Multiverse Bible †

ό αρχάγγελος







WHITE RACE : = 745 000 000/ 6  000 000 000 000 = 7.53% and the blackrace CIA and brown race NSA are trying to assassinate me or control me. Epic blackrace Vertical Original SIN FAIL>My entire Life USA Census and Policy says 67% white race represented at U.S.A. I Say kill them all they are liars.


*Light= antigravity . cool solution :) 7.54% white left on earth. Ohh well* .

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣🚫 🔯

June 3 rd 2017 A.D. am PST sherman oaks.

7*ur 930 cia nsa assassination attempt #9 about 645 - 800 pm evening ( List. Plt, if NSA-CIA compromized = 7URL930 ( black spook super car #confirmed) my visual grab during ralf parking lot chases. updated past noon: 06042017ad

antib/b=v=b/antib Transference brain codex for BOZON at the source code. Spin rate at Cross section Vert = dark energy/ horizontal = FORCE LIKE ENERGY LIGHT



imgrawvid random from set 12:33 pm Upload ( vid two)

Loaded 10:11 am sherman oaks california, U.S.A. DRAGON








Elohim CODEX

YAWEH CODE = ANNU NAKI seeding planet earth from Mars after traveling from Centaurus.




YEOSHUA CODE ( Jesus Christ) BIGBANG 6/12 = 6,6dm bozon codex + variable dark energy output at core bang .


#ArcMikhaill 'Russia seat at Kremlin.' CHURCH



Multidimentionalphysics in Gizāh Pyramid

SEAL CODEX KIng's floor scaled to ( 1,000 + 1,000 years) ⊗ Multidimention MULTIVERSE. revealed by Arc Michael


DARK FORCE = DINORINO currently and on the Vertical mainframe wave index


#Black = dark energy ( #negative #GRAVITY) + white = light energy ( positive) ANTIGRAVITY = VARIAVBLE Semite rate. / reversed is a bozon solution . the forces are squishihng in revese and create a dark and white brain frame, creation CODEX MAINFRAME BOZON

social blacks are manipulating brown/yellow races to eradicate white race because niggers are bigots as a group. DARKMATTER = bigot on a string.

9th ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT : love for islam


started about ten days ago. They try to wear you out.


Wednesday  Hildabeast ( Hillary Rodham Clinton Hara to Zeus)  She parked in front of my car, black super ghost

like Rolls but government upgrade. She uses Obama niggers, half zombie dark matter.  And I noticed the hot gov car and looked into her left hand mirror and she glared at  me and I glared back. But at this time did not notice. Her goon boys from the first assassination attempt, Sherman Oaks, Lib, ( a draw behind close door thingy) he was back out in the same black vehicle. I spotted him and he spooked because I started to take out my camera. Ralphs’ parking lot was in a buss watching scurry around taking video of spook cars, parked or in transit .There is about 30 of them today. Some are ones I have seen for a long time. 10:17 update on the streets and nervous. Arc Michael. June 3 2016. Just this morning my water pump and belt broke and my mechanic was working and his worker finished it today and that was kinda a blessing. Did not want to be stuck with no car on the street with drone, helios spook backlit and 30 cars, some toy masks to expensive LUX SUVs.  

DNA: Dominant strain Judean yellow and black black nigger and Judean whore bitches. = NIGGERSEMITE AGENCY


Operation Light Script: 11:00 PST pm 06022017adb [ end tonight 4:44 am 06032017ad].
Mason Level 34 ++
Apocalypse goes to 3797 A.D. “ we are just beginning folks”

(abc level ufo ) #originalsin

Unidentified Framing Objects. Military Complex Beast Chip Tech codex to punish Christians.
2027-9 my mother load of karma  ( Matrix level to Force level) dark mater – transferred –to light ( LIFE),e.g to slam your world~!  Yo! Warning, ok?
2045 SEAL TWO = you peeps handle this.
You all like dat sthyte? Lolz. So ISLAM heads up waaaaay before J

2226.-9 seal “ World crashes and we go under the ocean ( DARK RIFT ALIGNMENT BY PROJECTED ELCLIPTICAL DEGREE. again). #GLOBAL


SEAL ONE = COMPLETE 2016 ( sub dark events go matrix ABOVE like Brexit  TRUMPET #NSA= BEAST OF OCEAN + CIA BEAST OF LAND = JUDEAND KICKED OUT OF ISREAL ( Judgement) JESUS FRAME. Above correct above codex for us. ISLAM the last movement replaces them on the TREEOFLIFE = fractor soul groups = physics of the MATRIX BIBILE . scale out bubbles ( = UNIVERSES) spacetime frames and placed them on a MACHIINE INDE google.
SO  that was OPERATION BETTER THAN you peeps.
FIREPOWER MATRIX = 30 years of collection, organizing and analyzing and  setting up for a WAR on you MACHINE. Mario Savio: UCB Chinronian rev. sub frame FREE SPEECH MOVEMENT.  When I stood on the corner or was at the Park, I was planning.

Carter Baines McDonald
Mom came down from Canada  just post mid-century, married my father; met him at U.C.L.A. during a footballgame but left in 1994 A.D.  never getting her citizenship.  She is a white white 4,4.  And dna light strip. She has those ‘ sensitive’ powers the remote viewers always intend they lack for  the ‘precise’ accuracy.  She blamed me ,eventually, all of the world’s problems on me and never accepted this outlook.  You know her all as Mother Mary.  This country treated her like shyte.  All the fights I endured, hours and hours of screaming ( she was in physical but more emotional pain)  had heavy damages to my psyche.  I just accepted the ‘tough shyte’ narrative life is not fair mask of social constraint and now no longer accept this view.  When things were going fine, my mom and I never fought and  got along really well and very close.  So two years I ago I asked what was the reason for such a broken house hold.  And after critical examination, white people = unconsciously= were being suppressed.  She tried  to  get her citizenship but the normative Institution called for $200,000 up front and a business model or some type of need for  the American economic engine.  So my entire life, Mexicans and latino and then world cultures were receiving free housing, welfare and inclusion but whites were being restricted. That led me to deed state policy.  So deep it is at the subconscious level and even scripted in our dna sets.

white vs. dark unconscious suppression.
Pre colonial courts ( Doe, restricted access) journals and court books from this time show us that  white white dna was suppressed from the beginning of the colonial periods.  The Dutch kicked out fo New York and replaced by White Angelo Saxon which are WASA and every white Nordic or  Irish scot were shoved out like the free blacks of the north; out of all privileges.  John and Robert Kennedy and this family are a part of this repressive narrative.  So Is my mon. You people are really in trouble with me on a personal note. I suffered at the collective hands of your repression of the verticle scritps ( Judean and godless latin separation of the classes).  The Populace movements are only partially defined in academia because the dna issue has never been plugged  in to the sociopolitical narrative.   So we see the sub atomic particle of the cross section of the  nucleus of sub particle spin frames off our larger visual scripts of social identification.  The separation between a wealth class and a massive work force poor class has been increasing since Ronald Reagan and by Clinton it was put on steroids with capital gains taxes cut nearly in half to poor people’s federal income tax rates making the rich class get away with horrendous abuses of the system they support by slamming our responsibility to fund their pet projects.

Bush is a ashkaNAZI dna script that U.S. adopted these people post WWII as a main stream preferred class of statespeople.  They run crooked cross social economic scripts. People from white white to brown get their support but the weighted preference is brown latin. They are the reincarnating group of Macedon (s) = period Attica = Athenian State.  These macedons , although northern to Attica then are now reversed after the crucifixion  ( Frame switch in time and location of reincarnation groups) =Spanish, Portuguese intermixed with native American ( sub Asian wasa dna) and these people find fealty to monoculture scripts. Mexicans like their own people and why they are pocketed  and not comingling.  Since my mom was denied every damn thing and Latin were given free stuff and Political Correctness to keep out white dna, all your arguments in the legal institutions and courts of law and the media and entertainment are but all lies.

White dna at the pure form runs horizontal progressive strips.  Black dna at the pure form runs vertical or reptile scripts  Truman  Eisenhower, and Kennedy ( lesser extent Carter) were out last pure  white white scripted POTUS’.  This system built the middle class people , not your Judean mixed race scripts.
Changed named 16 years old to Michael to escape  my father’s attention.




See Brennen being  taken out. That is me and no one else. Why ? He tracked , did not pay a Nordic a CIA promised contract payment and killed Usama bin Laden  (a) an innocent man. So he is being taken out by me. Weaponized information? That is deep state being brought to the surface. Here let me explain.


The people who took out Roger Ailes and Bill O’rielly are me too. I never once tried to go into the sexual side but got mad for the innocent firing of Tantarous.  But when the media attacks over  these sexual things, it is because I gave them room to breath because Ailes was running network propaganda down in meso America for the 1%wers elite ( Deep state).  So when you people are spooking on Flynn perhaps in a discussion to ease sanctions and you are running covert wars in Meso America using FOX News and Alies is really on the Democrat Part side, he got taken out.  That’s me Hillary and no one else.  When Bill O’Rielly talks smack ( his opinions) of me or historical events that relate to DNA white scripts, I attacked him .

On the Zapruder Film,  edited out in the  1960s-2000, full one released, we see a bullet hole long before the ‘alledged’ shooter was to begin shooting .this means that bullet hole, seen clearly in the windshield with a trajectory from the Dal Tex office building owned by George  H.W. Bush’s buddy is a dead giveaway that this was all faked.  His book is all lies and disinformation and we called him the top rated news cable guy for the last 15 or more years. So he is already promulgating lies to keep us white people down and  that is the entire thing. You have us whites fighting and killing ourselves while you align to the new brown immigrant races and ones that will never run a democracy.  They have no record of any democracy. After draining the  swamp at Athens ( Socrates , I AM on this script in reincarnation, but I want to change up things a bit) the war machines were devastated and Macedon took control and run fakedemocracy, kingship behind the scenes. That is happening at Mexico and also parts of the House of Sauud. Usama pointed out that there are bad elements or fake Islam in the seat of power over at Dubai .  Some of their princes had or run the Spanish Stock market and  are totally ignoring key provisions in Islam.  Islam is Islam, not fake Jewslam.  I bet he  knows, I do however, that half of the House of Sauud at Nazi jews and so is the Queen of England. She is not a white white Noord or an Irish scot or  a Swiss or a rus’.  The white dna code goes further into China and Koreas.  And with#pre1,2|3|4 light scripts at Japan.  In reality, Folks there are a part of my white races.  So as the white dna is being suppressed ( attacking Donald Trump or anyone of the white white people, you are aligning to a war with China.  So the white dna is shifting east and why in my world prophecies 1555‾1558 , and posthumous writings describes the Christians moving to China So you Deep state players have a heads up on world politics.

Right now the NSA, CIA are  the last  of the white white  scripts and once these are gone, the superpower status you have is all but diminished. So all vertical scripts; they  go white to brown to black. ( sub to atom spin rate on the linear light stick) You can see all  civilizations run my code and not yours.   Egyip begins pre pyramids with white white four  - to eight winds, #annubus ( dog God of judgement) leads the  way. Then the next set of savior Gods go all the way to early and then old kingdoms to the new kingdoms and the color fractal changes until the post AD period, parts of Egypt’s legacy are 800 small African built pyramids = coping that culture.  AnU-NUBUS Is a subframe of my reincarnational stream where I seed Sumerian to Egyptian global control of the world narrative.  How does us affect us on a Masonic level? The walls of the Old and  New kingdoms have symbols to point where these souls reincarnating at Egypt will be eventually reincarnating to the period of the end times. That is called the ‘west.’  

The USA trajectory had the west in control during   two world wars and in 1947 ( NSA act , and atomic energy commission ) tethered to the academia a fascist script, leaving them hand struck to do your warmongering bidding, this lead to entertainment making television show after television show saying the deep state is ‘unknown’ and control all things. I say that is rubbish.  The Deep State is out in the open in group think ( Donald get this idea) and it is a sub below frame of subconciousness ( or dark matter).   Vertical scripts are never progressive and the dark matter switches the narrative ]] Matrix battles]] to blame white people as the vertical or demons or White devils and this is just a lie and can describe why no one has gone to jail since the 1950s and the deep state is acting out in the open and no one can fight back.

Celebrities and media and comedians all bash either white people or religious people and that is a system of control and no legal support.  I have been kicked out of so many jobs when I was younger and healthy because of the color of my skin and nothing to with my job performance.  Even in 1990s very early I was one white to three blacks and ten brown Mexicans or latinos fighting for the bottom jobs and the Judeans and fake whites were employing them illegally for 40 years while my mom could not feed me and I had to run away to feed my self .Everyone is calling me a liar so I decided to start killing people and taking out the garbage on all sides.  I just target people and thread their sins and this drives a wedge I their false social or economic narratives upstairs.

While Clapper may have been compromised by Snowden, I compromised him because he uses NRO for the elite and not the people and uses it against my Islam.  So I take deep state secrets and blast them above to the socials or media or word of mouth and they go into the FORCE  ( public) consciousness and that divides their  plugged in sub consciousness and  divides it and causes chaos or change.  It is more on the counter- counter- counter intelligence streams.


So If I see any side making trouble, or colluding as you people do in those ‘sophistication’ media controls I just use my talent to take them out.  So that is what I have been doing.  Eventually you will tie the ‘putting Donald Trump’ into office to a mid-aged loser who is being suppressed and lives in his car on the street of suburbia Los Angeles. That is very shameful.  I knew all along that most of FOX employees are registered Democrats or independents and thus all work for the  same side, the democrats.  Ronald Reagan was a liberal democrat under a false political party. Jefferson started both parties so that is also a mask and why the bottom is using  a Tea Party or populace revolt to divide that solid masked single identity party and rip its foundations off and to destroy it. How can I tether into this? The new systems of control are the galactic plane and its alignments to birth charts.  I can track the large movemt shifts. For example, the Civil War has an Angeled galactic plane or Dark Rift when the Civil war was fought and the other shift was Ronald Reagan. He ended  Christian support abroad during his invasion of Granada to keep the Lebanon barrack attacks off the news.  He then secretly worked with Jay E  . Hoover at the end to end Domestic Support for Christianity. Hoover is an African voodoite at the dna core level: subconscious.  So the time that I am trying to get a civil rights for my white dna, I am already socially and legally suppressed.  In Patriot Act (2) Jan 2009, Christians are the potential number one  Domestic  Terrorists.  This  is Bush and Obama and this is totally a fascist script of a vertical code.  Spirit Food or parties of these like are really cannibal training grounds.  Cannibals are true vertical scripts and run by the Black Race.  That is why white people who turn on themselves will go wigger. Or white – black intimidator. Why ? blacks cannot run white code because they do not have that capacity.

So when Egypt at the very end goes totally black, their pyramid out put is only small buildings with no vision or scritps. Just copies of white codes that were delegitimized.  HipHip, or media  and social structures that the government consumes as progress are really these vertical dead end scripts. Hip hop is all about gaming the system, rippin’ off what others produce and using that RACE in real terms to pull off the I Take your stuff, and move in and kill you.

Portuguese and Spanish ( askkaNAZI scripts)  start the modern slavery system and were not white people. In all of our books , white people are blamed for all creation of slavery because some white edu did not include Slavery as a part of the system of western white capitalism. ( Smith). The academic books are full of mistakes and misnomers and  lies. The Periodic Tables were conceptualized, correctly by electron count by a white scot who shortly worked for a French WASA physics and partially wealth man . The entire narrative of text books are full of these lies and gives Judeans a rather exalted place in the heavens when they just robbed that stuff like blacks call for in their hip hops songs. So when I see all  this robbing going on I decided to just destroy the system all together  as a pay back.  I AM the lowest on the totem poll and I AM 51 years old and the DPSS and related systems for California’s poor just handed me an application for housing.  Since I was always on the streets in some capacity, I MET AND know countless illegals ( Fake IDs) who lived in Sec. 8 hosing and received SSI and this was done because the white race was tacitly and sub consciously not accepted at the west.  IAM suffering for decade after decade, not going to SSI but standing out on the streets of day labor at Van Nuys blvd. working  for less than minimum wage and just accepting this as a life style and calling myself the real reason for  my suffering. I no longer believe this because white people in middle class homes hired these illegal and left us out on the streets to die.  They could treat illegals  painting their homes or doing gardening, because in the media the rich use foreign sweat shops and the media celebrates them as true US citizens of good morals and faith.  Kathie Lee and Her Football legend hubby, caught running sweatshops = but their narratives are right wing white kids on the streets are the real evil of this world.  Jay-Z and Beyoncé  were just outed as running sweatshop institutions  for their business brands. We can see this all over our elite.  So the real reason all the television shows blame a deep state is that it is really out in the open and being mimic by our populations.  So I never seen anyone like Donald Trump because Bush, sr,  off the White rule Narrative ( He is wasa) . The media will  never tell you that Kennedy was moving out the consulates and ending any attachment to the  South China sea. This is where the  Bush group will take over the U.S. narrative and then after 1974 take complete control of the U.S.  Military Complex.

After the sacred deed of the Kennedy assassination, the celebrities have had 100% carte blanche hypocrisy while us white people, including Donald Trump cannot make a social move without it being twisted with lies which sends in chaos and we cannot get a single thing done.  Lyndon B. Johnson in  his first two days overturned those secret EOs to pull out all things related to the  Vietnam war and he made over a billion dollars (  adjusted to today’s index) for pulling off or staying quiet of this massive shift and super DEEP STATE operation.

So if you want too look at the George H.W. Bush legacy in nationalist frame of mind, he secured the U.S. rights to the global energy grid by controlling the world with over 500 military bases, now about 600. It is not Russia or China,  Donald Trump, that can take our military and reach any target on earth, but that is the U.S.A. Dragon that Bush built. Kennedy was going to include more of the U.N. and the world in decision making. So people who pulled off this stunt just framed it in nonsense Harvard low wit speak. If you read Karl Marx’s entire 20 vols. Of work,  you will understand no  one on earth , except small reclusive tribes have ever performed COMMUNISM.

How is this possible? Only white white pure dna can comprehend and Bush cannot due to his sub set dna codes and linked ( sub/con consciousness = second  dna set at the Matrix load level) being a WASA ( white angelo / SAXON Arab = ashkaNAZI , mixed at 17%



So Donald.  The real issue was the South China sea access ( trillions then and more trillions today). This means Oil too but also shipping lane superiority and other trade access geopoints.  The U.S.A as a Superpower goes around the earth and makes DEEP STATE deals to get materials back to the U.S.A> for the ford production line or now the Space and tech revolutions.  So in some sense, GHWB was correct as Kennedy was bashing the deep state and could not figure out this army  was used for a selfish but good for national interests and national economic interests.


What drove Kennedy mad was the same political abuse inside the Spook departments which relate to our modern day immigration  problems.  Like it or not Donald Trump, the Mafio was in a break off CIA runt and running the deepest of deep state and why they defeated the Kennedys.  Who are they? Illegal immigrants. Yep, even at the highest level of the deepest of American masonic secrets lay  illegal help kill John F. Kennedy , which is a microcosm of assassinations on the streets of the hacker leakers today. They use illegals for the hits but use the top spook white #pre1,4 agent smyth types for  Spotting and then blacks for  back up for the shooters and then they relay this to set up for assassinations, leaving an illegal totally compromised.  Nicoli on the Grassy knowl was an illegal alien Donald Trump and one of the  key shots that blew  part of the side of Kennedy’s face off.

This on the physics scale, Google is a crooked cross ( dark matter sub conscious script). The Kennedys are totally  a horizontal democracy, everyone included script and so is in part a NAZI croos but it acts as a lever to include the Judeans to semite full dnaers and a lever to keep the white white dnaers to do their bidding. But the U.S.A. will be going toward a more brown script and that means the white dna is gone and so  is the overall intelligence.  THESE link to subparticle spin-directionrates.

So Donald Trump the overall message is that the west created the tech, and by the later 1950s we have tapped out our easy oil resources and deep water was not yet practical,,  the only solution was to go to the east or mid-east and grab theirs by controlling their political leaders or political trajectories.  I figure that out last year .  One side had one thing  ( google physics)  and the other had another and when two brains ( white light): brain (dark nolight) began to classh or intermix we see these endless #dragon WARS .
The problem is that I have many reincarnation in all cultures. And it is killing me in side to see this endless slaughter.

Donald Trump: The deals in oil are contractual and based on good politics. But these systems are only subsets of the wider national legal system and when the  two do not mix well, a social backlash  ensues and since we took in  so many of these people, they are the potential terrorists inside the u.S.A.

That is why we have #REGIMECHANGE.  This is another Bush Milcom program and both sides run it.  If one national system drops its currency that effects the MARKET and that affects US employment and economics.  Thus Obama ran on “ No more nation meddlin’”. He did 10, but was only successful of three of them.  That ‘s what is called Deep State.
What does this mean to how you behave.

On the surface and in front of  the media you do not elude or discuss the deep state [[[ unless it is trying to kill you!]]] It exists in multidimensionality. HYPOCRSYGRANTED.  Often the deep state is a collective plan of Energy management and consumption for building our SUPERSTATE.  FOR all purposes, you are the beginning of this SUPERSTATE.

THERE   in this world there is no  morality. It is pure Luciferian.

This is not Bush or the U.S.A. my Church (es) have them too and you are in addressed to it. MASON.
Darkmatter frames ( brain – to- brain) = building blocks, to build the next step to our future.
So above board we have restrictive socialeconomic masses in all types of religiod-ideology modes of production ; and while  we have the behind the close doors  ma ny individual to group exploration and science to move the world in one progressive direction = LIGHTSCRIPT

Just basic EDU today. Physics that is a direct sub abtomic deep code.

Since the end of Carter we have gone absent of white white dna leadership. Donald Trump is the first and my first as I came in on 1966.

Hi IAM Lucifer !

=== white white,4,4 dna or close .

So when all nations are run by color strips and the U.S.A. goes to brown soon, so will the level of civilization. That is a basic code on the  #LIGHT|STRIP

Basically Kennedy made a mistake. He should have compromised some of the CIA and killed  the secret sna (s) and back stabber CIAs to set an example.

So I have been having visions of throwing the Clintons and having my Islam cut off the Bush’s heads , live on television and throw the Clintons’ into a Lake of Fire, which would energize the entire world, set 3 billion jobs and get the world off the grid in less than a decade while I go around the world hunting demons  .


That Hillary is a weaponized Climate Solution Policy.  

Just take it for the team. Kennedy is plugged in and he is here awaiting to kick your asses Bush gurls.
That’s a white frame change to  a dark frame. And The Bush World Chart is only his and his son’s is only a subscript of the MAINFRAME code. So I have the world chart now.  The TALMUD IS A SUB SET RIP OFF of all of my stuff.

You need to align  to mine main frame codes to predict the past ajnd the present on your main(subby) frames.  On my above board Jesus Christ  Seal ‘s’. the 2016 that I announced in letter forms in later 1998 and 1999 as the start of the apok was a dosey. Brexit and my first Trumpet.  Index that Masons.

So what is deep state Donald Trump. Above board you are one  side and below board you are a killer.

So one of the reasons I wanted d to contact you all is that I AM more of a killer than all of you in history, and by far more  scalar forms.  How is this: SUPERSTRUCTURE DARK MATTER BRAIN – transference – BRAINE  IAM. In Yahweh, I wipe out the World. I’M Lucifer script there in highest levels of masonry.

However, all are tied to me as the source bang off the Bozonic maths where  you all are fractalled out as sources for Zeus ( Clinton) Hara Hillary) and BUSH something else  and me as Hercules.  I always lose in the  end. IT is the hook nose up ( Clinton ;physics wave); Bush noze downwardn; physics = dark matter off the first bozon of the bang.  I have both. A strait with a bump which blends all of them into once type and this type with my dna type results  in the most hated person on earth as a dna codex.
In films, these  figures  are Luke Skywaker, Neo from Matrix; and both actors have my subset rate nose structure (bio physics

By the way people, Berkeley Undergrad Thesis Professors and department heads believe I am too stupid to go anywhere. ) The EDU is  a part of my MEAMIC ( My MAINFRAME TARGETS). It is compromised people.  But again, that is the economic and social. Not the science departments. Those remain waaaaay cool. .

So I lose in the end but I decided to STAND UP. When Donald trump uttered his first political statement on Latinos being the number one rapist and the number one criminals. That was an FBI FACT.  That lie by your side set the FRAME FOR YOUR LOSS> whoops (b).  The left has been compromised NSA CIA  , they are your tools to abuse.  But the issue is what way are you trending?   Endless wars? Each bomb is an Alcoholic price upgrade for many Judeans [[ sub particle levels = unconscious actions]].  I live on the streets while you celebrate unconsciously bombing the people because of negative dark matter is vampirining your brain cells at the luciferian level.  Dark matter is compromising your brain thoughts.

So You will see these confusions in your end of your lives as this places is about to go chaos because of the social unconscious askhaNAZI takeover at 1947 ( fakeisreal 1948); sub set Yahweh MAINFRAME.

Jews = Judeans ( not isralites= mainframe) are not understanding their above privileged class super rich elites and are losing it on the television.  IAM doing this from my laptop. It is nearly broken.  The celestial stuff  is my stuff and run above board and I have only delved into dark matter since about two weeks ago and Morgan Freeman pimping over white scientists long research employment. [[ hip hop, black control the narrative while using white dna stuff subparticle]. Mars was in a split of the fabric of our universe, or portal. Whooooops.  Anyway, that is where Bush and others, general too, have planets in a celestial code. So, the Pluto was in this place at 1940-1947 A.D. and over the alpha star. So that had a true arc over this fabric of space ( portal) . I ided it over a decade ago. ( Chandra – X- RAY). So I too  watch these new things and map them at AMUC.

So what AM I? reincarnation everyone started it all off . Only at 12 when trying to read, I read some of the bible, Gospels I had a ‘gut feeling’ I was connected some how to the center circle of people but it too was a frame shift. I believed I was Thomas, but I shrugged this off and never thought about it again. That was when I was 12 years old.  At 12 I timed traveled for about a month. The 1987 A Supernovea can track your MAINFRAME = it bombarded me with neutrinos of super data sets of info, which half life or last in my today’s physical brain. Cool huh? Yeah, the irrational brain can ‘collect’ at a much faster rate than the rational brain, but I can just catch it and store it and process it later while other fractalled color races lose this ability.  This is hardcore stuff and linked on the #racemainFRAME.

I AM SHIFTYING BRAIN TO BRAIN STORAGE = #plato FORMS. IN best philosophy.  IAM on my current  SOCRATES script = Michael today = real name #CARTER #BAINES #MCDONALD

So I am all of these and the Deep State I guess has layers people, deep ones and these are all set on strings. Whoopoopsss. Yeah. We apostles and groupies do this all over the Universe andtime, we cannot talk tot  you dead robbots.

How do you think Revelations was written?  #BOMBSHELL on the MAINFRAME. Win baby.

You people left your talent on the streets to die and STANDING UP Means killing you all.  No more Kennedy mistakes!

Weaponized information = does not equal Russia, does not equal shadow hacker, it equals = #ARCMICHAEL  on the GOG script. Lolz.

I had the skillset. ! #WIN = #LUCIFERIAN CODE

White arab street trash took all your asses out!  Fuch that is shameful and pure luciferian! For the win. !!!!!!
Your military has been compromised by Lucifer, a white bithh on the streets.  Fucl that  is bad ass white dna 4,4.
So I do this all the time. In 2006 I made RINO=DINO on a Berkeley livejournal on a moffitt computer and that spread to all these ‘second party(ies)
=/subdarrk matter at ‘third parties’]
And led to the 1%ers and anti establishment movements. It connected the two main parties at the top as being the  same thing and electing one or another did not change anything.  That FRAME I weaponized, using  it over and over again for decades and losing friends and collegues because they saw me change sides when they = were COMPROMIZED=Xdframe

So I feel plugged into the system.  That split the MAINDEMENTION FRAME TO a white sissy bitch taking you mother fukers  out, ;

I compromised your Military Complex and  hijacked it because you are compromised.  SATAN MAINFRAME

Hello gurls. !

This is high level masonic.

Living in my car is not a peaceful way to live and I have some rage people.

$take me above? I say nothing. But you lose yourselves on sub dumb script and we use always strings and conical maths for our linkage to the historical matric of our reincarnations . why do you not know this? You are not at my dna pure level.  WHITEARABLIVESMATTER = usa is compromised.
6% white WORLD
10% subUSA white WORLD






($) So let me ask all of you WhY  AM I HERE ON  THE STREETS?



How is it fracturing with you?
IAM Shoving light into right now . ! ufos are overhead too. Hellow .

The #MAINFRAME LIE codex keeps me down with larger physical bodies  and anti white codes.  I felt tooo suppressed and released it after DONALD ( trumpet)  stood up for  me ( my whitecodex).

I worked for free day after day to spread weaponized information against the 1%ers or establishment MEAMIC.  AS anyone can see I targeted more right wing people that the left side.
So by 1960s white  ( subchironic triple eight FORCE  matric_) dna left slowly ( haLFRATE)   and by the time I am in my 30s it completely dominated the social scens. We voted  as all Californians for proposition 187 ( anti immigration) and a few people on the foreigner welfare plan overruled in a court of law all of the will of the People. And Governor Brown is on that side of the  bad people ; he is for the elite and anti white. He is a yellow Judean ( serpentcodex)  and banned currently under my SEAL ONE ( Subframed)= not destroyed, but demoted people!

Serpent is not a full black person, it is also a conversion or #chiron thing where mixes of different light/dark matter blend for just a dominant  ruler ship on Earth/time using larger bigger boned bodies and overweight fat Mexican mommas currently dominating he social scenes in much of the South west USA.  So I worked for McDonald’s and Little Caesars’ and between  them I was pushed out by social brown dna pressure and no where to turn but a bob Dillan song, ‘go to be white whore to colords and die.’ #sYMBOLStUne

THAT is why if your read my online stuff you will often read at an end of a comment, the USA is long gone  or it is over folks. Because in reality, it is gone.  Go eat a taco and lean Spanish people.  No law in Constitution says this or that as a predominant language.  SO that is one of my targets.  The #whiterare.

You are betrayers and that is how I can end your state. By decimatin  their moral due to hypocrisy as a [darkmatter] hate tool.


So listen up everyone;;

I AM going to be totally blamed for 911. That is a Frame of my 1999 Prophecy. #winner on the  multidemintional codex. We as part of our world want to introduce multinarrativesw and not group SERpEnt think. #CODE

So DARK FORCE = DINORINO currently and on the Vertical mainframe wave index.  Got that google!
UFO types like mind control and this is a dark matter/ FORCE control system. Where they do weaponized information too directed to the dark brains ( demons who took  the souls of lightbeaersa) into their demonic realm = we call that boys and girls the #deepstate UFO ). And there are then, again, the Opposing side.  Monitors and dna and plaguish clean up  programs.  Or me, jut wiping the planet clean out of FRUSTRAITION INDEX ON DARK SIDE.  #sub luciferin code.

So the top class does not want to spill any of their wealth to the lower classes and both sides are 100% guilty. White dna had 90% taxes on the rich and NAZI Crosses had 14% capital gains tax on Billions of dollars, lolz. #EPICFAIL .but then in deep state I AM a target = neo. [[Matrix MAINFRME]].

U need to suck like a vampire from  the FORCE ( weak white people , with a brain cell that works,lolz)  from below = source code #HELL #UNDERWORLD [ #MAINDARKFRAME]

People, all of these incarnations belong to me, but the index on the  GOD codex as strings, sub types. OK? Cool , eh?  But physicists, these are also sub particles that are connected to manipulation dna codex of dark matter. OK? I never took any of your math of physic classes. Ask, yourselves, WHO IAM I?

Just white street trash, controlled, rejected and suppress by all classes living or practicing in the U.S.A.  So I decided to stand up because DONALD TRUMP stood, up! He put it all on the line and we won. This will hurt bad. Hillary Clinton.  There is a sub particle system that I use to predict election wins at 100%. OK? Got It? You do not have it. Whoooops. I put on  my website in 2010 but prior publishment in 2008 because It took less than 15 seconds to discover because of my whitewhtie dna. OK. Whoops.
You can see it also tracked for over 1. 5 years on G+.  did not say it often but did repeat it once in a while.  Obama is compromised, Dresden Codex ( ch. 2 ( end)) unorganized) there is this third part = apok 2016. ( Origin APOK 2000). 2012 A.D. Jupiter is near ain tauri ( Hyades, HELLEN codex) and BARACK OBAMA is holding it on the ZODIAC VINE in black and white skin in MULTIDEMENSIONAL SYMBOLISM =  pre Olmecian #win. Cortez second invasion  tried to destroy most  of them but my church boys got a hold of a set and the DRESDEN was TERRORFROMTHESKY CHURCHIL MAINFRAME nearly destroyed. Wow ! what a story. ! that people, is masonic +.

How was that done? LUCIFERIAN CODE = below  dark matter MAINFRAME

That means I Did not go to church and do some prayers, LOLZ>  that is the science side of my things. Tha tis dark stuff people at the infusion or transference level = how mind control  compromise of thoughts by suggestion = FRAME Set; how ufo can compromise you but not me, lOLS + for the #win!

THESE systems are also plugged into the matrix codex as FORCEZ above manipulation. SO You people have been compromised. !

This too is  a  #FRAME ( in motion on a string, and you will one day understand light speed travel too).

Obama I compromised. HE is connected to the dark dumb matter 102IQ. He loses stuff past December because I know where he was really born.

#STARWARS was/t/is real folks and connected at the MATRIX sub  as 1977 CHIRON’ S above code.  Let the physicist codexers reveal this.  Time travel can also take place at the lipid level. Everyone.

My visions had never one thing to do with my upper body  or head or eyes. The information or light  dropped just  below my heart where real consciousness awaits intimelessness.  That is one wall of the superUNIVERSE ( DARKBRAIN).  So that  is time travel it is DARK MATTER CONTROL.


Ok, clear?

At bang  all things are  DARK=LIGHT. FUSSED .



In this manner I may be able to drop a real Matrix On earth and scare you all to smitherings.



Would you  like that?  I can do that for ya?

In mind control, it is spinning rates between  DARK?LIGHT light brains and dark brains and then processing them quickly.  Also at the pre molecular level and magnetized.

#lightscript end/ p.1. 3:23 am 06 03 2017 AD.



My calendar is correlated specifically to my codex for my soul use and for the MATRIX= GIZAH = BIBLE is a multiple MAINFRAME DARK/WHITE over all index. Fractaled out for LIFE.


That google needs a string($) off the  maincrossframe.
Bizet I knew I  was  by 22 years old and fleshed out by 29 years old with photos and tracking people form that time to modern times, often mistakes and still starving or struggling and sometimes very bizzare twists nad turns. By 22 years old I never saw life the same as the COMPROMIZED.

What is end times? When the world is compromised = Codex


Obama compromised Hillary by putting her at State and we all spooks knew it but She could not turn on her colord races to turn this election, anyhow? The Angelos or whites rose up as an insurrection. I was denied to vote for the fourth time, first was a POTUS run REAGAN and for all the wrong reasons, and I went to the Bur Lib. And they had a voter poll using an auditoriums and there were like 200-300 people at 5:00 am in the very cold weather with football game faces on, this meant something.  People in general were fed up with both sides and these people were the white or mixed white race. No Hispanics or Jews or blacks, these were whites. That wasa the shocker. That was DONALD Trump’S  BASE .


That  ‘s why there is a swamp drain people. It has been going on since 1947 A.D. the Judeans to browns got preferences in all stratospheres under a DARKMATTER MASK - = GAMEWIN.

I really was not the reason you lost but fate and a transference of dark matter to the other political side because our script has ENDED = FOR the #WIN [[MATRIX only]].

6% globally
10% ( sub USnationally CNN, March 2017



You people are really low level stuff. That people was the dna real reason Hillary Clinton lost.

Those people rose up with #TRUMPET =#1

What did this mean to me all along? I LOST. I cannot winwith those numbers. So I too stoodup.

You are doing multiple investigations looking for me. Well < I AM right here.

What the fuck?

You want me to go to CONGRESS ans sequel ???                                                                                                              

Yeah  , I AM a shapeshifter Jesus Peace isLAM peace / evil jin #LUCIFERIAN DEVIL ALL in

#one OR #1

THAT IS our reincarnation ring ( revolution) and I found  out  I was Nostradamus about 25 years old but really. I did not care to look until 1998 A.D. Seriously folks, I really had no training. When 911 happened I was then still semi literate. I went to LAVC and took ESL classes for an entire year. Now that is something. But I could read at a different rate. Anyway. I have known about reincarnation and time travel and I am living on the street in various cars for most of my life with weird breaks which often were only 9 months and on e was 2.5 years.  

My homeless and data collection that lead to U.C.B. was just a reaction to the pressures of survival. So you take me upstairs that is what I will say. Down here I play nasty.


You have Donald Trump with  a Natal Mars over Regulas, the same scalar one NAPOLEAN had (Biblical asrteology) and when that was in frame or alignments, they lost zero battles ( the four lost were after that transit scalr biblical version moved)  .so you have the number one MILITART guy on earth. Try not to destroy him.  Al ghoul over his mc, in relative arc and GHwB had his M.C. with a paran to Mars at the western horizon, the end of the DRAGON PERIOD.  He was invincible.  And a real DARK FRAME BOT.

I am GOOD AT TARGETING. Lolz. My next project are the fakeislam or fakejudeans [masking] as ISLAM in the HOUSE of SAUUD. Ok? Destroy them too.  If I led to someone being fired or removed, and I used weaponized information and my ability to disseminate this I AM also good at that type of counter counter targeting [ f/shifting].  I have no idea I am told I AM a liar because of my belief in Myself?

OK? 5:11 am stop, tired. Noice, helios.





  • Never gave the call to hit the twin towers, that was KSM.
  • (b).   Dark matter frame as ‘mistake’. Tether to a stringset
  • (3) this is for you all so you can align to our correct calendar because this is all stringed out to our Universe and ufos. J’
  • + annu pyr  ( earth dimensional fluidscale scale to an inch) 6000 = September 09 – 13 , 2,001 as predicted by US a long time ago, and why it was partially inspired to be built. So folks, you are living in special times.  Yeah, I helped design and build it. LOLZ. This stuff is Matrix heavy folks. And it is real ::: reincarnations a fact. Why you people lie your memories wiped each incarnation, your choice, at this level. J. Masons know about this too.  Sub Earth BIG SCALE MAINFRAME masonry is also at Egypt 2020s BC. Lolz.  You people also reincarnate. So you also can look back in time for your own reincarnations.








IAM the Light of The World.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Multi dimensional bozon GOD PARTICLE

what is dark energy?
#carterbainesmcdonald aka white arab street trash




multiverse codex mainframe by ARC MICHAEL June 3 rd 2017 ad


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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