Cali Treason
DINO ≡ RINO = Coup d'état right now. War is ON people!

Robert Mueller may be linked to Nuclear Proliferation with Jerry Brown in the early 1990s . #confirmed.
Jerry Brown’s SB60 was also reviewed by Robert Mueller and this is take illegals, do not finger print and give them guns to kill Americans. Yeah, this dude has been around , everywhere. He understood in the 911 Commission he headed up by GHWB’s commands that noses of jets do not go entirely unscathed through steel. So he covered up 911 attacks, #confirmed. These creepos will not leave me alone. Been tracked even before my end of my teen years. Wow, creepy baby rapers, everywhere.

September 5, 2003
Wednesday, Sept. 3 , 2003; 18:48 PST
Updated: Sept. 6 , 2003 11:45 PST
Michael Report - The California Legislature , & mainly of Left–wing Democrats have passed a law to give illegal drivers ( Now called undocumented) licenses, and no required finger prints or background checks. The illegal person simply goes strait up to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and tells the clerk that he lives, where ever, then signs any name he wants and – Walla- a new identity to be a half-citizen of the United States of America.

SB60 where is Robert Mueller ? In California high court ushering in illegals and covering up for nuclear weapon proliferation. We need Special Council on this one. Tough, eh?

Associated Press goes on to say the bill by Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, would allow undocumented immigrants to get drivers licenses with a federal taxpayer information number or some other state-approved identification instead of a social security number.
Now the Taliban simply picks up a drivers license, goes to another state, blends in, and prepares for his/her next terrorist attack.
Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles has long been a proponent of getting illegal the necessity of means to which all of Mexican can come over to the United States and get drivers licenses to work and drive and get welfare.

Grey Davis, in his commencement (Signing) speech, warmly thank MEChA’s head Lopes for all his hard work in getting this bill passed. The mostly illegal Latino crowed, ‘ screamed for Davis,’ like a rock concert crowed, thanked him for destroying (one) the laws of America. La mecha is a drug and child trafficking cabal.

5:55 PDT p.m. #03192018AD near the vernal of 2018 at Los Angeles.

American attorney who served as the sixth Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 2001 to 2013. A Republican, he was appointed by President George W. Bush! Before this he is in California doing make America a trash can.

California Politics: For Blacks < immigrated 1940s and for Browns/Yellow Latin 〈 1900s〉 , Jews 〈 1920s〉 > Hold Hypocrisy as legal measures Against blond, blue eyed or greened eyed white people. 60,000,000 yellow/brown antiwhite animals that make up California's population. Not one likes white people unless they can make them sex toys and abuse vehicles. Brown and yellow countries have a 100 plus year NO MOVE HERE, DO NOT COME, YOU R WHITE, DIE WHITEY and give me your land, your job and your children for eating. The world is over folks, the media adore the Satanists. The U.S. Mexican — War was really about 200 plus people, many did not even fight and it was short and dumb. It happpened near our modern Universal City , near North Hollyood CA.

War was really about 200 plus people, many did not even fight and it was short and dumb. It happened near our modern Universal City , near North Hollywood CA. This one hour war handed Texas, Oregon Utah, Nevada, Colorado and other states to America for good  and the French Dominated Mexican government were finally defeated; then a Gold Rush occurred.


56.4 cents per gallon of Gas for California are taxes to rich people, only . #smarttaxes #riggedsystem when democrats steal Trillions of $$$ Dollars as they do with MS-13 running Sacramento they always foot their robbery bills onto the poor. many people who are forced to drive in sprawling California & must pay a ransom tax to the pervs. in #California government.

#Jerry cheese pizza Brown is asking for a per mile tax on all drivers of California . His pension plan is almost bankrupt because Jerry Brown and Nancy Pelosi and Barbra Boxer and Diane Feinstein robbed it for decades. You cannot even meet your Federal State Representative as they do not see Americans, only foreigners with brown bags of cash and cocaine and cheese pizzas and noodles galore.

#JerryBrown #California governor since I was 10 ( I AM turning 52 in months ) years old has a secret Federal Gas tax to pay off his borrowing from our Federal Government & this is to pay for Illegal aliens who supply Pizza and Noodles for the elite. #worldisover folks, #arcmichael 18.4 cents per tax per gallon = pays off the illegal alien lawyer bills that Jerry Brown borrows $2.1 Trillion under the foreigner Obama and showed nothing for this fleecing and robbing . Solar companies went bankrupt [ or never tried and just understood it was a robbing effort] and kept those $100 Billion dollar loans with no pay back. Perhaps Nancy Pizza Trafficker Pelosi can help him out explain what he is doing is #antiDemocracy #gastax #12222017AD this is added upon an already 38 cents per gallon and so add that Federal Fleecing of 18.4 cents on top of that

. 12222017AD ArcMichael

Jerry Brown net worth all from others monies and not his, some 4 million US$ (2014) -- campaign war chest for Sept 2014, $35,000,000.

Nickname: Governor Moonbeam = b/c he benefited by the California Rocket Industry to build spacecraft for the Lunar Missions, so he reaped all the tax wealth so he could spend and people thought he was this great guy but it was never his money or idea, it was just a prosperous gov.- injected financial capital from the Federal gov., and nothing to do with Jerry Brown's visions or ideas. He is just a potato head.


Jerry Brown's Crimes Against God: He called all Hindus and South Asians mass murderers by DNA, their natural habitual lifestyle. CBS news.

Jerry Falwell Made God a Republican under Ronald Reagan, a Californian govenor that sent the U.S. Military to attack the Campus of the University of California, at the beheast ( on film) of the U.C. regents and top UC Califorinain officials.

Gymnast McKayla Maroney was molested or raped by her Doctor Larry Nassar for years and years. Media concentrates only on if her statements are legal or not; do they pass a classism test, for example? She is sueing to make it known because the Feminist Institutions rape little girls and so these Demon ladies in the Child Abuse cabals will 'always' protect their Child Trafficking or Pedophile male acquaintances.

Molested six Los Angeles Resident Gymnasts and Sentenced to 60 years ( so 30ys for California) for possessing child pornography. Los Angeles Times 12212017AD #arcmichael

Major updates 12222017AD by Jesus Christ returned, using name Michael currently.