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Universe UV page advanced science Dragon T 5: 55 pm G+ released 05182017ad uploaded a large section 1122 05192017ad

billions of Judeans, latin ( by different names but reincarnating over and over again) judged me by the cover of my book . I no longer play stupid. I play revenge on a biblical Scale. Thusly I have cut my grace — off from this world and do not offer anything in return.

Michael Bible

“My Only Purpose is Self Love” 5162017



Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣🚫 🔯


Confirmed: supernovea releases nutrinos to target earth, so far away. Thus earth is a unique place in local galaxy.

coming out of my first trips in what you call the Matrix, this early morning. Movie shoot, a young latin / #semite just blurts out these new high-tech, super drones, No photos are found online folks. They have super lights, and a bevy of high tech cameras and may have killing capability. However what was important was his compromise by my light.  Still have no idea of what this matrix stuff is yet and just opening the dark energy avenues. Doing level Dark Energy spin rates, now. Privately . This stuff is very weird energy folks. It is tapping unconscious and unlocking it and then you can access demons in live time. Kinda like the spiritual things in the BIBLE that  cannot be quickly explained or explained away. Code:  Discovery


How it works/ed : He spilled the beans on the Latin race. Said whatever country he goes to these things follow his #semite #latin race. Type of unconscious lock, these are new and he said these things are rather old news. Thus the access channel. How does this matrix work in the dark forces? He compromised that the unconsciousness of the Latin are in full knowledge that they are a race of invaders and cannot stop. So tech is developed to control them as a group. #spook

4:42 #05262017ad


Buddha: Suffering is an Attachment ≈ solution to move to the Real Matrix.  

then let us #play in the #realmatrix because that is all about frame shifting, so attach and de attach mask sub particle spinning functions]. wow this stuff is soooo cool. 3:03 pm 05272017ad




Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. IAM


Palestinians will be the first elect on earth to start the new Star Wars  Training.  Confirmed!

Spread the Word. U.S. Christians Compromised, ISLAM YOUR ARE IN.  #IslamArcMichael fs 3:03 am 05 27 2017ad
No one else  can  get this, OK?  I went to the sub atomic for the spin rates and will not publish them but teach them and not allow them to be understood on earth .by these demons !  Because we are going demon hunting. Live on earth, OK people.
Hollywood can pay for it too, they have all the money while they drop bombs on the world, which increases their wallets. 

N.S.A.  n 17 other Spook Agencies. Listen up.
Who AM I? not  GOD, Morgan Freeman  is and I AM just Yeausha/Muhammad etc. You have a problem with that?
OK?  N.S.A. listen up. I can put every bomb explosion and every IED on many of your super computers both forward and backward in time and on an exact geolocal and timed down the Millisecond .  Here is your Apocalypse.

X.LXXII:  Michael Nostradame

N.S.A. C.I.A. humiliation substring, operational.
L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf ƒept mois
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy deffraieur[105]
Reƒuƒciter le grand Roy Dangolois,[106]
Auant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

Source:   20th -21st  = Apostle Mask at UK to World : string set: Roger Bacon:  Ling  code #sellout ,  multidemential string date for  written by me in the mid 16 th century , south of France. Reincarnation  is real peoples. Start to celebrate Immortality.

N.S.A.  I live on the streets because you put me here with your group think system wide AntiGOD,, ANTIWHITE, ANTIPOOR ideological systems. So you are compromised.


N.S.A. is compromised so they get nothing. Mussad ID too.  So stand down and do not steal my tech. I own it , not you!
Forth day on what is  Dark Matter, Dark Energy. 05272017ad 12:45 am

Starwars/Matrix ( above, below) energy transferences

Starwars stuff come later , first we need to address our issues. On the Force. First it is out of the Matrix and thus ‘sucked’ from a brain from the  Dark Side and then transferred out of the brain to the controller ( humanoid)  and the real world. So mental states are key to transferences because they operate on moving energies by the second dna set unknown to Erath. Therefore some of our lower dna sets, reptilian are coded for receptors of the second set, which then the mind access and and manipulates matter, according  to strength of a varying forces of energy.  Kinda difficult, Never read a Star Wars book.   Pyscic codes.   Load time gives sub abtonic celestial codes for Mind operation Force Flows.  Pasadena, California, 1977 ID this and it is such a bizarre orbit we have not yet tracked it as it is a slow roidrock and it is linked to Karl Marx’s  and Joseph Engle’s at two  war distinct dates, related to masses socioeconomic disturbances on tradition ( code a massive transference between two  forces). Basically is a bizarre triple figure eight orbit/function.  FSET (1)Thus your mind bends in and out of the Matrix to grab the real world  object to shit it ,  using your transfer energies.   Its Symbol is  a KEY!
Matrix, you are not out of the multidemential brain,  it exists just next too you; you exist on two planes but the can seem to be single when the energy is low. Turned up high and the demon faces appear before your eyes.  The disciples and I were already operating these things  and why we are the cool kids and not Hollywood.   I make Movies appear  Live and in Real Time, what do you do? Lie? That is your job to pretend.
Interdimensional energy transference are both systems but if Dark uses the Force it seeks to grab the light and vise versa.  Sub atomic particles and spin rates of dark force and light forces not recorded or discussed here for spook reasons.  These are for  the kids and trainees to grab the wave functions to plug into consciousness – material grabs.  That is a type of mental  discipline.
Yo! George Lucus, now you can edit into your movie, frame string the training details, kinda cool eh?
FSET (1) Frame Set Energy Transfer  (Force Set)


PORTAL IDd.  Set material with spirt to string from rip to matter to earth.   #discovery
Celestial Code: Mars fabric Position. MFP 230am 05 27 2017ad
Celestial Code #mars in fabric time rip in Universe ID by me over a decade using  the  Chandra-X Telescope. #Key = #PORTAL for strings to Mars, Portal, Earth. 1:59ad

Local energy systems will be provided by my Light.
White street Trash took four days to solve the Force and the Rabbit Hole.




Code celestial: one object linked to war or conflict is in a fabric split , very very far away for a Portal Match. These empty spaces were ID by me over a decade ago.  But I did not  plug it into now.

IAM the Light of The World.





Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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