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Bandar “Bush” Named as 9/11 Planner in 28 Pages™ George Herbert Walker Bush and His Son Geroge Walker Bush call this Sultan thier family member.


New pages Frontwomen on Mongalis Tatars

Cracker on the Cross

Atlantis »Prison > kpfk traitors ⇑ whites line up awating black armies

Liberals do two (3) things very well; (1) Lie. (2) Divert attention away from the real issues. (3) Project their dysfunctions, issues, and failures on others.

RNC Convention Reflections

First time in my Life, this is awesome.  I am finally proud for the First Time of My Life. Someone stood up for me.

Donald Trump Pledge : “I Am with You, I will Fight for You and I will Win for You.”

Mike Pense " Hillary Clinton should never become a president of America."

after The U.S. Rust Belt, Illinois Republicans took control and balanced the budget and created more jobs than the national average. 10 years in power at Illinois.

Next stump Scranton‚ PA. 07 27 2016 A.D. DNC told GOP you are not allowed to campaign.

America first


Jews majority of white Arab DNA hate white–white Russia and why they blame Russians for their own jew–greed–wars, for 60+ years. Cold War ≡ bigot racists USA⁄Satanist Arab Jews Latinos political officials and Arab German White Mixers too as political agents. . Blacks, Mexicans, Hondurans, all are bigots and hate white Russians when they do know anything about them but lies by The Jew Table Clothe.


Paul Ryan Duffas: I hate white–white people, I am half Arab Mixer, ha ha , screw Russian white people and destroy them for the Jew superiority.

Satan/USA hates white people of Russia. Therefore Satan/USA is a brain damaged entity of animals that need to be put to sleep . We need to end the global jew arab dna bigotry against whietes and blacks .


Get Russia off the International Space Station if you hate them Satan⁄USA!


Donald Trump appeals to the Darker Skin types than us white skinned Arab Jew rulers of the Democratic Party. = implied by al Franklin , Democratic Convention, interview MSNBC. Noonish PDT. msnbc.


Al Franklin, aka as Mr Child Molester actor on television Crimea is Jew boy land, fuck the Russians. We need this creepo in the lake of Fire.

Adam Shift securities.

It is a threat to national Security to love a white person ≡ DNA 07 27 2016AD.


#Obama had zero successful policies. Even his #auto bailouts became a fraud; last week GM admitted to fibbing and lying to meet expectations of the Obama regime. #politics #donaldtrump  

queen Mooosheeel now likes America. I have no home and abused by arab black racism in a 89% colored controlled southern cal. I hate animals of hate. 07262016ad

Mooshell is a hater

#michelleobama view on life can sum up the entire USA black experience in a short meme. It is called the #welfarequeen I am dying, my friends are, being suppressed by PC Niggers and Arabites and white traitors and I hate to see stupid people acting stupid. She should be happy to be where she is and her Senior #Princeton Thesis is nearly unreadable.  Since she was stupid she needed a motivated orphanite 'get go getter' =  to get ahead in life. That was her ambitious husband. She is no model to any lady on earth, just a talk down  to the little people and laugh in their faces. This niggger was born in to High Life Privileged #aristocrat black family. Her view is why this world is racist and  lives in hell and conflict. It is just a bragger and hater against innocent people. FOAD go directly to the lake of Fire. She never had to suffer one single day in her pampered privileged life.

 piece of black filth

This world is very six people. #christianity #biblestudy #whoreorbabylon in real time.

DNC is NAZI b/c Hitler sided with Islam and do they. They are the antiChrist movement.

Michelle Obama said to the DNC Convention to take the high road, this time. This is good advice her Husband took always the road to hell to win. She is a lair too and says she hates America while she road a $350,000,000 vacation fund extravaganza. Blacks are bad people. Obama called white people not human, he called Christians as stupid. He was the worse shyte talking POTUS we have ever had and why there is no unity or will there ever be unity.

Sarah Silverman Calls Bernie Supports at the DNC speech, night one, you are stupid idiots. Only very rich Hollywood know what is good for you, stupid Bernie or Bust people. .


Democratic National Adds against Tea Party Donald Trump are all lies and the media does not correct it.


Bernie Sanders got absolutely nothing. 07252016 ad. The DNC rejected to abolish the Super Delegates.  Sanders is a  Arab white dna fraud.

Then his Congressional Democrats voted to keep in the Superdelegates.

#America #Ferrera she can be Honduran and born in USA but Obama cannot be Kenyan and born likewise. what a racist she is,eh?  This fool low wit dumbo and stupid bigot is just a  garbage liar. Yes! You are latino Like a #mexican , and are Italian with black dna too, mixed up freako = you are all #Semitic like the filthy lying modern jews. Your latins rule California with rape, molestation, robbery, physical violence and hatred for all Americans.

#UglyBetty = ugly Honduran. I bet this Hollywood goon spits on white homeless all day long in her California State that has 98% Semitic Sand Niggers like her rulling and in total political control. No brown person every ran a real democracy on multiculturalism because they hate Democracy and run from their faux democracies and take over other peoples lands and falsely accuse entire races. This biggot Uggly Betty is why the world is in dire straits and  will collapse. She is just an Antichrist filthy liar, Put her into a lake of fire, please.

America Georgine Ferrera (born April 18, 1984) is sand nigger bigot and hater of the human race. imo

Donald Trump gave awesome Press conference, about 50 Minuets. 07 27 2016ad. CNN covered it. I am watching CNN, no longer support Fox News.

“for once in the U.S.A. history maybe we should try to get along with Russia”. = Donald Trump.

Trump highlighted that it has been 253 days since Hillary Clinton gave a press conference. That does not sound presidential. He reiterated we should consider Russia are friends until otherwise known. The Pentagon is Arab bigots who blame white white Russia with no facts and then say well it is classified. This is Jew Arab NATO raping of white people's lands.

MSNBC criticized Donald Trump for not supporting Child abductors and baby rapers and sex ring operators, ISIS as Erdogon and Saudi Arabia clearly and openly fund the sunni extremist group. Assad is anti Islamic State so the Obama Pentagon view put Assad on the terrorist list as well as Putin, but both are defeating the Antichrist and NBC/White House ISIS team. There is a culture of Arab vs. white white and Donald Trump supports the white white.

Top Democratic Platform: Print Endless money, borrow endless money, outsource all jobs, give foreigners American jobs

DNC Convention Opening: God was booed again‚ just like 2012.

funded and reported to Bush sr.

29 #Obama, 28 declassified pages says this Bush family member imported the terrorists and funded them . Clinton had Sandy Burger try to destroy documents code name operation megiddo vs. 2.0, revised from original plan. #bookoflife #arcmichael #07242016ad   He is employed by Saudi Arabia and Funds al nursa, Al queada, ISIS, DAESH, and perhaps offshots like Bokoharam. The enemy  was always inside of our white house, it knew all along. we call them the establishment they have 3,000 New york, WashDC, blood on their hands and 250,000 more with the wars to cover up this horrible reality. #christian 11th September 2001 attacks.

Osama bin Laden denied the 911 attacks from 11 th Sept. 2001 to December 31 st 2001, at least 139 times to major news print, radio and television. Only later did he go along with the theme he was the top bad dude on the Earth.

George H. W. Bush New WASA World Order run by Arabite Race and not the white race.

Selamat pagi semua ≈ good morning to all of you!

Donald Trump Goes Idiotic

Idiot Move Donald Trump lost huge Poll Numbers with this faux pas. Dude Roger Ailes is the crooked establishment fool. do not be a Bernie Sanders, please

Obama had zero successful policies. Even his auto bailouts became a fraud; last week GM admitted to fibbing and lying to meet expectations of the Obama regime.

Special media Convention meeting with Hillary Clinton; the rumors claim there were no Russian Hacks. MNSBC Live 1046 pm LA, local mean time.


The reason the #Democrats do not use #science is they cannot understand it so they tell stories  to influence the foreigners to rape, to vote Democratic ( or  GOP) and to murder and to   take our jobs, our communities and our homes. The foreigners can understand simplistic emotokooky lies to be swayed by the ruling Arabite elite of US Arabia.

the establishment cater  to them exclusively to get voted back into power for decades. Like faux caring human and US Benedict Traitor, #berniesanders He is no hero, just a ruthless and robbing the masses of their student loans  for 100% zero policy changes;, he even did not get the super delegates stopped; that is a pure faker; he is a traitor. = and that is what this establishment thing is all about. I am sure Hillary promised a super committee for the jew semitic sell out.

The arabite Semitics installed int their empty heads that only #Scot #Irish or #scando white white are evil and the rest are victims from that white white evil. All other cultures and counties are not white. When the mexican or latino want white grant money, they manically become a white race. but when a foreigner colored grant money comes into action, they switch to being a colored minority group. These are pure evil civil tactics, in league with all #Antichrist moments on #earth .

About 70% of Clinton's facts and science claims turned out to be lies in speeches that were lies or he was severely confused. His teachers laughed behind his back. He  lied and fell into the US presidency, because Bush sr. though it was a no brainer. And Clinton changed tactics to emotive empathy, a manipulation he learned being a semi orphan himself.

so we need to learn to tell  our horrid stories of how others violated us and our civil and human rights.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #07262016ad  

8 point  bump after convention is the highest since Gore Bush 2000. 01 TTC

 a Texas self starter and ambitious and I love her blog. been there  since the beginning before she got her website


Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !


Add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.



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