D.N.A. white–white are not #KKK #nwo  06232016ad
white white are not KKK nor were they if at all . The #Ukrainian Neo #Nazis have formed a friendship alliance to the Brothers of #ISIS , a Ukrainian Arabite brown skin outfit. The New NAZIs are often wasps which are not white but are called white by arabs because they have a metal deficiency . what is my proof? About 120 years of textbook mis identification! Might as well throw out the history books, full of retarded arab professor lies.  In order for  the New ARAB DNA ( =Bush clan; Clinton Clan) World Order they need to kill the good guys and  gals.

#Ofag got the #CIA crack Mil inline with #Neonazi #ukranianforces and they are all pagan. #Putin converted  to #Christianity post secret service duty . #obama refers to himself as #allah got #dem demons going on I can see!

#langkeys #spooky #ukraine conquest arab white tatars and today are #WASP #WASJ and arabites that control the power and purse.  Russia is very #whitewhite #dna & #USArabia = #WASP #WASJ and now today zombielike creatures with no souls when you look into their eyes. America as #Obama correctly stated, this was founded and built by Arabs, and he is correct. No wonder they hate on white whites and  have pictures from 1880s onward to show no white white were privileged on the east coast big cities of that time

#arabs are the most populas and the most destructive of the human #species . they have gone viral.

#hitler formed alliance  with Moslems and #Latino #Spanish and Portuguese and italianos hitler had arab dna, dummies. Hilter was on meth and so are about 75% of the US population of latino violent and ignorant usurpers

ARC #gamma #classified  

Denise Bedio reporting : In majority of states over 50% sometimes and sometimes upwards of 80-90% of legislators run unopposed. 06152016ad

Europe is out of control importing 100,000,000 to replace white jobs at the EU. New York Times bears false witness; claims shooter was a white Christian when he was an arab Afghani from a recent immigrant family who swore allegiance to the brown barbarian monkeys.

Iimport Muslims or Arab Latinos, ban firearms, eradicate black and white Christians USA ≡ neoliberal ⁄neocon  ideology.

Child rape culture is wide spread amongst the Arab communities now in full control of USA and UK.

arabs rule UK and so they like Mexico have rape children culture; Mexico has 22 states that allow for rape of 12 year old and non consensual. they are antichrist people and are fake Christians. they are arab and they love child sex.


Obama is a liar

Illegal immigrants who overstay visas hardly ever caught, feds admit ( washington times 06152016ad).

At least 480,000 people overstayed their visas last year and onlyu 2,000 returned when VISA expired. so corruption is out of control and under both GOP and and Democratic Parties

Yesterday a black man and me a white dude were using a section of the library and an illegal came in and the jew leader of the library kicked us out and gave the illegal alien a full leather couch and for no reason or a law. This is filthy US Arabia. And passing through a door, A black man and me meet and I have a bad leg so I cannot jump or run away and so I  side step because Mr. Nigger does not bow to white it  only robs and bullies and beats and rapes and kills whites so I started shit because I could not jump for the monkey.  I no longer give a crap about race relations. When will these hater animals end their civil rights abuses against whites–whites who never had anything to do with slavery?




Atlanta all Homosexual schools open up in South for color sex orientation demograghic change 01 06 2016

youtube video is here as of 11 05 2015 A.D.

43% of New York's work force are new or illegal immigrants , New York Reports. The same or worse in SoCal, and why I cannot get a job, I have very white nordic skin, no family, and a city of brown and blacks that hate white skinned people, only for their different color of the skintone.

Gallop Poll Comprehensive: 09292015: Trust in media to report truth? Four in ten people believe the media tells us the Truth. 4/10. Since 1997 A.D., the fall has been all downward.

Gallop Poll 09292015 4/10 only 4 in 10 trust the media to tell the truth. You cannot, nor ever, run a democracy based on false information.

Crucifixion Eclipse The Large Gizāh  Pyramid :
Birthdate at Central Axis of Giza Pyramid :
Record 93,770,000 Americans Not in Labor Force...

Participation Rate 38-Year Low...

Record 56,209,000 Women Not Working...

JOB SHOCK: 100% of female employment gains taken by foreigners since 2007...

95,000,000 long term unemployment 2006 - 2015 and ongoing. but every day, we are told to take in foreigners, as they vote in the careerist politicans.

Washington Post taken control by an Arab that supports the 1%er thus supports endless Amnesy makes Billions a year ,




Mexico golden triangle is much more powerful than the Asian claims and feeds 95% of all drugs to the USA.  highest quality , thus demand for Sinaloa 95% pure meth, made by cartel operatives, at $20,000 a month salary, which is super high in the production business, note: that stuff to make correctly is very dangerous. Heroine is east and north east of Sinaloa, they make just as powerful of smack as the US Pharma  Afghanistan Poppy Fields.  coke, made in Columbia, peru,, and other places, Brazil are always transported for inspection and transfer to the Mexican Golden Triangle before routing it through the boarders, now much of its wielded inside the gas tanks of large vehicles.

Yahoo, Google, Bing all the largest Corporations are giving 95% of all ad time and news articles to bashing Nordic White Donald Trump; becuse these international corporations are started or run by colored Non nordic whties, mainly Arab / Latino and dark skinned asians ( #ArcMichael post DNA immigration).

07202015 A.D.

2.5 million illegals arrive under Obama...
400,000 yearly...

Illegal aliens suspected in murder of nurse should have been deported months ago...

480,000 people a year and about 2,000 leave and others illegal immigrate and have US jobs , voting rights, Section 8 preferences and now first place in medical and US Citizens must wait and die. reported Washington Times ( Besoz is pro Arab Jihad on whites so we do not use WashingtonPost).

Richard Nixon banned almost all drugs, and since then the Illegal Latin South American Cartels have supplied the American Abuser of Chemicals.  The solution was to bring the Latin drug makers to live in the USA so they can sneak in the drugs. – Arc Michael, the real history of immigration.


Whites now a minority in all districts of California, even northern California. It took Los Angeles Times( pro Drug Cartel immigration lovers) to admit what we all knew for over a decade now. I bearly see a white anylonger in Los Angeles, despire the white enclaves of Beverly Hills ( many Arabs, though) and north of Ventura Blvd. and that is about it, perhaps Calabasas, but things change fast.

Arab/Latins have been preferred by 1%ers or the upper 10% of Americans for cheap foreign labor, added numbers for Social Security Ponzi Schemes ( one needs fresh new meat to pad the illegal pyramid scheme), cheap grass cutters and the number one fact is that Latin America produces and exports the most potent drugs on Erath: 90%-95% Cyrystal Meth, Sinaloa Mexico, the middle Mexico, Heroin production 35% of world market or 90% of U.S.A. market, high quality. Fake prescription drugs, the very popular cocaine and its associated Crack form, and for decades also the marijuana suppliers, to Hollywood, Washington D.C. and Silicon Valley, New York Advertisement and Molding industries, Chicago child sex slave services, the southern U.S. lands are heavy into Mexican meth, while Utah is heavily into fake Mexican pharma. No other countries are bringing in large amounts to curb desires or addicts of high potency drugs, and the Media covers up for the 1%ers who are all addicts. That is why illegal immigrants are preference and anyone speaks to the contrary , they careers and lives are ruined.

REPORT: More Than 347,000 Convicted Criminal Immigrants At Large In USA...
So the U.S. candidates that advocate for their deceptive Dreamer Acts and other free welfare handouts and U.S. citizenship are drug addlers and drug cartel helpers, there is no other truth but their lies. You cannot say democracy, they own Los Angeles, have 74% of the total population and jobs too.  They are bullies, violent, and ill-mannered and hate God, almost 99.99% of then are Anti Christs.  This is why Christians are being eradicated the white and some black liberals are heavy drug addicts and will kill all debate and reality to get their fixes.

Six-times deported illegal charged in felony hit-and-run...
High on pot...
Young children hospitalized...


CENSUS: One in five Americans on welfare...

Heroin Use Reaches Epidemic Numbers... for Americans, the best is Mexican high grade, all the Documentaries claim.

Black humans love to use mob beatings on Whites, a wide spread practice, white media in total fear or State African Controlled Reprisal.


Record 93,626,000 Not in Labor Force...

Unemployment rate drops to 5.3%...

Participation Lowest since 1977...

24,816,000 Foreign-Born People Employed...

July 1 2015. The U.S.A. does not care about me.

USA: 2012- 2016: Racism

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Semitics supermes haters

REPORT: NSA spied on France...
Wiretapped three presidents...
Ambassador summonsed...
Hollande Warns...
Secret snooping station at embassy in Paris...
Antennas, satellites pick up phone conversations in vicinity...

Authorities investigating possible new leaker...

The lies out of the black Community during the Tre von Martin vs. George Zimmerman episode was the reason that sparked Dyllan Roof's cause, and it was the black community saying that 'All White People do all day is to hunt black people, " such a vicious and hateful lie that Dyllan believed the U.S.A. no longer supported him, so he fought back. The Only blacks with brains in all of these episodes were the Christian Blacks who forgave Dyllan as the media and Athirst and racist have not . But we have even more racist problems with this low intellect affirmative action president.

Form Asian, south Asian, African, Arabia, to Scandinavia to the Americas and Europe, a pattern of padding the elite's cheap labor force over entrenched citizens has 'hisotoricy' applications for social and political economics. These programs, such as the late Roman Republic's place Germans on boarders to keep out Germans were a total disaster for the common people. The idea is to make a few CEOs and banker families recieve about 90% of the cheap labor income and have an attitude of 'screw u.'

CENSUS: RECORD 51 MILLION IMMIGRANTS IN 8 YEARS sounds more correct then the Washington DC/MEAMIC lies

Basically for a set of second and first tear Americans and their working buddies to remain in power, they sold out the citizens to a massive global flood of money grubbing enthusiasts, who used physical violence & form the start to subdue the more peaceful generations! It was the baby boomers that did this to America. They were of the most selfish in all global history. However, this has nothing to do with white racism, it happened under monoethnic Chinese dynasties and Muslim Multiculturalism, like the Ottoman Empire. The rich, fatso people, take over controls, they are tall and wealthy, liars and bullies and they keep or remain in power by buying votes form the immigrants. It is textbook 101 Satanism. If anyone, like I, say these things, they make  up stories and  kill you to shut up the truth. So the only solution is to wipe out the human race. I suffered too much under their selfish rule. I stood on the  paint corner, never fired over my job, never, not once, but the white, black  and Asian big boned bullies’, American citizens, hired foreigners over me at a 98:2 ratio and other Americans. This went on for over 15 years while I was associated to commercial and residential painting.----- updated 03 16 2015 A.D.

George Washington told Betsey to make the design out of an older looking East-India-Slave - trading company, which is of course, what are flag is modeled after, a slave system. Sad , but true!
 And I agree with your post, they love our freebees and then sh*T all over our hospitality. So I say ban them But Obama is delaying US spouses of oversees mil to get a legal citizenship while Obama and Republicans drive 4.2 Million illegals with no connections of families to the front of the line ( media announced today). So it is the people that voted twice this goon Obie fraudo that is the real and consistent problem in America.[added 05182015].

2014 Latino or brown babies came from new mothers, which sets a cultural precedence for future cultural legal - world outlook.


White victums to black assulters: "Why are you doing this to me?"

black assulters to white people: " You are white!"

In Los Angeles, they have had the same SSI number scribbled on walls all over bathrooms of the SouthLand ( SoCal), and the Guv just receives millions of W2 taxes flooding that account, in the Billions, and have always known. In the early 1990s, Latins began the demasculinization of the European white males in SoCal. masculine . They put LA RAZA signs all over the transit stations, in the building work, the tile work. White people in chains to Mexican Hollywood Hotshot, monster and rich bodies, while  stick whitey is a chained rabbit for a beatup toy. These Fake Christians and growing Atheists are but sissies, and their females love to have a back door Latin. That all started under Bill Clinton but it has been nearly 20+ years, so it LA is La Raza, and there is nothing anyone, short of massive revolution, can  do about  it. That is why I left for  good the GOP in 2005.  They suppress from common knowledge to the public these types of Immigration programs to keep them in power, building up their 'establishment' base, and it does not matter who is in charge, it is a virus of old long time Guv life-longers who just manipulate the system to take as many free funds and give themselves all that dough.
Activist train amnesty recipients on 'path to power'... (AM: all I see are foreigners getting all the jobs, the city jobs, the lifetime pensions, and they all hate America and will not fight their countries by supporting American forces around the globe). So why bother having a society at all.

Rising Share of Black Population Foreign Born...

the rich cator to the illegals to keep them in power: 2015 A.D.

Jeb marked 'Hispanic' on Florida voter form...

'My mistake!'

FLASHBACK: Claimed Was Florida's First 'Latino Governor'...

Latins will never fight for the white northern eruptions -- these brown reincarnating groups have battled whitey for 6,000 + years. 03 21 2015. 
Arc Michael ( washington post comment)
5:42 PM PST

The Greeks gave Macedons 5 Immigration reforms, did not work they grew strong and threw out the Greeks, a true story. They were brown not white or black or Asian like the Greek metropolises.
THE ECONOMIST: Immigration has ushered in 'era of white decline'... + Professor: Practice of replacing American workers 'widespread'... + Disabled mom forced to train foreign worker imported to replace her... + very common. I was replaced in the early 1990s, it started then, both main political parties contributed. 03 16 2015.

The Republicans Party under the watch of The Bush Family runs this secret program. They believe they can get the latin vote for Geb Bush so the Bushes can rape and hurt more accross this Earth for their Greed.


REVEALED: Loophole to vote in elections...

'Sneaky' Path to Citizenship...

Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim Becomes Largest NYT Shareholder...

so the idea is to vote in liars and get lied too and destroyed. Massive Amnesty was not popular or has it ever been popular, so Bush/Putin/HORGOP/Obama are the same thing, they rule by the wishes for their rich corpos.

Key Strategies, Violence, Numbers and Lies.

Bookoflife.org � 21 January 2013 | update Canter defeat 10 th June 2014, update link to immigrants 15x mmore pay than native workers for last 10 years 16 sept 2014,

ILLEGALS GET SUITES WITH FLAT-SCREEN TVS... July 31 2014. I'm starving and homeless.

NEW AMERICA: Immigrants Account for All Jobs Growth Since '07... 2014 A.D. b/c Republicans and Democrats HATE AMERICANS.

The Greeks are frustrated with the financial crisis currently tearing their country apart, and have begun venting that frustration on African and Asian refugees. ( appears economics is a key to all of racism).

Top Republicans push to increase foreign workers... ( make sure U.S. families that built this country are shut out of the job market.).

Olé You Stay!
Black Activists Condemn...
Republicans had it coming...

PRUDEN: Guarantees hell on border will continue...
'Golden ticket'...
SESSIONS: Americans must 'resist this imperial decree'...
Obama fundraises off immigration speech, seeks $1,000 contributions...
New DHS rules: Drunk drivers, sex abusers, drug dealers, gun offenders not top deportation priorities...

Obama uses KingShip Decree because he hates Democracy




  • SESSIONS: Executive Amnesty Will Make Immigration Enforcement 'Almost Impossible'...

    2014. Obama who declares most Americans are not worthy of respect issues King Orders to destroy me and others whose parents built the country, and Immigrants have taken over using force by politicians and Police that see job security is making the U.S. social fabric a social warfare, to keep the people decided. Latin American business men have plenty of money to house every human south of the U.S. boarder and across the world. However, they link up to American and foreign business men to force the poor in each Country to foot the poor in Latin America.  Nine out of ten Sec. 8 recipients I came across are illegals that use fake IDs and SNN and still get preferential treatment. So I want this country to be destroyed for blacks, Asians and Whites.  The leaders do not represent or care if I starve, suffer or live or die. The only reason Supplemental income exist is to stop street revolutions.

  • DEM: 'Immigration Reform Not About Enforcement'... ( this is not about enforcement but Greed and avarice. You see cheap labor for the government workers, like janitors and maids are duly desired by the rich classes. so they advocate to come here and replace Americans that demand to be treated like equal to the rich in respect.

    UNIVISION #1 Network For Second Consecutive July Sweeps... Latins are already showing popular dominance. So in 2040 A.D. they should start to throw out all Asians, Whites and Blacks.

    REPORT: All employment growth in TN went to immigrant workers...

    U.S. family denied court as Illegal Immigrants gun down father and son Boarder Agents, in Texas. Aug. 2014.

    Gustavo Tijernia, 30, and Ismael Hernandez, 40, were arrested Monday when they confessed to killing off-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent Javier Vega Jr., 36. Vega died of a gunshot wound to the chest, and his father Javier Vega Sr. was hospitalized for a gunshot wound to the hip. Tijernia and Hernandez, who are both Mexican nationals and illegal immigrants, face charges of capital murder, attempted capital murder, aggravated robbery and tampering with evidence.

    254.33 Million Americans Speak English as of 2013 A.D.

    316. 13 Million recorded residents in U.S.A. as of 2013. A.D.

    61.8 Million residents do not speak English at all. as of 2013 A.D.

Record 61.8 million residents in U.S. speak language other than English at home...
316.13 million (2013) not counting me, I missed the last U.S. Cencus. as well as millions of others who are scared of Gov.
PAPER: Hundreds of dead border-crossers in single Texas county...
Rancher shares grotesque photos...
= Obama does nothing, he claims if you do not sign my $4,7 Billion dollar aid, I will allow them to die and the world can blame Republicans and Christians. This is why Obama is the Anti-Christ. Obama cares about his poll approval and legacy issues not anyone or anything. Bill Clinton was the same, and Bush did not care about anyone, he often said this. Why are these people allowed to even exist on planet Earth?

  • LA RAZA 2004 ( Cartel + Gang Imperialism)

Megabillionaires Buffet, Gates, Adelson Unite for Amnesty... because it is cheap labor, it is slave labor and rich make money only off slave labor.

( July 2014): $262 billion is the president's real plan on immigration, to go to all non US citizens, as 'gifts' from the rich controllers of the poor’s wealth of the U.S.A. who slaved to make this a country, now left out of the benefits of that hard work.  How about reparations to black families linked to slavery, and not as voting bribes to illegals so rich of all colors can remain in power?

Also a part of this plan is to pay illegal families that are here $6,000 a month to house a 2014 immigrant family , with no financial strings attached.

I have no home, beaten up by rich and latinos for job placement and blacks beat me up at help centers for the poor and LA RAZA controls the police department, so I’m screwed, The whites are isolationist’s and scared, so they do not help me either.  Obama got rich by leftcons funding him in politics, he did not get rich on his own.  He is a multi-Millionaire, all form politics. Rich people do not care about the poor they crave ‘attention’ of their ideologies. If you remember Barack did not want a second term, but in his private moments, he craves the attention, so he ran again and is doing his ideology and not what is good for the poor.

facts: BHObama ii, a faux black president = largest black youth unemployment in US history after civil rights. 40% black youth out of work and killing themselves and it is not a gang problem, but an access to jobs and markets problem, which Obama never addressed, ever and thus is a full-blown racist, and any white supporting is also culpable. Obama wants $262 billion to go to brown LA RAZA and cartels and not to South Chicago where Dr. King made his roots. Why is this? Obama is an Anti Christ.

Obama meets with immigration hecklers: 'I'm on your side, man!'

Atheist American Accomplishments

Atheists took over America, both parties, and so a part of their aims, long term is the eradication of Christians from America. This is happening and they are winning, and will win because Christians are weak bodied, not giants with bully physical features and big bucks.

Both Arab Moslems and Latino Catholics, Latino Christians make up a small fraction of the billions of brown colored people on Earth. The U.S. A. is at war with brown people on two fronts, the boarder and overseas in the Middle East. The Europeans are battling the Middle Easterners who migrated out of their strict states and plan to take it over.

Gallup: President more popular among non-Christians
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/#vXIihApDhFA1cK6T.99

STUDY: Long-term unemployment can cause depression...

Los Angeles Growth Rate 00.00%  ZERO percent since 1993 A.D. Californian Gov. Statistics, Sacramento. Democrat Solution and Republican Establishment Solution: allow 12-20 Million more immigrants to take over low paying American jobs and give them each $20,000 Dream Act, for brown Latino migrants, who advocate LA RASA, all for Latinos Fuck all else in the world, on every Campus as leaders and now in the U.S. Presidential Top Cabinet.

Illegal charged in beating death of Chinese college student in LA... ( big news here, the second set of Chinese students slaughtered in the last 12 months in Los Angeles, associated to U.S.C., near a very dangerous section of LA. ).


JUDGE: 'Government has simply chosen not to enforce border security laws'...
Sheriffs: Feds AthShould Pay for Housing...
Agents threatened with firing after photos leak...

MEMO: 230,000 children expected over 24 months...
Growing concern of diseases...
No end in sight for 'dumping' policy...
White House Launches Program to Provide Lawyers...
Officers diverted from handling crimes...
'40% of agents not at border'...
Cruz: Obama 'lawlessness' responsible for crisis...
Supreme Court rules against immigrants over visa eligibility...
Congressman: Impeach Holder for Allowing 'Illegal Alien Smuggling'...

Eric Cantor ( voted into office 2000 AD) lost to Tea Party challenger David Brat, in a small Virginia district but this seat holds the legislation flooring if Republicans are in control, giving Brat power to floor amnesty #3 or not. No Americans exist any longer, these people fought the establishment Britains and Establishment Mexicans/Latinos, and today�s Americans appease Britains and Establishment Mexicans/Latinos and attack Americans who want jobs, the American dream. Both parties are establishment, and both republicans and Democrats slander and libel Tea Partiers for being insane and radical terrorists. So America needs to have its house cleaned from top to bottom, and in the coming decades Mexico will take over America, faster than you can say one generation. Mexico is the most corrupt government managed people, it attacks indigenous Americans, thus Mexicans ( Spanish rulers) are racist, and murderers, as they claim American colonialists are, but La Casas ( Catholic Emissary to the New World during Spanish, Portuguese genocide, gold, conquests) , reported from the New World, some Latino genocide of native Americans in the 100,000,000 range, the highest mass murderers of all time, and these are the people that Democrats salivate over and worship as gods. These are the same people that Democrats and republicans because they do nothing want to control America.

So when you give a reincarnation group some nuclear weapons ( they take over the U.S.A. and its military machine and its nuke fields) and they are vampires, they will suck the lifeblood out of the Earth and we will all be dead. Before Eric Canter lost his primary, thus is lost his Washington D.C. seat of power, he had gone to a very public meeting of other establishment Republicans and cried he would destroy the Tea Party. He would allow masses of murderers to kill and take over African, Asian and European communities. -- 10 June 2014.

Satanist, and Killer of U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson passed about 200 legislations, of one was a reversal of a 1920 restriction on foreigners from developing countries. He passed a bill to allow Mexico to take over America in 80 years, and claimed after 50 years, His Great Welfare Society will be achieved. But since L.B.J. was a real demon on Earth, this Great Society was just another demonic lie. People cannot say we did not follow his road map, we have we still have all of his policies from that vision. But the Great Society is not here and it never was here. The Latin community identifies with anyone with brown skin color, not just nationality or cultural claims of ethnicity. What brown people have ever run democracies on Earth, ever? The answer is Zero. So what was Lyndon Baines Johnson's vision? To allow mass non democratic people to take political power and through out the Democrats? Here is how you deal with immigration. You tell immigrants to turn on their own corrupted officials and kill them, take over the state, by raw numbers, and implement Democracy , and then you can come in a join the civilized world.

White ass suburb bitch, and MSNBC witch ( a propagandist or a retard are witches by the literal sense of the term). Rachel Maddow ( note - mad in her name) advocates anti Democracy by blaming White southerners ( whom are being affected why New Jersey  White Suburb  bitch who hides from the browns) for not allow anti democrats to take over power, at the same time pay for them to take power from democrats, and so she is a total disgrace to the homosexual community, because haters like her should not be associated to such a group. She does not understand that Mafia buddy, Lyndon B. Johnson was a retarded criminal, and had no vision of race relations on a global scale.  John F. Kennedy was going to pass civil rights laws regardless because that was where the Americans were going, but allowing in all anti Democrats by reforming immigration legislation, Kennedy would have allowed only Democrats. You need to test a democrat before you give them power. Just allowing kingship brown Latinos ( b ronws that do not identify as South Asian Indian or Arab, even though many do) are being allowed to take over power and put in kingship. 

Latinos as a total group have lived and loved side by side with Islam for 800 years, and adopting Sha'riah Law they have no problem implementing.

So, for Rachel Maddow's life, hopefully I can attend or participate in her stoning, sha'riah being legal and all. And the left supports it because everytime a Republican complains of Sha'riah law, the leftcons attack viciously, like Maddow.

Because she forgets that laws are cultural specific to those in power. Latinos taking over power will delete civil rights and implement their population loves, such dominating women in all aspects of civil life. Since Rachel is Gay, has a female lover, and this is illegal under Islamic Sha'riah law, then we can slowly kill her in the most painful way. Her opposition to Christianity and white democratic ways of life dooms her unless she can transform religious institutions, which I bet she cannot. She is not that intelligent.

The Reason Latin Americans Are Favored in Immigration Policies, in part do to their continual violence on the streets, is that they work cheaper then Black Slavery, Democrat Nancy Pelosi figures. Most illegal � but U.S. government sponsored worker guest programs slave these people at $1.00 per hour or less.

PELOSI: Halt deportations of illegals!

Because U.S. citizens in Los Angeles cannot get jobs ( Zero% Job Growth 1993- currrent 2014 + ) , Pelosi advocates for more jobless to flood into Los Angeles. Why is this? She has $60 million dollars form political back door deals, and so she is so rich she does not need work, and she is worshiped by these unknown illegal's crossing the boarder with Eric Holder escorts. I cannot go and move to Mexico, because of their racist legal immigrant policies, but Nancy Pelosi can advocate the racists come into my home and kill my famil

  'Homeland' Head: Illegals Have Earned Right to be Citizens... Because Americans do not support me, I do not support America and would love to see if totally fail and finally fall from grace and go away form history as another failed 'experiment.' The key is that bullies get into power, over and over again in history, and there is no solution. Only bullies knock out other bullies and Atheism wins.

92,000,000 Americans without full or part time employment 2009-current ( 2014 as I write this) but heah? Let us shove in 20,000,000 humans that detest Democracy, ran kingship/dictatorship for 5,000 + years and force Americans that contributed to building this country to the grave.

She owns hotels, motels, sports teams; they all need cheap slave labor that is why she favors them. She is filthy Rich.

2010 U.S. Census Data:

  • 2040 Whites Out of Political Power, over taken by Colored people that came from dictators - socialist histories. so America will go dictatorial, like The  Roman Racist Empire.

U.S.A. immigrants growing at 5 times the rate of whites (2012).

2045 A.D. projected U.S.A. population at 450,000,000 U.S.A. persons and of 82% immigrants with 95% voting on racial lines, most from Latin American countries.

2012: 56.2% of all U.S.A. babies born in 2012 are from Latin families. These are all U.S. citizens by Federal Law.

2020 General Elections, whites theoretically in the minority in many of the large cities, where the Electoral College will count and lead to a heavy political-racial influence.

Share of total income accruing to each group
 Top 1% (incomes above $398,900 in 2007)

Politicians, media, Secret Military, C.I.A., F.B.I., a few Corporate- Capitalists, sports figures. 14,588 top families, 2010.
 Top 5-1% (incomes between $155,400 and $398,900)

media, scientists, academics, union top officials, some private sector, sports figures.
 Top 10-5% (incomes between $109,600 and $155,400)

the rest of academics, white collar workers.

Bottom 90% (incomes between 0 and $109,600.)

Low level academics, blue collar workers, poor.
 The Top 0.01% Income Share, 1913-2007.

Immigrant Cheap Labor = $500 - $8,000 a year. = benifits the rich class only.

Reality: The Top .0001% − 10% create the world views for the 90% of the poor, by media, by television, by movies, and by entertainment. In addition, the top .0001% - 10% create the world views for many of the world�s population.

The Democrats Did Not Pass A Budget For Four Years (unprecedented). This Way Obama and Democrats Could Print $58,000,00,000 ($58 Billion of Dollars Each Month for Four Years) per month and Blame Whites for the Economic Wows. His opponents do not want him to fail as the left claims as a mantra; they want him out of office, evident of his na�vet� on all subjects but criminal and high crimes acts to which he excelled.  


Popular national 2012:

Romney 51% whites

Obama 49% whites

Romney 4% blacks (blacks 13% of total voting block)

Obama 9% blacks (blacks 13% of total voting block)

However, Romney won the black vote of 18-29 age-group of black voters (8%). Obama won the older black vote 30 + - old age by 5%.

Romney 3% (Latins 27% ;  and 36% of total voting block. Latins made up about 10 % nationally)

Obama 33% (Latins 71%; and 36% of total voting block)

Romney (33% of the  Hebrew vote, Jews are all different colors).[1]

Obama (66%  of the  Hebrew vote, Jews are all different colors).



Women�s vote

Obama 68%

Romney 30%



Share of total income accruing to each group
Top 1% (incomes above $398,900 in 2007)
Top 5-1% (incomes between $155,400 and $398,900)
Top 10-5% (incomes between $109,600 and $155,400)
The Top 0.01% Income Share, 1913-2007.

Source: Piketty and Saez (2003), series updated to 2007. Income is defined as market income including capital gains. In 2007, top .01% includes the 14,588 top families with annual income above $11,477,000. ( University of California, at Berkeley, CA. ).

Latino including Spanish meso-southern Americas' generational cultures:

U.S.A. Latino new job/employment increases +12.5% since 2007-2012, while Whites +1% since 2007-2012. Word on the street, this group  Hates Whites, Hates Black, Hates Asians, Hates Jews, Hates, Arabs.

Census 2010: 50% of Spanish or Latin Children born in the United States of America do not have both parents -- born out of wedlock. Some 25% of black children born out of wed-lock. This is a lack of social values and broken families produce a host of state sustainability problems.

States: Latin populations taking over cities demograghics.

2000-2010: Latings up 28% of total population of California, currently some 39% of 100% with 25% out of the 39% with an equivalent of an 8 th - grade education.

Brown voting block: Philosophy = selfish. Solution, vote for the U.S. political party that will support your racial agenda: which includes hand-outs, and privilege jobs, and welfare, & distribution of social monies? The Democrats win the brown vote because they take from the whites and distribute wealth and jobs to the non-whites -- therefore they lock up the majority of that populations' vote.

The Republican Party denies many of these superior race privilege legislations and therefore, this explains why they lose overwhelmingly the brown vote.  

For example, Mitt Romney refuted the Kill The White Race Act publicly during his 2012 campaign, Obama signed it into legislation by secret executive order � and let the brown race know he had done so � thus locking up the 2012  (3/4 th )Brown Vote.  The Browns ( Latinos in this case) created the legislation for all minorities, but with the notion their brown � Latin majority will benefit the most. Therefore, these browns called it The Dream Act, and at its most beneficial, it denies whites jobs, and welfares $200,000 to each recipient ( no white can get this) and each recipient does not need to pay anything back; it gives citizenship with job preference over Whites, regardless of cultural precedence and educational-effort merits. Many whites I know wish they were born here in the U.S.A. with brown color skin � this is the preference culture and violence remains its tool of dominance.

The U.S.A.  Academia, the laughing stock of the world. 

Liberals of Academia (Democratic Party ~ 98% at the top myriad of U.S. universities). The U.S.A.  Academia, the laughing stock of the world. 

23 April 2013: Headlines Prove Conquest Agenda


99.5% of illegals approved for legal status... Janet Napalotano DOJ, Obama.


Last five years 650,000 illegal alien - persons deported, in 2007;in 2012 only 628 deported (down 75%). Obama�s new amnesty plan is a permanent come to America plan: get visa for 8 years, become citizen, guaranteed.

Other countries do not allow for immigration, citizenship, preferred job placement, $200,000 in free monies for preferred over American student education, the illegal do not have to pay anything back (Dream Act).



sinistra ophiucii ~ Winter Solstice of 2020 A.D.


LA RAZA 2014
Immigration 2014: Obama sends Message to Latin America, come and become automatic citizens. Trains with 160,000 a month are riding through Mexico, permissible by the Mexican LA RAZA government to dump their people on the Rio Grande, and flotillas of rafts lift them from one side to another. Obama then does address the issue, and some believe he wanted to start a race war. There are 40% U.S. black youth unemployment, sustained, almost 5,000 deaths, most from South Side Chicago, where Satanist Rahm Emmanuel moved all the security force to the inner rich section of Chicago pulling them out of the troubled areas, so lawlessness resumes because it is only poor and the criminals suppressing the poor and South Chicago has more death-rate than the War in Vietnams. Obama has not addressed this at all, and the media follows his every wish.

Mexico Pop. 2010 = 177,000,000 ( projected 50 years = 80,000,000+) VISA denied to colored people not Brown and Latin or Arabs.

Mexico (most corrupt nation on Earth, the largest per capita population of Latin Billionaires or in general any billionaires on Earth. They do not like to support their population, but they send their people to the U.S.A. where both Republicans and Democrats use them for cheap labor so the U.S. rich do not have to pay a livable wage to Americans.  Have never met a non-Christian Latin ( and most are not Christians) that claim or practice under multiculturalism principles.

Who is at Fault? The American people who do not stand up to the filthy rich leaders and their police state.

July 2014

NOONAN: Is nation without borders a nation?
PERRY: Need To Secure Border With 'Show Of Force'...
Mega-billionaires Buffet, Gates, Adelson Unite for Amnesty...
Illegals to get lawyers, schools and healthcare...
Feds spend $1,000 per bed...
Populist immigration backlash?
Armed militia sets up Texas command center to 'fight for national sovereignty'...
'Minuteman' recruiting thousands to secure border...
90,000 to cross by end of summer...
Border Agent: Why Hire Smuggler When Feds Do For Free?
TRUMP: 'This influx is killing the country'...
Obama meets with immigration hecklers: 'I'm on your side, man!'
MICHELLE O: 'We Have To Keep Fighting As Hard As We Can'...
PERRY: President Didn't Know Border Patrol Was Stationed 40 Miles From Border...
CLAIM: Deportation agency will be broke in months...
White House stands by claim that border security is stronger than ever...
Adult Illegals Posing as Children to Enroll in High School...


Where do Real Conservatives Live and Thrive? Napa, Beverly Hills – a haven of NEOCONS, and also Hollywood Hills are full of NEOCONS that call themselves Liberals and vote Democrats but have a change of heart do to Obama who is a rightwing wacko!


Obama who constantly believes and claims Christians are Evil calls on Churches to take in his illegal soldiers.


Mother Of Cop Killed By Illegal Writes To President Asking Why He Wasn't Deported...
Administration turns to churches to avoid clashes...
Feds begin dumping at SoCal diocese...
'Travel cash'....
Planeloads continue to land in El Paso...
Residents On Edge as Flow Increases...

Can you argue with people on the street? Nope, they have been brain washed by MEAMIC textbooks.

so 2 /3 rds of the people who claim they know what they do not know is proof that the people of Erath have failed.

Mother Of Cop Killed By Illegal Writes To President Asking Why He Wasn't Deported...

Administration turns to churches to avoid clashes...

Feds begin dumping at SoCal diocese...

'Travel cash'....

Planeloads continue to land in El Paso...

Residents On Edge as Flow Increases...


U.S. Boarder Crossings ( Latin hegemony migrations happening since Truman left office).
President Barack Obama is asking Congress to provide $3.7 billion to address the crisis at the border but Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson says it's a proposal he can't support. “If you take $3.7 billion and divide it by 52,000 children, that's $71,000 per person," he explained.  That will make them instantly rich. The workers are on salaries, and Obamacare is of course free and so medical checkups are free.  All the personal are paid for so we do not need to have $3.7 Billion probably will quadruple in reality, and is an excuse for Obama to rob the U.S. poor.

"I've gone online and have taken a look on Orbitz and taken a look at  what does it cost to fly people to El Salvador and Guatemala and  Honduras," Johnson, a Republican, said. "You have fares as low as
$207. There's nonstop flights at $450."  "You take those numbers and it costs somewhere between $11 million and  $30 million to return people in a very humane fashion," Johnson said.

The president's plan includes:

    $1.1 billion more for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement
(ICE) agency, including $879 million to pay for detention and removal
of undocumented adults traveling with children;
    $116 million to ICE for transportation costs linked to
apprehending unaccompanied children;
    $433 million for Homeland Security's Border Patrol unit to cover
increased costs associated with apprehending unaccompanied children;
    $39.4 million to bolster air surveillance capabilities to detect
illegal activity;
    $64 million more for the Department of Justice, including $45.4
million to hire about 40 more immigration judge teams and to expand
courtroom capacity;
    $15 million to fund legal representation services for children in
immigration proceedings;
    $1.8 billion for the Department of Health and Human Services to
provide additional funding for appropriate care, including medical
attention, for unaccompanied children at Border Patrol facilities;
    $300 million for the Department of State, $295 million of which
would go to repatriate migrants to their home countries and
reintegrate them there;
    $5 million would fund media campaigns in Mexico, Guatemala, El
Salvador, and Honduras to spread the word that unaccompanied children
crossing into the United States will be returned to their home

Of course, as will all of Barack H. Obama's claims are lies, he even admits it. So all this money would in reality be defrayed to his coffers and vacation funds.

The President's plan for me: Deny respect, deny jobs, deny a life, deny all, and death to me. Since it is supported by white, black and brown racists, then allow me to take you all out. The plan and its costs are just a reaping of profits for the corporations. Again, Mexico has the most mega billionaires on the planet and do not take care of their own, but rely on the poor to pay Obama’s multi-billion dollar fleecing for racist purposes.

Johnson said the Senate also passed a "comprehensive immigration bill  that promise[d] $262 billion in welfare benefits to non-U.S. citizens,  that creates an incentive," he added.

"We have to stop doing that," the Wisconsin senator said. "We have to  tell the world that 'we are going to secure our border. You're not  going to get benefits when you come to America and you're not going to  be allowed to stay.'"

Johnson says that if the United States does not "send the signal that  this is unacceptable ... more people are going to come."


July 11, 2014

The Signs of Dictatorship

By Eileen F. Toplansky

In his book entitled A Splendor of Letters, author Nicholas A. Basbanes reminds us that "[i]n the totalitarian world of [Orwell's] 1984, a morally corrupt government maintains absolute power by systematically depriving its subjects of their identities and by denying them any hope of a cultural legacy." Toplansky, however is incorrect to say Obama's ideology is to form an equal society because America is fundamentally flawed.

So why does Obama help out the Brown people and ignore the Chicago South Side black people in America? The 2010 Census indicates Latin browns are winning all demographics and will take over by 2040s. So why is Obama advocating defraying $300 Billion to migrant brown people and screw the U.S. blacks? Obama is a liar, a hustler, a fraud, and no one in power hold him to his lies.

This is a false claim. Obama's father grew up under White British occupation, and he was born at Mombasa Hospital (birch cert, has his baby footprint on it) two years before a Kenyan independence. He has never forgotten nor has he ever forgiven this egregious thing and takes it out to change America to banish all European whites, and even the Blacks that support the whites because they been here form the beginning.


Illegal Immigration Post to WaPo: 31 July 2014


I'm glad here in Los Angeles the Latino community plans to destroy every white , Asian and black democrat in the coming future. They tell me there is no room for whitey any-longer, even if it claims it works for the Democratic changeover of white to brown rule. They do not like you or want you. There are enough Latin billionaires to take care of every Latin in the known World, and then some. But they are greedy capitalists so they say, to hell with our poor let us send them to the USA so they pay not us. 
End Game= USA is over, due 6 Families ruling the media. All do not care about Asians, Blacks nor Whites, only browns.  

[+1] wiithin a minuet.

These types of post get all people very angry because it 'hits' at the heart of the Issue no one wants to engage. Latins do not or have they lived in any democracy in history and they are taking over the U.S.A. when their businessmen and leaders have plenty of money to support them. But both sides of the professional class advocate for them to take over citizen jobs, and turn a profit for the rich. And at the same time, get them votes to remain in office. This policy, tacitly understood, is not democracy either. While I will not go and check, no time, the thread was quickly stopped ( moderated). The media by opening up blogs allows descent and descent has not been a factor in new reporting from the large newspapers, but then their print rags fell and the internet is more accustomed to news journalism today, and blog and posting comments are the norm.


Maybe the next president will just go all EO and we can fire the Senate and House, and even the judges of the Supreme Court. They Can go work in the Mexican opium fields, for all I'm concerned. WaPo, hit peiece against REPUBLICANS. 31 July 2014. a comment by me.

CENSUS: Noncitizen Income Rising 15X Faster Than Native Workers...


+ Comment to Matt Bai ( Yahoo news linked, comment in the 16,016 range 16,012 ( with editor deletes not mine)


Obama goes to all black causes ( 100% racist) or Millionaire Roe in San Fran, a white supremacist and Russian Supremacist enclave ( Barack Hussein Obama ) goes to LA RAZA clubs in SoCal, all the time, to fundraiser, they are all brown only.

that is one way MATT BAI to understand racism in our world. It is just the filthy rich whites made it impossible for poor whites to get a good life, so the poor whites will make sure ALL OF THE WHITES are treated equally, that is to say, you preferred the immigrants and so we advocate for you and all your whiteys to get the hell out, the way u treated us.

Now get out of your job, you have whitish skin color and theretofore are automatically a racist. Obama believes this and so do all the immigrants. now get out.


July 8, 2015

In the days leading up to July Fourth weekend, Americans were hysterically warned about an ISIS attack in the United States. Congressman Peter King, for example, somberly advised Fox News viewers that "this is the most concerned I've seen the FBI and Homeland Security" since 9/11.

And, once again, the weekend came and went without anyone in America being killed by ISIS, but a lot of people being killed by immigrants -- legal, illegal, second generation and anchor babies. There's no way to know exactly how many Americans were killed July Fourth weekend as a result of the country's immigration policies, because the media don't trust us with the truth.

But the holiday weekend kicked off with the news that an illegal alien from Mexico, Francisco Sanchez, had shot and killed 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle on Wednesday on a San Francisco pier. The most surprising aspect of the crime was that we were told right away that Steinle's suspected killer was an illegal alien. Usually, we only find out that the perp was an immigrant years later when the Spanish translators show up in court.

The day after Steinle was shot to death, the Associated Press reported that members of the Mexican mafia and their associates -- Loribeth Martinez, John Mendoza Jr., Kristopher Sanchez and Veronica Sanchez -- had been arrested for the murder of two people, Traci Lynn Lemley and Jeremy Carrico, in San Antonio, Texas.

Also on Thursday:

-- A fifth suspect in a shooting in Las Vegas, Benjamin Hernandez, was arrested. He joined Yors "Cuete" Garcia-Mier, Nicholas Pedro "Silent" Cortes, Miguel "Trips" Salazar and Jeiszon Valles in jail for the killing.

-- In New Jersey, an illegal alien from Ecuador was indicted for attempting to murder his ex-wife by stabbing her with a steak knife in front of one of their children. (Gosh -- I hope all those kids were born here, so the media can start referring to them as "American citizens" right away.)

-- The bodies of two Americans, Michael Careccia and his wife, Tina, were dug out of the Arizona desert, and Jose Valenzuela, was arrested for their murder.

-- An illegal immigrant from Mexico, Juan Francisco de Luna Vasquez, murdered his wife with a hammer in Laredo, Texas. Vasquez had previously been charged with assault, making terroristic threats, DWI and evading arrest. It just sounds awful to be living in the shadows like that!

That was Thursday. And I didn't even include drunk driving fatalities, a specialty of our Latin American immigrants. (It may not be a good idea to pluck people from the Mayan jungle and put them directly on American roads and highways.)

On Friday, as Americans worried about the imminent ISIS attack:

-- Prudencio Juan Fragos-Ramirez, an illegal alien in Washington state, was accused of murdering an 18-year-old and her toddler son, then setting the pair on fire.

-- Irina Kolenkina, a Russian immigrant who does not speak English, was ordered to stand trial for the murder of her husband in Vienna, Wisconsin. Kolenkina had to be put into restraints because she became so combative upon her arrest.

-- Illegal immigrant Sinar Roblero Escalante found out he would get off scot-free for killing a 24-year-old man in East Naples, Florida, 10 years ago in a car accident. After the crash, Escalante had fled the scene on foot. He went on the lam and is believed to have hid out in Mexico for at least part of that time -- thus, outlasting the statute of limitations. Escalante was recently re-arrested after being caught in his car with a baggie of cocaine on his lap.

-- In another immigration success story, Andrew Romero assaulted a prison guard in New Mexico last week. Romero is awaiting trial on charges that he murdered Rio Rancho Police officer Gregg Benner.

-- On our nation's birthday, it was reported that Brogenet Cinor, a Haitian voodoo priest, was arrested for child rape in Florida.

-- On Monday, an illegal alien from Mexico engaged in a fatal hit-and-run accident in Bellingham, Washington, then fled the scene of the accident. Witnesses described a "short Hispanic man" running from the car, which was littered with empty beer bottles and a case of Modelo Especial. The illegal farm worker doesn't speak English, but he was able to ask for an attorney in Spanish.

In related news, a non-elderly woman in Washington state became the first person to die of measles in the U.S. since 2003.

On the bright side, heading into the July 4 weekend, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced that it is reconsidering its policy of releasing convicted criminal illegal aliens into the public without warning. This was the agency's lightning-fast response to the murder of 21-year-old Grant Ronnebeck by a Mexican illegal alien in Arizona last January.

Apolinar Altamirano had been released by ICE because the charge on his conviction sheet was "burglary," which our public servants deemed a "nonviolent" offense. But burglary was merely the charge Altamirano had agreed to in a plea bargain. His actual crime, according to the victim, was to break into her home with two accomplices, steal all her belongings, kidnap and rape her.

Mexico really is sending us its best people!

Some of these crimes were committed by legal residents -- even "citizens." But without Teddy Kennedy's 1965 immigration act, combined with Justice William Brennan's 1982 anchor baby invention, the "Mexican mafia" would not be living in America, much less be "citizens."

Just as America's immigration policies began favoring people from cultures as different from ours as possible, we also began providing government assistance to any loser immigrants and refusing to deport the criminals.

There's no question but that the only reason any of this week's criminal immigrants are in America at all is because of Ted Kennedy's 1965 immigration act.

Now go back to worrying about ISIS. --Anne Coulter cutie.

ANCHOR BABY: a long term in USA history, but Arabs say the word is nogood.

It is call, 'I lay seed on your land to take your money ,' babies. Oh yeah, Geb wants one word term: 'disaster!' babies.

how about a correct term, 'Imperial babies.'

'conquest' babies.

'take your home, wife, kids, car, bank account,' babies?

or 'spawns';

'beaner' baby it too cultural specific, we have Arabs form ME doing this too.  ( a term from  post Operation Wet Back, Truman)

I am one too, but My mom got preggies here in the States she did not come after she got preggies, and she was married to 2nd  gen Los Angeleno but we do not know about the legalese yet The Supremerer are awaiting their brown paper bag lobbyist contributions before they make thier 14 th Amendment rulings on 'what is an anchor baby?'

I think two  US Supreme Court Justices are Anchor babies.


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