he #USA not a democracy but an imperialists racist nigger dominance machine.

USA 1950 IQ= Rank #01 in World. ( white People liked)
USA 2014 IQ= Rank #19 in World.
( white People hated)

Bald eagles are Dragons in code: hook noses downward are #Antitrump and Bush profiles. Bald Eagle is the symbol for the #dragon which in the bible says it is a bad thing. Donald Trump has a strait nose, not a downward nose. Obama Holdover Deputy DOJ Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller and both call to kill white white and Christians.

#USrevolutionarywar 1 in 10 #Washington , George, Commander troops were Africans, that is toward the end of the war. The South already had a policy that Washington could not bring his black troupes down to Charleston, many German Nazi jews that were pre KKK southerners were always suspicious of blacks. Blacks, some free northerner groups and some southern bonded and freed by the British, they said you can go free if you fight on our side. So many Africans became AntiAmerican off the bat, before the Declaration of Independence.

The wider Iroqi tribes, east of the east coast settlements had a large tribe ( they were also a confederation of native tribes, even before Europeans) the #senneca decided to oust the American colonists and achieves some horrific numbers and scalps.

One attack netted 1,000 colonial scalps and all the homes and ranches burnt down. Washington Did nothing at first. But over time 1778 A.D. became a nightmare year and myriads of colonists were displaced, abducted, raped and enslaved or murdered and scalped. Finally after an outcry too loud, Washington assembled a very large invasionary military force of 5,000; and this group had burnt nearly 20 towns of the #Seneca ( some 80% of their district within the Iroqi confed.) to the ground, burnt their orchards and their agri-fields.

18,000 British took #American Revolutionary rebels as prisoners, and one-third died in captivity. Often on ships harbored and malnutrition to on purpose starvation. On the other hand the American rebels could not hold their prisoners, they had no where to put them. They did hang on to loyalists in an underground basement, dungeon beneath the New York legislative house

#UShistory #bookoflife #arcmichael #07232017AD

US Constitution: not followed since Abraham Lincoln. Freedom is living without forced Political Correctness nor forced #Multiculturalism which is a cheap labor ploy by Yellow Afro German Semitics in career establishment and secret US militaries which always take 2/3 of our national budget. They live in castles and make weapons for profit on the burnt and dead bodies they employ in their games of slaughter. 11:33 am PDT, Los Angeles , California. USA. #arcmichael.

There is no such thing as politics. That is made up by apes. There is only one thing left in life:  Identity politics. GROW UP. it is racism. white Nordic vs. Yellow to black colords, worldwide.  Every news utterance to every television show to every movies these themes are drowning your soul in hate.

Jews take America #1920s and implement #Emotional #intelligence ! e.g. Monkey madness chaos low level barbarism. Taking place at USA as I write.
Emotional intelligence = liberalarts majors/ Media/ and high school drop-outs of Hollywood celebrity opinionates ! they run our planet into constant war and death and suffering. #arcmichael #bookoflife #03172017ad

#USA was never a democracy to white Nordics and thus is it a liar. the Bible sais #liars need to go off this earth, all of them. #bookoflife #arcmichael #03012017ad

Anti Nordic Lyndon Baines Johnson
Anti Nordic Ronald Wilson Reagan
Anti Nordic George Herbert Walker Bush (NAZI)
Anti Nordic William Jefferson Blythe iv ( part afro dna , white arab)
Anti Nordic George Walker Bush, Jr. ( born as AntiChrist)
Anti Nordic Barack Hussein Obama ii. (inaugural 2 was a pure sign of the AntiChrist)

WHY Mom was denied welfare + Citizenship

#donaldtrump and #johnfkennedy & #robertkennedy are #whitenordic and not german Bush yellow NAZI or the Italian facist groups in power all over the USA with afro protectors to eradicate the Nordics to hide the sand nigger #eviljin lifestyles.

#USA = #dragon my mom used to come back from the welfare office in tears, trying to feed herself and her kids, crying that colored women with " Five ax handle wide butts" physically abused her and rejected her again, because she was a white white Nordic. Complaint. there were too many white people, the Mexican, Latin, Jew yellow, German Yellow, Afro Brown to black ruled all offices. NO Nordics were allowed to rule at all. The Bush yellow NAZI group, with Afro #hoover, Blue turban #Dullas, the Italian Fascist Mafia and other Semites killed Nordics #johnFkennedy and others. #bookoflife #arcmichael this was never a democracy from 1964 - 2017ad at all for any white Nordic. I met many Nordic during my construction years, who were denied, spent $200,000 in the legal fees but the Nigger and Sandniggers said, always, no to the #crackers. So we f*Kk you up in Armageddon. Why? You have zero excuse. My Mom tried over 1,000 times you filthy sand #niggers. U have been running #Racewide #globalwhitenordicgenocide so we take you ALL off this earth. No forgiveness you abused that privilege for too many reincarnations.


Land of Immigrants‡ so population numbers equals power ∪ United States of America is the Holy Bible Dragon. Here is why:

insert: #USA turns world and western hemisphere brown people so we whites go to Asia and China and pull a jihad on their ass to take them off planet earth. That is Armageddon in a nutshell. #bigotry by brown ( Afro to Latin to Middle East to South Asia) is going bye bye people starting 2060AD get ready. it will be very bumpy. #bookoflife.org #arcmichael #02212017ad #williamjclinton = 666, born with 6 planets at 3s, at 60 degrees apart and fulfils the Biblical germancia systems.

the most immigrants across your boarders, they win by default. The ideology was a masked philosophy by a semi white nordic Thomas Jefferson. The rest of the colonialist that are NAZI jew whites kicked out the Christians and started the Import Africa country, headed by a few official bodies of people to manage the current ruling #mob.  So from the beginning, special interest ruled and not ideas. George Washington was our 16 th or 17 th official POTUS but revised history to he was the first and he hated white white people and did not pay them after three years of military service by design.  I found court records at Cal, Doe Lib, Bancroft section, restricted, Colonial court case books where Irish or scot are told by WASA UKers and Nazi Germans you are not welcomed here, never at all. That is a dna I was born into at Los Angeles.

#thomasjefferson meant equality of birth to equal rites for Americans. The #semitic brain damaged populations changed this to mean all people, even after birth, are equal, and the defining difference was white scot or irish or finish were the only slavery holders, so take their lands and kill them. all of this is lies by the majority of the afro communities, all over planet earth. they are the original slave drivers of their own people and killed my mom with their lies . Now it is time for serious fucking payback.

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