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United States of America -- THE UNITED NATIONS - Part 1




COP: 'If Obama Doesnt Follow Constitution, We Don't Have To'... ( the idea of why we fall from grace as a state). Obama is a typical good con artist. CONFUSION: Obama Endorsed a Tax Inversion while he publicly denounces them... ; and he does this all the time.


The United Nations Began in San Francisco ( China was withdrawn) a league of nations to  over see the main conflicting world war two powers. But overtime, in search for funding from those same charges per say to keep an eye upon , subsequently ‘tethered’ which we call Fascism conflicting interests to one source of income. On the other hand, as the U.S.A. because of its strong economy when  the United Nation was formative gave the most monies to its management and upkeep. Over time, that funding had dwindled, mainly republicans but then again, also, Democrats defunded the  United Nations as  they did public institutions.

When the British invention, the Tank spearheaded advancements on the Western Front to cross man made ditches and holes they bundled wood-sticks together wrapped by strong strings/rope which then were called Fasci(i)s. This was the Roman Term for  a bundle of twigs wrapped together. The British used these atop their tank vehicles, once they solved their motor problems and allowed for the first real movement and advancement ( such as two miles a day) on an otherwise barb wired, lunar landscape pitted with walls of men with machine guns and biological chemicals.








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