surrounding mosques with atheist bikers with guns to libel Muhammad wins you a one way trip to TLoF





Jon Ritzheimer expresses his feeling for a need to end his miserable autistic problems.

This dude’s crews are meth and are cocaine dealers, are sex traffickers, are outlaws, are anti-familiests, are anti-women troublemakers,are ignorant(s) packing guns, and are intimidationors and has a profound ignorance, to which he masks as ‘free speech.’ He believes this is the crew that should rule Earth. I say no way , so how about you?

#pamelaGeller is 'getting' close to being sent to the Lake of Fire.

Pamela Geller’s imbecilic actions are shutting down free political speech on public accesses for all Americans.

#1PamelaGeller is not a Christian.
#2PalemaGeller has no idea what free speech is or was or will be.
#3pamalageller does not know anything about Islam nor do her buddies.
#4pamelageller believes you can swat anyone for a laugh, can threaten the death of Obama ( or any POTUS) by assassination methods, can yell Fire in an overcrowded theater, can yell in a crowded theme park, Rape that Mothers’ baby, now people! Over and over again!
#5PamelaGeller believes that she protects western values?
5a: Muhammad did more for women’s rights than any other Arab in history. Why attack Muhammad you stupid racist whore?
5b: shari’ah codes are not universally accepted, nor are they ascribed too as doctrine by all. There are usually five major Legal Moslem Law schools, and they are all different.  The contemporaries about 200 years after Muhammad’s passing claimed parts of large parts were not actually the sayings from Muhammad but made up, like the Brahman Priests who re wrote much of  the ancient Buddhist sayings to fit their caste view-structures.
5c: there is no proof that Geller can read or comprehend above the 3rd US grade level or the comparable 1 st grade level in Canada ( 1940s-‘50s).
6d: ISil uses much of the ‘made up’ legalese of shari’ah, and at your comprehension level, they do not use anything Muhammad proposed you duffas! So, again, why attack Muhammad? Are you autistic?
#6: In your twisted Free Speech theory, it would be permissible to put a poster on buses and the New York Subway of Obama raping a 2 year old child that is being held by Hillary Clinton, and saying ‘America the beautiful,’ and that would be A-OK, as long as it fits the pre requisite of your theory on Free Speech?
#7: When Charlie Hebdo employees were murdered, I felt no empathy for them at all and still do not till this day. They are no God lovers &  nor are they anything resembling Christians. They depicted God raping Jesus who is raping the Holy Ghost, a blithe to me on Christianity and God in the same disrespect as drawing or depicting an image of the Holy Arab Prophet.
7a: Hebdo fully realized they were playing with fire, befcause morally and ethically they knew  what they were doing was against humanity but more geared toward the bias atheist agenda. Maybe they would support the 22 Mexican states that allow sex with 12 year-olds, what we in the U.S. call a ‘minor.’ ISil has the same policy, but I do not hear you complain about these Mexicans who lived alongside Islam for 800 years? Perhaps a Jewish atheist rival against the God, but misled, barbarian movement we call ISil ( or ISIS, the dumb media calls it the Islamic  State ( it is no such thing, it is a federation until it is recognized by other states!)).
7b: Charlie Hebdo’s anti Christian and very despicable depictions of gay sex ( their bias agenda) is hate speech to me, just as Niggah  is to our collective Race relations with Nigerian and Western African peoples who were sold into slavery and wound up being a cog in our Country’s history, in replaceable. I do not use the ‘N’ word because it is bastardization of the French Colonists not being able to pronounce Niger correctly and thereby type casted people from Nigeria as ‘Niggers,’ who had very dark ‘negro’ colored skin which not all blacks, such as Obama’s fathers’ side represent, so we cannot call all blacks Niggahs. Why call a Brit a Scott? That is just as bad, it is very disrespectful. Obama is a Kenyan, you can call him a Kennah, but You cannot call him a Niggah and be legit because he is not from Nigeria or Serra Leon, a region near to Nigeria!
#8 ISil bans smoking. That is not  in the Shari’ah nor in the Holy Book of Islam, you duffas. So how can you call them Moslem related?
8a: I have called them the first day they broke out, 1 st Feb 2014 as Barbarians. They use the religion most local to their base of operations. If ISil ( under a Hindi name) broke out in Bangladesh and started to carve out a region of India, they would use a mix of Hindu and Islam as their religious’ authority, you duffas retard. Even Obama correctly does not call them Moslem or anything close to Islam.
#9PamelaGeller: The Administration does not call them radical Islam because ISil has nothing to do with Islam. They take and hostage children with middle class incomes. Muhammad did not advocate that you tardo! ISil sells the orphan children to their members for a week’s cut in pay, and they  can in turn resell to another member, the child suffers. This is not a practice in any Moslem legal school. ISil is not Islam, you and Fox News ( the administration is 100% correct) may be a group of autistic idiots with microphones and a television station.
9a: you have never studies shari’ah
9b: you have no historical training in Islamic history! ( not at an academic level; I do ).
9C: I am most certain Obama knows more about it then you do.
9d: During the  Ottoman Empire, for  certain decades white Europeans ( w/Jews included) living and working in the Ottoman Empire enjoyed ‘ court’ preference ( they ran a few shari’ah schools) over Arab Moslems, at their local shari’ah courts ;  and at other times the Arab moslems enjoyed preference. This is not made up, the archival evidence exists but it is too academic for you to read.
#10PamelaGeller: Your very hurtful and immature actions put a bad face on western civilization. We do not want a blowhard representing us, as our world gets much smaller. Most People, but Fox personal see you as an attention whore.
10a: can we put my claim to the test? ‘ attention whore?’
10b: how about we make bill boards and signs for all buses at major cities depicting you raping Muhammad and some caustic speech blurb, and call it free speech on your part. I’m sure someone will step up and foot this bill. Say something like, “I support Charlie Hebdo raping of Christian God cartoons, so I rape Muhammad, ha ha ha ha !” Under your freedom of speech theory, we do not need your permission. If you sue for libel, we say it is our Free Speech. If you claim, it is non-permissable to  misrepresent me under Libel laws, then you are no better than ISil barbarians, you stupid whore.  Do you have the guts? Or as I say, you are a blowhard, attention whore?
10c: Remember Free Speech is a double-edged sword, and if you play with fire, you might get burnt!
10d: The lawsuits against you are because cities are scared of your hate speech being promoted as Free Speech, and so to avoid the argument, these American cities are set to “ban all Free Political Speech’ on all public transportation or city viewing places, just for a stupid attention whore like you.
10e: You are the one, Geller, damaging western civilization, which Islam is much of a part of as any representative group.
10f: how about drawing cartoon, political ones like you want, against ISil or al quaeda or US. Political figures rather than Muhammad who was a champion for women’s rights?    -- you are so disgustingly stupid, you are earning a trip to the LAKE OF FIRE.

To the general Public: The reasons not to depict Muhammad are complex and perhaps combative and way above a level of ‘knowledge’ not readily available for mass consumption.
#1Islamichistory : When I was in Moffitt, taking  breaks, on a few occasions I found  Geller’s website, and mostly agreed with her anti legal views that many Arabs use which are not qu’ranic but pieces of paper, contemporaries of that time said were made up, called shari’ah. Muhammad told the Arabs to unify the people of the book as scared. Therefore they get no taxation on religious grounds, regardless of skin color or ethnic body structures. This was a corruption; 200 years after Muhammad had passed. Therefore, when Geller calls this taxation ( something ISil uses about $100-$900 a month, depending upon the income of the ‘target’ in their local currency value) Islam she is incorrect as many other mis informed Moslems also intend.  When the Abbassīd State was at its height, it charged no taxation. About 200 years after its height, radical barbarians from the south forced the central Abbassīd government to implement this  non Moslem tax on Christians and Jews and the progressive civilization became empty to where  the Mongalis had no trouble toppling what was left of an administration in the 13 th century. The Umayyad implemented this tax in north Africa but not in other parts they ruled.
There are many foreigners living in and working in Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia runs a ‘shari’ah legal system, unique to their needs. They do not  tax foreigners like Geller fears and yet they run shari’ah. My beef with the House of Saud is that refuse to honor and respect the Prophet Muhammad’s wishes of women’s rights. Wearing  the Habib or ‘bedsheet’ as critics call it was a very ancient custom 2,900 years before the Prophet Muhammad and to keep the women’s skin from pre mature aging in the hot desert sun, and yes, we are not sure they had access to SPF 30 +, you dumb  attention whore. Today, we have sunscreen so there is not need for Arab/Moslem to keep their women covered, it is rather disrespectful. It is so disrespectful to me that I believe most of  the Arabs that favor this type of display only want to see Arab men without shirts and no women’s faces, they are hidden bi-sexual or rather gay, as some real events in  the House of Saud illustrated they have princes who are very openly gay ( one murdered his gay slave lover, he was filmed in a British hotel beating him up in an elevator, a few hours later the slave of the Saudi Prince was found murdered – M17 connected the dots.  My time at Cal, I knew so many Arabs from the Middle East who were flaming homos, it was not even comparable to anything of rearing or conditioning, most young Arabs are as hip as western civilization youth. ISil does not represent any real shari’ah laws, they are illiterate barbarians who, often like Usama bin Laden had not known any real Islamic History, a shame. They made terrorist policy based on false misnomers and made up pre modern to middle age complaints against western civilization (however their complaints dealing with the 20 th century were spot on and correct).
Islam’s biggest complain pre-modern period: The Crusades.
The Crusades depicted by Usama bin Laden and other royal princes of half-witt are 100% wrong. The Middle Ages consisted  of Arabs supplying the Italians or Byzantium foodstuff and preservatives, necessary for life on the European continent directly through the Church for the people of Europe. Then around 1000s A.D. a barbarian exo-caucus group, we can perhaps type cast as pre Seljuck turks ( Atheists) attacked and destroyed the main Christian Church at Bethlehem, which stood for over 900+ years, built by Constantine’s mother. This did not spark the war but it was an underlying factor. Next, the Seljucks attacked the Christian Coptic and Orthodox churches all around Anatolia ( today’s boarders similar to Turkey’s). Anatolia ( Aleppo especially) was the ‘trade juncture’ of the world. If that was shut down, Europeans would starve and get sick. That is exactly what happened. These are barbarians, atheists, not religious, these pre seljuck turks and not Islam. The Church ( here used as Catholic for those not  up on history) began to get complaints from the Eastern Christian realms and the European masses. The Orthodox, Byzantium Church was being attacked on all sides by Barbarians ( why the crusades go through these areas), the tourist rout to Mecca or Bethlehem & Jerusalem were now blockaded by barbarians not Moslems. Then a few years before the Church calls out the first Crusade , a devastating series of winters destroys most of the crops, and many of them form L.S.D. ( certain grains form this under moisture, they have names for it in History, they gave hallucinations, which led to the hysteria of that time) and the people starving were forced to eat it. The spices that kept foodstuff fresh form the East, had already been cut off by the barbarians, and the Arabs had no armies to battle them.  So both the Arabs and Chiristans are suffering under barbarians, southern Europeans are dying of grain posining, and the Church is being inundated by kings of the Byzantium for help as a genocide of Christians is taking place under these barbarians like ISil is doing to many different groups who do not submit to their child sex cultures.  While al qua’eda or book Harem or ISil and especially Usama bin Laden have no idea what all this meant. It was an utter breakdown of society for both Araba and Christians, and the crusades were a result to save human beings. The trajedies of the first Crusades’ barbaric overtones and murder spree were issues not promoted by the Church of Byzantium leaders, but decisions on part of  the atheist princes that used this ‘decree’ to take advantage of a real situation. Usama bin Laden and many top elite Arabs have no idea of any real history and start terrorist policies based  on misinformation and narcissistic ‘attention- whore’ the same as Pamela Geller’s story.


Archangel Michael

posted this page 29 th May 2015 A.D. Burbank, Los Angeles California, 11:53 L.M.T. a.m. pacific time.