Russia + 9 11

The GOP & Obama are conducting a new genocide on Millions of People!  Putin threatens to spill the beans. Crimea, the Black Sea were the original Russian people 800 A.D. & before Mongalis-Tatars imperialized it in the 13 th century.  After the Fall of the Berlin Wall,  U.S.A. said we will supply you with grain. That has stopped in 2014, so Putin’s only bread baskets are the Ukrainian agri-fields. That describes the Ukrainian War. If things do not change rather quickly, we are looking toward another world wide war. Why? Barbara Bush and he silent hubby (key central role in J.F.K. assassination) believe they are superior to others of this world. They are pure evil but have myriads of media loyalists – who lie for them and corrupt the minds of our youth daily. Geb Bush wrote the One World Doc that Susan Rice held up on Charlie Rose’s show 2014 A.D., and it calls for more of the Bush family world dominance.


This , above, post has not been approved by the National ( racist) Satanic Agency ( N.S.A.,  1947 A.D.). Edward Snowden would approve.