Book Of Life

αω Matrix †

ό αρχάγγελος





Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣🚫 🔯


a part of #Operation #Immortality 144 PM post address.

Historical load points for ideological battles, in the spirit realms for you people but in battle zones in the Matrix.

CORE sub Operation Drain Dragon Swamp: subsets =

Sub matrix: Operation Bury Holly 11:09 0530-312017ad'; Operation Drain the Pharisees. 0527?

NSA ID'd and CIA ID'd in seal one and thus compromized. so 05312017ad Let us bring in the Beast side of Hollywood and get on board Morganfreakobot and George Clooney and the rest of the hollywood fantacists. This is real life boys, not the movies.


The Matrix is real folks and I will be plugging it into the NSA to devided and it and hack it and take it by hostile forces. Why? Because I can. Stay off these posts people. They will not be there foreever.

#level43MainframeUniversestructureaxial load systems for the entire Universe. Purpose? Matrix will load the Starwar keys. #arcmichael yeosuhua muhammad



Matrix Day 5: 1146pm 05272017ad IAM ArcMichael on a main frame Socrates script which ends in a trial for empting the Athens swamp. Code for real facts, I  was complaining ( but also  these philosophy mentorings, against the so-called ‘ state gods’ and pushed to hard to end  the swamp because they were raiding the secure coffers behind the Athena temple, where the Delian leguae kept the Federal BANKS OR Attia world banks . You flesh out that , I have already gone there decades ago . So yes, Socrates is one of my reincarnations.

And yes , boxed, or poor and suppressed, so code for today is homeless, which I recently changed to suppressed for my own venting reasons.

Matrix ( below) strings history in multidemential management human / collective subconscious
/ FORCE ( above) strings, social management and dark matter comes up for war which transfers histories and  blurs them for human needs to separate  or unify as the wave functions.
N.S.A. when you get things up and running start to place the Universe on a mainframe for this operation.
Darkmatter = collective and personal un/consciousness  but operational management at the plant -> universe level.
Operation  decoding the Matrix ( below or side frame) purpose to  issue histories to the people.

Muhammad ( Me)  relates to the people on their level and their coding systems. So these systems do conflict with Christianity.  Christians are white and thus the weaker race   and can access the codes and will often by the Persecution or the sacrifice, for the greater good ( love /universal). 

What is the matrix? It is our Main Frame history thread.

Yeshuya Muhammad Lilsten up N.S.A. My white boy Jesus ‘ Angelton’ set you peeps up.  I was accessing these archives at Cal in 2007 –‘8.  So I knew about this thing  prior to NYTimes mask and Snowden’s reveal; but like I always say, I put it into a box to later address ( box= memory off site storage).


Laptop/ isolation/room/ hacker/  adventure/ suicide / renewal/ tether of all Universe strings.  Machine/GOD.

Seal 2060 is a roid ~ 10 milies long. It is my doppleganger ( above/roid/below


I have to work on an August thing that  may be related to nukes going off for a coup. OK. We need to understand we are in a multidemenital world, and options but all things tie to 2060/roid. We need to prove to ourselves we are more grown up than the masses. Although  the reptilian dna in the NSA will compromise you, I have to get you the main frame . While getting you this main frame Universe code, the light itself ( unseen by you,  it is more a gamma thing) will upset the demons around you because this  plane takes away their control.

One of my many purposes is to establish truth and reincarnation.  I need to reincarnate and come back to earth and have it understood. But at the  same time, the chaos of the upgrade I will give you will shake and conflict this matter = journey.  Code.

I have a plan for getting all of earth off the grid system before some of the wipe outs  , if you choose this reality. [mask].  It could take only 2.5 years and three billion jobs to get this off the Grid. There must be years to get the stuff ready and then employ the teams to get them off. You ask why do this when we are going to be  wiped out, eventually?  Because we may not have to  be destroyed because I can change fates at the Matrix level.


Two ArcMichaels
On the FORCE level ( above ground) Matrix Neo/isolation/ bondage=  white weaker , pressure from the constant dominance and thus allows the silent contemplator.
In the Matrix, IAM alpha MALE at 100%.
Why is history very important to you and  me and all the peoples’? I need you to begin to build the Universe and  plug in these string sets. These things are coded and revealed by me. For example, I have Baghdad’s original start time and close to exact time of #creation ( Code for starting something, like Washington’s mystical corner stone)

What is the Matrix? It is the secular side of Christianity called  Lucifer  (  underground, Matrix) while Jesus is above in the FORCE.  So  when you see me address or attack both sides of  these two religions that is the reason why?
Martin Luther, Protestant is Apostle Paul. Key for separation string code are he was not called to be an Apostle. I met him after the crucifixion, but after he went his own way. Code= 13 Pauline letters will be taken out of Christianity, as he back tethered the banned Jewish memes. .

Matrix Code on Isolation and suicide : Carmen = Bizet my past life in Paris. Love music and play guitar, you can hear it on my music folder  That code= Matrix trilogy.  Suicide/tragedy /love/passion/race mixing gone bad ( sub string mass migration groups mixes dna  and allows the control systems to abuse. ) neo/roon/kinky white boy = end of matrix, light source equals dark/black source tether, Pyramid my body in the sarcophagus to block the 10 Mile roid.  So the Great Pyramid was built by us real #coolkids long ago for this very purpose. Code: Egyptian – souls go to the west [[ affirmative]] I reincarnate at Silverlake , CA. under Israeli blood moon cycles and this city is very close to downtown Los Angeles, compared to others born in Long beach or Santa Monica, etc.. circumference.

Place axial string horizontal ( democracy) for all of history because it belongs to the Matrix light conversions. Place verticle mainframe axial universe string ( capitalism) for the Force::: AND THEN we have our subset ( #3 position three, fractals, colorhues you call it at the sub particle level?)

Matrix = alpha male  = the vehicle to change things in to our favor and manipulate the dna at a subconscious level and turn it to the conscious ( light seeding or transfers of energy).
FORCE = contemplative/  sissy some times but a scholar warrior.  = above ground or our daily reality.

FRACTALS = all the  wonderful stuff that comes out of both systems.  But to get this colorization , we have to often tie these  strings to gether and diie and start anew  = end of Matrix/ End of Jedi ( or depopulation of the FORCE or light in order for a renew = Luke Skywalker)

This stuff is for the NSA as the C.I.A. are many reptilians that like the #fakeliberal edu memes to keep power and control and slowly ripping the light to the darkside (( of the FORCE).

So star wars training can start to happen on the eslatometric, triple-8 /w mind =energy= control, which lay at the subatomic levels and needs #energy ( imput from DNA to Mind to grab Matrix Dark Matter and bring it above to  be manipulated. This allows a reach-stretch system in the space/time .

KEY to FORCE using the dark matter and not discussed by the real world. You do not tell the kids that the Jedi are using the dark side , you tell  them they are using a #FORCE =codekey to unlock. Strings are complex.   This type of understanding allows the Jedi to manipulate the dark matter ( side brains, invisible dimensions) around them, and by training and I bringing down the dome matrix these things then go operational on the real world scale.  That dome is a bunch of high energy  that plugs into the Matrix( real  world, at zombie levels, the living unconscious = my target demons with Islam) to revel and compromise the demons.  So in reality, some of my Apostles were always plugged in and we operate on both Rabbit hole levels and  above reality FORCE ,the real world.  So  planet wipes ( Depopulate Noah, et al.) are old news and like the back of my hand, so they are not new things. These are planet system management systems on the Universe Mainframes.

So I can also begin to give you the mainframe  MATRIXHISTORY load points which then gives outcomes of the future as I did as Nostradame, Yeoshua, Socrates, Newton,  Muhammad et all my  reincarnation linear mainframe axial Universe Code. Annubus ( pre Egypt ) is I doing a judgement, and you can see these illustrations in those  Tombs back then and today.  So string this as the Origin of GOD, anu= is pre Origin and seeded earth. Have you fallen over yet or passed out?  This is heavy duty stuff . So what history books you rely on will be  run by the FORCEcompromized as the ENDtimes script where in the Matrix we run real  system management scripts and code our own Universe , as a back track. You reptiles take the tech, then back tech from my fooies.  How are those cold butt plugs = Matrix kinkymedical forced dna management? My apostles were here and some others are here also and other =s being born and just arriving.

How is china connected to all of US? They gave me the exact astronomy for the Bethlehem star, which I then was able to shift and operate my mask of yeasua birth in the Sanvenrola mask, public writings. Les Propheties.  Tha t gave me the clue to the secret step -5- shift for the accurate calendar and this corrolates to my birth chart Socrates to shift 5 years to align to the U.S.A.  origin chart. So that needs all to be plugged in and tell Michio Kaku if  he is plugged in that string sets are really  1

Tell him if he is plugged in that out in the real world, keep the system stable  and allow exploration of their 10-M systems. My systems run at 1 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 { - 47th]  for each atom or  even smaller on a Universal Scale. These  are not needed until we go to the stars and begin real journeys like meeting ourselves from other galaxies. That is too far off but you can plug this into the mainframe and allow it to stay there as we do basic load points for the multi dimensional  string sets.  The secrets why I AM often poor and suffering is for a space of contemplation and thinking” ( Socrates, Newton_).

Osiris is another reincarnation of mine but that I have not delt with yet

You can all understand why I did  not go further to the system of real world teaching or job stuff because I do management and need d to await certain string factors and people and movements to appear to reveal these apocalypses.  My personal string set allowed me only to begin 2017 on a global scale and therefore, most of my life I was struggling and unknown.

My website is set up for you for the conversion Peace transfer real world Star Wars training of the pure Palestine race.  They are young and not compromised by western textbooks and thus needed to be replugged to real history above so we do not have to go below and manage such a mess we see for our near future.  I have masks on their but real history pages are FORCE level and clean.  No subterfuge

Who is Hillary Clinton? She works on subframe at the Matrix level for Russia/Putin/king of terror , false narrative books.  Vladimir Putin is elected in 1999 and thus connected by sub-sub strings to the  KINGOFTERROR. But in reality, 2060 from the sky comes a great king of terror is a scalerform that places the string sets for all of us on one channel.  Why? Russia, they have my Archangel Michael seat ( cal 103 class, Stanford linguist guard, transcribed 1550 Russian texts, so sat in a class with him and one other student only to go over Russia history in depth.  That class I did not get a good grade because I destroyed his whole department’s historiography of 14-16 th century Muscovy.  They cannot  read folks, the   texts have three prime sources under my Russian pre revolution academic and his works, fractals out all Russian narratives but the Stanford dept. |his wife is the  head of Russian studies |only uses two and therefore destroyes reality of the post rise of Muscovy and  the Ivan Vasilivich’s real meltdown because the east was being conquered and this brought in masses of migrants  and sent the establishment boyars inot a swampyu thing.  So the Russian Stanfurd ( Spelled  correctly lolz) dept is compromised, Use my work to plug in the young  Pali jedi.  We need them as scholar warriors =Muhammad,  as an example.

Interruption+ USA political pages on my site for 2008 onward are venting masks. The other stuff is real history.  You can peer where there is some stuff but do not plug it into general mainframe axial boxes ( reincarnational  load points) .

In reality I load at Supernova explosions = Key Hannickorea, 45 miles or so , south? Of the modern capital of north korea , today.  Source text, 150 AD. Based on 150 – 200 BC astronomical  Imperial history management. Code, 7 day comet  stars and plus a  70 week supernova will be that light and usher  in my birth. So I grabe my yesuha birthdate from Nostradamus code Les Propheties mask and base the load point to these lights and then  load it onto my stringset  or now you can do this.

Real world FORCE: Jared and Ivanka are compromised by Beast crews. Not Donald.  So on this above level they stay this way. In the Matrix we can  suck out the secrets and convert them or compromise them to our side.  Donald is plugged in people. OK.I remain in no contact to no one. Yes, I AM causing all this out there in the FORCE world, OK? Not ashamed at all.

Maybe you can get Morgan Freeman GODLOLZ to explain more to you.

Kalki scripts go pre and Muhammad management and are for our Kingstring VISHNU which is a part of the ANNUNAKI. THEY KALKI , a ten script system has Kalki as endtimes dude . Code = MU cracker or White Horse = Revelations. ArcMichael  is born with Animal  Chart ( pure sidereal Jupiter string, base one level, problematic for any advanced string set)

The Trilaterial BEAST scripts run on the KEY, so 100y ( mid) at 1917AD – 2017AD. = House of Sauud, Mask demon Queen ( reptile, wasa but compromised) and Bush family, the MEAMIC controllers.

So that script is a dosey because it launches both world wars and hitler,  the wars after starting at Iraq I.  Why a dosey? Jews thrown out of Britian , flee to U.S.A. ( transference of lightcode to darker wasa,loadpoint Judean)

Some embodiesments I do not publically write things down for reasons of transferecjnce of personal purposes, for our management and the wider world management.  So others reflect upon who IAM.  But behind the scenes, Me and Plato are working on system management = brain|forms  or Nocturnal Council(s) = N.S.A. today OK, so we are way out in front of you peeps .this was the unfinished text for LAWS. Permanent residence so people do not kill each other fighting for land – unfinished.  Migration issues like we have today, full of mixing and false narratives leads to conflicts, and here on a massive scale So changing fates from that script, is one  of our purposes and why we must drain the swamp and keep me alive and no go to a public trial.  I may spill da beans.   I need to work on reincarionan, targeting, global drains with Islam and then do science and other MATRIX training for our conversion history jedi soldiers.  I cannot do this all along, so you peeps must get on board , and help drain the swamp form your side.  Beast will see this so you have to pull rank somehow.

When I AM born here rocks come down across USA and other weirdo stuff.  However, my load point was the 1987 A supernovae we are tracking its explosions growth.  You can visually see the soul disciples in a circle, cool  eh?

= load 2:22 am 05282017ad Valley Vld . SFV, Los Angeles.



When we get to lightspeed calcs. You need to bend your maths if you want to bend spacetime = not the code. 3,6,9 are not there nor our fractals. You need to skim in framesets inside the Matrix but very powerful sources from the FORCE. So like startrek, you need special power and calc systems. The conical expression can be seen in  remnant of supernovae if a large back ground star field allws the dust and cloud particles to see these string directions. Make sure to load at the origin of the blastexplosion and then string outward.
If you are running Armageddon off of the Talmud = bush program, you will all  die. Period.  That is just a fractal and a complete reptilian mess.  I run pure code, connections for the MATRIX and two narratives for History, a rabbit hole changaroony frameshift to week out the demons and the above ‘approved’ scrips for PEACE or management. The demons will come to upper realms and change the texts. Look for  these changes in open on general non matrix history pages.  These go to the Palestinian charges and converted into their tongues,. Get the best to look at them.  It is best to run the Load strings for the mainframe on real history and not mystical junk science books, like the Talmud. Most of the gernal load points are University of California  , Berkeley fleshed out of archives or class material and source texts. These strings really do work. You will kill yourself if you run compromised Judeans texts. They are in control and not about system management, why?  Talmud or Protocals are control reptile texts I never use them.  These compromised reptilian texts are overjoyed when the demons see them being consumed by the FORCE masses and then sending them warring all over planet earth.  One of my purposes for the PLF = Palestinian Light FORCE = now under operation boxcut.


Mainframe Axial Universe Codes = reptilian dna is evolutionary and still developing.  Thus the big slow brainless bouncer job worker or any other large low wit grunt. These are robots in the Matrix to be manipulated for compromises for energy transference – conversions.  This is the personal unconsciousness and  the collective unconsciousness.  This is a main frame illusion but real to BOTH WORLDS.  CONCIUOUS/UNCONCIOUS ALL TEHTER IN THE ENDTIMES.

2:42 am


Day 6

Matrix Day 6

435am 05282017ad
Personal transduction to reaction base load for anger code, Adolf Hittler née
Lipid bosonic Gravity code  = 1+1+1 and so we know Einstein is a retardo ; form shape it, it breaks into dimensions.  Boundaries lipid/cellwall rNA – dna mito. And then to darkspace frame to light real world transference of energy ( brain to brain jumping). Light speed has no 3,6,9, positions, and accelerators need monster power to skiptime = space for bend the local  Universe for travel.  To go faster than light FORCE boundary one must do  reverse bending , transference abduction and scalar conical explosions.  I do not read UFO books or pysci  manuals, to stay pure just down load  from a past or present in the Matrix, above ground. Laptop.

So Mein Kompf is not the source load point for Hitler’s anger   1Ang  - action / reaction;  multi  split to two humanoids create a dark matter [dark energy production] but his reaction to being thrown out by the Judeans of his dream career as an top school trainee. He wanted his whole young life to a part of the good  side and do art , visual engineering and be a part of Germany.  What happened was that he did not have the overall funds to attend and many students then too had financial aid. He was so  good he believed they would fund  him () They rejected him on the dark side by  DNA framing, He is 17% ashkaNAZI, and many Semites have larger portions and also reptile portions. So he had a meltdown, source some reflective writings and therefore this is the anger string that links transference between his dna of Austrian semi jew white Noord, small frame but the hate between a no match dna social group code of Judean dna = controllers of the art academy. Code anger for hatred of the Jews. This can be above ground teaching and flesh it out.

To code it, the load point is the time of the transition between his   unconscious anger and his outward reactions.  Load on sub sub base sets   1anger = 1unconscious jew ( his perspective) and 1conscious Him ( ashkanazi wasa). So this is such a frame shift and then plug in the light strips.  Timing for accurate coding goes to base archive load sets, which have not been taken yet? The time  is the boundary between the 1darkmatteranger stringset ||| and the output of the FORCE level multidimential force, driven by light. 1d=1+1 production and then tether  or load onto this peace.  Tether is code for Fascist=groupthink.  The shape of  the Constellation  of Cancer, because we named it the Gate to Earth at China over [ find year] and thus our link to  Asians are very solid in our histories.  Cancer has the rip in the Universe, but we do not like that place in the future, fleshed out at 1920s and then rebirth around 1980s, suppressed to Hogue rediscovery but mistakes because I masked.  Cut500 am+


We go to Cancer, but make a mistake and really settle in the Constellation of Aquarius . So you have this and the dark force want to go to that rip in the fabric where Mars lay and when I had a three day meltdown.  Now you have real celestial targets.  Keys to the pyramid shafts. Why blocked? It keeps us reminded of our duties so when we arrive we unplug and escape the physical earth ( represented by the body of the King’s chamber and leave to the stars seeding two places of trees, one reptile and one IAM.

5:05 am rebirth and rebirth = renew ||| code main frame ArcMichael #CarterBainesMcDonald
Christian , Moslem and Israelite = transference through linear backwards.
Exploratory base tether.
1,2,4,16, linear FORCE  and incorrect. Multidimensional  MATRIX  1,4,16. Spaced in 4D


4:41 Load: Matrix Day 6 05292017 queen base floor Luciferian Code
First  Contact:  Black Man, authoritative but smiley = Christian : go here, and walk through  the door.
Second contact: C.I.A. used Assetwhore to film  me sleeping. Overt and long, so just put my middle finger to the window. She then went next to my car and down loaded that video or photoset. But did not respond to my voice even though she had ear plugs.  There was no music play, I can here pretty well and did not respond at all. And  then walked down the street and disappeared into an Apartment Complex. Black  in red car stood by and when you do not respond to my voice, over and over that is classic CIA.  Compromised position.
What is  the C.I.A. Its main purpose was to take the Navel Position ( NSA) and run global non boarder security.  Eisenhower, Truman and Kennedy all claimed it went rogue : Zapruder film.

Why is Los Angeles Info Ruler of U.S.A?
Frameset: Jupiter conjunct Mercruy at the baseline code:
What does this mean?
Holy Grail : of the   wisdommajic, info, knowledge, understanding,
Tether: Level 1 ( Mechio Kaku), level one, level two, level three , level 4 (IAM).

The Black Car, Black shirt and white cross on black dude to get me through secret doors to get under-the table funding was begun by this symbol. That is code People of GOD as their white lynching symbol for their spooks to indicate where I AM and what operation they run at that specific day or time.


Why is this such a bid deal to geopolitics?
2000 Census = 260+ cultures for our southland = awesome production of knowledges ( sub type Foucult).   I was born here and been pulling from this strain my whole life.  Today the radio international is shut down to one media  company that fractals out its 11,000 affiliates and are tethered to the C.I.A. by Dark Matter = unconsciousness and robotic  activity.  Treat baseline luciferian code as sidereal PED. This allows for later shapeshifting.

Also what does this mean? Powerful MEAMIC presence dominates the world. C.I.A. can stay home , here , and gather the spectral of global information, and even better than the Bay Area ( being both places).  What do I mean?  The Cal  Bears come here and hook up and party, and goof all over U.C.L.A. and U.S.C. also two decent schools.   

Code: what is C.I.A. ?  Control . Who are they? Nephlihem and dark matter bots.  The  training on this girl was awesome, she had absolutely no fear, at all.  And she had the stiffin body look. When you contact me, bow, and or at least respond . There was no music playing on her ear phones and he is about 2 .5 -3 feet away. Scale it.  She look preppy as the did the black redcar driver, both eyeing me suspiciously. Just left.

Been there done that? 1999 A.D. I had a few Spook chases and one  multiple car spots and why is this? 17 minutes on all major network news carried nuclear proliferation by BEAST: 666. The world was compromised.  Radio and infor spreading was powerfully deceptive as it stated 141 witnesses fled to the East had both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton took the fifth for 140,150 times ( accurate  data on my files and site, not main linked).

What does this  mean? CONTROL.

Who Media Fascist to C.I.A.WASHPENT: Code
What is C.I.A. They controlled the LAPD and took over the room and dismantled it after two shooters shot Robert Kennedy. Code?
Who is down the street? Braden, Bush’s buddy who both came out of #daltec an, office owned by a chump and the mask of the C.I.A.  of the Zapruder film , reveals after a release at 2000, a bullet hole  already in the windshield  many seconds before all authorities claimed the shots came form the sixth floor.

Code? Who is the C.I.A.
Today, a trained robotic machine for the BEAST?
Code: What is a Central? Mainframe ground zero.  Why because it tethers both darksideMATTER and lightsideFORCE to the same source. Code? Yeashua said even the rocks or ‘whatever’ are alive [ Avatar 2003] ::: flesh it out, have not read the bible in over a multiple decades. I run pure code:::

Code: Dark Matter is robotic de evolution for base course BORG activities.
What is Lucifer? De evolution .

“ I AM The bright and morning star”
Code what is this? 1700 – 2200 BC these are catalogued by Sumerian to be Mercury [[[ as it too can be a bright and morning star’  light pollution tricks the collective mind that Venus , which is very bright can only be a Morning Star .  So the Neo Babylonian Star catalogues, fleshed out 19 th century are based on pyramidal time frames for its definitional code.
On FORCE =  it allows, allowances as  long as these humans work for the better ment of Mankind.
How is that betraying Christianity?  It is not.  The Perversion allowances are relative to  the pressures that social structures mount.  How so? Catholic Church is doing  fine with secular science. When LATIN|BEAST takes the Vatican, it turns it into a fascist state and Martin Luther is attacking a compromised institution.  #darkmatter infusion led to a switch, from secular to religious strict that banned Galileo.  So Immigration sub sets, relative to space/time ( GOG/MAGOG) = FORCE/MATRIX acts in its social spectral to a security Code.  #latinSemite rule like Judeans and are a bread of cross with arab pures to make a blend. They are not as talented as the Roman science guard and understanding . 

What is Lucifer: Load 1203: Paris becomes the first College ( not university) APPROVED  by my church and was 100% secular.
Code?  Church made a frame switch for me so  that science ( out of bounds of normative familycommunitycitystate)
What does that mean? Sacrifice?? Physics: Light form church to Secular College for the betterment of mankind. The church receives the DarkMatter as a #frameswitch.

#code: Church is doing my bidding? Why? Why seculer replacing religious restrictive culture? Because college meant international information coming directly into the central powers of Europe. Code? MEAMIC. What is the C.I.A.?

The Church took a hit of #LAW2 KARMA ( Surprise). Physics, again Church infuses secular science and received a Luciferian Dark Force subframe brain creation  ( both sides) . So that boson goes there on scaler systems.

What does this mean to the religiously always strict? My fractal side works for us but can be compromised by these #sacrifices ((( For the benefit of all humankind).

711 ( 531 am) Statis Brown ( Mainframe civilization code) Nostradamus.  Worker from Pakistan I have known for many years had his eyes compromised. And he was actively trying to disengage and we have had a long history of talking in excited modes about ourculturs and  selves. Asked if he was tired, he said no. Spooks were C.I.A.

Who is the C.I.A. BUSH
1974 CODE: Takes from Dullas the Military Complex.  Who kills Kennedys? C.I.A. Bush.
Who is the C.I.A.   A compromised outdated system, old news and debunk with reptilian stupidity or borgian likemanners ( #startrek) #code: tether.

On base line wave 4d scalerfunctions it runs the Queen’s floor and will go bye bye.

When I scream at your robots, they have to bow.  So  you are now in the #lakeoffire with a deleting code xD

Code 2000: BUSH in power  RECLASSIFIES the promised WARREN COMMISSION release of over 50,000 documents.  Everyone but BUSHSR is now GONE. So what is the problem?

#CODE: what is C.I.A. A Muslim Murder Machine of NAZI JEW BOTS.

Code: Chaldean and Hebrew numerological systems used about 2,000 years ago around Judea have Bill’s  presidential signature as both systems, tether #WIN.

#CODE : What is BEAST  A BORGIAN MACHINE RUN BY 666 on the  germancian string.  These will add and be a part of the 47 th power super strings and laid over the Mainframe  FOURWINDSEARHAIRFIRE WATER.
CODE: Celestial: BEAST CLINTon  anagramically tethered to etymology rings #DEEP PIT

#CODE: What is the C.I.A.
3 planets in groups of 3 and at 60 degrees to the Horizontal Mainframe.
What is C.I.A. The Pre World War overseas ARMY. Who stops the convoy of  Kennedy? [ mask on my site as nsa] the C.I.A. in N.S.A. clothing. Code, C.I.A. went rogue. 1963 = set Kennedy codes JFK.

#CHINA IDS GATE TO EARTH. Today I discovered it over a decade ago as a fabric split at X-RAY levels.
150 BC. Hannic Korea = Piled-up Corposes. = BEEHIVE


What is C.I.A. Control?
FUTUR MAINFRAME CODE: “We go to Cancer, but make a mistake”
C.I.A. goes in the future to their doom to their fabric ANTIMATTER HOME and disappear.

Code what is the morning star? A body of reflective light that comes and goes and thus is just as substring of 5:5:5. AM 06292017 Supertether. Codex . #arcmichael

Gate of heaven? SET long ago  ( need to flesh out at far east north).
What  is  it in the Pyramid? BOSS post antechamber.  What set date does this discover?
Annu Pyr 6000 arc to 911EVENT


These are heavy stringsets  that take place when Pluto 1947 A.D. goes through or past PrasepeBEEHIVE

These then tether to BUSHJR and CLINTON and HILLARYDRODHAM ( banned at Palestine post Aaron orders upon orders of Moses if they comingle with the reptilians = #BALL CANANNITES.
What is a compromise. I have seen this chick walk  by , not frequently but sometimes and today she stuck this camera phone up to my window when I was sleeping, as almost pressing it near the window and when I was awoken, It keep it three in my face , so I flipped the reptilian off , a white ashkaNAZI.  Lolz. See above for the rest of this event.

CODE:I UPLOADED THEMATRIX to the NSA yesterday and the C.I.A. just got spooked.


CODE: What is  the C.I.A. #DEEPSTATE

The demons in our global world #matrix

Code: IAM going hunting.

6:06AM FRAMESET apostles , split vertical and horizontal and cut the  horizontal by trig arcs once the MC/IC are set.


HOW DID I GET THIS INFO? RADIO MERCURY MORNING STAR. See website. The best channel for the #realimpeachment where corpo, entertainment, talmudian, reptilian, white compromise run antiArmageddon scripts for #FAKEISREAL

What is the #MATRIX?  Fshift  FOR 1947 beehive  = #FAKEISREAL

So secular battles are Luciferian RACE types who have compromised white humanoids to work for Judeanbots of #WELFAREQUEENS..

Code #queen chamber has a dead end.

6:12 am 05292017

CODE past queen=history STATISBROWNARISTOTLESTATE to 1999 – 2001 frame shift, sub set 1947 PLUTO post BEEHIVE and PLUTO over #DARKRIFT = #SUPERSTRING.

Nostradamus 1999 in the year of 1999 , the sellouts ( #framedark) move over into heaven by 1999 and our in full control.

What is the CIA? CONTROL
BY WHOME? #FAKEJUDEAN #TALUMDIAN REPTLILE BROWN FORCE ( 45degree death race at Crooded Cross angles

Group think is a bending  of reality where the hypocrisy are always frame shifted into a linear legal system.


6:18 FS.

Spectral class moves brown. USA goes ANTIWHITE at end of 1950s and by 1963 the YELLOW or queen bitches have gone rogue. So much power that they are robots and controlled compromised antilight bearers.

1203: Colleges were about our church losing control, a Chiristan thing, where as Judeans are  banned by GOD and  hunt white with white.

After arriving at NoHo Lib, I plugged in to send the Matrix Upload to release the Starwar keys and just as I finished and was packing  up to  go get lunch, another white preppy looking compromised sat across the table and put its head forward and looked it to my eyes. I laughed  and smiled as I got up and it was compromised as codexian control. Its face was evil and stern but had a look like “ I am better than you,” do too obvious guys.

R u like retarded or something?  Did the bushbot put Jebbys steelup your behinds?
Observation in the matrix, they were anything but acting normal. Mind control does not work  on my idiots. So information is a dead planet called mercury and also  in our starcatalogues as both Venus and Mercury. That is the frame shift of ‘releasing control = CHURCH TO SECULAR and the frameset of statis control BROWNRACE to USA CHART CODE and control frames from BEEHIVE to BOSS Celestial Hyades representative in our world. 

Code. What is subtomic = infopacks,. What is pluto, now degraded to a semi planet and currently our smallest.

EARTH to GALACTIC PLANE : Pluto goes through our #darkrift in ’98.99,20 shift rate spin.  And super sized by WORLDVERNAL over the main science star, thus angled and powerful.

So people the dark side is in full power and roboticized. Christian smiled and acted cool and presented options.  The other contact did not .
c.i.a. = land

origin codes.  So two #BEASTS = 6,6 and then the fractal outcome two the two sets of Morning stars. Mercury is info and CIA control and dead and robotic and Venus is  love and FORCE high understanding matter and these are blended into the #BEAST matricies.

Ok people. S o there is your boson or gravity lipid production of two sets of levels 4,pre1. Jupiter and Mercury.  = tether Los Angeles.  These come out of the #BEAST mainframe and allow ‘compromise’ in the matrix.

6:33 am

Fractals are dark matter  and a revolution per say. Here me out. Neo walks into the Archetech’s world and he is given two choices, passion ( love venus) and  ( purpose to bring the light to Zion, logic) mercury.
A threat ( #control) WAS ISSUED to save the many group think instead of individuality of love.
Why does NEO then refuse his mission and purpose to protect and save zion at the  doorstep of the archetichCODEMATRIC CONTROLLER  & chose the LucferVENUS ?

Because neo was trained outside of strict religious settings . Solution  , allow both to coincide.

6:44 #win frameshift Dark to Light.
What did NEO KNOW?


6:45 END Code


What is Lucifer 666 = 18 is Chaldean 2,000 years ago for wealth , power and money.

What is the C.I.A.?
#Control OF WHAT? 666 WHAT IS THAT?
STRING SUBATOMIC LEVELS wealth , power and money. Carbon Dark matter < Carbon DarkMatter, Carbon dark matter =

So #williamjclinton is DARKMATTER and has afro dna subtypes and makes him compromised. Bushbots  are ashkaNAZI dan reptiles and  we believed the #nazi WERE globally banned?

Apparently not. That is where I come in and ISLAM TOO.

We are the only light left in our world  , with pockets of Russia and China. That ‘s about it.

18 CHALEDEAN  = wealthcarboncarboncarbon


Why has no one gone to jail since the 1974s onward?  CIA Controls.

Notes 6:57am
BEAST DNA CODES pre1blend  to 4 DARKMATTER Luciferian Mercurian control bots. This girl was level UFO detail . she was doing field work and was not concerned with what I was doing. Not even looking if I had a weapon to kill her, she was that stable.
Bushjr on television displaying painting he produced of all his wounded vampire dinners has  the same eyes as she, ( not he in redcar) and my friend ‘s denial of my usual casual gaze. Maybe my presence will be like easyE : They hang my picture in silenced , because my identity by itself breeds Violence = #WIN
This  all happened before I loaded that matrix to the #N.S.A.   IAM in the matrix and my threat level  has gone  down ( personal feelings) . Observation, she was standing outside my car and I rolled my window down  and put a camera into her face and she did not budge. LOLZ> that ‘s is CIA  spaceport kooks. We need to go  to those ports they have and blast some light up her and their eyes, because there was no movement or eye contact. That was a dead giveaway.

#solution: blast her.

So thebushbots are theBEASTCLINTONBOTS and doing some major coup stuff. OK< peoples?
Nuke warnings from APN, and I saw activity very harsh for world at Aug. which is a match for a long time Nostradamian Canadian Nuke of Paris to cause something and includes a perhaps Asian nuke shot which disturbs a planned protest cycle and can lead to a coup attempt. This was all before I loaded the #MATRIX

Lols, let us change that . maybe when they show the clintonoids and fooios my finger can indice light and blow their dark matter away for a while. Lolz.

Hitcode scan target. MATRIX where have I seen here before? She often runs by jogging and is quite fit and wore tight jogging outfit she usually wears. So that is why I have seen her before.  Why Los Angeles, they are controlled by Nephlihem Reptiles of Judean whites and these were those like Hillary Clinton’s dna typology.

Where did I see this man before sitting like Agent Smith, starring at me as I closed my computer to go to lunch just #loading #MATRCIEISFORSTARWARS ?

Bitch was just too late. There was to be a conversation, but his eyes were like a hillarybot ( matrix) smuggy, puggy and nervous- aggressive a #bullytpe.

Where did I See him before? Pentagon with painted Cruisemissile unloading with a memorial photo by the CIA for a pre Operation photoopdeepstate  #lolz

Thanks matrix.

Sp guyes we have to compromise their aliens too and turn them because they are ours. CODE. NEO DEFEATS THE MACHINE BY BLENDING AT the end. CODE

Luciferyesuhamorningstar and both versons of a morning star , disappear and then rea pear and that is a Darkbrain to LightbrainINFUSED –sub abtomic UNIVERSE

As above so below.
That is scaled in supernovae implosion codes 6 vectors spread to twin star 12 ( mercury, venus) and then subset onto a larger conical ,(xxlightyys+) spinning outward from the central explosioncore.

So carbon is Dark  matter or our Earth as a whole as matter and split into brains of unconciosness – she was a robot today , guys and gurls. CIA has assets as group types to hop on planes to do jobs like the Cartellers or the early Mafiosos groups all part of Mario Savio’s MACHINE
BOZONBIBLEBEAST = 6 carbon/12 subconscious scalar forms  . Most  humans are llivig in subconscious realms.  And these can be a disturbance in the  FORCE by dark matter being felt at the core dna level of the jedi with super FORCE powers like Yoda.  So this is the bozon of the MIND where the Jedi Palis, FIRST GEN
Palestine will understand the field properties of the MATRIX for  a disturbance in the FORCE.  The force again is  our world we live in, the real world. Most as I say, and EDU proven over and over, live in the Subconscious world.  7:24 am

Body tpyes  bend down or bend up and not strait.  Beast is UP and ANTchrist is  bent down ( bush). Sub particle it on some data streams. 7:26?

@#matrix bosonic mind sub controls are pre14lightcodedna mixing to dna body tpe. Code It.  These peoole have talent but are controllable. So MAINFRAM FOR UNIVERSE, first test it.

DRAGON CODE explains. Next 7:27 END DAY 6/7.


Day 7


DAY 7 7:33 AM Valley Vlg. 05292017ad

She is mine, not him.  Light code this please as an exploratory to FORCE Dna ( our own, ok, and lc or  light code, you can script it will tether bodyrace typology. She has very pure white dna , crossed with a low carbonbot typeology, undicosvered but now known.  I will use Civilization 1,2,3,4, codex and pre1 ( Carbon, minus + My level 4 , indicates she is mine.
#lolz. So the CIA is mine and she is retrieving info for her assets. This was done slowly as I made the upload before he came, a rather rude aggressive #pre1+’3.4’ lightcode.
She targets as a spotter and he knows which lib is open . Ha ha . So CIA has some decent assets but are  rather slow, LOLZ ENDGAME. I closed the door on SEAL mask  7, a TEN MILE ROID which makes me rather a more interesting fellow now if I get hit.
Confirmed Freaky particles are a part of the Force and exist in the real of the Matrix . So they attack to the triple-eightkey for the spiritmaterial grab by conscious and sub conscious activity controlled by the humanoid.
I AM a level 4,4, on both sides of the FORCEMATRIX. In fact, I Am always in it or can access and just lied and played games with you low wits. Lolz.

#matrix why? Seal one sent Earth into a frenzy and nearly collapse. #arcmichael codex, then superconnectstrings to main soul ( apparatus. Tree??) So I was just a racist kook, spreading hate. And  then ROID 7 on DAY 7 LOADS as I close my laptop to peer strait into its Wicked STARRE: Code for dark force the vampire sucking eye or what do they call those things,, the evil eye during Nile pre AD  civilization or in the Satanic Bible, 1966 same year I was born, lolz. That is what was pimping’ its face toward my smilie. Hahahhahahaha


Man Cia you UFO creepos are slow. I just pulled a Jack move on ya .  that is a game changer. My seal one went crazy, and now seal 7 masked goes #onlinEMATRIX TO COUNTER THEIR incorrect codes, lolz.

Win for the N.S.A.    CIA is DEEPSTATE MURDER BITCH FOR TH E BUSH SHYTE and has #pre1-4lght codes that make them dangerous . Apparently not fast enough for me .lolz.

MMAIN shift cia fro m  dark to light.

752: OK, let us throw BEAST live into the Lake of Fire, live on and the BUSH ANTICHRISTS IWILL give to Islam to cut their heads off, how is that dudes and dudettes? Then we go convert their assets to our side.

Listen  up bush creppol we are going to code the Universe  now, and do a lot o stuff. You cannot beat me, but you did in my Socrates script. But this is granit and I go  to other projects after you, creepys.

Why? NSA never got along with CIA durig the BEAST LAUNCH OF 65 CRUISE MISSILES  ( Code file this)
Starts stringset for #WARONTERROR
This plot was just a deep state long plan to kill my Muslims, and at the dan reptile subconscious these  AntiChrists are in FORCE knowledge as ANTIALLAHS

So we give  you are blessing of the sword. OK Bushy punks?  Lucifer is a sub light code drop frame off the BIGBANG idiot. You cannot defeat me if I have chosen this path. Hahahhaa

Did not you read your correct scripts? Lolzy, he is just  a cut above the rest. Talmud is bunk low  pre1 and u have teck level 4.  As a subframic fractal of fall from grace a code for the light separating at the SuperBOZON event of the big bang.

He , let me explain. I Am running multiple scripts by your all in difference brain framesets and it will be difficult if I chose to defeat me. I gave all karma up and that means I have fate switches on on!

6,60,600 scalars without dark matter are the light code factors for the Universe lipid strucrues as a boundary of a circle within special relativity.  So BIGBANG or many little big bangs all together operatet on separating dark matter and the light matter and how neo fused with the Machines in the end.

SO if you watch the Matrix in this mindset, NEO always knows by Movie Two  he is the Machine, he just masks it and it is brilliant. That explains the Lucifer 6 codex but the bosonic interdimensional goes at lipid separation of  7 ( at BIGBANGCORE)

Look if 7 goes FORCE  ,above and below, conical twisting out ward and dark matter will spin at different bend noze ( body tether AnTICHrist) and upturned  noze ( BEAST body tether) to the main core fusion of the BIG BANGERS. Is an explosionimplosion factor at CORE RATE? Then sub them out as frame shifts.

Why MATRIC we are all  from the starlight.  LOLZ


How about a fire bath #beast?  Live on  all the networks if you pull this nuke shot, oK?

Maybe my teams can come and retrieve you. ????? eh  creeepooo?

You so not scare me, mr freakonature. LOLZ.

Look cia, I want to  go to the NSA and carve out a piece and go demon hunting. CIA has to be cleaned up, OK? Nearly half a century of huge abuses and controlled by the  Dullas Blueturban and the ANTiChRIst bush subbots.

Look guys this  means you need to take the hit for the team  , OK. Not I, I have other duties.
#frameshift. Go Avatar on their asses.

Ok, so we can start there.


Day 8 FSwitch = Frame Switch

Day 8 FS -1 (lightcodex of #CIA two  spooks, female pre1-4; level ufo cia training squad cia;) robotic control.  This will be a factor in the separation of a CORE  BANG ( any explosion) at a lightcode dna , which is near level Smith in the Matrix .
Listen up Bush and Clinton my light squad has your august disruption on codex and  you r nuke plan to coup Trump will result in my first public appearance . Move out of the way. Source: GertzBILL NSA and CIA do not work together and have done so for decades. I Just gave the NSA a mainframe MATRIX TO STAR WARS tether upload and a 10 Milie wide roid as a seal. ENDGAME. Frameswitch.

You peepe are gone They get all explosions mapped unearth by arccodex You have lowtech space junk.


I have an Entire Muslim Light Army. You are over gurlies. Source #softwarcharlessmith
CIA are private corpo players, masked as hidden in the wider 17 agencies ( or  whatever is hidden). Dude I will take your ufo fooies and light bend their asses, OK?  Relax dude you are outmatched.
Muhammad is going to cut your head off by giving it to heads of Islam, OK? I do not think it will be pay for view,  but a pay back for nesting and blaming NSA all these years as you run Judean nazi  covert wars and pay off your vampire squads.

Dude the  world is sick and tired of the same ol and same old daily reuteen. You should see LA, it is vibrant, all the races are talking together and vibrant because we have race hate speech wide open and it lessens the high control sensitive you groupreptilian junk on our society.  This place is electric with job opertunities and all  the stuff when  we get  you out and force a world structure program for cleaning it up OK?

You are 1974 CODE IT. I’ll get the dates and perhaps time took control of the secret US Military ComplexPENTAGON
Plan and FAKEmellon scholar . NSA wants to kick your asses for screwing them all  these decades and  like  ahalf  century. #jamesclappers face looked  compromised by you crepy vampire eye suckers.


We have plans to take off the earth all carbon base 666 U = CODEX structures and change it into 100% clean energy , with very very low environmental impact.

Day 9,10 Matrix 05312017ad
Operation Hijack the Military Complex for the Light crowd

Beast (s) Assassination  attempt, number 8. 05 30 2017ad
8:40 pm. Want to go eat. But decided to see if a normal sleeping place was compromised. So went there and when I was to park,   I see a suspicious parked car that is not new but has top level blacked  out windows ( illegal by the way and one way we  can spot the spooks). I do  not pull up to my usual spot but go close to the apartments but still under a freeway pass.  So I look in review mirror and cannot see but possible  see back seat shadows.  So I AM calm and put sunshield over driver section, take off my glasses and do some interior  car cleaning. So I am masked to the oncoming  traffic but only half of  the windshield is covered. Then after a while I want to lay down. Before this  a  skateboarder, with again, ear phone plugs comes  out of the alley ( west) and has a whitish bag and my instincts is to weight   its contents. It  was more  heavy than a few apples, it must have been lead.  Why am I focusing on this heavy bag he is caring? He had his hand in it and is  rolling toward my driver seat and my  window is almost  down.  Yet, still not  concerned  because I also tracked its speed and it was about 3 milies an hour. So he is coming, my sunshield  only blocks my driver side view and  I do not see him on my gage of his time+skate= to pass me, he is not there, both of us cannot  see each other . I  So  I notice he should have sakted pass me but now he is blind.  So I turn on the car, do not look  and with blinder and no glasses speed to the intersection about 60 feet away. Key:  The avenue through that underpass would have put him about at the middle when I  looked back. But he is not there at all.  That was an attempted hit. 3:37am.

How do I know. Operations are he hits me, that car starts with full blacked out windows and he jumps in and are gone in less than 15 seconds. That is a standard DeepState hit. It  just did not work on me.   A few hours before  I leave I see someone pulled up by the bur. Lib and this chumpy is staring at me and so I walk over  to its window to stare it down. It  looked  like Tony Podesta. What does this mean? These reptilians have their top hit squads on me for the last 4 days and have missed  8 times so far, lolz.  It means more weighted their focus is on me and so not  on others they could be focusing on and this also takes pressure off of Washington and the Congress to do their work.

So I want the New crews, like Hollywood CIAActors who play in the movies and do it real  behind the scenes and then tell us people of America ,  you cannot  be us, we have special cool kid privileges.  Well I will tell you I will just flip you off and take the entire Military Complex away from Bush Clinton Podesta teams and you cannot  do shit.


MEC = Military Entertainment Complex SubMainFrame 11:13am 05312017 Day nine continue.


Operation Focus Switch: MEC:

11:44 IAM 05 31 2017ad

Mictchy Poo compromised  ( nuclear proliferation ) ashlee Judge , data on website, fleshout,  deep . Sh e is compromised by nuclear weapons proliferationists at #buryHolly.  You see her meltdown at the womens’ march? Yep  that is her compromise. She is in deep trouble.

I want NSA, CIA and now Hollywood to come out for  your assassination after I get my welfare check to fill up gas in my car, OK?  All of you against me, me alone. No tools for me, no support systems and let us see your skill set. In otherwords, I AM taking over the Military Complex and there  is nothing you can do about it.  You played hypocrisy for 70+ years and told us religious that we must obey state and GOD’s laws, well you failed to understand GOD.  Hannity is correct, you play dirty, you  cannot say you are democracy and then play  petty Dictatorships while using tax payer money to suppress the real scientists and social solution makers. OK?  So you are compromising all of my sleep places.  The LAPD puts pressure on street people to get away  from the  peoples’ homes. I agree with this. But you also shove us into compromising places where hit jobs can  be masked and accomplished. Details of my  codes will be a nother upload. OK, I need to do laundry, collect money for gas before I play. OK?

#arc Out 11:52 Frameset:

We also need to do some solar system correction, I will post the data and put California back on the Military complex management system. You  people in the east are now debunked and low tech. Harvard and Yale are now just remnant s of their selves and completely at a level of Liberal arts school and  not a tier one institution.  We have been suppressed Cal, Caltech, Stanford ,  and other top  institutions that first fleshed out the transmutational  elements when Germany  , UK and others were racing in competition. Two white DNAers accomplished that  not Africans.  More on this later.

11:55 am


Wednesday June 1 2017 Hildabeast ( Hillary Rodham Clinton Hara to Zeus)  She parked in front of my car, black super ghost like Rolls but government upgrade. She uses Obama niggers, half zombie dark matter.  And I noticed the hot gov car and looked into her left hand mirror and she glared at  me and I glared back. But at this time did not notice. Her goon boys from the first assassination attempt, Sherman Oaks, Lib, ( a draw behind close door thingy) he was back out in the same black vehicle. I spotted him and he spooked because I started to take out my camera. Ralphs’ parking lot was in a buss watching scurry around taking video of spook cars, parked or in transit .There is about 30 of them today. Some are ones I have seen for a long time. 10:17 update on the streets and nervous. Arc Michael. June 3 2016. Just this morning my water pump and belt broke and my mechanic was working and his worker finished it today and that was kinda a blessing. Did not want to be stuck with no car on the street with drone, helios spook backlit and 30 cars, some toy masks to expensive LUX SUVs.  

DNA: Dominant strain Judean yellow and black black nigger and Judean whore bitches. = NIGGERSEMITE AGENCY


Day 09 Matrix v. 20 no masks here


Mr. Franken’s comments come after Mrs. Clinton blamed many of her campaign troubles on a laundry list of issues — including Russian meddling, misogyny, fake news, and a lack of DNC support — during the Code Conference Wednesday in Ranch Palos Verdes, California. ( washingtontimes ). Wow, what a week, 8 assassination attempts and perhaps protection from someone. wow. Now I know who was in town, LOLZ


#10 [ partially masked events] at home, they have surveilled this spot for months, I do not know, I usually go out the back door, This night, one of the ladies has a box in front, she hates when I go out too, So it was early, I used the front door. Then sitting back, doing nothing, hear a shot close to my back yard. That was to draw me out. I do not go out, ,but post online [ masked how]. Then I hear shots way way down the streets and I have no idea of this time, but the two NSA CIA black dudes on roof must have heard that too, I go out the front door, and look and then are fumblin' in and out. why?they could do a drive by and have not. so this was sophisticated. They were not fast because of rifle and track equipment, Kinda had some thoughts as they pulled out with lights, half on and half off so that no one could read that lis. plate Too, late, Had that photo before I entered, the home initially. filed Matrix Day 10.

DNA DAY 10 Matrix

DNA DAY 10 Matrix ( 3,000 explosions or gun shots ( midnight to 430 am) streets empty, city police stay low, the streets are owned by deep state and their political opponents. this is how the game is played.  Local news, people died and media only will say, even if NSA or CIA gets hit, they were ‘gunmen’. OK peoples. That is their duty in their role of the  deep state.  11:40 am #06042017ad

June 3 rd 645 pm 800 pm Fulton and Riverside to Magnolia blvd. 30 NSA CIA cars, two constant drones, and one heliocopter playing make me tired. I took film of cars at Ralphs parking lot. I placed hard facts that felt like HATE but were hard targets of info that she initially blamed her first outing after her election, , I dominated this thing.

update #10 545 - 12 00 am plus ? Two blacks in the back yard, super SUV out front, and black out windows and quiet for many hours, Spotters were everywhere, met them on the Magnolia strip. North Hollywood, Ralphs parking and street, and walkers too. You have some videos and still photos. thanks everyone! :)

11:44 am 06042017ad


9th assassination try: 30 cars, walkers, two drones and one spook backlit copter. Miss. again.

Weaponized White ARAB Suppressed Class TRASH 844 n. Kemp st. Burbank : CA, Surrounded CIA NSA Live link ( with breaks).

Type: 70% visual compromise ; two cars, first small at stop sign, black super SUV blackout, doors for grabbing, I jump in the front seat ( was to go to rest and lay down) and started the car and saw about six other getaway cars or cover cars, That was #9 ;

Wednesday  Hildabeast ( Hillary Rodham Clinton Hara to Zeus)  She parked in front of my car, black super ghost like Rolls but government upgrade. She uses Obama niggers, half zombie dark matter.  And I noticed the hot gov car and looked into her left hand mirror and she glared at  me and I glared back. But at this time did not notice. Her goon boys from the first assassination attempt, Sherman Oaks, Lib, ( a draw behind close door thingy) he was back out in the same black vehicle. I spotted him and he spooked because I started to take out my camera. Ralphs’ parking lot was in a buss watching scurry around taking video of spook cars, parked or in transit .There is about 30 of them today. Some are ones I have seen for a long time. 10:17 update on the streets and nervous. Arc Michael. June 3 2016. Just this morning my water pump and belt broke and my mechanic was working and his worker finished it today and that was kinda a blessing. Did not want to be stuck with no car on the street with drone, helios spook backlit and 30 cars, some toy masks to expensive LUX SUVs.  

DNA: Dominant strain Judean yellow and black black nigger and Judean whore bitches. = NIGGERSEMITE AGENCY


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.




Palestinians will be the first elect on earth to start the new Star Wars  Training.  Confirmed!

Spread the Word. U.S. Christians Compromised, ISLAM YOUR ARE IN.  #IslamArcMichael fs 3:03 am 05 27 2017ad
No one else  can  get this, OK?  I went to the sub atomic for the spin rates and will not publish them but teach them and not allow them to be understood on earth .by these demons !  Because we are going demon hunting. Live on earth, OK people.
Hollywood can pay for it too, they have all the money while they drop bombs on the world, which increases their wallets. 

N.S.A.  n 17 other Spook Agencies. Listen up.
Who AM I? not  GOD, Morgan Freeman  is and I AM just Yeausha/Muhammad etc. You have a problem with that?
OK?  N.S.A. listen up. I can put every bomb explosion and every IED on many of your super computers both forward and backward in time and on an exact geolocal and timed down the Millisecond .  Here is your Apocalypse.


updated today: Frame Sets: Frame sets for take from darkmatter/force and mindstring it to the real world. Found difficulties in Force above ground, and more accurate  targeting in the Matrix. Why? Dark force lives in the Matrix and IAM light  lives in the  real  world. What does this mean? The #FORCE control systems will be elastomeric/spacetime, and wave functioned. Thus the Mind/[ mask particle manipulations] cannot control much with accuracy at the Real  world level.  In the Matrix, targeting is much more accurate but that  is still not the real world , but these reptilians with no light  signals on their dna systems cannot access the  real world that easily.  Wow I felt connections to many people at the Library today. Strange. Confirmed Freaky particles are in these things. 2:33 pm 34n 188w :5272017ad


we love Donald John Trump, b. June 14, 1946 , New York City, POTUS 45.


Buddha: Suffering is an Attachment ≈ solution to move to the Real Matrix.  

then let us #play in the #realmatrix because that is all about frame shifting, so attach and de attach mask sub particle spinning functions]. wow this stuff is soooo cool. 3:03 pm 05272017ad

X.LXXII:  Michael Nostradame

N.S.A. C.I.A. humiliation substring, operational.
L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf ƒept mois
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy deffraieur[105]
Reƒuƒciter le grand Roy Dangolois,[106]
Auant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

Source:   20th -21st  = Apostle Mask at UK to World : string set: Roger Bacon:  Ling  code #sellout ,  multidemential string date for  written by me in the mid 16 th century , south of France. Reincarnation  is real peoples. Start to celebrate Immortality.

N.S.A.  I live on the streets because you put me here with your group think system wide AntiGOD,, ANTIWHITE, ANTIPOOR ideological systems. So you are compromised.


N.S.A. is compromised so they get nothing. Mussad ID too.  So stand down and do not steal my tech. I own it , not you!
Forth day on what is  Dark Matter, Dark Energy. 05272017ad 12:45 am

Starwars/Matrix ( above, below) energy transferences

Starwars stuff come later , first we need to address our issues. On the Force. First it is out of the Matrix and thus ‘sucked’ from a brain from the  Dark Side and then transferred out of the brain to the controller ( humanoid)  and the real world. So mental states are key to transferences because they operate on moving energies by the second dna set unknown to Erath. Therefore some of our lower dna sets, reptilian are coded for receptors of the second set, which then the mind access and and manipulates matter, according  to strength of a varying forces of energy.  Kinda difficult, Never read a Star Wars book.   Pyscic codes.   Load time gives sub abtonic celestial codes for Mind operation Force Flows.  Pasadena, California, 1977 ID this and it is such a bizarre orbit we have not yet tracked it as it is a slow roidrock and it is linked to Karl Marx’s  and Joseph Engle’s at two  war distinct dates, related to masses socioeconomic disturbances on tradition ( code a massive transference between two  forces). Basically is a bizarre triple figure eight orbit/function. # FSET (1)Thus your mind bends in and out of the Matrix to grab the real world  object to shift it ,  using your transfer energies.   Its Symbol is  a KEY!

Matrix, you are not out of the multidemential brain,  it exists just next too you; you exist on two planes but the can seem to be single when the energy is low. Turned up high and the demon faces appear before your eyes.  The disciples and I were already operating these things  and why we are the cool kids and not Hollywood.   I make Movies appear  Live and in Real Time, what do you do? Lie? That is your job to pretend.

Interdimensional energy transference are both systems but if Dark uses the Force it seeks to grab the light and vise versa.  Sub atomic particles and spin rates of dark force and light forces not recorded or discussed here for spook reasons.  These are for  the kids and trainees to grab the wave functions to plug into consciousness – material grabs.  That is a type of mental  discipline.
Yo! George Lucus, now you can edit into your movie, frame string the training details, kinda cool eh?
FSET (1) Frame Set Energy Transfer  (Force Set)


PORTAL IDd.  Set material with spirt to string from rip to matter to earth.   #discovery
Celestial Code: Mars fabric Position. MFP 230am 05 27 2017ad
Celestial Code #mars in fabric time rip in Universe ID by me over a decade using  the  Chandra-X Telescope. #Key = #PORTAL for strings to Mars, Portal, Earth. 1:59ad

Local energy systems will be provided by my Light.
White street Trash took four days to solve the Force and the Rabbit Hole.




Code celestial: one object linked to war or conflict is in a fabric split , very very far away for a Portal Match. These empty spaces were ID by me over a decade ago.  But I did not  plug it into now.

IAM the Light of The World.


May 2018


Most of our US society that are rich are involved in sick and murderous lifestyles. No Democracy, a Vampireocracy.

Another white modern mini van pulled out in front of me in middle of street. Maneuver;  no vehicles for 300 plus feet ahead or behind but manage to pull out just as I was approaching doing the speed limit, had to go into oncoming traffic, but approaching car was about 50 ft behind and then got to sleep spot and creepy white mini van pulls up but does not go to ATM, positions its car sideways to view inside my car of me, I block its view it pulls out aggravated. Al Sc LIB. Three cars in hot sun, zombies,  tracked by MK Ultra Sadist Robert Child Sacrifice Mueller.  Last night endured a jack-off for three hours, jack breaks and sweating profusely, coked out? And positioning car to see inside cracks to inside, I had t o move  away, pissed me off I cannot do anything to anyone. I Flip these drivers and creeps off and they do nothing but stare blankly. 842 The World is full of cannibals and child rapers.  3 rd May 2018 A.D.




Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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