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Deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule that carries most of the genetic instructions used in the growth, development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms and many viruses. D.N.A. . These Codons are one set of two sets. The other set is remote and downloaded and not connected to cellular functionings.

Why does the Left always desire to be on the 'Right' side of history? Is this evidence of DNA birth–brain damage?  I bet this view drives the quantum spinner predictors absolutely crazy?  “Make up your mind, you freaking imbecilelically Facetious circus clown?” they would roar!

There are a large group of white people not even in American during slavery who suffer daily × whitegenocide worldwide . America is not a terrorist training camp for Obie wan bombya Nairobi and his marry homos of radical #islam .  We are tired of radical islam shoved down our faces 24/7/365/decade after decade. USA supplied tools to Paris Terrorists new evidence shows. The Los Angeles Times reports the Mexican government declared guns from Fast and Furious had been found at 170 crime scenes. Obama is responsible. There is no conspiracy theory, Antichrist wanted to make carnage so to restrict the second amendment, but so did his predecessor, George walker bush. he has two cities for fast and furious ≡ guns to drug lords and terrorist program…
Forget these investigations; they are a waste— no matter what no one gets charged‚ it is an embarrassment for civilization. welcome to the new American dark ages; homo barbarian celebrity junk science have vs. have nots. Arab slave owners want a global slave farm now. #Rubio is only for mexican arab Semitic Latinos, so that explains it all; hated democracy like all the mexicans do = they love homogenous dictating child play and violent drug culture. the neoUSarabia

Arab € Semitic ≡ D.N.A. ·“Why Diversity Programs Fail‚” published in the latest edition of Harvard Business Review. chaos!
White white DNA countries run multiculturalism; no other colored countries do this. The colored populations are taking over all white white countries, except part arab white Japan and northern white white China and white white Russia. The other Scandinavian and Irish scot lands are being over run by arab colored people and this policy does not seem to slow down at any time soon… so white white dnaers we must move to China or be totally destroyed by the walking colored zombie nations. Germans, French, Italian and many other EU nations are not white–white dnaers; so they are excluded from this argument : 7⁄3⁄.

8th July 2016 A.D. Seal –1 Year

#sons of #obama r @ itagain! #poland  
#dallas #Tx  #shooter killed by #robotbomb this morning gave two hour interview/negotiations = said #blacklivesmatter is targeting police ( #cops   but will soon just target all #USA #white people ( reuters news service). #donaldtrump yo, people, there are millions of white whites that are not privileged and had no role or their heritages in any #Caribbean or #American #slavery or any slavery but ignorant jungle apes accuse, falsely, and target and torture the innocent to make their crack cocaine points to appease their brain dead libzombie professors. #trump #bookoflife #arcmichael #07082016ad some black lives matter members under hot pressure did finally denounce this about 24 hours later.

source cable #CNN #msnbc  

Principles Science The DNA code is regulated by proteins. White people may have similar DNA to orangutans but on and off switches controlled by proteins separates us extraordinarily. White Genocide. Politics: F.B.I. leader #JamesComey spent 15 Minuets of the press conference to lay out over 100 serious crimes #hillaryclinton committed and then at the last  moment, said, "OK she is cleared of all wrong doing." we have a nation of zombies folks! Maybe Bill Clinton threatened Loretta Lynch on the tarmac and Barack Obama on the golf course last month, and F.B.I. James Comey because he is the Biblical Beast.

FBI DID NOT PUT HILLARY UNDER OATH | THERE IS NO TRANSCRIPT this was rigged as #BernieSanders and #Donaldtrump have been saying out there on the campaign trails. #crookedhillary works for the public; we pay her by USA general taxes and so those 30‚000 emails she purposely deleted are OUR PROPERTY not the fbis or Bill Clinton´s mistresses‚ but ours. She broke many laws and got off scot–free and embarrassed a civilization. imo.

Hillary admitted to deleting 30,000 emails and based on  the 110 highly classified docs on an unsecured server ( she and her department knew it was illegal, Comey said today) she would see federal statues of up to 174 years in prison: that was all admitted too and no one followed the law.

How do Democrats see this email investigation?

witch hunts√ yes! zombie like Capital Hill Democrats and republicans´ establishment play this card for every investigation for over 60 years now: it is quite robotic, mundane, and spiritless repetition of falsehood to an IQ below the standard 1950s highest US IQ. The United States of America or for that matter California was ranked ⇒ #1 on planet Earth. Today, & after importing or allowing the importation of zombies‚ the IQ global ranking for the U.S.A. sunk to a zomboidish 20th in the world — and we like to fudge and put our ranking higher than it actually is ≡ USA is long gone‚ taken over by zomboids.

Vince Foster, Bill Clinton's sandbox buddy and White House partner saw 900 FBIs under Hillary Clinton's lesbian white house bed ( Beast does not sleep with her); he allegedly commits suicide by a revolver, shooting himself twice in the head. CSI investigators says that was impossible; the initial reports that day the police found no gun residue on either of his hands, which there should have been this evidence.

Jupiter global warming 2016 01 TTC

 Los Angeles equals the city of angels

Cultural Relevance

Quickly understand how & why you have confict.and wars !

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Using the journal pages‚ add your star labels to your Armageddon scripts.


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Carter Baines McDonald.

Online July 18th 1999 A.D.

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