A place to Report Death Threats by bands of Arab IS Mexicans of Arab CIA, please report here.
USA 1950 IQ= Rank #01 in World. ∧ W h i t e P e o p l e L i k e d
USA 2014 IQ= Rank #19 in World. ∧ W h i t e P e o p l e H a t e d
∫ Foreign Workers taking all American jobs; devaluation of monetary by China‚ Mexico‚ Vietnam, etc… Trump would negotiate to stop job losses and monetary manipulation by foreign countries; Strong Military; a smarter presidency than Bush. We would have free trade, called smart trade for Donald&’s period. Help the veterens.

⊥2016 Democratic Party Platform*

  1. *Eradicate the White Race Policies *
  2. *Foreign Cash Donations *
  3. *Import cheap labor‚ destroy native citizens*
  4. *Establishing the Church of Satan *
  5. *Regime Change *
  6. *Target groups with surveillance *
  7. *Barrow Money & increased inflation*
  8. Fight Terrorist with Love‚ free money ‚ kindness and job preference over Asian white and Nordic white Americans.
  9. *Drone innocents all day long like Obama did which inflamed ISIS*
  10. *No guns accept for authorities*
  11. *hike Taxes on Americans –massive stimulas for cheap foreign migrants*
  12. *You teach foreign migrants to take your job or your severance package is refused*
  13. *Come one come all...no borders, no Voter IDs*
  14. *Government can do it all so keep us all in power permanently*.
  15. You pay for it all*. whoopie :)
  16. vote also known as the party of chump elites.


⊥2016 republican Party Platform*

  1. *Eradicate the White Race Policies *
  2. *Foreign Cash Donations *
  3. *Establishing the Church of Satan *
  4. *Regime Change *
  5. *Target groups with surveillance *
  6. *Barrow Money & increased inflation*
  7. Fight Terrorist with Love‚ free money ‚ kindness and job preference over Asian white and Nordic white Americans.
  8. *Drone innocents all day long like Obama did which inflamed ISIS*
  9. *No guns accept for authorities*
  10. *hike Taxes on Americans –massive stimulas for cheap foreign migrants*
  11. *You teach foreign migrants to take your job or your severance package is refused*
  12. *Come one come all...no borders, no Voter IDs*
  13. *Government can do it all so keep us all in power permanently*.
  14. You pay for it all*. whoopie :)

⊥2016 Non Establishment Party Platform*

  1. Trump ∞ Bild serious wall and deport all Latin and Muslims ⊂ Evangelicals do not like liars⊃.
  2. DINO RINO are not working, millions of people in a new movement, and more people going to the polls than ever in U.S.A. history. People who said they are past 50 years old and are now voting for the first time‚ they will vote for Donald Trump.
  3. *Donald Trump (running (R), Ben Carson (R); Bernie Sanders (inde., (D)) *
  4. *Inferstructure Bill *
  5. *Solve Energy Issues *
⊥2016 Semi non– Establishment Party Platform*
  1. Bernie Sanders * – Government Infrastructure bill paid for by Billionaires who do not pay taxes under Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush , Reagan administrations. First week of March 2016 A.D.
  2. Bernie Sanders * approved by me & good Federal Intervention Policies.
  3. Bernie Sanders Town Hall with Christ Hayes on television 04 25 2016 A.D. to end all deportation, & target those that intend Radical Jihadis must be banned in America. All foreigners to get voting rites and job preferences over all Americans; Bernie Sanders intends the Democratic Party under the establishment has been turned right wing, and he is the left wing solution. He intends that his father was an immigrant and thus he feels like a recent immigrant. But in reality, Bernie, we are all colonists and all are immigrants.
  4. Infrastructure Bill *Bernie Sanders * Trillions in Stimulus for Infrastructure Bill to fix poisoned water Barack Obama who knew this for seven months and raised water rates as a joke. So Flint Michigan residents are dying, and being charged three times the national rate to die, and no one is resigning, Bernie Sanders is the only one publically to call for resignation for the Mayor. Hillary Clinton said Flint Water poison is not as bad as Cincinnati and most other cities; She and Obama knew about this for five years, and Obama and Hillary refused to offer an issue of a national infrastructure bill. So the Nigger POTUS 44 was poisoning the children in full knowledge. This is why many Arab light skinners and white, whites who just cannot stand black people. They are not well DNA educated. How can Obama say he cares and then knowingly poison millions of children and adults?
  5. Number #1 in student pupil pay , per child, but only #30 th in education worldwide. Donald plans to end Common Core‚ run by Liar Arabs at the U.K.
Oct 2015 Bush and Clinton both top Wall Street Picts‚ and funding

John Kaisich ⟨ Mixed Arab ⟩

  • Þ Protesters are destroying property‚ beating and attempted murder‚ spraying chemicals and chanting death to all white and blacks at California < 04 29 2016 A.D. > and to leave the entire western hemisphere. John Kaisich believes that all whites and blacks must go away and all Mexican latinos must protest and revolt. He is a spook who has John Brennen, an Arab, as his buddy.
  • Þ represents Ohio which is across America < compared to Mexifornia > and has a heavy traditional angelo – Saxon.
  • Þ John Kaisich is out of touch and  not engaging in reality. Los Angeles has police helicopters trolling the skies 24⁄ 7 and because of  the Burbank Airport, if speaking of the  San  Fernando Valley, they fly low as 200 ft. and destroy eardrums and awake people all night long. They are only patrolling because of arabs . This place does not vote Republican so there is no sense in any unifying thematics.
  • Þ Hillary Clinton and John Kaisich→ the dishonest media constantly report they are national front runners by consistent polls. However, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and even Ted Cruz have crowds to come out and see them 100 times as large as both of these establishment bores. So Observational Science does not support Hillary nor John.

    Hillary Clinton ⟨ Mixed Arab ⟩

  • £ Hillary Clinton on nationality— Hillary Clinton has sent a consistent message that this is not a white nor black nation but a nation for only Arabs. What is an Arab? A brown skin color as general but not as type and the larger race groups are Arab/Latino and Arab ⁄ Middle Easterners < which includes secular to religious Jews> and Arab⁄ South Asianers who are brown. The Mexicans have a majority of the California Population and the next group are the Arabs form the middle–east and then Angelo Saxon which are mixed Nordic whites and Arab DNAers. Hillary Clinton is a mixed white skinned Arab∫Nordic . Her husband is more white than she.
  • £ Hillary as social role model. Her stated desire is to represent the Lesbian Gay community as she is rumored to be bi–sexual and practicing. The Secret Service recently outed Bill Clinton continuation of dating 18 – 20 year old trophy girls.
  • £ Hillary Rodham Diane Clinton net worth in 2‚001 A.D. was Zero dollars she claims in her autobiography. Her 2008 I.R.S. tax forms‚ made public‚ claimed she and her husband then had $100‚000‚000. This year‚ her I.R.S. forms claims she made $45‚000‚000 while working at the United States of America‚ State Department. When adding this figure to her husband’s income‚ together in 2016 A.D. they both have $240‚000‚000 U.S. dollars and both claim to be working class citizens and poor like the average Joe. Methinks they are both liars and haters of all things good.
  • £ James Comey < Television interviews in April 2016 > The F.B.I. Director has the ∅ Stand Down Email‚ stored on her two private servers ‚ that directly led to four American citizens being tortured and murdered by terrorists 11 th September 2012 A.D.
  • £ Massive Amnesty ; give 50‚000‚0000 jobs to foreigners‚ destroy the U.S.A. nationality. Promote hypocrisy by Identity politics.
  • £ AUTO BAILOUT» her only success.
  • £ BILL CLINTON TERM » Import Export Bank allowed small businesses to receive federal loans to sell products overseas. Bill Clinton changed State Department duel use technologies to the Commerce Department by E.C. This created an illegal bank for defraying weapons of mass destruction because capitalists have no boundaries. So eventually, one recipient of the E.O. became the catchphrase for this X. 72 Poem I ⊂ Nostradamus 1999 Poem wrote 450+years ago. The Aerospace and Airplane Company‚ Boeing & → a part of the Military Complex M.E.A.M.I.C. The bank of Boeing, because it gets 40% of all the funds, proceeds and 75% goes to Corporations who fled America and have workers overseas. This is subsidized U.S. Tax payers´ hard working monies to foreign countries corporations. Ted Cruz harps on this issue too, and good for him. Thank you. This was BEAST policy of the 1990s. and hidden in the 1999 Budget by an unpopular Republican representative. Hillary Clinton Debate 03052016 A.D. said Sanders and Cruz are incorrect. We need to support foreign workers and pay U.S. taxes to former American corporations who moved overseas. I get huge Speaking fees‚ in the $100,000s for doing these deeds. Please vote for me.
  • £ Factory and Industry Jobs Continue to allow business to move to other countries ♥ Jobs Exporting♥ just how I did under Obama. She and Obama supported Corporations Legislation on key Issue of U.S. Work and Job employment. She favored foreign Countries’ free and cheap labor.
  • £ FREE TRADE ∇TPP ∀ Hillary Clinton was for it at least 44 statements are pro Trans Pacific Partnership TPP Trade Agreement that gives Jobs to foreigners and make corporations super rich‚ but not the American worker.
  • £ N.A.F.T.A. Hillary was for it 1994‚ said it was a gold standard in 1998 and in 2008 Hillary said NAFTA was a mistake. Does this reply she is retarded? Bill Clinton signed NAFTA‚ Ronald Reagan started the process. In my opinion‚ Reagan was Anti Christian. Bill Clinton a Democrat followed Republican Ronald Reagan´s end unions and open up free markets which were a disaster to the American work force.
  • £ Education Problems¦ Hillary Confuses the mark of an Arab for a religious Muslim. A Muslim is someone who follows the six tenants prescripts by Prophet Muhammad. This way she can use racism as a political tool. It also demonstrates she is illiterate. Muslims are banned by all local and federal laws of the United States of America. Tenant six, a must if you are to call yourself a Muslim is to transgress against Liberals, at least twice a year. No Muslims in U.S.A.‚ they are fake if they do not follow Porphet Muhammad
  • £ Foreign Policy ¢ Import Muslims by the tens of millions ¿ Stalk her cabinet with 50% of Arab women or Mixed races. Long–term Foreign Policy – Import Arab – Latinos from Mexico to Argentina to all of Spain and of Portugal – by One hundred Million Arabs.
  • £ Foreign Policy advisor & Top Position in her cabinate § William J. Clinton ⟨ hebrew germancy 666 ⟩
  • £ Economy Policy & Top Position in her cabinate § William J. Clinton ⟨ hebrew germancy 666 ⟩
  • £ Main Job professed during televized debate 12.19.2015 ∫ I will pick out the ·china· and ·flowers· and Bill Clinton will take care of the economy.
  • £ Co–Worker § Muslim Shahed Ananullah∀ State Department Senior Technology Advisor ® There are millions of points of Islamic Views, we cannot regulate them. Dec 5‚ Long Beach, California‚ —The Muslims in the Media”.Obama ® S.N.L. in 30 years only had three Muslims, that is problem, they recently had Donald Ttrump on as the host . Correct, the Democratic Party refuses to allow 33% representation in the House and Senate. If they want to stone Hilary because her face looks like a pile of trash, there should be Muslims in the Senate to represent her punishment by stoning or chopping that ugly head – off.
  • £ Social media ↓ We Democrats do not know history of Islam so we cannot regulate the Internet nor social media and⁄or representation of their free speech‚ but all white people must be monitored constantly by a huge team the Democrat Arabs will set up to run. Correct, the Democratic Party refuses to allow 33% representation in the House and Senate. If they want to stone Hilary because her face looks like a pile of trash, there should be Muslims in the Senate to represent her punishment by stoning or chopping that ugly head - off.
    Megan Garvey LA TIMES Deputy manager Editor for Digital: she hates the social media & the challenges of discourse.

    Ted Cruz ⟨ Mixed Arab ⟩ & Carly Fiorina ⟨ Mixed Arab‚ White & Black ⟩

  • ℘ Positives his father is pro Christian & helped to install good morals and a fighting spirit for morality and love.
  • ℘ End Common Core‚ written by Islamists at the United Kingdom. A†
  • ℘ Investigate Planned Parenthood and prosecute if found in wrong doing. A† They have been accused of selling body parts of abortions without the mother´s consent.
  • ℘ negatives § vacillating support and opposition to Arab⁄ Latino amnesty and or mass immigration. F– < This is an important issue for California>. About 89% of all authority are Arab: Latino and or Middle Eastern which includes the secular arabs that call themselves Jews.
  • Carly Fiorina negatives After firing 18‚000 employees as CEO of Hewlett-Packard‚ Carly Fiorina believes Californians need to have all whites and blacks out of it and turn it over to her chums‚ the Arabs.
  • Carly Fiorina negatives Believes calling rapists‚ terrorists‚ criminals‚ homicidal maniacs is a negative tone for persons who are convicted of being a calling rapists‚ terrorists‚ criminals‚ homicidal maniacs is not politically correct and is‚ well‚ quite wrong? Well‚ Carly‚ what should we call them‚ your good friends?

    Marco Rubio ⟨ Arab ⟩

      If Marco Rubio becomes president‚ we can expect:
    • 1€ That he will work with Democrats and the GOP leadership in Congress to pass something that looks like the Gang of Eight amnesty bill.
    • 2€ That he will urge Congress to pass any trade agreements that Obama has signed.
    • 3€ That he will send significant numbers of U.S. troops to the Middle East.
    • 4€ That his foreign policy will be developed by many of the same people who advised George W. Bush.
    • 5€ That his economic policy will reflect the views of those who were in power when the United States was hit by the economic crisis of 2008.
    source Lifezette

    Jim Webb

    Jim Webb at Democratic First Debate scored the best response to Affirmative Action Question. It was meant only for African American slave families and our black communities, not the Latino Race, The Asian Race, the European Mixed Race the Spanish Race or the Arab Middle Eastern Race, which is now has become.

    25% + margins on all left-wing and right-wing polls, as the RINOs keep attacking Donald Trump and calling his supporters anti American, crazies and every bad name in the English Language, just because Donald's supporters want job preference over foreign cheap labor connected to the GOP establishment.

    South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham called Donald Trump filthy names, and Donald Trump contributed to Lindsey's campaign years ago and still had his phone number, so he gave it out on the air, because Grahm called Donald's family or supporters filthy names, and tried to imply they are not Americans. Most of Donald family are Christians. MSNBC then coddled Graham, commiserating with him.

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    The USA policies for sixty plus years premits importing low intelligent people and producing low intelligent people. That is a recipe for utter failure.* USA 1%ers keep low level teachers on board.

      • GOP≡ DNC for cheap labor and votes ; Democrat Party for votes too and to keep careerist politicians in power & both party use migrants as class warfare scenarios so to suppress voter turnout.

      Yahoo is partnered with ABC News. The CEO of yahoo, Marissa Mayer is also an Obama campaign donor.

      OIL MEDIA fascist tether to Central U.S.A. Government

      Carly Fiorina on Tuesday, 07072015 denounced Donald Trump’s recent comments and demanded all Crackers die and the Anti Christ Movement take over America, immediately.

        ↔ social media‚ yahoo politics‚ 10142015 A.D.↔: Blue Falcon2 hours ago
  • First, admit that Wall Street is still running the economy, and it’s still out of control. Resurrect the Glass-Steagall Act and bust up the biggest banks, so millions of Americans don’t ever again lose their homes, jobs, and savings because of Wall Street’s excesses.
  • Second, increase taxes on the rich in order to finance the investments in schools and infrastructure the nation desperately needs.
  • Third, strengthen unions so that working Americans have the bargaining power to get a fair share of the gains from economic growth.
  • Fourth, limit the deductibility of executive pay, and raise the minimum wage.
  • Fifth, oppose trade agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership designed to protect corporate property but not American jobs.
  • Sixth, reverse the Citizens United v. FEC decision, by amendment if necessary

    G.O.P. Donors Seek to Narrow Field of Presidential Candidates to One

    By DEC. 8, 2014

    E. Nowak
    Chicagoland 6 hours ago

    First we're told that the Democrats have all but decided upon Hillary Clinton as the next presidential candidate -- before even one primary has been held. Now we're being told that the Republican oligarchs want to pick one candidate -- before even one primary has been held.


    Los Angeles Times : Jeb Bush dumps 4 Companies that he made millions of dollars so he can hide his penchant for wealth support over the U.S. People, doing this over the Holidays of 2014 A.D.

    • $127 million for investments in domestic and foreign companies.
    • Dorian LPG Ltd. and BH Global Aviation
    • The biggest investor was a Chinese firm called HNA Group, a conglomerate that includes an airline and other businesses. ( Child Sex Slavery and such).
  • Bezos calls to oust all Christians & Mexi Taliban Heroin and cocaine trade El Chumpo Calls to Assassinate Politicans.

    Since 1960s‚ the GOP and DNC run socialism for the top 30% only. Foxnews & Sean Hannity's tax arguments in Oct 2015 A.D. on air are full of lies

    Obama had no platform, he campaigned on emotion and anger of the Bush Administration; he then followed his foreign and his economic policies. South Carolina, a huge military state supports the Bush family at 80%+ and 57% of voting electorate are black African Americans. So Obama had conflicts against the Bush 'make war for economy' policies. Obama fired up audiences with empty rhetoric called Hope & Change; Obama was always thin on his details. Trump is too, but he is called Mussolini by Ted Kopple and the Media called Obama, Allah. Obama temperament was outrage at Conservative values of family, homeland security and anti-Immigrant policies calling everyone derogatory names the same accusation laid at the feet of like Donald Trump. This duplicity is understood that for decades the migrations into the U.S.A. brought low intelligent people surrounded by Democratic Party values of all jobs go to Arabs, called Political Correctness. Donald Trump says that is BullS*7t. It led out institutions to have morons controlling and stealing and laughing at the dumb natives as they rob their banks blind and send monies home to fund their social and military movements to one day take over the U.S.A. and throw out all Nordics and Irish scot.

    Marco Narco Rubio mannerisms

    Dumbo Ears Like Barack Hussein Obama ii

    Wants to take United States Military and Kill white people‚ immediately. Debates 1… 8.

    Size of Hands determines honesty – Marco Rubio attacking Donald Trump at Debates† first week of March 2016 A.D.

    • Legend:
  • Semitic ≡ Arab ≡ brown and or arabesque features.
  • White are Scandinavian and Irish scot, generally called Nordics.
  • Blacks are all over the earth but are type-caste to origins of Africa.
  • Italians are a mixed race of white, of black and of brown.
  • Germans are a mixed race called Angelo Saxon and have white and brown dominant DNA.
  • Jews are Mixed race and solely Arab as a dominant strain of DNA.
  • Russian are a white race in the north and mixed Semitic in the south east.
  • Chinese northern whites are different then the southern mixed Semitic races.
  • South Asians are mixed and added with some black DNA codons
  • The Philippines are now Mixed South Asians and Semitic Latino due to colonization by Philip II of Spain.
  • χ Why did Blacks change suddently from the Republican Party to vote for the Democratic Party Front Runner‚ Jake Kennedy. Because Robert did damage control and got Martin Luther king out from being killed at State Prison ( a dangerous place for a popular movement guy), and Nixon was trying too but was too slow. So the black community saw this and said, John F Kennedy fights for us. and they switched. …it is correct US History; & that how it went down

  • #bookoflife #arcMichael
    “I got cheated!” After Donald Trump received nearly twice the votes of Ted Cruz at Saturday’s Arizona Republican convention, the Texas senator walked away with a significant majority of the delegates from that state, KTAR reported. Cruz took nearly all the state’s 28 at-large delegates and basically split the 27 selected by congressional district. Former Gov. Jan Brewer, a Trump supporter, was livid as the results were announced, indicating that she’d lost her first election in 35 years. biz Pac
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