CNBC/NBC Telemundo: 2015 A.D. October An embarrassment to all democracies in history. We also know the RNC leader's leaked memo has Geb Bush ( establishment, father killed the Kennedys, started all the useless wars in the last 50+ years.) as their priority , so the RNC chief set up these liberal Hit Debates, and finally after this CNBC fiasco, the candidates took control and threatened to just leave all GOP debates. That is how serious this was as a real issue. CNBC and CNN put out a joint statement that the U.S. People cannot criticize CNBC, at all for anything. they control the world.

The Mexicans in Los Angeles have or share the exact same attitude. You cannot criticize  them, nothing of their culture or their criminal lifestyles ; and you must train them, give them your home and your job and then either you need to leave the United States of America or go Kill yourself; those are the only two options you have as an American, because the demons have taken over the land(s). The United States of Arabia is not over, long gone!

C.B.S. Foreigner Media Establishment Mafia – Group Think DEBATE HATE

NBC, CBS, NPR, ABC, CNN, Are Anti Christian and Anti White Propaganda  Corporations of the Gulf Cartels, The Sinaloa Cartels, The South American Mafioso Cartels and Sex trade traffickers, imo so treat these sources as suspect but I still cite them. Fox to me is however close to these companies too.

USA 1950 IQ= Rank #01 in World.
USA 2014 IQ= Rank #19 in World.

The Cultural and Political Significance of the CNBC Debates were the GOP candidates changing plans not to appear in future debates. It was a barbarian low level intellect disaster. These people are really dumb.  Questions that apply to GOPers on that night were like: “ If you do not suck dick, you cannot become a U.S. president, you must be a racist.”

The I Got You questions based on false data, for propaganda & were the format of the night, not the acceptation.


Why these problems?

The RNC is a brand; they support only GEB BUSH ( the philosophy? It is his turn and leaked memos prove this narrative ); so the people told Bush and the other established RINOS to FOAD, and that started all the fuss. So being capitalists, The Democruds decided to 'capitalize' and try to destroy all of these GOP candidates in their circus got you platforms of accompanied by false and misleading facts, that make the candidate defend themselves rather than focusing on any issues at hand.


Condescending and disrespectful, and unfactual, Aggressive Bully Imbiciles – Media.  John Harwood tweeted a month ago the correction. And Tax Foundation does it my way, and Rubio says No, that is not what it says. John Harwood’s CNBC challenged personal things and not political issues, trying “ I got You” shenanigans. The Debate was billed as an Economic Discussion, where personal attacks began with the first question and did not stop even after Ted Cruz had skippped his answer to a question and listed from top to bottom all the condescending and I got you questions posed by this Left Wing Media Mafioso Primary Debate on Cable Television.  
Latin Dude to Ben Carson: “ You must be gay, anti- faggy!” Carson: “They sure have an agenda!” [USA people]  “Should not automatically assume if you believe marriage is between a man and women that you are a homophobe.” “The audience was able to pick  up on this bias;” I hope the media has picked that up too?
Latin Dude to Ben Carson: “If a website has a picture of you with their logo, then you did not vet them, you must have a 10 year relationship with you.” Ben Carson to  Latin Dude: “This is propaganda!” I do not know them. I did a few paid speeches a long time ago for them, but I also did many other paid speeches, that does not make me an affiliate or have a 10 year relationship with then. Someone did not ask my permission to use my photo, and that does not also mean I had a relationship with them. The public can see what you are doing.’ Loose, very loose Carson paraphrase of this one of many of the night attacks by Latin Arabs Debate panelists.

New York Times lies on Facts too, on purpose

Christ Christie Editorial botched by New York Times ( aka New York Slimes). New York Times is owned today by Saudi Arabia, holds the most shares in stocks! Therefore, Jihadis Calls the shots on who were are and what are our facts! New York Slimes are owned by Saudi Arabia, it is not even American anylonger.

Booger Brown ( Facebook accnt. post to CNN money , comment 10302015 A.D.)

These Republican candidates have answered more questions from the media in three months than Obama has in over 7 years. = TRUE.

Media is overwhelmingly Foreigners and Colored people who detest and have envy for white skinned people. So there is no hope for Democracy!


C.B.S. Carl Quintanilla and Becky Quick created an atmosphere that GOP candidates decided to halt or stop allowing Leftwing Kook Broadcasting Companies to Host anymore debates. Trump as early as Friday after the debates is on board, and I know from Fox interviews, Ben Carson perhaps spearheaded this movement, along with Cruz.

NBC ( National Broadcasting Company) gets letter to stop a February GOP debate hosted on MSNBC because Tea Partiers had blasted ( ala RNC as a Brand ) which acts more like liberal turncoats than any representatives of the Republican Party. Telemundo, a Racist All Brown Media Global Corporation bought N.B.C. So we saw all the during these last debates questions about gay culture ( mostly in history the brown races, choose these life styles) and anti-Nordic or anti Irish-scot white hegemony; and no questions on substance or any issues. Just more /NAZI/LARASA racism from our brown loved media, because Multiculturalism has never worked, cultures do not get along, period. Since there were no real good debates, the candidates, Carson started it and then Trump, decided to boycott. The RNC that approves of anti-Christian and Anti White  Panelists during these GOP Debates came under heavy criticism by many groups over their “Control” of the GOP platform, with debate after debate of ‘I Got You ‘ tricks.  The Candidates also complained the Latin Dude from MSCBS lied on facts, and he knew it, as tweets proved he was lying, which angered the entire U.S. people.

CBS had the most profitable night in the network's history because these creepy people acted like this was a barbarian death match, throwing Christians to the lions, persay.

Marco Rubio on last week’s Benghazi hearings

“She [ Hillary Rodham Clinton ] admitted she had sent emails to her family saying, ‘Hey, this attack at Benghazi was caused by al-Qaida-like elements.’ She spent over a week telling the families of those victims and the American people that it was because of a video. And yet the mainstream media is going around saying it was the greatest week in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It was the week she got exposed as a liar. It was the week that she got exposed as a liar,” he said. “But she has her super-PAC helping her out, the American mainstream media.”

Paul Ryan, while vocally giving opposition did at the dead of night, sneak into the Capital to pass the limitless budget for the last year of Barack Obama ( 10 30 2015 A.D. Washington D.C.) . The Reason is that the GOP does everything Obama had wanted , despite people mobilizing to elect persons that would oppose his radical Jihadi foreigner take over policies. The GOP are scaredy cats, and fraudos, we call the RINOs, Republicans In Name Only. Mitch McConnell’s staff laughs at the Tea Party and claims we work for Obama.


LeftWing Whiggerism

General Ideological leftwing religion is thus doctrinalized as: The races do not get along, nor can they, it is DNA ( Obama's comments) but blacks want whites to build it, then blacks steal it, and force whites out -- it is in almost all hip hop songs! The Latin Arabs are trying to become whiggers or white people with black Cock worship, so they are not killed, eaten or thrown out; at least not as quickly as the 'deniers!'


sources: Yahoo News Michael Walsh 10 29 2015 A.D. yahoo reporter.