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Becky G Tiger Girl Face Paint. Love Her.

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Chinese Moble History CHO5 1989 June 3, 4.

#rachelmaddows = #unqualified #CNN Wolf Isaac #Blitzer Lied last night claimed #obama made public all of his records and Donald  Trump is the exception. So of course, Democrats win again. they always win. They just  lie and deny .  Wrong. Obama is the only #USA potus to never release his school records. #MSNBC claims all negative things are right wing., Period. End of discussion. All good things come from Anti American policies. The foreigners know better than you do on how to rule your lands.

Gallop started taking this poll in #1972ad and by 2016 the #mistrust levels skyrocketed to levels of just below 2/3rds = 38% of American say the Media is doing , just OK. the rest want them all #dead They have destroyed America, only two companies  own all the communications in USA and only five own all communications on Earth. that is an #oligarchy .
#bookoflife #arcmichael #09152016ad  

Ford is now on the American traitor list.

800,000 Jobs gone, multiple plants and U.S.A. building wall on Mexico's boarder with Honduras. USA tax payers are paying. Arc– we never need any walls . What we need are laws for braking rules. If you are caught as an illegal you are put to death, within one month. so we so not incur costs of your life prison sentence.


I had police following me and tracking me, the homeless this entire month of September. Helio copters , bright lights, seven cars swarming. It is evil out here. 09 15 2016ad

After Returning from Pneumonia

Hillary on CNN. Trashing Trump After she tells campagin she will stop attacking Trump and focus on message. What has she ever accomplished? Anyone knows?

Oklahoma passed an amendment to place the Ten Commandments at the front entrance to the state capitol. State legislates against #AntiChrist national atheistic and non Christian policies.

Matt —Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin says bloodshed may be needed to protect conservatism. This mirrors founding father Thomas Jefferson’s personal writings on Democracy.


Congress to Rescind trade restrictions on Buddhist Country. Myammar, formally #burma 1945.

finally, after 60+ years. This is a #Buddhist country. w/ huge social  governing traditions.

“A major pollster has some stark news: “Americans’ trust and confidence in the mass media ‘to report the news fully, accurately and fairly’ has dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history, with 32 percent saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media. Thi”s is down eight percentage points from last year,” writes Art Swift, an analyst for the Gallup poll, which first asked the nation to weigh in on the press in 1972.” gallop Washington DC Times news

Latinos Hate Other Cultures In Los Angeles, California.

"When the plaintiff complained to a male Latino manager, he brushed her off and said “black girls always have an attitude,” the suit stated." Insert whites in the early #1990s



"When the plaintiff complained to a male Latino manager, he brushed her off and said “ black girls always have an attitude ,” the suit stated." Insert whites in the early #1990s   Latins own 74% of all *southern #Californian Jobs, and 22% are the Arabs and the rest are divided between  #white and #black   ( minus the Hollywood fluid acting industry that ships in temp whites to use as puppets. )
this was happening to #white whites in the early 1990s. #19
90ad #Bigot #Latinos do not work nor live around other cultures, and the government has never addressed this issue. I have  no job or home because of #Atzlan = arab semi and cross breed #indigenous   Middle and south America to baby raper #culture . #bookoflife #arcmichael at least blacks can sue  like in this article. 



"When the plaintiff complained to a male Latino manager, he brushed her off and said “ black girls always have an attitude ,” the suit stated." Insert whites in the early #1990s   Latins own 74% of all *southern #Californian Jobs, and 22% are the Arabs and the rest are divided between  #white and #black   ( minus the Hollywood fluid acting industry that ships in temp whites to use as puppets. )
this was happening to #white whites in the early 1990s. #19
90ad #Bigot #Latinos do not work nor live around other cultures, and the government has never addressed this issue. I have  no job or home because of #Atzlan = arab semi and cross breed #indigenous   Middle and south America to baby raper #culture . #bookoflife #arcmichael at least blacks can sue  like in this article. 

McCain ( formally independent) runs #ISIS Hilary Runs #saudi payments, Bush run Vietnam, Gulf Wars I, II, fake both of them, and did #911 and 100% of the mainstream media are all clapping and cheering this Communist takeover.,  so not is what to like about a go #donaldtrump who cannot be bought and sold by Saudi or Mexican drug cartellers.

UC Berkeley left wing Professor gives Dire Warning to Liberals or Progressives.

Arlie R. Hochschild

my school #UCBerkeley destroys #Hildabeast fanboy Ian Masters. #KPFK She spends a few years in the south, Louisiana, to get to know the right wing, so she is doing observational and oral data gathering #science . #bookoflife #arcmichael #09112016ad  
#FINDINGS  #arlie #hochschild is a confessed  left wing liberal. But she said she did this study with the breaking the empathy boundary ( a social science term).

(1) White people worked on slave plantations with blacks in the south, so not all whites were slave owners ( Ian Masters did not know this by his response). so why are they being punished, in the south, Blacks, all of them get job preference after Jihadi #Arab immigrant.  Ian Masters is too dumb to understand this, can you believe this?

(2) The liberal Party is to blame for white male anger and overwhelming support for #donaldtrump The liberals 100% have abandoned the white male who is now the poorest of all USA groups.

(3) #political #correctness destroyed the white male group. They are mad that women have their jobs, and women chose foreigners because no whites have jobs so they cannot make families.

#IanMasters was dumbfounded. like he had no idea. Must be a total Crook like Hillary, this #KPFK goon.  He is a white arab like Hillary and not white white. He hates Donald Trump and hates his supporters like HIllary who calls us the deplorable because we want to be a part of this country and were falsely accused.

go #donaldtrump
for 60+ years the white race by legislation policy and after 911 ( After they tore up the US Constitution ( #edwardSnowden   reveled) has been targeted for extinction by coloreds controlling the #democratic #party


UC Berkeley #Sociology Department - 410 Barrows Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-1980 - Tel: (510) 642-4766 - Fax: (510) 642-0659 give support please.

Facebook Co Founder says NO USE JOBS ALLOWED, we are globalists. He gives $20,000,000 to the #establishment to destroy America. His traitor name is Dustin Moskovitz.


Email Hell

email of Hillary Clinton shows she ordered Ambassador Christopher Stevens ( Cal) murder by Radical Islamist.

Email Hillary Clinton Ordered Benghazi Terrorist Attack

#hildabEast w /n asked by FBI to turn over devices; she had hidden 14 devices : Used Bleach kit on servers hard drives.!!!!!!!!! 

#mexican #constitution has a No #white #laws on books for over 100 years. It is a #bigot and #racist country, not caring of anyone other than #Arab brown Latino types.



DINO RINO use immigrants to get reelected because they are NEW and dumb to the crap these CRIMINALS of WASH WITCH DC play on us all. no politician cares, but only for their won reelection. Foreigners have the special interest funds, which are why they are killing you and your family. WashingTON DC warlocks and witches are all Devils and globalist goons.



Head of Mexico has an IQ of nearly Zero

NSA: "Societies are a direct reflection of the people who live in and create them. Mexicans created Mexico." link.

92% of Mexicans are illegal Mexican citizens.

Arc Michael originally shared:
#Mexico   announces a real war on Americ a's people and to kill them : #official . #military #congress Mexico calls for killing  US citizens. #truth comes out they are the bigot and #anti #assimilationists . #bookoflife #arcmichael #09022016ad  
go #donaldtrump #trumppence16 #politics #terrorism  







tina s French 16 year-old classically trained since 6 years old. ADVICE ON MAKING IT HAPPEN.

Tina: The environment is very important. It is necessary to have a solid foundation and the base is represented by family and friends.




Llawrence O'donnell has called for the debates to just be a platform to attack the American citizens of the USA and to end their power and give the al quaeda ( current Careerist politicians, secret IDs) all the nuclear weapons.
How can this be explained? He is a crony; paid off and thus will kill his own mommy for the spotlight and money. 09 19 2016ad

I am tired of the Niggers ( updated area) .

Niggers laughing at Crackers Googleplus 01 10 2017ad

+Ken B
 Liar, here at #losangeles no blacks are homeless, most have mazarati and $2 Mil bank accnts. White vet that fought for ape greed , dies on the street as the nigger kicks and spits at it. Niggers started slavery 5,000 years ago an d need to pay for that shyte.

Terrorism by Iran

#black #US #muslim brotherhood are backing the New York Bombs were from white Nordic Christian and not anyone related to Arab superiority or brown superiority. Most blacks are brown and not black.
Ahmed #khan Rahami is an Iranian Terrorist. Dubai just sais Iranians are not Islamic, because of the 23 rd /6 th  , 27 th street ( defused) bombs which killed or injured 29 people  mid September and two pipe bombs in a new Jersey dumpster, with timers and cell phone operations. He is Iranian whose family migrated to Afghan and then immigrated to here and now is a brown Arab-American.


Why do Celebrities and Politicians threaten to move to Canada ( white white, but turning Islamic now) but never threaten to live U.S.A. and move to Mexico. Here is why!

Mexico has anti white white or white mix and anti Black immigration policies for 100 + years. any more dumb questions?


AP Utah: Utah – Hispanic Activist Who Criticized

Trump’s Mexican Rapist Comments

Arrested for Raping Illegal Immigrant… 09172016ad

Birth Certificate here.

Sidney #Blumenthal is the source for Obama born at Hawaii.

Sidney Stone Blumenthal (b.November 6, 1948) is the email Guccifer 1.0 Hungary coffee shoppe, he stumbled onto two illegal US State Department Servers that belonged to #hildabeast ( Hillary Diane Rodham, Clinton). He is the source that claims Obama was born at Hawaii. He is a #obama supporter and #clintonista


“The Clinton Foundation spent a hair under $91.3 million in 2014, the organization’s IRS filings show. But less than $5.2 million of that went to charitable grants.”

1965 — 2016 A.D no Democratic Party Muslim Outreach.

#NPR admits Democrats never reached out to #muslims until #donaldtrump so they are frauds and anti American haters, and bigots. Nice for the expose :) We need to stone Hillary and Obama for disrespecting #Allah = #CAIR claims . so can we help?


Sadiq Khan London's Islamist Holy Warrior Mayer called on a war with USA. 09 17 2016ad

2016 — Conclusive DNA evidence shows George Washington was not white white but a sand nigger, an Arab with light  skin.

USA founder was a Sand NIggah and not a Cracker, DNA and new studies indicate. I have promoted that most founders were of mixed race and not white white as with Noordic US migrations, circa 1840s and ended about 1920s, after World War I.

#USA First King and US General #George #Washington found to be mixed race and not white white. Geroge Washington was a #sandnigger. and not a #cracker. This helps explain why Sand Niggers are the  slave owners and not white white people like I , who were blamed, beaten, tortured and harassed and kicked out of every Job in USA by these sand niggers. #bookoflife #arcmichael #09172016ad Obama calls himself a black, but the world calls him a brown arab, and that is correct. Obama is retarded bully goon who uses #politicalcorrectness (= #whitegenocide to bully his way to falsities he promotes as Facts. 




Hillary Clinton builds WALL fortress around Chappaqua home where many of her illegal servers remain on stand–by. Arc — no wall, anyone breaking law, gets death penalty within one month. a few cases and no more illegal immigration.


She has too much lorry on the brain synapses. They malfunction. Causes dementia and stumbling.

What is a Special Interest?

"special Interest' = Anti American front mafioso ; grow up.
 Communists run 'special interests'  not democrats. But we are oligarchy fix rigged US Arabia now.

Arc Michael Google Plus post 09 15 2016ad

#Obama put place of Birth of Origin as #kenya on  #california college, by the 405 freeway #losangeles and at  #Columbia and  #Harvard Applications. #obama confirms he is a foreigner. #CNN   has no idea to why Obama's School college records have never been released . Dad did the same thing too. Because more welfare if one is a foreigner and so Obama lied to get welfare. Obama never worked a day in his entire life. Just a gub leech and of course the #Biblical #AntiChrist

Trump Caves to AntiChrist 09 15 2016ad

#trump just caved to #antiChrist a very bad omen for the future of #america it is gone. He does  not believe this personally. Seriously. The birth cert is a fake = #newyorktimes

Who cares?  only the Anti American foreigners cared to make him say this, which he does not believe . could have said, I do not care, get lost. I have issues and things to do. Yep, placate the zombies. I for one second do not believe he  believes what he said. but he had too for the zombie Al queada ruling Congress.

 Why #Oboma calls himself a jew ( his momma was a WASA ( which  angelo  Saxon Arab) , thus she  is #Semitic. Islam , most are Semitic, same as the Jews. There is little to no difference between Osama bin Laden color type and Barack Hussein Obama, Muhammad Jihadi's color type of skin. 


Birther Movement Says Obama is a Liar

#newyorktimes #nytimes admitted #whitehouse second, and the  first #birthcertificates are #forgeries Diacritical marks appear exactly on twins born a day later than Obama, indicating a forged document. all of #obama family members @kenya say he was born in Kenya. #birther #crookedhillary is trying to bring down this nation, she demands #donaldtrump retract his #birther claims. #bookoflife #arcmichael #09152016ad have no Fear against this #antichrist #abomination of #desolation = Obomination of desolation

new york times admitted this after Obama was re elected.

#archangelMichael #bible 

When Loretta #Fuddy, the Hawaii state health director who verified and approved the release of President Obama’s fake  birth certificate, died tragically in a *plane crash* off the island of Molokai two weeks after the announcement. ; she claimed till she  died she never saw a real  Birth Certificate. Obama's people sent her one that she claimed, then was verified. The Hospital never had any thing, not even a copy.


welfare mentality began during Satanist Lyndon Johnson.He was a Globalist Dixie Crat and the demon belongs to the zombie minions that are fully functioning parasites. The left is in horror of getting off the couchpotatoe and getting some work done.

Colin Powell Email Hack California Satanists aka as the #democratic and Republican party big wigs will sacrifice animals to Baal, at Bohemian groove but swear allegiance to never vote for #donaldtrump because he has American people’s interests at heart.


dude, this Colin Powell freako arab brown boy went in front of world to claim a VW Van was a full blown Weapon of Mass Destruction facility, so the USA used his UN Plea to invade Iraq. We need to arrest Colin Powell, he was too stupid to not connect the dots. gma ABC News

Leftwing media attacked Bush as the AntiChrist when in office and now that Donald Trump calls this family idiots and bad for America, the media fights for the very retard they despise. How sixk and twisted jew media control of hypocrisy is, eh?

Bush Supports McCain, he runs ISIS, and Rubio, Bush supports and he hates Donald and Rubio runs Mexican Drug Cartel Culture invasion systems. Bush support NAZI culture, a culture that tried to kill off the white race by conscripting the white people.


Ford Motors to move 90% of production to Mexico and then sell back to immigrant rich foreigners now given preference in all civic matters.

R Mexican immigrants Humans?

most Mexican illegals are not men or human. They are  opportunist liars. They run from Mexican corruption, tell US we are corrupt so we must leave our homes and then they take our land and jobs by deals with traitor politicians. Their legislation for over 100 years is 100% racist — anti #white!

blacks Complain Mexicans got preferential Treatment working at Chipolti a fast food mexican chain of resturants. “After a Latina was promoted to the new district manager position, she and two other Latino managers began giving Latino employees more favorable day shifts while assigning night duty to Clark and other black workers, the suit alleged.” And this stuff was happening to me as early as the early 1990s. — Arc.

Global Warming Spikes happen two times each 100 years; history since shows.

1700s-1800s were a mini Ice age, because of western smoke stack industrialization, beginnings. If you take out CO2, the normal kind, you heat up earth. So humans are heating up earth by taking CO2 out, you fucking twit, Docufus.

Flat Earthers ( ancient Greece, Persia) were same reincarnated low wit Global warmists.

They believe, 100%, Mexican Butt farts are heating up planet earth and will destroy us all if we do not taco bowel their beaner asses.

That is the jew rant, fags.

Jews destroy by their half wit brain functions.

When the Sun had a double Sun job whammy in 1998-99, there was a global shift to heating up planet earth immensely.

So there was this huge hocky stick spike, but that was not normal but a 50 year interval, the last was just prior to World War II, as Mother Mary told a Fatima child, it would be prior to the Great War.

So there has been only two spikes in 100 years but the flat Earthers, who are all on mexi meth and Afghani Opium Pharmacy pills ( thanks to Leftwing whackos DINOs RINOs) believe that '98-'99 were constants upshifts, like Leonardo da Creepio and Al Ghoul's claims; these are the dregs of intellectual bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, you are so dumb, you have to believe print of news sources because you cannot read nor write. what does this mean? They tell you how to think, Doc, U have no mind of your own. sad but true - Metallica.

Today the US national Anthem and flag represent globalist Saudi Arabia or Mexico. So why honor it?


#colin #kaepernick attacked #crookedhillary = #CNN interview. I support him, and others too. This is not about a flag, this is about getting attention for our #revolution to kick out the #careerist #politicans that use a police force to keep down Americans from standing up to our Washington Dc foreign #criminals .
We as Americans ( #thomasjefferson ) can and should be able to march on Washington DC and kill these Careerist creepos. But the #policestate will stop us and that is part of his complaint. I have supported this from day one. Today, our flag stands for the careerist Criminals in Washington DC = so why honor it?.

America is over, taken over by Saudi Arabia and Muslims and #Mexican Semitic #Cartel baby rapers. It is well over and no flag can save us, not one.  the #police are killing us = they protect the Saud, The LA RAZA, the CARTELLERS and all the jihadis and kill white white and black black as is proof for the last 60 + years.

another comment by me: Many GOP are bashing the protestors over the National Anthem without listening to the protestors reasons. .

Wow, Colin bashed Hillary Clinton, he [OP, original poster- comments about Kid Rock] may be dumb to not have watched the CNN interview to learn what Colin was protesting, it is not the flag, kid. It is real revolution to get the careerist out of Washington DC because the Cops will not allow the US masses to go kill them as Thomas Jefferson , a founder had ordered us to do, common  people grow a brain cell?


updated: 09 12 2016ad 8:24 pm.

so those against the protestors are for Cops protecting the Saudi Royal 1%ers controlling our local US cops who are killing and maiming whites and blacks hourly, not just daily, but hourly.


Cops are attacking the US Citizenry for globalist takeover.

Colin has a good point. Cops want your guns, so they must be anti Americans and working for the  globalist foreigners , here in USA, taking our family, homes and jobs.


I am disturbed by how mechanical and drone like most law enforcement officers have become. They recruit persons with little conscience or empathy to enforce the draconian police states dictates. If martial law takes effect expect even more dystopian infringement on personal sovereignty. I will fight injustice and stand for truth in conflicts involving the for profit justice system if it tries to choke the life out of things in my sphere of influence. ( Na Thank )™ GooglePlus


Arc —


National Anthem represent Saudi Jihadi and Mexican cartel and Cop murdering UN goons. It no longer represents American good will. I support these protests and am a Donald Trump supporter.

Media and Celebrities who cannot understand. Cop Issue.

maybe because you did not see the Pentagon field camera show a cruise missile hit the #pentagon on #911 Kate. Listen to CNN Interview with Colin, he blasts the system, not the flag nor the anthem, this is how we get attention. Cops are UN Foreigner goons set out to kill the masses.



real slavery a rare few blacks know: actually blacks sold poor blacks into slavery to browners, Timbuktu circa 14 th century. Sounds like Niggahs sell out Niggash. lolz. United States of American blacks are only taught that Crackers enslaved Blacks in all of history. the Brown jews teach that because the Semitics were the original slave trailers.



What is Pagan ISM?

♠Spread of Buddhism in South Asia


#southAsia #Buddhism #history #culture #immigration #pagan
There are four dominant ethnic groups in the recorded history of Myanmar: the Mon, the Pyu, the Myanmar, and the Shan.
Uncertainty surrounds the origins of the Mon; but it is clear that, at least linguistically, they are related to the Khmer.*  #burma now called #myanmar

Like the #ecumenical councils of the #catholic #church there are also major Buddhist councils over the centuries.  The third bhuddist council illustrated a fragmentation. So we get many different variations of Buddhism. They too have a Great Schism, as Ukrainians and Muscovites had in the 16 0 17 th centuries or the Protestant Reformation of the 16 th and onwad in the western nations. There were discussions and decisions to what was important and what was second in importance in religious life.

Religion helped bring varying opposing cultures to live and work side by side and building, as was the case in Pagan or Bengal were steps of peace times between 'constant conflict' of land and resources.

So the kings got a mandate form the spiritual monks to how to best unify and lead their lands and regions.

#Theravada Buddhism helps diminish Khmr Empire. Its first tenant ( commandment) is to oppose the ignorant rulers. That is much different than the #US #Constitution . the doctrine is found in  The #Pali canon

*The Sri Lankan Buddhist Sangha initially preserved the Buddhist scriptures (the Tipitaka) orally as it had been traditionally done, however during the first century BCE, famine and wars led to the writing down of these scriptures. The Sri Lankan chronicle The Mahavamsa records:*

This state in the 10 th centuries and onto the 11 th the State becomes known as #PAGAN ( close to paganism).

Pagan adopts a persona #Buddhist   tradition. The first commandment is to never bow to ignorance .

About 1040s the Shan become authorities for symbolism architecture of Buddhist fealty.  About 1.4 Million worship buildings of various sizes were  built in a 600 year period.

Many were #pagoda :  is a tiered tower with multiple eaves

source: Embellished #Sasanavamsa ( 5 th - 6 th centuries based on period around  Jesus Christ recording Buddha's life and accomplishments.

these Buddhist types of practices come and go and the history texts speaks about periods of forgotten worship. About 11 th century a #Buddhist walked to the Princes quarters and convinced him that religion could tether all the four major ethnics groups.

This type of paths ( of the Buddha)  are not the same as previous or other regions practicing. The first order or followers plan is to NOT SUPPORT the rule of the ignorant.  In Daniel of the  Holy Bible, he  says that the end times will be assured in by a leader who believes he is the best leader on Earth, " in his own mind", Daniel states.

format currently only PC and Pad(s). No mobile

Pagan is pronounced "Pah-ghan!" Not like western Paganism.

Cambodia ( Ankor Wat originally built for Vishnu) remains the largest Buddhist building in the world with more stones than the Great Pyramid used to constructs its massive  structure < Recently we learned the pyramid is all sand in the center places >.  There is no proof of slave labor but carvings dated to these periods of building more likely showed immigrant 'set wage labor' and general Contractors led to 5,000,000 in these four states Cambodia (Khmer Empire), Burma ( Pagan), Laus, and  Bengal and parts of Thailand.  These people had massive civic jobs instead of constant war between major ethnicities.

fall of Angkor in the 15th century end Khamr. #Sheiks or #blueturbans arise with Muslim invasion started in 1204 from Persia and the Caucuses to #bengali shipping centers and trade centers. #islam takes south Asia during the 15 th century , including many of the deccans.

Angkor Wat, dedicated to the god Vishnu, incorporates Buddhism to its pantheon. Not all people of different sects believe Buddha  was a reincarnation of Vishnu but many see him as an important step in that direction. #Vishnu returns in this age on a #white Horse.

Vishnu = #Anu = ( Sumerian Sun people God) and follows toward The #Yahweh centuries later.

#blueturbans give Pagan the incorrect title of #Paganists .

Mughāls = Islamic Asian Arab Mixed people.

wealthy states now since Buddhism adopted in ernst 11 th century. Conflict that today threatens Hindu Paganism ( Reincarnation, bhuddism) are the Moslem incursions to the south Asian continent from the 13 th century = massive migrations. The pre Ottomans push Persians toward the eastern continents. The #crusades , earlier, started a mass migratory trend to branch off to lands which are less inhabited.

The Greater #Mughāl Emperors

Babur 1526 1530

Humayun 1530 1556

Akbar 1556 1605

Jahangir 1605 1627

Shah Jahan 1627 1658

Aurangzeb 1658 1707

sources (link Khmr)

Why are white people dying of Narcotics in the U.S.A.? 09092016ad

There is no hope, ISIS flags fly in California and Michigan.  Until people learn Fox News is same as CNN or ABC or CIA or FBI = full of lies and we need to get them out, then this is Brown Barbarian lands, get out and die. that is why whites are committing suicide by dope.

People need to grow up : Mexico or Afghanistan both arab countries are the producers of this crap. The USA not only allows it but makes false wars to invade these countries or gives power ( Political = to Cartel Jihadi Mexi rapits and murders) who control the south and west coasts of America.

the USA is long gone.


a response Post to a Donald Trump supporter: ( link google plus 09092016ad)


Point: Founding Fathers told us to kill the corruptocrats and Patriots of this day and age say do not do that but vote them out when voting is all rigged. so imo, Michael, there are no patriots left in America. These are all sissy frauds.



dude what  I said is factual. ISIS flags all over and the Gob runs that program. No America will do crap. This is a failed system. I do not care about Patriots. Patriots of what? You work for ISIS now?  Emails show the gub created, runs and arms and funds ISIS and the entire mEdia and Washington LIE.  and the so called Patriots are all for the liars. You apparently are not keeping up on news of the cities of America. According to our gov, everything is fine, economy, jobs, social people, immigration, etc....

If that is what a US Patriot is, I do not want it. ISIS was created to flood Europe to destroy it, and to kill 1.5 Million  ( or displace) Coptic and ME Christians, which it has and to stop it we invade Washington DC to shut that down but no Patriot except for McVeight, Chelsea and Edweard and about 14 others are trying to stop this. All the  others are followers of the establishment patriots, the owners and operators of ISIS.

The Common Core raped the western Mind.


Arc Michael

12:51 PM


+Andy Rodriguez [ what got him angry were facts]
Mexican Constitution is 100% legally racist material No whites allowed to migrate over 100 years in law schools of Mexico and its consulates. #Mexicans killed more humans on earth than all others combined. They need to go away forever. They tried desperetly to kill all  humans on earth, for their gold and  silver greed.


Below was his responce and taken off later in the day. My responce was never posted, he already had blocked me. but you people get it in full here.



deleted unsaved :


ARC so he called me names and I replied

[ missing, I believe I said go back to Mexcio ]

Michael Rodriguez
12:45 PM 09092016ad

+Arc Michael I'm an American born, you ASSHOLE, from Cuban parents. Don't you tread with me, you don't know me shit head!!


he blocked before I could post.

which makes you anti American. Cuba is not an issue until 1900s, and America is well established with my people who fought and died in the Civil War but came 1840s and had no role in bondage and  slavery. So I am waaaaay more American, 3 rd Gen Los Angeleno. and you still are Brown ARAB = lATINO = ARAB dna, and these people killed the most in History ( except God) and so you people need to go to hell for  your crimes.




My labor day Cop Running From Weekend


SFV is now a fully 100% police state. Had helio on Sat with 6 cop cars on me, and then repeated w.out copter but high beamed flashed in my face and 7 cop cars on the holiday weekday or Monday. for doing nothing but being white. it is a brown 100% cop jihad and they hate black and white here.

Open Boarders – When did it start?

1965 Democrats pass Open boarder policy under Johnson, the traitor to nationalism.

The Media are all liars and foregoing immigrant 1 st gen  combatants. so why listen to their opinions?


White People

The periodic table(s) was invented by Scot white farmer,  who figured out to count the electrons as a base count. Some arab French man who was richer bully dude, stole his idea. Figures. Just like white arab jewboy #Einstein stole Christian white boy #Kepler
s space time bend equations. and said it was his.


Brown people in my lands

uh, Brown people took Scotland, white white lands, so browns are Native Skin types and look and act like them too. So they are in my lands so you need to get out and stop aligning to other browns, the Mexicans who call this their lands when they are from Spain, Portugal and North Africa and the Middle East and south Asia.

native Americans, DNA, Stanford, have Japanese and Asian DNA, and are mixed race with Arabs, browns. so get the hell  back to the Middle East, you crossed the land bridge without my permission. get out now.

Arc Michaelwow, a traitor to USA

ARC 082

 George Walker Bush, Jr. was born with sign of the Anti Christ.


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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