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Dragon ab ( current Russia investigation and Judements and views of GOD).

Dragon AC

Italians to go bye bye as a race.

#tomato heads; see that Italian tomato cabbage in the white hat, all donned up looking Hollywood Mafioso scouting me, at #northhollywood park, when I left. He is #seconddeath now. #ignorance is no excuse for abuse and civil rights abuse. Every little mistake will cost you dearly. I AM about to order all Italians off the earth and replace them with Blacks. OK? My spat with #Netanyahu is personal and not ideological. I AM reincarnating all over History and one of my main reincarnations is #Yahweh and you tried to assassinate me, remember, you all have it on many cell phones and film. Are you so brain dead that you try to kill your own #GOD? Stupidity of you tomatoes is at its height. #lolz

#yeoshua ! back then, I also was deep state then too. Source the Islamic extra writings. #Judeans are not Israelites mister Nuttin Yahoo! Yo! #Obama I will accomplish what you cannot, and take that #fakeIsrael out. OK? We will just put our Black groups in there. OK all? Ok, I have to work on #sealthree & and I will punish some more Hollywood Tomato supporters OK? Eric's son is alive by the way and he is going to work for me on the other side. So watch out. :)

#arcmichael #bookoflife #09102017AD

HAARP Tech Global ∑ X8.2 Solar Flare — September 10, 2017
like usual it takes a while for the gamma radiation to slip down our Magneto to our poles and spread in our atmosphere too warm our planet, as this is my system #universes wide. So this too creates a flux in normative weather patterns. The haarpin ' , people is just a system to lock on to the SUN system and exploit it. Haarp cannot create weather it still relies on natural patterns or whatnot.



#FBI after the #jayehoover era became very good. They became famous for something other than Nixon's love ( and others after him) of technological advances in surveillance. #FBI became dominate based upon a spiritual thing, called #hunches. I have one for James Comey. I believe he is on our side. Source is me and it is a hunch. And all watching me outside today . That is the only real meal I have all month. ( minus cornerstone) which I have never regular [ed] prior. One of those Christians, I have long vetted, myself will be losing her soul in the #seconddeath. I have not told her but she is a civil rights abuser. So yes, they are all over in all our churches as well as our 'secular' institutions. They are, again, everywhere. Also, to all #trumpsupporters if #hillaryclinton goes to Church, please do not goof on her. she needs it, anything can help.

You will be warned first.

#Trust and #Loyalty

Also, it is not fair that Bush Sr. controlled the Clinton's from behind the scenes . Yes, they covered for them, but there was always a price to pay. And this applies to good business practices. You #landbeast [ers] have been slipping lately.

this is to the #CIA. When you contract with someone and promise them something, you need to keep that promise. #Christopher #Steel was not paid by you, and he did do the work. He is not the only one you short changed. Just because the plans do not work out does not give you a rite ( you may think so but most of your are cabbages) to break your promise. Remember the Nordic white dud that planted a device to get #Anwar #alAwlaki in the luggage and when his wife got there with that luggage he threw those away and thus the tracking device. ? Remember, you stiff him too. That is a bad practice and I have a hunch you do that to politicians and others, all over the place. No wonder the other 15 or 16 shadow agencies hate you #CIA.

#arcmichael #bookoflife #09102017AD #northhollywood #goAmericaFirst crowds + 1

Cheryl D. Mills b.  1965 sD —09102017AD 2:19 PDT NoHo moved nukes in 1,990s with Beast for cash and personal gain, she is CCIA, father long time Mil operator. She has done it again to NK for cash. She works for #AntiChristone bush sr. for Clinton Beast. Her recent State Dept Role in Hillaryland persists of  selling  nukes for large amounts of cash so BlackIvy Group, can build businesses in Africa. She goes pleading the 5th like the rest in the Impeachment committee trials. see more below.

Mayor Bill de Blasio  has white skin and that is a symbol of hate.  He works for the KKK NAZI CIA Deep State and that is an ultimate symbol of  hate. This white is hate is in all of our Edu Textbooks. so that is an affirmative. Ask Obama.

Active Region 2673 (AR 2673) blasted out yet another solar flare early this morning (Sept. 8), source Space DotCom via our Sun NASA and other Space tech company watchers. Thank you.

tell Reinhold Richard "Reince" #Priebus that #NSA monitored lived the DNC Server and know from  day one that Russia did not hack and  thus they ran  a fake  investigation and thus are treasonous cabbages. Bryan Pagliano  needs a bath; held in contempt and refused to show up.  Congress voted today to hold him in contemp. Former IT director and his role of his private email server while she worked at the State Dept. —21:52 09092017AD

#septermber 14th #lemule = #robertmeuller will get unrequested documents that will cause a great deal of harm to him. So beware all. It was supposed to be on this last Friday, but the #Special poopooer forced its delay.

#arcmichael #bookoflife #09092017AD 14:11 NoHo ↔ if they are #haarping at the islands off of #Africa, we know why people . #reincarnation is real. #IAM Yeoshua.

Video of #AntiChrist One, #GHWB at Gerald Ford's funeral laughs when he mentions a nutty assassin who killed #JohnFKennedy here you all have the investigation I ran 450 years ago. I time traveled to 1963 to flesh it out.

#MAArmy being developed Codex #Whitehorse.



AntiChirst One laughs at Gerald Ford's Eulogy — funneral mentioning the JFK Gunman assassination.

Operation #Lucifer = Fast & #Furious #Aleppo Confirmed.

Operation #Lucifer = Fast & #Furious #Aleppo . azerbaijan airlines and Pearl and Dick Cheney running this program as I write this. Richard Pearl and Dick Cheney need a bath in the #lakeoffire people. Codex Operation #Morningstar & #GeorgeSoros involved.

Guns & weapons to terrorists and sources are al queaeda the good ones.

Lois Lerner admitted to targeting conservatives and Jeff Sessions just pulled a James Comey and let her GO. so does he have a gun or is he a pizzawideopen player?

Congress demands the Arrest's of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama . Thank you Congressman Mr. King. 09092017AD 00:08 PDT NoHo

" This is a sham investigation." — King in Congress. Gist: James Comey spoke out of both sides of his mouth. so why did he do double— speak.

650,000 emails James Comey sais nothing in these and we must take his word? Who put a gun to  Comey’s Head? We have access to all these emails, no liberal congressperson wants to investigate. So things are about to explode.


Moloch out in the open. 2017 AD

Abduct it, torture it, rape it, kill it , eat it.
sm file for mobile #BURNINGCHILD #SACRIFICE symbolism #archangelmichael #revelations Ch. 12 #09082017AD 11:36 am NoHo #UShistory & #globalism #history #satanism101 . Any More questions Planet Earth ? Child abuse is anti Gov, Anti Civilization and antichrist, period, end of story. #billclinton says openly that #moloch here is his favorite vacay destination. it is on video too, all over the place. 30,000,000 players on planet, serious players and they are global too.

Andrew McCabe is the FBI & was under the #Falseprophet Obama and apparently paid Christopher Steel to make a fake Dossier, meaning the FBI PAID FOR A FAKE MEME TO OUST A potus CANDIDATE. 09072017AD. He was chasing me to torture me and has been in my #seconddeath for a while. He is a bad apple, not all the FBI are bad apples. OK people?

#Verrit "I would have won but Andrew McCabe paid  Christopher Steel to make GPS Dossier " -- Hillary Clinton. Bawahahhahahhahhahha

bombs away

Debbie Wasserman's Laptop had viewed numerous pedophile websites. Bombshell . source is the Police Chief she had threatened at Funding Committee on video, viral.

Top News Awan planted Debbie ‘s laptop because Debbie ( Pedio ) and FBI CIA turned on Awan to make him a patsy and My Islam are smart people = and so he was to escape he had no choice, they is silenced by threats to his family back in Pakistan that #AntiChrist One can hit there too with Deep State. They are all over me today. and someone is also protecting me. that is good thank you all. . and Police are the source that Awan planted the laptop and it was no Awan’s as Debbie Wassermann Shultz. may 18 2017 to threatened consequences to the police chief and he fought back for us. thank you. did not give her back the laptop.

North Korea's Leader what is this family's tradition?

Kim J un, your granddaddy was a fraud and a liar. Ate shrimp and lobster and consumed expensive French wine, while at the same time going village to village in #northkorea claiming he ate a handful or rice a day, acting as a #commie. ; & which he had no idea of the academic arguments. So he is a fraud and so are you too and my GUY #Trump will take you out, period. He is a bad ass.

sucks to be you fool. #arcmichael he has my blessing. #bookoflife #NorthKorea #09072017AD

Deep State are the Land Beasts in the Book of Revelations and clearly says they are the top Demons. Kevin Shipp - Former CIA Officer explains all of the agencies, 17 of them as the Shadow Government. CIA May and June 1947AD was passed in secret, and not by our US Congress. The Judeans pulled that off and we pay all their taxes to run an enemy against the people of GOD. source Hagman report, speaking on general dynamics, nothing secret. just what is the difference between The Shadow Government and Deep State. I put the Biblical narrative into this forum. — Arc Michael 09062017AD 6:22 p.m. Noho.

Voter laws #NewHampshire 7,000 out of state Driver Lisc. used, #voterfraud.


Russian Investigatoin . #lemule is going after six White House aids to harrass them and threaten them:

#MichaelFlynn has List of #pizzawideopen and first ID'd ISIS is CIA. TRump had to get rid of this hot potato because he lied to #mikepence , the Special Prosecution claims ( with no evidence) but the Pizza is so vast we cannot do anything abrupt but must chip away and ID first.

50 Child Sex Images TX

TEXAS wife who turned her pedio viewer husband this week to authorities ( had folder of child sex) on his computer - thank you. A Collin County grand jury indicted a Celina man whose wife told police she found images of child pornography on their computer.
Jonathan Scott Doggett, 38, received a third degree felony of possession or promotion of child pornography Thursday after police discovered approximately 50 images on his home computer back in September of 2005, Celina Police Sgt. Paul Jones said.
Doggett's wife, whose identity was not released, was looking on the computer for honeymoon vacation photos when she came across [them].

North Texas Regional Forensic Computer Lab in Dallas where it was analyzed. Several illegal images were discovered on the hard drive. Officers obtained an arrest warrant from a municipal judge and Doggett was taken into custody on Aug. 6 at his home in the 400 block of Tolleson Lane


#arcmichael #bookoflife #09082017AD

ό αρχάγγελος

#opfindbriannakuhlmann did the Bush clan abduct her for Ritual and sacrifice? Nordic small: blonde hair, blue eyes, and weighing 125 pounds. Judean bushite Cannibols NeoCons perfer to rape and take the energy of nordics because their souls and type neg blood is in constant need as they are Vampires, Nazi kkk VAMPIRES . on earth.



Jtem sD long time alt.prophecies.nostradamus a warlock & pedio & Bigot—09062017AD 10:59 am. Noho loaded 1100 am

Mike sD aka many troll names & pedio and Bigot—09062017AD 11:02 am. Noho

DocUfo sD aka many troll names pedio & bigot linked to Mike above. —09062017AD 11:05 am. Noho

On the Pre Russian, Clinton Email investigation. Stay calm: #NSA did their job , but we need to find out if long time Prince Philip ( UK) and Clinton's buddy #JComey had a gun to his head or not? They have their reasons. & who made that ultimate decision? So let Special Prosecution to its job and #DonaldTrump and we do ours. leave them alone, they are very busy people. Good job, good report.

( GP reporting, not a big fan of their website, they kicked me off for saying Bush sr. is a swampy , years and years and years ago, around 2007AD).

#DonaldTrump needs to throw out of the USA all Top #KKK Members. They Represent Slavery and Oppressoin !+ 1

#GerogeherbertwalkerBush≡ ANTICHRIST ONE SecondDeath
#BarbaraBush≡ ANTICHRIST ONE wife SecondDeath
#Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton≡ Beast Wife SecondDeath
#William Blythe iii aka WilliamJClinton ≡ BEAST SecondDeath

#GeorgeWalkerBush≡ SecondDeath ANTICHRIST ONE jr

#LauraBush ≡ SecondDeath ANTICHRIST ONE jr ' wife

Barack Hussein Obama ii≡ SecondDeath, False Prophet

Roger Ailes ≡ SecondDeath ( 09112001 operator)
#WolfBlitzer≡ SecondDeath ( Child abuse)

#GeorgeSoros≡ SecondDeath
#TerenceRichardMcAuliffe ≡ SecondDeath
#RobertCreamer SecondDeath AntiChrist One top Hitman
#DavidDukeSecondDeath dumbdude


#RuthBaderGinsburg≡ SecondDeath

# RichardMauzeBurr≡ SecondDeath
#QueenElizabethii_uk ≡ SecondDeath
≡RichardMauzeBurr≡ SecondDeath
#BrennanMGilmore≡ SecondDeath
#JamesGFields≡ SecondDeath
#JamesClapper ( but was never in my Lake of Fire, at all; he has some very good qualities)
#jamescomey ( takenout of the Lake of Fire, ; he has some very good qualities)
#paulryan ≡ SecondDeath
#ElenaKagan≡ SecondDeath
#SteveWasserman≡ SecondDeath
#GeorgeSoros≡ SecondDeath
#LorianneLisaDillan ≡ SecondDeath

Cherilyn Sarkisian, known as Cher, b. May 20, 1946 El Centro, CA, sD—09062017AD 23:01 PDT Noho.

William Bradley Pitt , b. Dec 18, 1963 ,  Shawnee, OK, sD—09062017AD 23:09 PDT Noho .

Matthew Paige Damon, October 8, 1970 , Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S. sD —09062017AD 23:20 PDT Noho

et al.

all connected to white nationalist Corpo Millionaires and billionaire KKK Collusioners.



Bryan Pagliano  needs a bath; held in contempt and refused to show up.  Congress voted today to hold him in contemp. Former IT director and his role of his private email server while she worked at the State Dept. Bryan Pagliano, a former IT specialist with the State Department during the tenure of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, has been under intense scrutiny for his role in setting up Clinton’s private email server, through which she may have illegally received classified information.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars + Islam'

thanks you all for the protection this morning :) I have had a few visual #seconddeaths as the early as this morning just after I awoke. Went around leaf blowers, and white SUV Judean, scurried and then not using my normal rout, she was spotting me and she flipped me off first so I returned. and then went to Cornerstone. I believe they sent some First responders to map out the place. But maybe it was a yearly inspection. #blackfemale working for #bummy spooked me while walking and I put her into the #seconddeath by visual. That is why most of the #CIA = #deepstate, a wider form of the shadow #gov now has blackout windows, totally illegal for California street regs. and so it is very easy to spot them. Plus TX and Florida plates = means #antichrist one team = #georgeherbertwalkerbush of the top two first placed in my #seconddeath and targets, a long time ago. everyone check out my #SEAL (S). click on the sci on my front page. You can be just as good as me in predicting the future ( here is one form others are much more complex) as #JesusChrist as I have promised, 2,000 years ago.

#arcmichael #bookoflife #09072017AD

Blacks kill at National rates at 52% and they are only 13% national population. That means blacks kill the most.

Welfare incentive to create fatherless homes, to increase welfare checks.

Islam on FakeIslam

For  all Semi-Literate Americans: on Islam on FakeIslam:
everyone, this is a fact discussed at the Deccan, Middle East and near east. the Mullahs and muftis are falsifying the Quraan and using banned Shariah, not found in the Holy book. OK, the world has gone insane. This allows beating, bullying and rape and murder of both men and women and foreigners. I AM trying to clean that up but I have many obstructions ahead of me at the moment.

Awanians want to get bracelets off to see the kids. Later they get millions as a pay —off and here is why?

LOLZ, this was a #Meuller  Bush ≡ Clinton Milcom  job> Debbie is tutored to take Hildabeast's role when the Hildabeast passes; this was a deep state play to get the focus off of the real leaker #sethrich.  this has been known for over four weeks. now. Media is so slow.  He gets slap on the wrist and millions to his people and Clinton and Debbie get off. so clear. but then again, humans have been mind controlled by Judean and Afro fake media for decades. and are robots now. *Yes it was always a plant, that was clear from day one* .  why? there were more than one laptop and devices said to be stolen. not one.  that one, the real one is what Debbie demanded back, not the fake ones. but that is how these  deep state operations are played.  Shultz does not understand that deep state is also playing her, because she knows too much. always in my opinion. #arcmichael Seth Rich's emails shows a global pedio farm of massive millions of Child abuse cases and so they paid the awanians to take the dive, and get a slap on the wrist with her brother representing them. Man people cannot think and put things together.

Is there a difference between a Deep State and the general Shadow Government, meaning they work in total secrecy?

#DeepState are the Land #Beasts in the Book of #Revelations ( a Book in the #Christian #Bible) and clearly says they are the top Demons. Kevin Shipp - Former CIA Officer explains all of the agencies, 17 of them as the Shadow Government. His point is to clarify the top Agency with the most power as the #deepstate = #CIA May and June 1947AD was passed in secret, and not by our US Congress. The Judeans pulled that off and we pay all their taxes to run an enemy against the people of GOD. source Hagman report, speaking on general dynamics, nothing secret. just what is the difference between The Shadow Government and Deep State. I put the Biblical narrative into this forum. — Arc Michael 09062017AD 6:22 p.m. Noho. web, loaded here 6:23 p.m. PDT. lmt #losAngeles , in the heart of the Beast of Deep State.

what has our Shadow government ever done but attack American citizens and start wars to harvest orphans for Moloch Child Sacrifice rituals and cannibalism and pediofarm? they have done nothing. #arcmichael #bookoflife #revelations Ch. 12. in four years we will have a #MA army of white horses to hunt each of these child and human rights abusers down and thrown into a lake of fire. yeah baby. my soul and my team's are immortal and we can  operate alive or dead. and in multi form. #bible. good report thank you. :)

*CIA are not only a national security threat but a global security threat* . #archangelMichael Ch. 12 #Revelations.6:40 —01


Photo below, make that 13 assassination attempts.

new adds to the #seconddeath. Lawrence calls #trumpsupporters the reason for the natural disasters. $110,000,000 = Jen Lawrence's bank account. She contributes nothing. Period.

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence b.  August 15, 1990, Indian Hills, Kentucky, U.S., sD —09082017AD 23:14 PDT AntiChrist

Jennifer Joanna Aniston b.  February 11, 1969, Sherman Oaks, California, U.S  sD—09072017AD 15:58 Sherman Oaks., CAl. supporting child abusers and personally chasing me during CIA assassination attempts.

Stephen Tyrone #Colbert May 13, 1964 , Washington, D.C., U.S., sD , childabuse —09082017AD 23:37 PDT NoHo. source is me #pizzawideopen
your Soul will be deleted.

#arcmichael #bookoflife

#revelations ch 12 #bible


Obama : recent decision to accept $400,000 for a speech to Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald means he is a globalist and was always a globalist elite and thus a fraud  .He campaigned as a regular joe.


Fast & Furious Aleppo.

Top level #CHOGM  a part of secret revised Operation #Megiddo , gamma classified, highest level.
Cheryl D. Mills b. 1965 sD —09102017AD 2:19 PDT NoHo [ loaded 3:04 NoHo]  moved nukes in 1,990s with Beast for cash and personal gain, she is CCIA, father long time Mil operator. She has done it again to NK for cash. She works for #AntiChristone bush sr. for Clinton Beast. Her recent State Dept. Role in Hillaryland persists of  selling  nukes for large amounts of cash so BlackIvy Group, can build businesses in Africa. Plan to eradicate white and move in the Black Earth.  Why are some whites  at the helm? They have been infected by Prion enfoldment.  #GHWB got it from his  father who had sex with a corpse to show fealty to NAZI.  Laymen’s terms, these are Nihilists: In it for the money and power. UK involved, 5- eye operation  1995, 1996 to build Nuke reactor to get NK for  Nukes for this  time in our collective history.  In new millennium, the  sales will go tech to NK. That is why they have the  hydrogen capabilities now.  #fatbaby is just a pawn in the LANDBeast game.  These are in those Benghazi emails with Huma Mahmood Abedin.

#AntiChrist One  operator and  watcher over the Beast.  Voodooist infiltration on a global annihilation stage.  #whitegenocide 
#ArchangelMichael ( masking  as #yeoshua, reincarnation is real folks) Revelations ch. 12. #bookoflife #09102017AD

More 11th September 2,001 A.D.

Arc Michael
you know all, #JohnKerry threw away an FBI recommendation months before 11 st Sept 2001 ( Excuse it cost too much) to lock down #Logan airport. He went public with a statement, his constituents. Mass. could not afford the extra costs of Air Port Security. Why? he was directly involved and is #skull&Bones so he too is a mass murderer. Foxnews was reporting that too, or the good side of Foxnews back then. Got that doc and others too.


Brennan and Clapper leaked with Obama according to CIA Tony Lt. Col. Shaffer.

Atlantis China Ancient and Irish origins?

Atlantis China Ancient and Irish origins ?
reseeding our #planet

15% are type 0 blood but the Basque has the most on the mainland where cro magnum left drawings. vid does not cover the Chinese connection and they are keeping this quiet. Canaries Guanche’s have the most by percentage at 40% type 0. The Canaries are where the Portuguese and later Spain launched the New World Explorations, during the Early Modern Era.

#worldhistory #Atlantis #revelations

Basque Mountains are a transitional range between two major ones, the Cantabrian range to the west and the Pyrenees to the east. North Africa → Burbur ( Blue eyes and blond hair, and bur bur and Orange BLOOD can at local tribes of North Africa can be up to 40% type O blood. Burbur are indiginous , upper paleo and cro magmum, and the old Egyptions to the ancient HAN ⊆ Chinese

#Ginger ( oldest nick name, red hair, pre dynastic) of ancient Egypt. And native African coast the canaries and the Tenaref, island(s) are red hair, blue eyes indigenous. Portuguese and Spain launched new world exploration from Canaries because of staging locals. Blue or grey eyes and these three pops. Canaries Guanche’s, the Atlantian affinities Madam Blavatsky, reported first.

Also #googlemaps wiped out the Atlantis under the sea, it is huge. I have photos and yes, we did grid systems back then too. !

Two #Pentagon new #Liberal arts majors are influencing Satanism by saying our #Sphinx at Egypt is a real symbol of Pedophilia as the progressive way. #fakeevolution.

Facts. The Cross at Hendi ( Basque Region) and Cathedral of Notredame, France , Paris have the correct symbols of a my Alter astreological sigs for our Large Gizāh Pyramid foundational scoured line stars I use for calendar corrections. : Origins are Atlantis and pre Dynastic Egypt and China, very very ancient as well as Cro Magnum people who have those drawings in south western Europe. These are red hair, blue or grey light eyes and blond hair too and blue eyes.

this will be the seeding and survivors of the Atlantis wipeout.

#arcmichael #bookoflife #09072017AD 6:40 PDT Sherman Oaks.

#arcmichael #bookoflife #09072017AD 6:40 PDT Sherman Oaks.



That Cardinal Dolan needs a bath. out of the Vatican by our Good Clergy is it is worse than Caesar Borgia days ( #earlymodernera) , that means ( Everyone) it is the worst it ever has ever been , evil and corrupt.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.



DEA drug runner and Federal Prosecutor 's son owns RV, Deep State knows and allows it to park for months, no  tickets. however, I AM there recently  and Deep Bushite reptilian baby raper #Satanists are pushing them out so they can have access to no views when  they attack #GOD.  so for their punishment, we take out the Semite #Latin race and punish them. in 10 years less than 2,000 will remain. My creds? Three top books  off the Printing Press since the early 16 th century. #Bible < Les Propheties < #Quraan . also time to put more of the Bush clan into the #lakeoffire. they have texas plates and Floridian just up the street where they smuggle the children for #moloch.

called 5- eye #hollyroute. source is #queen of #England and the #Vatican.  Ratzy Codex

George  Herbert Walker Bush orchastrated and performed 11 th Sept 2001 attacks  on America  . Confirmed

#hollyroute is where #Dragon #USemite makes wars to create orphans for body part harvesting and for Child Sacrifice and rape and abuse. So we take them off the earth. Mexico has it run in central to Bay Area. and Nancy #Pelosi with Jerry #Brown run that system.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #09062017AD the head of North Hollywood Police dept. Many of them are good  people, ref. James Clapper's advice that not all are bad people, just the tops  = he told me to his face he does not  like #whitepeople So #LAPD #NoHo are bigots, at least its head. The Deep State came to stare me down at the Lib, I goof on them.  Been here done that  before.  If you collude with #NAZI #KKK bushites which includes Kike Judeans, you will be thrown to the Pit. Period, end of story.

#revelations ch. 12 Archangel Michael, masking as the #LORD.  Comey better act fast because you are about to take a bath. :)

#Yeoshua  #jennifer #Lawrence statement that these disasters  = Donald Trump's denial of taxing the poor to make the rich richer in climate fraud is the reason? wrong. She needs a bath.  #MotherNature is fighting back ? Yes, and MN = #GOD.

Texas East ., Huston is #AntiChrist One and #TX has pedio problems. Why important.  No one doing their jobs for contributing to civilization, they are focused on self-interest and child abuse.  South Florida is Wassermann’  Shultz’s  influence and DC Police said her computer is full of #Pedophilia stuff.

#LORD aka #arcmichael #bookoflife

Green and Blue lights before & after the 8.4 filmed, wide. Mexican Tsunami on film.

Dad and Mon of Archangel Michael, nee Carter Baines McDonald. Richard and Kathy, my mom chose to use her middle name after cliaming to be  kicked out of Canada by her father



mexico-18-woman-found-in-chiapas-victims-of-sexual-exploitation plus 41 more Immigration of Chiapas says. 2017 8.2 quake




ARC Sept 06th—9th 2017 A.D.




United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


ό αρχάγγελος

Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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