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America Establishment Platform

Easy evolutions on the 2016 Election

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Arc Michael
#donaldtrump ran #Americafirst #Democrats ran #americalast 97% of the #USpolitical counties voted #americafirst you do the math. #bookoflife #arcmichael

Anti Christ Africa new Page Khan made people understand they love George W. Bush because it gave them 15 years and continuing of death of their sons. These women need to go away, the pundits.

30,000,000 super elite = Media;Institutions;entertainment; academia;Military;Congress;SCOTUS;CORPO;PHARMA;AGRI + antiChrist in full control = fascism

216 1998 1999 in prison were stolen worrh$#450 Dollars and stole 1 trillion at citi bank new york, and part of this was recovered and hillary took $28 Billion and used it to pay of McCabe $750 ,000 and Hillary paid James Comey's brother $ 6 Billion. and then this federal imate also stole $2.3 Trillion from the pentagon that Donald Rumsfled mentioned two days after 11 st Sept 2001 ad. This is the recovery money.


Former Obama Attorney General Lynch reportedly assured people that she "would not let the FBI investigation into Clinton go too far."
157 Illegal Criminal High treason leaks come out of #washingtonpost ( link) and no police, or US military or lawyer will step up and not even #DonaldTrump. Send in tanks and send in tanks drones and send in the bombers. USA the land colored - sissy - group exclusionist ethnocentric baby sex, drug fiends. #whitesgetout you traitors ' brown and yellow bellies. #USA out of Control since GEorge Herbert Walker Bush pulled of murder inc 22 Nov 1963AD #dallas until this gets corrected, the people of USA are going to hell for betrayal. #bookoflife #arcmichael #08042017AD


Obama announced he may not follow law to brief Donald Trump classified foreign intel as each candidate by law is supposed to have so they do not enter the white house, if they win, knowing nothing. Obama is scared because the briefings are on how much money to fund ISIS this month from American tax monies so the MEAMIC can send poor to die in Jew greed wars . 08042016ad

Obama said he is not confident Donald Trump can handle the trident. Obama's has the lowest IQ at 101, one hundred and one points, the lowest IQ score of any U.S. President.

Need Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Michigan. Trump need Florida too. Trump is down with Sun PED over Alpha Cancri. By 9 points in an NBC poll, so a five point error margin. Trump is down in Ohio too. We need west or east coast districts. These are government controlled, MEAMIC.

USA 1950 IQ= Rank #01 in World. ∧ W h i t e P e o p l e L i k e d
USA 2014 IQ= Rank #19 in World. ∧ W h i t e P e o p l e H a t e d


Gary Johnson signed an anti-religious liberty bill into law, putting principled, conscience-following Christians out of business. The Nevertrump people, Bush crime family, they voted for him.

⊥2016 Democratic Party Platform*

  1. *Eradicate the White Race Policies *
  2. *Foreign Cash Donations *
  3. *Import cheap labor‚ destroy native citizens*
  4. *Establishing the Church of Satan *
  5. *Regime Change *
  6. *Target groups with surveillance *
  7. *Barrow Money & increased inflation*
  8. Fight Terrorist with Love‚ free money ‚ kindness and job preference over Asian white and Nordic white Americans.
  9. *Drone innocents all day long like Obama did which inflamed ISIS*
  10. *No guns accept for authorities*
  11. *hike Taxes on Americans –massive stimulas for cheap foreign migrants*
  12. *You teach foreign migrants to take your job or your severance package is refused*
  13. *Come one come borders, no Voter IDs*
  14. *Government can do it all so keep us all in power permanently*.
  15. You pay for it all*. whoopie :)
  16. vote also known as the party of chump elites.


⊥2016 republican Party Platform*

  1. *Eradicate the White Race Policies *
  2. *Foreign Cash Donations *
  3. *Establishing the Church of Satan *
  4. *Regime Change *
  5. *Target groups with surveillance *
  6. *Barrow Money & increased inflation*
  7. Fight Terrorist with Love‚ free money ‚ kindness and job preference over Asian white and Nordic white Americans.
  8. *Drone innocents all day long like Obama did which inflamed ISIS*
  9. *No guns accept for authorities*
  10. *hike Taxes on Americans –massive stimulas for cheap foreign migrants*
  11. *You teach foreign migrants to take your job or your severance package is refused*
  12. *Come one come borders, no Voter IDs*
  13. *Government can do it all so keep us all in power permanently*.
  14. You pay for it all*. whoopie :)


Donald Trump is opposed to both RINO and DINO party platforms. The establishment lies all day long to try to stop Americans from getting jobs.

Why do blacks vote in the same politicians that make racist anti black legislation? Is it because blacks are stupid?

Democrats do not care. Obama tries to sue the local police departments but that is one small team. You need an army of lawyers and then a military to back you up. The Establishment is in full control. Nothing will change until that is destroyed.
 I mean most blacks who hate the Prison economic system for the rich will vote in the officials that run that program. So it is your own fault. Bill and Hillary are all Muslims supporters been that way since 1990s.  They do not like whites, they like arabs and they love Obama he is an arab. They did that bill three strikes law and that put a person away for 35 years for a joint. And then the blacks vote Hillary back in thinking she never

Christopher Columhus Not White person

+michelle s.
 have you seen my pages on Christopher Columbus, an arab dna dude and his Arab Lation people building slave ports all up and down  the African west coast in the 15th century? That was not white people, OK? They slave you for 221 years before  the first Puritan slave laws  I which included white slavery called indentured servants. those 221 years were arab and black slave traders and slave commerce. ANd before that slaves were bonded at the Arab Ottoman Empire. I notice how American blacks vote in WASA arab white Clintons who put the three strike laws in  place to put blacks  away on trumped up charges for 30+ years in jail and you people will go vote for Hillary . Bwahahahhahaahaha no wonder you people are put into bondage, dumb to the core. At least ICE CUBE has a brain cell

Hillary is an arab WASA white angelo saxon arab dna. but you cannot even tie your shore. so why bother.

John F Kennedy was a white supremacist. but at least he was Machiavellian to understand you must please all your cultures to be  accepted . so he taxed the rich and supported black jobs. that is why blacks supported an opponent. they were republican before 1960.

I am not sure U know any history at all? You call Christopher columbus white, but he had arab dna. not irish scot white white which had no role in slavery but were  falsely accused by  the blacks = my whole life.

Democrats do not care. Obama tries to sue the local police departments but that is one small team. You need an army of lawyers and then a military to back you up. The Establishment is in full control. Nothing will change until that is destroyed.
 I mean most blacks who hate the Prison economic system for the rich will vote in the officials that run that program. So it is your own fault. Bill and Hillary are all Muslims supporters been that way since 1990s.  They do not like whites, they like arabs and they love Obama he is an arab. They did that bill three strikes law and that put a person away for 35 years for a joint. And then the blacks vote Hillary back in thinking she never did that. That is brain damage dude.


More responces: Link Google Plus 08042016ad

for the 1000sth time. Malcom X openly claimed to be a racist. Martin Luther King jr. openly claimed to be a racist. So has Obama. R u retarded? racist means to fight for your own people.  there is nothing wrong with that nigger. A cracker is the same no? or is it inferior to all niggers? I cannot understand your dribble?

Islamic State

Russia dropped the data, Syrian Rebels are "Dirty shop" Islamis state members this is known at the Convention. ISIS= CIA= establishment, even John McCain, Obama gay lover, runs ISIS with Obama and formally erdogon who is distancing himself, just had a military coup.

Incentiveize the captures of Americans‚ Terrorist Obama gave Terrorists $400‚000‚000 <four hundred Million Dollars>‚ the Iranian terrorists took British and Indian and other hostages because They believe Obama will pay.

$25,000,000 was form ISIS via saudi Royal handlers.

Confirmed. CIA= Anti Assad Rebels = ISIS John McCain who put Obama into office is the culprit. this is called the Bush cabal establishment Your peeps.

Bernie during speeches complained he and John McCain sat on Funding of  #Va and Bernie said McCain kept cutting funding and  cutting funding and Bernie had to compromise. that was a real truth from the heart of #berniesanders  

Chalies Rose: I love Hillary and Bush they were our great leaders. He needs to go. He is establishment liar.


Arc Michael

#donaldtrump a Nordic white keeps being asked to recognize #antisemtism by the head of the #AntiSemite council or something , an one hundred year institution.

USA 1950 IQ= Rank #01 in World. ∧ W h i t e P e o p l e L i k e d
USA 2014 IQ= Rank #19 in World. ∧ W h i t e P e o p l e H a t e d
USA 2017 IQ Rank #25 in World

Jonathan #Greenblatt, the CEO and sixth National Director of the Anti-Defamation League (#ADL ) complains and press reporters hammer #donaldtrump which is unfair, since all do not understand, including Obama of what is a #race ?

100 years 36,525 days the Anti Defamation League has lied to Planet Earth
n #Arcmihcael #Bible Z#Archangel Michael 2017 February 16 th.
n Semite: Mixed white, yellow, red, olive, tan , light brown, brown, dark brown, or black ====== Latin, Indian, Asian, Caucasian, African, sand niggers, Arabs of all sorts. There is no thing as #jew, idiot. That is a Semite and yes I hate Semite latin and Arabs for killing my mom and you will pay.
n White Noordic are the minority race on planet earth. Irish to Russia To Northern China white skinned people . European mainland is semite mixed controlled and more darker forms to the south of Europe.
n Capos ( German word, akin to Mafioso Capos = Capitan who help the Mafioso bosses control the populations of victims!) , Hitler killed whites not browns or semites and aligned to semites needs to be discussed.
n Liberal Arts majors who call themselves scientists: says #Holocaust not 8 million and not 6 million and not 4 million and not even 2 million but in the 600,000 range. Henrich Himmler actually met in one meeting for two minuets to discus being the head of the newly formed FINAL SOLUTION. Instead, he decided to free white jews and was caught by British agents who said, ‘let us turn him over to the NAZI, they will torture him to death!” so he swallowed a cyanide pill to escape that hell.
n Jonathan #Greenblatt, the CEO and sixth National Director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to the lake of fire 1,000 years.


The Master Race ⇒ Arab


Richard Hanna ⟨Republican⟩ is retireing being replaced by a Tea Party Person. Richard voted 75% for Democratic wasteful spending on ISIS and wars.


Turn the Other Cheek?

Turn the other cheek means after one harms you ; you warn them not to do it again. if they do, you have turned your cheek and you attack. This then does exclude  a critical examination of " I bring a sword, not peace." confusions. In the 16th century #erasmus   ( #Catholic hard core) put out a famous work called the #militantChristian Today Christians, imo, are sissy gurls and weak cry babies.  This then leads to   *we are being eradicated by the #antichrist = some 1.5 Million since #iraq #war ii ( 2003 = onward) North Africa, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Northern Iraq, Afghanistan and currently the #Christiangenocide is happening at #pakistan that #jihad is being funded and run out of two Mosques in my heritage homeland of #scotland   whose leader is a Muslism Arab DNAer who bans white white Scots from migrating to Scotland. This world is now in a key component of #revelations #sealone  

#arcmichael #bookoflife #biblestudy  4:22 pdt Burbank, C.A. 08032016ad


updated 12 19 2016 A.D. On Obama's attack by Hillary Rodham and his responce:

#correct After #hillaryclinton said on 12 17 2016 A.D. Obama lost her election because she did not warn him of an alledged Russian hack , earlier, he responded the same day as : #commonon = " Come-on," she did not address the issues!" = win for #barackobama   because that was a correct assessment,. all we #trumpsupporters heard from the #dnc #dncleak2   or 1 or 3 or whatever   is that #whtiepeople, including asian and  semitics need never to be any part of the USA, you are #bigot , #racist #xenophobe #robbery #criminal   #deplorable etc.. the #semitic #podestas had #crookedhillary constantly drunk or on drugs, she looked waaaaaaay out of it. #beast bill clinton too busy bustin' bimbo butts to care, one way or another.

#Moses banned #ham people and Rodham is one of them. Tant pis.

Arc Michael
+Chris Blair ur antiAmericafirst , imo and a real bigot in your dna code. U like others are awaiting to throw out Trump and his too & to throw yourselves another massive welfare check so you can sit home all day and play video games and eat EBT cuisine. #lolz and it is a real phenomena.

New Second Death Member

Robert Creamer 28 June 1947, sD runs Beast murder inc 07 28 2017 A.D. posted here 1:21 am

9th the night Rich dies. And on the 12 th Creamer is logged licking Obama’s posterior.
White House logs show that Obama’s white house saw Robert Creamer prior and after Seth Rich’s murder.  Robert Creamer and John Podesta both use the Deep Poopoo State code word for assassinating a whistleblower to corruption as ‘wet work’.
White House ‘wet works’ says we go to  Arkansas ( Bill Clinton’s governing state) and get the crazies to do our ‘wet work’ = code for murder, assassination, offing, the ancient rite.


John McCain and three republicans vote against the limited repeal of Obamacare. So DonaldTrump perhaps feels a little defeated. & go figure The US Tea Party —Obama opposition from 2009 onward was Republican repeal of Obamacare, passed on Christmas Eve 2010 and a massive election of non Republican Tea Partiers, and now they turn face. they are not Americans, but traitors. updated 28 July 2017 A.D. 4:19 pm NoHo

Networks offers little to no choices

choices, does one watch Fakenews CNN, fakenews MSNBC, Fakenews ABC or does one watch a Network With Sexual Harassers. ? I call Foxfakenews too.

" #nothingisoutofourreach = IllumiNAZI Symbolism for the #Beast #Dragon's reach. #google #joins #globalists with new #octopus logo , same as #swamppeople #nRo = #NSA #jamesclapper . they use a Masonic M for Gmail too. And they help run spy code on your systems or forced by Feb Deep Obutohole State, 2012 A,D, " nothing is out of reach," and these are foreigners who are in USA who say they rule the world. Go figure. #Endtimes coming up baby.

Drew Wagner+2
The Globalist are Trying there best to create a conflict between the US and Russia, this is So we will destroy each other and the Nazis of Europe will have the World!

AG scared by Deep State harassment.

Look Jeff Sessions is not doing his job and starting to investigate Hillary and so Deep State will kill #donaldtrump is we do not act fast and Putin is not hurt, it is the wider Russian people, where 1/3 in the south are poorer than our inner cities here at the USA. But Israel are fake and are jews and hate white Americans, so who cares, tear it all down.

March 12 2017 lwfth 2017: Tony Shaffer, a retired NSA official claims 8 people hacked from inside the FBI or CIA or NSA. William Binny to Sean Hannity on television.  

DC Police: On Seth Rich's laptop is evidence he was leaking to Wikileaks, DC Cops said but now they have backed down. So they no longer cooperate.

6:30iwh 27 th July 2017 A.D.

Mark Sullivan design NGP at Massachusetts which is the Donor List for the DNC. And VAN = voter data base for the D.N.C. This was given access to Seth Rich by Hillary Clinton. She wanted him to clean up the incriminating ( and she lured him on false pretense, just clean up old stuff, yada, yada) stuff and what he found he had to make decision to be A #whistleblower or a complicit criminal, world criminal.

Bwahahaha Phony Dossier to derail trump with lies was GPS Wall Street and Russian officials. Apparently Putin did not want Donald Trump to win the election. LOLZ.

White House Press Briefing 07272017AD. video Youtube. Press sec statements

Eric Schmidt. Schmidt is a close personal friend and donor to Barack Obama. Mueller was a partner at WilmerHale law firm. WilmerHale represented Civis Analytics during a major fundraising drive led by Schmidt that led to $22 million raised. Now tied to the special prosecutor investigating not ties to Russia any more but all financial and past history of Donald Trump to dethrone him for the Team BEAST. Civis worked closely with the Democratic Party and helped Democrats build their data during the 2016 election:


Gunther, Turkish President shows evidence US built and ran ISIS to kill Syrians, 10 illegal US bases, so it is true. we took it from Hillary Clinton emails that said the same #WikiLeaks never been shown to be false data. Statement by Ambassador Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari before the Security Council on the humanitarian situation 27-7-2017. Syria accuses US of massive war crimes. “Al-Jaafari, in a statement at UN Security Council’s session on the situation in Syria held on Thursday, added that the deterioration of humanitarian situation in some Syrian areas was because of the terrorism of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra organizations and the clashes among them and their prevention of the entry of any humanitarian materials. “ The Islamic State is a fully created C.I.A. US DEEPSTATE operation to kill global white people and Christians as Syria is the last Christian nation in the Middle East. Judeans in Palestine kill Christians and call them filthy names, current views I have seen my entire life.

He went on to say that the non-commitment of the donor counties made the rate of funding the response plans decrease to nearly 12%, adding this was a real obstacle ignored by those who prepared the report about the humanitarian status in Syria.
Al-Jaafari affirmed that the continued negative intervention of some regional and international sides in the Syrian domestic affairs and obstructing efforts aimed at reaching a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria through a political process were also behind the reason of obstructing the delivery of the humanitarian aid.


Comey’s buddy McCabe got $700,000 from Hillary Clinton ( via wife donation) to squash the Hillary illegal servers email scandal before the US 2016 General Election. So why not procecute? Gingrich on Hannity, all the HOR and CONGRESS are terrified to investigate the Clintons, because UK and Germany and Australia are a secret government controlled by Bill Clinton and George Bush sr.  and they have billions of swindled cash to pay heavy hitters.

300am 072017AD

Fiona McLeod Hill, formerly Cunningham,born 1973), born in Greenock, and attended St Stephen’s Roman Catholic Secondary School in Port Glasgow, sD. Second Death

2:06 am 07272017AD

update: nothing new. Smashed hard drives which I never reported were a false story. This was a patsy set up by the #beast of the Land and #beast of the sea. The 'real' leaker ( not Awan or his partners or brother) is #sethRich and via #steve Scalize. #jeffsessions better stand up fast before they assassinate all of us #trump or Americafirst supporters. CIA is a foreign element. The top FBI<CIA< NSA work for Mafioso Vatican pedio cocaine rings for elite because CIA makes money that way, to make their top people more billionaires on the backs of death and destruction.

AWAN PAK was a set up to patzify and mask the real leaker Seth Rich who worked for Hillary Clinton who gave him the passwords, first hand.

Debbie was-a-man Shultz called DC Police and FBI said Awan took my laptop which was in her secret location where she  keeps her laptop. This led to an arrest of Awan, and IT dude that worked in the same building as Seth Rich, but Rich leaked the DNCLeaks n Podesta emails to Wikileaks and DC establishment baby rapers ( it’s all about money and kiddie rape) placed gag orders and signed contracts thata no one is allowed to use wikileaks in any investigation, so thus turning their attention toward prosecuting Republican white skinned people of the Republican Party, harassing them for years and you pay for it and it is a friggin’ joke.

Trump blasts Sessions on Twitter why he did not fire Andrew McCabe, an acting F.B.I. Director because he is a Clinton Foundation superstar supporter. And that is a criminal organization . IMO, It is McCabe helped Meuller and Clapper and even Roger Ailes do and cover up of 911 Operation New Century. But the point is that AG has not opened an investigation into Hillary or others. So what is taking Jeff Sessions this long. Did CIA FBI NSA threaten his family and he is not speaking?

Now you know why they are trying to kill me and other white people. white traitors like McCabe work for Afro gods and phallaces are placed up their rears to win silence and loyalty for the Voodoo goog THEY WORSHIP.


BEAST θ TV China Gate how Nuclear Weapons were moved out of the White House 1990s television. Gag order by Seth Rich Family who were compromized by Mueller: Rod Wheeler was a former DC homicide detective, who was hired by the family of Seth Rich, to investigate. He now eludes to the fact, that the Seth Rich investigation is tied to the arrest of Imran Awan. Involved in banking fraud. Only Imran Awan and Seth Rich worked in the Same building but Awan did not have Seth Rich killed, he did not call the shots that was a John Podesta Email, confirmed over a year ago, Wikileaks. Contractual agreement he had to sign agreement that he would not use Wikileaks, at all to connect to Seth Rich. why: it is john Podesta that calls for the assassination in code, normal code most police would understand. There is a gag order on Wheeler, but on by Hillary's lawyer who represents by force the Rich Family.

23 57 07262017AD

152 Deep State leaks by FBI NSA to Washington Post or New York Times, and many suspect  Reinhold Richard "Reince" Priebus. But it is #IRS Louis Lerner who leaks the IRS on Anthony Scaramucci.

Scaramucci on Wednesday doubled down on his war on White House leaks, warning he will root out the senior White House staff. The Hill reporting.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio,[b] 17 December 1936, Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina  sD. He knows a secret that Podesta and Hilary and Beast William J.  Clinton, using Obama pushed out Cardinal Ratzinger, the last pope before Pope Francis. (9:09 p.m) #NorthHollywood California, the county of the City of the Angels, 34n188w

Seattle, Washington. Mayor Ed Murray, 61, is accused of raping teenage boys since the 1980s. A lawsuit was filed this week against Murray where a victim stated that the mayor first sexually assaulted him when he was just 15 and a high school dropout. The man, now 46, claimed that the mayor paid him $10 to $20 for each
encounter that went on several times as he struggled with a crack addiction.

The victim only identified by the initials D.H. in court filings stated to the Seattle Times, “I have been dealing with this for
over 30 years,” and came forward recently as part of his healing process.

#nancy #Pelosi is Catholic and the Church is running pedio in her state and cocaine to Silicon for 1.5 Billion a year, just for Silicon Valley, not all of Cali. Since George Soros and other #Pizza molesters and pizza Murderers hold the pocket books of the #democraticnationalcommittee the #democrats do their bidding.

Any more questions world. #robertmeuller works for #nancy #Pelosi but you all cannot see that because you are blinded.

X. 72 everyone has them, you get all design and all material and how to build them at my Campus computer system. All around the world access them. It was run by Leftwing deep state, because they paid politicians to do this and kept quite. It was a sale .





GuccierFer 1  story: = Brian Pagliano to move server in 2013 ( dis March 15 by Mark La Zare, a celebrity hunter at Romania, and he reads for a few days her emails but does not publish them but he lets the world know that Hillary has a private domain and  a private server at Chappaqua . When discovered, Brian is told to move it, and that is why he has immunity. He is a criminal. James Comey said on the witness stand that her server was un encrypted for at least three months . that is why Guccifer could get in, I guess. But it also means James Comey and the FBI were already monitering these two DEEPPIT illegal servers.


Guccifer 2.0 Story

#Gufficer 2.0 Story ( the 2016 period)

Hillary Clinton saw four cases of break into her DNC VAN or demo database and saw 35 files had been downloaded . So she decided to back up this system and take it to the Clinton Foundation for a better secure server. That is when #BernieSanders filed suit, shortly after. But when the downloading or back up happened, it left it wide open, Russians, NSA, FBI then all had a 45 minuet window to see everyone's election data.

Security flaw in 2008, when backing up, multiple systems across s the board, this had a permission tethered to it and thus opened up all to see eachother campaign stuff. Source Bernie Sanders’ Investigation. Then this allowed an open window for whatever Guccifer 2.0 could download, about 45 minutes to a few hours.

Who are the Guccifer Crews 2.0? Most likely a group inside the FBI, mis reported they came from the NSA, who hacked and gained access to these two main voter and demodata of the DNC, the entire field of candidates.

NGP Excel Files Guccifer 2, not G 1. This was communicated as X P, out of dat e format, easily according to officials to hack , Even Hillary Clinton on public statements over again said the DNC total database was out of date, thus code for unsecured. Guccifer 2 also dumped in a lox box, 2017 about Nevis or Civis. These were not related to the early VAN System and DNC system and NGP system, according to the video guest and Jerome, and the Special Prosecution (Dude that did 911 with FBICIA Clinton Bush) is resting its entire case that this is a Russian agent. This G2 was June of 2016 A.D. IT was heavy on donors and voting data I paid no attention, at all. I saw in july 2016 at that time I did not down load it because I believed I would see it again . It was an FOIA, recent to the FBI that stated it that the DNC Hack ii, or Guccifer 2.0 came from a mysterious source within the #FBI. I never saw it again.

Bernie Gets cut off of NGP and sues and investigators found that softwar used was 2008, and thus not patched or conforming to 2016 www.3org world standards of security. But Special CASE Prosecutor Robert Meuller cannot frame Guccifer 2.0 = 8 FBI inside agents because G2 did not release Debbie Wasserman Shultz , Emails, G2 did not release Hillary Clinton Emails ( nor did G1, he only alerted to her domain, secret then) and G2 did not release the John Podesta Emials. That last Email was on Google, Gmail and you need to have Google password encryption to break it and that was not the case. That password was given to the leaker. It was Rudder 4567 or something or something like that. That became public knowledge under the regular committee investigation of the U.S. Congress.

[0] Abomination of Desolation #unmasking Susan Rice gets currier from FBI, that currier then demands docs she reads in front of the currier to be returned, back to the fbi. #unmasking of #SethRich

Obama administration grab on to this when? “ High confidence, AntiChrist Obummer said, was a Russian collusion.” Obama said it was cozybear or Fancybear which was a hack by Seth Rich was just a fishing’ scam by Russian spammers working to Putin.” But this was VAN data base and not any email > Podesta Emails are Google, Gmail, and so you need to have password by Google, it would never remain open on a system, at all.

Corwdstrike reported Cosybear was a Ukrainian military hack and Crowdstrike had to retract this story as it was another Deep Poop oo State lie.

Technical: listen up: Podesta Emails are Google, Gmail, and so you need to have password by Google, it would never remain open on a system, at all. It was given to the leaker, Not a hack, #arcmichael the leaker made the decision to do what they wilt! #bookoflife
July 27 2017 A.D. #ArchangelMichael 21:05 #burbankNohoboarder by the Pediowood sign, formally called #Hollywood, but the Satanists sacrificed holly and after drinking her blood, they ate her and then got more drunk.

July 27 2017 A.D. Archangel Michael

Study Shows US Colluded 81 times with foreign State Actors from 1946-2000 A.D.
democrats only say one team Russia , in 1980s to 2000, 2008, 2012, 2016, said the intelligence community made up of the same people that did those 81 fucking meddling.

Thus  the establishment media which is all leftwing anti-American because AmericaFIRST is Donald trump and Hillary said American last during her campaign .So she was doing group think of the anti-American parties that are full of dumb niggers and brown latin and brown Middle eastern godless and Judean yellow bellies. they want to bring down the white party and then throw a full blown Welfare check their way.

Religious Wars? Where, when and how, who ?

+Al Montoya u choose the religion of 'commodity'. All media , news, washdc, edu says 'economics' matters on all things. Never a fucking thing about a human being; It is all economics. that Al, imo, is a #religion. Godless have faith in economics, like build bombs = larger glasses of wine. No religion created a single war in all of history. It was all economic.

Home Land Security Liars

June 21 st 2017 A.D.

#seconddeath member new
Jeh Charles #Johnson b. September 11, 1957 , New York City, New York, U.S. sD 4th United States Secretary of Homeland Security In office, December 23, 2013 – January 20, 2017 ( Arc 9:49 am 06212017ad).

#BarackObama your boss told illegal aliens to vote in this 2016 A. D. General elections, some 3.9 Million did so, and you said, OK #Obama that is a good plan . so you are no longer wanted on planet earth .

why? To #delegitimize #crackers by #Afrosandnigger #DNA & Put #Judean sand niggers back into power.

June or July 2016 A.D. #HLS kept from the DNC that some one on social media said, " #democrats do not run Democracy " - so to Obama dumbass low IQ sand niggers, this means " all Crackers are evil and thus we must kill more crackers , " like niggers do in their evil nigger souls.

#Niggers run and still run #human bondage in their communities because niggers are slave traders and slave holders , historical records indicate the obvious. But what is the true nature of these voodoo godless niggers of #HLS ? They are #liars and always lie and cannot tell the truth. So they need to taken out of #life itself. They hurt innocent by their lies and assassinations against 5.74% global population of #crackers where as sand #Niggers are like the dominate demographic race.

Claimed had info that some state actor said do not vote, you do not have a democracy = cyber attack by Afro antiCracker#HLS which calls #islam and #Christians the number one domestic and international terrorists while it values Hiphop Canabol voodooism #gansta drive by afro slavers. Blacks are the #1 slave owning race on earth and Jeh Johnson is the Number one promoter of Evil of the #eviljin afro race.

" I cannot reveal nothing, I am here to tell you crackers are evil and hacked our election. " #Fuck this #nigger.

When hacks occur, they are #HLS doing this and blame cracker and the Nigger or sand niggers hate Crackers their entire Earth existence and Align to Yellow #Judeans because they yave a rood nigger dna signature and so nigger and sand niggers attack Crackers = #Russians are white and Jeh is brown semite. So Islam he is no longer protected for his abuse of humans across planet earth.

#Liar, #deceiver, and global bigot and murderous monster.

Charges Bigotry, Disgrace to the #African #dna race. #arcMichael #06212017AD his teams have been trying to assassinate me because I have some parts Russian white white dna, and this is a full blown #Judean Semite Afro Demon. #Obama is nearing his #second death if he does not stand up soon. No proof he had Summer 2016 A.D. Russian hacking proof, the #antiChrists and Voodooties = these godless cannibals who destroyed planet earth with their very very low IQs and murderous attitudes and ways have already won, two years ago. 1,000,000 years of Africans being slaves in reincarnation. He can help make that time judgement extended. For millennia all are scared of these black murderous liars. so stand up to these blacks, some were on Sandra's roof ( detailed in 12 days of assassination ) trying to assassinate an Innocent American that #Obama used to kill the #Islamic white #arabs like I. #Muhammad #islam he is no longer protected forever and ever and ever.

#arcMichael #06212017ad no chanced to get out. You are an #eviljin

vgn -  9922 Robert Meuller assassination vehicle.


These sand niggers have been trying to kill me or torture me in May and June of 2017 A.D. that is how I know these niggers are liars and evil beyond hope.

vgn — 9922 Robert Meuller assassination vehicle.


say good bye to your family, you are too dumb to see that Robert Meuller used you for his murderous Global Murder Inc of Crackers all over earth. #dragon

Africans are an embarrassment to the human race . #GeorgeWashington ,a founder of #USA, said Niggers will destroy America, and he was 100% correct. they back the Judean murderers.

11:27 06212017AD Arc Michael



good comedy: what is an SNL or a person that goofs on a #trumpsupporters or #donaldtrump ?

Joke answer: A dead person

#learnitobeyit #salon #semitic monsters #beast (s).

#bookoflife #arcmichael #02172017ad . You people will pay for every 26 years on the street white noordic or German white US Citz. Veteran while for 25 years you advocate for #Semitic immigrants only which is anything yellow, red, olive, brown, tan, beige or light brown to dark afro brown. You cannot hide for the rest of this history until the world comes to an end ( Massive change) !

#FU your fealty to #Semitics caused my mother to hurt us and die, we are not accepting any apologies. we want you all off this planet and you have no idea of what is an Israelite in the Bible, it is not a Mexican or Jew drum beater and social nigger cause justice warrior.

5:18 pm Los Angeles, at Sheram Oaks. Library. 2017 February 16 th.


Arc Michael
2008 I and 250,000 GOP were deregistered by Party officials or someone? At #Bayarea two weeks prior to the general election. I have that mail on site and photoed. No one cares but Donald Trump.

2013 1,200,000 illegals voted

2016 3.9 ( suggested 2.5 million w/out New York or California) were registered illegal voters. newsmax ; first reported by Washington Times weeks ago. This post was updated to 02162017ad

reported on this a few weeks ago.

most likely blacks do these things. They destroyed the world with hatred and lies and blame falsely 10s of millions of innocents and beat them, rob them, destroy them in politicos by lies.

Apes eat other apes, not white Nordic people and so evolution does not pertain to the entire human

#antiwhite is what #semites do at the anti-Semite league. learn to speak ---- #teabag the Jewish second language. & Jews are a made up race by #USA #SCOTUS , surprise. n Semite: Mixed white, yellow, red, olive, tan , light brown, brown, dark brown, or black ====== Latin, Indian, Asian, Caucasian, African, sand niggers, Arabs of all sorts. There is no thing as #jew, idiot. That is a Semite and yes I hate Semite latin and Arabs for killing my mom and you will pay.

#NPR today did more Antiwhite Antinoordic news mind conditioning. to hate white is the NPR way. In reality and #justfacts #nationalpublicradio is a African black superiority voodoo outfit of human sacrificers and of some semitic cannibals: called the African semite way or BAAL as in bowl movement love and worshipping, so loved by the jew community that has toilets for eateries' . . Apes eat other apes, not white Nordic people and so evolution does not pertain to the entire human race. #secrets #revelations #bookoflife #02172017ad since I cannot have a space on earth, you cannot either. #ARMAGEDDON IS GAME ON BITCHES.


Hillary Clinton

⟨ Mixed Arab DNA⟩

Hillary Clinton is a WASA White Angelo Saxon Arab DNA. She supports Arabs and persecutes Christians. Her husbands 1999 war was on white white DNA eastern European Christians. he sided with brown Arabs to kill them.

  • £ Hillary Clinton on nationality— Hillary Clinton has sent a consistent message that this is not a white nor black nation but a nation for only Arabs. What is an Arab? A brown skin color as general but not as type and the larger race groups are Arab/Latino and Arab ⁄ Middle Easterners < which includes secular to religious Jews> and Arab⁄ South Asianers who are brown. The Mexicans have a majority of the California Population and the next group are the Arabs form the middle–east and then Angelo Saxon which are mixed Nordic whites and Arab DNAers. Hillary Clinton is a mixed white skinned Arab∫Nordic . Her husband is more white than she.
  • £ Hillary as social role model. Her stated desire is to represent the Lesbian Gay community as she is rumored to be bi–sexual and practicing. The Secret Service recently outed Bill Clinton continuation of dating 18 – 20 year old trophy girls.
  • £ Hillary Rodham Diane Clinton net worth in 2‚001 A.D. was Zero dollars she claims in her autobiography. Her 2008 I.R.S. tax forms‚ made public‚ claimed she and her husband then had $100‚000‚000. This year‚ her I.R.S. forms claims she made $45‚000‚000 while working at the United States of America‚ State Department. When adding this figure to her husband’s income‚ together in 2016 A.D. they both have $240‚000‚000 U.S. dollars and both claim to be working class citizens and poor like the average Joe. Methinks they are both liars and haters of all things good.
  • £ James Comey < Television interviews in April 2016 > The F.B.I. Director has the ∅ Stand Down Email‚ stored on her two private servers ‚ that directly led to four American citizens being tortured and murdered by terrorists 11 th September 2012 A.D.
  • £ Massive Amnesty ; give 50‚000‚0000 jobs to foreigners‚ destroy the U.S.A. nationality. Promote hypocrisy by Identity politics.
  • £ AUTO BAILOUT» her only success.
  • £ BILL CLINTON TERM » Import Export Bank allowed small businesses to receive federal loans to sell products overseas. Bill Clinton changed State Department duel use technologies to the Commerce Department by E.C. This created an illegal bank for defraying weapons of mass destruction because capitalists have no boundaries. So eventually, one recipient of the E.O. became the catchphrase for this X. 72 Poem I ⊂ Nostradamus 1999 Poem wrote 450+years ago. The Aerospace and Airplane Company‚ Boeing & → a part of the Military Complex M.E.A.M.I.C. The bank of Boeing, because it gets 40% of all the funds, proceeds and 75% goes to Corporations who fled America and have workers overseas. This is subsidized U.S. Tax payers´ hard working monies to foreign countries corporations. Ted Cruz harps on this issue too, and good for him. Thank you. This was BEAST policy of the 1990s. and hidden in the 1999 Budget by an unpopular Republican representative. Hillary Clinton Debate 03052016 A.D. said Sanders and Cruz are incorrect. We need to support foreign workers and pay U.S. taxes to former American corporations who moved overseas. I get huge Speaking fees‚ in the $100,000s for doing these deeds. Please vote for me.
  • £ Factory and Industry Jobs Continue to allow business to move to other countries ♥ Jobs Exporting♥ just how I did under Obama. She and Obama supported Corporations Legislation on key Issue of U.S. Work and Job employment. She favored foreign Countries’ free and cheap labor.
  • £ FREE TRADE ∇TPP ∀ Hillary Clinton was for it at least 44 statements are pro Trans Pacific Partnership TPP Trade Agreement that gives Jobs to foreigners and make corporations super rich‚ but not the American worker.
  • £ N.A.F.T.A. Hillary was for it 1994‚ said it was a gold standard in 1998 and in 2008 Hillary said NAFTA was a mistake. Does this reply she is retarded? Bill Clinton signed NAFTA‚ Ronald Reagan started the process. In my opinion‚ Reagan was Anti Christian. Bill Clinton a Democrat followed Republican Ronald Reagan´s end unions and open up free markets which were a disaster to the American work force.
  • £ Education Problems¦ Hillary Confuses the mark of an Arab for a religious Muslim. A Muslim is someone who follows the six tenants prescripts by Prophet Muhammad. This way she can use racism as a political tool. It also demonstrates she is illiterate. Muslims are banned by all local and federal laws of the United States of America. Tenant six, a must if you are to call yourself a Muslim is to transgress against Liberals, at least twice a year. No Muslims in U.S.A.‚ they are fake if they do not follow Porphet Muhammad
  • £ Foreign Policy ¢ Import Muslims by the tens of millions ¿ Stalk her cabinet with 50% of Arab women or Mixed races. Long–term Foreign Policy – Import Arab – Latinos from Mexico to Argentina to all of Spain and of Portugal – by One hundred Million Arabs.
  • £ Foreign Policy advisor & Top Position in her cabinate § William J. Clinton ⟨ hebrew germancy 666 ⟩
  • £ Economy Policy & Top Position in her cabinate § William J. Clinton ⟨ hebrew germancy 666 ⟩
  • £ Main Job professed during televized debate 12.19.2015 ∫ I will pick out the ·china· and ·flowers· and Bill Clinton will take care of the economy.
  • £ Co–Worker § Muslim Shahed Ananullah∀ State Department Senior Technology Advisor ® There are millions of points of Islamic Views, we cannot regulate them. Dec 5‚ Long Beach, California‚ —The Muslims in the Media”.Obama ® S.N.L. in 30 years only had three Muslims, that is problem, they recently had Donald Ttrump on as the host . Correct, the Democratic Party refuses to allow 33% representation in the House and Senate. If they want to stone Hilary because her face looks like a pile of trash, there should be Muslims in the Senate to represent her punishment by stoning or chopping that ugly head – off.
  • £ Social media ↓ We Democrats do not know history of Islam so we cannot regulate the Internet nor social media and⁄or representation of their free speech‚ but all white people must be monitored constantly by a huge team the Democrat Arabs will set up to run. Correct, the Democratic Party refuses to allow 33% representation in the House and Senate. If they want to stone Hilary because her face looks like a pile of trash, there should be Muslims in the Senate to represent her punishment by stoning or chopping that ugly head - off.



Rick Wilson Republican atavist for warmongering GOP RINOs & he looks white Arab WASA. White Angelo Saxon Arab. He says “Donald Trump revels in vanquishing his opponents. You do not broaden your field like that.” Wilson says. Wilson loves Chris Hayes another WASA not a white white person. Chris Arabite Hayes is a low intellect and many false narratives. He is in bed with the establishment both DINO and RINO. Donald Trump forced Democrats to Align to Republicans in the very open public arena = exposing their fascism. Even Black Intellects argue the Democratic Party after Bill Clinton turned toward right wing fascism and Donald Trump is more left wing than Hillary or Obama.

foreign policy



Google Plus deletes my followers and restricts my flow of traffic. But that is because it is brain damaged by dna malfunctions.


#Google #diversity = code name for #whitegenocide An employee working out of #Dublin is counted as 'white' on the Google  diversity stats, but in reality it is a Latino Arab brown skinned person.  I can understand why Google would shut down my website because Arab global jihad is the new paradigm. Google wants all white women to have colored husbands to get this earth looking all Brown and dark shades by the next few generation. #bookoflife #arcmichael #cocaine is powerfully addicting and Gulf Coast, former el Chapo region, the #Silicon Valley spends $2.5 billion a year on the narcotic. It makes one stupid and insane and that is how these #techgiants   roll. Trump can only suspend the  inevitable brown war on white race narrative. It is in their dna.  A brown person can complain for records on slavery or suppression but when they do it, this becomes morally permissible for their race only. That is a group dna brain damage.

Silicon is a code name for plastic and this culture is plastic and not Metallica or platinum. Eastwood succinct bayed the obvious. This #Millennial group are pussies  and wimpos and sissy gurls.  that is becuase, Revelations = secret. Brown or mixed dna codes are more  swinging toward Homo and #gay culture.  They control, already the United States of #America. Not white people.

Google is very sick in the head. Science math people have no social historical background to make their diversity claims.  so it hides behind government regulation and military protection to rape the minds of the youth world wide for Google #profits.


Ryan, McConnell, Graham, McCain, Kasich

Hillary Clinton Tax Plan.

Middle Class = < #Poverty $12,000y - 48,000 = Middle Class class 1 ( 1 of 4 ) Upper forth class of US Middle Class is $200,000-400,000 = class4 top level Middle Class. So Hillary declares these people will be heavily taxed and the SUPER wealth wall street corpo friends of Hillary will get a huge tax break . sad, this is too evil to understand.



Mr. Khan you son was not forced to serve. You are out of line. “Trump! what have you sacrificed?” — Khizir Khan. Donald Trump owes you nothing. Freako Boy.

Democrats said The Mom of the killed Veteran Patricia Smith, a ben Ghazhi was disrespectful. She blamed Hillary Clinton. She said Hillary Clinton lied to me directly. She is dishonest.

TTP: Obama is for the corporations taking full global control. Obama is a fraudo, because Hillary Change her position after Trump called out the TTP codes and laws.

Obama built a house of cards , economically, he borrowed 11.9 trillion dollars from white white people of #China. He like many Blacks, including Mike Brown ( hands never up) he will not pay it back. just a hip hop mafioso ganster, who paid off whtie traitors. 

Never created a single job! Word to your deception. he ROBBED IT FROM WHITE PEOPLE. #welfare #SCARLET #WHORE OF #BABYLON


#ISIS was supported by #crookedhillary and #obama #johnMcCain because they were the ' dirty shop ' groups who were always tied to Syrian Rebel forces against ASSAD. and usa is anti assad, so Obama and Hillary made all of this mess by creating, funding
  #paulryan #proof who did they arm and support? Syriian Rebels = Intel in Syria says that was #IS #islamicstate who wanted #assad out and #CIA would put in #puppetruler  
Turkey and the refugee problem g/night all!

USA establishment started the puppet ruler program at Iran in 1953ad USA= EVIL

Rachel Maddow sympathies with George Walker Bush Jr. because she loves his Iraq War Policies. Donald Trump does not so Rachel Maddow attack white white Donald Trump. Khizer Khan, a Gold Star Family, which means a veteren family. He is a Muslim Brotherhood bigot dude and The DNC honchos used him as a Tool.


There are only 14 Muslims buried at Arlington National Cemetery meaning this was never an Islamic nation and we are fighting Islam on a global scene. I do not give a shit about Khan, I have no home, Muslims took my home. That is a crime.


What about 15 years of war against Islam, Mr. Khan? You did not criticize that did you , fraudo ? Any Veteran who wants US Oligarchy as a Muslim nation why support you , go to Saudi Arabia or Iran.

I never had a home and Obama lives like a king and even more money than most kings in all of history. And he always says bad things about White poor people, as they are not human beings.

Obama was always unfit to lead. He is a bigot Brown racist. Obama I did not vote for a lying warmongering economic robber.

KochBros:" We will not help Donald Trump he wants Americans to have jobs, that is irresponsible in a global economic climate."

$25,000,000 of Hilliary's $64 Million fundraising for July came from #islamicstate via #saudiroyal handlers. Word to your terrorist demise.

G+ posted 2:30
Going live: Who is this #meuller ? dude. looked hasty at Wash; he thought this ' social media' da " Democrat Party does not work = #Russia hacking the #unitedstatesofAmerica #election2016AD. No mention of the 3.9 Million illegal votes you democrats even suppressed me, for the fourth time.

#spook Judean Mule pimped out African on #nationalTV, not cool. Mule in #lof but only today, added African. I do not apologize, ever again. You taught us this hip hop banana republic system you so long to protect #dascapital with your own #blood. A few point below a trillion dollars a year makes your reptile scripts die for your pleasures. Jeh showed, #spook tweo a classic Bushalien coup d'état ! Hommie from #losAngeles.

#spook Kennedy did not accept killing, and that was his downfall. Right Obama? Lolz first meeting with #jsoc you should have seen the 'surprise ' on his neophyte face, #epiclolz

2012 ? 2013 ? - 14? #quote : " Apparently I live killing people! " Barack Hussein Obama ii, 44 th U.S. President on why are 5,000 of my Moslems dead in northern Pakistan and some in Afghanistan when you called for an end to the bushalien nazified regime making or changing systems? Are you a fraudster? Your empty soul fits your empty promises.

#rice abalones yukkky.

I see two ktyes and super trines going live soon. and you all are involved. Stay positive. :)

stay tuned in. - #arc

It is Yellow Judean and mixed white being controlled by dark matter. Sissified 'b' 'u.' and why usa as #georgewashington claimed in a private letter that Blacks will end America. One way or another. You feed off us whites as vampires because blacks suck all your juice.

#arcmichael #bookoflife #06212017AD

2:30 Multidimensional #IAM #ISLAM


And On Seth Rich's laptop is evidence he was leaking to Wikileaks, DC Cops said but now they have backed down. So they no longer cooperate


Just for a thought updated here: 08042017AD

7 Years, 7 elections, too get all  The House  Republicans as the majority, the U.S. Congress Republicans as the majority and with also as a trifecta, a  Republican President and  then John McCain voted down the Skinny Healthcare vote and gave the Democrats their super victory.






Juti Szasz = Quand vous regardez les étoiles, rappelez-moi parce que chacun d'eux est un baiser pour vous.

Antichrist & False Prophet Barack Hussein Obama, etymology : hands-on son of a pagan mother informs the world Donald Trump because of his white white skin cannot be fit for POTUS: President Of The United States. Black Muslim and Civic Leaders of Chicago to Florida to San Diego claim How to spot fascism. What is fascism.? It is an old Roman system of tethering Media, Congress, government, Institutions, policy and law to a oligarchy system real or just perceived! are all in collusion to divide the State's ruling parties and non ruling serfs. If you do not support ( like Socrates in a past life) this new oligarchy and its presumptive discourse of dishonesty you will be put to death for not worshiping the God of Avarice, Superiority of the Brown Arabite DNAer creature and all of its functioning Institutionalized programs of oligarchy fealty. Obama is too illiterate to comprehend.

#Obama was always unfit to lead .  #antichrist   stole $7.5 Trillion dollars from white-white people and created a 1.5 Million death toll and destruction on one third of our globe . He is neither #black nor #white & the creature of dishonesty is an full blown #arab We are speaking DNA people. It has no origins to #America who were black and white arab mixers. His mom was already a white arab, so he has no pure DNA cross. White white people are discoursed by Me as #Bears this is identified by followers as Russia in the prophecies but this is not nearly the case. #gog and #magog are not whie white dna peoples. They are Mixers between White arab or black arab and all in between. #bookoflife #arcmichael #0802201ad This fool will have a bath in a lake of Fire.

Obama was always unfit but we let in over 150,000,000 first generation immigrants who all worship ISIS and baby rape, murder, drugs and cartels and mafioso and this creepo #african   jungle monkey. This OfraudO robbed $7.5 trillion from white white people; I call it the #antichrist and recently a #falseprophet  

Demographics of real-facts

Israel IMPORTED 9,5000000 % sEMITIC arabs and no Christians in the last 25 years or under bitchy byotch Nigger Yahoo.


this website and journals are splattered with election and politics for this period, not just this or a few pages. I am suppressed and live in a car and musts do all the coding and writing, and publishing and since I have had this website 1999 to 2017 I have made no money and have no adds on them.

11 ELEVEN months and no evidence and 15 + 1

late lawyer and firms working on this lone Russia leaked the emails that Fox News and Others reported over social media of Hillary Clinton, her DNC Chair and Campaign Chief’s whom were long time Washington D . C. Elite. ↗ 08021017AD 21:58 NoHo.

#LorettaLynch to Seth Rich on Phone: "Seth I got this Russia Spy for you" Robert Meuller hahhahahahahahahahahaha

dude different investigator computer #sethrich , he sent emails in question directly to #WikiLeaks, so another suspicious crapola cover up. The NSA 1947 act says to cover up put out multiple stories and confused everyone . Seth Rich went to the FBI, his mistake and so to solve you go to the FBI .But the FBI are a bunch of anti American niggers and white whiggers that sux on the black god penis and blacks needs whites as slaves for welfare so blacks force their sissy whites to kill #whistleblowers and Americans and to push out whites from all positions, using white traitors. = #dEEPSTATE IDEOLOGY 101 worship voodoo god, eat human flesh, swear allegiance to black pagan god. celebrate each death of a white person. = #CIAideology #FBIideology #NSAideolog
#clapper was on CNN the other day with that white faggot nobrains and Former #NSA dude acted like he ran the world, him as a KING. we are the sheeple or the slaves. THis yellow bellied creature runs these 'multi stories' to cover up his murder inc robbery of the US Tax dollars.

So Loretta #Lynch allowed this chick to get an approval visit visa to meet Seth Rich, common #deepstate = you are so dumb and openly stupid .

#Lynch to Rich on Phone: Seth I got this Russia Spy so we can blame Putin and damage Hillary Clinton and Put in Donald Trump.
Rich to #Lynch to on Phone: " Is Bernie On board and Bill Clinton?"
#Lynch to Rich on Phone: " Yeah we are all on board, we hate this beytoch!"
Rich to #Lynch to on Phone: " OK, what next, ? where do we meetup."

[ un redacted unclassified #fakenewsnsa where The Nothing Smart Agency.

Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings (Fla.) caught laundering money and blames white people and blames Russia. Out of Control USA demoncraps. @DemocraticParty so out of control even House democrats are swindling US Tax dollars to pay their private family law firms. Philadelphia law firm he owned. Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings (Fla.) has paid a convicted money launderer nearly $75,000 for "part-time" work out of a district office, salary filings show. Freebeacan, click on name. 2nd Aug

Dona Nichols-Jones, the wife of Mikel Jones, a former staffer to Hastings who served as his district administrator from 1993 to 2011, is currently listed as an "aide" in his Palm Beach County office.

Dona Nichols-Jones, along with her husband, were convicted in 2011 of money laundering, conspiracy, and fraud after they had used hundreds of thousands of dollars from a business loan for
personal use, the FBI announced in November 2011.


An Argument that Feminism Destroyed America. Yes or No?
Evidence: Bush, means female part, sissified by these antichrist gurls.  Their policies led to a massive world blow back.  Instead of white cum, they push brown poo.

Rod Wheeler, sD . Get his info and dna and lock it up. Claims Shawn Spicer told Him Hillary Clinton killed Seth Rich at white house, although recordings and notes, taken, at the White House as Seth Rich's name never came up. Now a front gurl for #deepstate and pimpin' a faux but real filed lawsuit against FOXnews when I was trying my hardest to out Roger Ailes, also deep state.
#historiograghy #may2016 Foxnews ran 'mystery man working for the DNC suspitiously killed, and we found out his name was Seth Rich. " = two weeks the Fox news left report as is and then abruptly changed this to, Police confident ( a lie, they mean their own DC investigators like this chump)

The planet cannot tolerate hate like this, being a stooge for Murder inc Global world suppressor. 76 cameras the caught some or an angle and on rout were trashed or discarded, and DC Police even today, say they cannot talk about the case because CIA says YOU CANNOT . #CNNFakenews pimped this report, that I just corrected the truth back into the edit. So we have awan for a slap or this Chumper for a lawsuit. #ailes was deep state but still did not want the Democrats to win . But he needed to be taken out because Beast and AntiChrist Bush teams are behind it all. the entire thing. No one else. Obummer is liking thirds, from the table.

skeletons in his closet: Media and attention whore. so easy for Spooky to manipulate a weak mind and soul. so we delete it.

Television Media Representative, Public Relations/Corporate Spokesperson, Fortune 500, Vulnerability Assessments, Crisis Management, Group Lectures, Executive Protection,Celebrity Security,Homeland Security and over all Deep State lover of filth and crime changes story.


Hate against white scot and just white people is constant and cannot support any civilization. So hate back. These Liberals are Godless


Yo Nigerian Christians, come to USA and Kicked the Hell out of our wimpy Godless Niggahs
yo #Nigerians ( homesteaders are jailing you US faggies over at Niger africa, hurray) #KKK are Germans and Judean ashkanazi nutters, you fucking low wit brown creatures of constant laziness. they are the southeners who fought for niggers owning white slaves of the south #UScensus 1860 mentioned by #Abraham Lincoln .you fxxking lying ape.

48% of southern States US human slave farms were run by #Niggers. Can you read nigger? 1.5 % scot white and we fought for the north, fresh off the ships, you filthy lying ape. one of my three apt mates in first year was a nigger who scamed the system for $160 thousand, he came from a slave owning superwelathy family and cried, suppressed black, give me that black grant. FU Niggers. The rest were yellow bellied judean germanoids.

#bookoflife #arcmichael you need real Nigerian #Christian blacks to come here and kick all your sissy godless limp wrist, business smashing crack and meth street empires of chaos and voodoo - #asses.



  • Israel are Hindi, Malaysians, Asians , Scottish, etc . . . and they are in cluded in the 12lve tribe.s. #blacks and Yellow German jews are the only people 'now' in #fakeisrael and Italian cross breeds. In my opinion. maybe jews do not know how to read a bible or in plane , a BOOK?

    that's why you are getting a push back. We are dying in the USA streets and we give you openly $120 Billion a year welfare check, and privately $1 trillion . so we die for you , NO FUCK YOU


#Seximath #Ezra dropped off two texts at south of France, I retrieved one of them. Latin and Hebrew, both same body of work, different opening salutations to their patrons. source for me #Nostradamus for ancient calendar systems and #spacetime bends stuff. what did it to for me and You? I re adjusted #Precession and plugged in ancient calendar systems for #lespropheties. Later in one of my almanachs I related I built a visual astron tower on the roof. For naked eye evaluations. This means I worked with #stars as I left it in my private correspondence and Not #astrology. that was an open, profession and a totally different math system. So I already knew I would be a horrible astrologer because the stars of those Constellations set ( circa 150 BC to 150 A.D.) drifted considerably by the 13 th Century ( he () recorded in the 12th c.) of Europeans' time keeping systems. I retried in the 16th as this was a very famous recorder, so numerous copies were reproduced for saving, incase one location gets a fire or a robbery.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #07312017AD

()Abraham ben Meir Ibn Ezra |

#byebye Susan Ritchie Bolton b. September 1, 1951, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sD . is a Senior United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Arizona. University of Iowa (B.A.) #seconddeath

breaks US Constitutional and local laws.

JKrowling deletes fakenews tweets attacking Children and Donald Trump and then goes on CNN . Rowling only deleted her tweets only after it attracted scrutiny from several news outlets, including former CNN host and Daily Mail columnist Piers Morgan, who wrote in a Monday column that the author's refusal to correct her tweets was "shameful."  The boy's mother, Marjorie, who was not available for a comment, also wrote in a weekend Facebook post that Trump "didn't snub" her son.

sD — 07312017AD 3:39 pdt

Black real history G+ OP
Eric Thomas, the issue is that at Africa, there are myriads of capitalistitic blacks for millennia that enslave  and do not teach their brothers to hunt, for purposes of control.  In fact, blacks or African dark or brown skin have been all over earth, many rich  and supre rich  while the majority of your brothers still sit and do not hunt bore and are too lazy and thus eat grandmas's brains at the Zika forest Uganda.

that is just simple history that Is not taught to you by joooooowss because Joooows want black to eradicate white so the jooooos the yellow beelies take world control  one such race of yellow bellies are german ashkanzai jews, look white and are the majority of the USA and fought  only for the south < KKK. whites like I fought in the north, and never had  a role for slavery. so you mufos are in trouble for generalizations.

“CBS This Morning” reported on it –  for 37 seconds. And co-host Gayle King made a point of ending the story with the claim by Awan’s attorney that charges are due to “anti-Muslim  bigotry.” Susan Rice spook leaks , actually mainstream reported she  will take  the race card as her defense for her role in the murder of 1,000s of U.S.A. Citizens in DeepState Cladio and  Pegasus reopened for the Clinton side during Obama’s tenure. Bush C.I.A. N.S.A. factions never ennded Cladio or Pegasus they did so to stop the other factions of the Deep State to thus take on control. #archangelmichael Ch. 12 Bible.

#unmasking 07312017AD by DeeppoopooState

mainstream media is selling more lies. Is Seth Rich linked to Awan  ?
Because he works in WashingtonDC ? That's   is fake news
Fake news , the hit is a podesta email match and that means Hillary Clinton and Awan is taking a fall but Shultz's brother will prosecute him, that is a deep state cover up with the DC police. When have the DC Police been for America, they are international DEEP STATE DNC RNC Clowns puppets. CIA controls them. man this country has potatoey heads? #arcmichael that is why Deep Dummmy Cabbage State forces PC and AA and illegal sanctuary cities, because dumb immigrants do not know any law so deep state can play abduct , sell for rape and eat and sell body parts.

the plan is to get Awan a slap on the wrist, his people get more millions and Hillary stays out of jail

08012017AD am NoHo

new members of the Lake of Fire:

Edmund Gerald Brown Jr. b. April 7, 1938, San Francisco, California, U.S , sD . #seconddeath ( California lifelong politician and betrayer of GOD’s people worldwide) - 07312017AD #arcmichael ch. 12 Revelations. He is pay for play Mr. Herod the Chump. say goodbye to your family an d friends you soul will be deleted. #lakeoffire Yes he is #deepdoodooState made all foreigners get top #Privilege over Americans, turned California from white to brown. namesake. an Illegal Latin ME and 260 Non white countries & can walk into any #California #DMV today and get full SSI, Lisc. US Citizenship and Medical Insurance paid for by USA tax payers and incremental taxes , meaning all pay even those that do not pay taxes. My white white mom was never given her citizenship, and she tried for forty years and I believe he stopped her and made me fight for food on the streets at the age of 13 years old. it even started as early as 12 because we could not get welfare because of this chumps ' ideology of #antiwhtie and it is a brown eyed piece of non white, not a pure white. More what one sees in those baby raping NON Islamic ISIl groups he supports at 100% for deep state chaos all over planet earth.

You #donaldtrumpsupporters the military is running roughshod on nice Venezuelan people. Deaths at the hands of the junta militaries of Venezuela, about 100‚000 DeepVeniState with  endless Commie Cash TO KEEP THIS CHUMP IN CORRUPTION. Chavez the  fleecer of billions to his family and business partners before he died was a shame on his administration.

Dragon News by my opinion only. Most Americans I found are psychopaths: they have no  concern of others but their clicks or group think and they have no remorse for their bad behaviors and will not stop so we have to do it for the people. 07312017AD.

Thank you for weeding out some of the leakers, thank you from our hearts.  Anthony Scaramucci, is an American financier and political figure. On July 21, 2017, Scaramucci was named to serve as the White House Communications Director, but was withdrawn from future service in that role by President Donald Trump on July 31, and also you sacrificed many of your 30 year leftwing buddy relationships to do this . thank you.

WH Communicators Director out: Anthony Scaramucci = out because he had a deal to sell personal buisness to China and that would be a headache for the White House administration, source CNN. live on 07312017AD

Pa. (AP) - Republican U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania, a crusader against illegal immigration, is telling GOP officials and activists that he's decided to run for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Democrat Bob Casey.


Bible Beast 1993- 1999 sold nuclear weapons with US and internatonal Corporations, illegally and Congress did not impeach him

Glen Simpson to appear before Hillary Clinton’s case U.S. Congress. GPS, Spooks and but said he wanted to back out.

Glen Simpson to appear before Hillary Clinton Loretta Lynch took a request by Fusion GPS to let in the Russian spy that met with Kushner and others at Donald Trump ‘s tower . Hillary Clinton spread the fake dossier, printed and  disseminated by long time business partner, FUSION GPS  that Donald Trump went to Russia to a room Obama had stayed in and  had strippers or prostitutes pee on him, which defined  his character, Mrs. Clinton elated on the 2016 campaign trail.  Ouxh!

Spooked for murder of me this morning, like ususal. ( vid one) : ( vid two ): ( vid three) . 29 Th July 2017 A.D.

District of Columbia
Please Call Jeff Sessions tell him he has the right to demand the Seth Rich bodycam footage.
Department of Justice Comment Line: 202-353-1555
Department of Justice Main Switchboard: 202-514-2000

Karnack Temple was just before Monotheism destroye the old polytheism themes of Egypt.

Google Post History of origins' of Modern Japans' DeepState

#deepstate Japan did not begin with Hideki Tōjō (Kyūjitai: 東條 英機; Shinjitai: 東条 英機; . It began when U.S. Capitan Cook Fleeting into #edo bay (#Tokyo today) and aiming 21 high powered #Prussian pre #Nazi reincarnational ( Germany Today) cannon and demanding all the Silver of the three large islands or die . #UShistory Deepstateworldhistory . so experiments on humans was not Tōjō but a collective group of Asians of Japan who felt we had to stop the west anyway we could.
Macabre experiments including live and non sedative led to #meth amphetamines , and left in notes which Pre NAZI Germans grabbed after hearing of their existence. Given to the public for two years at local food stores, the population became hooked and was a factor in the mass hysteria of the times. Significance. Produced at 97% pure for the German military, like ol' #elchapo 's strength at Sinaloa, #Mexico it drove the #blitzkrieg, the most fast and famous advance in modern world history & U.S. Military countered with 'bennies,' a caffeine pill.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #07302017AD

Ancient History: 07291017ad : Karnack has/had 13 Obelisk just as USA has 13 symbols for arrows or sheaves on its Dragon Symbol ( bald eagle) . why is this. Well we reincarnate and it was Ramesses ii's father that built Karnack, not Rameses that plastered over it and wreaked his fathers work by erasing his works . Source modern archeology.

450 ton obelisks and granite and used fire to work them which has been scientifically studied and proven. Heat up Granit and it becomes malleable. 450 ton obelisks and granite and used fire to work them which has been scientifically studied and proven. Heat up Granit and it becomes malleable. Tiberius Caesar who was a Mexican Iberian he took over Karnack and ended it and put his name on the obelisks. Karnack was closed after the Roman Occupation of Egypt which the Roman government had imposed Monotheism  and closed down the multi god temple worship.

UN GLOBAL CLIMATE A HOAX says UN top official

Global Warming hoax

The United Nations climate chief admitted on 03 February 2015 that the primary goal of the Global Warming hoax has been the gradual progressive destruction of Capitalism, "This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given
ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history", Ms Figueres stated at a press conference in Brussels.

The United Nations climate chief admitted on 03 February 2015 that the primary goal of the Global Warming hoax has been the gradual progressive destruction of Capitalism,

    "This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history", Ms Figueres stated at a press
conference in Brussels.

New member of the Second Death is

James Addison "Jim" Baker III b. Apr 28, 1930 .  Houston, TX sD. Connected directly to George Herbert walker Bush., ,the current head of the AntiAmerican military complex. — 07292017AD he is a judeans antiwhite brown eyed mixed race thug.

Israel targeted for harvesting Syrian children's organs but at Jacksonville, Florida, doctors and whistleblowers are being assassinated and connected to Bill Clinton, and former Geroge H.W.Bush. Confirmed.

United States of America House of Representatives for 1,999 Impeachment of William J Clinton focuses on tainted blood sold to China by a precursor Clinton foundation and then this happens. They never stopped. Modern jacktherippers. Jacksonville St. Joseph is a front place for body and baby sex ring Clinton Foundation territory, many have died in June and July connected to these investigations, at #debbiewassermanshultz districts. Apparently the part afro judean cross white bred wanted to be the new #hildabeast


tpp is fascism ARC 082

 White genocide is world  wide


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



Carter Baines McDonald.

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