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frontwomen noordic Þ Demons


White – white

Had no role in American or pre American slavery

First press conference he claimed he was 'establishment' a true FAIL‚ and then loved Mexicans and will build wall. No wall in history ( UC Berkeley hist dept) never stopped anyone‚ not even Ghanghis‚ not the Tutonic from Rome‚ nothing‚ they come by visas‚ the only real method is Operation Wet Back #2. but reality is this is and has been started as an Arab country and the last nordic was assassinated by German Arab DNAers‚ and Latin DNAers and an African black‚ so this country hates whites. No way Donald nor Bern can survive the hatred‚ the USA is arab who love their drug cartel bros stuff‚ so sanctuary cities gives drug cartels‚ the US brothers‚ ARab Latins their key to success and at LA 74% are Latino Arabs in control‚ got all jobs since 2006‚ and I mean the illegals‚ it is over‚ waaay over. This world is tired in repeating the same thing‚ so our interlude or real change is Armageddon‚ starts 2016 brought to you by God. S/he gave you 2.000 for the elite to get their bad corrected‚ they failed so its show time.

-- posted to Matt Bai ( yahoo politics‚ 08 132015‚ and this claim is very real). #Bookoflife


time osman was CIA operative Osama bin Laden 1980s

My racist story for 07282016ad

today I stood up to the brown or light skinned arab bullies. At the 99cent store, the usual glare by immigrant brown thugs disturbs me. So I started to glance or stare back. Then after it got all evil eye, I then said' do you have a problem with  my skin color.' foreigners star down all whites in a show of #latinoMacho baby raper posture.  This time I did not back down. I told him he was a liar and he was starring at me. When his brown thugs began to unifiy, how they beat up the whites here at #california I raised my voice and stated the obvious, and used a loud voice to stop all customers and get their attention. I called  him a bigot and a %^&^& liar and to stop staring at me. Is this the first time you have seen a white person; he started to act as  if he did not know English but I forced out his amerimexi tongue.  and I got ready for fighting.  the brown bitches are not used to whites standing up to  their baby raping cartel plans for earth. I got the last word and the  whole  store went quiet. He did not approach me.

then arabs having a party and eating inside of  a main library and in front of white staff pussies. They started to banter and laugh and  no one could concentrate.  the problem for too long has been arabs or brown or light skinned arabite dnaers get away with hell and crime and no white will stand up for them. So I turned  on my computer music to Van Halen and turned it up and awaited trouble. the white staff, a dude that knows me, asked me to turn it down, I told him no I will not, they are having a party next to my seat, are super loud and will not hush. He hesitated because they get away with murder here. I he made an agreement I turn it off and they must disband. If a white brings in chicken chowmain dishes and eats and drops food  on expensive equipment they are ousted and reported and disciplined. If the same people who  are arabites = Jews, latinos, mixed blacks, mixed south Asians, they are rewarded and nothing is done. This hell hole of racism has taken all the good people and destroyed them. these are super rich oil Muslim or Jew atheist freakos who made #socal they operations of robberies. if they did this infront of a black person that would not have happened.  tell your racist stories because that is how the foreigners understand; they cannot understand  #science.


#michelleobama view on life can sum up the entire USA black experience in a short meme. It is called the #welfarequeen I am dying, my friends are, being suppressed by PC Niggers and Arabites and white traitors and I hate to see stupid people acting stupid. She should be happy to be where she is and her Senior #Princeton Thesis is nearly unreadable.  Since she was stupid she needed a motivated orphanite 'get go getter' =  to get ahead in life. That was her ambitious husband. She is no model to any lady on earth, just a talk down  to the little people and laugh in their faces. This niggger was born in to High Life Privileged #aristocrat black family. Her view is why this world is racist and  lives in hell and conflict. It is just a bragger and hater against innocent people. FOAD go directly to the lake of Fire. She never had to suffer one single day in her pampered privileged life.

 piece of black filth

This world is very six people. #christianity #biblestudy #whoreorbabylon in real time.

DNC is NAZI b/c Hitler sided with Islam and do they. They are the antiChrist movement.

Michelle Obama said to the DNC Convention to take the high road, this time. This is good advice her Husband took always the road to hell to win. She is a lair too and says she hates America while she road a $350,000,000 vacation fund extravaganza. Blacks are bad people. Obama called white people not human, he called Christians as stupid. He was the worse shyte talking POTUS we have ever had and why there is no unity or will there ever be unity.

Sarah Silverman Calls Bernie Supports at the DNC speech, night one, you are stupid idiots. Only very rich Hollywood know what is good for you, stupid Bernie or Bust people. .


Democratic National Adds against Tea Party Donald Trump are all lies and the media does not correct it.


#lga1230 what this war is all about . #brown #arab #yalite #malcome stalks white whtie dna #johnfkennedy at a rally;  he will have the perch opposite of  the Oswald Perch and   leave the only fingerprint found at the 6 th floor of the #Dallas school book depository . this is pure #bigotry and arab take over. Bush group are not whites they are NAZI #wasa = white and  arab mixed dna. they are not white white like the #kennedys #Bookoflife #arcmichael   #07282016ad #racism  
He is #latin with a white fake name. of @wallace 


Bernie Sanders got absolutely nothing. 07252016 ad. The DNC rejected to abolish the Super Delegates.  Sanders is a  Arab white dna fraud.

Then his Congressional Democrats voted to keep in the Superdelegates.

#America #Ferrera she can be Honduran and born in USA but Obama cannot be Kenyan and born likewise. what a racist she is,eh?  This fool low wit dumbo and stupid bigot is just a  garbage liar. Yes! You are latino Like a #mexican , and are Italian with black dna too, mixed up freako = you are all #Semitic like the filthy lying modern jews. Your latins rule California with rape, molestation, robbery, physical violence and hatred for all Americans.

#UglyBetty = ugly Honduran. I bet this Hollywood goon spits on white homeless all day long in her California State that has 98% Semitic Sand Niggers like her rulling and in total political control. No brown person every ran a real democracy on multiculturalism because they hate Democracy and run from their faux democracies and take over other peoples lands and falsely accuse entire races. This biggot Uggly Betty is why the world is in dire straits and  will collapse. She is just an Antichrist filthy liar, Put her into a lake of fire, please.

America Georgine Ferrera (born April 18, 1984) is sand nigger bigot and hater of the human race. imo

My mother is from British Columbia. She came in the 1960s and she asked for help over 500 times and was denied any welfare for us kids. Hillary Clinton, she is white white white person. Welsh, French white white and she could get absolutely zero help. You are a filthy fat chubby liar. I and my sister for eight years went without proper nutrician as Mexicans and Latinos and Arab Middle Easterers and Jews flooded in and got $10,000 free money gifts and section 8 to vote for the establishment. You are a lying crooked hellwhore.

State of our world

There are more homeless today than anytime in history! . You need edu . we have a large earth population, before 1850 we were at less than one billion people. Today, 67 Families own more wealth than the other 6.2 Billion on Earth. Please be more astute in your edu, thank you.


Truth Comes out NeverTrump put up Khan, it was Paul Ryan.


204 Speeches at the D.N.C. and A Muslim takes the Top Prize. Here is my review.

“You have sacrificed no no one. Jesus Christ was white and your Arab brown beyotches Khan whipped him, crucified him and shamed him. you filthy lying bitch. ”

Khan you Arabs, not white people, were the slave shipping traders in a global style. You need to pay blacks reparations, ok foolio?

He gave Lawrence O;Donnell an interview 07 29 2016 A.D. and he told him he is getting a back lash. He was reluctant and did not want to go to the DNC speech. The Khans lost a courageous son in the Iraq war who saved fellow soldiers by detonating a car bomb headed toward a bunch of Iraqis and other U.S. personnel. . Khan said, I have only put out half of the speech. There were coaches. The wife was his strength to allow a nervous Khan to go and give a speech.

The school yard bullying is Donald Trump. Nothing has made a difference, so That is why I gave a speech. Ok, Khan, do you care about the Millions of homeless displaced by Arab Privilege in the U.S.A.?

There were 6,000 Arabs in San Fernando Valley when I grew up. Today, they own the state by majority population and I rarely see anymore white white people in California. This has been solely a legislative criteria.

He says Paul Ryan's push to end white people in the U.S.A. is a good patriot man. Paul Ryan told Khan you will sink the Patriot Republicans when you give your speech. For those who know the junior politician that both parties call the smartest man in the U.S. Senate. He is a perfect example of fake it before you make it. What does this mean, Mr..Khan. There are no Congress people in important positions like the Speaker of the House who have any real historical training in American history or world history. He has an absence of biological and an absence of molecular science. He does not understand the similarities of the dna code with Latinos, Hebrews and or Jews and the Arabs who usually identify with Sunni, shi'i or some type of sufism. They are the same DNA breed dude, they are all over the U.S.A. and squashing out the African Americans and the Noordic white whites like Donald Trump. U.S.A. has had a jihad on the white white Russians since the 1950s.

Khan is very emotional and his soul is rather anti science. We need data and stats and not feelings, Mr. Khan. Have you battled your own jihadis?

Nationality: Pakistani and moved to United Arab Emirates . When a white person wants to work at Seven - Eleven, they are denied by Pakistanis, Mr. Khan, that is bigot racism dude. You are a filthy lying foul mouthed liar. My white white mom was denied because of her skin color while 50,000,000 of your arabs came in and took all the jobs by Legal preferences of the establishment. You are a filthy liar. We all feel sorry for your hero son, but your immigration argument against Donald Trump who fights Bush, Clinton and Obama who is killing Pakistanis should be your and my hero. But you are a filthy liar and traitor to your own Pakistani people. Every George Bush, Barack Obama murder by drone or military of the 10,000 Pakistanis they have killed, Donald Turmp has consistently voiced outrage against these policies. And you seem to say, Screw Donald Trump.

Khizr Khan has a date with Satan in hell

DNC Khan: The Constitution does not say Muslim rapists allowed. Khan says 89% Arabs like himself that control Los Angeles is not enough all whites need to die now. This dude needs to be in a lake of fire. We should not allow stupid morons to immigrant here like yourself. They throughout the red carpet for your terrorist buddies and fund your Islamic State terrorist buddies. I get nothing you worthless piece of filth. I have no home because of your arab dna greed , Khan,. Screw you , you piece of robbing lying filth. You are not a patriot, you are a hater. You people control southern California, one of the largest U.S. metropolitan districts in the world. You are overbearing filthy liar. You have it all we are dying in the streets you filthy shit. If you are patriotic Mr. Khan, and I will back you up, you start attack Bush crews who made senseless wars in the Middle East. Then I can say you can stay and bring your friends. You are a warmongering goon.

The U.S.A. Constitution is not followed by both parties Khan, You stupid ignit! You need to learn American politics. We allowed since 1965 The Islamic or Arab Muslim or Arab athiests to come in at least a quota of 100,000 per year and denied 100% all white Christians since 1965 A.D. You will not find that data in the U.S.A. constitution, you freaking idiot. You do not know any U.S. history you filthy lying hater. Your people killed me at Jeruselem 2,000 years ago, you filthy shyte. You and jews have same Arab DNA.

The United States of American Constitution.


Khan, a lesson on U.S. Thomas Jefferson. He banned Muslims after the war at Tripoli. Muslims stayed banned by law until 1952 A.D. And in 1965 A.D. Ted Kennedy's bill allowed a quota of over 100,000 per year and that has been exceeded every year since. Now our entire U.S.A. is full of Muslims and a ban on White Christians has been in place since the Murder of John F Kennedy by Arab dna goons and African American and WASAs. Before you accuse white–white Donald Trump of inhuman qualities, take a lesson in history please. Stop your false accusations, Because Allah, Yahweh or God does not look favorable upon 'bearing false witness against your neighbor Donald Trump.

Your emotional ignorance is not a good enough excuse to falsely bearing witness, Mr. Khan.  Do  you want to learn U.S. history then start reading Congressional legislation and the non online version can be accessed at major universities which are open, usually, to the public or by permission, which is often or always granted. You can began to read the complexities on StateCraft. OK?  Allah does not like false accusation, he does like your son, though.

– yours truely Archangel Michael

Bush Crime Family WASA ( DNA) white –Arab.: White Angelo Saxon (semitic dna part) Arab. So it is again, White Angelo Saxon Arab. The Bush family are fake Christians and real souless demons. Goerge Herbert Walker Bush, a jounoir C.I.A. officer at Dallas, left about two and a half hours later with Edward Landsdale to set up the fake Vietnam war headed by Johnson, whose wife had just purchased Halliburton to make over a billion dollars laying air strips at south Vietnam, and black African F.B.I. head, Jay Edgar Hoover and Dullas brothers ran the United States of America's secret alphabet agencies. When Kshir Khan blasted Donald Trump at the final night of the D.N.A. 2016 Convention, he called Donald Trump, a black soul. He lied, this fake Moslem brown arab. You see, Russia has released satellite images of no Iraqi troops near the Kuwaiti boarder and the Kuwaiti Washington D.C. 's daughter was coached by one of these New York Law firms, like Halliburton was originally just a law firm to say Iraqi troops came into Kuwaiti Hospitals and murder the babies on purpose, because they are led by a madman, Saddam Hussein. This led to the first Gulf War, Mr. Khan. This was all faked because war make monster profits for the soulless demons, called the MEAMIC. Bush takes over the Dullas role of leader of the MEAMIC at Watergate. A day before 11 th September 2,001 A.D. Donald Rrumsfeld, an enemy of the Bush family cried to the media that the Pentagon was missing $2.4 Trillion U.S. Dollars,. Who do you thing took that Mr. Khan. Yes, Geb Bush's demonic daddy. he then doles it out to his buddies, many in DARPA. This is a NAZI outfit, bent on keeping ahead of all other nations, high military weapon technologies. So the Bush family , to whom Donald Trump disagrees with almost all of their policies, want to murder more effecctivily your brown Arab Middle Eastern Race.


Listen dolt Khan, Vietnam was for  the $2.4 South Asian Ocean trade axis control; Iran and Iraq were ways to get around the contractual Saud house who initially took  a contract with British Petroleum in the early twentieth century.  We make wars there to put our puppet rules for our energy needs. We start those wars, we kill your [people, we are insane and run by Arabs and  not whites. Our you listening idiot? John F. Kennedy knew the truth, and had already executive ordered all advisors out of Vietnam. He knew it was not worth any of its lies.  Arabs,  and Blacks killed White John F. Kennedy. Bush has a photos circling form magazines that was there on the scene and he was arrested with James Braden, and quickly let go when he showed his CIA credentials.  Since 1963 the United States has not had white white dna candidate. Donald Trump is our first one. John F. Kennedy was a racist, but he understood history and giving black jobs by high taxes on the rich was the correct form of government to follow.  The Bushes hate black people. You, Khan, have absolutely no idea of anything American. Iraq I, and  Iraq II wars were orchestrated money fleecing frauds by the Geb Bush family.  He is the one showing you the most praise. He hates Donald Trump because Donald Trump also agrees with most of the United States Christians that Bush crime family are a warmongering machine, soulless and greedy.


Your hatred is your own soul's projection. You have bigotry yourself and our trying to cope with it as others do that immigrate here. We grew up in multiculturalism, had colored people living and visiting my home each day and my mother was white white who dated Persians, Blacks, whites and mixers. You came form a homogeneous zone and are having a difficult time coping.


Florida Hispanics says all white people must be deported to arctic circle, immediately because Hillary Clinton has deemed white people as evil.

Rachel Maddow campaigns for foreigners to replace American jobs. I say get this white arab whore out of her MSNBC job. She has whitish skin. therefore it disqualifies as a spokesperson for the colored party. Ukrain was Russia's Property in 800 A.D. as history tells us and was stolen by Arabs who associated later with Islam, and Rachel says well Ukrain belongs to Arab Islamics and not white people. She needs to go to the lake of fire.

DNC Email leaks show Hillary Clinton manipulated the Media: One way came out last week. General Motors finally admitted after 5 years that they inflated sales to make Obama's economy look good. That is real news. The media blacked it out and during Hillary's speech she  lauded this  auto bail out as a success. It was not.

#sandnigger #arabite #DNA hates whites by own autobios and says "  I stand with #Islam " Robbed #whitepeople because #niggers do not work, they are welfare robbers. will not pay back the $7.5 trillion he robbed from white white dna #Chinese .   white people funded his lavish vacation = 2009 Jan - 2017 Jan. had accomplished Zero even this week, the General Motors company admitted it lied for years about profits and sales, and that was the only policy #crookedhillary could say was a success. this sand nigger did not create one single #job , just robbed whitey.  now that is a true Antichrist sand nigger. Ran 1.5% GDP ( Commy Russia ran 3.7% and commy China ran 3.0% GDP over the mean time of all Communist leaders. that makes #barackobama by far the worst president or world leader in modern history .  how he survived was to race bait and to falsely accuse the innocent which made #allah determine him to a lake of Fire. Congrats #bigot .

#bookoflife #arcmichael #07282016ad even his own family hates  this #criminal #robber of the good people on earth.

#Welfare queen = #antichrist Obama

DNC Convention Opening: God was booed again‚ just like 2012.

played by DNC.

DNC erects huge wall around Convention, says Philadelphia must pay for it.

#DNC irony of the #Democrats they built two walls and forced Philadelphia to pay for it , not the DNC. #bookoflife #arcmichael #07282016ad Let us make America great again go #donaldtrump

#wall #irony #DemocratsRbraindamaged


Morgan Freeman narratives Clinton's dnc entrance. he says God sux and does not exist. He needs to go directly to a lake of fire.


Remember Hillary Lies all the time. She lied tonight, on many occasions.

Hillary DNC speech,: For all americand together, Liar liar liar liar liar liar. She threw out all the Bernie Sander supporters so she lied , again. Like she lied at Ben Ghazhi. Hillary on Economics. Obama is the best economic dude ever and I will make his economy 3.0. There are only 21,000,000 americans she talks about. She said economy is not working but Obama is the best economic policy like ever in U.S.A. history. That is brain damaged. .


our economy is not working the way it should but Obama economy is the best ever in USA history = brain damage.

29 #Obama, 28 declassified pages says this Bush family member imported the terrorists and funded them . Clinton had Sandy Burger try to destroy documents code name operation megiddo vs. 2.0, revised from original plan. #bookoflife #arcmichael #07242016ad   He is employed by Saudi Arabia and Funds al nursa, Al queada, ISIS, DAESH, and perhaps offshots like Bokoharam. The enemy  was always inside of our white house, it knew all along. we call them the establishment they have 3,000 New york, WashDC, blood on their hands and 250,000 more with the wars to cover up this horrible reality. #christian 11th September 2001 attacks.

Osama bin Laden denied the 911 attacks from 11 th Sept. 2001 to December 31 st 2001, at least 139 times to major news print, radio and television. Only later did he go along with the theme he was the top bad dude on the Earth.

George H. W. Bush New WASA World Order run by Arabite Race and not the white race.

Selamat pagi semua ≈ good morning to all of you!

Donald Trump Gets Big Black Hollywood Producers and Film Makers backing.

DNC Convention finald day:

discrimination is a result of fear - karrem Abdul Muslim, former Basketball guru. You mean when black beat and rob it is discrimination on my part if I call 911?

Obama had zero successful policies. Even his auto bailouts became a fraud; last week GM admitted to fibbing and lying to meet expectations of the Obama regime.

Special media Convention meeting with Hillary Clinton; the rumors claim there were no Russian Hacks. MNSBC Live 1046 pm LA, local mean time. update, Intel chief, also a Clinton foundation Member says we cannot release who did it yet.


#DNC this week came out and exposed the obvious #ISIS is Hillary and Obama's creation and Erdogon, Saudi arabia and USA traitors fund them and arm them. #bookoflife #arcmichael the democrats love the baby rape and murderous machine that is the Brown barbarian crews, because they look like them and  have same DNA. also why #google admits it deletes Donald Trump posts and memes and suppresses white people because they  do not baby rape and look brown.

#baghdad has USA 14 square mile armory for ISIS re supplies.  this is 45 Minuets form the Green Zone, #Iraq . Our country has been taken over by Brown Barbarian #Satanists . #07282016ad    that why the crowd boes.

#USA #military soldiers, the younger new recruits want #donaldtrump because the older soldiers told them the establishment are #isis  
#johnMcCain had meetings with photos of the ISIS leader before the Islamic state was formed. nice abu bkr was DINO RINO

8 point  bump after convention is the highest since Gore Bush 2000. 01 TTC

 a Texas self starter and ambitious and I love her blog. been there  since the beginning before she got her website


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

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