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GOOGLE Warns 'Muslims' Ruling Will Create Hollywood Chaos...

But Obama loves Google, so Racism is OK as long as he makes a profit, and the NSA make a surveillance system across the globe to bilk grandma from her savings, to pad the youth multi billionaires party - pads.

[USAGE 2014] Discrimination Law vetoed in Arizona was an international atheist corporation coup, designed to secure child slavery in foreign countries. [ 28 Feb 2014].

Hollywood Civil Rights Filmmaker Spike Lee says he does not like the poor  M** F%ck**"Honkeys" ( Time Magazine). I guess it is not as fun as attacking rich whiteys in film.

Spike Lee ( 1%er - $$ millions of dollars via Hollywood and commercials)  successfully published false address and names  of innocent whites so enraged blacks over the George Zimmerman ruling over Stand Your Ground would hurt them or in hopes kill them for revenge, a Florida law in place because of the historical cocaine cowboy culture in south Florida beginning in the 1980s; So Lee published this erroneous stuff so  these angered black youth would go out and kill innocent white people – I guess because it excites the black racist. Time magazine exposed Lee who made racist comments now that poor white are moving into traditionally poor black neighborhood, and the once poor blacks are leaving ( screwing up the culture, according to lee) to white former suburbia, rich homes. He cannot handle the poor whites, he believe they are ‘corruption,’ the conservative or traditional black culture of these poor cities in America. How can a richidly black racist make films calling others racists and continue for decades to do this? What other country is helping the blacks out Mr. Racist Spike (in brain killed its cells) Lee? The Klu Klux Klan acts in the same manner as Spike Lee’s complains over cultural intermixing.  


National Football League NFL proclaims God is false!

UPDATE: NFL Prospect Who Skipped Workouts After 'Talking To God' Mysteriously Vanishes...

NFL too have called a war on the poor, destroy them! I say destroy them, those racist haters of the human people, with gangster, racists, murderers, rapists, sport injuries and let to rot by NFL, -- epic fail

N.F.L. begins attack on Religious legislation, beginning at Arizona. Proclaims Athiest world & God is false.

        I say destroy the violent anti homo sports conglomerate.

Christians, Moslems, Hebrews, anyone that is spiritual needs to abandon the N.F.L. and do not, and I mean, ever go back! It has been invaded by money grubbin’ avarice haters of low to null intellects for human compassion(s). Labeling an entire group because it is spiritual and not monetary, avarice, beat up people, barbarian warlord mentalities, as is the NFL, it must be a première Racist Organization.


ARIZONA's NEW DISCRIMINATION LAW FUNDS THE POOR -- Obama, Protestors-leftists, leftist media, 100% OPPOSE TO helping the poor.

Why the bill? Arizona was being sued out of Existence by businesses of all kinds, denying others that do not share in their world views.

SB 1062 Arizona, and in Ohio, HB376, are all from a Christian interest group. So on CNN, the Atheist Gay and Obama gimp Anderson Cooper claimed they are keeping secrets and trying to destroy my new Gay Atheist Nation.  They are not keeping this a secret, they are fighting back in the open and CNN, the ratings have tanked, hardly anyone watches them any longer, keeps believing this is an anti homosexual cover up in all of 50 states, by some little groups that go to Congress and to the HOR and openly speak on the Senate Floor, advocating for religious rights, such was the case with Lesbian/Womenrights, Civil(African)Rights, and other rights, where I would want Orphan Rights. So these people believe, and correctly, Christianity is under an attack.

26 Feb 2014 – Michael --- Religious groups are protected under the United States of America’s Constitution. The license to discriminate Arizona Law claims if a Christian group goes to an Atheist black hip hop Africanophile Printing business and this law had not passed, the black business owners can deny Christians their business and the city in Arizona then pays the Christians for hate discrimination in court not the business, thus all the people of Arizona lose ‘ out ‘ civil monies.  This hurts the poor, because the city pays the plaintifs, all the time.

Now this then applies to homosexuals that demand a Christian with anti homosexual beliefs ( Bible part deux says no such thing against homosexuality) provide a service. Now from a different angle or perspective! An atheist homosexual printing business refuses to print anti homosexual T-shirts for a Christian businessperson. They are legal under this new Arizona discrimination law.  In other words, this bill allows for discrimination. If not, lawsuits will be a never ending process of litigation and lose of revenue for the State of Arizona. If you are an imbecile, as so many of these politicians, media and protesters of this bill appear in public and on the news, then you are advocating for the destruction of the poor, which makes you complicit to mass murder. The people that are hurt by this law not being passed are the poor that rely on state services for survival because the U.S. outsources its jobs to China and to Latin America – indicating the population is OK with child and slave exploitation, they just happen to have white or brown colored skin instead of black – but that does not make it less racist.

An extreme Explanation for the majority of people that remain absent of intelligence due to MEAMIC’s brain washing.

If a white Christian goes into a black printing T-shirt business and orders a lynched black person symbol, and a caption saying ‘our true future,’ and the black business refuses to make them, the business is not punished; rather the poor of Arizona are punished, because that Christian can then go to the local City and sue for $1,000,000 of dollars citing racial discrimination. That money then is taken out of services for the poor – but then rich people, all colors, do not care about the poor so they must be eradicated from Earth in the first place. There is no room for garbage on the planet.

This Arizona legal loop hole has been exploited by many fraudsters to bankrupting Arizona.

Now the Christians have been complaining in the last 20 years that more and more of the American community, including the business communities are refusing to provide them business --- especially by protesting atheist groups and gender preference groups. The U.S. Government has nearly eradicated all real connections to Christianity, most symbols replaced by pagan images.  This then leads to Constitutional issues which then under law, the Christians can sue municipalities and win money that should otherwise go to schools, roads, and buildings.

The Hammurabi Laws are some of our most ancient historical recordings, and this was an Atheist utopia. The laws were set up to benefit the wealthy and even allow them to abuse lesser humans, and even allow the murdering of the very poor by the upper classes. We would today call these secular laws. This set of vast laws were the foundations of a global elite club of ruler and classes and the slave and worker classes, and how the upper could legally abuse and corrupt the lower classes. This is called a progressive society. This is also called an atheist society. This is what the U.S. government and MEAMIC envision for the future of the U.S.A. , a total destruction or in reality their temporal time as world leaders.


AZ gov.  Jan Brewer 5:20s p.m. PST, just vetoed the bill, AP reporting.

This then benefits foreign Banks and slave labor camps in China and Latin America. This is the only reason Jan signed that Bill, probably by the prodding of Satan's demon Barack Hussein Obama ii.

Jan Brewer Proclaims International Corporations Are More Important to line their pocket books and to give US money to international 1%ers bankers than the Poor Christian People, all Hail Socialism done correctly!

Proof Jan Bewer Works For Satan:

'"My agenda is to sign into law legislation that advances Arizona," Brewer said at a news conference,' AP. She said this, and not using the words people of Arizona, because she does not care about the poor and discriminated already, she approved this veto because international corporations are owned mainly by foreigners, and they call the shots in business deals to Arizona's marketplace. In effect, Jan Brewer is a 1%er Satanic robot that seeks to please her master Satan and betray God.

Democratic Party + NAZI Party = Socialist Ideology

Dutch Nazi image: "Our Socialism Your Future"

Hitler's own words, and he even speaks on Marxism, the democratic Party's guide-book. Nazis were Socialists and they Banned Christianity Biblical Forms --what ever they allowed to practice was NOT CHRISTIANITY!

"Hitler told Hermann Rauschning, a Prussian who briefly worked for the Nazis before rejecting them and fleeing the country, that he had admired much of the thinking of the revolutionaries he had known as a young man; but he felt that they had been talkers, not doers. “I have put into practice what these peddlers and pen pushers have timidly begun,” he boasted, adding that “the whole of National Socialism” was “based on Marx”." The Democratic Party calls its self Socialist and Progressive -- both synonyms for a 'dictatorship by the few.' In America, there are no Republican celebrity politicians; however, there have been RINOs ( Republicans In Name Only). Most of the Republicans complain about Democratic Policies, but have done nothing in over 75+ years to correct them. They have been correctly marked as a 'wimpy' sub human culture.

A bizarre trend. Many Democratic Party members have been the Latin and African communities in the last 100 years, and they did go to church and did proclaim some sect of Christianity. However, when the Democratic President, like today, Obama openly challenges the Law, citing it will lead to discrimination of gays ( which Obama is lying again, as he has done his whole life) no Democratic Christian responds. Therefore, they cannot be Christian, and although Democratic Christians have hijacked the identities and symbols remain non Christians by practice, attitude, and responsibility for being a Christian. Nancy ( MEAMIC) Pelosi (D, House, from California, Bay Area), 30+ years calls herself a Catholic and signs off on Obama’s numerous human sacrifice laws, and openly promotes the more than 1.5 billion human sacrifices, far surpassing the fabled various Mayan cultures’ sacrifices of humans, she is challenged by opponents with the Church, but claims to be following strict Catholicism. This is a lie and a demon from Satan.  


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