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Affirmativeaction UC Berkeley

“[…] societally accepted lynchings of more than 3,959 black men from 1877 to 1950..” But Barack Obama lynched 5,000 plus Brown Muslim boys and girls in less than five years; so why are you complaining again, retardo?

Structural racism must be discussed with affirmative action by Na´ilah Saud Nasir

dude sounds like a semiticarab Saudi Royal Brat with no intelligence and bought and sold degrees and acceptance letters.

#whitegenocide is happening, freako. Arabs are all over except in northern China and North Korea and that is about it. Oh, and some of Russia, some of the Scando Noord States and Scotland and Ireland northern sections. Just some these too are being taken over by Arabs. In fact a Muslim warrior jihadi PM of Scotland runs the Christian Genocide of Pakistan out of two mosques there, nice, eh? Your people are real idiots.

The people attacking America and Europe in the last 27 years are not white white Russian people. UK TIMES


What is Affirmative Action Legal Policy?

to promulgate the arabite lie for white and black Genocide. To make 'all' brown skin types by 2060 A.D. Plan: eradicate the white white DNA by social movements based on murder and violence, and avarice. The United States as with the U.N. and the European union have been forcing an invasion of Arab brown or light skinned middle easterners and south and middle Americans into all noordic regions on Earth, except for China and North Korea.


Vladimir Putin white–white DNA is halting the invasion by reclaiming what was Russia in 1245 A.D., Crimea and Ukraine and keep jobs from the Arab brown foreigner migrant cycles. Ukraine Eastern Roman legal state by 800 A.D. which includes all and more than just the modern boundaries of Ukraine.


killed in racism 3,959 black men from 1877 to 1950 says Arab Saudi Royal punk at my school.  but says nothing of Obama's Black killing brown people and white people at Pakistan, Northern section murdered  5,000+ from Jan 2009 - dec 2013 A.D. Wow, fakes and arabs have invaded and twisted the minds of the people on Earth. #structuralracism = Obama murder sprees, called Tuesday 'let us kill people we do not know day'. JSOC gives Obie photos and tells fake stories, they do not know these people and Obama laughs and picks the picture of the person's face he does not like and whack! they are dead. He is a loser low life of a human being. #bookoflife #arcmichael #08092016ad #edu #campuslife

g'n/ all


Need Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Michigan. Trump needs Florida too. Trump is down with Sun PED over Alpha Cancri. By 9 points in an NBC poll, so a five point error margin. Trump is down in Ohio too. We need west or east coast districts. These are government controlled, MEAMIC.


Venezuela Hugo Chavez Stole Billions and the People still support the Dictator Commie System. why is that? A Trick of polling?


long time usenet poster posted this question 08092016ad


Even if the Democrats stopped their politics of division and hate, the haters will never go away, they would find a new home like the Greens or the communists, but a hater is born that way, I am convinced.  Look at Venezuela, the country has completely collapsed, there is no food, and now they are going to take the people from the cities and move them into the countryside to grow their own food, and still the government has 40% support.  So it doesn't matter if the people are pushed back into the caves, 4 out of 10 still support the party of hate, that doesn't make sense unless it is a genetic disposition.  There may be a proportion of people who are taught to hate, but there has to be a core of genetic haters, this is your, George Soros, Clinton Inc, the national media, Obama Inc, that lead the parade of hate, that is so destructive, and eventually there will be a price to pay, just as they are paying in Venezuela.




here is the secret you may want to research. listen to Obama and even back to Bill Clinton speeches. there are only 30,000,000 Americans that matter, they vote and most are elite. that is why Obama has 48% approval rating when  everyone hates him but 30,000,000 gov workers and CIANSA spookies. they always get paid, no fired form job and pension, so they are set for life.

If you polled 320 million Americans, Obama's approval would go down to15%

TIME inc. are employed by al baghdaddi ISIS leader or to say John McCain, Obama, Hilary Clinton and Iraqi sunni leaders. funded by Bandar Bush and New York Times shareholders.

Guitar Godette in the making

 she left him to die in Lybia at the time I am writng this.

tina s French 16 year-old classically trained since 6 years old. ADVICE ON MAKING IT HAPPEN.

Tina: The environment is very important. It is necessary to have a solid foundation and the base is represented by family and friends.



DINO=RINO = foreign policy: send poor traditional Americans to die for jew semitic latino brown Asians greed. = Domestic Policy: import new foreign workers to replace the older white poverty population. End white Race by 2020 on Earth.

bush Sr. , Ted Cruz, will vote Hillary and others too — while others will waste their votes on Johnson or Stine. 50 top leaders declared their fealty to Hillary and Barack today. By far the worst corruption since this new generation of Americans. Some millennials were born just at the end of the Beast’s second term. 1‚999 A.D.


lamar2 hours ago

Dylan Stableford - just a simple shill.

Never (in my life time) has corruption in the US government been so transparent and all-pervasive. Both parties are tainted and dedicated only to preserving their mutually supported gravy train. They have betrayed their oaths, their offices, their country and their people. The people know this and it shows.

The Democrat and Republican Elites are terrified of Donald Trump. Their gravy train is being threatened. This alone is the most compelling reason to vote for Trump. A vote for Trump is a vote against the deceit and deception that are the bedrock elements of the Democrat and Republican parties. The liberal media is also terrified of Trump. Another good reason to vote Trump.

obama, hilary and the Democrat elites are desperate! It shows in everything they do. They see their power and looting coming to an end. Their disgusting attacks will degenerate into a constant hysterical ranting as the coming election results become more and more obvious to them. LMAO!!

Trump 2016!


go Donaldtrump Hillary to tax the poor and call them the middle class and keep the 1%ers in power and do holy jihad suicide bombings. wikileaks dump of hillary emails has her funding Islamic State. 08082016ad. these were a part of wikileak syrian cables. In 10 years no one has complained that wikileaks publishes false data.

#USA overwhelmed by False Christians. These Christians attack native born Christians and import foreign atheists who ID with Islam, but are not. and call them the chosen ones of USA and screw all dying and poor #Christians on the streets of the #unitedstatesofamerica there is a special place in hell awaiting you . This is not a media browny point system ; this is real life and real Christians have died and are dying at the hands of false Christs all over the United States of America. Unfortunately , only a few people in USA churches can read and interpret correctly our #bible #arcMichael #bookoflife It is oK real Christians if you read this to fight back. You will not be punished, this period of #Armageddon .  #08082016 link


Gary Johnson signed an anti-religious liberty bill into law, putting principled, conscience-following Christians out of business. The Nevertrump people, Bush crime family, they voted for him.

Jill Stine 5% and Gary Johnson 10% will allow 43% can win the election. Clinton won 370 and George Bush won about 150 electrical points, and that was a landslide, with Bush winning the popular vote. .Sun over Sertan as these MSNBC poll came out. 08042016ad Obama's birthday.

We cannot allow Crooked Hillary to get more than 41% of the popular vote.


know that 30,000,000 are the elite and they vote and it only takes 35,000,000 to win the electoral college, so we need to get out there and stump!

awsome music tina s


The Master Race ⇒ Arab


Richard Hanna ⟨Republican⟩ is retireing being replaced by a Tea Party Person. Richard voted 75% for Democratic wasteful spending on ISIS and wars.


Turn the Other Cheek? ( already posted)

Turn the other cheek means after one harms you ; you warn them not to do it again. if they do, you have turned your cheek and you attack. This then does exclude  a critical examination of " I bring a sword, not peace." confusions. In the 16th century #erasmus   ( #Catholic hard core) put out a famous work called the #militantChristian Today Christians, imo, are sissy gurls and weak cry babies.  This then leads to   *we are being eradicated by the #antichrist = some 1.5 Million since #iraq #war ii ( 2003 = onward) North Africa, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Northern Iraq, Afghanistan and currently the #Christiangenocide is happening at #pakistan that #jihad is being funded and run out of two Mosques in my heritage homeland of #scotland   whose leader is a Muslism Arab DNAer who bans white white Scots from migrating to Scotland. This world is now in a key component of #revelations #sealone  

#arcmichael #bookoflife #biblestudy  4:22 pdt Burbank, C.A. 08032016ad






Scottish Donald Trump IQ 156

North–East Niger Kongolese Barack Obama IQ 102

Hillary Clinton IQ = 140
Donald Trump IQ= 156
Barack Obama IQ = 102 ( same level as a community organizer gansta!)

“Do the Math”

why Christian Genocide by Hilt lery?

to kill Christians because they have the highest IQs

Anti Christ Africa 30,000,000 super elite = Media;Institutions;entertainment; academia; Military; Congress; SCOTUS;CORPO;PHARMA;AGRI

+ antiChrist in full control

= fascism Prediction

On July 8, 2016, 27 year-old Democratic staffer Seth Conrad Rich was murdered in Washington DC. The killer or killers took nothing from their victim, leaving behind his wallet, watch and phone.

Shortly after the killing, Redditors and social media users were pursuing a “lead” saying that Rich was en route to the FBI the morning of his murder, apparently intending to speak to special agents about an “ongoing court case” possibly involving the Clinton family. Gateway Pundit. 08092016ad


American Economy For Oligarchy


First: Women Rights creeps in 1965 A.D., by 2000 A.D. ~50% of kids are from broken homes. Without guidance; many join jihadis groups like ISIS of Ukrainian Muslim rebels. . Second: Women out of the kitchen and into the workplace. Today, the majority of all women in all sectors of societies out number men, especially white males. Thirdly: the invention of the computer brings photos of large black men's penises into the sphere or young white or arab white women or bi sexuals. This leads to a rejection of the white hetro race of males; they are found inferior by the arab white women — and demarketing and de employee in celebration of the big black penis co–worker —now with the Arab white women. Fourthly, Women become independent and the new bread winners. However, white male does not know how to wash clothes or cook a meal, thus the white ARAB Jew women imported Brown cheap labor. This brings in the migrant Latino race and the women find out they are silent and back door lovers. So again, the white male is pushed aside for foreign Penis envy.


This Penis Envy by white jew arab women brings a pecular Political atmosphere which explains the rise of Bernie Sanders <white jew male—‚ also affected> and of Donald Trump.


Green Party does not support Bernie Sanders White Males. So come to our side, #donaldtrump and focus on giving Americans, American jobs and not the entire world as the Green Party is open boarders, take all white people jobs platform.


The Green Party openly supports Christians because of the Cornell West Connections to black Christians.

Royalty is alive & well in the U.S.A.

Nancy Pelosi my  San Fran district creepo HOR, been there since I was a child; She wears a gaudy jewel fake Ring the size of a grapefruit and lauds it toward non speaking language migrants who had no food for 10 days, and have to wait to worship the crow!

Julius Caesear and why he was assassinated.


Julius Caesar was assassinated for one lone reason . He promised to forgive the masses debt. The 1%er congress Curia of Rome was incensed that they would share love and power with their citizens, so they murdered Julius Caesar. And then the masses ordered the Roman Senate to declare Julius Caesar a God. Bernie sanders ran on debt forgiveness and the 1%er Media destroyed him and propped up Hillary Clinton who then claimed to adopt debt forgiveness. This then leads us to a conundrum. Will the Democratic Presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton a right wing fascist, will she also lose because she promises to forgive the poor’s debt?

#khisir #khan #MSNBC is a traitor . #obama and #democrats do not follow the #usConstitution at all. The #khan whore bitched about DonaldTrump and the USA constitution why it supports the Party of the  Democrats which SCOTUS says does not follow the US Constitution. You freaking hypocrite lying Moslem bitch.



+Seana Elizabeth Fenner von Fenneberg
 that is  duplicity and no conforming. You cannot have it all ways. Let me explain. we have a majority of Latino ( EU south west, Italy south mid and South American natives from 3,100 bc inter mixing for 450 years dna) they rule #california They say, when there is white white grant money up for grabs, the race of Latino automatically becomes Irish scot white white. to get the greedy funds. Then, let say white white competes against brown Latin grant funds, the Latin race, surprisingly like a wizard, magically changes to a brown latin suppressed PC race. Then if a native American grant comes up for grabs, the Latino Race suddenly becomes 3,100 generations of Americans.  Jew is a religion, not a race of people! . Historicy Race and DNA are different. History and DNA are the same. = Jew can be white |  semitic-arab or|  black and the varying combinations in-between.  currently the brown arabite DNA is ruling USA and Israel and they hate both white white and black black races, imo

*historicy includes culture , politics, institutions and economy.

+Seana Elizabeth Fenner von Fenneberg
 Jews that came to Egypt, bible, we found much of their calligraphy and paintings in archeology in the last 30 years. Jews had red hair, and yellowish white skin. Not the normal egyptian arab brown. Gospel of Peter mentions Jesus as a white boy, so Carlos I at the Council  of Trent ( 16th. c.) forbid Rome from adding this book to the cannon, which was debated back then;  and the Spaniards Holy Roman Empire including WASA ( White angelo Saxon Arabs)  claimed Brown  types of people could not accept a white Jesus. And as far as pure breads .most of our USA jews are mixers, combined and mixed all up, between white white DNA, Semitic which is mixed- and pure black black dna. Obama for example is an arab, semitic and not white nor black, but brown.  This is DNA, not sociology. So we are combining the two here.


Sarah Palin still backs Payl Ryan's challenger.

Go Sarah Palin, she is great making American great again. Trump did not look like he enjoyed endorsing McCain Creator of ISIS and Mentor to Obama or Paul "Democrat Amnesty' Ryan, half arab and confused mentally.

#khisir #khan #MSNBC is a traitor . #obama and #democrats do not follow the #usConstitution at all. This is widely understood and Khan had the sissy beyotch thing working for one week but we shut it down. This is not a nation of #allah fakers like he. He is not even a Moslem, but a #jin . To win, attack white or arab white as light skinned in Democratic Party and force them out and say, well Khan won the argument, get out of your seats of Power white people the brown Muslim won. get out. #chrishayes #rachelmaddow crissy #Mathews and  #Lawrence #ODonnell   we attack these people and force them out - to say you cannot play hypocrite.

Trump poll numbers will go up , this last week the establishment 1%er media tried to get #donaldtrump to quite over this al queada agent, #khan He  is pro #ISIS baby raper and a fake Muslim imo

Agree, I hate these false evangelicals who are giving $10,000 to Syrian refugees while 30,000 Christians are on the streets of Los Angeles and begging for any help. These US evangelicals must hate Christians and like Islam? So go and join them OK?

Congress approval this week, Real Clear Politics is at 12.7% meaning epic hate for these Congressional rich turds who vote in raises every week, by silent hand raises.

Obama just gave Sanctuary cities some $93 Billion dollars . The money to be spent on NO! #UScitizen #treason by #congress and #antichrist #Money to be spent on bringing  the #Jihad home.

DOJ Rewards Law-Breaking Sanctuary Cities, States with $342 Mil in “Grants”
342,000,0000 times 57 ( Obama claims there are fifty seven US states) but it is actually 274 Sanctuary Cities. So Obama gave out some  = $93,708,000,000 US dollars.  Low IQ dude, OfreakO has 102 IQ score and stole $7.5 trillion dollars from white people the Chinese and will not pay it back. So he can play these jihadi system games. No money will see any American out of this; it is a jihad.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #08052016ad








#Democrats whispered  seen your new rates? It is all Greed Corpo Profits. Obama has IQ of 102, like serial murderers and bank robbers.
Obama should be charged with fraud under the #RICO Act for Obamacare. Ready to go to #jail if you do not pay the Obamaransome?

 For the record, only 4 republicans voted on the first passage of Obama care, out of the entire Congress. That is good. they  were initially all opposed to this fraudulent gangster party of insurance hucksters.

Juti Szasz = Quand vous regardez les étoiles, rappelez-moi parce que chacun d'eux est un baiser pour vous.


United States Protesting

And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned   from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance?   Let   them take arms.  The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and   pacify them.  What signify a few lives lost in a century or two?  The tree of   liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and   tyrants.  It is its natural manure."--Thomas Jefferson, Nov. 13, 1787.



tpp is fascism IRS is targeting fascism by arab controller ARC 082

 White genocide is world  wide


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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