Book of Life

📜 Seals of The Bible by Jesus of Nazareth

#1) 📜 The First Seal = Vernal 2016. ( First 3.5 x 360.)

23 September 2017 The First Coming of Jesus but rejected again by the 🌎. So left.

#2) September 2 2019.

📜 The second seal 😠🆎🐎

7 / 360y. =2520 days. 3.5 × 360 years = 9:23= September 2 2019. Labor Day. 09022019= 9.2.3 ( 2 + 1+ 9= 12 = 1+2 = 3. Reduction).

2021 Sun begins to dim for four years

February 13th 2023.  Tribulation = 2nd 1260 days.

2024 The Sun Goes Black

#3) July  27th 2026.

Second Coming of Jesus & 2028-9 End of The Anti Christ War

3.5/360 =1260= Janary 7th 2030. AD.


📜 The opening of the first four Seals release the Four Horsemen, each with his own specific mission. The opening of the fifth seal releases the cries of martyrs for the "word/Wrath of God".[6:9-11] The sixth seal prompts earthquakes and other cataclysmic events. [6:12-17] The seventh seal cues seven angelic trumpeters who in turn cue the seven bowl judgments and more cataclysmic events.[8:1-13]

Dreams and Statements

June 13 2019

One dream for the Summer of 2019 has police breaking abandon cars, getting in them with all their armor and weapons in total fear of the mass riots they had just witnessed. The city was not mentioned but the county of U.S.A. was mentioned.  Another dream was at Chicago , these involved jihadis with assault rifles running wild in the streets after a building was partially destroyed and killing people everywhere? But then again these are just dreams. The Congress , Media or Entertainment does not seem to be concerned.  The country is devided and thus not prepared.  06132019AD.

Hannic Animal Calendar 🐷 year. 2019.

Portsmouth is a port city and naval base on England’s south coast. Two buildings?
London Central Mosque 🕌 ?
A building near Mecca, 🇸🇦. ?


10:51 p.m. #06112019AD. the Book of Life

⏬🔽 ⛔

Iran already is Paying 911 Victims, US Courts. Trump says Iraq was not involved. 

In  May last year, Iran was ordered to pay $6billion to families to the families of the victim's of 9/11 by a federal judge after he found that multiple government entities had facilitated the September 11 attacks.Judge George B. Daniels confirmed that the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were responsible for facilitating the tragic terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of thousands of US citizens according to reports. READ MORE: Neon Nettle .

Hollywood are the biggest supporters of Iranians and many live and migrated to California. DNC and Hillary Clinton promoted Iranian immigrants during the 2016 General Presidential Elections. What do the Clinton's know? Many Obama top cabinate officals have family in Tehran or were born to Iranian parents and furthermore some were born in Iran. 🇮🇷.  

Benjamin Rhodes. 2007 speech writer for Obama that wrote 2009 Cairo Speech for president Barak Hussein Obama  44. Rhodes  did The  Iran deal and Iran has been boasting of achiving nuclear warhead capabilities in less than six months. Many Obama officals and DNC Clinton  donars were behind this fake Russian collusion narrative. Many high level secret mi6 Intel speculate Arabs in UK as long as two decades ago have been reharvesting ancient bubonic or pandemic diseases and with hopes to disseminate deadly viruses on western civilization   as ' Revenge 'on The Western Civilizations' role in 1900s in ending the last Great Islamic Caliphate: The Ottoman Empire.

Iran claims it dealt 'heavy blow' to US 'spy network'  CNN . "An [ Iranian supporter ] US official disputed the ministry's claim ." June 18 2019.

The Russian investigation by the U.S. Special Council identified Islamist U.K. edu colluding with American opposition against Donald J. Trump. The Canadian CNN media and NBC Ben Rhodes a top Obama player refuse to report this finding. Instead these Iranian supporting networks continue to bash America and support Iran and Islam and claim The President is a Russian Spy who works against their DNC Islamic allies. 🕵.

Mexicans chanted anti LGBTQ today at a primer Soccer match  making Yahoo News and Yahoo Front Page headlines. This harbors back to most notably in 2004 at Azteca Stadium where pretty much the entire crowd was chanting Osama ( a reference to Osama bin Laden). Hollywood and the US left-wing wants open boarders because they agree with the later chant. . 3:58:13 June 19th 2019. UT.

🆕 Sumerian fashioned to Babylonian : The Creation Epic

A war created a need for peace. So a new Absu: was needed. This was termed a new Solar System.

⚫ A  New Home  28,000 year old texts. 

Creation begins with two 🌞 s, one runs away or is not mentioned.

Enûma Eliš

Apsû : focal of energy , a center of the Solar System.

Title: "When on High". Means under a spiritual influence. The story written billions of years after the creation . This was the only way it could have been done. One will note anyone interested in Nostradamus writing, well he has in the future a second Sun will be seen. Interesting ?

Marduke, Akkadian; Enlil = Neberu Sumerian. The Sumerian wrote this epic first. The Akkadian changed names of the same figures. Enki is Ba'al / be.l and Neptune or the Dark Sun. In Sumerian  Sun is Enlil and His companion Neberu. In Akkadian Tammuz is The Sun and Marduke is Neberu.

Title :  Ch. 1 " When in the Heights "

Sumerian  Enlil renamed as Alkadian Marduke and was a plagiarism, both are heroes.  Title comes from opening words.

Bable ub Bible. Old Babylon script from Akkadian . not six days, but six tablets. 1, 000 B.C. copied. Mesopotamia adds a seventh tablet. 

🅰 three primevial bodies gave rise to two first celestial God's and the first Tiamat ( Mercury 2) was destroyed by ( Enlil) Marduke. ( astriod belt was Mercury's twin, 2 but the first heaven and earth were not yet named. Act 1 is the creation of the Solar System. ) 


Two 🌟§ ♊/ mercury 1  § /mercury 2  ? = three things: a Star and two similar sized planets.  🌞 😎 3/1/2.

1) The Creation of  Heaven and 🌎 Earth begin only between the Sun and the space between  the asteroid belt, Mercury two called Tiamat ' and a  dark twin Sun ?' aka primordial feminine  disapears in Act one. 

The 🌞 and Mumu and Mercury two , Tiamat.

The First Gods

ch. 1: Absu 🌟: primordial water with no end or beginning. Bore Mercury = Mumu , born,  a trusted aid of Absu,  male 2,   and a feminine Tiamat ( Mercury 2) , the maiden of life destroyed by becoming the asteroid belt, later. Only Absu and Tiamat  fluids were mingled and created two first planets Mercury 1 , 2 - thus perhaps bearing Mumu 1, astroid belt; later destroyed.  Tiamat becomes named Mercury 2.

#1 🌟 +Mumu  Mercury 1, Mercury 2.

Tiamat aka Mercury two is later destroyed and makes the asteroid belt; outside of the first Absu, Saturn begets Pluto as a suitable twin of Mercury replacement. 

#2 Mars and Venus

Next twin celestial creation: Lamu war (mars) and Lahamu, love and war. (Venus) , about the same size. Absu 🌟 and Tiamat outer space- between them combine their fluids and created the planets. But before they reached their grown up size two more were born.

#3 Saturn Anshar  & Jupiter Kishnar

An/Anu/ emissary Gaga . Saturn

Largest:  Anshar Saturn and Kishar Jupiter  , image of Anshar;  lengthaned the  day, but shortan the years. They have offspring in their own image; one  named Anu ( Uranus, Anu  image Enlil and Anshar's first born) and another son named Nidimu (image of kishnar and named Nidimud.  Enki, our planet Neptune) ( Neptune , they switched positions?) both Anu and Nidimu are smaller than Jupiter and  Saturn. 

Anshar is Saturn  ; Kishar is Kishnar ( Mars and Venus are the mirrors, but limited in size. Their offspring Anu and Nidimu[d] are larger then Venus and Mars the first gods, but Mercury and Tiamat were before Mars and Venus who were before Jupiter and Saturn.  Time passes and three more bodies are formed.

#4 Uranus , Neptune and (45) Pluto

< p> Anu Uranus Creates Nidimud Neptune  in his image (Enil creates Enki or Neptune in his own image) ; and Anu's moon Gaga was the mirror [ replacement for Tiamat] of Mercury II , we call Pluto. And Still an emissary of Anshar and son Anu.

Pluto aka Gaga

Anshar or Anu creates a moon called Gaga. This moon is sent out on Missions and thus acts like Mercury that revolves around the 🌞. The messenger. Later Egypt as Thoth, The Emerald Tablet. Sumerians placed this new Mercury called Gaga next to Saturn and not Mercury. Similar in size. Both the lotus orbit of Mercury and Pluto' s ecentric orbits are unique.


Act 1 ends with one 🌞 and nine planets. 15:23 #05172019AD.

Act 2, a new 🌞

act 2: Tiamat & Neptune turns into a 🌞 and  blows off corona of The Absu 🌞. Moves Absu to The Deep, Neptune. Now preliminarily called EA. This draws in neberu, first instance, called fate. The name nebula derived after the fact. Dark energy with matter? Incoming to seal your doom.

Position of the first Solar System, Pre 🌎. 

🌞 Mercury , Venus,  Mars, Tiamat, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto ,  Uranus and Neptune ( Act2 now called the deep or EA).

Tiamat was the size of Mercury, it was being pulled apart by a tug of war between the other planets and radioactive neptune ignited into a Sun. The planet Mercury lost its 🌞's power , The Sun  went dark.   

Sumerian ~ Enki translates as Universe. " lit. Heaven and Earth." Neptune was now called the deep and was the center of the Solar System. The Absu. 

Act 3

In the heart of the Deep a new God associated to Fate.  That name was Marduke. It came from beyond.

Thus,  Marduke of Fate was created, a new celestial object. A new Planet. ( formally Enil or Neberu Sumerian)

A New Planet

The Lofty One; a new Planet aloft was captured by the Neptune 🌞; it was drwn in by the 🌟 electromagnetism and broght in from the deep to the become a new Absu, Marduke, to the Solar system. EA/Neptune had captured it and broght it into the Solar System's sphere. 

Marduke was tall and breathed fire ( volcanic) and  this tall monster was called by the other Gods, a fated planet. [ however there were no one alive to thus name them or claim God]. 

Marduke passes Neptune and bulges, the trajectory points him toward Uranus and Uranus pulled chunks off of Marduke. This becomes four peices and these four new celestial bodies began to orbit Marduck, whirling fast.

Uranus Rips Marduke to 4 satellites; Saturn it kisses and rips out Gaga - Pluto, then Jupiter rips off 3 more  satellites. Then it heads towards Tiamat with 7 satillites, called winds.

Act 4:  Marduke and Tiamat merge ⚡, Marduke still in a plasma phase hurls a satillite blows to Tiamat  and fuses a New planet called 🌎 and creating an asteroid belt.

Marduck came into the Solar System counter clockwise. When it headed toward Saturn ( loosened Gaga) and Jupiter it pushed directly toward the center of the Solar system, ripping more satellites. When it got to Tiamat it had  celestial bodies now as weaponsand  but 7 were called The Winds. Tiamat had a moon called Qingu ( kingu).  The gods, the other solar system planets had blamed Tiamat of usurpation  as these two became entwined by gravitational orbit to become a part of the Solar System as Electricity had lit up Tiamat who fired back one of his seven wind satellites ⚡ giving Halos  to all of Marduke satellites. It must have been a sight to see!

The  winds, hurling around very fast  making seven winds that will do battle with Tiamat and create a new celestial body. Some type of fusion. Four large satellites encircled Tiamat . causing dust storms and floods and earthquakes. then all hell broke loose. The spinning envelope of four satillite s created an electro vortices. ⚡⚡⚡⚡

On Approach,  Tiamat erupted like  a 🌞 , Tiamat erupted into a Mercury sized Sun but Marduke enveloped her, wrapping his electricity around her and one of the whirling satilites blew Qingu ( Tiamets Moon ) through Tiamat destroying her  to create Earth. The planet was split into two parts .As well,  The battle had left satillites like Ceres and other large transneptune objects, but also the famous astriod belt. Marduke= Neberu then with its 7 large satillite left the Solar System.

The force and disturbances pushed a new fused planet between Venus and Mars and left the battles a lasting rubble wake between Mars and Jupiter as a reminder of what rogue body that comes from beyond potentially can destroy entire planets and at the same time form or bring in new planets . If we take the artistic poem at its word, it tells us that this event happened only once in the entire solar system. 

This then calmed down the Solar system [ I am better than you mentality] and the Sun's crown ignited again ,  the 🌞 back up and Neptune went back to sleep . A New Heaven and Earth were born. We call it Earth. 🌎. EA or Neptune was given credit. Then days five and six created the lands and planets and animals. Marduke went on his way. This was perhaps 4.57 billion years ago.

While Zechariah Sitchen and Tibeten and Asia or Celtic writings may elude too a periodic return of Neberu; their interpretation of "Niberu's" elliptical orbit of about 3600 of our years does not fit in any form with Sumerian and Later Akkadian-Neo Babylonian iterations. These were planet cycles and constellation cycles based upon a flat earth idea of the Universe. One such conformation was Ishtar ( Venus) and Tammuz (The Sun) . This story about how winter and summer are conceptually understood was put into a poem where cycles were based upon a fixed location on Earth and perceiving the rise and setting of The Sun as going to the Underworld -- setting at night to rising to Heavan at noontime, daily and the tilt of Earth making the summer and winter seasons, a half year apeice.   

Enûma Eliš speaks about a lone event , some 4.57 billion years ago. Sitchen based his off 1,500 BC, the last iteration ,  suggesting ~ < 2221(Gizah pyramidology) AD the next approach . However the Earth was not destroyed in 1,500BC nor 200,000,000 million BC. Nostradamus tells us the Earth survives longer than 3797AD. This date explains the end of work on The Prophecies of The Ancients, Les Propheties, June 1555- 1558, in four parts. The date 2221 AD is when the 🌞 traverses the Galactic Plane . So 2221AD expect the alignments to disturb rogue bodies which may not destroy the Earth but shake it up or rearrange its topography?

. #05192019AD. 5:55:31 Sideral Time.

Babylonian Creation Epic

28,000 Babylonian Creation Epic.








In Jesus’ day, people expected the Messiah to lead a triumphant rebellion against the Romans, restore political independence to Israel, and reign in Jerusalem as a Davidic king.

1) What did Pope Francis actually say?

In his Sept. 24 vespers homily at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, addressing a group of priests and religious, Pope Francis said:

"The cross shows us a different way of measuring success......Jesus . . . and his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, in the failure of the cross."

---- Pope Francis (Latin: Franciscus; Italian: Francesco; Spanish: Francisco; born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, b. 17 December 1936, Argentina.

Arcko Vaticanus claims of Caiaphus that the Messiah was to win popularity over the Jews but Pharisees brought false charges against Jesus of Nazareth and passed the laws to Romans with pressure to tortue him and kill him in the most horrible way possible.

Most Jews mock Jesus today (Talmud or Old Testiment ) and are still awaiting their popular messiah.

Old Testiment claims orphans and poor are dispised by Lord God. Jesus of Nazareth over threw this concept and claimed only the first two Commands of God were important. He also said that the Sabbath ( 4th commandment ) was made by man, and not God.

















The New U.S.A. Phychistrist, The Witch

California Witchcraft Marketing at U.C.s and Society. Los Angeles Times. 16 June 2019.








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