Book of Life

The Secret of the Horses

3:33 p.m. July 3 2019

Upon The Completion of Each Seal a Persecution of that horse will commence !

2016 Vernal seal one

White Horse: revealed how abusive Democracy and Protestant and The Church of England had abused many world cultures by conquest. How white people used secret societies under the guise of christian religion to do all sorts of crimes against their own blood. Air

2019 [ ] seal two

will reveal how abusive the Catholic Church and Coptic eastern Europe and Coptic Russian Churches abused their early power and eastern and far eastern countries as well as middle and South America including the natives. Fire

Black Horse [ ]

The Jews , Judah, Israel 🌎 Africa and the athiest bankers and slave drivers.

The Green Horse []

Islam , water. And conquest of these empires.

15:55 p.m. 111s 40n #07032019AD


06 23 2019 🔽 Ⓜ

Mason Earth Codes use top level Scot Rite when this website goes blank.

♊ ref. Ayin -63. Aleph. Gimmel. Ante -Mars, animal code Hindi, top level. ⬆ Lilit .  عمامه , dulband color. Codex will be revealed on a mirror face or a branch singing with wings. Not this path. Qof eam alṯalṯu | it-tielet. fer. ♊. Await for AC codes.

Up coming eclipse penumbra outer rim  graces the edges of Mexico' pacific coast  from north to south by conical motion angularity. Symbols of what aincent statutes look at on pacific  islands to warn the people of God about  the pure evil being traffic there all over 🌎. 11:33 a.m. temp. -81 +70. Location mundane migration. Oi§ FU. Op. Lamb 📖.

The 2 July 2019 total solar eclipse. 2m23sec. = future seal 4.  pale green. Conical motion of penumbra will grace the coasts of 🇲🇽, buttressing as strait line. Green slime. Totality central at coral atoll, at 18:24 U.T. Easter Island, because this is where the greatest eclipse occurs at 19:24 UT. At 4m33sec because The Moon is here at -3day of its perigee. '23. Codec s4. The stone faces look at you destruction. 5 eclipses in 2019. 3 solar, 2 lunar. The last Lunar Eclipse for the year 2019) will be seen on 16 July 2019. Solar Eclipse appearing on 26 December 2019 will be the last eclipse of the year 2019. Mercury will also pass the solar disk, the last time for the 21st century.

Released #06232019AD at. UT 3:33:33 June 24th.


The Book of Daniels Missing Text

The visions in chapters 7–12. Why Daniel's book was sealed, until the end times. The leopard takes a traditional switch. Not Rome - Prussia but Tiger takes it's place.  This code was released 16th century by my published writings , already has been decoded and understood. This way we keep things secured. In ipgii white rabbit is a celestial code and understood in the addition to Daniels missing sections. 16th century 🇫🇷. This is linked to AM e RICA . secret location I told you about in other city a while ago. Olmecian, 15th end to early 16th and the real name and not associted to any name of any explorer. This was for accurate identification. Code D. Red. And asc. Hancock sig places dec. End on 923 code at mc [ you have it timed already] . Use to the 'seconds' as a  timing for s2. Buildings aligned to the degree for Y. On target. Not all should know cheat codes for B. In city they have symbols kinda on target with only access by city or gov employees. Not spray paint stuff  and totally masked,  so no one but those prepared know. You use own chain of command. I have no need to reveal anything. Silence is golden. The Daniel missing chapters are coded in my work in the 16th century. Yes, neoleopard are in there and masked and coded and some in the 1980s broke them and thus Christians , Islam and  Israelites at this time cannot figure out their own texts. I am currently sick with what is going around the country and ipgii has numerous timelines. Some past at least 3 Future of same frame events. Why many are confused. Hopi were seeded by Christians their own end time scripts. Seal 3 is a big part: see prurification mist and a black Sea or oceans ( as a part code), link to my past sayings of what is due to arrive.  s3 this is future and concern yourselves with only s2.  11:26 am #06272019AD.


Ipgii: Sweat bead bet=2. (FP= V as in vine).  Saxon 22. Buildings degrees = S2. Red. 'Leopard delorus C. I'd ' 22 . LP. Washmon code to Daniel 's extensions = Pyrenees Mountain' . 🇮🇷 punch needed for trek. S2 = push. Understanding. The Future gathering . 1:45 pm. #06272019AD.


Lost book repainted. 'Open book' , plate 3 or more parts ( future show what wheel diminished will mean . not for now. #1 2016. Remember what I said. #2 2019 this website goes blank. S2=T1, where as 7y= 1,1,1,1,1,1.1. I AM going off line. Ipgii for closed mediation. But understand what I AM doing ! 4:44 pm #06272019AD

623 post tells when this happens.

ID of The Devil for Seal Two = Trib Year 1.


WWG1WGA= 6 down pyramids!

66663{1}66{1}= WWG1WGA. =Q highest clearance is Lucifer. 666=9/2/3. Qanon = Lucifer, The Deciever. Qanon on 8chan code. [6+6=12> 1+2= 3]. {1 +1}= 2.

666 . 6+3=9. {2} [3]. = 666 . 9.2.3. America's destruction. Decoded by Jesus. Qanon = Dragon! 👹 Ch. 12. Red Horse, Red Dragon.  This means Qanon 8chan, The Devil starts WWIII.


yeshua #07062019AD 14:53 lmt.


S1@34n, n. angoulesme S2@40.5n on Greenwich coord. This gives 731. As round off .5 to 1. This gives above count down from code above on top earth scotrite and the cartoon white turb. T-d. S2=T1 on U.T. 23. This places astre -  group decap on true arc at M.C. and 13 crowns on the  Lion . target Babylon. Baby lion. Daniel codes clipped wings. Wait for more. #07072019 2:33 pm. Lmt.


Mark of The Beast

Plus break away ufos will be dealt with the  future claim  upon my Twitter post 23 Sept 2017. On timing to my 55th birthday ( real 54th) , and perhaps a day before. That's when the Fallen Angels will arrive. CIA grey or CIA et al. World reptilian and their  ufos are no match for them. Thrown to Earth: See "War in Heaven ch. 12. " swat them like flies with my FAs. I said fight back in 2016 - 17  is 02 02 2022. This gives reptiles and the grey plenty of time to feed. S2 FP goes to persecute S1 at Europe, and is  exempt because rep. swings Islam. WOB goes to Europe to eradicate race of S1. That includes all militaries and personal in earth. Qanon S2 does the same at NA. Drags got head release units. Should be mobile.  White were outed as Evil under s1. So we take them all off the EGG, everywhere. Orders. Not necessary to sonic drone me; so all reptilian , Draco and Grey's will all receive the Mark of The Beast ( did this on July 5th 2019) You are welcome. Period, and end of the story. AC persecutes all Christians on Earth commencing  as completion of S1 by targeting s1ers.  

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres is not the The Cathedral Notredame of Paris. Area 51 ufo idiots. Ipgii. ⛪

4h(s) . remember first number with all those zeros. Keep the same first numb. Then put at Billion. Goal before s5. Then cut .33% off of that number by s5 completions. Then we will go from there.

Huge earthquake heaven signatures will accompany the launch of the Red Horse. Plenty to do in ME , FE as well as NA and EU. Multiple ops everywhere to keep you busy and fed . 😀.

#07082019AD Sideral Time 5:55:06 UT 18:17 .

🔴🔺🔱 ☑ Ⓜ.








Westminster Abbey : received your message a white ago. state visit. Yes confirmed. No flinching. Best. 7:00 am #06252019AD
























🌞🌅 Δ






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