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Journal 175 Latest Pediotopia 1 ↔ Russia Investigation Ζ Schönen guten Morg en liebe Freundin Charlottesville full investigation. Satan Industry uploaded 9:09 or 18:09 08182017AD

Don R.  Kuykendall, sD. President for Kuykendall Financial Interests Corporation, seven companies and former Stratfor Enterprises, LLC manager. Current: Commerce Street Capital, LLC — 08 24 2017AD 2:01 NoHo.


Second Death ≡Richard Mauze Burr b.November 30, 1955,  Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S.  sD Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. calls people of GOD a threat to human existance. —08232017AD 7:46 p.m. PDT.

Founder of Gay Rights was a Pedophile: NAMBLA North American Man Boy Love Association.

#William #Binney dude created the #NSA Surveillance apparatus to spy on the world says #Russiahack a total lie , totally #bogus #nothingburger and that #MSNBC #CBS #ABC #FOXNews ( most are Pizza players and hate GOD's people) knew from day one that this was a lie so these are colluding with #deepPedioState aka #CIANSAFBI divisions of #ghwb AND #Clintons .

#arcmichael #bookoflife #08232017AD

bigger crowds than Obama

Robyn Lee Beohnke (Kylar, Daughter or Richard Boehnke). sD — 08232017AD 11:46 am PDT NoHo

Donald Trump: 3,500 Hundred Child Abusers , child sex trafficking  turned out to be  Police Officers, State officials and Firemen. It involved 23 different law enforcement operations.

British Broadcasting Company has not hired another white since 2006 A.D. Citing they fight Pedio Programs by the rich and elite who seem to be the largest group of participants.

Been in or around, in and out of this home and over forty people and Robyn is the first to bring up Pedophilia , and she sometimes tells her kids she will poison them, when she is not hitting them or threatening them to do her bidding.

Richard Boehnke, 04 September 1939 , Cranston Roade Island, US. 71w41n, sD ( unprotected) — 08232017AD 11:49 am PDT NoHo.

Project Monarch: The FBINSACIA white slavery network. CNNFakeNews #wolfblitzer found in #pedio #emails of #johnpodesta


Everyone listen up. First stage of swamp draining, did it at Egypt and Athens, long ago. and other places, Reincarnation: #1 ID the targets; # 2, Prosecute and get rid of these bad apples, and #3, then stop these fake wars. OK< priorities. please. and start using meme#illuminrapi thank you #arcmichael #08232017AD #AMA Archangel Michael Army going live after Sept. 2017 AD , global warriors#gotrumpsupporters #DonaldTrump is doing a wonderful job people.  trust me the pressure and estabby me in da back are still present and authoritative. Not for ever.


Queen Elizabeth takes another reporter to hide her love for POKO the CLOWN: Her biggest fan is Poko Da Clown .

lostprophets lead singer raped 2 year old, gave crack to mother and  told  to watch.

Ian David Karslake Watkins is Semite brown eyed white judean mixed; he calls itself Welch, but they have blue eyes and very white skin. He does not. and he raped a two year old and gave Crack to the mother to use child and told her to watch. He was busted, but that is rare. He said that was a normal Musici Scene practice. World is full of Satanic Evil.


Ap. 26 1999 shot dead on her doorstep. Jill Dando, BBC reporter.

She quit and banned from BBC into predatory pedophilia and Savile funded  BBC because he is very rich person in 2015 A.D. Then slander and libel the reporter she was found dead last week, age 52 and she died according to a stroke, according to the BBC. And her life was undertreat while she was investigating and then BBC was public and said we cannot represent  these abused people, get out.   

Why So Many Pedio Exposers wind—up dead? Because the kiddie rapers are "fake Jews" that Jesus spoke of and referred to as the Synagogue of Satan in the Book of Revelations.

Liz Crokin "My Editor Fired Me For Writing About The Podesta Emails & VIP Child Abuse In The US." She was working for TownHall.  Com and was released from her job in the second week of August, 2017AD. She found out about orphans being pushed to Clinton foundation orphanges and put in Pedio homes for filming. This was too much for Town Hall are Denis Hastert fans. She found out a rape so bad she lost her chance to have children. Hillary Clinton defended the child raper and attacked those that sought justice. The rogue Attn. Gen . Bill Clinton starts before he becomes a Governor. and had state troopers to stop all investigation . Jerry Epstein attacks those that investigation and the is Harvard University.

This she found out was also due to a massive UK Money laundering thing.

update 12:22PDT 08232017AD

Liz MacKean was sacrificed for  her role in exposing  UK’s Parliament to child rapers. The US Congress has them too, right now in office and one had been taken out.  Dennis #Hastert,  the third in line to the  U.S. Presidency. He was a serial pedio rapists. Data: Jimmy Savile and his massive Kiddie Sex ring that lasted 30 plus years. Liz MacKean quit the BBC in 2013 over the company's ban on her investigation into known serial child abuser Jimmy Saville. The establishment tried to dismiss, and destroy the reputation of MacKean for looking into the crimes of Saville, who was highly protected among people of influence. MacKean was one of the few reports at the BBC that truly wanted to expose these types of scandals otherwise ignored by the MSM. Another one of the few reporters willing to stand up to the establishment has been silenced. America's late Senator Nancy Schaffer also was killed by FBICIANSA who run it worldwide and make billions

Terry Mcauliffe or his helpers laid code on an old free website in the early 2000s, about later 2,001 to 2002 when I had been for seven years investigating the  Beast for selling nuclear weapons for #pay4play . Since it was a free website ( Before lexity/nsa forced by #DeepKiddyRapeState ) someone laid his code and name tracker, thus tracking who went to see this evidence. It was a free website and so I had no control and let it go but I could manually take it off on the server side, co channel access.

Brice Taylor Mkultra Mind Control Victim claimed sexually abused when she's young by elite pedophiles, first her father. Ted Gunderson 27 years retired FBI Agent, good guy, and verified her story with his sources. However the interview gives us he claims of people she did not know were invovled and many of these were CCCIA operations of sex libel. So that means she still has multiple personalities and still has effects of ritual abuse.

Cathy O’Brian claimed she as sexually abused by  Hillary Clinton and perhaps so was Kevin Ives by Bill Clinton. She also claimed to have witnessed William J. Clinton using Cocaine, the illegal narcotic. And claims he leans toward Pedastry. Beast is Pedastric serial murderer.

Relax everyone. OK" Step 1, ID, step 2, Eliminate swamp, Step 3 End these false wars. OK" Everyone on board? I will take out the Vatican, My self. No one else so the cabbages have one less place of power to hide.  #staystrong #GODSpeed currently we are at Step 1.

Are KKK terrorists, yes or no?

NAZI are antiChrists. Man, all I have ever seen are KKK with NAZI regalia. So hypocrisy is thrown to the pit of hell..  Chose one side or another. not both or you will be spit out. Revelations. it is in there that threat.  and two KKK Members were id at Langley to be CIA, the driver and film recorder and twitter spammer of the Charlottesville car crash into people. Set up and deep State, run by KKK< so yes, KKK are terrorists.

also, Second Death Brennan M Gilmore C.I.A., b. April 13 , 1979. sD. Retardo who killed Antifa Members at Africa , Confirmed . He is a semite white, brown eyes and looked like a cabbage involved in my DeepState attacks. This may be paid by George Soros but the Deep State is run ‘exclusively ‘ by #George Herbert Walker Bush for trilaterals and Illimintardi, 5- eyes and KKK ∞ NAZI , a part of Five—Eyes, Ask James Comey, he can tell you everything. Bush ARE femalian reptiles and must parasite off of rich people, the classic CIA or deep state ideology of the 1960s which remains a standard practice. { The deputy chief of mission is Brennan M. Gilmore… amleymOn Mon 14 Aug 2017 13:22:39 No. 137402725 Report}

FACTS Charlottesville = James Alex Field’s  Car did not  have Painted Strips on it like the Car that smashed into the crowd driven by James G. Fields, a dude of  many trying to kill me earlier this spring. They are bush gurls.

Second Death: James G. Fields, sD Capitan of an  Ohio national guard battalion. He was chasing me around Los Angeles with 199 other Deep Staters for  about two and a half weeks. Archived.  At  see assassin links. #archangelMichael he needs a bath. Thanks for this a lot. Charlottesville driver of the crash  —00:28 PDT p.m. 08222017AD loaded 00:30

Kate Perry asks Pedio Dress 10 year old girl out on a Pizza Pop Star date while both wear very openly know Child Rape Clothes. youtube discussion—8:54 08212017AD

4.4-km large asteroid Florence will fly close to Earth Sept 1 2017 AD | Oct 12,2017AD ~ 44,000 km and come back around 2,500 A.D.ARC—08202017AD SKYPATH: Piscis Austrinus,  Capricornus, Aquarius, and Delphinus from around Aug. 29 to Sept. 8. Asteroid Florence was first discovered in 1981 by American astronomer Schelte Bus who was, at that time, working at the Siding Spring Observatory in Australia.techtimes

Charlottesville two CIA operatives exposed. Today: Brennan Gilmore. He took the video washpo and New York times proliferated and he is a known Operative at Washington DC. He works for #hillaryclinton aka #hildabeast. He also looks like one of the cabbages chasing me, when Hillary and her team were at Palas Verdes and then came to try to hit me,

Russia hacked the Moon, wow they are good.

Unsolved Murder of Kevin Ives

Bush was running Ronald Reagan’s foreign DeepState policies, IRAN CONTRA. The weapons were built at Arkansas, and Mexico, machine parts and assemblies, then they were shipped to Middle America and the Middle Americans paid money to the CIA  by Coke and money drops at Mina Airfield, which Clinton had at one time visited. But denies. Then, this became a pattern  and was watched and those watching were killed, even the kids. The dude that wrote the book was killed this year because it ID’s the real MILCOM dude, #george H W Bush, he called  the shots and the  Charlottesville attack. There is a connection to the Kennedy , John, assassination and to the Players and orgs used at Charlottesville.

#ArcMichael #bookoflife #08222017AD 306 am Noho



Slave Logs on Ships.

thanks Rusty, I read the real slave ( Shipping vessels)  log books at a secret location at US Berkeley , #deeparchives.  Blacks, Angelo Saxon (e.g. jews mixed race ) and ME arabs ran slavery, not whites or Irish scot or Scandinavian or Nordic or Russian or white Asian. that came about 300 years later, if we speak on the early modern age. late 15 th to 1900s.

$11Billion Michelle Obama spent on herself. just horrible. 241 SELF SERVENTS. She decided after she left office with Barack they would keep this and Billions they took.


Hillary Clinton gave Huma Abedin $52,180. 65 Since the  end of November 2016 A.D.  , long after the campaign but this  money came form CPAK. The Awan Brothers were given  $200,000 which are all hush monies by the Clintonfoundation. They are trillionaires not  millionaires.

Awan Bros of Pakistan : 100% no complication, NSA, CIA, FBI all known them personally. and they worked for over 60 HOR /US CONG. and specifically 24 which may have brown bagged them, but are Obama and Hillary agents of Pakistan because US MIL Runs the ME so we give them jobs. We kill their people to make false blames for wars, and we kick back by importing their people  to replace American jobs. Ask Comey, it is a standard establishment practice.

Rod Wheeler says that House investigators asked him about the Awan brother. Fact 2: Rod Wheeler told George Webb in the recorded interview that he had not heard of the Awan brothers.#whilsteblowers are being harassed and offed all over the USA, and awan bros and company do not have the money or reach. this is all deep state.

Dude a memo email leaked of #Comey and he states that FBI controls the media and everything is  not over until the masses have been brainwashed  ( on any certain issue or 'matter'.) #arcmichael #08212017AD

A Response to B Bowman, a Podesta and Soros DC Lawyer who was appointed to the Rich Family to keep them ‘informed’ [&] again. Dude, NSA was watching the DNC live and 24/7 and logged it all . they knew right away who stick downloaded it. Then they killed him, right away because he contacted the FBI and that made him a liability. Bowman is there to cover up the Podesta OK for assassination of this leaker, email. You always miss that point.

Bowman is there because this is larger than any pizza pasta junk. This is #911operator levels #meuller ran #911 dude. Even John Kerry admits on film video they brought down buildings by demolition . No one cares but #Trumpsupporters go ask #jamesclapper they were monitoring it live. Seth  went to the FBI, that was his  mistake. Also  family will be totally kept in the dark , so no couching. They are not trained and as Comey's email leak this week suggests, they are brainwashed. 08212017AD

PaulRyan: part Scot, but mixed Judean DNA strain: I have him as a traitor from day one . His wife works for Hillary Clinton. how clueless all you people are eh? connect those dots. #PODJ outed him and others taking #hildabeast DNCCPAC, her side of the money, directed money to him. He accepted. just prior to cancellation of Trump's stump in his state. #gotrumpsupporters He should be going to #jail

new Clinton's Defense Dept. 1996 Did not Do its job correctly : Pay-for-play back in the 1990s.Hua Mei Chinese Communication transfers between Corpo US companies, not authorized.

Ben Carson Audit 2017 complete HUD  missing $507,000,000,000 ( ~ one half of a trillion USA dollars).

#lemule had #NSA watching logs and packets of DNC Server, now at Irvin Cal. controlled by Soros and Podesta firms no one wants to look at it. #lolz #lemule  has known  from day one, there was no Russian Hack #arcmichael

Carl Icahn recently pulled his support for Donald  Trump or America  First and we found out he has a habit  of Intimidating EPA and other US Federal officials because he is BUSH DEEP POOPOO OIL State. NewYorker Mag. 2017 Aug.

John Podesta may be turning on Hillary Clinton as pre campaign info comes from an Email he sent out in July 2017 A.D. about the same time he secretly hired lawyers to cover his butt in the roll  of the DNCleaks and 2016 Primary and  election campaigns. update: u have not gotten the secret news. #PODJ outed Hillary Clinton moving PAC money from DNC to Carli Fiorina, Gebby Bushite, John Kasich , LindseyGraham and PaulRyan, just prior to Ryan  rejecting to attend a trump rally in his own state.  not sure if #Creamer will  off #JPOD or not, still has the five large Copors on his lobbyist ticket. #arcmichael 08202017AD.

John Podesta da Molesta email has claims that Hillary Clinton had Paul  Ryan and other GOP on their payrolls to bring down Donald Trump. The #lemule is on this, not. He is planning nuclear weapons all over Earth so he can retake the white house for a MULE Rulership.

Jer. 2. is all about Ch. .12 Rev. oK and it deals with Racism mixing  and overpopulation. as a world we have birthing pains to grow up. Elite are party, party, party and  have nuclear weapons and cocaine. Yeah #Armageddon is assured because the people did not rise up.

Google shuts down white websites while firing colored employees ♦

Sam Levin in San Francisco Women say they quit Google because of racial discrimination: 'I was invisible'

The Snake eating itself

I Careless I will destroy White traitors

Scotus allowed unfettered access to corpo funding of campaigns, corrupted the entire US Government.

The first German movement to call itself Antifaschistische Aktion was proclaimed by the German Communist Party (KPD) in their newspaper Rote Fahne in 1932 and held its first rally in Berlin on 10 July 1932, then capital of the Weimar Republic.Commonsenseevaluation

Senate Homeland Security Committee suxs shit says Hirisi who is black and HLS is white trash crackers

Secret Space: Arc #IAM : exactly the vitals info channels have been cut off. that is the entire thing. Thank you #assange.

Beast spawn

When Ruth Bader Ginsburg and even RINOs passed SCOTUS rule that 1,000,000 people = Corpo now is equivalent to a single Contribution entity to USA democracy, the USA was long  gone.  The Antifa inform me that symbols of white disturb them so I have a plan to turn our Sun ( Shines white light) into Darkness .Stay Tuned.

#DonaldTrump needs to throw out of the USA all Top #KKK Members. They Represent Slavery and Oppressoin !+ 1





et al.

all connected to white nationalist Corpo Millionaires and billionaire KKK Collusioners.

DeepState threatened Donald Trump 08 18 2017AD

Populace Elected Trump so he puts in all Obama lackys and betrays.

Donald Trump Finally Comes Out of the Closet

Michael Krieger | Posted Friday Aug 18, 2017 at 3:17 pm Lightening Liberty

Trump used populism to get elected, and then as soon as he won, immediately appointed some of the most destructive oligarchs imaginable to run his administration

Steve Bannon, Trump's former chief strategist was fired after attacking White House colleagues in an interview. USA TODAY

So what is the Buzz?

What is going on Awan Flee and arrest cover up was the last straw for #911Operator Robert Meuller, and he has been getting ‘secret’ letters form Donald Trump. So  we, none of us, have any access to these ‘secret’ deals. However, we do know Trump’s Leonic Fire and his total  domination of  these values and I believe a Stick was placed at the Temple Trump just the same time Clinton’s flee to Canada, John Podesta flees to Norway and Charlottesville is final piece of the car episode set up for the #deepsemitestate win. ! So two weeks ago  we have secret sources saying Bannon, then, two  weeks ago form I composing  this put in his resignation letter, thus officially two weeks ago ending the  #Trump Populace Election Team.  His send off was more then less lukewarm as well. What is going on #spook . Rubio, Cruz, and many other GOP variety of Republicans have also been Sticked to the Temple. Codex Obumikis.  White sissys cannot control their black masters who are warmongers, child molesters, Demons, AntiChrists , welfare warriors , Mafioso half afro breeds, quarter wit, corrupted, anti family, group sex family oriented and just anti white in its soul?  The USA has less real whites than blacks and browns and these groups want ALL white out, regardless of a white or yellish Judean or a standard Nordic white or English Arab white mix , like Angelo Saxon, which has Italian , part of afro influence and  thus enemies of white white irish scot.  So two weeks ago all this takes place and that is  when the Sun’s position hit exactly for  the 1947AD Pluto over Pilled-up Corpses of politicians position, circa 150BC hannic korean astre texts and on schedule for an ending. Robert Meuller found out he had nothing, the letters between Trump and He were kept Secret but this sham thing has gone on so long that Trump could cause a stir publically and so DeepState had to openly Stick his temple and Bannan had to go and now it works for the enemy of the United States of America. DeepState had no  allegiance  to anything but a global baby raping outfit. ArcMichael 9:53 pm NorthHollywood. #bookoflife #arcmichael #08182017AD

What was Charlottesville?

This spring Charlottesville’s ultra-liberal city council voted to remove
an equestrian statue of General Robert E. Lee that’s been standing in a
park in downtown Charlottesville since 1924, and to change the park’s name
from Lee Park to Emancipation Park. That is done by Democrat and Bush Republicans to start race wars so these elite can call for dictatorship of the leftwing whackos. George Soros poured over $1 Billion U.S Dollars to leftwing CIA plant politicans. Confirmed #bannon

#Democrats and Lefting RINO created #Racism as a social edu and now institutional meme and so they are trying to erase their #sins. Googleplus post Ασ τέ ρι codex #AMUC U.S. East Horizon OBC Chart.

#GeorgeSorosNAZI poured over $1 Billion U.S Dollars to leftwing #CIA plant politicians' of #Virginia . Confirmed #bannon

#Rome connection these are #Italian mobsters. so plan is to take out the #Vatican so these chumps have less places to hide! #arcmichael I can get that done for all, trust me! :) You do the other stuff!

Originals out, Obama's white sissy Gens in, Codex Obumikis

#may #june 2017AD when Deep State came after me for about a month was exactly the #70thanniversary to that Secret U.S. Congress legislation. That created two distinct Secret Militaries' with endless cash and a license to kill Americans who spoke out against the Black afro, The Semitic brown and the olivish bulbus headed Judean yellow bellied and white traitor elites.

#bookoflife what the hell does that mean? that was not planned. #arcmichael #08182017AD #Jerimiah has some race code DNA scripting. cool.

May , June 18th< June 26 th are voted days for this NSA secret army in Congressional records. Source UC Berkeley archives of US secret docs, restricted division, self saw these in person

Steve Brannon resigned Aug 3-4 th 2017 A.D. put in his resignation papers. Because Gen Kelly is at the helm and  will continue  white genocide as Donald  Trump moves too make Planet Negro.  Donald Trump says he did not help in his election. That is 100% bullshyte.

update 08182017AD

" You will not see me moving  to some African jungle sometime soon" ( Malcom X, read by a collegeque Barack H Obama).  yeah, USA was built by whites, so the Hip Hop Niggahs will just steal it ,eh? 1995 being recruited by Global Deep State ; Cambridge Public Library .— video used to promote his book. youtube

" You will not see me moving  to some African jungle sometime soon" ( Malcom X, read by a collegeque Barack H Obama).  yeah, USA was built by whites, so the Hip Hop Niggahs will just steal it ,eh? 1995 being recruited by Global Deep State ; Cambridge Public Library .

Black Man uses CIA to Drive Car into Crowd, CNN Paid KKK Confirmed source is the Southern Poverty Law Center

BUSTED: Unite The Right’s, Jason Kessler, Was Paid By CNN .  Joshua Caplan, SLPC, source. The Southern Law Poverty Center  is a very pro black and pro Immigrant government tethered socioeconic institution.

11:33 LMT p.m. update: James G field militia at Ohio , 32 years old and looks like Field’s which is a standard Deep State operation. Lookalikes is a large division of the Pentagon. also looks like the CIAFBINSA cabbages that chased me for about a month. Same looking folio

#ArcMichael #bookoflife #08172017AD

#helter-skelter is a code fo #Skull&Bones where Prescott dug up a corps and raped it and scullfucked  it and started tradition that involved Kerry fucking George jr. as a Yale SS code of #silence

11:11 p.m. Noho


A Charlottesville eyewitness claims members of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the KKK and Nazis all arrived together on the same bus. In a live interview with Charles Patrick, the eyewitness claims that protestors on both sides were seen departing the same buses, wearing shirts bearing different hate group logos. Charles Patrick: “What color were these buses.”
Eyewitness: “They were like a dark charcoal gray. I didn’t notice any writing, but you know there was some trees and people and stuff in between us and the buses so, I mean I didn’t see any names, but I know they were all the same.
Charles Patrick: “The buses were all the same. I know you told me earlier they were like back to back, like bumper-to-bumper.”


Dude looks exactly like one of the 200 car dudes chasing me for about a month. Confirmed. I recognize him  and he is under sever mind control.  Possibly threats to his  life for his skeletons. — update 11:28p.m.

Antifa throwing smoke bombs

Report: Charlottesville Racist Leader #KKK Was Former Occupy Activist, Obama Supporter— Any More Questions Planet Earth? This is called Deception ( 1947 NSA Act) and is legal to all #deepstate US Funded by tax payer monies to run pediotopia. Blacks  historically have child sex ( before Christianity) and Deep State are historians on the  Matrix Level and by ushering blacks to destroy Whites, the Child  Sex Planet will be realized.

If you hear the Sissy Black BBC Deepthroaters Praise Donald Trump. Know one thing only:
KKK is President GHWB, Beast WILLIAMJCLINTON and the  two  frogs, #GWB and #BHO
David Duke is a Bush Plant. #GOTRUMP #gotrumpsupporters #DonaldTrump in 1999AD told the KKK to FUCK OFF! WHY? BUSH Sr. ran it from behind the scenes and we know #establishment Bush colludes with Jews and that makes the KKK ironic and worthless animals.— 08172017AD 10:18 #NoHo

Tillerson, Mattis rebuff Bannon claim of no 'military solution' for North Korea Published August 17, 2017 Fox News. Remember Donald Trump and  Tillerson, Mattis ( #911operator 0 ) North Korea kicked the living hell out of the  U.S. Marines, 200,000 destroyed. The U.S.’s largest major defeat. I would listen to Bannon if  I were you people.— #ArcMichael #bookoflife #08172017AD 943pm

NorthHollywood ( C.A.) Antifa —Dateline 18:00 August 17 th 2017 A.D. :

Negroes Need Me to Shut Down  SUNLIGHT
So I  promise to get that done soon. OK. It shines white light and  that is 100% Offensive to Black Lives Matters’ philosophy . The Antifa Symbol has no white symbol of representation, so it cannot perform any function of Multiculturalism .

Black Lives Matters are on the pedio lists of Michael Flynn

Black Lives Matter held no Permit and this was 100% fully illegal but Niggers can do EVIL and Crackers must obey their nigger loving white traitor Cracker Politicians which are paid off by these Niggers. It is a rigged Bigot Nigger system.

baal are African shady animals

Public Calls For Investigation Of Charlottesville Mayor Calling For Police Stand-Down Foxnews Michael Signer formally worked with John Podesta at the Center For [aNTI] American Progress. He is a Democrat Operative and a Bill Clinton and George Soros supporter. . A Charlottesville policeman came forward to spill the beans that this was all planned since May of 2017AD.

Black Lives Matter Attacked First,

Who created BLM? Democrats. Who created antifa? Democrats. Who created White nationalists/kkk? Democrats. Anymore Questions?

BUSTED: Unite The Right’s, Jason Kessler, Was Paid By CNN . Democrat long time and changed as Trump won the election. He is deep State asset and paid  by Wolf Blitzer.


Blacks and Monkeys are a dna match and not associated to white dna people

Terence Richard #McAuliffe is an American politician and former businessman of the Clinton Foundation and who is the 72nd and current Governor of Virginia because of his #deepstate antiwhite Italian fascists. #blacklivesmatter had no permit for the #Charlottesville Nigger attack white attack at the behest of Yellow bellied Clinton officials and white tall #cracker Traitors. and the two Bush tweets tells us they helped set this riot up in May of #2017AD

#deepstatenationalplan to restrict all white marches by denying permits while allowing violence and death by the African race, stir up trouble to remove the #white administration to replace it with another #Elite #establishment cracker devil #administration.

Key: Latin, black, Brown or yellow Asian says they cannot get along with white so white must leave us and thank you for building #USA it for us CHUMP #WHITES. So when there is trouble on the streets the 95% colords that make up America's populations will end all #whiteagency when know #unitedstatesofAmerica is long gone, over and now a brown afro jungle monkeys land(s). Science has proven over and over Monkeys and blacks look similar in skin color and faces and attitudes. That is because they are from the dirt, evolution. Thus act like Serpents in the Grass.

#Monkeys are known #cannibals and so are Voodoo Africans, long African tradition of consuming human flesh . So Monkeys and Blacks are a match evolutionary style. #spiritcooking abramovic, a Semite Caucus witch of low intelligence trains Hollywood and Judeans to forms of sensitivity to eating human flesh. This is nigger conditioning of the white race, by the yellow Judeans to kill all white #Christians, that is #confirmed. #GeorgeHerbertWalkerBush runs these cannibal training programs with Hillary Clinton and her pals.

I cut off Christians because they are too dumb and support #spiritcooking and African voodoo and not GOD, at all.

History shows this to be in all cultures, including China's. the south dark skinned Asians take control and end their dynasties and must start anew with white Chinese because they are intelligent and do not see violence as first case problem solving like the brainless Black African. They must use Racism to steal the welfare and homes because blacks cannot create anything ; just get by on all service jobs which is 99% of the USA economy, meaning the service jobs go all to the niggers and crackers can go die. So we kill your entire fxxking race and the Jews and The Italians and the Latins, all of them.

Since you denied me, I deny you, life itself. ! #IAM

way they no longer hate on innocents,.
Go build your own planet and own civilization bitch.i

So what is civilization, white build it and colors steal it, history 101 and why Earth does not need to go on any longer . #colords do not care about truth, love, caring, and community, only their bigotry kind.

reptilian white afro Traitors like McAuliffe, a gay name too, and #William J Clinton the Biblical #beast who runs Military Com , jointly with #GHWB the sissy skull fxxker and homo gay butt rape of the Skull & bone in the butt club of half wit retarded #warmongers = KKK Southern Virginian white idiots. Confederate Flag is not the rebel flag, at all. KKK area losers and liars and white genociders in my opinion, they are germanafro Nazi and have enough Judean #DNA #Ashkenazi to make them insane and mean. That is why KKK went to kill only whites in the North because they suxked of their black slave owner master's penis. there is no other reason. I do not play stupid. Southerners were niggers up they ass hooded trannies. Not one has apologized for killing 100,000s of whites so that they could go back to their nigger masters and fall on their sissy white beyotch knees.

#USA is in full #coloredhypocrisy. white cannot do anything without judgement and blacks can kill and remove white off earth and the Jooooooooos jump for joy. So we remove #Jews off the earth too.

RobertELee Park march for heritiage, they came to destroy as all blacks do in all of history, never creating a single fxxking thing, always needing to steal it, kill the evidence and blame the innocents.

#McAuliffe is working with #jerrybrown to reject all white pride marches and keep allowing unlawful usurpation of Civil Rights. Let people march to remember their past, do not go and kill them because blacks created slavery. So we end the black race to stop the global abuse. IMO.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #08172017AD every black on earth will be held accountable to their claims that whites created and performed slavery and that gave them their right to do their violence and riots. These are lies and my race, 1.5% UShistory were involved while 48% of Africans were involved and the blacks suppress their own abuse history and kill us , so we kill them.

#Beverlyhills , old section. 2009 photo archive




Pedio Museum Pedagogical training centers.

James Rupert Jacob Murdoch born 13 December 1,972, Wimbledon, London, England, sD. Wasa saxon jew , not white but had a white name. He controls Italy , South America ( Secret with late Roger Ailes), Germany, UK and USA media markets and his pizza passion is unquenched—08182017AD 12:57 a.m. NoHo. Say goodby to your friends you will be having your soul #deleted #LGA1230 #arcmichael #bookoflife #08182017AD #seconddeath








Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood. Apokálypsis: Alpha DNA ♣ assassin matrix 1 ‚§ 2 §StarWars + Islam'

Veronica, there are 30,000 kiddie abusers, and these are all in some type of USA gov, from Fed to local and they are in courts, schools, Professorships and they are not Christians. #Christians were voted out of Power by #Christians suxing on Pagan penis , By starting race wars like Obama he can order $80,000 of child prostitutes and call them hotdogs and cheese pizza flown in from Chicago, a hub of the International crime pedio orphan abduction rings, run by #Deepstate which are latin, Italian and African and led by Coke out white traitors. 300,000,000 across earth are tacitly involved.

this is #Armageddon so evil is high, Kaliyuga on fire man.



added 08252017AD

Comment on G+ today on people still worshipping Bill O’Rielly..
Most at Fox knew from the afternoon of 11th Sept 2001 that this was Bush Sr. mil com job. He got away with JFK, Robert and son, John and 100000s of other assassination, so they laugh at us all. and play dumb. He led ratings for 17 years or so and USA fell to shit. and you worship the number one voice that spewed lies. IMO he is a criminal and his supporters too. CIA came out three months ago and called 911 a demolition, most of our elite were involved. He covers up for Deepstate. where was this is just in breaking, our own CIA FBI NSA did 911 and here is the evidence. Roger Ailes was a vital player, and they killed him recently to shut his mouth like they killed #LyndonbJohnson to shut him up too.


Four #navy collisions within the last year , two within 30 days. Why? VISA H illegal aliens are given commands of USS McCain crafts. #lolz. #USA is long gone. #milcom #news complain that no money for training the old way , and so just throw new recruits into the ship's driver seat. #truth #deepoopooState steals all the US milcom money and thus shorts its training programs and stuff , a logic of a cabbage Mafioso thinking. #ElenaKagan #CIA wing.

#Harvard business school also taught George Walker Bush that lobbyist and shareholder profits come first and always and FxxK American people.

we are learning that #deepstate puts in leaders now, and so this is waaaaay out of control. #PODJ may have done #hildabeast in, which is why after #chester bennington alleged suicide ( he took Clinton Foundation money, a no - no to keep quite and then broke that contract) , cops say cannot speak about event, the molester layered up.

#Immigration reform will finally be solved in 20 years when Mexico takes over and bans whites as #Mexico bans whites today. #SemiteArmageddon for the #win

#bookoflife #UShistory #arcmichael #08202017AD


F.B.I. told AJA they did not exist ( date) and they lied
Timeline what DOJ and Email to chief of staff of James Comey, but Comey lied and was in on these secret emails.  So the documents them.  White House, FBI< and Justice Department and three blank places which were the talking points that the FBI refuses to release.

AJA Jay u went on Fox  News claimed he filed FOIA and for July 2016  a year these requests were denied. Tired again and again and now Jay says that the FBI has finally admitted his request. The topic is the murder at the Tarmac by Bill Clinton.  The date was Wednesday  the 16 th of August. 2017A.D.  when Loretta Lynch got the AJA first requests  they did not response and  after repeated requests they did not respond.  So three days ago we learned what are in these documents and the FBI was in full communication with Loretta and  Bill Clinton and that means FBI Collusion. Americans for Justice .

A week later Comey dropped Hillary Clinton's investigation, and those three pages black out, called redacted, are still missing. Gary F. Youtube


Witness Protection Campaign.

NSA Elen Farkus said that Obama told FBICIANSA to spy on American right wingers for the 2016 campaign and ongoing to the 2017 , after he leaves office was confirmed as three top Obama aids are now under  Federal Protection and hidden away.


Jews responce to a post:

+rusty Shackelford world does not know what a jew is, it is not an #Israelite those are diverse. Jews are Mixed race afro white that make ashkanazi haplog DNA codes ID'd on the  chain. that creates the Judean in science and  they, you are correct, control banks and these are not pure whites.  but the  world's trick is that black armies keep white     --   #white from ending the  Judean lies. #bible says bye bye to them. #bookofjudges and the Jews today, ignore their own #WORD . so that gives me authority to replace them with real Israelites.  #arcmichael  the real problem was foreign money in elections, ,and that was made legal by Bill Clinton's forces on Ruth Bader Ginsburg, SCOTUS rulings 2000 AD. 61 Million in 1985  in politics to 3 Billion for 2016 A.D. which is a large increase in  money for an election! Where did that money come from ? Not the USA.

Carson Audit 2017 complete HUD  missing $507,000,000,000 ( ~ one half of a trillion USA dollars). Jer 2 is all about Ch. .12 Rev. oK and it deals with Racism mixing  and overpopulation. as a world we have birthing pains to grow up. Elite are party, party, party and  have nuclear weapons and cocaine. Yeah #Armageddon is assured because the people did not rise up. Jer 2 is all about Ch. .12 Rev. oK and it deals with Racism mixing  and overpopulation. as a world we have birthing pains to grow up. Elite are party, party, party and  have nuclear weapons and cocaine. Yeah #Armageddon is assured because the people did not rise up.

GooglePlus Comment on Mixed Race

+Midnight - Express Native Americans have a history of aligning to African and Latin because they are yellow bellied or red bellied and not a part of the white white race. but dna mixing all over earth means a scot could be an arab wasa Saxon, non white with a Scottish name, thus fooling our world govs who are more economically inclined to manage social mores. So most of our world are mixed race and the 1900s European plan, pre World Wars was to mixed the races to kill the #Christians. So hurraah, you get #Armageddon instead. Bible Calls for non race mixing #jer. 20:2 and most other books because it leads to confusion and a human world full of confused people with Militaries and space weapons means ultimate doom.

USA has much of the world's white race at 10% nationally and globally it is 5.74%. This is because mixed race like you call and get counted in Census and world government data as #white people and you are not. So that is all these confusions. (link)

#blacks for millions of years lived primitive in the jungle and in just 40 years now are taking over the World's Governments and this means #endtimes

black fascist bigots


Awan is a real Moslem

Top News Awan planted Debbie ‘s laptop because Debbie and FBI CIA turned on Awan to make him a patsy and My Islam are smart people ≡ and so he was to escape he had no choice, they is silenced by threats to his family back in Pakistan that #AntiChrist One can hit there too with Deep State. They are all over me today. and someone is also protecting me. that is good thank you all. .and Police are the source that Awan planted the laptop and it was no Awan’s as Debbie Wassermann Shultz. may 18 2017 to threatened consequences to the police did not give her back the laptop.

So Awan claimed pedio viewer (?) planted Debbie Wasserman Shultz Lap Top to give DC Police incriminating evidence and then decided to flee the U.S.A. before Deep State was to kill him. Right now, Deep State with bad agents of the FBI are threatening his family back in Pakistan, so he is keeping silent. thank you for this report. Debbie Wassermann Shultz youth team tried to assassinate me Friday night. #lolz cabbages.

Archangel Michael 
March 24 1999 created, Studio City - North Hollywood.



Percy Bland b. September 23, 1970 (age 46), Crystal Springs, Mississippi, sD. for the murder of Mariner Durant; current  mayor of Meridian, Mississippi. —03:18 PDT p.m. 08222017AD

Laszlo Bock, sD. 1972, Romania . For hating on white people. Laszlo Bock, senior vice president of people operations at Google.—10:21 PDT p.m. 08212017AD


#James #Achilles #Alefantis b. 24 Oct 1974. sD he hangs with #Beast and #AntiChrist—2:16 PDT 08212017AD . b. 24 Oct 1974. son of Achilles 'Lee' Louis Alefantis and Susan Reid Shoemaker

Benjamin Eric Sasse, b.  February 22, 1972, Plainview, Nebraska, U.S. sD.  United States Senator from Nebraska. — 08212017AD .

#seconddeath John Francis Kelly May 11, 1950 (age 67), Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., sD White House Chief of Staff for U.S 08 14 2017 A.D onward. — 08192017AD 3:51 NoHo. involved in #911operation #lakeoffire

Herbert Raymond "H. R." McMaster b. July 24, 1962, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. sD  , spouse Kathleen Trotter (m. 1985), MEAMIC ARMY. —08192017AD 04:08 a.m. NoHo.

Howard Schultz b. July 19, 1953 · Brooklyn, NY, sD. CEO Starbucks 2017 & called for white genocide as acceptable. — 08202017AD 06:36 a.m. NoHo.


TORONTO/MONTREAL (Reuters) - The number of asylum seekers who illegally crossed the U.S. border into Canada more than tripled last month, according to Canadian government data released on Thursday ( Hillary and Bill Clinton are in Canada seeing what orphans can be given DeepCagedState temporary homes before they snuff them out.


Dark black dna is unconcious destruction


Beast Bible nuclear weapon proliferation

If Hillary Clinton wanted to become a preacher last month, then why did she throw Shade at #GOD , way back in the day? Hummmmmm....? Is she a split personality ? or really dumb?

Hillary Clinton on Guns


ARC Pedio Planet Global 08 12 2017AD J 175 p.1





United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


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