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Michael J. McDonald
Massive Ultravilet Signature: 08 Leo ~ 16m, J2000; a total eclipsing binary, end of mass transfer stage. Known since the 19 th century. More info:  (San Diego State). Just above δ Cnc (Asellus Australis).
Equatorial J2000.0

RA or Longitude   DEC or Latitude   PA(East of North)
130.98391667      19.03416667       0.000000     
8h43m56.14000s    +19d02m03.0000s

Ecliptic J2000.0

128.32061566      0.88002457        344.875829

Massive ultraviolet signature & main sequence blue star at the edge of mass transfer, known since 19 th cent. It is close to the ecliptic.  

Light curves are stable, except when lensed with ultraviolet, then it goes bananas, and its light brightens. WW and and S Cac ( this star) is a total eclipsing binary, with this star as the cool one, with a soft shell. This was one of the first that used the algolian ( first studied eclipsing binary system, normal today in most stars) system, so the papers usually refer to them as algol stars. Massive ultraviolet signature viewed from the surrounding stars shows a huge signature, unlike anything else. GALEX




Neutron Star

1961. A middle aged New Hampshire couple, Betty and Barney Hill met a group of robotoids claiming to have come from a region around alpha centaurii. It used to be regarded just as a star, but today, we know it has a black hole ( I call them a vortex), this is a forming galaxy, and black holes are not swallowers of physical matter, they only strip the spiritual matter from the physical, spitting out matter in a form of gamma rays and other particles which will cool to form the debris mentioned in normative galaxies.

John Mitchell came from the Newton school on gravitational forces, and thus dramatically expanded the light speed - limit verses magnets and gravitational bending -- and this was Albert Einstein's clue that relativity has 'universal' laws and physical light can be the 'central vector' to gage all other things related to the physical universe, properly understood by the new fad of quantum physics, Einstein had participated in forming.

In 1783, Mitchell sent a letter to Henry Cavendish ( pub. 1784) detailing the precursors to what we know today as 'black holes,' or how this English school began to understand Newton's revolutionary Gravity constants and how these two forces restrict light, thus Mitchell's mention of a 'Dark Star' that exists, but we cannot see it because of a massive pull of gravity upon the systems of light waves.

Alpha Centaurii
distance unknown

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John Mitchell ( during late 18th c.) Cambridge Ph.D., et al.) described as a dark skinned complexion, short and bulgy man first formulated the light speed limit and gravitational 'dark stars', precursors to the black hole ( I call a vortex, as it acts more correctly by this understanding.





Galactic Center by X-Ray, shows a skull or death face, which are of course blue stars.





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