Book Of Life

αω Bible †

ό αρχάγγελος

SPLC Secretly Admits White Genocide Is Real and Has Been “Planned for a While

Wrong Lisa, Demons will rape babies live on TV and you sissie people will do nothing. This country is full of traitors. #DonaldJTrump could end Russian Investigation by one presser but he does not. That means he loves Obama, Clintons and  Bushes and Illuminati and Satan.  He runs #whitegenocide with all you pussies. Google Plus is going pedios now, does not care. They are and have kicked off hundreds that complain against Pedio Darpa. OK. It is over, I AM sinking this shyte, all of you, your homes and every thing soon . I careless of depopulation nukes, that comes much later.

Google is shutting down and turning into its purpose, a Child Trafficking hook up online community run by the Rothschild that are Spanish Latin by non-white features; a Child Abuser System & that is all it is about. DARPA runs the Show out of MIT.  I keep seeing animal human and child sex posts, semit to nearly nude. People on Google and their employees love this stuff and they are black and brown and tan, not white white.

National Geographic Blocks me  but they spam on Google Pedio and Animal to people sex, all day long  for years. So Google is a pedio outfit and very proud of it.


 Google's only purpose to not kick me off is they steal data from me without paying. I AM charging $10 Billion a day, since 23rd Sept 2017 or the entire control of planet Earth, and no other choices. I have the skills to kill all on this planet, and inside of it or orbiting around it or on any of the planets or interdimensional planets.


September 23 2017 I made some judgements. Came out on Twitter as Jesus Christ,  reincarnated peoples. Second, I no longer care about you. You are all MK – Ultraed by Hollywood or Edu, it  is all controlled by  Portuguese and Spanish Reptilians that have hijacked me heritage  homeland; their family funded both sides of the Napoleonic Wars, both sides  of  the Civil War, and seeded the  NAZI machine first at U.S.A. in  1987, 3.2 million pounds of gold and leaf, pure which eventually was authorized by U.S. to create Pu Pont, General Electric, Patent Offices, IMF manipulations, and control of wall street. . Eventually the Illuminati money also was so much it seeded Carnegie & Mellon and The Rockefellers and to some extent, The Getty, west coast oil, pre 1950. My dad made Hollywood films and worked for Jay Paul Getty’s son.  These are ordered to build NAZI Land by the  Illuminati and that included FORD which also got seed money from the initial 1871 take over of the U.S.A. by Draco crosses in human masks, called the Rothschild. These Rothys Manipulated The Versailles Treaties making millions back then, from coal south and to the east raw mineral ‘skimming’ like the term in any semi draco Sicilian Casino story.  This lead to Austerity at Germany, and at the same time, Meth was sold in the German streets to all ages, and more powerful ( 11 days awake type for the Blitzkrieg  ) were hijacked from Japanese World  War One  death camp note books. In our modern times, they fund KKK codex White Dragons, with huge amounts like $25 Trillion U.S. equivalent dollars, but previously they hijacked the Fortknox Gold, own Wall Street, & Currently are getting into HealthCare, ; They own all social media outlets ,as Darpa covers = in otherwords, Darpa is  hijacking them, which is fine by me, ha ha.  So to hyde their true Draconian identity they wed into other white illuminati houses, like mine, The Rose. Sinclare.  That’s Clear Moon to you all  ( sumerian ,later akkaddian). Reincarnation goes back millions of  years folks.

So what happened, like Erica Hijacked Google from Sergie and Larry, I hijacked Google plus from Erica, & I went into the heart of the demon, Hollywood, the real one, at Burbank Studios, just down  the Street from Disney, et al. and took out Hillary Clinton as promised I would after the  deplorable events of Benghazi.  Since I always used, and just switched to Google Groups when they went online, a year break was all it took.  So he saw and perhaps were deleting other stuff I had posted, even in the way back archive stuff, because it was just the same meme.  I told Hillary in posts to these online places, for years I would deny her the POTUS for killing Stevens. He went to my school and you do not fuck with other Cal students and embarrass them to the world and get away with that. That is  not how the west coast works. This intelligence comes form the Egyptions. When there is no land left inhabited, the West of the west is the end. That was pre or B.C. beyotches!I Was born on the West Coast, at Down Town The City of Angels. The Next Year the Washington D.C. Reptiles at the C.I.A. put a meme to all media and entertainment and edu and courts, no 'conspiracy talk' will be taken legally seriously. Thus, GOD does not exist. 1967 C.I.A. to all agencies and institutions as lawcode. The Illuminati did not exist, nor Angels nor demons nor GOD. Ok, that is how difficult is for all you to understand, even Edward Snowden is waaaay in the dark. Knows little to nothing. So Putin must be in the dark as well.


 During this time I was saying for years I  would take Obama’s power from him around Nov. of 2017.  I kept my promise.  But the point is was deep poop oo was chasing me two years before Google Groups was online and thus Erica did not  know that Beast, Bill Clinton and His whore of Babylon wife were already chasing me and on their scopes.  Eirca was in the Dark and perhaps believed their communications this was all a knew threat. Ha ahaahha. Dumb ass.  I been doing this stuff for a very very long time.


Deeper poops were chasing me for a two week period, short, only one day of multi car chase in 1,999 A.D.  I think it is then clapper ‘clamps’ down on FOIA, by opening FISA and Ginsburg Oks , secretly Foreign cash influence.  Thus getting ChinaGate to be ethically and legislatively legal, getting Bill Clinton off the hook for the rest of his life.  They want me dead for this shyte.  So that stopped and  so I re entered school because it paid a small fee I could   use to fill up my car with gas.
To many Google employees who hated on me, I will dump your homes into the ocean soon as a pay back for your faithlessness!  

1020 pm PST 0206

To Donald J Trump these people are laughing at us standing up and have $25 Trillion from Rothschild to kill us. FU USA, it is over and they force these recipients to show fealty by baby rape, murder in front of witnesses or cannibalism. You have four days left. Do you like what I did for you NSA? deleted your workers homes both coasts. You can thank Lucifer and erica at Mit Darpa media lab, aka Child Trafficing Central. for the Dracos and Reptilians. ha ha, my teams you can ask the secret depts in NASA if they will allow you . They are in fear ha ha. Not I. :) You have four days left before you lose your freaking soul forever.

Second Death

David Yutaka Ige, b. January 15, 1957, Pearl City, Hawaii, U.S. sD.  Hawaii Gov. David Ige Feb 2018. #02062018AD 5:20 p.m. PST.

I AM sinking the fucker. Putin or Russia, Israel or China can target the NSA headquarters
at Utah. I will take my space teams and go inside of the earth, sprit body or this one and take out the Illuminati.  You can go to the #SecondDeath. I Do not accept liars and losers.  If you loved me you would never have left me suffering on the streets. It is over for you
Donald J Trump.
3:36 pm PST #02062018AD

Is there a real Swamp Drain? Nope, all lies.

Is there a real Swamp Drain? Nope, all lies .
all are lies. people died and laid their lives down and we keep getting assassins. No one follows laws, and Donald Trump is trying to allow Laws to throw these people out. That means he is unqualified to be in my heaven, must be a demon himself . Mattis, Trump, MacDumster are all loser , sissies who fight for baby eating cannibals, & demon #Rothschild s gave them over $25 trillion to kill whistleblowers . Then USA is full of Alien Dracos and reptiles at over 50% of the above populations. They neutered about 90% and 10% are either dead or bring targeted by Mattis, and these Baby raping weirdo's. All the news of fighting these people were mere, a year long lie. America is made up of about 5 people who are real human people of GOD, the rest were killed and the others are all demons. period. They worship Satanic or paganic Molochianism. So I dump the usa lands into oceans. Putin or China or Israel can target NSA buildings here that are left and I Will use my space crews to get out the baby eating demons that run and hide underneath. #JesusChrist returned as promised.

White Dragon ≡ KKK ≡ Dixie Mafioso of Arab and Draco Mixed with Reptilian masked white talls received from the Rothschild $25 Trillion U.S.A. dollars, this hires the entire US police crooks and MEAMIC, and this is a low ball figure.  

So many global weirdos, never help me out, come to spy or gawk, when I go out to smoke or my car, I lake many of them by sight. I will be going through  your eyes for Judgement of all of you. OK? Jesus Returned.

1999—2018AD ό αρχάγγελος” ≡ Yĕhôshúa 23rd September 2017 A.D.— #jesusreturned 1260 days hernceforth I bring the fallen angels to Earth. to take care of the False Prophet, Beasts, AntiChrist and his father Lucifer, et al. 321,000,000 nationalist worshippers to also be included in an Ocean dump, from both coasts inward until I say.I put up an 24 hour post on Twitter, opened an account, and announced Who I AM. Jesus was one of my many reincarnations. Twitter stopped for hours, no one posted, got only one response but multiple views and took it down the next day and then began to use it openly. Ets were near parked outside too and later in the week one car with an alien whitey disappeared before my eyes. Why? I was telling my audience i was to do something drastically different, like 'Pray for Lucifer, my Son' and 'forgiveness.' Instead I said I do not care about you all any longer, so I will bring in my intergalactic team to take care of you and sweep the inner Earth and Moon and my giants from Mars are also pissed at Lucifer, so you can have their wrath too. they are interdimensional too.

Since so many Satanists were comfortable, I appeared, apparently too late, long too late. I do not forgive past 2016 A.D. Seal One Bible, plus others, opened now.

Everyone at Washington D.C. and Hollyweirdos  and Rothschild are throwing assassins at me. and how do you think I escaped them? My space team, interdimensional drops matrices off for me to use, thus anticipation was the key. Felt, blocks away, where these bad ones are at, like a center of a spiders, web, but fluid and mobile. Otherwise I could never survive you historical deathperts. If if was not I, the Vatican hitter at your heart, where I took Hillary Clinton out , denying her the victory as I promised when she set up my School alum, Christopher Stevens who was a Christian. I said I would code her soul and she would be denied and said this about a thousand times on yahoo, Google Plus and comments, laughing most of the time because I know she was not born with a presidential signature. A tyrannical take over, perhaps, But not any form of democratic process. Erica at MIt Media lab can show you my stuff but Google like Washington D. C. and the pedios vampires have a habit of deleiting and revising for their bloodied existance. So I AM just going to kill you all. It is more simple. #02053018AD

#DonaldTrump is a baby raping lover. he is going to the Second Death and the final chance. very very soon. his whole cabinet are cannibal facilitators or participants. I laid my body on the line and got zilch. I hate losers. Darpa eat children alive and they are Alphabet GOG and socials are canibol lovers too, and so they are shutting down. I guess Erica will eat live babies and laugh. They want Hollywood to be the stars of a fake swamp drain. I AM , Donald Trump, killing all of you #losers. George Washington held slaves but was not a loser, did not take illuminati money. Your entire Country, Donald Trump is run by the Illuminati. They are defined as Cannibal baby consumers. They say it gives them long life and power. These are your buddies, You cannot fool me. If I was in power, J S would have a bullet in his head early last year. You are a full blown loser.

I do support militias fighting for the Illuminati. Donald J Trump supports Reptilians, Draconians and Cannibals , why fight for him?

Even if they are too dumb to know.


Everyone has thier Price!

Leftwinger pedios spamming google: here is my responce: +julian payne No US mil Is putting depollution nukes at Syria, mobile for your demise, later this year. have fun idiot. #lolz I know the time and dates‚ even you peeps do not. ha ha; or wait, I put it into the Seals. :)

[ also near Baghdad ]

the plan is to kill most on Earth and start to eat and rape all the millions of babies and orphans. eh Mattis? You have but a short time. #JesusChrist I kept my promise, you all broke yours.

It is Over, everyone except King and Nunez are Swamp. That includes Mad Dog’ Mattis; he is 100% a Pedioswamper. These demons eat children alive.

James Norman Mattis, September 8, 1950, Pullman, Washington, U.S. sD. #02052018AD
all they do is snuff films and take babies form mothers in other parts of the  world and rape and  torture them to death and then sell these films to US and world pervs.

#02052018AD. Airforce and Armies ousted as global pedio networks, even had AirForce, Dracos, these are latins following me at NH today.

83 Asteroids are headed for Earth, in the Next Three Months. These asteroids slightly alter their orbits. So a warning. Martian Plazma upgrade caught on Video. see link. Sun to Mars pump of plazma. Energy transference.


AIRFORCE and their Draco baby Rapers were following me, awaiting LE MULES and Child Trafficker orderes. Come and get me Antichrist Reptiles and Dracos. There are over 30,000,000 USA Child Abusers of under 10 years olds in the Lands of the U.S.A.. Many are top Celebrities, Politicians, Tech giants and CEOS and even 7-11 employees. There is no GOD in the USA.

3:18 p.m. P.S.T. SheO. I will delete the entire Latin Race, Second Death. Start over again. Meanwhile  I have plans to dump much of America, both coasts into the  ocean for my own pleasure.  Even yesterday, I had to chase a MS-13 Spanish with weapons because he told me to  get out of the U.S.A. and he will beat me up. So Donald Trump you have about five days left to get that Swamp Rolling.

Donald J Trump Lawyers: Robert Mueller and Trey Goudy set to remove Trump out of office. #trump is blowing the swamp drain. Trey Goudy set to implicate trump. Trey complained of Deep State harassment like I have, =so he musty be a full blown wossie. Not an American at all. Mueller spoke to Trump's lawyer he should be out of office , very soon. I have my own program, a US land in ocean plan. #usa are full of pussies. Do suck on Barak's peepee white sissies. ha ha ha. #trump was too dumb to see Jeff Session is a #deepstate swamp cheerleader. I told Trump to kill, he refused. why? the courts, laws, HOR, Congress, SCOTUS, States and secret societies are all on the side of Human Flesh eaters, like John Podesta. These are their heroes.


What is DRAGON in BIBLE ? AM e RICA translates to a term that is a Dragon. The Holy Bible says these are the targets of GOD for deletion

Robert Mueller 's hero is a baby raper and child torturer and human cannibal people. #lemule put the hit on Rich.

Pentagon 's hero is a baby raper and child torturer and human cannibal people.

HOR 's heroes are baby rapers and child torturers and human cannibal people.

Congress 's heroes are baby rapers and child torturers and human cannibal people.

SCOTUS 's heroes are baby rapers and child torturers and human cannibal people.

Lisa Page ( a Dna Draco, Team Beast ( Clintons)) heroes are baby rapers and child torturers and human cannibal people. She sends assassins my way because I have white skin and I AM Jesus.

Cheryl D. Mills ( a Dna reptilian, team Beast ( Clintons)) heroes are baby rapers and child torturers and human cannibal people. She sends assassins my way because I have white skin and I AM Jesus.

FISA Rudolph  Contreras' heroes are baby rapers and child torturers and human cannibal people.

Jeff Session’s ‘ heroes are baby rapers and child torturers and human cannibal people.

MIT Media Lab & former MK ultra ( cannibal conditioning) heroes are baby rapers and child torturers and human cannibal people.

Nicolas Negroponte 's ‘ heroes are baby rapers and child torturers and human cannibal people.


Youtube : #fakenews is Anonymous EXPOSED  it is a CIA baby raping outfit.

Mark Mueller ID and explained inside assassination secrets to DC residents, the morning of Seth Rich's death. He died at the Doctor’s death chamber later in the day, & and Quake Death Doctor, a pediophile also goes to Obama’s white  house five times in three weeks leading up to Seth Rich’s murder.

Sun Plasma to Mars

Sun Plasma to Mars for energy and reading for the Invasion of Earth. upcharges caught on video. here youtube, Germany The large Cube has been around for some time, awaiting my commands.

10:59 frame

my #Sun is super charging my Martian crews for the global demise. #Apparently only about 5 people in the USA are not Champions of sever child abuse and cannibalism. So my people in Space are slated to take you out. #JesusReturn I do not want baby eaters and raper in my Universe. at all. #bookoflife #02052018AD this video shows another 'super charge ' toward Mars. Air force was following me today. Get on line and I Find out they been ousted as a US Military Child Trafficking ring. It is not one or two people, it is the entire Army. Reports that Swamp is being drained are all but erroneous. #itisoverforusa

#revelations Let there be a thousand points of Light, for a Child’s Hand . – #Lucifer.
Controls Milco, Educo,Corpo, Globo, Narco, Foodco, Plagueco, Alien Baby coked out human flesh consumers, EntertainmentCO, Hollyrout ( Vatican to UK Queen to Hollywood child trafficking)
He runs #Whitegenocide.
Creeeepy this is Lucifer my spiritual child eating son

the expression is an Illuminati Child Trafficking call to arms

Mad Dog Mattis a pedio facilitator by #jesusReturned

Mueller Pedio, Sessions Pedio, Pence is a pedio,  Mattis is a pedio facilitator. It is over folks. 25 th  Amendment should oust trump by later this year and at northern Syria, the Nukes, mobile are being put in by Mattis to kill Earth and run to pedio alien undergrounds where children to be raped and eaten are awaiting.  My Bible has the nukes in Code and at Northern Syria or Baghdad, they are set up for the cocaine pedios you all worship. Apparently, Entertainment, Academia, Institutions, Military,. Media,  and economy are all baby raping cannibals.  That’s about 321 Million of them, minus a handful of US citizens.








BIBLE IS REAL FOLKS . My BloodLine : My Mom is a white nordic and Dad is a scot— judean.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars + Islam

Second Death today:

Michael J. Rogers ( , Jun 02, 1963, Livingston County, MI, sD, 2011 to 2015, he was Chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on board during my assassination period. 2:16 PST, p.m. #02063018AD SheO

you will be visiited by my Space crews to take your dna. We will be later deleting your soul. You are a head of N.S.A. during the time you are throwing assassinations at me. You will be losing your soul and not allowed to join the human community in the future. #JesusChrist returned as promised.

Esther Wojcicki, sD she sides with demons. #02062018AD

Who is Andrew Wiessmann ?


moved to Operation Immortality: III.I.R

What are the Illuminati? Cannibals and bankers. They Run Molochianism. Baphomet head and two children, male and female, dumb struck worshipping their human Sacrificers, unbeknownst to their consuming deaths. They Demons then suck the 'energy' of the tortured child and say it gives them world power.


Illuminati survive on constant chaos and profit from that chaos.

Celebrities, Pop Musicians, Academia, the entire Draco Race of yellow to red to brown colords = draco race all are in power and worship the Beast. The Beast is a human flesh eater and child raper and child sacrificer.  U.S. local to national government all worship these human flesh eaters and all lie  to the public and world,  they do just the opposite.


Dracos eat White Children and trick semi white, or Spanish illuminati such as the Rothschild, they are non white are antiwhite & Draco supporters.

We cannot get along on this Planet. I do not get along with Celebrity baby eaters and rapers and molesters. The U.S.A. seems to support these programs at 100%.

Donald J Trump's first utterance to run for POTUS in the summer of 2015 were directed at crimes of Dracos on the American people. Latin are the highest criminals in the F.B.I. crimes sheets going back to the 1970s, not black nor white, but brown dracos. Donald Trump seems to side with Dracos and call them Americans while us whitey are killed by these Illuminati NON Human satanists.

 Skull & Bones Academia Yale

_Skull & Bones ∏ FBI.CIA, NSA secret legislation May–June 1947 A.D. basically they are one out fit of an international crime body working for others, called the illuminati. They have code to rape and eat children, so they cannot squeal on each-other.

To strengthen them, in 1997 A.D. 'tether agreement' CIA and FBI. PR ≡ say they do not work together.


to Donald Trump & Q–anon.

FBI.CIA, NSA secret legislation May–June 1947 A.D. basically they are one outfit of an international crime body working for others, called the illuminati. Now they work for you and are trying to kill you and I.


My Plan is to eradicate the Supporters of Dracos and Reptilians, because they target white innocent people


Hillary and Bill Clinton are not white they are reptiles. These are Demons on the Earth.

So I will just dump the Americas into the Ocean. Why bother trying to fight and love a country that for 52 years has been trying to kill its citizens that do not agree that eating children or raping them like Baldwin’s is the correct course of action for our planet. Apparently no one in Congress nor HOR will oppose Molochianism, Child eating and raping and Child Trafficking.



1952 because of Aliens lying to these retarded liberal arts failures, The Bilderbergers were set up to initiate brown African supremacy on the commands of coked out Aliens.   They showed approval by public invitations meaning who they support. Obama even was called, so was Clinton and Lucifer controls it all.

Vatican Illuminati

Since Top Vatican Hitters were ordered by Robert Meuller , I Will take all The Church’s land and profits as a punishment. It is highly embarrassing to have your own Church send in their top teams to kill Me, GOD; it is too far beyond cabbage to consider?

Allen and his brother Dullas' considered both to be white sissies.

Jay E Hoover considered himself a African sissy.

get the picture. The women are ruling, and eating the forbidden Apple = pedio cannibalism. . I do not live in a man's world. I have always lived in a women's world. Feminism was just a code for 'yes' mistress, something Barbara heard often from my son Lucifer.


Lucifer is a closeted sissy. Ain't that right George Jr. ? Bahraini Illuminati first controlled Lucifer when he was in his 20s-30s. So he has a fund for his personal army, even back then. Since becoming  Potus and very world powerfully known, Sauud fits in and the women rule it all. Queen is Europe, Sauudi Sissies are Arabia or Middle East and Dragon Lands ( all the Americas from Pole to Pole are run by my sissy son Lucifer. Yes sissies can murder and have general hate in their hearts.


see how Nancy Pelosi Smirks at the men in Congress? She calls herself The Queen of California. she awaiting sucession.

Brown Aliens wants sissies, because they claim they are of natural condition, evolution is black supremacy with no Intelligence. Just brute force.

In Space these brown Aliens have green skin, the really dark ones.

You have sissy Bill Clinton. He has been politically neutered by none other than his over ambitious wife. He represents the carnal #beast. his germancia ( My time period as Jesus is 666 as his presidential signature in both Hebrew and Chaldean, as perfect matches, He created a sex pleasure regional state Illuminati part.

Again, Brown Aliens wants sissies, because they claim they are of natural condition, evolution is black supremacy with no Intelligence. Just brute force.

That place is 45 minuets above Bohemian Grove.  So that is also  a part of Molochianism or Satanism. .

Mueller represents the Vatican and directly to my Son.  While acting openly quit masculine, he is a culked political asset. He is regulated to ordering or first sourcing form Lucifer to regulate ‘wet work’. Commands.  He sent them initially after ME.

Lucifer's family in the media openly promote #whitegenocide and this tells me the Aliens have replaced, already their souls. This implies Mueller has as well. He has been infected.

The Aliens did not want America First white dna presidents because these souls have intelligence; the browns have not. The browns believe the Illuminati are a place for Godless souls to rule over humans.  This creates a whitetraitor , called   a ‘Sell-out. Deffraieur 1558 Provence, Lyon. Paris, London, Moscow, Italy and Spain.  

What happened was now the politicians and Mexicans claimed they are the helper bots and  they are more than half of the U.S.A. population in the overall economy, not by population numbers; threre qre 100,000,000 semi or white welfare or poor or very low economy. The mexicans are rulling California.  It is infested with masked Latin Aliens, who are draconian cross breeds into human form.

They make wars on whitey and Lynn RothsChild ( the davids amd jr. is non white, yellow belly. & formally my House of Sinclaire) according to Laurence Gardner and Dan Brown of ‘The Da Vinci Code. ‘ She sends assassins after me, and that is highly embarrassing as that House represents my Blood Line.

The Vatican Sent Assassins. That is highly embarrassing.

Let Israel go Take the $300— $600 trillion in Gold where ever the land or a submarine  or an Ocean dump it has been suffered. And Donald Trump, that is where you build the Wall. I AM sinking much of the U.S.A. so no point. But if you are bored go ahead.  Any U.S.  Wall will not be very important once you start to ‘drain’.  Israel is totally broke.  I gave them permission to take out all the Palestinians.  Their time & choice.  It is just a permission to do so, that’s all. Abbas got  caught doing business  with assassin buddies that were sent after me and  he prays to me and that is too cabbage for  me to have on earth of in heaven.

 He was conspiring with this  Demon to  the Beast, False Prophet and to Lucifer on Earth too to  do harm to the man I put into office as my Representative.  That is  unconsciousable   and  breaks my First Commandment. I said  that from about the third  week in March of 2016 A.D. anyone not on my  team cannot break this commandment,  and only at my discretion.  If you are not on my team, you cannot do shyte. You make one false move, I will second death you or ‘increase your current sentence’.!  My team has full  hypocritical permission from I.  This is too important.

To move Iran away from Israel while Israel gets it  shyte together ( PentaPoop can profit as well) and trust me, it is spiritually and culturally empty now, due to full Alien brain manipulation control, take U.S. Forces, Iranian Forces, Israel Forces and with China just take out Russia and divide honestly the  spoils.  Call it Russia Collusion  with the DNC in the 2016 A.D. United States of America General Election & So Fuck so Your Penalty is we take Everything and you can just go die. Fuck You.  At India currently for about twenty U.S. Street size city Blocks, squared are equal to the Entire Russian Population. So Killing all of them would  not even be noticed ! Ha ha! Whoooooooww! But then  Bad Deepiees want dem litskn girls. So, I mean a lot  of resources and global positions. MY Seat is on the Kremlin grounds. So You can take it.

Israel needs to practice war. So have them bomb Windsor Castle and where the Queen chains her young victims, at Scotland, my heritage homeland for this ‘incarnation’ ( you peeps are not yet at multidimensionality yet . You ask me why I cannot  tell you. You cannot even comprehend it, you are  stuck on stupid and cannot get out of two dimensional reality even though you are in a three dimensional zone.  The Bad Aliens want to dumb down the population for the Global Cannibal Feast.  What do you think represents the ‘C’ in DNC?  Going totally solo on diet will one dimensionality to the neither worlds called th e bottomless pit : a destination for your soul, and yet you  live, forever, going round and round and  round and just cannot stop.
I call this the Bottomless Pit. It is in Revelations.


Vatican Assassination attempts on Jesus Christ 2017 A.D.

Vatican, Robert Mueller’s representatives came after me at Buena Vista Library.  They had attempts by New Jersey JPod representatives and  had no luck. So these black leather clad assholes are following me in cars and it doesn’t scare me and so I go into the Library and set up for posting. Then go outside for a cigarette. And Vatican Illuminati mobster, disguised is walking cross ways toward me, doing that nonchalant  crap, looking like he is just following his ‘own business.’ I do not look into his eyes, my eyes are only on that black gun sac bag and his hands. He does a 90 degree turn and starts walking directly toward me ( I AM alone, it is early in the day at the Lib) and does not break his me, doing that nonchalant  crap and I know already that Police have stand down orders and will not arrive on scene until there is a body to pick up.  These are the types you see that act with impunity, have ZERO  fear, and are clad in disguise so anyone seeing  them, they look like a million other Italian German mixes.  So  his plan is to go to the Smoking area benches where I AM at and take out his tool for wet work and blast me and again, with 100% coverage, walk back all the way across the Parking lot to his vehicle and get in and drive away.  When he got half way ( still my eyes are only on his hands, not his face) I turned and ran back into the library, grabbed my stuff and went out to see where he went and he had already fled.

OK, for that Vatican. I will end your church. You are anything but a cabbage.  So embarrassing I cannot live with your types on Planet Earth.

The Skies

nice sun photos. Here are three large my space crafts, I have la photos of them too, weeks ago. I should look and post it.  





Hit Barack H Obama's car, he was chasing me and his teams trying to kill me. That's him in The Dresden Codex, as a false prophet in an ancient manuscript. 2012. Key, this is a white and black ruler, meaning DNA mixing. Yes, We achieved advanced civilizations in the past.

To Q-Anon, DonaldTrump,

Goudy is out. All others neutered. DonaldTrump should have shot Sessions in the head a year and ago and then exposed him as a traitor, but that did not happen so he aligns to human flesh eaters. His entire Military are cannibals. Nunez, Hannity, can be killed in aday . trey is out. Donaldatrump sides with illuminati baby eaters. it  is over. His whole admin eats humans. #JesusReturn so I am leaving social media and dropping the USA into the ocean. Putin or China can target  NSA at Nevada. I will bring in my space teams to flesh out the inner bunkers and holes of our Earth. It is over, they plan to nuke you be late summer at USA from Syria. Thank your Baby Raping Congress and Child Eating Hollywood and CIA and Washington D.C. US A is invested above ground with Dracos and  Reptiles by 250 Million of them. It is over, they all eat children and make war to get orphans for dinner. #02062018AD 2:01 p.m. P.S.T.


Trey Goudy Compromised.

#treygoudy sex scandal is why he is joining Robert Mueller's pedio teams & this is the biggest #revelation last week; & this was a Rosenstein email to Robert Mueller on what are the bullet points of these 'secret societies'.' Rosenstein running the investigation because Jeff Sessions recused himself to side with Cannibals' Rosenstein could end the investigation , but he cannot read nor write. He apparently is in total darkness.

#Lucifer dumb ass, Mueller works directly for #Dracos and reptilians and Lucifer. Told Donald J Trump to kill demons but he worships them, tries to scare them with another memo release that no baby raper , controlling all things, cares about at all. So Donald Trump has five days left to put a BIG BIG person into jail , Or I Lake him and go away. I AM leaving this country to sink it. I can do it alive or dead. #JesusChrist returned. Some ARAB WAS pointing his cell in my way, trying to be subtitle, I got in its face and made faces. Then I moved because he was going to move, embarrassed. He was caught. Perhaps, more brown wanting to eat a whitey. Sad that Maddog is a pedio player. These are sixos. USA is #Dragon in the Bible, enough said, that means sink it.




Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Love One Another



TO MUSLIMS & CHRISTIANS Love one another


Disrespect by Spanish , Portuguese, Italian, Sicilian, Caucasian.

So Mexican that is a Spanish dna, bald head, grey jacket and very bigoted attitude toward America was just 3:53 p.m. in Library cannot speak English so he says he will beat me up or give him my space.

I cannot await a time I can kill at will.  He is not illegal, he has MS-13 tats and probably a junoir astroturf illuminati, as the spanish style themselves today. That means human life are not sacred. .  Cannot call ICE, Jerry Brown signed law to arrest white born Americans if they do so.  So I moved my seat but feel the Illuminati did   this  culture disrespect thing. updated 4:07 p.m. #020302018AD


Illuminati Are a Banking Child Eating group that controls the entire U.S.A. They worship and fund Brazilian Moloch child sacrifice ceremonies recently  and kill people who oppose Moloch.


Mueller Pedio, Sessions Pedio, Pence is a pedio, Mattis is a pedio facilitator. It is over folks. Erica now at Mit media lab, aka Child Trafficking Edu central threw assassins at me. #Confirmed here are others. Mueller Pedio, Sessions Pedio, Pence is a pedio, Mattis is a pedio facilitator. It is over folks #DonaldJtrump is surrounded by #snuffers and #cannibals. #JesusChristreturned SO I AM getting out of here for the ocean dump on each coast for a pay back to what these 321 ,plus all of Southern Americans and Middle and Mexico. Go worship your #Beast #whitetraitors and these are all MK ultra they do not have souls. no longer. empty shells.

Trey Gowdy: FBI Covered-Up Hillary Clinton’s Crucial Role In Trump Surveillance .





 Blue blood and rare occulant Moon western horizon





1999—2018AD ό αρχάγγελος” ≡ Yĕhôshúa 23rd September 2017 A.D.— #jesusreturned 1260 days hernceforth I bring the fallen angels to Earth. to take care of the False Prophet, Beasts, AntiChrist and his father Lucifer, et al. 321,000,000 nationalist worshippers to also be included in an Ocean dump, from both coasts inward until I say.

ARC started 5th Feb — 2018 A.D. Cornerstone, . California; The Warrior Arc Michael #JesusReturned Ilm8 Book of Life; archived 02072018AD 6:21 pm pst sherman oaks, CA.






United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex going down


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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