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Little Book


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis:

Alpha DNA ♣ le Gog ūüöę ūüĒĮ

What are God's children ? The people who brought this solar system civilization.

They will be getting privileged and preference now & when we take full control.


TWO SETS OF HUMANOID INSTRUCTIONS. bioelectrical DNA and exobioelectrical cognitive binary codes of consciousness and of unconsciousness.


ACID NUCLIE AMENO ≡ Binary— Codonic'

I have The cognitive↓ storage and transfer Codes for all points in or of time⁄space. This can be seen with certain ingestion of native Earth natural chemicals but not understood or explained and also shown for quick bursts and disappear. I use this to time travel back and forth, such forth my ongoing Prophecies, It is invisible to your wavelengths and unknown to you. These are safe guards I put in so Cloning becomes a separate entity not tied into the Original Code biological receptor ″ in this case , Humanoid.

↓ Spirit, consciousness, both streams of un and of on. This #dna can travel in an instant across our Universe. It obeys very different laws of our universe. I can access at will.

Reincarnation: Yaweh’s reincarnation in body form , one of them was Prophet Muhammad. You are welcome Islam.<update 2:31 am May 20 2017ad



Lake of Fire

Little Book 11:11 am May 13 2017 A.D.
A part of Operation Immortality: Arc Michael ICBM
Sweet to your tongue and bitter to your belly


Everyone is immortal. I keep this from you, and on conditions. I can delete your souls.


Shame: I cannot live on earth with the suppressors nor give them forgiveness. This is a coded sequance; they do not nor will they ever change and treat my group with respect. We brought civilization and by planet hopping and now we have to go further and go exosolar. I need my superstar telent and must take off the half and quarter-wits. Free Societies allowes them to over take the problem solvers and in this case, overpopulation, nearly ruin the Earth for human stweardship..

There is no such thing as Global Warming. The transfer form energy to heat from Stars’ are a normative process, I have going, universe wide, and this is how I develop life on ¬†other worlds. So you are lying, and we need to track you and illuminate you from Existence. ¬†The issue are¬† population density in correlation of raw life materials for those sustainships.


Armageddon Mapping


#population 10% currenty white white in USA ; 07% globally.

#population 93% Semite to Afro Dark Skin, includes White arabs.

The pollution or material use are the 'inquestions.' Global warming is for #fakescientists to have more grants for more no–show–jobs and fake the data, once a year and make a robbery of it all.


7% non–colords vs. 93% colords ≡ you colords will face off with other colords as a pre punishment. ARM a ged DON¬†The white are being eradicated which assures the end of our Planet ’s species.

Social DNA Codinic BreakDowns

noncolors run run equality: Commmon law, Democracy; women equal rights in the home .

colors run crooked or slanted Crosses or all the way to afro dark skin Vertical societies of male dominated and women in visual social bondage ( Coverings).


1,000 years of Peace

What God’s people will do¬† when you all are locked up
Taken a break to Party. A vacation.

Food sources for animals so they do not prey on other species.
Clean our oceans from the debris hurting animal life and get adapted to ocean living for far off space travel.

Currently we are at De evolution or just going backwards. Technology was increasing but social community has decreased to the point of near global chaos. So I will take science away form our world, invisibly , you cannot stop it. You will notice though :)


Beast Chip: Beast was working on this in late 1998 and 1999 at Orange County. While I tell my people of God not to get these, this techno archive of human ID I will eventually need to run the 1,000 years. While locking the beast ( you demons up) I have to allow you out for the push to the stars' . No more solar system planet hopping. we are leaving the solar system. Bible and my Les Propheties have already dealt with this issue in veil code for my Superstars’.¬† In the¬† early 1900s my code was peered too by the New World¬† Religioniates and mentioned¬† and it goes quite until later 1980s¬† and now is promulgated by a few¬† prominent ¬†Nostradamians. ¬†They have some of¬† those details but not all of them. I kept codes all¬† over and why armies and people will climb mountains and wage conquests to make sure I receive my data for times like¬† this, thank you. You will be rewarded with planet earth and some rest for your efforts.


So these frames are already in our system with localization in our local galaxy.



White people, Los Angeles, Texas and 274 other U.S. cities and large towns now have been arming and letting out of prison violent repeated Mexican illegals. They have been doing this as an illegal army favor for top officials of Mexico and Saudi Arabia. Mexico is in bed with the terrorists, ,Get ready for street wars as the #fakemedia takes down #white boy #trump for the holy nigger jihad on planet earth. :) Christians have carte blanche to murder or kill at will any Godless punks, anywhere on planet earth.




Social Commentarians

Yo, to all #cartoonists #Berkeley is now #brown, so draw brown people and your quotes. please. thank you. stay in reality. no whites there, even the smartest on earth are kicked out by nigger and sand niggers, with a silent policy of #noCrackers allowed and done by traitor crackers. so they too go to the #lakeoffire.

isis flags are flown daily on my campus. Islamic State is a fraud meme; 'Sharī'ah is not found in the Quraan so people practicing it will be taken out of God's favor; ( #allah ) in your case.

#identitypolitics from now on


US‚Ė¨CYBERCOM just trolled Ivanka and Jared and made fake photos of sex acts. A standard codified illegal 1947 N.S.A. act, June 26. and not voted upon by Democrats. It was a nigger jihadi takeover with Jew and white jew traitors as puppet frontiers for a global robbery and extinction of all #God 's people. Breaking, #NSA , #cia, #fbi ARE all illegal armies and will be tracked, id’d and taken off the earth and out of the Life’s loop until we get our planet back into order.



Jews Israel and Judeans and Bible Secrets and Affirmations

Judeans 1 / 12 th of Israelites,¬† and by far and exponentially the largest of the group.¬† They dominate Earth by population numbers, thus all semite precepts ¬†mob rules as an advantage by protestation and mass mobilization. ¬†Semites include Wasa to WAAA ( white tall with black #dna¬† pure, blends) yellow, red, beige , brown and to varying darker browns. Identity politics’ by double sets of physical structures, thus body type and color are factored over all as a composite or a hybrid between the animal black race , over evolution and us as ascendant beings, planet hopping and seeding .

Land does not address your dna today as humans again are fluid across the Globe.  #arabian Sunni or Sumerian later inheritors are divided between Sunni Arabs and Latino but divided long ago by civilization disruptions =  leaving cultures to change and homogenize.  However, your semite dna has not changed or gone away .  You reincarnate, often as groups too, and no one is immune.  

Jews were saved and mentored ( #bible )  and given three huge historical changes in recent history. The later, The Meeting at Jerusalem we  decided to unlock the banning of Judeans and rejoin them with their brethren.  We gave you 2,000 years and you failed miserably. So you left me no choice but to take you off of Earth for a while.  


Paul is given an A+ but was not given authority to proselytize a tether to Judeans, but under the circumstances had done so and mixed up the messages.  Since we defaulted to a third chance, we realize today you are thrown out of everywhere and just make a constant warmongering lifestyle seem normative and argue thustly for that lifestyle. #dragon identifies a semite DNA settled land 10,000 plus years  ago and then resettled with multiculturalism around 500 years ago. It has been identified  as All of the Americas and distinctly to the bald-eagle warriors that went to far away towns, abducted all the people, used and abused the women and cut out the hearts of adult men, alive and kicked them down the stairs laughing and being drunken with inhuman demonic structures, and enslaving the rest of the varying aged captures. These are inhuman things and very damaged dna. .  You are all now after 500 years interbred and thus too  dna dangerous to keep on planet earth. Bloodlust is in our codes.


Earth Vacation Elect

We people of God need to take a break from you people and bring peace and love and happiness for a change— and by most means, take a vacation from You!. My people from all cultures have been working non— stop for 100,000s of years to get you to this place. You are killing and suppressing them. They brought civilization to this solar system. You are subconciouslly 98% and 2% conciously suppressing them from their duties. You have shown to be over some millennila ungrateful and shown to be disrespectful; So we need to take you off and reward them, OK? My opinion is the only one that counts now. I no longer care about many of you and my objective is to get them Earth to reward them; & We know how to clearn it up and get it ready for the jump to our local Galaxy. The Beast and the Demons can help, later; but they cannot run the break of about 1,000 years. They do not have the intelligence to do so or the control of their 'emotional' bodies. Unharnessed desires most often come from unconscious beings. I Am looking for our best talent and that means conscious people and attentive characters.


When they rejoin they will have their memories wipped so things appear all brand new, and they can get motivated in their beast and demon forms and push onward. For the elect. I understand this and many of you will not. Just let me handle this. OK?


Native dna is asiananic Semite yellow, Semite red and Semite brown colors and dna: confirmed now, and by standard Academic high level studies. So you jews are all over the planet and even Indian brown are semite and your brothers and sisters. Whites are at 07% globally and higer in the U.S.A. as a natioanl average of 10% C.N.N. March 2017 A.D. That makes me and many of my people the minority on planet earth.

BookofJohn 1,2, address a key God Principle for the last 2,000 years. You lie, you die.

Annel schools circa 1920s south of France, three years post Jew expelsion from London and their fleeing to New York and Berlin, wasa and arab semites and latin semites and african semites to dark brown begun a global movement called #whitegenocide code term #politicalcorrectness, by a different code name at that time. It switched teaching of God , top , to bottom up, low wit and IQ losers and championed failure and victum politcs. It was a devil coded antiwhtie supremacy ploy by colors vs. noncolors. As history goes, it takes time to develp these things and by 1950s the Jews had birthed and made young jews that now had babies and created much of our #antiChrist here in full control of the #dragon ( i.e. MEAMIC) and seek the erradication of all light in the universe as retrobution for I kicking them out of any option for accent with us to heaven.

So people, do expect Armageddon to become very nasty as these people are inbred with demons attacked to them, but invisable to you.

Western Civilization based upon Herodotus' musings of the then global makeup and later Greenwich global calendar divide. In Sumerian, Meso—Mesopotamia or our modern middle east and Levant and including Nile civilizations will discourse ( us) about the west as the destination of our souls for future reincarnations. We are here and full now.

1917 jews kicked out of London replaced by Jews who change a name to a white person to trick the world.

Expect the weeping and knashing of teath by the majority wasa who live in a fantasy they did not cause the rise of Hitler.

Treaty of Versailles was inundated with Wall Street and New York Jew/ Judean and mixed race black/white law firms for junk bonds and all sorts of money making schemes based upon the unconditional defeat of Germany in the First large war of the  20 th century.  The jews wrote legislation ( US president tried to no avail to stop this, having white dna, he  say the roadsign) and the made extraterritorial economy on the backs of starving White and white arab people.  This led to Jews being hated  for $300 night out on the  town dinners ( they control banks, because Jews cannot  make things by their hands) while dying in front of  them were white people. This enraged more than just Adolf Hittler ( BORN AS) but the entire German people who voted Hitler into office to kick out the jews who were raping by fake economic treaties to steal minierals on the east side of Germany and rape all the coal on the south side of Germany. This lasted for a while until people started to kill the iinvasionary jew forces. This is the rise of Adolf Hitler, created 100% by the jews and he has 50% jews in his militaries and about 85% in his cabinet positions. .  The New York Jew lawyers were making stock and laundry money off of poor white people.  Hitler sent the jews all over the world and USA rejected, Mexico rejected, Canada Rejected, Columbia Rejected and suddenly the jews were thrown to Italy. Then the Italians said we no longer want them so they pushed them further east to the far ends and these cultures said we do not want them so they sent them back to Poland.  There is one meeting with H. Himmler to give him top job on killing the jews . This decision,  then became a reaction to the Hitler claim that the allied were killing 20,000 a day and so he asked H Himmler to gas you eviljins. He never called for an holocaust


That ¬†is me, the Lord. Your lies will be punished severely. ¬†¬†Jews called Capos all celebrated as they killed your brother and sisters because you people are dna damaged, and liberals = very dna damaged.¬† The entire thing was a jew robbery at the highest spook level. Fascists forced Hitler not to bomb France, after he lost the British Battles and was losing in the Polls and needed to step down. Those fascists that halted a correct target ( France industry, not the people directly) was shut down by the Jews and they told him to break the Stalin Act and invade white people and in return he is given temporal power. ¬†Hitler’s soul will be punished for listening to French semite fascist jews and not picking France and the next target of his¬† ire and the German starving that put him into there in the firstplace. So wall street Jews and half breeds cause starvation at Germany by English, ¬†French¬† US secret economic rape and then the jews kill themselves and blame white people for the global victim-mentality-empty the coffers and kill all the white‚āčwhite people.


a more than $200 Trillion swindle over all.

So we take you Jews off the planet.

You made so many errors and falsities in world text books we have no other conclusion but to take you off so you do not reincarnate and pull this crap as we clean up planet earth.  Your protection from me is now #cutoff .


Little Book Revelations

We are done planet hopping and coding and must make a super jump out of our Solar System and into our local galaxy. However, at this time, I will not allow it as your attitude and behavior is unfit for exosolar colonization. Basically , you will be killed.





Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ŌĆ őĪŌĀŌáő¨ő≥ő≥őĶőĽőŅŌā

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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