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BLACK African History Month 2017 revbeast ii ISIS updated isil

J 169∇ J166 (o1262017:01:53 am PST Studio City, Los Angeles, Caliphateornia; J 167 ∞ 168 my family ) 2017 History Page new and ID of GOG as Google

2017 Blacks Run Capitalism Slavery NEW DNA campus 2017

GOG of the Bible


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ Google hack post 🚫 🔯

I live in #caliphateornia, we have 60,000,000 radical jihadis who hate every American because of their roots. There are no police to get them out. #usa LONG GONE. 03072017ad

The following bills HAVE been introduced:
1. HR 861 Terminate the Environmental Protection Agency
2. HR 610 Vouchers for Public Education
3. HR 899 Terminate the Department of Education
4. HJR 69 Repeal Rule Protecting Wildlife
5. HR 370 Repeal Affordable Care Act
6. HR 354 Defund Planned Parenthood
7. HR 785 National Right to Work (this one ends unions)
8. HR 83 Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Bill
9. HR 147 Criminalizing Abortion (“Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act”)
10. HR 808 Sanctions against Iran
Please copy/paste and share widely. Call your House Representative and ask them to not only vote "YES"...but thank them for speaking up for Americans rights, health & safety, and our beautiful country.


Semitic #jamesclapper = #NAZI Jew DNA said he does not refute that his NSA is hacking Donald Trump and leaking to washintonpost and to New York times and leaking to Al frakin, Elijah Cummings, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George h w bush ( he is the total authority) , to Lindsey and John McCain, who helped put Obama into office.

#jews hate us #whites so we take you off the planet as a race to solve this issue. OK #fakeisrael we need to give real #Israel to my people who are #faithful and #true. thank you. Hellow there #realisraelites It's me. happy times are in the future. the issue here. #poster is a #jewfilth and it hates #Nordic #donaldtrump because of its #DNA conflict. That is the only issue. blacks win history because they use #identity politics. now you white Nordics will do the same , hereon out to #2060ad . all plus ones for #googleplus were #semitic 50 plus ones were from #semitic or mixed race people. One plus one was a comic book white dude, or a white name. this is #DNA people that is #Armageddon on a global scale soon. #arcmichael my mom was denied citizenship her whole life and we suffered, no food or home. So you people ran it with Lation Semitics and German white arab semitics and so it is time for you as a race to go bye bye.

Former DNI James Clapper: ‘I Can Deny’ Wiretap of Trump Tower . "there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president, the president-elect at the time, or as a candidate, or against his campaign," Clapper told Chuck Todd in an exclusive interview on Sunday's "Meet The Press." msnbc

Chuck Todd and James Clapper are both long time identified #swamppeople and see here, they use the #fakestreammedia for 70 years to run their #dragon jew wars for semitic profits and nigger profits only. never cared once in their lives for any white noridic. Todd and Clapper are both Afro and Semitic DNA.


NSA told the world it cannot deny it is the source of the leaks in Trump Tower. #jamesclapper headline mattdrudge 030502017ad ( #MSNBC reporting)


#LindseyOlinGraham to the #lakeoffire
#McCain and #LindseyGraham are #swamppeople and Maxinewaters will just 'trust' what they say. that is not democracy. That is black people have no #IQ to judge #fakenews or #fakeusintel and will #DESTROY #YOU. The world is very tired of global #jewwars which are not white people like you. They look like you ( Hillary KookTon , Obozo's mommy, and even billy 'the clintooon' has #African dna and is not a pure #white. ) but these people are not #whitedna . Look at #parisjackson she has white skin and light eyes, and had an #African father. that is how complicated #Armageddon will be to the masses that cannot figure out the conflicts are all #DNA coded by me. #arcmichael for conflict. #endgame #bookoflife #revelations .
#spook #shadowgovernment code word is shadow = black people who control the planet. the semitic mixed race #NAZI , most of our NSA and elected officials on the democratic party side are mixed race and have #semitic #DNA .that will also attack you, even subtlety. this goes down to the family level too.

why are the #cheney #bush #rice #whitepapers for the 21st century all have two targets only, as their prime objective? #whiterussia ( 20 th century destroyed) and #whiteChina ( 21st century, not destroyed). we move out only our real Christians there fore Armageddon. not the semites.

this #apokálypsis = #colorwars at the most minuet and #detailed level.

#whitegenocide means end of planet earth. Code

link: warnnig google changes texts and links, to hide their semite whtie genocide


How dumb are liberals? They blow their own cover after nine months of lies.


NSA listen Up! You are an illegal army 2:22 pm. Northhollywood

Since Israel has only one or a few sets of my relics of bones and I have multiple bones with the same dna ( base) structures all over earth, the land we call #Israel is no longer needed by me as a home base. You #moslems can take it out.

#jews not even a race in the #bible. and #jews are not #Israelites = #period. end of story. they are fantasist liars. These yellow Nazi german jews at Israel's controls run with Bush group and the #blueturban queen the #trilaterial ( #1917 true origins) commission (s = periods).

#Israel It is illegal by my code. I do not care anylonger about their codes or laws. Their codes have shown to be #whitegenocide for 1,000s of years and now at a crucial time we must #correct the #damaged #DNA race.

people of #God , #prayforjamescomey #arcmichael #bookoflife

Blacks control you and you are nazi yellow and not white. you are confused.

#NSA spook, we really have all those #berniesanders supporters who saw #benedictsanders betray them. They go crazy #2020ad blood in the streets. why? #Nazi Semite is DNA they control the world and have a malcodon that acts and behaves in an outward performance as a #fantasy gene. #jews are mixed race yellow bulbus, largest USA population and backed only by the #blacks who hate whites. So the odds are too much in their favor .like 0.001% white survives Armageddon to 99.999% the #NAZI inbreads will win. These are the demographic odds It is coded into #DNA two types, You have one, I have both.

δ Arc 51 st birthday 


DONALD TRUMP opens investigation into Putin DNC secret meetings.

Yo #semite #bigot we are the smallest group on planet earth. #whitepeople not #KKK Jews, not #germanashkaNAZI jews, not Israeli Arabite Jews, but Nordic types of whites. we have #GOD on our side. that is #Armageddon. I is Real, u beez #fake #archangelMichael #bookoflife

White races vs. Yellow German Jews #Armageddon #lga1230

OK, laugh KKK german jew yellow. laugh it up. we are the smallest minority and most suppressed on earth. So we take out the german race from planet earth and solve this issue of constant german hate on white, once and for all.

Armageddon Mapping

KKK, NAZI German, UK ( division arabs) Mexico, South America, Africa. Israel, Syria, Sauud, Pak, Afghan, India, south Asia, and other Semites vs. Noordic white cultures of China and of Russia whites for #Armageddon. sounds cool. eh?


$481 Million Dollar Arms deal to Kenya by AntiChrist Obama is now under investigation.


NSA leaks docs

yo #NSA we have your docs too:
While NSA documents tout the mutually beneficial relationship of Sigint sharing, another report, marked top secret and dated September 2007, states that the relationship, while central to US strategy, has become overwhelmingly one-sided in favor of Israel.

"Balancing the Sigint exchange equally between US and Israeli needs has been a constant challenge," states the report, titled 'History of the US – Israel Sigint Relationship, Post-1992'. "In the last decade, it arguably tilted heavily in favor of Israeli security concerns. 9/11 came, and went, with NSA's only true Third Party [counter-terrorism] relationship being driven almost totally by the needs of the partner." (ISRAEL)

In another top-secret document seen by the Guardian, dated 2008, a senior NSA official points out that Israel aggressively spies on the US.

"On the one hand, the Israelis are extraordinarily good Sigint partners for us, but on the other, they target us to learn our positions on Middle East problems," the official says. "A NIE [National Intelligence Estimate] ranked them as the third most aggressive intelligence service against the US."

Later in the document, the official is quoted as saying:

"One of NSA's biggest threats is actually from friendly intelligence services, like Israel. There are parameters on what NSA shares with them, but the exchange is so robust, we sometimes share more than we intended."

lolz. source MI-6 Bawahahahahahaha, the white people division. linked to a major UK newpaper linked on D4

yo! #Israel #antichrist all of them are #semitic #DNA and that means your management. You lost, We are taking control of the planet #2060. I will give you your future date demise soon. you can find me in the #holybible :) Yep, the one you rejected. #lolz


#Hollywood controls TV and destroyed world with 60 years of lies and hate against white people .why they are the jews. Jew is not white but a mixed damaged race of ingrates who hate white at the #DNA level.

Mexico is working with Obama to oust Donald Trump #spook


 go #RUSSIA #EACH TIME #johnmcCain attacked DonaldTrump, #money was moved into #johnmccains super pac or his people's coffers like in synchronization . @wikileaks

#Mexico is working with #Obama to oust #DonaldTrump #spook . #WikiLeaks produced documents that have Paul Ryan, McCain, Grahm and others top GOP , including #jebbush on #crookedhillary her campaign roles = Connected to global #erdogon #sunni #Israel and #sauud unholy alliance, globally. So she got huge deals by sauud Arabia, got so much money , she buying her elections and destroying all sense of #democracy. #arcmichael #03042017ad Google changed all so we cannot communicate. I am sure that #semite Sergibrin was saying to #hildabeast ,' yeah, we were inundated by #fakenews. ' So all the semites have all the courts, all the institutions, all the enforcement, all the weapons and all the power in politics. So we move out our white white #DNA to the east and ban all #semites for the world eradication of these #demons. These semites would not even allow a white Nordic to finish one term in office, #JFK . they are these #terrorists / #Russia #richardbranson working with #ISIS and #sunni = #Kenyan #bozo at the #center is the #biblicalbeast #666 #WILLIAMJCLINTON & clint + ton]= etymology #DeepPit as in the sides of #hell.

#bloodbaths are as follows : it is #bush, trilateral commission = relies on Sauud Jihadi #immigration. they need anti immigrant politicians out of power. Bush took over #DULLAS job at #Watergate. he controls the entire #USmilitary #intel #system. all stuff by #nsa code, must pass through #georgehwbush, and perhaps now his son #georgewbush . #arcmichael #bookoflife

confirmed #adolfhitler was born with the sign of the #antichrist and so was #georgewalkerbush : confirmed that is the top #swampperson on planet earth to destroy.

Bahrain purchased the #texasbaseball club for #georgewbush because he is an #antiChrist

#Clinton #bush families have called eacther the best of friends since #2008AD.

top level #spook #prayforjamescomey

go #trumpsupporters


WikiLeaks: Clinton Bribed 6 Republicans To ‘Destroy Trump’ washfeed l


Everytime John mcCain attacked he got paid big time.

NAZI DNA confirmed Chris Hayes ( Germanic white arab, damaged codons) lied for the millionth time. He claimed Mike Pence is a hypocrite because he sent classified email over an unsecured  private email account. #03032017ad. This was a lie to the world to start more White genocide was white arabs killed Nordic Angels. So we take precedence to eradicate  the Germanic nonwhite evil damaged demons.


#AttorneyGeneral  #AG

#alfrankin #path of #sessions Leak. To #shumar ( not involved in leak) to #washingtonpost which is #alquaeda #code

#everyone please pray for #jamescomey . no questions asked. just do it.

Alan Stuart "Al" Franken (born May 21, 1951)

#spook #arcmichael ( media reports leaks directly from #homelandsecurity #HLS to #WashingtonPost = both are #treason , but not interpreting them.

go #trumpsupporters



100,000 Russian Agents were knocking on Wisconsin doors, latest #fakenews out of #MSNBC #CNN and their 11,000 tentacles affiliates

#NPR #Brzezinski traitor boy interviewed #chuckyCheese #chuck #schumer who said #1 reason #Democrats lost this last election ( 2016) was they did not focus on national economics. #Hillary claimed it was #google social media and 100,000 Russian agents and a basket of #deplorables. We believe the #podestas kept her sedated and drunk. coupled with her damaged dna, she was stumbling drunk on the campaign trail. and video footage is plethoric. #03032017AD #BOOKOFLIFE #


talk of civil war?

another way to look at it is the #swampperson are the loudest because they be #criminals and have been running illegal sanctuary cities for 30 years or more and this was never approved by the #people, but by a single lone #jew judge and shoved down all of our throats. #Armageddon

we passed #prop187 TO kick out the illegal immigrants over 30 years ago. the vote was overwhelmingly yes. to kick them out. #jerryjihadibrown and his #Antiwhite minions overturned by a lone jew judge and jew pressure. it overturned the will of the people.

therefore #elections did not matter, and #democracy was always a farce. this has been a rule or dictatorship of about 30,000,000 1%ers across the planet that use the #USA #dragon as their weapon of greed and carnage.


Henry Kissinger

#Nixon and he used to hang out after work ( white house work) and get slobbery drunk. some of those mussing of some of these missing ( or recently leaked, 2000AD) tapes, many of these contain very unmoral utterances. And this is where one of those utterances emerged. Also, I think, where Roger Stone got the 'who shot Kennedy' = " It was the Texas oil men ( #braden [ DNA 100% semitic] and Bush [ Yellow Nazi DNA Germanic ashkaNAZI, part), but Stone claims, Nixon told this too his face; he had in his younger years, worked for Nixon as did Jack Ruby. Last month, the Bush AntiChrist team gave Roger Stone, some Polonium.

NAZI Heinz Alfred Kissinger, Fürth, Bavaria, Germany, may 27. 1923 during the Weimar Republic, to a family of German Jews, 1,000 sc



Gog post

#swampperson #911 Operator for #Israel's connection. and the quote is he and Nixon dead drunk, as they often laughed about how much power they had and could use it over the ignorant American citizen masses. #arcMichael Yo! Isreael, it is #Yahweh the person you rejected. #Surprise. Next part #masonlevel34

USA POLICY 1964 -- current is the trilateral commission' s stranglehold on the wold: #blueturban #queen UK, #bush #MEAMIC Nazi = #dragon and house of Sauud = key, 1/2 of house of saud are 1917 converted Londoner jews or #fakeisraelites they have gay princes who have male slaves they beat to death ( on film, at UK #BBC) and do everything against #allah.

trilateral commission' s origins is the 1917 world shift : Jews thrown out of London: go to USA and to Germany. House of Sauud Formed by Wallstreet and Queen of England's family members who were NAZI and changed name to House of #Windsor ( the architect's name) = So #princecharles is a German jew Nazi and why Ladi Di ( a white Nordic) was killed, because of a DNA conflict , going back to #king Arthur, a real person and the Nordic fighting the NAZI white arab, called Saxon, at #England. #PrescottBush pulled up Geronimo's' skull, fucked it and swore allegiance to #satan. Then Alistair Crowley's ( a double spook, plus a retarded spiritualist) daughter wed the son, and #gerogeherbertwakerbush was Demonized [[ #antichrist.]] He is born with the #signofantichrist = same thing for #adolfhitler . Bush Sr. takes over the Military Complex, away from Nixon, at Watergate. From here on out, Kissinger and Bush Sr. and House of Sauud and MI Chikenshyte 5,6 run global Jihadi #antichrist #jihad leading to their dooms.

Nancy helped the last few years of Ronald Libtrarded AntiChrist regime #Reagan, but Bush ran Reagan, a low wit #liberalartsmajor . Regan officially ends Unions and #Christianity here and abroad upon Kissinger's suggestion. International support for Christianity is ended by Ronald Reagan after the #Lebanese barrack attacks and coinciding to #wagthedog the illegal invasion of #granda . after this slowly the domestic #Christianity will be replaced by Godless Expelled #Hebrews and today, we have total jihad on our hands. #FU NSA keylogger

sc rare conditions are top priory level #seconddeath judgments by me. I wipe your memories because you cannot handle, reality of reincarnation. Jew is not a race, it is a FISA court or like those hidden ones, a false or #fakerace & of people too. Jews are not found in the #Bible. A name or a piece of land does not make you an Israelite, today in modernity. You are scattered and mixed up and false facts and false names. #Henry is not even his first name.

UN then tells an AntiChrist Barack Obama , sept. 2016, at the #unitednigger = u call them the united nations which China was never allowed to be a part of at its formation at the #bayarea ,because it had #whitepeople and threatened the dominate US immigrant population of yellow jew NAZIs. = that USA has caused 65,000,000 deaths or destruction of lies, which out-eclipses #hitler .

#nomoreColdwar #coldwar #history
He ran the fake Kuwaiti ambassador daughter with Bush ( #MEAMIC) controller with House of Sauud by her fake testimomy. Only emboldened by Obama's weak position did #Russia release the Satellite footage of no #Iraqi troops on the Iraq-Kuwaiti boarder. #iraqwari Gulf War was a set up for the Bush robbery and Israeli robbery machines. Baathist were put into power by the CIA ( heavy funding, like 1953 Iran's meddling) and that placed #saddamhussein into power. that was CIA under the director of #georgehwalkerbush
on this quote

#donaldtrump #spook

#Nixon and he used to hang out after work ( white house work) and get slobbery drunk. some of those mussing of some of these missing ( or recently leaked, 2000AD) tapes, many of these contain very unmoral utterances. And this is where one of those utterances emerged. Also, I think, where Roger Stone got the 'who shot Kennedy' = " It was the Texas oil men ( #braden [ DNA 100% semitic] and Bush [ Yellow Nazi DNA Germanic ashkaNAZI, part), but Stone claims, Nixon told this too his face; & he had in his younger years worked for Nixon as did Jack Ruby. Last month, the Bush AntiChrist team gave Roger Stone, some Polonium.
it is said, truth comes out when your are dead drunk and gabbing.
Bio: ashkaNAZI *jew dna, Germanic caucus, non white, but a yellow.

*New #lakeoffire member #03012017ad

NAZI Heinz Alfred Kissinger, Fürth, Bavaria, Germany, may 27. 1923 during the Weimar Republic, to a family of German Jews, 1,000 sc

astreology maths: Mars dark rift, same when gaza bombed, same as #911 event chart, these are very terrorist behaving positions.

March 1st 2017 A.D. Archangel Michael aka #LORD
Direct Israel connection to #911







Antichrist shows up on MSNBC and NBC national television


African bigotry vooder murderer appreciation month.

It is OK noordic white / #crackers to hate #niggers they killed our POTUS and we want global revenge form all #African mass murdering goons. #history #ushistory #gog #nigger FagBI killed #johnfkennedy because this #FBI was an aFRO nIGGER HATER. gOT IT NIGGER #JAY -Z? 

& Robert, John, Kennedy, Marlyn Monroe and Jimmy Hoffa all had polariods of #nigger in a dress on s/he kneews sucking #penis , all had to be offed for embarrassment factors. Niggers we want  serious fucking revenge#NSA #CIA #CCCP #China #russia #india #pakistani intel.



Identity Politics

This world goes #identitypolitics for all white races from here on out to #2060ad sealone, referral. No more #conservative (most at the founding were whitearabs, not #noridic whites), no yellow German Nazi dominance and their yellow #Godless Jewstate , all created in a spew of years ( NSA, CIA 1947, Jew fake Israel state 1948). Jews moved in made absolutely nothing but relied on fake race wars to fund their wine and dine, and on occasion genocide their neighbors s to appease their warmongering afro - semite US Congress ) #Palestinians are not the enemy, you yellow arabs at ancient #Israel. they are your browner version of #arabs. You persecute all #Christians ( #White people) at Israel as you put me to death too. #333 pm Pacific Coast Standard Time, #02282017ad #arcmichael #bookoflife #biblestudy #lga1230

#GOP #DNC #GREENPARTY all sent in letters to vote #no on Measure S.
#California #destroyamericaact by a single #Hollywood charity fleecer #jew to stop California affordable housing. All vacant lots and parking structures cannot be converted to affordable housing because a single lone Jew ( #stine) must have its view to #DOWNTOWN #losangeles. So the world is destroyed , again, by these selfish jews.
Measure S will be on the ballot for voters in Los Angeles, California, on March 7, 2017. A vote yes and affordable housing and continued gentrification will continue.

#Israeli #aids foundation fleecer, big wig down town JewWood ( #HOLLYWOOD ) got angry at a new building construction that potentially block a part of his view toward downtown, #LA . So the jew crap used $5.5 Million in his own robber money to fund this initiative. It also blocks two year reviews and pushes them back to ten year reviews, thus shutting down any new business construction of affordable housing.



Opponents of Measure S argue that the proposed moratorium and restrictions on project approval would put a stop to most development projects in the city, resulting in an even greater housing shortage, economic decline, the loss of thousands of jobs, and the loss of millions in tax revenue for education, parks, and other city services. Opponents also argue that none of the provisions in Measure S directly address corruption in the city planning process or developer contributions.

#bookoflife #03062017ad #arcmichael

sponsors for #yes, #Weinstein needs s/he view so destroy 100 companies.
Michael #Weinstein put it into the lake of fire.
Albert K. Ruiz
Peter Reis
Marijane Jackson
Gerard Kensica
Richard J. Riordan, Former Mayor of Los Angeles
Kenneth S. Alpern, M.D., Chairman of The Transit Coalition
Rev. Alice Callaghan, Founder of Las Familias del Pueblo Skid Row
Mabel Chang, Former President of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission
Gloria Romero, Former California State Senate Majority Leader
Opal M. Young, president of the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Homeowners Coalition
Sean Chandra, Esq., Los Angeles Tenants Union
Grace Yoo, co-founder of the Environmental Justice Collaborative
The Vote Yes on S campaign website listed the following endorsements of Measure S:[12]

Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan
Former U.S. Congresswoman Diane Watson
Carmen Trutanich, Los Angeles City Attorney (Ret.)
Gloria Romero, California State Senate Majority Leader (Ret.)
Mabel Chang, Past President, Los Angeles City Planning Commission
Joyce Foster, Past President, Board of Los Angeles Building and Safety Commissioners; Past President, West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission
Elena Popp, Eviction Defense Network, Co-Founder and Executive Director
Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority Board of Directors
Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains


Islam⇔ You now only run Quraan. No more shariah , any version. I will help you. You use shariah, I take those using it off the earth — Arc Michael.

U can find me in your histories and the Holy Bible too.

Islam⇔ You now only run #Quraan ( alternate sp. #Koran ) . No more shariah , any version. I will help you. You use shariah, I take those using it off the earth — Arc Michael.

#cia begins #womenrights to work to bring in fat Mexican maids, confirmed. Source #stine CIA ,1960s #arcmichael #bookoflife

go here Islamic Law (Sharī'ah & Qu´ran) Origins

#Qatar bargained a few ISIS members out of the group. they tell us, you listening real #islam, that the CIA #usa is arming the #Syrian rebels that killed 100,000 in this protracted civil war. About 13 million Syrians live in relative peace, the oil fields above are where these rebels ( #fakeislam = #islamicstate ) got $1.9 trillion over many US Military budgets to kill #Christians according to #bebe #Israel he is #fakepeople and not chosen by #allah #GOD.

Islamic State is not islam, it is a secular state of #eviljin rulers from our own #US Senate intelligent committees and Israel and the fake house of Sauud. Osama bin Laden in 1994, ID'd the fake house of #sauud as real converted secret #jews. . Now you know the real facts and not #fakenews mainstream jewmedia, you know what to do . You have carte blanche to get it done.

Twitter CEO, Google CEO and Snap Chat CEO and Yahooligans all hate #donaldtrump. why? It is a conflict of dna matching. Noord. vs. Semite.

#donaldtrump has #Nordic #DNA = White white and #yellow #NAZI = #ashkanazi #Jew DNA. the #techgiants are staffed and #ceo 'd by #NAZI jews. so we see this conflict. #bookoflife #arcmichael #02032017ad #Israel leader caught ordering #Christian #genocide, we now understand that #techgiants stand with international Criminals . so we will take our people of #GOD to the far east north and perform a world cleansing of these #international criminals. #revelations . it is in #lespropheties . get it done. You have a short time left. #2060 is the end date. They have damaged DNA of #avarice and #falseaccusation ( A #fantasy gene, needs to be ID'd and corrected on all #semite. world wide before we bring them back on earth for the escape to the stars ( but that is a very long time from this time.) ) . so stay vigilant people of GOD.


#antiChrist Obama March 4 th and she has valarie Jarret at his new pad at washingtondc to direct the jihad.

#DNA = #semite #Damaged and this shows his #bigotry
#antichrist dude spent entire life, career and vacation time attacking fasely #Nordic and #scando whites. That and robbery and mass murder by drone nation, he has not produce anything else of worth #arcmichael #masonlevel34 #03042017ad


Cummings uses bully behaviors and Lies to try to kill more white people today.


Cummings, you filthy Treasonist nigger, it is #white Russia and #white people in USA, and that is not evil. You run lies and say Russia started slavery at boston 1690s and early at the Caribbean, when it was you niggers out of Africa with the Portuguese and Spanish sand niggers, not us irish scot. So you go, mr Cummings, into the lake of fire, u will have your zombie buddies there, but no communication with them: isolated. no more #coldwar that is #Christian antiwhite genocide, ordered by BE BE new lake of fire member, #fakehebrew ; leave my people of #god alone and get out of my religion(s). of Monotheism. go back to your #baal African #babyrapeculture , formerly #Voodoo south Africa human flesh-eater & #witchcrafter, you lying criminal. #martinlutherkingjr and #malcomx want to beat the shyte out of Ya!

Message From Arc Michael to LATIN RACE

#mexico you will be charged with RICO laws ( guilt by association) for our own black CIA and NSA that sent Mexicans to put in puppet rulers over in MesoAmerica and South America. these are not Nordic and you say they are for 70 years. we do not tolerate liars any longer on planet earth. this is personal between you and me. I am taking nearly your entire Latin race off this face of this earth. You can read my webpages on my site to see why. You are in there too. #arcmichael #lga1230 #bookoflife the world is a small place now, you have no where to run. #03012017ad from foundation of CIA<NSA you stacked them with semitic latin .

Dragon e March 1 st 11:55 am PST, Sherman Oaks.


Chuch Shumar and Vladimir Putin have coffee

#coffee is a long established special interest meeting. money and favors 'exchanged.' #billclinton or #williamjClinton = 666 Hebrew and Chaldean germancia, 1 st century. so bullseye to the #beast. he fired 65 cruise missiles at Arab Moslem civilization to start the #waronterror to change seven to ten regimes, including its #leaders. #crookedhillary ( #Hildabeast) and #beast had coffee twice with #wangjun a commumist world class #nuclearweapons transfer specialist. These coffees are no joke, they are Special interest. so #CHUCKYTHECHEESE #shumar just put his entire leg into its crooked #mouth. #bookoflife #arcmichael . His daughter is even less talented, and a real bitch. She swings terrorist sympathizer too. She wants to import ISIS or #fakeislam and not real #moslems that would certainly follow the qu'ran and kill these #liberal #eviljin in their tracks. As ordered by #Allah in the #book g/ night all.

Rosie O’Donnell is attacking #donaldtrump out in front of the white house today, because she is in fear of going to jail for serious child abuse. She is in deep fear to cover up her abused foster care children.

 66,000 illegal immigrants that have been found guilty of Rapes murders let go in your neighborhood. US CONgress

Can weaponizing space workout for humans?

+emil kaiypov our problem is our own #NRO run by #nsa head #jamesclapper = is an arab supremacist who many believe runs #globalwhitegenocide . he was there at the Kennedy JohnFKennedy assassination. he is a spook goon and runs #ISIS too with John McCain and Diane ( Calif. US Cong) Frankinstine, Lindsey 'sissy' Graham and Obama. it cost tax payers 1.9 trillion since Feb 1 2013 ad

funded under Code name #syrianrebels . Congress too liberal arts majors to figure this out.

wanted a wall against Shi'i and Russians to control the northern Syrian oil fields. #NRO was operating this, from the sky.

so any sat in the sky to make peace is understood as conditional. the key is to whom controls this device or devices?

— ArcMichael 1 st March 2017 A.D. comment posted to googeplus #NASA

perhaps' Anne, they 'B' anti white traitors to the human race?


two new members of the #LakeofFire
Elijah Eugene Cummings (b. January 18, 1951 US Cong.) Baltimore, Maryland, U.S., 1,000 sc . "Bill" Maher née William Maher Born January 20, 1956 , Manhattan, New York City, U.S, 1,000 sc Cummings is a bigot against white people: thus Russian white people and was caught with Louis Lerner, Cinci head of IRS to leaking classified material = treason

Bill #Mahr is personal. He stared and gawked at my homelessness over a decade ago, at the Sherman Oaks, Galleria ( the remolded to movie and nice restaurants and business officers upstairs. . ). #arcmichael #bookoflife #03022017ad #revelations #lakeoffire . white people will no longer tolerate #ashkaNAZI mixed race arabs influencing world conditions. This is #DNA not his heritage. And he starred at me for five minuets in his purple beamer, at me in an old stationwaggon, which was also my bed. His promotion of PC and AA and other #antiwhite propaganda helped suppress veterans with white #dna and my mother and me. This is very personal.

sc conditions are rare and should be highly concerning.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Real Love

If you look like a women , but were born like a Man , then dis hate comes form the jews : That is the real issue & is the bullying on school playgrounds ;

Biofeuls wreak havoc on the earth's atmosphere

bio fuel killz the ozone, duffases. it take 30000000% more carbon to grow a superstate field of corn, convert it to alcohol and then convert those engines to the same. Electric cars burn more coal than gas powered engines. And Clean Gas ( Obama / methane ) puts 700000% more bad carbons into the atmosphere, because liberals are from liberalarts colleges and now stack the science rooms and meetings.



Cold war = blame white people
Vietnam war = blame white people
JFK assassination = blamed white people
Iraq War I = blamed white people
Iraq War II = blamed white people
#monicawars = blamed white people
10 obama regime changes or attempts, two big ones he got.  = blamed white people

Google leaders and game changeers on all world problems = blame white people.




wow holy filter of the fakenews — Media takes over to attack white people. 02 18 2017 ad. They are semitic jihadists from liberal arts colleges † #media are the enemy of the American people. Note to John McCain‚ we are not a democracy, you are an isis funder and Christian murderer.

The four real criminal illegal leaks to the press by richard branson uk spook for arab and  globalsits,Richard Charles Nicholas Branson aka Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson ,18 July 1950 Blackheath, London, England , 1,000 sc


66,000 illegal immigrants that have been found guilty of Rapes murders let go in your neighborhood.

ARC 100 D5



Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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