: traitors killing humans for perversion and profits

World Atlas German NAZI control the worlds' Media, Militaries, Academia, Institutions, Banks, Marxist Globalist Corporations. & Most of the Internet. It is a rigged system of leftwing - globalist abuse!

INTELLIGENCES AGENCIES are fleecing America blind. Adam Schiff is also German. -111w, 40n. Update 9:12 p.m.

Bible Dragon

York Rite all are criminal Child abusers and human cannibalists


York Rite: England: London HQ. U.K. granted Free Mason Lodges. 17th. Century to modern day.
🇩🇪 Germany NAZZI.
Ireland 🇮🇪 . Russia 🇷🇺 , Holland 🇳🇱, Ba'algum seat of "New Godless Order, " 🇫🇷 France, U.S. Yale U.S.A. club 3/22 Skull & Bones, 🇮🇱 Israel,  Poland, Jesuits, Portugal,  🇮🇹 Italy.   Spain 🇪🇸, Japan 🇯🇵,  Argentina, Brazil 🇧🇷. Geneva, 🇦🇹 Austria, Saudi Arabia. 🇸🇦, not Mecca. U.S. Boston , U.S Philidelphia under traitor Benjamin Franklin, started Beast surveillance system with Germany and French York rite, funded by the Rothschild. 🇮🇳 India. 🇨🇦 Canada, Australia 🇦🇺, Harvard, Stanfurd. Princeton, Chicago = mixed. 🇪🇬 Egypt, 🇱🇧 Lebanon, 🐰🔓 Eye Color : all blue. then all green at the top of power positions. 🔷 🔑 Evil Eye Blue amulet. Racist. 💅 homo, trans, bestiality. British Empire.

Left wing
Liberal Arts
Lies : deception ↕➡ secrecy ( bad is good).

Space: ♋ preasepe cancri, sertan = alpha cancri. Algol, persi. Two flanking black monster holes. I IDed before NASA, the large one.

Bushes, Clintons, Rothschild , Windsor, House of Sauud. Muhammad bin Talal. James Clapper, a traitor and James Comey, a traitor. Malcolm Wallace, Italian Sicily Mafia. #CrimeState .

Scot Rite.

Kilwinning HQ.
Right wing
Scotland , Sweden, early Bohemia. 🇮🇷 Iran, middle 🌍 Africa, Etheopia , 🇨🇩 Congo. 🇸🇾 Syria. Mecca. Oceana, hunite lands, modern 🇲🇳 Mongolia.

Space: Orion , Capricorn with ♒, as one Constellation. Star al tair. aquia.
U. C. Berkely from creation to ( 2009; taken over by York Rite: ROTHSCHILD. ).

Orient: 1- 17 Scot Rite levels controlled by York Rite. Rosecrucian 18 - 33 deg. Controlled by Scot Rite

Law Enforcement Officers and Criminal State use horns to communicate between themselves. " we are the criminals and the Pervs!"


Matrixkeys: 1:00 - 1:10 p.m. MT -111w40n

Disclaimer : Do not click on this interpretation or proceed further. It may be fantasy and not what the writers and producers understand as made. I do not want to be accused of promoting a false interpretation of the 1999 AD Movie the Matrix. If you use any of this You must cite this page and website for your teachers or professors of your pages. Copyright #11162018AD

The Matrix Keys × loaded 2:22 p.m. M.T. #11162018AD -111w 40n






1:41 p.m. M.T. -111w 40n. #11152018AD.

German non - Jew Jacob de Rothschilds is called God by billions of his followers!


Nationalism is better for U.S.A because 220 Countries run Nationalism. And U.S.A. wants to end Empirialsm: Like invading Iraq to take their oil? Bush did not instal a democracy, he installed an Iranian monocultural government! Not diversity! Bush hates Trump' s diversity programs. Like Hindu, Asians & Africans into the FBI or local governments. Bushes wanted Geb Bush German or Hillary German and to install more of the same ol' , same ol'!

7:10 a.m. Bush 41 believes "History" books in the future will shed a good light on him for [killing millions to increase his family's wealth.] a beautiful democracy in Iraq and in Afganistan. We Will see. Obama his good buddy erradicated with the help of German Rothschilds ( to create and start ISIS ) to target the religious because ISIS killed 1, 000,000 Coptic Christians that lived in the middle east for 2,000 years! Bush and Jacob de Rothschilds are very proud of that accomplishment (as was the German godless Rothschilds who call themselves Dragons! )

3,500 employees make up Evelyn de Rothschilds magnum firm. This is just one of Jacobs siblings. As a family that started 350 years ago. A Jacob relative was said to flee with news of Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo to buy stocks on the pennies at London which made this family an economic powerhouse of the western civilization. Personally, Jacob has refuted this history as libel.

In September of 1776 a Rothschilds meeting took place to take - over the new U.S.A., at New York on Buttonwood St. George Washington one year after leaving the Office of POTUS had written a private letter to a friend complaining that an Illuminati House had secretly taken over America. The Rothschilds always use agents, blackmailed! Andrew Jackson tried but failed to put them on ships back to Europe.


Always working secretly for The Crown the Rothschilds fomented the U.S. Civil War, funding both sides of the conflict while throwing agent assassins at ABRAHAM LINCOLN, even prior to him being elected to a New York political office.


The Rothschilds wanted to defame America by forcing King George to first to give up global slavery at Australia but secretly funding the Southern plantations and creating after The Civil War. The Kontrolle, Kontrolle, Kontrolle: KKK. Why? Germans settled in the South during its formation of settlements and this was a back door into American political society.

Plan: Take over The Real Masons

Albert Pike was an agent of The Rothschilds who had blackmailed The Carnegies and The Rockefellers into worshipping Ba'al, a non - Jew, pagen ancient cannanite statue. This was used for blackmailed purposes only to CONTROL The Stock market and buiseness interest!

To keep total control The Rothschilds formed secret academic clubs of chosen elite at various prestigious schools. First was Yale, club 3/22. For seniors of the undergrad who could be blackmailed and or came from wealthy crime families. By the late 1980s they moved into Harvard, openly and by 2009, my last semester at U.C Berkeley they took over Cal. I photoed the largest protests that were ever seen; even larger than any of the 1964-'5 Free Speech movements!

They own British Petroleum BP and the smart Cal. Students noticed but were defenseless to stop the hijack. They put in a Canadian deep state Chancellor to pull this off! He was a globalist anti-American. After I had left my History Dept. My department then Countered with Chancellor Dirks, but he was later pushed aside for greed.

1993: The Rothschilds began dissing THE American establishment behind their backs in the 1990s. THE Bushes did not even know of this development. But flushed with cash The Bush family became a global dynasty by learning the secrets of how this illuminati house operates!

Being an oportunist, Jacob's own words he latched on to another person claimed to be of illuminati haritage. William Jefferson Blyth III. , commonly known by his presidential signature William J[efferson ] Clinton. He had married a rumored Bush family member , also a GERMAN , named Hillary Diane Rodham. They met at Yale! Both Bush Sr. and Bush jr. were club 3/22 members. Not being a club member The Rothschilds chose Bill Clinton over his American illuminati heritage. He is a pure Nordic, and like the non- Jew Jacob. He had installed him by opening up an FBI investigation two weeks prior to the Bush Sr. vs. Bill Clinton election. This later forced GHWB to align to William J. Clinton when the two went out on a global charity speech stump during The Obama years. . However, by this time Bush had still full CONTROL of the Military Complex, by managing that $25 trillion dollar blackmail that created a huge loyal deep state of Bush followers. He took control of it from Dulles after Watergate; to which Richard Nixon was the next in line! Circa 1974AD.

This way Bush could control Bill Clinton behind the scenes after he rose to power by the "Dear Friends , " a top secret Chinese program that has roots going back to Canton China 🇨🇳 in 1850s. Bush Sr. went to China to keep Mao Zedong in power. However, the illuminati are so secret to have Hillary infiltrated by design to CONTROL These Bushes. Take it as rumor she has famile roots to the German Bushes!

Rumor that Prescott Bush helped fund Adolf Hitler, blackmailed too by the EU Rothschilds helps to reveal why Hitler made the same mistake as Napoleon. It was pure Rothschilds greed. Then CIA leader , named after him, George Herbert Walker Bush, born as George Walker Bush was given $25,000,000,000 ( trillion is dollars) to rob the Fort Knox Gold and create the Military Complex to run planet Ba'al Jacob NAZI. After this, Bushes became unstoppable!

1920s South of France 🇫🇷 The Rothschilds French wing started "POLITICAL Correctness!" This stems from Ba'al culture that puts women in charge of the hierarchy! This is evident in the 1,000 Points of Light, "Mother of Darkness Castle, "located at Ba'algum. Jacob is not strait! The upper room are initiated blackmail and sacrifice tables to This statue! This Castle is run by women. Think Monte Python and The Holy Grail, comedy film. There is a castle full of young beautiful women

This pedagogical program was called The Annal Schools, based on trainig children with codes and colors to create " triggers" to get them to act as a witch or Warnock desired. It was basically dumbing down children to become sexualized at an early stage for playthings for the elite Ba'alites! That would be the German subterfuge to rule over 🇫🇷.

Over time it spread to China as well as Europe, but Christian America 🇺🇸 remained immune until The 1980s. By The 1950s 🌎 E.U. became influenced by Ba'alism! Atheist turned toward socialist witchcraft and by the 1990s about 10% were devout Christians. Rome was not immune. By the mid tenure of the Polish pope The illuminati houses that turned toward Ba'alism had taken full control. The next target was them America!

Turning their backs on GHWB, They chose William J. Clinton as their new pet project. They knew they could use both of them because these Bushes were easily blackmailed and their secret plant, Rodham presented a ripe opportunity to take America over via. The annal method, we know as POLITICAL Correctness! This is a germ. Virus disease created to snuff-out spiritualism to extinguish THE independent MIND for exchange in pure materialist - instant (wall street) satisfication lifestyles! Thus Art- iffical liberal arts low IQ robot reality would end The western civilization and make the ba'alite Illuminati houses even more wealthy and powerful. 8:56 P.M. M.T.

Robots cannot be intelligent as humans because they lack " intuition" and "emotions!" : among other human characteristis. AI has the term ART in it and artists are not academics!

Artificial Intelligence are the rulers of our 🌎 World today. Even our own CIA now accepts non college applicants to serve as long as the recruits are loyal to the low IQ political correct Zombies that rule our world. 9:02 p.m. M.t. #11222018AD.

Mother of Darkness Ba'algum U.N. EU headquarters

Pre - NAZI UK. illuminati went to Japan to steal the medical records of secret death camps that experimented with a new field pharmacopia. They discovered methamphetamines chemist notes and took it back, produced it and sold it in local German markets two years prior to the creation of the Third Reich! This would develop into the very classified "super soilder" and mind control programs. They went also to South America to get then rumored Inca legend stimulant and then experimented with cocaine. Adolf Hitler, a known pediophile was then addicted to both; supplied by the French wing of the Rothschilds.

The Ba'algums took over production of mind control and pharmaceutical experiments during The NAZI pass through neutral Ba'algum, during World War II. This is also when the illuminati took over The Mother of Darkness Castle for Hitler's Witches and Warlock crews!

In 1993 Hillary met some foreigners who are very powerful pharecutical People who made a deal with her because she became powerful . Allegedly they made a deal to support her financially in return for powerful favors. In turn these hidden powerful forces wanted to instal her as President one day. This way she could pass secret legislation to flood the American pharmaceutical market with many pills, of this or that that really were never tried and tested. Allegedly a deal was made to have her installed as a future POTUS. Many of these secret players are alleged to be remnants of Hitler's NAZI regime, living all over the Planet. They are so rich they may have nuclear weapon submarines to nuke the oceans to create a tsunami to target America. This is of course, alleged. These were French and German agents of de Rothschilds. Many speculate these atheist and rumored pervert 350 year old family own most of the IMF banks through shell companies working in a Marxist Doctrine of neutrality and no boarders philosophy! They often call U.S.A. Masons pejorative names and look down on them as Perv. Germans with Kuru have confused thoughts, due to a rare prion deformation in their brains! The laugh uncontrollably at the real religious and U.S. Christians! #11222018AD 5:55 -111w, 40n. Updated 11:05 p.m. M.t. -111w, 40n. #11222018AD. By Is19a Retour.

These secret powerful pharma people contributed $100,000s to her New York campaign, & $100,000s to her first Presidential campaign ; then believing it was her turn in 2016AD they contributed over $7,100,000 million to her election campaign. Because she did not win, these powerful forces that banked on a $10,000,000,000 winfal from here being elected as POTUS ( She lost to Donald Trump), they still demanded their $10 billion dollars $$$$. So Hillary Clinton is in trouble.
9:03 a.m.m.t. #11152019AD.

For example. Michael Cohen is going away for 40 years

chatter is that Globalists rich fake scientists are blaming it on incoming dark matter which they do not even know what dark matter is to them. It is invisible to them. So New York and New Jersey could come first 2018 and second the west coast. 2019.

Donald J. Trump has already stopped a North Korean nuclear weapons attack on the U.S.A ( leaders of North Korea are globalists and work with other globalist entities, we tried to unify them but the Globalists took over again and are now in full control.). Globalists call him a racist and a NAZI. Rather he is Scottish, and not of German origins .


[ redacted 2:24 p.m. ] these globalists to attack America and globalists ( Media, academia, US liberals and fake Republicans) are defined as traitors, terrorists with automatic imprisonment up to 5 years in jail.

1:11 p.m. mt #11132018AD -111w 40n.

Globalists ( foreign collusion) are terrorists and up to 5 years automatically in Prison

Sources are Patriot Act(s) 1 2001A.D. & 2 ( 2009 A.D. January). & U.S. Constitution.

[···] I AM not Illuminati, nor a Free Mason nor a Skull & Bones member. I never went to Yale. They denied my application. They made a huge mistake. I went rather to The University of California, at Berkeley, called in the hallways on campus the Alexandria of the West. Modern Age. Secretly.



Q, listen - up!  blurring Q vids, all of them. Because Russia is Youtbe owned, by pedo globalists. York Rite tether to Vladimir Putin and #fakeisrael Mossadites! . Sergi "Russian " Brin co- creator of Google married NAZI creator of YouTube. Get It? This helps explain Robert "  holocaust " Meuller who personally brought Uranium weapons- grade samples to Putin as the leader of the F.B.I., not Comey!. Uranium One deal. Treason, eh? They plan to destroy America!

Q: The  Russian - NAZI - Google-YouTube Marriage - Collusion!

Anne Wojcicki ( Yale:  dumb& bonehead) Spouse: Sergey Brin co- founder of Google (m. 2007–2015), a Stanfurdite; Susan Wojcicki her sister is the C.E.O. of YouTube. Her parents are Polish and her mom is a  German NAZI.
NAZI were pediophile, cannibal witches and Warlock; 7% of the German population were registered to the pagan NAZI party.

Anne Wojcicki b. July 28, 1973 , San Mateo County, California, U.S., sD 8:08 p.m. m.t. #12072018AD.

Wojcicki married Google co-founder Sergey Brin in May 2007. They have a son, Benji Wojin, born in December 2008, and a daughter, Chloe Wojin, born in late 2011.The couple ceased to live together in 2013, and they divorced in 2015. To hide the Russian collusion to Californian Yaleies, Susan Wojcicki took over controls of YouTube. She went to great lenghths to suppress Americans and right wing channels for 2-5 year-  old panty spreading "soft porno culture." ( see media on kinder- YouTube channels. Reporting)  Wojcicki' sisters hail a mother of the pedo - clan NAZI Warlock! DNA. Behind the scenes they called it ' kido- tube' and pedo celebs behind the scenes advocated pedo channels to the NAZI controllers.

" If  we cannot have pedoPlanet, We will destroy You by waves!"  -  The Dragon's recipes!

Susan Diane Wojcicki b. July 5, 1968 , Santa Clara County, California, U.S., sD 8:25 p.m. m.t. #12072018AD. At Harvard College, she met the Devil's crew. She then fled to Cali's 'HALF MOON BAY!" There DARPA assisted the NAZI whore to create PedoTube, masked as Youtube! This is why Right-Wing websites are being blurred, sound turned-off or lowred; or out right banned! Android tracks everything and everywhere you do and go and they lie about it too! All other internet competitors are " Slowed down!"

Wojcicki = née Hochman
Mom = NAZI
Father born as Stanisław Jerzy Wójcicki.

The Devil is a NAZI. The German Pagan Deception!

Sephardic Israelites interbreed with pagan Gogites! They created the atheist DNA Ashkenazi! #fakeJews . This did not create the Judean race as The Internet controllers say on their rigged systems!

Ashkenazim begins in the 10-11th c.c. AD, at northern 🇫🇷 France , southern Prussia ( today's 🇩🇪 Germany  and lower Poland 🇵🇱 ; And not of the twelve tribes of The Bible!  . They are not of the tribe of Judah. They are pagan germanite, visigoths (dragonites) -  former Ayran nomads from the northern regions of Gog and MaGog that previously had migrated to Iberia during the Phoenician periods and onto Ca'anon, philistine. They lived  way-  way above the kingdom of Judah. They practiced witchcraft, cannibalism and were pagan. Just like modern Germans today, leftwing pedo, cannibal kooks, atheist Karl Marx acolytes! The New Godless Order!

Godless Rothschilds are their demonic masters. Why?  Judeans do not attack Scotts! The Special Council headed by NAZI Himmler' s. son, and lead lawyer Robert Swan Meuller are paganite, #fakechristians. The entire pagan Germanite Internet attacks Scottish Donald J. Trump too, a Christian Judean, to which these Germans call Donald a NAZI. This is the Great Deception described in the Book of Revelation.

Q, DEW affects all around. If moisture by chem trail(s) with harp or sat - harp, combined; then  these weapons affect electromagnetic -bio combined chemistry in the brains. Saps! Energy from mind controlled victims , affects phenomena found in the 1969 Satanic Bible co- authored by. M.I.T. experiment Anton Szandor LaVey : lake of fire,  commandment of " no psychic vampires".  These mind controlled psychic vampires then hunt others to replace the " energy taken away by combined DEW attacks. Often as well, Dragons bring captured 'saraphs' ( code). Signal if Dogs randomly bark. These forced drugged saraphs are keys to the Dragon abuse systems. These systems often accompany the random gun violent episodes around the world. The unexplained! 7:18 p.m. M.T. ().
- Bond.










































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