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United States of America -- Cold War, Veitnam


By Michael Johnathan McDonald

6 April 2010|declassifed 2004 John Kerry VN docs, written up in 1971, rel. 14 June 2014.

1960s Political Shift in America


What is South China Sea About?

Vietnam was for stopping the spread of Communism? Fact or Fiction? Fiction. why? The war was for $2.4 Trillion dollar south china sea trade access <adjusted figures for that period of time>. Today, it is worth $5 trillion annually. And also, for a bonus, Filthy lazy jews sat behind desks and lawyers sending poor Christians whites and poor Christians blacks to die‚ while laughing at a revenge against Hitler .

proof are the dwindling numbers of white white dna in all of the Americas replaced by Semitic: Latin, South Asian, dark feature, eyes or hair — one or the other or more semitic by both dark features — Middle Easterners, Europeans, most of them and Africans and Caucuses ≡ light brown skin colors and European face structures but still bulbous craniums.

to #shoot #semiticmilitarycomplex people? Hummm?
Vietnam in top secret reality was access to the south Chines seas = $2.4 trillion a year, globally ( adjusted) for access and China commies wanted US influence out of there. = #truevietnam My school released the Pentagon Papers = #1974 or abouts. Gulf of Tonkin was faked to escalate the #fakewar that the #fakemedia was #faking for #semitic or #nazi #profits Black Sabbath wrote an early Hit, ID it perfectly: #warpigs — googleplus linked post

Jane Fonda, a Vietnam War activist; later distanced herself from the movement and then later in 2010 had blamed it on the right-wing for creating the myth. She was a part of movement that sent over about 300 persons from America, many college students, into North Vietnam to help raise moral to battle U.S. forces. The reason why the North Vietcong won the war was because the U.S.S.R. supplied the north with superior surface to air military equipment, at carte blanche numbers. The only way to have won the war in Vietnam was to have a standing army march on Moscow – there was absolutely no other way to win that war.

The Vietnam was mainly fought by the U.S.S.R. and the United States of America, and to a lesser extent Communist China, the French and of course pitting the North against the South into a bloody and retractile civil war which lasted about ten- years. The reason it was fought was over an atheist ideology, called Marxism against the Socratic auspices of a Representative Constitutional Democracy. The Atheists finally won and Vietnam became a backwards nation which continues today – long after the U.S.S.R. pulled out and dissolved after 1989. Richard Nixon if he was not removed had planned on bombing, again, north Vietnam, which was the only process that worked, which was the Allies German Policy, to kill civilizations to make them rise up against the central regimes.  

The War was begun, planned and administered by Harvard and Yale Democratic Party officials. These Ph. Ds. had been taught that Marxism would take over the world if it was not stopped. Marxism was discoursed by Karl Marx as a domino affect, e.g., if one country falls to communism, another will follow and another one until all the world will be run by communists. These Ph. Ds were not trained in critical thinking or in-depth analysis, but rote memorization to believe like robots that Atheism was the course the world would follow. Youth communists supported the U.S.S.R., because the U.S.S.R. was so far away from their view (location) and things appear more peaceful and prosperous in far away lands. The dystopia of Russian communism was organized by propagandists to run around the world and lie to the people that in Atheistic societies, everyone had a job, healthcare, and a place to live and it was like heaven on Earth. The reality was much different. The Communist countries had to massacre much of their populations because they could not manage them all, and needed a populous at a much lower numerical value. This is because communism was run by a set of ‘advisors.’ Sovet, in Russian means ‘advisory.’ these were a small privileged class that shopped at separate department stores, had their own five-star restaurants, not otherwise open to the mass population of Russians.  In all sense and purpose, it was an elitist oligarchy, such as the aristocracy of the middle ages, while the main part of the population were serfs. None of the activist understood or knew this. What they believed were fairytales, such as seen in Disney animation tales of abundance and peace/love happiness. The few that managed to gain entrance into the communist countries usually quickly returned, varying degrees of delusion and shock at what they saw and how they saw others living.

Vietnam was the last of the overt military campaign of the United States of America against Communist regimes. Proxy wars were then begun under the former President Jimmy Carter Administration as the new U.S. military paradigm. The next overt military campaign was the Persian Gulf War (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991), which was authorized by the United Nations and saw 34 nations battle against Iraq and their prime minister/ President Saddam Hussein. The Second Gulf War ( 20 March 2003 – present) was predicted by me in April of 2002, illustrating Nostradamian systems. This was sanctioned by the United Nations, but in apprehension. This war angered many Americans who believed the United States of America had returned to aggressive military industrial complex issues that were a part of Vietnam. President Barak Hussein Obama told his pastor of over 20 years who is a radical anti-American that the Bush- Doctrine was non-Democratic Party. Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr, blasted his protégé and correctly stated the Franklin Delano Roosevelt had initiated the read Doctrine and Bush indeed had not.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt was an ardent Socialist Democrat who devised the U.S. Doctrine of spread Socialism by military force, as historical records have these writings in his own hand. Obama was incorrect, more evidence that he has been lied to in academia, or is just not intelligent enough to be commander in Chief. The reason why Obama was voted into office was mainly a majority of Americans saw the former George W. Bush Administration as those Harvard Ph.Ds. that concocted tales to invade Vietnam, under the rhetoric of spreading Democracy and halting Communism. Obama vowed to change this, but continues to have Guantanamo open, breaking his time limit promises, and moving the torture chambers to Bagram Air Base (U.S. Military Complex, built by the Soviets during their war against Afghanistan in the 1970s), Afghanistan away from his loyal media – while ordering drone and air strikes to kill children and women, something Obama has said he is sorry for and acknowledges in attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Unfortunately for the ideologues of the Democratic Party, no anti-war protests have been seen, unlike the numerous and massive anti-war movements of the former President Bush term(s).  The Democratic Party has a penchant not to protest imperialistic wars they begin or engage in as a matter of loyalty to their twisted ideologies of superiority. The Democratic Party had no problem in human sacrifice, as they support massive genocide of millions of babies each year.

John Billionaire Kerry  became famous for criticizing foreign policy; He now criticizes criticisms of foreign policy. The LIBCONS love this guy's duplicity and hatred to the common folk. He is of course, Skull & Bones -- a Yale Satanic Society, where Malcolm Wallace, George H. W. Bush (both present at Daley Plaza during The Shooting) and John Billionaire Kerry are club members.

John Kerry, Jane Fonda, and Ramsey Clark ( who prosecuted Bill Clinton at the World Court in the Hague for crimes against Humanity – claiming and rightly so that Bill Clinton slaughtered 11,944 innocent people in Europe in the year of 1999.  John Kerry became famous for shooting an unarmed and young Vietnamese girl then turning around and claiming that the United States military were ‘worse’ than Genghis Khan and his barbarians. Falling down and scraping his elbow, Kerry made up a story that he was in a massive firefight against the North Viet Cong. Dismissed by PDF-60 swift-boat crew members who were there  --which led to many Americans not voting for John Kerry in his bid to become president ( 2004 President Campaign, over 200 Vietnam veterans formed a group called “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (SBVT) and denounced Kerry’s lies and Purple Hart’s, thus electing Bush to his second term – he lied to all authorities and on up to the U.S. Congressional hearings. For scraping his elbow, Kerry received a Purple Hart medal from the U.S. military.

When Kerry got dismissed from Vietnam, upon returning to the United States of America, he joined ‘Vietnam Veteran Against the War (WAW). Kerry also appeared before Congress, and was the first Veteran to do so, telling tales about barbarians ( The U.S. Military) using tactics worse than Genghis Khan. Genghis would most possibly be upset with the disparaging remarks by John and his disingenuous that would affect Genghis’ fearsome reputation. John Kerry’s statements were a part of the Winter Soldier Investigation, the first anti-war activist movement, where Kerry told second and third hand stories ( as apparently factual) that the U.S.  Military ‘razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan.” Ironically, Kerry’s statements to the Democrats in Congress were the ones who were proposing and continuing this war because of the fear of Karl Marx’s irrational dis-logical theory, in which these un intelligent liberals actually believed was the most intelligent theory in history. To further the ironies, Kerry told these liberal congress persons that “We found most people didn’t even know the difference between communism and democracy” (Vietnam War Veteran John Kerry’s Testimony Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 22 April 1971). It is Ironic because Obama, Pelosi, Harry Reid, and most Democrats do not know the difference between communism and democracy. This is not a qualified statement either. In fact, the reason the Democratic Party does not want to follow their fellow Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt and spread democracy by military force is because they cannot explain Democracy to each other, let alone to any foreign state.

The first documentary evidence that Vietnamese communists were directly steering John Kerry's antiwar group Vietnam Veterans Against the War has been discovered in a U.S. archive, in 2004 A.D. 


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