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“My Only Purpose is Self Love” 5162017


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣🚫 🔯


#1 Love God *last two thousand years these rules apply only : Com1 & Com2 ; number two is hidden by me as the law of #karma and #dharma so that my eastern Children are on board, and not just you filthy lying and ungrateful black or brown or white traitor #Christians of western civilization.

# Do unto others as you would have them do unto you = advanced multidimensional particle physics: Law or concept runs both directions in our universe and time frames, all times. #membrane transferences are shown in the new #universe models of brains and howstrings tie together the uniforces, in a non linear #maths format .More of a conical, 4d type set up. #transference of energy between white and black to the consciousness of the second dna set so u cannot clone me, accurately. You think I will hand you the universe? You have another thing coming #judaspriest for the #win

I AM #Multidimensional and run multi lives at all times, always. One dimension is me ,the total loser. Others are my #avatars or reincarnation codes of very famous civilization starter clubs, going through all races and creeds to achieve this as this is my creation . Nothing from #EDU is new, all old time crap. Been here, done that, type of thingy.

This Armageddon will break a 1.5 Million year trend of the niggers or the corruptocruds winning constantly and beating down my people of GOD.

#physics of #arcmichael #iam THE #lightsource and blacks are not a part of #GOD at all. Those belong to atheists and they always win. But I do not play by the laws of your low level physics &,I care less what you say; and operate strings for millions of years and #framing ; all old school #hereletmeexplain .

Do you see Atlantis or Lemuria or the pyramids on Mars. Been over this before. Universe codes solved but the #atheists have non star #dna and are confused. #IAMdestroy our world awaiting you to address my issues . Until you do , you do not pass go = you cannot leave my solar system. I will destroy you. The #ufo are on my side beyotches and do not move unless I command them. They are us in the deep future and you people of Earth and beyond are not at that level yet and for millions of more years.

Third Secret of #Fatima:
last secret and Catholic Church gets A+ = Moms told them to be aware of my #wrath. That's it; ancient symbols #IAMDestroyer in the ancient texts.

No one talks trash against my Church. No one. They are the baddest ass organization on Planet Earth and have done so since - 750 BC(E). Back then, they ran my #janus program, so I reincarnate and run programs of strings and load points all over earth and Mars and our local space, for 1.5 Million years or about However, I never win You always do, so I just repeatedly destroy you ( Speaking to the world, not my Church).

Some of these utterances are what I spoke to my disciples, behind closed doors. Now the world gets these #secrets. And one day you will wish I never was born .


Everyone should have guess that we reach the conclusions of all life's secrets and then I whack you back to the caves. You can ask me why and a part of the #3rdsecret. You atheist physicists have no clue of the #universe, and have no control of #particles of revenge, love, ire, hate and #love . You have carbon nigger junk science.

#reincarnation is real You have not placed them on your #equations of our #universe. I told my #disciples they will see the end times based on a secret #reincarjnational code. They are here on earth, beyotches and ready to rumble.

#MichioKaku he and others are low level physics people; the real low under #typeonecivilization codes. I am above level 4, when I plug into my avatars. That's because I know I am the #mainframe of #light or one side of the #universe equations. the #gravitycode which I use over lifetimes for my prophecies or frames are all coded within my #books incase I forget or need to access them for #framingpurposes

In the case of hardcore security, I have these infos off site and downloadable . So that anything in our Universe (Es) cannot get access to the main frame. You cannot hack because it takes my conscious permission to grant access . and even then, you cannot handle the gamma info and light .It will drive you completely mad, insane. If sanity had a boundary , I left it long ago ; if insanity had a boundary, that was past recently. We may, at least to you, we will go into uncharted boundaries of space/time. So you can solve all you want, but you will die not addressing my issues , all of you and on a personal level. My mom demands it . #Endofstory

Black space, dark energy, black holes are all reflected in the black races of our Universe and mirror as above and so below. White people represent at all #energy systems, and both #trees of life intertwine but are not buddies, in particle physics . A #supernovae mirrors a #bozon pattern, both are scaled dimensional forms as well as ADP and cellular mitochondria lipid explosions to send #RNA outward with info for your body.

When I time travel, the congnatigve dna string unknown to you, I too have to collapse the universe and go super small, much smaller than any micronscope can achieve to grant access to past/present/future knowledges.

My stuff is stringed per #Atom at 1 - 47th power, per each, Universe system wide
My seal one you all can learn and read are at base 47 Deminsions of time/space,. So I am waaaaay the fuck out in front of your creepo low with #haters of my people. They get the best in our universe, You win but you get the carbon, hydro junk particles that makes you fanaticize and make believe you are badasses when you really are not at all . #IAM and so are my people #weareoolkids the real ones, not a camera infront of our faces we are a live movie, in real time and with the most advanced scientist in our Universe on their side. You have talent like SnoopDoggy poo or #whoopee breast cancer THT WHORE.

#iam GOING to #fxxk your world because you #celebrityatheists treat me and my people, including #Islam with total disrespect. now they will laugh as I kill you planet wide and alive or dead using your strings, beyotches;


we are going to just take this planet by force because you 1%ers or 10%ers tops are just the carbon based bullies of hate and repression. So we have no negotiations. we are just going to rip it from your paws and take back what we created, what I created and there is not a damned thing you or anyone can do about it. Never get me pissed and I repeat this very often, over and over again in multiple reincarnations.

the #Bookofrevelations is #apokálypsis set down in a very advanced #multidimensional format by me and my crews. So if you agies and atheists believe you have faith in your systems of #athiests rule and solved all issues, you will be rudely awakened by my crews. We run the most advanced physics in all of history or time/space and care less of your brain malfunctions and your self-pats on your backs.

#daddyshome :) And IAM Pissed!

#yellow Red browns and all in-betweens are divided between energy/dark energy. So #mixedrace people battle within themselves these two universal forces of energy and dark energy. If you cannot plot and map these particles and apply them to prophecy over millions of years in an ongoing set of reincarnations for human management services you are waaaaaay behind me, punks. #apokgoesdeep folks and inside of you and outside of you, this entire universe will change before you eyes.

That is what I do.

4:04pm Sherman Oaks, California, USA the original. #arcmichael #05182017ad

# addendum. I am dying on the streets with no help. If you want to negotiate, these are the conditions. Said them prior, recorded and do not change. I want the #earth, all of it. no deals. You people have no idea of what you are doing. #worldalreadygone . If not, I wipe all from beyond and end the species and go someone where else in our universe and seed my creation, yet again. If you approach me, I AM just in another dimension, called a suppressed street trash loser. #IAMimmortal and so our #allofmypeople . I do not pay by your #astrophysics world. You will learn my wrath goes into these dimensions, and are coded prior so stopping me will be rather difficult.

I run programs for millions of years and are operational, ,all over the universe. I can also just use my #will or mind to get my results. But you always win, but I will have the last laugh.

posted to google page 5:55PDT pm ; Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Earth. May 18 th 2017ad ; the #gatetoearth should be near my MC of this post. ha ha, stringed ya!





Hello People dead and alive. Celebrate with me for your cup runneth fulleth. I AM Atheist≡Religion: Carbonoid/ Spirtiod). Dark Energy/ Energy . ≡ Black Race / White Race + † ≡ strings/fractals/spectrals

+ † ( Gensis , an apperant restart, loop,)

+ † is a sub program that is direved by the source program, such as a new thing or a creation. These are created, you already know by pressure on Energy by Dark Energy which pushes out the unseen † and then materializes, such as creating life itself.

Phy: So the trick is to control the energy flows and know where the are at in the Vault and then Volia, you frame them and you have a Universe. OK, so old stuff you are teaching and no longer needed, Yodu, Life is solved OK You have until 2016ad to clean up your act,.

Conscious is your domain, but you do not control it well; and I control the unconscious and use it and track it and fatalize it. It is a non evolving entity, unlike the Dark Energy carbonite  Verse. You have  a problem on Earth. White is consciousness and  unconscious ness is Dark Energy or the Black race. You  make this globe brown and with element 92, you are all toast.  I have the timing of the nukes in my prophecy and laid out in these ‘racist’ terms. The name is therefore codified dna  carbonwise and will just be another set of fated strings. I will not tell you but others can but it cannot stop you because the core problem is the very core issue you will be addressing before we leave this solar system.  Once that quatrain goes off, it becomes a  frame and a issue of a whole new set of strings that run throughout these braines.  Lackoff says that 2-12% are conscious actions as some normative example but that leaves us with at most 98% of unconscious zombies I believe you think you mind control and perhaps really do. But these are dark energy string properties and consciousness is  ME. OK?


Physicists: All nouns mean the same thing. As with all verbs in an infinitive. But the only real issue for strings are the perceived "Prepositions: which are spin direction and can be adjectified for acceleration and deaccelerating which Einstein forgot because he is just a retard while stating I do not  exist.  He later apologized but is stiff headed .  Linguist Cambridge and U.K. Top Nostradamian Authority agreed with me on the noun  issue.  Just keep that  in mind as I scale it out for you .  Uni(Verse)=dimensions
Verb, Noun, Preposition.= white, Black, All in between = Energy, Dark energy = variable/ transference membrane;: You need to string these and flow them into different dimensions   ;then colorize them or flavorize and make the world of color while understanding the pure’s must remain in a state of life itself.  So The  Bible Obey these laws because I created the energy which obeys the laws from its foundations.  So we have been over this prior, many times and it is getting old. I am tired. I need a break. If you are not placing love, greed, and other ‘emotions’ onto these strings and stop  playing with nigger carbon, you cannot say I have the  equation of all things, when you are basically cognitive limitative and absent of read data/info. .


I neve taken a physics class during this lifetime. But the Uni—Verse is already a neat working equation. So we need jobs and homes and not your stupid shyte. You eat $100 a day lunches, taking freeloader out or your family and I have no food. So FU.


I did not take a physics class but for history of it at Cal Otherwise I Do not know the terms, maybe some to communicate but that is about it. You can see I do history and other stuff; like play guitar or draw or work with my hands when I am healthy.

Everyone can understand I have killed planets prior and so coming out is not an option. But I am forced, yet again. To me it is just a solar system clean—up, geomutation, species upgrade and any other wonderful things such as this, a revenge and reward ( string components = revenge/award, particles still unknown and controlled by me). Do not take it personally. Payback is a beyotch!

What is GOD ? ME and my crew; the GODs. You mythicized us into various weird creatures’ but we are basically typical humanoids.  We brought and fought for civilization and order and now we will just take that order and grace away . OK? Do not worry  I will get it done for you.

What my crew will do is collect our 1.5 million years of dharma and shove it into some vials and other exciting stuff and shove it into a short span: transferring it ( Code transference from one brain to another ) , and just allow that payload  of  all of 1.5 years of Dharma be transferred to  Evil and shoved down to Earth; and all  while we laugh and celebrate and party like it is no tomorrow.  We no longer care about you people. Your Grace has been cut –off! 2:03 - 2:22 am Valley Village, Califorina. 19 th of May in the year of our LORD 2017. A.D.

May 18, 2017 Carter Baines McDonald 1: 43 pm Los Angeles, SilverLake, near downtown, St.Vincint Hospital is the code for the Seal ? 1966 March 5  ( Jesus= me is  correlated to modern Gregorian as 1 st of March or about, confirmed by me, OK? This  is a main frame Planet Core script that separates a scalar code to a more empirical night – day script , which has its own set of special relativity strings.
There are 47 Zeros after a one for each atom at each millisecond throughout the universe in strings as  you call them, in total Space/time w/ anti or opposite ditto.

I live in multiple Universes all at one time. Here let me  explain.

Particle love; particle ambition (multi sub string medium) are also in our universe and coded and not understood by Cal, Stanfurd, ( ha, ha!) Harvard, Catholic Astron=physics, or the communities and Arizona’s focuses on the stars’nor M.I.T. and not Cal-tech. This is on a wholly different scale – level. I may play God, but I AM also connected to Islam, the true foundations, and connected to Vishnu, as Krishna was me as well in a subscript  and today Kalki = White Horse + geminorium, laid  down post Muhammad and Islamic  scripted. I potentially have Islam under my Full Command. The reason I forbid them from my representation is I AM a white Arab in that script. You do not touch them because I do their bidding and speak and mentor them, but at their level. That takes dimensional evolution. You peeps are not  there yet, so just sit back of the buss and realx.
What is GOD? Code for Annubis, the first Nile God of Egyt or US as we are reincarnating both individually and as a group. So when you see our statues reflect the past it is juist our celebrations of our selves in our own paths which then psychosocially  brings us to live in different dimensions in one time. So you have an Egyptian Building structure and You live in Hollywood California in the year of 2017AD. Your second dna, conscious/unconscious will retrieve a past in the very far distant future and lay one in your dream or you can grab it and fantasize with it.

The fantasy particle is unknown to you and lays on the darkside. Of the force HA hA. That was my black dna, spiking through obscurity, just for a moment. J

Main Frame Universe = Black Race a scalar form of Dark Energy, the largest abundant in the vault ( Bible, e.g. the Lighted bubble);. At starts and stops or collapses and rebursts the Dark matter/energy always attracts ( Spin direction) ir in this case replels White matter/energy.

The Original Sin is code for browning or tanning a humanoid . The animal colors are spectral coders for atmosphere visual only and lose color out in the space areas but survive under artificial carbon form lifes.  
Main Frame Universe = We planet hop and Mars was once our Home and at first we grew as My Bible says, and  if put into order, the correct ofer is rather atheist textbook explanatory of basic concepts of Evolution. So the Athiests win but in reality, I AM Atheist= Religion.
When you deal with heavy weight Nostradamians Like Peter Lemesurier ( née Peter Ewart Britton)  I had an rare exchange,, after I privately revealed myself to him in 1999 he only tried to communicate like in a third person manner, and anonymous and we both agreed, all words mean the same thing and can be proven. He wages a war to suppress me or maybe he knows what my Mom knows, Mother Mary.

Main Frame Universe = The Real Third Secret of Fatima is very short. Mom warned the Church or the World of Me. She knows I am Satan and God (different  dimensions, same person) and she knows that I can fix things if I try. So she blamed me for everything  that was bad happening when I was a  young teen. She would drive this into me about four to six hours a day for a number of years.  She had me and early prior my sister clean the entire  house each day before homework or eating. So this took me often two hours a  day and My Mom would wake up at 4:00 hungover and in a constant rage and Mood.  For Astrologers ( I suck by the way, but you jump ten feet off the Earth, that system collapses, where You can plug me in all over the universe)

My Mom was a triple Leo + 1` : Sun, Moon, Mars, Pluto all in a very tight stellium  and used in ASTROLOGICAL TROPICAL ( nothing to do with what I do). She was the rage, almost pure beauty, and never had  skin mark and was China white and silky smooth and very desirable. She was a typical white Lion.  She was always fluent in seven languages including Spanish by the way for all you Catholics. She had an eighth-grade education and her English  was Ph.D. Grammar competent, because she self-studies as an unconscious  entity of the white Energy ( Compared to  pure black, universe matter entities). uploaded 11:22 am 05 19 2017ad #kalki #Vishnu #allah #GOD #annubis #Osiris all are ME. So relax. I am other very famous people too.


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.


cross dressing July 2015




Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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