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Dragon ≡ KKK ≡ Dixie Mafioso of Arab and Draco Mixed with Reptilian masked white talls received from the Rothschild $25 Trillion U.S.A. dollars 


In 1950s #SCOTUS passed a law calling #jews a race of people. Not the #Bible . but #atheist wackos on a bench. 

Donald Trump Bio 2

#politicalcorrectness is the tool of the modern #neanderthal  

Team Clinton Orders assassination of Seth Rich = tweet by her team. this was given on ALL HALLOWS' EVE




Number One: Southern White Pride is not associated to Corpo KKK, and the #NAZI brand. The Corpo KKK put slave white poor to kill my people, Irish scot, for their NAZI Brown Semitic and white arab Avarice < worse forms of greed >. They like the NAZI Rove, Cheney , Bush crews are not white white and are rather WASA or white arabs. Hillary Clinton is Rodham, a white arab. She hates white whites. She uses them like #billclinton to do her evil on Planet Earth. Bush Sr. and Jr. and the bush crews are #hillaryclinton's best buddies today. Both run #islamicstate and are banned 1,000 to the lake of fire, with stipulation s of total soul deletion if they choose to continue their evil and non human productive ways.

Hitler aligned to Islam to Murder white white and WASA Russia and Poland and Balkan whites.

The KKK History in America

Klu Klux NAZI Klan slated for lake of fire; all of them. White Pride are excluded and not punished.

German Stock DNA is mostly not white white but WASA <White angelo ⟨ white dna ⟩ and Saxon ⟨ arabite dna⟩. Adolf Hittler ⟨ birth spelliing⟩ was an Austrian half Jew Semitic and he warned the world about people like him. >

KKK founded by WASA white confused Supremicists. What is white? The people Hitler tried to genocide accross planet earth. Most Jews from 11 th Century lived in Prussian Realms < holy Roman Empire >.Many have white skin tones.

Both intermarried and both tribes have DNA of #semitic in them.

However both sides kept to themselves, separate forms of churches and cultures, living side by side until the fall of the Ottoman State. The Ottoman State was an economic machine of the Balkans and of Venice which economies flowed into Austria and Germany. When the Young Turks failed, the Entire European Continent started to call each other out for war. < The Long and short Causes of World War I >

"Vikings, were mixex arabite and white white that were called Rus.’ They settled and established ports for trade and focused on Silk Rout distribution centers. Vikings stopped at Marseille, France, and port settlers asked them who they were and they replied they were called the Rus’. Vikings made the Dnieper River the major waterway for trade. Kiev sits upon its banks. " Arc Michael.

Vikings < reincarnated > were mixed race slave traders and owners and not noordic white white. The  white white #DNA  divide up north are all compartmentalized by German speaking tribes verses the non german speaking tribes. They note the difference because it is very stark. They slaved whites at Ireland for 200 years. Vikings enslaved and pillaged and started trade economies at Kievan Rus’ and also were shut down by white white, at The Norman conquest of England in 1066.

Here white whites over centuries will build common democracy laws for the poor masses. England becomes the first western civilization movement to cut of a King's head in support of the masses. Before WWI, Prussia was a kingship German movement,.They do not do democracy.

England gets fed up with Justice and love and throws out the white puritans to the New World. England then begins a long slow journey of importing wasa and now full Arab DNAers.

White white slave mothers of the Industrial Revolution at England must give children opium because they work 15 hours a day , no child care and seven days a week until death for Arabite Avarice. Source Engels of the Karl Marx period. So white slavery at England by Italian imports and WASA imports to the Isles makes America an attractive place.




#KKK = #funding #hillaryclinton confirmed . Let us end this sixo WASA  group. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11032016ad  google plus post

Exclusionists Are Permissible for our next 1,000 + years.

whites ≡ same as Exclusionist Blacks that are mostly brown African arabs. They can be like Black Lives Matters or strict forms of Black Panthers. They do not cohabitate with whites of any type. They hate them in their souls. Southern White Pride is not Klu Klux Klan, angry former slave owners who abused whites too.


KKK American Ideology of the slave owners.

The south had about 24 or so Scottish people. The North had 250,000 of them and were used by rich WASA northerners to murder poor white southerners, & @95% loss of life for a group of humans never associated to American African and white European Slavery of the South. Civil War is a bad mark or name for this abuse. The southerner black and jew arab and wasa and some white white slave owners needed to get rid of slavery immediately after George Washington freed his slaves.

Instead the south, including Thomas Jefferson kept slavery as an economic issue and thus led to the fall of white whites at U.S.A. You cannot forgive slavery, never; and so the Arab African browns will never get along with most WASA, never.


The American white Supremacist South, So ignorant they worshiped these two semitic anti white people

meet #saudiroyals #west Two families make up the #saud house of fakeAllah ; half of the total of them switch from Jew to Moslem ( 1917 w/ UK  #Queen Elizabeth's WASA #German family = #nazi ; WASA hid behind whtie white name, ) and Saudi Jew WASA s hide behind the name of  #islam   = these are their western business contacts. #bookoflife #arcmichael #11022016ad   they love young women, and do #harems, disco parties, drink, orgyite and do narcotics, breaking nearly all laws of strict #Islam. Now they set up shoppe at #beverlyhills #90210 control #Silicon Valley and paid my school mulit muliti buillions to start the first accredited shariah school in #America.

Look Wasa(s): there is no #Illuminati , maybe private wealthy banking families but these  two #Run the world.  They both contributed to making the Iraqi or better yet the old #Mesopotamia thing a black land.

#ISIS who lites oil fields on fire for smoke cover during mastiffs.  The same as during the ousting of #Saddam Hussein, their retreat from south Iraq, they lit up their entire southern oil fields.

#history #bookoflife #archangelmichael #beast #bible #antichrist connection.



Arc Michael

Hittler birth spelling in newspaper: changed to one t to escape draft. but later said; I will serve in World War and kept his single t spelling, and during WWI he had one of most dangerous job there was, a letter carrier to the front lines.

his bombing of England was correct, England and France abused the Versailles Treaty and needed correction. His mistake was to go on meth and launch white genocide into Poland and Russia.  Theodore after WWI TRIED TO STOP WALL STREET FROM MAKING PROFIT OFF OF THE DEFEAT OF #Germany

Founding Members

Nathan Bedford Forrest (July 13, 1821 – October 29, 1877), called Bedford Forrest in his lifetime, was a lieutenant general in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. He plundered , slave traded and made real estate deals. Was considered of the most uneducated of the six founding members. He later distance himself from the total KKK movement.

The Klanic founders ran into trouble because Asians can be white < so what is white supremecy? > ; Arabs can be white ‹ most KKK are german Arabs, white skin to olive skintones, › So evidence shows us that DNA from these people are damaged. They do not understand what is whtie and what is not.


Early Members

George Washington Gordon (October 5, 1836 – August 9, 1911) was a general of the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. After the war, he practiced law in Pulaski, Tennessee, where the Ku Klux Klan was formed. He became one of the Klan's first members. In 1867, Gordon became the Klan's first Grand Dragon for the Realm of Tennessee, and wrote its "Precept," a book describing its organization, purpose, and principles. He had no idea of what is white supremacy. His southern Civil War fighters were killing white white to make their points. They did not kill their black slaves. If they do not like Blacks, then they should not have owned them in the first place. Klans rejected both of these founders ideas. So they went autonomous.


KKK has numerous members and fans that are Semitic Latino with light to olive to dark skin tones. They are not white white but push NAZI white supremacy. This is why there is no unification of these groups.

Many white exclusionist groups

Many white exclusionist groups, marked by Arabite media as 'hate groups' are cast in this shadow by Brown African American Black supremacists’ which are in reality, brown Arab DNA Africans.  Their DNA hates white of any kind, most of them ; So they tag anyone not destroying the other white neither as slated to federal crimes hate groups and must be  totally destroyed on planet earth.  This is why Blacks ( Brown arabs of Africa) never want to know their own history. It does not serve their purpose to see they have been slaves off and on for 7‚000 + years and more.

KKK NAZIs are Low Wits

KKK NAZIs are not Christian and burn Crosses to shame Jew Jesus. They are too DNA dumb to know he is called white in the Gospel of Peter, authenticated as a real book by at least official ecumenical councils of the 16 th century.

DNA of the KKK

he #laundry went #semitic #arab people to #clintoncash ; they learned from #GHWB who had #bahraine pay for the Texas MLB Team, the #Antichrist son bought and mismanaged into the toilet, because the #wasa Bushites are #semitic #arab #bootlickers   #KKK are Bushites and Clintonites and thus are Anti White Christian and Pro  White or brown semitic Moslems.  These are the facts, and Hitler kissed the Grand Mufti of #Palestine b/c #KKK or #NAZI always roll #semitic = but have low IQs and are rather confused. They call themselves, inaccurately #whitesupremecists when they almost are by total population #whitearabs ; thus we need a global DNA change for all these 'confused' people who have no clue.

#KKK and white #Jews at #Israel share nearly the same #dna.

so in reality, #KKK are filled with #SemiticSupremenites and forgot to learn to read and write or were unable too. 



Mexican are Semitic Arabs same as Jihadi Terrorists

ARC 082

Hillary Ordered Assassination of Seth Rich media reporting now.



Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



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