Religious Intolerance destroyed Civilizations  

--Obama’s ultimate plan. Intolerance + Intolerance b/c Intolerance means more cash in Obama's pockets for his plethoric vacations, most in human modern history.

Mafia Extortion bad, Obama extortion Good!

According to most leaders and members of local to global Jihad movements violence is necessary when there are 'restrictions' on religious agency. People know that suppressive states doing business with western evil corporations do not allow them to raise children and live according to God's plan. So they done suicide jackets and blow themselves up in commercial districts as a form of protest. The hatred coming out in the Powers of the Land, media, government, private industry, over the issue of ‘Religious Freedom’ for workers having to go to the local hospital to pick up for free 4 abortion contraception not provided by 'Hobby Lobby' ( from a post-Obamacare mandate ) makes the world become terrorists. In fact, terrorism today is because of atheist bullies, here, in the U.S.A. The Democratic Party that forced the Supreme Court to go after the Christian Hobby Lobby ( arts and crafts store, no employee has complained yet, they get free 20 contraception, and the other 4 are disturbed free down the street at their local ObamaCare hospital, free of charge) made a point of 'restricting' religious freedom. The mistake is that denying religious freedom does not mean a brown man will join a jihad. Quite the contrary, the white, black and Asian will do the same thing. It is the State, a 10% atheist movement trying to govern and tell 90% of the world's people how to live, act, think, and work. In otherwords, the Atheist movement is the problem that starts the Jihad movements, and to fix this global war on terrorism, we need to take out the cause! Obama, the  Anti-Christ ( meaning atheist liar)  has decided to retire from the U.S. Presidency while not leaving office and rule by ‘decree ‘, we call them, Executive Orders.  It is not the raw quantity of EOs issued by the leaders, it is the ‘content’ of those EOs.

Facts: religious intolerance brought down Rome, Brought Down Ottomans and brought down many citizens . That is the main reason the media and academia ( MEAMIC) are fighting hard to end the world civilizations. The employees, such as one in Burbank CA. a border city of LA County where I live in my car ( not in the city of Burbank, those police are too rough) they can go to USC Medical Center and get all 4 Hobby Lobby banned abortion pills for free. Or they can go to Olive View-UCLA Medical Center - 14445 Olive View Dr. Sylmar, CA. which about 10 miles away from their jobs at the Hobby Lobby of Burbank, they can pick them up there for free as well.

Hobby Lobby

  1. U.C. Berkeley Professors blogs Lies and Claimed the Supreme Court men had a War on Women.
  2. U.C. Berkeley blogs by Professors mistrepresented the facts, and they used demonizing tactics on the Men of the Supreme Court.
  3. Court Briefs:

    DNC provided inaccurate court briefs.

  4. The case was not fought on constitutional grounds, it was fought on the
    basis of a 1993 law (Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) passed by
    Congress almost unanimously and signed by Bill Clinton. When Kathleen
    put through the HHS mandate forcing companies to pay for birth
    control, abortifacients and surgical sterilizations, she violated this
    . If the Justices did not find for Hobby Lobby, they would have been
    in effect saying that it is okay for someone in a government agency to
    violate a law passed by Congress.

Hobby Lobby is a chain of retail arts and crafts stores based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, formerly called Hobby Lobby Creative Centers.

MYTH: Contraceptives are no longer covered. Not even the morning after

FACT: All of the twenty contraceptives are provided through an
alternative system provided by Health and Human Services (HHS). It is
true that out of the twenty contraceptive methods approved by the FDA and
now required by the law, Hobby Lobby only objected to the four that were
abortion inducing (abortifacient). These include two morning after
pills and two specific IUD's. However, all twenty contraceptives are
provided through an alternative system devised by HHS for religious
nonprofits, and Hobby Lobby could have been switched over to this system
without additional costs to the parties involved. The published Opinion
of the US Supreme Court went so far as to say that it was unlawful for
HHS to enforce the contraceptive mandate when this alternative was

The Supreme Court:
In fact, HHS has already devised and implemented a system that seeks to
respect the religious liberty of religious nonprofit corporations while
ensuring that the employees of these entities have precisely the same
access to all FDA-approved contraceptives as employees of companies whose
owners have no religious objections to providing such coverage. The
employees of these religious nonprofit corporations still have access to
insurance coverage without cost sharing for all FDA-approved
contraceptives; and according to HHS, this system imposes no net economic
burden on the insurance companies that are required to provide or secure
the coverage. (emphasis mine)

U.C. Berkeley blog posts by Professors with their Op-Eds hatefully told lies and said the Supreme Court men ruled for Hobby Lobby's right not to carry an abortion pill, that women could get for free ( because the new laws do not restrict it) and the Supreme Court took issue to intellectual freedom.

MYTH: U.C.Berkeley, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, claim the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decisions forces employees have to pay for contraceptives out of pocket.
FACT: No cost increase to employees according to the Supreme Court's findings. The U.C. Berkeley professors that blog were lying to the world, and they knew it, and must be punished!  They use 'Free Speech' to spread lies and why this is tolerated I cannot explain. They are but Demons in real life. I have read their blogs for a few years and they lie constantly on media and rule of law issues.  No one is punished, and this is not how you run a democracy. They are corrupting the minds of the world’s people. Like Socrates, then, they need to be executed, the whole lot.  Ignorance must be eradicated, because evil people use it as an excuse  to do evil.

MYTH: U.C.Berkeley, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, corporations do not have religious rights.

FACT: Corporations are made up of 'human beings who own, run, and are
employed by them
' & who still have Constitutional and legal protections.
The Court rejected the argument that the owners of companies forfeit
their legal protections when they organize in one business form or
another. [ bold is Supreme Court]

& U.C.Berkeley, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, run a religou8s ideology of me first, we are elitists, you are our slaves -- which is a faith based system of Satanic slavery. This is a religion of the State, and their alter is the U.S. Bully Military Complex.

MYTH: Because they can simply opt out of providing coverage, Hobby Lobby
is imposing its religious values on its employees.

FACT: There are penalties (or taxes, if you prefer)written into the law
for opting out. If Hobby Lobby decides to drop insurance coverage
altogether and even one single employee qualifies for a subsidy on one of
the ACA exchanges, then Hobby Lobby would have to pay $2000 per employee
every year, or roughly $26 Million. Per year.If on the other hand they
decide to refuse to provide only those four contraceptives in question,
they would be fined (or taxed) $100 per day for each affected individual;
roughly $475 Million per year. In the words of the Court, If these
consequences do not amount to a substantial burden, it is hard to see
what would.

the real imposition is the anti-religious sentiment being imposed upon people of faith. The
Affordable Care Act has been fundamentally anti-religious in its
implementation and execution from the final vote in the Senate on
Christmas Eve which made itinto law against a broad public protest, to
the refusal of HHS to switch Hobby Lobby to another exchange so their
consciences could remain clear.

FACT: Corporations are made up of 'human beings who own, run, and are
employed by them' & who still have Constitutional and legal protections.
The Court rejected the argument that the owners of companies forfeit
their legal protections when they organize in one business form or


Now for my writings, the above was editing from a decent post.

U.C. Berkeley professors’ blog posts and articles in newspapers took Harry Reid’s and Nancy Pelosi’s que to how to think about the ruling of the Supreme Court over the Green family’s commercial business, Hobby Lobby ( arts and crafts store).  The ObamaCare mandate issues contraception to all employees health benefits and not preventative pills that act like abortion drugs.  The Berkeley professors than mimicked Washington D.C. politicians in claiming that the men on the Supreme Court had a secret conspiracy against women, citing a ‘War on Women;’  What the Supreme Court ruled was from information taken from a Democratic Party brief on the 21 systems of ObamaCare contraceptions for women, in the health laws. These briefs were incorrect to standard medical definitions and practices, and thus the Supreme  Court used false information to form its opinions.

The Democratic Brief to the Supreme Court on Hobby Lobby was full of lies

The Berkeley professors and the Washington D.C. Leftcon politicians then ‘demonized,’ all parties to move a direction of being the ‘politically correct’ narrative on all social systems. When the Washington Post and the new York Times got wind of these facts, the proceeded to bury this egregious error and not run a print to alert, inform or school  the public. In fact, they decided to mask this War on Women, because it was being orchestrated by the Leftcons, including U.C. Berkeley professors using public access to opinions; Then Fox News begins to air the facts and suddenly, New York Times  that claims it loves to be first on all news, began to run buried articles on the ‘real’ facts behind Hobby Lobby’s Supreme Court decision.

But this says screw u to the people that were targeted by U.C. Berkeley professors who claim they are smarter than Christians. You see, nonacademic Christians understood how to read ‘S C Justice positions,’ and apparently the U.C. Berkeley professors are limited in intelligence. The only other explanation is that U.C. Berkeley professors that wrote their opinions are EVIL and must be eradicated if the world is to survive.  If you read the Bible, the id of Lucifer or Satan is a liar.

MYTH: Contraceptives are no longer covered. Not even the morning after pill.

Instead of making the record correct, the liars use lies to demonize their opponents. Their opponents have sound grounds. If an employee gets pregnant, and she can also use Free Abortion clinics; The ObamaCare proponents want abortion ‘drugs’ to be covered by law, and  it is not by law and the Justices were given incorrect information so the Democrats can sneak these five ‘banned’ substances into the healthcare drug products. However, now out of this fiasco, a new push to have a Obama Executive Order to force all states to give abortion drugs as mandatory are being floored.

The bottom line issue was do women who work and  have money spend their own money on abortion pills (not a real doctor Abortion, that is  always an option and free, by laws). The issue was if the State would pay and under ObamaCare, illegally passed on Christmas Eve, mandates that from 1950s Free Healthcare no longer applies and business need to pick up the tab, and the State no longer pays for anyone’s healthcare. The retards cannot understand this.

Academics love to mimic their politician’s claims as truthful and accurate.
Take for instance, Holder’s often claim, here again in late June and July 2014:  “A nation of racist, people,” & “some do not like this president because he is black ‘ loose paraphrase to put it into ‘accurate context.’  Many, and but almost all academics would mimic this in texts and papers, of course this has already been done. This then applies to reach sentiment of the generation that went through the civil rights. I was born after; I grew up in a multicultural society and, in my case, an extended and personal family. But many in the top long standing positions of power in the U.S.A. lived through these periods and cannot give up the fight. Holder is one of them.  But this has no bearing on truth. There are 30,000 blacks in Chicago that want Barack  Obama out of office, immediately.  Holder and Obama both have brown skin. There are blacks, very black, that are targeted by these brown leaders. The Chicagoan South side suburcities have a personal Vietnam happening because Obamaite, first administration, Rham Emanuel moved 1,200 police officers from these suburcities to the inner city down town rich districts to protect the rich and cut jobs to pad long time city employees retirement packages. However, Obama put out notices for 6 years he would not take illegal deportations seriously, and eight months ago put out fliers in  middle America, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, to come up to America and get asylum.  They came on trains through Mexican approved stops, and flooded the Rio  Grande area, crossing by rafts, and the N.S.A. as admitted on national T.V.  (Fox) a witness working inside claimed leaders tell the boarder watchers at the secret location of the NSA wired =in zone to the boarder to turn cameras off or away when they see people moving toward the American boarder. Blacks are black to Holder who claims whites want to remove Obama from office because of racism. He is a liar and the academics cannot  even attempt to speak up and take responsibility to fund and  solve our own problems at home, while Obama executive orders $4 billion to be spent migrating these people into American society.  The Chicago Blacks feel that Holder’s claims are bogus, and Obama has some bizarre Kenyan plan and not Nigerian superior intellectual group. That is where ‘niggah’ originated, as a sloppy type of colonialist jingoism.  Obama’s father is Kenyan and his mother is European white. He is  not a  full ‘niggah.’ So apparently we may be taking Holder’s comments wrong.  What Holder is saying is that Kenyans are cool but Nigerians are not wanted so we will fund Middle Americans to replace the 40% unemployed national black Obama’ legacy.

I bet if the Bush started  but increased under Obama monstrous bank and wall street bail outs were just ignored and given directly to these communities, that blacks would suddenly not need crack, heroin, or prostitution but want to build their prides and happiness communities. This is a fact.

But Obama bailed out the banks because he wanted to keep the old white money White Rich guys and some foreigners über rich, just for laughs. No one benefited but the controlling bank families. They spend and then get bailed out. It was a mafia type style racket. No one went to jail.

Tod Akin is still around. Why? After what he said, he was up six points in the polls before he made a comment about a women’s choice after she had been raped. He claimed that a women’s body performs a natural abortion because of stress as a result of the violence of rape. This is incorrect and he was arguing against any forms of birth control, which is incorrect. But he is allowed to continue after an apology, when this is what he believes and thus is not qualified, in a working State of affairs to conduct any politics.  The globe is  over populated, when the Bible ‘s first five books are written, the Hebrews were 16% of the civilized population of the world, and abortion was frowned und upon because tribes always were in need of boys for soldiery. Today, there are too many people on the planet and this is a modern problem.  But the Politicians keep allowing people like this to serve. After his comment, and being in the lead, Clair MaCaskall overtook  him and she won the Congress position for Missouri.

But what does it matter. The Republicans have been supporting immigration as well, and fighting the tea party ( before they were tea party) on immigration but they do nothing about it, ever. So this Obama crisis at the border is not an issue for Holder but it is an issue for the unemployed blacks in our nation.  They form these radical groups that want to overthrow Holder and Obama.

We banned Asians in the 1920s, legally, so they would not take over eventually. The argument for me is  that they have a large chuck of Earth, already. There has been no legislation for Latins. The last effort at deportation was under Eisenhower’s Operation Wet Back, which removed over 250,000 illegal immigrants. Californians passed Proposition 40, but it was overturned by the California Supreme Court, and then 187 Prop. And this was not followed either. So, Latins have stated since they killed off the Jonestown ( Colonial History) first settlement, that North America belongs to  Spain or brown people of Latin origins. That continues on every campus, including U.C. Berkeley ( have pictures beyotches). In fact, my home town, Los Angeles just went through a low intellect LA RAZA mayor Antonio Veragollsa, he spent billions on road construction, all must be redone, a complete and utter failure with ascriptions of Carmageddon, titillating the senses of gossip mongers. At this point, we should just call the Office of the Mayor of Los Angeles a Viceroy or something. They live and play while you slave and pay.  It is the culture of corruption that bleeds form Washington D.C. over the last 70 years.

sources: Accessed July
2, 2013.

alt.politics.democrats (hobby lobby posts) July 2014 usenet, Google.groups, Six Common Myths About the Hobby Lobby Ruling Absolutely Debunked
By Sancho Panza On July 16, 2014 · 1 Comment, accessed 7. 16. 2014. ( masked , Kevin Arthur Perkins).

Front page Hobby Lobby photo sends faux feminist message

Robin Lakoff, professor of linguistics | 7/1/14

Republians [faux] War on Women by U.C. Berkeley dolt, and dangerous liar.

1 . Why do the Republicans fear HRC?
Because she is female. The real answer,[...]"-- Robin Lakoff [ or lackof intelligence] .

AM - This has nothing to do with only republicans Robin. Hillary is a boffoon, and constant liar who sees herself above others --like you.

2. What should the Democrats (and their supporters) be doing?
Push back strongly against the Republican attempt to destroy HRC.

AM- Public schools being bias and propagandist toward political sway and agency.   

6. Why do the absurd Republican charges keep gaining traction?
Because everything bad is a woman’s fault [...]"

AM- Republicans allow these demons to exist, and the U.S. has gone downhill why haters and racists like her exist.

[ final Lackoff comment:] The War on Women is not being fought by the Republicans alone. Many Democrats, male and female, are their willing – nay, eager – allies.

AM - This is called an Out. She knows she is lying, most people do not read the last lines or sentences of an article. She blames Republicans, her entire post, excerpt at end exonerate her. These little tricks must end, it is perfect Propagandist piece. The final line also indicates Lackoff’s distain at the general U.S. population, as somehow inferior to her exceptional brand of intellect.

People do not like Hillary because she allows men to step all over her, even as Wikileaks, Julian Assange,  posted non dangerous documents indicating world leaders do not  take Hillary Clinton seriously because she  had allowed her husband to make a mockery of her during the year of 1999 A.D.  Hillary did not stand up to Bill Clinton’s  philandering and lies and  world leaders  used this fact to manipulate Hillary Clinton why she was the Secretary of State. Robin Lackoff is apparently a submissive to strong men, like Hillary and therefore cannot lead even a fast food restaurant, not even Taco Bell.  Robin Lackoff is a part of a group of Americans that got tenure when intellectual skills were judged at a very low level. She is about as Evil as they come and very stupid, with shades of racism and war on women. The problem is we cannot fire mediocrity or racists like her from manipulating our school children’s minds.

Central American Children on the US Border Deserve More

Rosemary Joyce, professor of anthropology
7/16/14 |

My post, and we will see if UC Berkeley allows it to be posted.

"Have you spoken to Chicago Blacks about this issue? According to their blogs and websites, they do not support your view. They are going through their own Vietnam War, with no one caring if they live or die as their children are killed in the streets over poverty conditions, not drugs -- as the real issues here. They do not matter to this administration. Is there any chance that white people in power will one day care about poor blacks first as US citizens or is that too much to demand? "


Eric Holder $250,000 Fine and Jail for taking Picture of Wife of U.S. Senators -- LAW. I case proves deadly.

NYTimes Obama is about dinner parties and vacations -- I said that 5 years ago, dude, New York Times is slow on reporting. What gives?

"In a summer when the president is traveling across the country meeting with “ordinary Americans” under highly choreographed conditions, the Rome dinner shows another side of Mr. Obama. As one of an increasing number of late-night dinners in his second term, it offers a glimpse into a president who prefers intellectuals to politicians, and into the rarefied company Mr. Obama may keep after he leaves the White House."

"Sometimes stretching into the small hours of the morning, the dinners reflect a restless president weary of the obligations of the White House and less concerned about the appearance of partying with the rich and celebrated. "

Eric Holder targets White Tea Party founder, he commits suicide.

the Tea Party in Mississippi tried to oust semi pernament establishemnt LEFTCON, RINO Thad Chochran, and he was only a small player but was targeted by Obama and Holder, harrased, threatned and inproperly inprisoned. So he committed suicide. However, RINOS screamed victory as he commits suicide, and this created a hatred toward the Republican establishment; and his suicide means that Republicans are LEfTCONS or Democrats in reality and the war must go on and strenghten to oust all Republicans and destroy everyting about them -- but most importantly their future. Mr. Mayfield did not take pictures at an hospital where Chochran forces his wife to be held without her consent for 15 years; Thad runs around with some-other women, while still being married. This sets a non family example.

it was to show that Chocran 'has' a war on women. Obama and Holder's war on women is epic. Both are establishment, and under Obama All women had pay raises downgraded or were fired if they chose not to take a down-grade in pay. The Media is loving this hatred of women. I wonder why humans exist, they are so evil?

Eric Holder arrested a Tea Party member some $250,000” with a feloney and no real charges. He told a worker where the hospital was and so Holder said that crossed the line- because his mother lived in the same nursing home and he provided a name of someone that worked there, so he was financially destroyed by Obama. Just for taking a picture of some of women abandoned by a philandering Republican establishment Satanist.

When Anne Coulter went off on this Tea Party challenger, she cited this tea partier and almost laughing at his suicide -- you could read it in her words; she converted to anti-Christian leftcon establishment on, hater of humans. 

"And even some lawyers unconnected with the case, while condemning the nursing home photos, express doubts as to whether these felony charges were justified." --NYTIMES


Mark Mayfield RIP

16 th - 18 th July 2014. Copyright © 1999 - 2014 Michael Johnathan McDonald