Pray For Lucifer. Arc Michael Reborn

this page is under construction and will change. There are pressing matters for the real Book of Life and how it will take shape. There are two stories of Adam and his sons. I need time to see what is going on and have issues at Cornerstone to address. As well as medical matters. I need to delve deeply into this and offer respect to those as team players. My son is a team player because this is all theater and his Son does not concentrate on the matters at hand. He needs to stop being sorrry for himself and get with the program.





What they believe: George Herbert Walker Bush is GOD, at least of the earth. he did a fine job. He has a son , Bush jr. And he has not studied how run planet earth and and economics at Harvard is not enough to make correct decisions on earth management. Bush jr. hates me for my intelligence. He parties too much and does not pay attention but he may get control of planet earth, I may allow him so and he has complained he did not make some big decisions. Not sure what he means or what time frames. ? he paints, good artist, but does not concentrate on world matters at hand. So he, not his father, makes me quite nervous.

what is reality: One of the Adam(s) was George H W Bush and he ate the forbidden Fruit of human flesh? not sure right now. . Pray for him everyone, he is my son. he needs help. Pray for George H W Bush. they are infecting all. IAM infected. Contact at NH police by worker bee male arab who said, did you eat the chicken? Chiken was good. A new homeless , fast program showed up and they are a part of Spirit Cooking. SO I will become a hybrid too. — ArcMichael reborn 09272017AD.


We can win if we fight.

Satan's Army: 4 Horses of the APOK: Flesh Eaters and Pedophiles and deniers of GOD: typology, white, brown—red and Black, and Hybrid Reptilians , pale no sleep, never and eat human flesh as fuel. Help us Government, we love you.

Code Fallen Angels

FORBIDDEN FRUIT IS HUMAN FLESH or HUMAN BLOOD IN FOODSTUFF: REVELATIONS. Called Spirit Cooking. Pray and run away from the hybrids out on the street abducting and eating people. They flee from me. But no you people. I will fight for you , and you can fight for me and we can win.

I have been infected. they sent UPS Gov car to 844 kemp showed up un announced. Gov silver car, waved and he waved back. he is infected. pray for him. Went into house to get something, out in a few second. left, I AM out of that house people and they do not talk and they are deceivers. Pray for them people, they need all the help they can get. Run from them, they flee from Me.

Help people 12:00 09272017AD Arc Michael Reborn.





part information Steven Bassett's staff.

Do you like Mega Mind the movie?

Fort Benning is in central Georgia not North Carolina. I know because all infantry soldiers go to Boot Camp at Fort Benning Georgia and I was in the infantry. And the yellow patch with the horse on it is United States Army air cavalry which are based in Texas. 1,500 soldiers board alien craft to get infected.

#pray for #Obama his agents are correct, the White horse and Red Horse armies have no blacks in them. I Can make Black, top MIBs flinch, you cannot , so run. why? they are infected already with the #serpent virus. Please help all. we can do this. they are already here. They will leave when we fight back. Pray too for all, even the condemned.

300 assassination attempts by the two horses of the Apok against ME, so far as of 09272017AD Please help and pray. Since May 2017. They lie to not get deceived. will not speak to anyone, they are programmed not too.





















Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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