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2017 Blacks Run Capitalism Slavery NEW DNA campus 2017

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Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ Google hack post 🚫 🔯

Confirmed Epidemic of Rape on my campus

#epidemic of #rapes on campus 114 #rapes in three years . Faculty threatens kids, #arabs control. #sauud funds, #ISIS flags on campus. #idiotGOP brown #supremacists #babyrape culture. they are all #drunk on campus today. #USA gone, staffed by #liberalarts brain dead, kicked out the intelligent white dna. so it is over folks. now it is just #rapecampus #UCBerkeley go #donaldtrump go #trumpsupporters #brownrapeculture

BIBLE: Dragon C 1046am Sherman Oaks.

one swede investigator is hiding for his life tonight, after calling attention to the brutal real stats of rapes and murders by Middle eastern and North African brown people. Why is he under threat? He can jeopardize the brown #babyrape culture that surrounds his family and his compatriots.

Confirmed Obama did the hacking , not Russia political insider, ap breaking, no one cares to arrest obama. & his myriad of brain dead zomBozos = #yes or affirmative ; intel says yeah. one missing link is #bush group are the main key agents of 'approval'. they are not Tea Party DonaldTrump, they are Yellocon NAZIs

most Middle Easterners are not Islamic, even though they says so. they are rather born into it. and really are godless people. Osama bin laden was a rare Moslem. he ordered KSM not to  bomb the world  trade centers over potential mass innocent death. Bush group and Sauud overruled. Bush Sr. sits on sauud board that recruited the 17 Sauud terrorists for #911

#liberals are liars with intentions to lie to take your land, property, and to enslave your children for group sex . 3:13 pst. #02282017ad #arcmichael #bookoflife

Donald trump was correct. Drug cartels paid off Mexican or Arab ICE members by brown bag cash and Obama was briefed over 35 times on this issue alone. and Obama did nothing. .02282017ad

new moderator deletes my Pro Trump  posts. oh well "We The People For President Trump !!" this place is more real. Vicinity True (37 followers only ) defollowed. the former moderator  had asked me but I have no home, live on the streets . so cannot check it.

nsa Russian diplomats are dying all over. The Jews at the Pentagon are jumping for joy.

The #Russian #assassinations are being performed out of our illegal US military called the #nsa OR NIGGER SUPREMACY Assholes. why? they have a history since 1940s of blaming whites ( like below) when it was the niggers and sand niggers that did this to the world. So #putin is crying because #semiticnazi are the new #jewworldorder and #jews are not found in the #BIBLE EMAGINE THAT? #BOOKOFLIFE

DNA: everything from now on is Identity Politics at the DNA level.

#DNA #NAZI are white arab with brown eyes and a few with dark features ) #Gobbles or Hittler ( born as) and are white arabs. Brown eyed yellow heads like KKK or neonazi, filmed here are DNA related to the Jews.

CNN "Mexico does not have a wall, only white racists say this." - CNN


Pádraig Ó Raghaill+2 link
The issue there +Nicodin Bogdan is you are only talking 25 years, max. We are already teetering on the edge of nationalism which is financially incubated. America, will wait until people are starving and ransacking neighbours before correcting that part of their culture.

poster above picked when we terminate the #swamp-people




Antichrist shows up on MSNBC and NBC national television

#NBC posts fealty #Nazi Jew Love TO #ANTICHRIST . Bush is there to laugh at all the white people he killed, maimed and destroyed and the jewnazi Media ( #fakemedia) adores him to fight against American first #donaldtrump . his daddy killed white POTUS and politicans and he ran fake wars all over earth for his own pockets and not of ours. I threw him into the lake of fire with SC conditions for the second death = #termination of its soul. #bookoflife #lga1230 #antichrist confirmed and has astre sigs ( Stars) and polsitnos related to #adolfhitler both had same scheme, robbery. NAZI were not nation builders but world wide robbers like the jews

#altleft media gushes over #georgewalkerBush - indicating they are the enemies of all humans on planet earth. #bush group are #antichrists and #whitegenociders and are DNA arab white #germanic jews.

Atheist and Starving Children

If you are an atheist or agnostic ( almost the same thing) and you decry how starving are on this earth. You may find the atheist supports the BushClintonObamaLyndonJohsonNixon war machine of endless chaos for 1%er greed all over earth. God does not make African starving children, the godless or Liberals = Democrats and Republican do & = Godless warmongering creepos that will be taken off earth shortly. #arcmichael

stop blaming God for your sins Human race.


Why are innocent white people ordered by other white people to die or submit to the Jew lies and jew genocide programs , all across planet earth?

Lynn Strickland tell that to my mom that tried to get welfare and foodstamps and was denied for our entire lives. the DPSS and welfare places were manned by illegal Sanctuarycity jews. Jews killed me too in past life's based upon false accusations. so I careless about semantics. George Herbert Walker Bush's pronouncement of a new #jeworder ( kicking Christians to the back of the bush) is a human rights crime, globally. it runs chaos and wars for jew greed, 1%er only. the Israelite ministers just kicked out Philippines born at Israel and speak their languages because jews are bigots . facts are facts. I have had no jew help me, ever. so that is empirical science.

DNA discourse on Jew, a fake race made up by USA courts in the 1950s

++Nick Haffen U ARE #SEMITIC #DNA you therefore align to NAZI jew dna white arab bush group and the #isis people as your main supporters. #fu YOU #semitic filth. Hint, no one follows laws since 1963 dec. and this continues today. So no conviction means no laws being followed. #USA is out of control. Jew is Semitic as is Latino or brown Africans and have full control of all things hatred and bigoted against us minority of white white dna, all over earth. #donaldtrump has white noridc DNA, and why your DNA hates him. #armichael

ur peeps are Hittler ( 17% and higer of pure Jew dna) and Gobbles and other jew leaders of the NAZI. bitch. Bush has also, entire family, NAZI jew dna and why it swing ISIS or radical jihadis.


African bigotry vooder murderer appreciation month.

It is OK noordic white / #crackers to hate #niggers they killed our POTUS and we want global revenge form all #African mass murdering goons. #history #ushistory #gog #nigger FagBI killed #johnfkennedy because this #FBI was an aFRO nIGGER HATER. gOT IT NIGGER #JAY -Z? 

& Robert, John, Kennedy, Marlyn Monroe and Jimmy Hoffa all had polariods of #nigger in a dress on s/he kneews sucking #penis , all had to be offed for embarrassment factors. Niggers we want  serious fucking revenge#NSA #CIA #CCCP #China #russia #india #pakistani intel.


+when you look do not forget to see! he is semite and most Americans at the founding or pre American revolution were arabs. so listen to Obama's teaching on this. only 3.5% wanted the revolution, about 30% joined the ideological cause, 33% stayed neutral and the rest 30 were red coat WASA or white arab loyalists. the Jefferson writings and contributions only stand for white dna. that is about it. no conservative can touch real history. So conservative means nothing in reality. liberals are defined as unethical socially. that is all. trump is Nordic dna, they are told to leave 1690s Sixteen ninties, US colonial court docs and memories ( Source Doe Lib, restricted to Students, lib #cal) court cases as we all as 100 years later in American history, Irish and scot were told to not come, ever and do not bring your white dna with you. This year is 2017ad, and the same thing. Donaldtrump is fighting for white white dna. #NSA has 50% semitic and arab jihadis who hate Donald trump. the key is they hate at the DNA level . NSA was founded by blacks and sand niggers. with Dullas, a white traitor. he was a blue turban , if you know what that means :)

Mexican attacking me again with fantasies and lies
+Pedro Cintron u establishment have had it good since 1963 dec. we are going to end that. You been lying for that long. And Mexican and black in the CIA ran those Iran and Iraq and secret CIA south American wars but blamed us white Nordic in Common Core. we are fuckng u liars up, in the Biblical manner. all liberal arts majors have done is lie and kill #crackers with their #evillies. FU, and no you are not correct.

John Chang no can do. My mom tried to feed us for decades, but was refused by Mexican welfare , illegal sanctuary city government workers, she had white white skintone. that was the reason she was denied for our entire lives. She started in 1960s, left the USA without a US Citizenship in 1994AD. all I can say is Mexicans failed to police their own and I will say #FU. conservative means NOTHING. #laraza is conservative, you know that , so stop your hatred and lies. there are really cool white white Chinese dude. I love them. :) not so much the brown type because they lie like you, beat up the white white Chinese over bigotry, even at Asia proper) and never put me first or even last, you brown or yellows , including German yellow bulbus NAZIs ( by the bushels there) are my enemies and have been for many reincarnations. I grew up this place was white and now it is brown. so tell me again what is conservative? You cannot, you are a liar and a bigot for brown or yellow #supremacy. Probably illegal too.

Identity Politics

This world goes #identitypolitics for all white races from here on out to #2060ad sealone, referral. No more #conservative (most at the founding were whitearabs, not #noridic whites), no yellow German Nazi dominance and their yellow #Godless Jewstate , all created in a spew of years ( NSA, CIA 1947, Jew fake Israel state 1948). Jews moved in made absolutely nothing but relied on fake race wars to fund their wine and dine, and on occasion genocide their neighbors s to appease their warmongering afro - semite US Congress ) #Palestinians are not the enemy, you yellow arabs at ancient #Israel. they are your browner version of #arabs. You persecute all #Christians ( #White people) at Israel as you put me to death too. #333 pm Pacific Coast Standard Time, #02282017ad #arcmichael #bookoflife #biblestudy #lga1230

Mexican ISIS members flag their brothers at #google

these are #Mexicans and many are google employees that helped shut down 1,000 trump websites. #bookoflife #googleisislove Mexican paired with their brother ISIS #arabs in many group #reincarnationalthingys . Google loves them because they go child rape of the white victum stylin' and of course the yellow skin to red or brown will lie about it as all #liberals are liars. DonaldTrump was always correct about #Mexicans or latinos as a group that represents these rapists and these murderers. The #FBI has them as the number one #rapist and number one #murderer in #usa history going back to the #1970s

when you look do not forget to see! conservative are Nazi arabs, the largest population during the American revolution. many arab eus went to England and were thrown ( not the puritans, but after) to the USA. Noordic do not arrive, en mass, until 1840s. So you support the Islamic jihad then, not trump. he is Tea Party. ashkaNAZI dna is middle eastern caucuses and yellow or light skinned jews, even some with light eyes. These are not white Nordic like Donald Trump. please grow a history book :)


Dark to light Chinese culture problems and the WALL OF CHINA

+John Chang go see pre han history. where white rabbit battles a black rabbit, then they build a wall to keep out the black rabit. that is a reference to white #white #Chinese culture verses the brown Asian south Chinese culture. they are in a constant war over 9 dynasties about race within their own cultures and body types.


New LakeofFire members

2:03 PST Los Angeles

New members of the #lakeoffire. these are really bad ones too.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, GCVO, CSM, PC (Camilla Rosemary; née #Shand, previously Parker Bowles; born 17 July 1947, King's College Hospital, London, England 1,000 sc

Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski (/ˈzbɪɡnjɛf bʒɛˈʒɪnski/ ZBIG-nyef bzheh , Zbigniew Kazimierz #Brzeziński
March 28, 1928 ,Warsaw, Poland , 1,000 sc.

#jimmycarter was a good president, he had to have the #military complex around him as they killed #johnfkennedy #martinlutherkingjr. Malcomex and Robertkennedy, and later his son, after a meeting with #crookedhillary

#bookoflife #arcmichael #02282017ad

10:35 Los Angeles time, #02272017ad &Aryeh Makhlouf Deri , אריה מכלוף דרעי; born 17 February 1959 in Meknes., 17 February 1959 ( greg. modern),1,000 years. #jews are a made up race of people not found in the #holybible. However jews are found in rape kids voodoo manuals/ He is a new member to the lake of fire. #lakeoffire . Issue 14 Filipino children, born at Israel and speak the native tongue are told by Israel, if USA does not kill off the Christians whe throw them out here too. Listen up church members.

14 Filipino youth from Israel, born there, speak the Hebrew language aer being expelled over white people’s claims of immigration at the USA. So we take out the Godless jews which are not found in the bible.

#deri is a #Moroccan, not an Israelite and he loves and financially supports #islamicstate as the brown arabs are his #babyrape outfit of happiness.

source: Father David #Neuhaus @Israel



APPLE filled with illegals, google filled with illegals, Fakebook filled with illegals get NO taxes by privilege under Obama. they make billions a day. they do not pay NOthiNG, nadda, now you can see the blood bath really coming soon. apple computer made its most money this last year, ever, it paid ZERO taxes. because Apple spies for the NSA. an illegal army in my opinion. :) + 1 nice post.

the real number is closer to 50%, reported dozens of times in the last five years . sources IRS and CongressionalBugetOffice, sub dept

also trump pointed out what we have been crying for 30 years. the foreigners come here, pay zero taxes, +

1,000 years, grad dna, lock it up.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #02272017ad



Germanic NAZI Arabs

the #German equivalent to our US Congress is full of semite and not German Nordic white. Key to understanding immigration policies. like attacks like. Semites love Islamic babyrapers not white Christian Nordics.

Hammas ( arab brown dna) was upset at us American First Crowds. so I replied.


why was hammas mad ?

Walid Hammas that you cannot take northern America, south America, Eastern hemisphere and also western hemisphere for your Islamic state babyrape caliphate? can u be more clear, jihadi jerko?


latino = #arab / Semitic DNA. #jew ( False race, US courts) = #latino = #arab / Semitic race ; #latino = #arab = #bulbus ashkaNAZI part white arab DNA = #arab ( not #cracker white noord). #arab= #these people = #middleeasterners = #latino which are DNA middle Easterners. Same crap , same hate, same #whitegenocide #worldwide. now you see the world being destroyed by these haters of a gene that has a fantasy component, where they make up only histories to take your land, money and lives and rape your children. End game. we go all the way in #Armageddon and take these freako groups off of #Earth

these people are code named #eviljin . Yo! #islam, you know what to do. get it done. #arcmichael #biblestudy #bookoflife #02282017ad


#people running the #corrupting the minds of the world are all highschool drop outs. #liberalarts majors but for FDR or Trump are filling the halls of WashingtonDC power positions. they are retarded and why the USA is run like a Mexican crack dealers' house.

#liberalarts leftist #MEAMIC vs. #college edu #citizens = #usa seats of power. When you do not follow laws ( 1965 to current) you get liberal arts infiltrating all of the Media to Institutions, to Industry, Entertainment ( soap box influence) and privileged #VIP and to the government ( staffed by retarded low intel lazy crack smokers and booze artists) and Academic is 99% liberal zombies of confusion. #DNA challenges to keep earth afloat are overwhelming.

item to your left are full of what we call #swamppeople and not the US people that support #donaldtrump and his people. #arcmichael #bookoflife #02272017ad

even Bill gates dropped out by choice to Harvard as did Mark suxerburg because they began to rob like jews do and Mark stole the facebook code, paid like $3 million, laughing all the way and not in jail. and #billgates bragged in #print of how he used unethical measures' to stop the production of the entire world-wide-web, by coding stops to major competitions. illegal both and both in the #Lakeoffiire and both are drop outs.

Media new york times

#carlosSlim ( reformed Mexican Drug cartel boss) and Sauudi jihadi Royal shriaites control by merit of Evil and stocks held ( Saudi royal house) own the #newyorktimes - I see a conflict of Interest with USA citizens which came from Nordic countries.


Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.

Real Love

If you look like a women , but were born like a Man , the hate comes form the jews : That is the real issue & is the bullying on school playgrounds ;

Biofeuls wreak havoc on the earth's atmosphere

bio fuel killz the ozone, duffases. it take 30000000% more carbon to grow a superstate field of corn, convert it to alcohol and then convert those engines to the same. Electric cars burn more coal than gas powered engines. And Clean Gas ( Obama / methane ) puts 700000% more bad carbons into the atmosphere, because liberals are from liberalarts colleges and now stack the science rooms and meetings.



issue is this. At McDonald's for 35 years: a losing trend? worked at McDonald's multiple times in the early 1990s, and was pushed out, never fired by Bigot brown sanctuary city privileged Brown shtye.


why Semite Latino work there and piss, shyte and spit into white food prep. so white stopped going. McDonald's lost its market shares and no one goes to brown hate restaurants. McDonald's a corpo entity cannot solve the no one goes issue but but to replace the Mexican latin brown bigots with automatons. These decisions are not the eradicating of traditional labor as the bigot brown race is taking over planet earth tells you by their viscous hatred lies. Mexico and latino countries all restrict white people because they are bigots and control the workforce around the world and we want them out of our lives.

Top three in USA Inauguration Day

& history since we kept counting: source according to Nielsen.
Ronald Reagan 1981 seen by 41.8 million viewers .
Barry jihadi Obozo 2008 seen by 37.8 million viewers in markets that included the world.
Donald Trump 2017 seen by 30.6 million in less markets than Obama.
And actually, Trump could have been seen by more viewers than either Obama or Reagan. Nielsen ratings are departmentalized between Overwhelmingly altleft and anti-American families.
Cold war = blame white people
Vietnam war = blame white people
JFK assassination = blamed white people
Iraq War I = blamed white people
Iraq War II = blamed white people
#monicawars = blamed white people
10 obama regime changes or attempts, two big ones he got.  = blamed white people

Google leaders and game changeers on all world problems = blame white people.




#race Robot replacing traditional work force are all #socialconstructs against bigot brown or yellow races .
#robotworkers #robot #robotworkforce #traditionalworkforce

issue is this. At McDonald's for 35 years a losing trend? why semite latino work there and piss, shyte and spit into white food prep. so white stopped going, McDonald's a corpo entity cannot solve but to replace the Mexican latin brown bigots with automatons. it is not the eradiating of traditional labor as the bigot brown race is taking over planet earth.

California taxes are hidden and incrementally masked for the rich lazy welfare brown people

Incremental taxation at #California runs your paycheck an automatically 15% cut, each check, and that is before state and federal taxation. those billions are then switch the illegal immigrants who get jobs and then vote in politicians' in power since the flowerpower movement. 1960s. End game, we need this stopped.

The four real criminal illegal leaks to the press by richard branson uk spook for arab and  globalsits,Richard Charles Nicholas Branson aka Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson ,18 July 1950 Blackheath, London, England , 1,000 sc

these are arabs and white arabs and yellow  arabs and tanish arabs

ARC 100 D5



Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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