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2:23 PDT. 2 July 2014.


I decided not to waste my time as U.C. Berkeley bans contrary facts and evidence to their racist and hateful and mostly 1/2 truth claims against Americans. They support he wealth by obfuscation and misdirection. Since they delete my posts and ban me, I thought I just post and copy to here, because you will not see it on their blogs because they do not allow truth, facts or contrary decisions. They are anti Freedom of Speech.



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"Stand up to the Koch brothers’ political machine": Robert Riech ( sounds like a NAZI name)

reason for post? NAZI targeting: "More than 200,000 of you have already signed my MoveOn petition denouncing the Koch brothers for undermining our democracy."

"Standing up to bullies is the hallmark of a civilized society. Please join our petition [...]"

Robert Reich, professor of public policy at UC Berkeley has seen him help  the Clintons and the U.S. defray nuclear weapons technology for $44,000,000 in cash donations to the Democratic National Committee ( DNC), three mid 1990s Washington D.C. investigations shown, and all media and U.C. Berkeley fought to suppress and support the Clintons. This was infused foreign contributions to the police party of America and Robert Reich was in the midst of this and coordinating it. He is a threat to the human race. Liars must be punished severely if the world is to survive.

July 02, 2014, 2:17 pm · Reply

I live in California and Michael Bloomberg spent $2 mil on Los Angeles politics in the last year and a half. He has an island, he goes there on weekend, he is a leftcon, turned from RINO to Democrat leftist.

George Soros destroyed the British Pound, and he contributes 2 times as much as the Koch brothers who I looked contributed equally to both sides, so Mr. R is being pressured by leftcons at his career palaces to fight one problem and ignore all the others.

LOs Angeles has not seen economic growth since 1993 ( so Robert R is to blame, in part because of his work with Clintons was a failure) and all migrants have gotten 99% of all Los Angeles jobs since 2006 A.D.

America is a failure, it starts at the Public Institutions.

Obama took his economic advisors form Berkeley, From Stanford, From Harvard and nothing good has come of it.

Look at your self in the Mirror, do you like what you see?

The Supreme Court Doesn’t Care About Caregiving Workers

This headline is false, a lie and misleading. The propogandist should be impressoned for life, we do not have time for lies like this.

The dispute is unionized workers who get huge benefits and huge wages and the Supreme Court claims caregivers do not need to be unionized, and this is why UC Berkeley is upset. If I remember correctly, I wrote it would take $900 trillion to unionize all Americans so we all can have a high and luxurious lifestyle, and then all posts were taken down.  Public institutions, paid for by all tax and hidden taxed Americans should not ban contrary rich and wealthy faculty form having the ‘only ‘ say in politics.

all three comments I saw on 2 July 2014 had been deleted between 2:00 pdt and 2:43 pdt.

My post discussed that hobby lobby covers 16 Obamacare contraception’s, and does not support 5 others, one is the morning after pill which is a self-induced abortion. I made connections to 99% of the women in the world do not have access to contraception and do not get pregnant; they take it in another hole. This is actually history and since my post was the last, before I decided to archive just now, it was already deleted.

The Supreme court has ruled against at least 10 major Obama legislations Executive Orders and found each as not legal to the United States of America's Constitution.

Facts: What does Hobby Lobby sell? Retailer selling arts and crafts supplies, fabrics, baskets, silk flowers, needlework, picture framing, party supplies, furniture, and they are not at all affiliated to medical care nor distribution of medical care. As reported Democrats establishment claimed Hobby Lobby is the boss of all women in America. Somehow they are told to wake up in the morning and listen to Hobby Lobby instructions, each day, just like a boss does. They are mentally insane and this worlds needs to be serious reevaluated to see if it should not be totally destroyed.  The media uses politics at every decision. The case against Hobby Lobby was for it to fund women’s contraception, according to the illegally passed Obamacare ( done in the middle of the night, on Christmas Day, when all were home and on vacation). The fact is that Hobby Lobby is an arts and crafts store and has nothing to do with medical providing of contraception. It gives 16 free Obamacare contraception to its employees. Obama and the left were mad that the Supreme Court could not force Hobby Lobby to pay for abortion pills, which has nothing to do with contraception. These pills are abortion pills, used to dissolve human flesh inside the women.  Currently Obama is being called the worst president in 70 years, by many polls and the Democrats are in panic mode.

Front page Hobby Lobby photo sends faux feminist message
Robin Lakoff, professor of linguistics | 7/1/14 | 3 comments | Leave a comment
Robin Lakoff
[ Bold Is theis highlighted by me: Brackets are my commentary]

Sometimes a picture is really worth 1,000 words: it can tell a better story than reams of prose. An example appeared on the front page of The New York Times, above an article reporting on the Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case. A close reading offers an interpretation of how supporters of Hobby Lobby not only want you, the observer or reader, to feel about the ruling, but also how they want you to feel about its supporters and about women and women’s roles in American society. A thousand words indeed!
Hobby Lobby picture speaks 1,000 words (Photo/New York Times)
Hobby Lobby picture speaks 1,000 words (Photo/New York Times)

The photo depicts a group of supporters of the ruling joyfully demonstrating before the Supreme Court building. In front, not by chance, are several women; some men, as well as other women, are scattered behind them. The women in the forefront are waving signs.

[ wow, looks like UC Berkeley protests over abuse of women on campus, sexual assault gone mad, cover up by campus and faculty, and I was there to witnesses this too]

The woman in front at the left has a sign reading: #WomenInControl/Don’t Want/Bosses’ Handouts. The sign totally obscures her face. But she is wearing pink nail polish, so we know she is a lady.

[ how do you know pink nail polish indicates for certain this is a female? Was that a part of your Tenure exam? ]

What strikes me first is the pound sign. I must confess that I am unable to give it a literal reading, being technologically back somewhere in the twentieth century.

[ then you should not represent a public university, even at the kindergarten level, no serious]


I do know that it has something to do with Twitter, but that’s as far as my expertise will go. But I do know (more or less) what Twitter is, a recent communicative innovation much favored by the young. So carrying a sign that starts with a Twitter tag says: I am a modern woman. I am trendy – “with it,” as the old fogies like to say. Christian women like me are not mired in the past – we are new, vibrant, now. Ours is the new message. Theirs is so over.

[ Christian morals and ethics are the enemy of the Establishment-cons in academia, so what else is new?]

[ the fact that the biggest Christian campus group are Asians, Lackoff attacks them at every opportunity because she is fully racist --Archangel Michael, we should allow racists to exist on planet Earth]

The tag itself, “WomenInControl,” is also telling. The words are run together without spaces, another signifier of the colloquial and trendy. But what do the words mean? How does losing the ability to control what goes on in your body (because of not having access to contraception) put you in “control”?

[ not sure, the UC Berkeley has been advocates of forced GMO into our food for 30+ years, and this is forced into our bodies and not by out decision so why does this racist have a problem with it again when this racist does support scientists and corpos forcing us to ingest what we do not want too?.]


Not in control of your body. Not in control of your identity as a woman or a human being. Not in control of your mind.

[ UC Berkeley is the biggest mind-control establishment-Cons on the west coast]

Yet the words suggest a compelling equation: opting out of contraception is being in control.

[ Liars must be eradicated. Hobby Lobby supports 16 contraceptions covered under Obamacare, they opt out of 5 ( a total of 21) and one is a morning after pill, which is a self induced abortion pill.]

And while this statement doesn’t make a lot of sense (some would consider it oxymoronic), it sounds good because it is stated with certainty. The phrase also denies a common assumption about Christian women. Such women, it says, are not helpless slaves of their Church and their men: they are in fact in control of everything they need to control. There is no evidence in the sign or elsewhere of the validity of that proposition, but the very fact that it is stated, and in the trendy way in which it is stated, is tacitly persuasive.

The main message makes its point by inference: “Don’t want bosses’ handouts” means, of course, that paying for an employee’s contraception would be a “handout”: demeaning, reducing her to the status of a beggar.

This too immediately evokes in a reader an unwillingness to be such a person. But don’t give in to that first impression: it, too, makes less sense than it might seem to on superficial inspection.
Why is contraception a “handout” when other medications – Viagra, for instance – are not?

[ Because you advocate against it as you are anti Men, what is your point?]

Why does wanting contraception transform a woman into an object of disgust? I am reminded of Rush Limbaugh’s demonizing of Sandra Fluke as a prostitute for making just that demand. Of course Limbaugh’s rant goes far beyond the sentiments of the well-behaved sign, but both make the same threat: ask for contraception and you are contemptible.

[ Rush Limbaugh is a racist lefcon like UC Berkeley faculty, all are on the same page, both use corporate sponsors to praddle their wares]

At the far right, also in front, is a similar sign, held by a woman who is shouting and raising a fist defiantly in the air. Here again the viewer comes up against an apparent contradiction: the devout Christian woman who is also active and defiant: strong and powerful, her posture suggests. The message on her sign is similar. #WomenInControl/can Manage their/fertility. The last word is written in cursive script , quite feminine, but at the same time childishly round and legible, perhaps unintentionally suggesting that the bearer of the sign has a sort of childlike innocence (or childish naiveté) – which may be good or bad.

The message itself, though, is neither childish nor naïve, but disturbing. How, precisely, does any woman (even one who is InControl) “manage” her fertility without the aid of contraception? Shades of Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock – the Republican candidates for the Senate in 2012 in Missouri and Indiana who talked about how, in a “legitimate” rape, women’s bodies did something spooky so that they never got pregnant. (And, by the way, remember what happened to them.) That is at any rate the only sense I can make of the signage: that women “InControl” don’t need contraception to keep from getting pregnant. I didn’t think it was Christian to bear false witness.

Between these two sign-bearers is a third, carrying a smaller, purple sign on which is written: WOMEN for/[drawing of the Christian fish symbol, with an eye on top of which are curly eyelashes]/RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. The curly-eyelashed fish (and perhaps the purple color of the sign) evoke traditional female and “girly” stereotypes: the good Christian woman is the stereotypical girly woman.
On the surface, these women might appear both holy and wholesome, worthy role models for other women. But upon close interpretation (and this is the job of voters), their messages turn out to be neither of the above.


[The court case was if Hobby Lobby a commercial company connected to Christianity has a right to deny some of Obamacare forced payment into the US gov on abortions, which is against their spiritual practices. So, with 1,000s other stores nearby, a lady can go there to get the abortion, but if they want contraception, Hobby Lobby covers 16 choices form Obamacare, and Robin Lackoff does not think choices are good for Americans, it must be one way or the high-way, and so we believe Hitler or Stalin would be rather Lackoff's state system of government programs.]


[Josh Earnest Told the Media that Hobby Lobby is the boss of all women in America and this came from Obama, the White House spokesperson claimed. The lies from the media and White House direct protesters to violence in the streets]

White House press secretary Josh Earnest set the tone, saying that the ruling “jeopardizes the health of women.”

“President Obama believes that women should make personal healthcare decisions for themselves rather than their bosses deciding for them,” Earnest said.

Democratic candidates across the country issued statements echoing that sentiment.

-- Los Angeles Time ( who lies as the New York Times does).


David Lauter

Hobby Lobby is a small chain of stores and does not nor has it been a boss of U.S. women, and thus LA TIMES Lies again and demonstrates it has serious mental problems.


here is a photo produced by the LA TIMES

Hobby Lobby is claimed by Obama to be the boss of all women, he is totally insane.

Brad DeLong, professor of economics

Michael J. McDonald
June 24, 2014, 7:04 pm · Reply

“As long as we have relatively self-interested liberal individuals who have relatively strong beliefs that things are theirs, the competitive market in equilibrium is an absolutely wonderful mechanism for achieving truly extraordinary degree of societal coordination and productivity. ”

define liberals, brad. Karl Marx called them ( liberals) vampires, and yes I took my undergrad there with one polisci class, upper level.

It is a fact that over the last few decades the establishment ( both leftcons and rightcons) have made it their purpose to swing ‘establishment’ ideas and to ban all other ideas, including moral and ethic based ideologies.

What do u get? the fall of any state in that modus operandi. I get banned when I post because I do not tow the line of Leftcons, about 99.8% of all academia. And academia is the backbone of American institutions?right?

so the question is to all, what the hell are u teaching?

The Senate dominating LeftCons ( Democrats) did not pass or even floor a budget for 4 years, and I have kept looking for a blogpost but found none.

Here is my expertise. After WW II’s spoils ran out 1980s gov used too, local and feds throw money at UCs, and today, they are tethered to banking and global corporations, which under Giovanni Gentile (Ghost wrote Doctrine of Fascism & authored Origins and Doctrine of Fascism) taught at only one class by an old perhaps retiring professor = fascism.

It is not a dirty word, it means ‘tethered too’ and Hitler and Gobbles used to discuss tethering institutions (social classes ) because they already tethered economics and and the state. That is America today, it is corporate greed gone wild and the only stopper is the hope of institutions. But from my experience ( 2005- 2008) is was 100% leftcon vampirism ( Karl Marx) at the department level.

but it is not just parroting Berkeley that is to cite as the reason –almost all UCs and colleges, and Teacher Assn. are mediocre at best.

Republicas ( as Socrates would imply) are not tethered between the three main branches:Institutions, culture and economics. Keeping them separate spurs competition and accomplishes checks and balances.

Now after posting I;ll await banning because UC berkeley is about about ‘we the people,’ it is about liberalism, me ,me, me and not u.





UC Berkeley prides its self upon claiming superior intelligence to outside global communities. Why is this ‘theory’ shot down day after day after day? UCs are a product up mainly solid families where kids grow up feeling privileged and societal laws do not apply to them – and they get the access to top official leadership in the private and public domains. Economics matters little to solid families and aggressive families putting in the spoiled brats that have ruled as baby boomers and brought shame to the world in governance. On campus, most professors laugh at the Free Speech movement, they claim they got only a dept. of social conflict, now deleted from the curriculum because it produce nothing for society in general, spoiled greedy families rule academia. As a member of UCB and now private, and a commenter from time to time, here, UC B blogs delete anything that threatens their self-contained, cloistered dystopia, a dangerous threat to their narcissistic point of view. I say that tenure has created monsters of mediocrity, which shut out the gifted, and from other points of view over job retention; this certainly produces Europe’s point of view that this USA tier 1 educational system in social sciences is ‘all’ but a laughing stock of history itself. And, again, many UC Profs and faculty I spoken with on this issue are either sad of the FSM’s nonsuccess or just laugh at the little peons trying to take control of the MAFIA. It is really those staunch families that push and force their meritocratic foes of Democracy ( children) into seats of power. u can find this post archived at my site b/c UCB is run by anti Americans who delete posts not 'submitting' *( slavery) to their ilks ideologies. Congress has a consistent decades of 30%-20% av. approval rating, and I bet if Academia was clearly assessed it would be nearly the same. In my world, you get marks like these and you all go out the door, jobless! -- UC Berkeley Blog 09 13 2014. moi, AMLGA1230

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September 13, 2014, 12:17 pm · Reply

Dialectics of dialect

Robin Lakoff, professor of linguistics | 9/19/14 |

Cannot leave a comment, says my email, which is my website and name is not recognized as a real email. Robin Satanioff claims " Adrian Peterson, the Minnesota Vikings [ does not but whoop his many children, so he is a liar that he plays football because he has not time to beat his children]. This is an example of why Robin is the problem of humanity and to solve it, this garbage needs to be erradicated. We have no time for playing with other people's monies.

"Between playin the whoopee necessary to produce two children concurrently by two women, and the whoopins, it’s hard to imagine where Mr. Peterson finds time to play football."- Robin L.


Liberals love this stuff. Maybe he should sign up for a UC B s/m course, he has strong arms and can yield a wicked switch! The NFL is a leftCONliberal institution, it abuses women, and is a gay sport, most men drool over the big men.

Are Conservatives opening up s/m clubs all over the San Fran bay area? NO! it is the liberals, and the NFL is all liberal all the time -- so the problem in society is listless complainers like fatcat paid tenured professors who lie and be stupid, at our expenses. -AM. on 9 26 2014.


Charlies Hebdo

Free speech and the crisis of French universalism

Tyler Stovall, professor of history | 1/12/15 | He teaches French history with various global in period(s).
Arc Michael
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January 13, 2015, 5:42 pm · Reply

There have been plenty of duels fought over honor in American history. I was wondering why no Christian killed Charlie Hebdo people after forcing us to see God screwing Jesus who is screwing the holy ghost. Bad taste, no message, and just pure hatred. [some] 39% of Americans support religious slandering, which tells us we are NOT THE FRENCH. How about Charlies Hebdo making Martin Luther King into a KKK raving lunatic, I bet the black leaders would just cheer eh?