Anne Coulter: Her Fall From on High.

FCC announced in two years it is shutting down internet complaint websites, and we all will be forced to be fed Central Control Propaganda. Anne Coulter feeling the political tide switched to Anti Americansim.

Who is more American and shows more of an American spirit? Bill Ayers or Anne Coulter: The answer is Bill Ayers.

Notice to Coulter:
Almost every Capitol Hill Republican is a RINO. Fox is made up of RINOs. Bill O’Rielly is perhaps to me a mega-Leftcon masking as a republican. Rush Limbaugh is a fat über rich womanizer and both Bill and Rush claim they are simpletons. If they are what they preach, then they should not be in any media, as corrupting the minds of the youth. All have one thing in common, they are filthy rich and hate the poor Ameircans.

Coulter provides examples on corruption being reward with patience.
But the reason she wrote this was her affiliation to the establishment is solid, and to which means RINO=DINO = the republicans and democrats are the same party: only one wants a penis in another man’s behind and the other has a problem with human sacrifice. Otherwise they are the same political ‘elitist’ entity. That is why all contested voting should be focused like a laser beam to clean up this failed democracy. Anne does not like the Tea Party, she has wealth, she wants to keep it, at all costs;’ she is a part of the problem, not the solution.

Anne Coulter on the Blogs
I started this automatically; it made me so pissed this morning. After looking at some news blogs, I'm not the only one by a long shot. Many long time Americans came out of the caves they been hiding, so-to-speak, to call out Anne Coulter as a libtard -- to which she is in reality.

Anne writes popular low level intellect books about liberals. She knows little to nothing about them but more than the general populace , thus why she has a readership. However, over the years she has said racist things and the Leftcon media always gives her a pass, while the leftcon media often does not give passes at all to people that have been insensive to human bondage, like Paula Dean, who made a decades ago  racist comment and attended a black slave masquerade party , to mimic slave owners and black servitor slaves – a party attended by blacks. So most real Republican, Democrats or American knew Anne was full of baloney, a liar, a wolfester in sheep’s clothing.  

When Thad and the Democrats put out fliers that lied and misrepresented a third party challenger, Anne seems to say these practices are permissible in Democracies. And she gives some examples of wasting your turn under political of corruption, you will be rewarded if you wait your turn.  Does that mean we have to wait until Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush die off so we can have another President? The reasons recounts do not make losers winners is the recounts when proven with corruption still lead to more corruption, and no one goes to jail.  So when we live in a non-punishable society, corruption flourishes and she offers a tepid solution, just wait your corrupted turn, you will get a change to corrupt yourself the next time, whenever that is in reality.

Corruption of the mind
It happens in Politics, Anne suggests. That all politicians are corrupt as Obama often cites all politicians lie. Anne Probably believes Barack Hussein Obama, perhaps her only and new buddy – when he says that ‘all politicians lie.’ That is a lie in itself. If you cannot figure that out you should not be a pundit, you are corrupting the minds of the world’s youth.  We live in corruption because the populous will not eradicate the corruption. The founders found voting did not work only killing and lots of it.  The only killing corruptocrats advocate is the killing  of poor citizens complainers.

Anne Coulter is an Anti-American and works for rich Leftcons she calls Fox Right Wingers. Graduating from a semi Top school does not mean one has any intelligence at all, just look at Kerry, both Bushes, the Clintons and of course Barack Hussein Obama. Recently, Anne Coulter has been invited on discussion panels of CNN (wow, that means she has finial y been accepted in the establishment). She is no longer a part of the real Americans. Her books are to fight for the rich to stay rich. She is more than a sell-out, she is a traitor. She claims she is Christian but she is not.

"Even in cases of actual vote fraud, history shows that the contesting politicians get branded as sore losers and destroy their political careers. Better to be magnanimous and live to fight another day." -- Anne Coulter trying to act smart.

Voting Traditions according to Anne Coulter.
True but has recent tradition worked, just go corrupt and wait your corrupted term? And keep doing it. If you have not noticed Anne, the country is out of control. Why do we need those 3 rd parties, any of them? It is to put new people into the seats of power? Thad has been there for at least 4 terms and the country has gone downhill, in general, and he is a part ( not absent) to this blame. So tradition says sore losers to not gain power. So Anne is arguing Corruption is good for America. In this manner there is no use for people like her on the planet, traitors to the human rights and people's respect. She is a good 'establishment 'robot. Thad cuts deals to rich leftcons and they to rich rightcons, and Thad is the establishment, anti-American.

Thad’s wife treated by a male with contempt and Anne Supports that contempt.
Some political operatives working for the Tea Party challenger illegally went to a nursing home to film Thad’s estranged wife, as Thad was lying to Americans about her.  Anne has a problem with men covering up their hatred of women, so she supports Thad like Hillary Supports Bill’s philandering.  The perpetrator killed himself because of left/rightcon pressure to stay out of the elitist business, they control, lie and do corruption.  I’m sure Anne supports Bill and Hillary’s mafia hit on Vince Foster because  he had morals and  this did not vibe well  with the incoming Beast.

Anne no  longer supports morals, it is corruption and wait your turn to be corrupt.

"Observe that no one is asking Al Gore to run again[...]" -- Anne Coulter.
Because Bush jr. had the courts disenfranchise 35,000 black Floridians from voting. Bush won Florida by 537 votes.  So why waste your time when rich elitist families that controls voting power and the media and are in with the secret bully military complex to run again, with the same result.  Is she for real or is she that evil and hatred toward the Christians? Gore, although he did not carry his state, won the popular vote.  And Al Gore was pushed into running because his life has been about philanthropy, not political entrenchment and government.  But that is what the rich democrats wanted for the 2000 election. Anne read this very clear, I posted it before. The Al Gore election: both Dems and Repubs wanted the courts involved in 2000 dispute because they too do not think that 35,000 blacks have voice -- both sides of the party lines --and to force a run-off election, even if it costs billions.

The power of hail and snow springs from a cloud,

and thunder from the fire of lightning.

Strong men destroy a city, and a tyrant

enslaves a people through their ignorance.

A ship once out of port is hard to capture:

know this now before it is too late. -- Solon circa 640-560 BC .


bold and italic highlighted by me. The media has brainwashed our children and Anne Coulter continues to go along with the brain washers.

"Near the end of his life, Solon warned the citizens that Peisistratus,  the general in the final war for Salamis and leader of northeastern  Attica, was becoming tyrannical. Yet Solon's warnings were ignored -- in  fact, the people dismissed them as the ravings of a madman. Solon  responded with "[a] little time will show the citizens my madness. Yes,  will show, when truth comes in our midst." And, indeed, he was proven  correct when Peisistratus did show his true tyrannical colors.

Barack Hussein Obama consistently flouts American law, disregards the  separation of powers, and seemingly could not care less about the  swirling scandals surrounding him. --[ amt].






OK, I see what you’re driving at. I would argue that the affidavits of voters admitting they voted illegally while useful are not necessary. When you have evidence of thousands of votes cast by ineligible voters, in precincts that have grossly inflated turnout for a Republican primary, the inference that fraud is being committed is inescapable.

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