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Angela Dorothea Kasner, 17 July 1954,  Hamburg, West Germany sD #03192018AD 2:30 PDT pm. SheO

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) scientists are part of a baby rape and drug and eat human club that have nukes and bunkers and cocaine and holes ready to jump in any day.

Like MIT baby Rape Lab that screwed up the cover for the cruise missiles at Pent and World Trade Towers, 2,1.

Northwestern University claims that people who believe in GOD have brain damage and must be killed . #03192018AD these professors say Rape child and drug them first and beat them silly. #FUSA

a lie too. Colleges and professors start at Paris in 1202AD sponsored and approved by my Vatican Church. Not Prussians. they eat and beat children, they have no facts or IQs. Germ = virus, DNA people .NAZI is a germ, not a human.
Angela Germany is abducting children and raping them and drugging them . #confirmed. Rothschild in full control.

Germans and Rothschild believe in Satan or the Devil and that is in our BIBLE, which they say causes brain damage. These are idiot low wit rich baby rapers. apparently that is what bush, Obama and Clinton and German Hitler bitch and Fidel Castro's illegitimate son Justine at Canada are doing. That is punishable by death in a lake of Fire.

#jesuschrist returned as promised.

updated 03192018AD

BLACK African History Month 2017 revbeast ii ISIS updated isil

J 169∇ J166 (o1262017:01:53 am PST Studio City, Los Angeles, Caliphateornia; J 167 ∞ 168 my family ) 2017 History Page new and ID of GOG as Google

2017 Blacks Run Capitalism Slavery NEW DNA campus 2017

GOG of the Bible


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ Google hack post ­čÜź ´┐Ż

152 Deep State leaks by FBI NSA to Washington Post or New York Times , and many suspect Reinhold Richard "Reince" #Priebus. But it is #IRS Louis Lerner who leaks the IRS on Anthony #Scaramucci. Scaramucci on Wednesday doubled down on his war on White House leaks , warning he will root out the senior White House staff. The Hill reporting. #bookoflife #arcmichael #07262017AD



ICE Director says no one fired for releasing 65,000 criminal aliens onto streets.

46 US Attorneys are being asked to resign by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  


Americans were killed by ISIS in the Middle East with absolutely no help from our former commander in chief?

Economics of Immigration
a Wall? they have already 3,000 ( two mile , 500 ft dee tunnels.) it is over, the world is a freaking zombie. u want to solve immigration? Shoot cruise missilesinto Mexico's parliament. cost of about 3 missiles, $3.9 million US dollars ( adjusted 2016). the cost of the wall> 90 Billion or more.

Doug Gresham #edwardsnowden ever heard of him? He says they all spy, all the agencies, and are addicted and cannot stop and run illegal militaries. USA is over, zombies of liberal arts majors took it over and screwed it to hell.

ICE Director says no one fired for releasing 65,000 criminal aliens onto streets. why because they be yellow or brown and the ICE directors be yellow or brown. World is over folks, the evil coloreds are here to lie and cannibal.

+Mike Balog white Nordic are less than 7% of the global population. that makes Yellow ( white arabs jew mixes and br/br. features , yellow Nazi bulbus heads and large breeds) brown afro all over world) and black at 93% that make #alltheevil. grow up. whites Nordics are falsely blamed by 93% of the globe because 93% are evil. Got it? Science is very simple. you fuckers make all the wars, steal all the love and do the majority of the #hate, #fu AND U LIE ABOUT IT .


For my entire life the Marxist left has told me that white people are evil racist, and blacks and non-white are mistreated victims. It was all 100% lies and BS to turn white Christians into cucks [sic⊗] for these other racist tribes. White people are the least racist. Too nice, and white are constantly under attack and discriminated against. Blacks and non whites get affirmative action in our own white nations. WTF is that? That is not white privilege. That is discrimination against whites. Whites should get affirmative action and many of these 3rd world hatting ass mutt breeds should have been deported. The left has taken this anti-white BS much too far. I went from having white guilt to anger after I woke up and seen how the none whites and Marxist Jews wan't to destroy us. Basically the Democrat party is the anti-white party. They no longer even try to hide it. Anti-racism really means anti-white. — Hawkermustang ( 03 10 2017 ad ) ⊗ culk. a pornographic term for a husband under full 'life' suppression by his own partner or wife: a one - sided arrangement where one is a slave to a master or a mistress.

Daily Cal lies and uses minorities as the main voice for the last 25 years.

racism is a antiwhite thing

Niggers were never suppressed. That was all a @wise #lie.

The filthy nigger here at LOS Angeles has $80,000 lux autos, 8.5, $3.5 million dollar pad , with 8 rooms, just for himself and his rape victims.  These plentiful niggers complain to radio stations they are suppressed by the homeless veteran whiteys and they should have the brown cops throw them in jail of kill them.

there is no hope for the Godless cannibal nigger.

03 09 2017 A.D.

Paul Ryan Gives chalk board and lazar pointer explanation to black Congress persons too stupid to understand Obama care was these US lower income poor paying for the rich and super rich for massive rich tax cuts.┬á John Kerry’s annual family bill went down $7,950 Dollars┬á and he is a billionaire. This means that $7,950 must be added upon the massive influx of youth migrants to pay into the system, albeit, they are young and healthy, The entire Lyndon Johnson to Obama were periods of robbery and chaos.

what is this race issue conflict 'within' the alt.left?" it is white white vs. colored or non whites. Soros is funding #nonwhite movements on the backs of white traitors = #williamjclinton = #whiteafrotraitor and #hillaryclinton as a traitor to white people.

#march4democracy is a George #Soros anti white movement of 187 groups and $147 Million spent in 2016 alone and $25 Million too the #Hillary Clinton election campaign. that is fxxked up and not #democracy. but browns call democracy = #antichrist #antiwhite

Google posts updates against CIA vulnerabilities.

#liars Google gets about + # $billions like Fakebook CEO gets billions to run NSA code, it was in the New York times, idtios. You all are liars. you shut down 95% white websites because they backed Donald trump. lolz. you be nigger worshipers and haters of white. |We all know you employee white traitors or jews that look white but are fake whites


yep that is why the Christian bible calls Jesus also Lucifer. or the morning star. because God/Satan are the duality or the bi fabrication of the mainframe universe code. Jesus said, I come to bring a sword ( war) , not peace. You people , atheists are waaaaayy dumb. toooo slow to grasp the #holybible. true Christianity and true islam ( jews got thrown out by militant GOD ( See #bookofjudges, old test) they are coming to kill you godless idiots, as their books instruct them. Problem, no one can read. Jews dumbed down the world to tv talking points.


a black screaming at me, that I am stupid. he offered no argument. or counter argument. lolz.

larry summers ( Harvard, Obama's admin, first term, picked by Obama. he studied that blacks are less intelligent than whites, by a data driven multi-disciplinary study. so I have white dna and you have Semite, so you be dumb. thank you :) study released early 2000s


Obama claimed the 1965 events in Selma inspired his parents to get together and have a mixed race child . Barack H. Obama BC says he was born in 1961 OfraudO's own autobiography source´╗┐

what is the political theory of constant lying if one has a knowledge that for 60 years prior, the media covers for the #liars.

Here is the lie. Obama claimed the 1965 events in Selma inspired his parents to get together and have a mixed race child . Published source. Reality: Barack H. Obama BC says he was born in 1961 OfraudO's own autobiography source #bookoflife #arcmichael #03082017ad explain that political theorists.


1,800 #TERRORISTS ON WATCH LIST GIVE CITIZENSHIP DIRECTLY BY Obama . no cops to arrest, the country is brown. whites are disrespected #spook #bookoflife #arcmichael #03082017ad source #foxnews today.



NSA plugged into my computer this address “http:///s

Shttps ? lolz.

John Podesta did not register when he met Putin for bank transactions.

Democratic super lobbyist Tony Podesta failed to register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) when he agreed to represent Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank. Sberbank allegedly has close ties to Russia’s intelligence services, The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group has learned. 03 08 2017 a d=d

Legendary NSA whistleblower William Binney (and creator of NSA's global surveillance system) confirmed to Fox News, that President Trump is "absolutely right" to claim he was wiretapped and monitored. 03072017ad

I live in #caliphateornia, we have 60,000,000 radical jihadis who hate every American because of their roots. There are no police to get them out. #usa LONG GONE. 03072017ad

The following bills HAVE been introduced:
1. HR 861 Terminate the Environmental Protection Agency
2. HR 610 Vouchers for Public Education
3. HR 899 Terminate the Department of Education
4. HJR 69 Repeal Rule Protecting Wildlife
5. HR 370 Repeal Affordable Care Act
6. HR 354 Defund Planned Parenthood
7. HR 785 National Right to Work (this one ends unions)
8. HR 83 Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Bill
9. HR 147 Criminalizing Abortion (“Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act”)
10. HR 808 Sanctions against Iran
Please copy/paste and share widely. Call your House Representative and ask them to not only vote "YES"...but thank them for speaking up for Americans rights, health & safety, and our beautiful country.


Semitic #jamesclapper = #NAZI Jew DNA said he does not refute that his NSA is hacking Donald Trump and leaking to washintonpost and to New York times and leaking to Al frakin, Elijah Cummings, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George h w bush ( he is the total authority) , to Lindsey and John McCain, who helped put Obama into office.


CAL Creates new data base on terrorist or non terrorist charity groups. Daily Cal.

My campus creates the first CCP to terrorist charities data base . We cannot rely on US Intel CIA and NSA as they are ISIS enthusiasts. #UCBerkeley #arcmichael #03072017ad the faculty and staff, all #ISIS supporters are not happy. #bookoflife #terrorism. #NSA is furious about this as Charity is CIA operation of funding, historically. #history #UShistory g/ night. Note ONE thing they will find is that most celebrity charities are slush funds for the actors and celebrities. not these charities. Others they will find are the terrorist funneling channels.



+Sherry Harris it is a color thing. Mexicans support Islam at 100% and hate white or #Christians. Seen this for 30+ years , this is not a generational thing, they hate whitey, period. so usa is over. maybe in the east you have a few decades left. No army will fight their own kind. period. If you look at a Middle Eastern terrorists training camp, the color matric of its people, looks like all the street and businesses here in the #southland.

+Arc Michael also see why no congress stood or applauded when the President sais let us make American great again. So it is over. I still at 100% support #trump and trump supporters. this is just observational science. our leaders tell cops to kill whites at #Losangeles. and more shootings of white than black have occurred here for 25 years. It is violent brown jihadi here and no army will stop it.


A #Irish Semite said on fox news last night, it was from Scotland or Ireland ( ref. its parents ) , it was not a slave and thus whites need to die for African supremacy because Irish were never suppressed nor slaves ( #falsefacts by Semite bitch) .then I looked at its #DNA, ,and it was not scot white but a jew #Semite who happened to be born in a white nation. was on #foxnews cable as a guest to someone last night; maybe half white gurl. #billoreilly who backs #bush #NSA nigger supremacy and hates America and therefore will say, you are correct. #billoreilly is #swamppeople and some very #fakenews; please help end #foxnews as it is full of #Antiwhite or white traitors. except Hannity and Judge judge jeanine #Shapiro which bing, google. yahoo, suppress her bio. Because she hates #eviljin which control the internets today.


bill o'reilly is an historical liar for #Semite bush creepos to keep the #shadowgovernment killing whites. It is a arab white traitor. #arcmichael #bookoflife #03072017ad

stop the #bullying and #falseaccusations you creepo #Semitic #liars.

Land does not make you are white dna person people .only jews a false race must be realized as evil and hatred







Antichrist shows up on MSNBC and NBC national television


African bigotry vooder murderer appreciation month.

It is OK noordic white / #crackers to hate #niggers they killed our POTUS and we want global revenge form all #African mass murdering goons. #history #ushistory #gog #nigger FagBI killed #johnfkennedy because this #FBI was an aFRO nIGGER HATER. gOT IT NIGGER #JAY -Z? 

& Robert, John, Kennedy, Marlyn Monroe and Jimmy Hoffa all had polariods of #nigger in a dress on s/he kneews sucking #penis , all had to be offed for embarrassment factors. Niggers we want┬á serious fucking revenge .┬á #NSA #CIA #CCCP #China #russia #india #pakistani intel.´╗┐



Identity Politics

This world goes #identitypolitics for all white races from here on out to #2060ad sealone, referral. No more #conservative (most at the founding were whitearabs, not #noridic whites), no yellow German Nazi dominance and their yellow #Godless Jewstate , all created in a spew of years ( NSA, CIA 1947, Jew fake Israel state 1948). Jews moved in made absolutely nothing but relied on fake race wars to fund their wine and dine, and on occasion genocide their neighbors s to appease their warmongering afro - semite US Congress ) #Palestinians are not the enemy, you yellow arabs at ancient #Israel. they are your browner version of #arabs. You persecute all #Christians ( #White people) at Israel as you put me to death too. #333 pm Pacific Coast Standard Time, #02282017ad #arcmichael #bookoflife #biblestudy #lga1230

Edward SNOWDEN: Govt secretly paying to keep software unsafe

A lone Jew to stop housing 100,000s of Suppressed whites and blacks. At Los Angeles, Hollywood town: Stop two year cap reviews for a longer 10 year await for approval for affordable housing.




#GOP #DNC #GREENPARTY all sent in letters to vote #no on Measure S.
#California #destroyamericaact by a single #Hollywood charity fleecer #jew to stop California affordable housing. All vacant lots and parking structures cannot be converted to affordable housing because a single lone Jew ( #stine) must have its view to #DOWNTOWN #losangeles. So the world is destroyed , again, by these selfish jews.
Measure S will be on the ballot for voters in Los Angeles, California, on March 7, 2017. A vote yes and affordable housing and continued gentrification will continue.

#Israeli #aids foundation fleecer, big wig down town JewWood ( #HOLLYWOOD ) got angry at a new building construction that potentially block a part of his view toward downtown, #LA . So the jew crap used $5.5 Million in his own robber money to fund this initiative. It also blocks two year reviews and pushes them back to ten year reviews, thus shutting down any new business construction of affordable housing.



Opponents of Measure S argue that the proposed moratorium and restrictions on project approval would put a stop to most development projects in the city, resulting in an even greater housing shortage, economic decline, the loss of thousands of jobs, and the loss of millions in tax revenue for education, parks, and other city services. Opponents also argue that none of the provisions in Measure S directly address corruption in the city planning process or developer contributions.

#bookoflife #03062017ad #arcmichael

sponsors for #yes, #Weinstein needs s/he view so destroy 100 companies.
Michael #Weinstein put it into the lake of fire.
Albert K. Ruiz
Peter Reis
Marijane Jackson
Gerard Kensica
Richard J. Riordan, Former Mayor of Los Angeles
Kenneth S. Alpern, M.D., Chairman of The Transit Coalition
Rev. Alice Callaghan, Founder of Las Familias del Pueblo Skid Row
Mabel Chang, Former President of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission
Gloria Romero, Former California State Senate Majority Leader
Opal M. Young, president of the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Homeowners Coalition
Sean Chandra, Esq., Los Angeles Tenants Union
Grace Yoo, co-founder of the Environmental Justice Collaborative
The Vote Yes on S campaign website listed the following endorsements of Measure S:[12]

Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan
Former U.S. Congresswoman Diane Watson
Carmen Trutanich, Los Angeles City Attorney (Ret.)
Gloria Romero, California State Senate Majority Leader (Ret.)
Mabel Chang, Past President, Los Angeles City Planning Commission
Joyce Foster, Past President, Board of Los Angeles Building and Safety Commissioners; Past President, West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission
Elena Popp, Eviction Defense Network, Co-Founder and Executive Director
Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority Board of Directors
Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains



Muriel Elizabeth Bowser August 2, 1972, Washington, D.C., U.S. sD ( mayor of Washdc, stopped #SethRich investigation) why? He was an American who had white skin and that is not tolerated by blacks, period. why else did she stop it? #bookoflife #arcmichael #07122017AD #bigotry . he was poor , she is middle class power, black matter´╗┐

Lou City’s Barr, the Last place Seth Rich was at and seen by I witnesses, the Washington DC Police refused to ask the owners┬á or anyone in that bar about Seth Rich, at all.

Russian Hacking was a fake meme by DEEP SEMITE STATE FBI

February 26, 2016 A.D. #JackSava and . Lisa #Kountoupes Hillary Clinton activist cohosted a fundraiser with Tony and John Podesta. Sava was the acting physician on call when Seth Rich was admitted to #Medstar Health

Metropolitan #Police Department said we do not do active investigations on Bernie Sanders’ supporters. Seth Rich was a Bernie Sanders supporter, but just got a job at the DNC as a general staffer. truth? #CIA #fbi in bed with DeepLiberalState colludes. Rich was alive, according to the paramedics and died 1.5 hours after being shot twice in the back and non of his belongings, even an expensive watch were taken. over 70 video cameras caught the events and all were destroyed, mysteriously and the family is scared out of their brains. Must have been threatened by deep doodoo state.

Physician on call and who treated Seth Rich: Jack Sava, Doctor and contributor to the Hillary Clinton foundation. Medstar Health: one of 80 doctors there . He was the physician on duty when Seth Rich came to the Hospital. Jack Sava is in a relationship with a Hillary Clinton activist supporter. A lobbyist for 23 times to the 2016 Election and accepted a John Podesta Email invitation February 2, 2016 A.D. as guest to attend an event hosted by Tony and John Podesta.

#arcmichael #bookoflife #07122017AD #donaldtrump #sethrich #politics´╗┐ ballistics in a law suit, superior court. now. because DC Police do not want to release evidence to free a white person; AFICANS scream, kill all whitey. .


fbi vehicle squadcar or DC police sqaud car ( both are locked in a trunk or locking box, so that is a joke explanation)


de evolution or backwards

black holes are de evolutionists

after capturing 'light or white people' like starts, and forming #galaxies, these black holes then sux the light or 'life' right out of you, spit you out into a mess of hot gas. nothing says, direct opposite of evolution than this taking beautiful light, raping it and then eating it like voodoo cannibals do on CNN tonight.

#CNN will make up for lake of #fakenews ratings with a human to eat the brains of another human. on Television and then jack off into Operah Nigger Hippo's mouth.

during president ' #Jackson's term they called the Judah Indians #CRACKERS ; location northern modern boarders of the State of Florida. that is where the term comes from. #crackers = #whitey because blacks see yellow or red Indians as #white skinned; they cannot differentiate.


What are brown Semitic people?
#anecdotes #white vs. #yellow #red #brown people in American social science.

What are brown #Semitic people?
I just had a fat #Mexican #Jew with a #yamaka knock me almost over, because it was too fat to walk around the table. It felt safe with its #brown Asian tutor there. Screamed at it twice, because it did not react. Asian Tutor got upset and I was about to challenge. You see sand niggers can kill you beat, u and do whatever, because cops are all sand niggers or full blown niggers. She should have scolded her son and not me. It is like " How dare you even look at my people, you filthy white, we can do whatever we want to you and we have the courts, cops, institutions, media, street thugs and forging terrorist gangs on our sides ."

I was about to go off on this creepo lady, but decided to get up and move.

Mexicanjew nazi #fat fuckers must die. this is disrespect.

A fucking fat jew ass kid tried to squeeze though a 5 inch gap and pushed my chair off the ground, while I was typing so he would not have to take five steps around the table, because it is a brown piece of shyte. they all do this. It nearly hurt me too. The lady was enraged I reacted and was not a subby culk as whitey has been turned into these last 70 years.

Ex-CIA lady says #antichrist #Obama was actively killing #US #citizens over at the Middle East and North Africa. #history #arcmichael #03102017ad #bookoflife


On following the US Constitution
George S constitution is very clear and unchangeable on this issue. no federal gov has any rite to tell you what to do. that changed under Abraham Lincoln. since then, about 1860s we do not follow laws, at all. sorry, we just lie about it.

George S 2/3 legislators in 2/3 of all states is an amendment, that is a big deal. me thinks u be very uneducated. This nation follows no laws if you have white skin and not a white traitor to your won race. If you are brown, rape of a white is a good and positive thing. you fool no one. #whitegenocide is real and done by the yellow, red, brown and dark skinners on purpose.

+Brian Hoenig ur confused, My mom was denied citizenship 1960s = 1994, when she left without it. her problem, she cried often, she was white white and the brown black jew crap at the social security and naturalization offices were saying, FUCK YOU whites.
so I say to you FUCK YOU>

all u and others have is to call me a liar.

I am not this nor that, I am illegal and born here to a citizen father. fuck you lasale post

mainstream fakemedia still decrying no Intel Agencies Spy. White people must ‚ again‚ be confused!

Doug Gresham #edwardsnowden ever heard of him? He says they all spy, all the agencies, and are addicted and cannot stop and run illegal militaries. USA is over, zombies of liberal arts majors took it over and screwed it to hell.


the #latin #semitic want illegal US Gun laws; they sell illegal firearms at Downtown #losangeles for a profit. that is the scheme. it is a violent Foreigner overthrow of our #civilrights +1 post


Everyday Semites are on prowl to rob, steal and falsely accuse for Semitic JihadArc Michael

+Slowly But Surely you mean when France controlled #Mexico from Paris? lolz. I was on this land over 10,000 years ago. so get the fuck off you filthy Semite. you do know that Jews and arabs and Latino are the same DNA, same hate and same lies? right? welcome to the apocalypse. :) it will get messy :) go #TRUMPSUPPORTERS

OLMEC WERE WHITE AND here 1000s of years before brown Portuguese and Spanish. and Mexico was hijacked over #Aztec language that has Mejico as the original spelling. that means Mexicans are Spanish and must be charged as a race group with imperialism. feel better?
#Mexicans broke all international laws and call themselves the RACE , no whitey or #crackers allowed. So we take that race off the earth. OK?



Rosie O’Donnell is attacking #donaldtrump out in front of the white house today, because she is in fear of going to jail for serious child abuse. She is in deep fear to cover up her abused foster care children.

 66,000 illegal immigrants that have been found guilty of Rapes murders let go in your neighborhood. US CONgress

Can weaponizing space workout for humans?

+emil kaiypov our problem is our own #NRO run by #nsa head #jamesclapper = is an arab supremacist who many believe runs #globalwhitegenocide . he was there at the Kennedy JohnFKennedy assassination. he is a spook goon and runs #ISIS too with John McCain and Diane ( Calif. US Cong) Frankinstine, Lindsey 'sissy' Graham and Obama. it cost tax payers 1.9 trillion since Feb 1 2013 ad

funded under Code name #syrianrebels . Congress too liberal arts majors to figure this out.

wanted a wall against Shi'i and Russians to control the northern Syrian oil fields. #NRO was operating this, from the sky.

so any sat in the sky to make peace is understood as conditional. the key is to whom controls this device or devices?

— ArcMichael 1 st March 2017 A.D. comment posted to googeplus #NASA

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Real Love

SF transgendered told you cannot support Donald Trump. link

If you look like a women , but were born like a Man , then dis hate comes form the jews : That is the real issue & is the bullying on school playgrounds ;

Biofeuls wreak havoc on the earth's atmosphere

bio fuel killz the ozone, duffases. it take 30000000% more carbon to grow a superstate field of corn, convert it to alcohol and then convert those engines to the same. Electric cars burn more coal than gas powered engines. And Clean Gas ( Obama / methane ) puts 700000% more bad carbons into the atmosphere, because liberals are from liberalarts colleges and now stack the science rooms and meetings.



Cold war = blame white people
Vietnam war = blame white people
JFK assassination = blamed white people
Iraq War I = blamed white people
Iraq War II = blamed white people
#monicawars = blamed white people
10 obama regime changes or attempts, two big ones he got.┬á = blamed white people´╗┐

Google leaders and game changeers on all world problems = blame white people.



#Mexicans and not #moslems are the #dna HERE. photo is California. Google logo is real. Posted somewhere about a week ago. The cops cannot arrest these people because there are no longer white cops. Only German NAZI or Semites = includes #LATIN . these are their people, regardless of ethics or morality. they love their own colored people.

Issue No white cops here at California, not Nordic. we have about 1 -1,000 cop demographic and that is not enough. .

NO one to get them. out. ISIS and babyrape is not evil to white arab Germans ( part semite ) or brown to light skinned #latino Semitics. and why Hollywood loves ISIS and never says a bad thing about them ( in general ) we know the real #trumpsupporters out there. :). Hollywood Blvd. has long been semitic babyrape boulevard. as the heads of the industry take advantage of a myriad of suppressed youth, and that left home and into the streets. Jews made it a rape haven. Cops did nothing because Cops were german jews. they love kinky child rape ÔÇô not the Nordic but the mixed race germanics.┬á They are the largest population in America or were for a long-long-time.

Jerry brown is not Nordic white like DonaldTrump it is a white arab and swings #NAZI Brownshirts . #hitler and Gobbles both tested positive for #jew #dna SO THEY TOO ARE NOT WHITE PEOPLE.




wow holy filter of the fakenews — Media takes over to attack white people. 02 18 2017 ad. They are semitic jihadists from liberal arts colleges † #media are the enemy of the American people. Note to John McCain‚ we are not a democracy, you are an isis funder and Christian murderer.

The four real criminal illegal leaks to the press by richard branson uk spook for arab and  globalsits,Richard Charles Nicholas Branson aka Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson ,18 July 1950 Blackheath, London, England , 1,000 sc


66,000 illegal immigrants that have been found guilty of Rapes murders let go in your neighborhood.

ARC 101 D6



Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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