Jesus Christ 3D


Sindone di Torino, Sacra Sindone, 3D χριστός ; < ˆ 5.916666666666666 f.t. = 1.9722222222222222 yrd.

IAM that IAM. ↕

My eyes have gold at the center with rays. Photo Sunday, December 9th , 2018 AD. -111w, 40n U.S. mountain time. IAM

Bible forbids Race Mixing. Churches are false and not following The Bible. Optics!

Q in Aramaic or in Hebrew Script. The position is 19, the value is 100.

Qteam are Utah niggers,  sand niggers and white Satanists, 1999 started and  did 911 planned 40 years ago and operated by Qteam and by  Clinton and by  Bush and the niggers. Obama and the later all called blonds ' deplorable,' the unwanted. Clinton was called The First Black President.  They even pray to Me while sending their dark force assassins. Qanon is a black -ops.

Optics targets: Julian Assange  blond. Lady di blond. Seth Rich blond, Chelsea Manning blond, Ambassador Christopher Stevens blond, Edward Snowden blond.  IAM blond. Blond babies trafficed and eaten by Dark Satanist lords.  Mysteries are solved.

Symbols . My Pet Goat 1, September 2001, 11th. Highlight blacks chanting " Kite, plane, hit, steel."  Bush read the book upside down, on purpose. I, Pet Goat II. Black purple dressed women with Barack Hussein Obama in a United Kingdom classroom  highlights God made evil niggers in his own image. Darkness comes first in both paganism and in dogmatic or in occult religion or in atheist science.  God is Evil. Jesus is not God. Light and love comprehend not the Darkness! Bible confirms. Catholic Church to Protestant to Babtists call Me God. This is the great deception. Stop blaming me and praying to Me as God. Stop it. God is Evil aka sin so start praying and blaming the sinners. Get lost liars!

1000s of other blonds killed by team Q. Optics.

UT 23:42 #04172019AD.

Lenín Boltaire Moreno Garcés, b. 19 March 1953 , Nuevo Rocafuerte, Ecuador, second death sD, delete. #04152019AD. Corruption. $10 billion to align with Satan. Targeting white blonds. Forcing drugs to children all over Earth and child trafficking.


Qanon is a Satanic Dark Witchcraft- Warlock Psyops to Blame Jesus of Nazareth and at the same time trying to kill, and has tried too the real Jesus on Earth in the last few years.

October 28 , 2017 Qanon hijacked independent Journalism, to which Michael Flynn proscribed and championed and took over the narrative claiming he was Jesus Christ and was to promise The Swamp were going to Gitmo, Cuba prisons, to say Mueller and Trump were working together, Trust Jeff Sessions, although Trump fired him and spammed BOOM, Boom when the Texas mail bomber was in action, trying to frame Donald J. Trump to a crazy person. All his material is stolen by real journalists and makes of fake claims of who is enemies are and uses NON Ground and Non empirical evidence to base his judgement. Many business cropped - up making $ multi millions of dollars reporting his fake news and Qanon has the most excuses ever made by an anonymous poster in history. His first post had him claim Hillary was detained and had a police ankle brace, to which indicated Hillary Clinton was playing a long on this insidious LARP. In 2019 after numerous false predictions letting his communities down, over and over, Qanon came out with a link to say the Team Q started in 1999 A.D. and is a full blown U.S. Military Intelligence team based out of Utah , USA. He gave a link to a DOD below. click to read more. Ground surveillance, the Utah Military intelligence has zero concerns on draining the swamp. They worship a black God that promotes the murder of strait and good white blonds and all people of peace and love. Rather they call this black God, The Creator and with the name " Satan" and worship him with child sacrifice, child abuse, hate and warmongerism mentalities. Qanon therefore rather deceives all and is Team Satan incarnated.

1999 AD Qanon a military Op began called Kill all Jesus and Peace lovers. Targets all blonds for raping, eating, sacrificing and  witchcraft. All who are not submissive blond and blue or green eyes sex abuse toys or slaves to our rich [ USA military and society complex]  elite must be destroyed completely off the face of The Earth.  : The We-Qanons are the Rothschilds , Soros, these Saudis and these Rich Mexican , these Roman Jew overlords and anyone not obeying must be destroyed. Command of Operation NSA-Army Airforce - Utah. Code for Q: WW1WGA= where all the criminals go after they murder or eat all the blonds.

This document is proposed by Qanon himself. Proof Qanon belives his Lord and master is Guy de Rothschilds or his son. Why? Anyone, anywhere on Planet Earth can be assassinated at any time. They refuse to do so making Qanon and Trump a complete farce. Qanon's source is only the internet and some books. Qanon hates Jesus and supports pediophile transsexuals just like his buddies Bush , Clinton and Obamas, and all those gay and tranny and child abusers in the world militaries and special interest agencies. 

Q, Predicts blond Julian Assange arrest as "We got The Source," By photo in clock. & NASA anti white sand niggers = revelation of black hole, 100 days from New Years: Q value in Hebrew meaning Kill blonds = all anti-white non criminals Optics!

Julian looked malnutritioned and extradition will be a lengthy process. His lawyers are involved. Obama excused him but Pompeo, Italian Vatican Spy broght up 10 year old charges of Assange trying to guess a DOD password in which millions of kids also tried. Bogus charges because Mike Pompeo is Italian infiltrator agent and a non blond like Assange or James Clapper who is a Mongol hybrid and a non blond. Clapper, Pompeo, John Brennan, and James Comey and Peter Stzork all claim they run America and not The POTUS or Congress or anyone else- " we are kings," they scream! " We are above The U.S. Laws!"

Nominated Nobel Peace Prize Julian Assange arrested for exposing satanism. The rich mexican Rothschilds' cannibals paid! 🇪🇨. They turned over the blond and the mafia Italian President received $4 .2 Billion dollars from RotQchilds and $8 billion from unnamed sources in February 2019, Warlock RotQchild are owners of the IMF and Warlock Mike Pence visited last year to hook up the Assange deal.

Twitter: US Navy Tweeted "Julian ASS ange"= TeamQ. Why? The time of arrest. USA full of sand niggers and William Clinton  nigger pediophiles and brainless BaraQ trannies and stupid Bush bisexual confused "D" ummies and Italian Podesta cannibals. If you get harrased or spied upon by Military white niggers or mongolian white then these are nigger worshippers , controlled by these Sand nigger criminals. RotQchild are sand niggers. 8 of top 10 Bankers on Earth are Sand-Niggers. Darkness = night diaries = immigrant barbarian conquest because leaders become "sell outs" to their own civilization. Child sacrifice = food for low dumb niggers that do not know how to domesticate animals for food. So they eat vegetables and only human meat as their food source. This is what Hernán Cortés found with The Aztecs. The literate peaceful Civilization was replaced by third world Witch-Warlock war-savagery.

Quetzalcóatl, Mayan name Kukulcán, (from Nahuatl quetzalli, “tail feather of the quetzal bird [Pharomachrus mocinno],” and coatl, “snake”), the Feathered Serpent= a bird - peaceful and beautiful = smart and literate being eaten by sand nigger dumb greedy war mongering serpents. Teotihuacán culture was ruled by white and over time northern sand niggers who broght witchcraft and turned the civilization into a weak barbarian state. This led to the white Quetzalcóatl, Mayan legend. Aztecs were darker 3rd world migrants that broght in by careerist greedy dumb Mayan politicians and Teotihuacán culture turned to eating humans , too dumb to run a civilization. Basically brown eye turned toward socialist communism, as religion equates intelligence . someone had a dream and wrote down in the future of Year Reed One Quetzalcóatl would return to enact vegence! That was when Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro Altamirano, Marquis of the Valley of Oaxaca showed up and eventually destroyed all the Aztecs warlocks and witches = cannibals. Uncivilized.

Qanon sees dark as light, backwards and lies. The U.S.A military could kill the anti white Rothschilds in less than 24 hours but refused too. This means Qanon is a lying fraud. U.S. has not obeyed any laws since the 1900s. So they can kill op. But the military is a total Witch Warlock sand nigger and betrayer unit of greedy sell outs. So USA gone. Qanon is a money making thing too.

Optics of Qanon movement against their targets

Qteam are in fact witches and warlocks = baby trafficers outed by Q bragging interpretors. Optics: Julian Assange  blond. Lady di blond. Seth Rich blond, Chelsea Manning blond, Edward Snowden blond. I am blond. Blond babies trafficed and eaten are the norm for centuries and increased starting about the 1900s. Mixing the races are a recipe for disaster.

Q anon Warlock - Witches Codes of Operation exposed Q here = low wit greedy- violent monkeys . NWO is No White Order. This mean Black/Dark Order. In Paganism or The Bible this is Darkness, night, witches, vampires, warlocks, sin and death. This is God. Jesus is not God. Jesus is light, love ; not dark, hate.

RotQchild, Ro-Q-fellers, Military Qteam, BaraQama, BusQ-ho. Qlinton, SaQan, BisQione, PodesQa, Qlapper, QNN news, FaQebook, Quitter, Qannibals, QIA, FQI, Qisney, Qollywood, UQA, SoQos, LoohQeed Martin, pedioQulia, Qhildabuse, Qriminals, Quacks, Queers , Qarlocks, Qur'an, Qookoos.  = same team and all anti Jesus and pro night/dark = imbecile low IQ and greed-minded freaks of nature.

11 th April 2019. 14:11 lmt. #04142019AD. GOOG: Android Google tries to block website. They are sand niggers . employee pool.

When Warlock- Witches Military societies & NSA, CIA, FBI and all the pedio cannibals are gone, than truth, love will return. Warlock crew: Pompeo , James anti democracy  Clapper, Andrew McCabe, 100s of Mi6 middle easterners, black spies in government, Nellie and Bruce Ohr, 2000 Chinese spies,  Roman Vatican Jesuit killers of white people,  NKCIA are all  non elected by the people. They all Hyjacked democracy, what Julian Assange exposed. Pompeo and Clapper believe they rule Earth as kings. Former DNI NSA chief Clapper explained Washington Post and New York Times , MS13-NBC and CNN works for criminal anti -democracy non elected criminals that Hyjacked democracy and yell them what and what not to say. There is still no evidence Obama was directly involved. Obama also pardoned Braddly Manning but Pompeo and the coup on America traitors have Manning back in Prison on a dump of Army intelligence documents in or around 2010 that James Clapper and the FBI were going to pull a 2016AD coup using Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio.

Email. Wikileaks: date December 12th 2016AD.

Clapper contacts Peter Stzork FBI: tells him , John Brennan , Michael Cohen , Andrew FBI, second in charge that  McCabe to have dinner with Donald Trump's lawyer. Email: Tells McCabe to wear a " wire tap" to entrap Cohen. Use Fisa target. Who authorized the illegal FISA? Some believe James Comey forged the judges signature. - source Msnbc. April 10th, 2019 .

Qanon is Team witches and Warlock Utah Military 1999 and began with an agenda to kill blonds and worship dark evil things. They use. White betrayers, Nostradamus the dated poem for 1999, X. 72. Qanon tried to kill me 57 times and 5, 000 snares, endless harrassmrnt and constant dew drones. 🔑 I have blond white skin, blue and green eyes. These evil things pray to me and try to assassinate me at the same time. 😳 . they are all evil. There has never been a single non blond punished in US history. Amazing ! Qanon is Team Military and they are all buddies of The Mexican , Mongolian, Asian , Roman yellow bellied, white homos and german and african Vampires. Q anon belives he is Satan protecting 8 of 10 top bankers on earth, all brown skinned and one Mexican German Rothschild brown eye bloodline. Qanon claims in 1999 they contacted Trump to be a POTUS to keep killing whitey. As Nostradamus 1557 AD. I called them all betrayers = deffraieur X. 72. Les Propheties.

Even if blue eyes but dark hair it is anti blond. Team Q anon is anti-blond or criminal blonds. The world 99.5% dark eyes. Nothing is good in this world. April 13 2019.

These sissy girls never experienced empirical ground intelligence nor what love is all about.  Military elite controlling are a bunch of lazy-mafia bloodlines directly connected to The Rothschilds, The  Kennedys Willian J. Clinton, German Sharrifs, Ghengis Khan or Osama bin Laden Saudis, and there never will be any hope on planet Earth when the United Satanic America military controls "everything!" I have experienced their hitter teams and nearly died and I know they can kill any of their targets at any time---- making Qanon the biggest disappointment in World History. Qanonteam Military have known their targets for 19 plus and not a single one was ever confronted.  I take 100 drone passes a day , 5000 snares and 57 major assassination attempts and many died to keep me alive. All of these were ordered by Team Q.  This Qanon teams suppress all the Christian and Jesus blonds on the internet. Shadow banning and TI. Targeted individuals.

#11:13 a.m. l.m.t. #04132019AD.

US military Federation of American Scientists.

. DOD 1999 declassified or approved for public. This document was posted by Qanon to tell the Qanon movement who is Qanon. At Utah, The local military are homosexual tranny satan worshippers that target white blonds . all pure evil. They harrass me all the time.


Russian backed president of Ukraine. Victor Yanukovytch paid both John Podesta and Paul Manifort lobbying money, which is foreign involvement in a sovereign country's election process. However non of these dealings at all involved Donald J. Trump. This was an excuse  to cover up events of June to July 2016; a bevy of secret information leaked allowed people all over the World to back track Movies,TV, Literature, culture, economy and business directly to codes used to alert secretly Satanists all over the mediums they are alive , well and fully operating.  Just mentioning these events can get one assassinated or harassed toward self harm or suicide, not only by American paramilitaries but corpo Entertainment, The Mossad to Mexican cartels and to Roman Church mafias, and virtually any culture as they are all involved in child abuses - outlawed on the books of every country on 🌎.

foreign influence: Law firms names. Known by Special Council, U.S are a plenty.

Special Investigation. 9 Republican people jailed, 1000s killed on the street, 81 charged, some awaiting in Prison and not a single Russian to POTUS collusion, which was the scope of The Investigation. Paul Manifort worked previously for The Clinton's: revelations.

On March 20th, 2017 it appears James Comey lied to The World, Bill Priestap – FBI’s Counter-Intelligence Head was not consulted as Comey had claimed. Then McCabe and other DOJ of Obama secretly met in C.I.A. offices to remove a sitting president using The 25th Amendment. Many not all began calling this a Coup D'etat. Loretta Lynch, Obama's DOJ - most powerful position in government met William J. Clinton secretly in AZ, spies outed with photos, piolets died suddenly - she helped John McCain contact Fusion GPS to grab a fake dossier produced by MI6 Christopher Steel, in which Belle Ohr showed to her husband Bruce Our, who told Comey, McCabe this information was no cooberatrd by counter-Intel , suspect, false. However John McCain or Andrew Weiessman and Ahmed leaked this to the press. 

Roger Craig, a Clinton attorney.  2012. Paul Manifort ( date?). Both worked for Ukraine's Victor Yanukovytch ; all non registered lobbied involvement. All non- FARA. Unknown lawyers gave "permission" to lobby Washington DC.   Paul Manifort worked with John Podesta too, in the past. Podesta was Hillary Clinton's 2015-'16 campaign manager, and former William J Clinton White House Chief of Staff 1997AD onward. Wow. - Special Council March 21st 2019. Donald J. Trump hired and fired Paul Manifort, called a kingmaker. Trump is a construction builder, not a life long politician.

Obama officials met after Trump was elected , in group think decided to use Amendments of articles 25 to remove Donald J. Trump. This led to the Special Council investigating Trump . However Trump has proven competent, best economy in 51 years, brokered peace with North Korea, even though nkcia broke this down , he did stop North Korean missiles flying weekly over Japan or landing in Alaska- during The Obama years.  And yes, Lynn de Rothschilds did condemn John Podesta for running a poor campaign on Twitter before she left this social media platform. Obama has caused a lot of problems in our world.

Trump tower phone calls by Trump Jr were to two of his buddies, not Russian or Trump agents. March 20 Comey told 2017 in Television he had  alerted a counter Intel on Trump ( Priestap testified this was false), two days later Adam  Schiff (Democrat, gay, California) said he had proof of collusion and harped each week on television that Trump colluded directly with Russia ( false) and we should impeach immediately; some two years later he is silent, but now the HOR changes ideas to indict Trump and Americans on non collusion charges, fake charges. He was linked to the 2016 June leaks!   The coup d'etat ongoing!

I, Pet Goat ♊ deals directly to those 2016 June-July  Revelations as a key cause of what was revealed in the six minute and fifty-one second film.

Sidereal Time 5:55:38 , 7:22, 22nd March 2019, U.T. 1: 22 32rd March. Special Council Investigation. 

The Evil Nigger God that 99.9% Churches pray to in the world Civilization and In the Middle East is a Sand Nigger called Ba'al or Moloch in the Bible .

Ba'albylon Agenda The Sand Niggers

The Jesuit & Rothschild control of their NAZI had modeled their Empire upon the Paraguayan brown skinned Jesuit Concentration Camps; tortured, eaten, burnt, poisoned, gassed by smoke, tribal populations for greed and for novelty.  

Illuminati: No White Order = NWO.

Sand Nigger lies: The dreaded Cannanites!

Jesuits are sand niggers. 1814 a monk at Varona , Italy overheard 13 Jesuit heads of family speak on a New World Order, calling all white Europeans as The Cannanite and a need to be conquered and destroyed by endless migrations of latonian brown Catholics and Jesuits and gold-brown a thirst pagan Italians into "every corner on planet Earth." See puppeteer, hands. Red titi . 🇧🇷 Reptilian. Flag.

The 1,000 points of Light is code for the eradication of all white people and Qanon is a leading member of kill all Jesus followers and blonds. The Dark Arts.

I Pet Goat II Continued.

Egg. TV reptile, turns into genie silvery Gibbion monkey - money programming victim for 🐖 Ba'al' amusement and a slave to his wealth-greed!. White Key: Reptilian make praying babies.

White blue eye : Lilly captured by non white circle, a golden monkey circle. White Key: Entrapped by non white people. 

Strike Force, Three Hearts on Chalk Board, Three Gets

101 p.m. Dome of the Rock is the target of the missile by jet planes.

3:33 p.m. many rocks fall into the water while Jesus rides in the ANUBIS boat. There are huge, often, big rocks and splashes. Also he is in a tunnel or in the body of Earth as well. 3:36 p.m.

I, Pet Goat ♊. Ape hands same as puppeteer!

I, Pet Goat ♊. Ape hands same as puppeteer, looking. 💰 & Apes are canniba'als, Moleck symbols.

Scientific name: Callicebus moloch! New World Monkey .  The red-bellied titi or dusky titi is a species of titi, a type of New World monkey, endemic to Brazil. Brazil is Italian latin lands. Historical large Moloch, see Jean-Baptiste Audebert's "Histoire naturelle des singes et des makis. " The work was published in Paris by Desray between 1797 and 1800. Simia Moloch. A Silvery Gibbion,  Looks as big as a large Ape on a different size scale.  Why Moloch? These beasts are Cannibals. These have skulls like Al Sharpton and Hillary Clinton, James Eugene Carrey , George Lopez, Robyn Rihanna Fenty , John Travolta, and many of The Rothschilds, and more! Celebrities and or private to public figures with large heads, growth syndrome is a known scientific observation. So, what is their diet?

The Sand Nigger Devil on Earth. Moloch Specimenlarge I, Pet Goat II. Jacob de Rothschild as the Moloch puppeteer

Bavaria, a region in southern Germany, around the late 1960s, these elongated skulls date back to about 500 A.D. where the U.K. Royals and Adolf Hitler and Rothschilds, The Jesuits,  Navarre , and other deep dark staters originated!
Read more: Smithsonian

sources : Andrew Breitbart , team Orion . ArmyII & #9.

Revelations: U.T. 2:33 (March 6 ) L.m.t. 7:33 p.m..m.t. #03052019AD. 🏦↖ 11:22 a.m. m.t. -111w,40n began on March 5th, 2019. My birthday.

actgrowthtiti .  6:06 p.m.

"According to the "big head theory," the Hollywood rule of thumb is that "the bigger the head, the bigger the star." In fact, you may not have noticed, but many male stars' heads start growing as they get older, taking on an expanded, bloated look. It's a condition I like to call "bigger head syndrome," and it usually hits actors when they're in their late '30s.    " more at link.

6:18 p.m.↖






Baraq Hussein Obama is clearly shown as a Vampire in , I, Pet Goat ♊, doing the bidding of The Evil Queen. Both revived black eyes! 

I,Pet Goat ♊

The London Classroom

U.K Windsor coin under his foot Agenda, Barack Hussein Obama II.

coin under his foot Agenda, Barack Hussein Obama II.

Only 4056 (1931) stuck. 

real coin: Obverse: Uncrowned portrait of King George V left, legend around edges.

Obama and Windsor  coin trapped under his foot. A. Rare 1931 George V, Wreath Crown, absent of any legend. #FakeWindsor. Obama appeared as a prostitute in politics . Audio codes will reveal later this month.  I ,Pet Goat ♊.

Team black Eye Fakies. 🔑 Code. 

Barack Hussein Obama II. Crescent black left eye.

⬆ I, Pet Goat II, Obama is shown with a bruised crescent under his left eye. Photes exist of a black eye on the left looks the same. Queen Elizabeth II, Harry Mason Reid, Prince Philip, John Kerry, John McCain, George Bush sr. And jr. Elizabeth Hurley, Boy George, Pope Francis, Madonna, Madonna Louise Ciccone, August 16, 1958 , Bay City, Michigan, U.S. Other names: Veronica (Catholic: confirmation name), Residence: Lisbon, Portugal, Years active: 1979–present, Robert Downey Jr., Adam Sandler, David Bowie, Adam Levine , Prince Andrew ( right eye); John Cleese , Shaun White , skateboarding Olympian , Lady Gaga nee Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, Ben Affleck, SteveO, Morgan Wade - Professional BMX rider, Hugh Laurie , Steven Tyler, Mark Steines - American broadcast journalist , Michael Vartan - French-American film and television actor , Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling , Randy Travis, musician -actor, Roseanne Barr, Tila Tequila, Steve Buscemi - American actor, Channing Tatum - American actor, film , Reese Witherspoon, Prince Charles, Melanie Griffith - American actress, Perez Hilton - American blogger and television personality, Jessica Simpson - American recording artist, actress, television personality and fashion designer, Charlie Rose - American television talk show , Taylor Armstrong - American reality star from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Zach Galifianakis - American stand-up comedian, Dick Zigun - Unofficial Mayor of Coney Island, Kelly Osborne, Hulk Hogan , Kanye West, John Roger Stephens, Michael Noonan, Department of finance , Richard Branson, John Stamos, Justine Brieber,  Jamie Oliver, Tony Blair, Roger Ailes, Tracey Emin , Lindsay Lohan, Christina Brinkley, Jackie Cruz, Bill Clinton , Cara Delevingne , Various falsified within ., Bloodlines of Illuminati by: Fritz Springmeier, Feb. 10th, 1995. F.B.I. C.I.A.

🔑 These all are all  fake Illuminati because the real Illuminati are peaceful lovers and caring people. The illuminati on the internet or media proclaims the light of the Luciferian Nigger, a black who is the deceiver. . The Real Ones hate being impersonated ! Why? They work extremely hard to get where they are on the pyramid! Most of the Illuminati one will never know their true identities.  Many are Enochian Masons. Others are hidden in all strata of races and of  societies. They are bloodlines as well as reincarnational and their jobs are universal management.

1:53 U.T. 15th March. Sidereal Time 5:55:01 &  l.m.t. dst m.t. 7:53 p.m. 14th March #03142019AD. Pyr. Slope. Internal passages non linear.


A113 Making of The  Zombie Vampires

London Classroom F=-F next to split brain.

FLORINE makes dumb liberals , helps in MK Ultra split-brain autistics, for demonic control 🔑.  The Bush family are spy - liberals that infiltrated The Republican Party. From 1980 - 2017AD,  January , The U.S.A was ruled by raving Leftwing Lunatics! DINO=RINO = Leftwing!

Florine F is a neurotoxin. The demons in government put particles in pills, vaccines and chem- trails in hopes of lowering the IQ of a target population. It makes autism aka retardism and Liberals.  It creates zombies. Florine gas or concentrated is the most corrosive to human tissue,  creating idiots. (Energy/ frequency  'explosive' mind confusion by diametrics). 

FLORINE and compound electron bonding  pointing to functionally of split brain, dragon access. With Newton equation equation of every Force has an equal and opposite Force, + as a reaction to 'bonding' physics.

Nature: florinetype: Nero Toxin called Tetrodotoxin. this is 🐙 venom or deadly snakes. This would be deadly. Florine is the major element used in anthrax, mustard gas, chlorine gas and other war banned chemical agents, banned after WWI. 

Florine / human blood and cannibalism consumption contributes to macrophage, the elongated heads included.

Bible: Fasting: isocaloric IF : intermittent fasting promotes thermogenesis and metabolic homeostasis via VEGF-mediated alternative activation of macrophage

To be continued. Pay attention to the future Audio(s) of I,Pet Goat ♊ as it fills in the deep layered 🔑 s.

S.T. 05:55:53, U.T. 1:46 17th March. Florine. 

Drones on Americans by the Dark Evil Military

Microwave frequencies used by Fagstate seek to slowly cook your brain, becoming a vegatable for the non - human cannibal - vampires to scoup a flesh - body up and to devour. The NAZI Ashkenazi at #fakeisrael first conjured this scheme up thirty years ago because these fake Jews are ba'alite blood and flesh consumers.


Frequency connection: MHz turns chemicals into signatures of parts per millions,  ppm. Each element contains a weighted signature . Thus Elements are linked to MHz. And power of amplfication by lasers or invisable beams will move by ' direction' in  MHz toward its target. Thus the D in DEW. E is energy and an electron is a negative energy, thus E . A thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage, describes the W. A weapon.

Dark Evil goes backwards D ' evolution

🎊 ⏬🏤🎓

Hangman symbol is "R" evolution. Also: 'D ' evolution. As in backwards. Evolution above the chalk board is from 1900s. New Age falsities. Humans did not evolve from monkeys, however the many "non human" on Earth are beasts and may be related to Moloch monkies.

In year of 🐕, WU, we saw The Police State on its own citizens . the symbolism in the Audio cyfer above. The prison planet.  

#02072019AD 09:11 p.m. m.t ↖ [cng]. 555

Puppeteer ID s $ I,Pet Goat II.

Year of The Pig. 2019, February 5th worldwide,  Element Water. IDs.  On right index finger, covered in blood is a 🐖 soaked in blood. Source:  HalaKhah, Talmud, Nehemiah 7: 46 , Ba'al. Sheveh kessef: The ring belongs to The Groom. The Puppet master, Sea Beast weded  to The Mexican Non Jewish Rothschilds and Italian Latonian Rome. Right Index Finger is betrothed or weeded in Ba'al culture. Talmud, and not a Part of The Bible. Zionists are not Jews or Israelite. The great deception. Zionists worship ba'al, are transsexual or bisexual and degenerates.

Hillary Clinton was born in the Year of The Pig.

This intends Bush jr. And Barack Hussein Obama  are controlled by the puppeteer by some  blood soaked hands and another ring is of a serpent money sign-symol and is on the left hand ring finger. Money is control as explained above and is a form of idol worship. Thus it's connections to Ba'albylon!

  An interpretation ? Hillary Clinton is the wife of the blood soaked puppeteer in I, Pet Goat II. 

02092019AD sidereal time 5:55:14, 21:03 or 09:03 p.m. m.t. -111w, 40n


↘ Clock Tower is The UK Parliament , Big Ben. 1983, rec.rel. April. '84 , Accept

Sidereal 5:55:09 , U.T. 2:03 , March 13th. I,Pet 🐐 ♊.

Obama is inside The U.K. Parliament as the first Pink Lilly of Death opens ( class room) . His sweat drips on the pedals as it opens, his foot has stepped on a coin of The Queen of England. A giant wave approaches for all countries. Same frame:  Across the Pond ( Atlantic Ocean ) is New York, and America. The link is The U.K. which host the sand monkey mongolids The Rothschilds' Pinder. Jacob de Rothschild.

Clock Tower is UK Parliament , Big Ben. View looking West, across the Atlantic ocean

🍎 next frame is U.S.A. The Ba'albylon Symbol is destroyed for good. The Star with illumination  symbolizes who really controlled The U.S.A. ; the swilling sky  blows the arm off as the waves approach.

U.K Classroom Heart Illuminated - only time on wall of The classroom.

I, Pet Goat II, classroom mason floor. G. W. Bush ; heart on class wall under chalk board illuminated only at this precise time. There remains one State Star on a torn U.S. flag. 🍎

↖ Sidereal Time 5:55:09 , U.T. 2:03 , March 13th. I,Pet 🐐 ♊.

🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 🎇🗽


Nebiru , The Swamp Drainer

This is why Nebiru is being brought into the Solar System to Drain The Swamp creatures like the pedio beasts. Brought in by Gaia not Jesus. The Bible and Paganism are exactly clear. God is 🌙 or black. Then there is wind , another type of night and the third God is daylight or Jesus. This explains why Jesus was killed because he had white skin and was a blond. The dark people, Israel Romans, Arabs and Asian at that time at Jeruselem were non blond and correctly said God is non white - we kill you punk - bitch whitey - and God is a cannibal , baby eating dark witch- and you are not. So Gaia is God and all pain and suffering is from her making, and not of Jesus' doing.

Paganism or The Bible are the same rigged system of Evil. The old Testament says orphans and the poor are evil. Jesus was poor , a type of an orphan. The New Testament calls the dark people of the book  the Israelis or Jews, "The Synagogue of Satan" - The Devil.

NT: The Beast is governments and the seven continents and their politics and the harlot is Religion= eat white babies and abuse white people. Why? God is a hybrid nigger- Dark. There is no solution. So why a cyclical cataclysm? Called Genises? There are dwindling white blonds in the 🌎. Soon all black , no more white. So Nebiru cycles are to clean up the canniba'als , the witches and their hater abusing seed of Gaia! Gaia and nyte ( night) cannot survive without white meat. The love force. So it commits suicide or Drains The Swamp! The NASA canniba'als are trying to cover - up its presence in our solar system , awaiting Gaia's command to take out her demon offspring! I Pet 🐐 ♊ shows this nebulae behind Jesus near the end of the film.

when Gaia needs to kill her own Children, periodically , s/he brings in Tiamat, The Dragon. I call it The Swamp Drain. Tech includes black smoke coming down to Earth, materializing into body forms and killing the swamp demons, taking the soul back upward to be placed in jars- kept there under seals.

Sidereal Time 5:55:27 U.T. 0:23 ( March 7th) -111w, 40n.

Genises 23 & The many masked Blue  Kālikā-Gaia/Chaos in I, Pet Goat ♊ and The Earth tilted by Tiamat. Draining The Swamp by Gaia. Paganism

Neptune Trident as a weapon and an 8 figure below is Tiamat's symbol. 23. Kālikā, aka Kali, first shown diving into the chaotic ocean near Europe , Atlantic Ocean, the last genises #8. The consort Shiva, Kālikā turns into and with native indigenous masks, as well as Genises 23 is currently being played out in the film.

Uranus trapped all his offspring in Gaia's womb. Said to be tarturous/tortue. The kids cried and so she freed Saturn-Chronus-Satan-Saturn who castered Uranus. Uranus had kept raping Gaia or other other way around? and Uranus would not allow the children to be born. Maybe Gaia was eating them? Code. Chronus (Satan) overthrew Uranus and he too became a despot, and threw his children into tarturous/hell/Hydes. So Gaia tricked Satan and allowed Zeus/Jupiter to be born who overthrew Satan. 

When Zeus killed Chronus, he trapped all the Titans in Tartaro ( a prison like hell) and started The Olympians. This angered Gaia and she had a kid with Tartaro just like she did with Uranus. This kid was meant to be stronger than Zeus, and is basically an evil version of the titan Chronus. Typhon /Mars/Aries and s/he then challenged Zeus for control of the cosmos. Mars won the Battle.  Mars then  became the supream ruler.

Mars loved war so much he did not care what side he was on - he just loved causing chaos. There was a revolt on Mars and Gaia said come down and live with me.

Orion killed Python-Mars in revenge and a jealous lover of scorpion -Artemis , tricked Artemis to kill Orion ( multiple mthys on Orion-Isis demise, some say Appolo ). So our current three Genises have all been on planet Earth.

We see a pattern of Mother Earth freeing all the criminals, preventing, then returning to getting people to kill for her;  like lashmi ( Hindi goddess of baby eaters, Pazuzu or Fazuzu a male version) consort of Vishnu. This is Lilith, consort of Adam. Eve was Adam's daughter, not the wife. How so? Gaia is the whore or the serpent. She appears like a neutron until acted upon by another force.  

This is why the Mayan petroglyphs have a totum : A women sleeping or deceased, above all. Women, bears a man who has another women as a pictograph of a rib, as an offspring symbol, perhaps an Eve(s).

So electron to proton to electron. A neutron as a bonding portal neutrino transfer mechanism  : female to male to female and its keneticity.

ReligioScience Code: Brahma - . Vishnu +, Shiva/Kālikā- = A complete cycle of Aristotle's Beginning , Status, Ending cycles.  Three cycles, past, present, and future. Time as the neutron flux. 4- dimensions. The Christian Trinity: Father, Son, Holy ghost ( 😈 neutron flux). Torah. God, Adam, Eve the three in the garden with the neutron flux : serpent = time/space.

So paganism or godmatic religion are all but the same concept. What is missing are ancient memories of these Cycles ! Think Cyclops or the ' keneticity-flux-serpent' Kālikā-Gaia. Negative Energy Serpent Ho! .

Shiva, Kali

Another format:

Chaos : order, disorder. = beginning, stable, unstable.
Similar: Aristotle's government or State's modality:  Beginning , Status, Ending cycles.

Dark is negative, daylight is positive, dusk returns to dark, negative

So Brahma- to Vishnu + to Kālikā-Gaia -.

The circle = --+. Why -×-=  +. X= neutron. Core of The Atom. X = magnetism. Because gravity is all but an illusion of three forces acting all at once upon eachother. Ω= -,+,-. Omega. Alpha is OX together, an 🐂. A, a triangle 🔺-,o,-| the 10th house or zenith section on any horoscope. A 🐐 Capricorn.

What is missing is time/space. 22 Genises, 143,000= 5.5GY. A veil to the keneticity-flux-serpent epochs.

Gaia in Vedas are the 7th of the ten Vishnu sub cycles. So we are missing 6 previous  Genises of our collective history ( some mentioned above). Numb. 7,8,9 = Mu-Lemuria 7; Atlantis 8, and 9 is our current 🌎: 9:23. The codes seen all over movies and graffiti world-wide. The long Vedas tradition has us at 22 Genises or Adams and 23 is our future depicted in I,Pet 🐐 ♊.

Bible Creation codes:
Lord Brahmā's day, consisting of his 12 hours, lasts 4 billion 320 million years, and his night is of the same duration. Written down at last 1,000 B.C. Vedas.

Earth created 4.57 + - (? Millions) billion Years ago ; McGill University , Canada and global science depts.  agrees world wide.

Bible. Earth created in the middle of the fourth day. 4.5 billion. (Scalar math to days). Thus similarities.

1966, January 1st. "The Adam and Eve story, Cataclysm" by Thomas Shan. Six days of hell,  one day of stability or getting back to normal. Seven 24 hour periods. First day chaos, 🌎 crust displacement, core reverses, magnetic flux, five days or six days of unsettled global wipe -out. Why? A nebula=nibiru = an entire dark sun system with its own comets and planet systems comes close to Earth ( proto- sumerian Tiamat) and creates a global cataclysmic cycle that spurs - on a new AΩ Genisis.

Aquila & Artemis - Scorpio & Galactic Plane visual orientation to viewers. Marking the tip of the scorpion's curved tail are λ Sco (Shaula) and υ Sco (Lesath): see on gif. The Lagoon Nebula just below it is our current oreintation to the path of The Sun, called our Ecliptic. From the I, Pet 🐐 ♊ vantage point, after a birthing earthquake where the ice Churches crumble, the world and been severely tilted. Refer to NGC206. on this page. End of I, Pet 🐐 ♊. ⬇

The natural sky orientation: only The Earth Poles have Changed. Location 🇪🇬.

Sun and Scorpio Artemis - Scorpio & Galactic Plane visual I Pet 🐐Goat II, Nibiru or Nebiru, a nebula topples Earth when Gaia needs to kill her own Children, the oreintaion tilt. Militaries on Earth do not have technologies to do this, at all. Aquila "the Eagle" is opoosite of Scorpio , near horizontally depicted in I, Pet 🐐 ♊ , as another indication of a pole shift.

This is why the Sun crosses below the Scorpion's talons or stingers when currently the ecliptic is very high above the tail, near and below The Lagoon Nebula! The heavens did not change nor The Constellation of Scorpio. No! The Earth changed (190 deg/ 170 deg, orientation).  This also indicates why ice is everywhere and the 🌎 is tilted or nearly an upside down view at 🇪🇬. Nibiru will Fxxxk You Silly! Genisis 23.

Krisna ( a Vishnu reincarnation ) and an 'Ox'  or White Bull are intertwined symbols. Enki Bull of Heaven. ( where Haydes exists, Tarturous! ) . 

#04032019AD U.T. 0:41. SL 🐉 ⬆

» Ba'albylon 666666

The Year of The Pig 🐖. $ creates the  religions and creates the governments. The puppetmaster. See below 5:55:14 sidereal time on fourth day of the Year of The 🐖, 02 09 2019AD.

Nelumbo family, Pink Lilly. Depicted.


Sources of The Garden of Eden(s). Also revealed in I, Pet Goat ♊

Naga / Maya aincent revelations on the garden of Eden. All petroglyphs, no words.

Traditions: Moses, Aaron or Ester's oral to  five scribes  (Shan Thomas, reported  ascertians)  or (Edgar Casey : Thoth/ Enoch "Emerald Tablets"  and later  Melchizedek who wrote the Bible Torah sections or genisis - these two being actual reincarnations of Jesus).  Moses must have had some type of access to copies. ?

*The books Melchizedek are mentioned in Genesis, in Psalms, and in Hebrews. In Enoch, The Aincent of Days! Perhaps Vishnu? Enoch is mentioned in Genisis pre flood.

Naga: Mu-Lemuria ( Maya, Pacific Ocean)  to Atlantis ( Plato, Atlantic Ocean). Survivors petroglyphs depict Garden of Eden. = code for civilization prior to a/some global cataclysm(s).

petroglyphs: Sleeping woman=dead or passed away/{ under her is a man}  male, curved line is a rib, means offspring, /{ under him is daughter} *totum: The Mother of Adam, a daughter named Eve. Lillith may have been Adam's wife? Only wife? One daughter and two sons or more. Bible mentions only males: Cain and Abel. 

Eve is a daughter of Adam. They do not have children.

Annunaki confusion post Cataclysm 10,500 B.C.

What to do? Guess at a narrative?Enki=Adam = Enki sleeps with a cousin or his own daughter? This populates an empty world. Bible contradicts The Sumerian tales of creation.  Maybe this was only a guess and Adam had children with Lillith? Sumerica or Sumerians were also confused. Why? Vishnu incarnated 10 global wipe-outs, some 22 when we include Mars inhabitation(s). Adam is an incarnation of Vishnu. This explains why The Bible says during Adam and Eve there are "other" people already living on planet earth. Wow. The sumerians see earth before Enki, unpopulated . Other narrative is Enki creates Adam in his own image. Can both be true? Enki removes a rib of Adam to create a female companion, genetic engineering! This is more plausible. A repeated cataclysmic cycle will likely explain 'The Tree' reached advanced technologies , as we have advanced today and then an erasure of the Tree.

Genesis, pl. Geneses.

10 Mars- Earth Genises, Vishnu. 2.5 Great Years, Plato. 23,700. ~ 24,600 = 1 GY. Extended Vishnu is 22 genises. =143,000 years. Source Vedas. = 5.5 GY.

Les Propheties 1555, June. SS. Repeated global catastrophes. Plans to escape Earth to new stars systems in the future, post global judgement-cataclysm. The real illuminati: Washington's height of Monument is 555.55 ft. So the mystery in I, Pet Goat ♊ of the 23 in Jesus's eyes and all over the film relate to Vishnu 22 genises + 1 , the next Genisis= 23. And 2+3 = 5. The 9:23 in films, literature, coded messages relate to 9, close to the end: 23 is next. 1-9 as a $subset periods between the Genises cycles. 9:23 . The next set goes to 1:24. , 2:24, 3:24 . . . !

Tree/Fruit= motherland. Continent(s) Serpent = water, oceans surrounded. Garden of Eden, a local on the fruit.

Swords of four cherubim : 🔥, 🌎 , water, wind=Air Global Catastrophe. 

Garden plan. Escape to survive.

IAM © & 📝 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/06/24 : CIA-RDP79B00752A000300070001-8, Shan Thomson,  1st. January 1966. c.f. § Reinterpreted Symbolism of Garden of Eden. Aincent text anthology and decoding are mine; Edu: training at The University of California, at Berkeley. 1:06 U.T. March 27th. Sidereal Time 5:55:12, -111w,40n. Lmt. 7:06 p.m.dst. m.t. or 19:06


Audio I, Pet Goat ♊

Audio: layered background:   forward //some reversed audio. s/han\\. sec§ TV making egg boy:

transcript begins

Forward: robot: All Earth communications, prisoners, ( tangables ) control centers .

Robot: Praisal Zacco Akobar

Robot : Go into the seas. Swallow all poison centers, centers I designed . ...Blinders on,

(whisper layer) : governments not true persons.

Agnostic, agnostic, on God do not doubt. You challenge Absolution.

Lower layer robot:   Bullshit ! We set it up, the lower gods wants some bastards

[ orphans to rape, enslave, sacrifice, pedio , canniba"alism].

Just before TV runs off a pedio swirl symbol is shown on the TV.

Without the veil, you shall see us, about to.

[ the period of Revelations, unmasking of the demons , seen in dreams.  ]

Turn to the real God and become one of his children.

(whisper layer) : he says,   "You're all prostitutes ""

(robot layer):" This was beyond  my decision. "

(robot layer) :" he said , "You have been sold for 0.01 160"

Demon "Devolution". Chalk Board.

§ audio
"I want to have Sex." Is at §  old lady with a witch wand in prison.

🔁 Forward. 'You talk so much, I want to have Sex'

= reverse = '"let us discuss it....mass deception. Shut up, is it ready?'

📼 robot layer: "Some decent folk, I hope, I hope in the days of information of the truth, it leads you to it. Careful...

( 📼 end of transcription).

#03192019AD. Worm Moon. 7:34 p.m. dst. m.t. Sidereal Time 5:55:40 [Verified by ME.] 📼


I,Pet Goat ♊ Symbolizes Adrenochrome Dark Matter user deaths

Note The I,Pet Goat ♊ Pink Lilly of Death is a pink color, and follows the path of global destruction.

When Jesus comes out of the Earth , a large Earthquake, The Churches crumble and these lillies or Pink Lotuses pop-up from the water symbolizing mass death of these demonic forces all over killed by water. 🌎. 

↗ 5:55:21 sidereal time 7:13 p.m. I.m.t. #03092019#AD.


📝 Chalkboard


The Roman Chalk Board: church, phalace, shark; hangman R= evolution. R is the hang-man! For the symbolic word!

Rome at beginning and end of the film. Shark: Tiber River. Where : Shark at Italy's Tiber river  are common , looking for food. The Tiber River runs through Rome.

Ejaculation phalace is drawm just above the Shark. The house drawn with flames has a cross of Peter;  the fake apostle that denied Jesus three times invalidating his authority to preach in Rome. He will not be going to Heaven . #02172019AD 11:33 a.m.

- 01222019AD ⬇

Qanon may have been a plan started in 1999AD and was responsible for The 911 attacks.

03222019AD. ⬇ U. arm. Y2. wu 1, 🐖 2.

🌉🌉🌉 ccc

U.K. Parliament Wall. Psalm 23 or ?

BOL AM 29 Graffiti on the Wall of New York. New York City. I, Pet Goat II.

U.T. 5:55:27 Feb. 02222019AD goat ritual below shows a past event of the 11th September 2,001 attacks which were a conspiracy, indicating 1,000s of operators were involved : The Psalms 29 is written in a way for BOL AM 29the liturgical date in September for Archangel Michael. . A.M. is regressed. BOL is in front. 29 .

Puppeteer Symbolism Blood Ring Finger 🐖

Pig on ring finger. Left hand . $, Ba'al blood. Pig is 2019 or plus 12 yt?. The year 2019 is the Year of Earth Pig starting from Feb.5, 2019 (Chinese Lunar Near Year) and lasting to Jan. 24, 2020. Pigs are in Ben Ming Nian (zodiac year of birth) . Puppeteer handles Bush jr. And Obama.

I, Pet Goat II:  Beastiality Ritual as Religious  Law

🐐 Released . U.T. 5:55:27 Feb. 02222019AD -111w,40n ⬇

Qanon = 17 or The Serpent:  Baphomet in a Box. Year of WU. 2018AD.

Wu Ming Foundation produced AND INSPIRED A  new Q anon psyop. Wu= dog. The year of the Dog. In the front of I, Pet Goat II. Opening scene. In 2018 Q was isolated as,  A deep state OR Mafioso communit supporting psyop that uses the same Devil argument in the garden of Eden. WWG1WGA.

Released . 02222019AD U.T. 5:55:27 Feb. 22. 2019 , -111w,40n.⬆

Image Jesus,  four doors - Hydrus The Water 🐍

Mystery of Hydrus in I, Pet Goat II.

Primordial N90 or NGC 602 . I,Pet Goat ♊ . Jesus four doors on the way to Earth's Enterance.

A V. to Lattitude hydrus 🌟 +33 ° Г to this Enterance shown in I, Pet Goat ♊. Mason symbol on wall of Enterance. The exit should come out at 🇪🇬.  ' Masked ' Origins, The Book of Enoch. [ further info above gamma classified , no FOIA access ].

An Entrance like this.

"Hydros (or Hydrus) was the protogenos of the primordial waters. In the 'Orphic Theogonies' Water was the first being to emerge at creation alongside Creation (Thesis) and Mud. The primordial mud solidified into Gaia (Earth) and with Hydros produced Khronos (Time) and Ananke (Compulsion [ masked].). These two in turn caught the early cosmos in the coils, and split it apart to form the god Phanes (creator of life), and the four ordered elements of Heaven (Fire), Earth, Air and Sea (Water). The 'Orphic Rhapsodies'  ( Reptilians)  later discarded the figures the Khronos and Ananke, and have Phanes instead born directly from Hydros and Gaia. The figure of Hydros was ultimately derived by the Orphics from Okeanos, the earth-encircling fresh-water river which Homer described as the source of the gods. His early consort Thesis was likewise the primordial equivalent of Tethys"  theoi

"The ends of the generous earth on a visit to Okeanos, whence the gods have risen, and Tethys our mother." 

Direct Tether to The Epic of Gilgamesh

“The enhydris is a serpent living in the water, for the Greeks call water hudor [hudros]. The hydros is an aquatic snake; people struck by it become swollen. Some people call the ill effects of this boa, because it is remedied with cow (bos) dung.” [The Etymologies of Isidore of Seville, 7th century AD, p.256.]

"There is an animal in the River Nile which is called Hydrus, and it lives in the water. The Greeks call water 'hydros'. That is why it is known as an aquatic snake. People swell up with the dropsy [from *wed-¹  above] from its venom, and some call their illness 'the boa' (cow-pox) because it can be remedied by the excrement of cows." [The Book of Beasts: Being a Translation from a Latin Bestiary of the Twelfth Century, p.178]. [Further tether see Gilgamesh search for the immortal underwater plant. On this page].

Sidereal Time 5:55:36 1:30 U.T. #03212019AD.











The Second Beast of the Bible. A false Prophet. The leader of the Global "Q" in LGBTQ stands for "queer" or "questioning." community and the lead manager for the head and hand implant chip. "The Mark" 🌎. He has been managing this since 1999.

NAZI William Blythe iii, a reincarnation of Caligula, perhaps Trajan too.

First Black President William J. Clinton

Got his name from black people who read or heard about him beating and raping white women, thus Black connected him to black culture

Parent(s): William Jefferson Blythe Sr. Lou Birchie Ayers. Like the Hollywood Movie ' The Omen,' people start to die quickly around him; his dad drowns two weeks after he was born. Creepy! No gold in his eyes. On the Tarmac in AZ during the 2016 coup William J. Clinton threatened Loretta Lynch, Obama's DOJ that he could make people want and have done so commit suicide, " I Heave seen it many times." I personally took his Mossadian Swiss U.K. cannibal hit teams and survived. His wife came out to personally ID me. Devin Nunez revealed in 2017 in the midst of this coup that everyone 'worships on capital hill, this man." Hillary and William J. Clinton had Chelsea Clinton. She married a synagogue of Satan member Marc Margolies Mezvinsky. (born December 10[2], 1977). He is an American investor and former vice chairman at Social Capital. He is the husband of Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton. They were married on George Soros'' estate. born Schwartz György; August 12, 1930)[1][2] he is a Hungarian Wall Street tycoon who gave $45 Billion to LGBTQ movements 2016 to overthrow Donald J. Trump and target his people of God. Together Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George Soros and Barack Hussein Obama are running a global coup to take over planet Earth, installing themselves as Kings.

Fake Illuminati William J. Blythe III

Number of the Beast 666

Revelation 13:18: This calls for wisdom: let anyone with understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a person. Its number is six hundred sixty-six.

According to official White House letters from the President, he signs his name:

William J. Clinton

According to Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar, Second English Edition, Oxford Press 1910 (1980 Printing), from page 26:

President Clinton's name is calculated as 666 in the Aramaic-Hebrew language, the language of Christ and the Apostles when they lived in the Middle East. There are no written vowels in this language. The letter "J" in the Bible is translated from the Hebrew letter "Y".


W = 6
i = 0
l = 30
l = 30
i = 0
a = 0
m = 40
J.(y)= 10
C = 20
l = 30
i = 0
n = 50
t = 400
o = 0
n = 50

666 = The Number of the Beast

Calculated on December 8, 1997 at 00:10 PST by WRD

First Posted on December 9, 1997 at 22:15 PST source. I verified his in 1999 A.D. in the correct germancia. In 1999 comes a great king of Terror, all postumate editions but for the French Archive 1568 edition without an apostrophe, means 'sell out the office of the Church " ( Francois Bacon) or modern defrayer." Published 1566 Les Propheties. C. 10 Q. 72. William J. Clinton was the ruler of the world during this date.

L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy deffraieur
Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois
Auant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

Notes: The old Greek letter digamma had the sound of an English "w." (see Dict.) English names beginning with "J" such as "Jesus" or "Jesse" or "Judah" are transliterated to an "I", the Greek letter iota. First calculated on Aug 26, 1998 by WRD; published on Aug 29, 1998 by WRD.


W = Digamma W 6
i = Iota i 10
l = Lambda L 30
l = Lamdba L 30
i = Iota i 10
a = Alpha closed vowel 0
m = Mu M 40
J = Iota i (J or y) 10
C = Kappa K 20
l = Lambda L 30
i = Iota i 10
n = Nu N 50
t = Tau T 300
o = Omicron O 70
n = Nu N 50
= 666

The Second BEAST of the SEA , 666

Great Deception described in the Book of Revelation.

The First Beast George H. Walker Bush adopted William J. Clinton as his own son.

William J. Clinton's adopted sir name, Clinton in etymology means Deep Pit. Clint + ton.

The sole person behind 1990s Chinagate and 2016 - Russiagate, impeached 1998 November in the House of Representatives. A Lucky War in March 24 saved him ; The War news media coverage knocked off the Impeachment news going on in the Congress of the United States of America. He tried to get back into office with Hillary, the Pig on the ring finger of the Bloody puppeteer and later planned to put Obama into office and replace him to get back into power.

Bookoflife ™ 🔱💎 I, Pet 🐐 ♊

Jesus' Original Symbol :
The Planet of The Crossing
Nebiru: Nebula

The original symbol of Jesus of Nazareth: Nebiru = Nebula. "The Planet of The Crossing" not sure why? Bible written by people that lived long after Jesus?

Quof = value 100. ( eye of the needle, portal) postion 19.

X= crossing ( intersection)
Alpha= 1 ( beginng )
Omega= (end)































2019: Qanon page started April 15th 2019 A.D. and detailed black GOD the evil hater's connection to I, Pet Goat II. 2:03 p.m. #04152019AD.

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