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USA: 2013: C.N.N. A NEW! Global Terrorist Cell, Homegrown Terrorists

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C.N.N. Schools Terrorists on How To Make Pressure Cooker Bombs, live Cable T.V.: 22 April 2013

a © 22 April  2013

I watched cable television at a home of people I know last night, and was flabbergasted that Erin Isabelle Burnett broadcasting on C.N.N. showed the world how to make, operate, and form opinions on building, constructing, gathering materials and exploding Pressure Cooker bombs, live on C.N.N. with university bomb experts. She claimed this was the most important and exciting segment she has ever been a part of or witnessed. I was waiting for her to take down her pants and begin to masturbate. She appeared as she was going to have an orgasm, as this was some type of wet-dream to her and C.N.N. Yes, U.C. Berkeley shows, in their in house web-system, available for all academic clients and students, even undergrads, how to make nuclear weapons, every design. The only information absent are the ‘implosion equations,’ something experts can figure out for themselves. U.C. Berkeley hosts these how to make nuclear weapons websites on their U.C. websystem for people of the earth to construct and build them themselves in hopes of a more democratic Earth.

This type of unveiling of terrorist mechanics on how to build and explode pressure cooker bombs, the one used in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, other places, including the 2013 Boston Marathon bombs,  made Erin Isabelle Burnett pant in ecstatic orgiastic revelry. One could sense Wolf Blitzer (sounds like a NAZI Tank name!) was also about to cheerleader his way onto the segment and dance about the videos on how to construct terrorist bombs. This forces us only to understand one conclusion: C.N.N. is ‘now’ a terrorist training camp. 

While Fox News, in my opinion is not conservative, they have consistently beat out all other cable and T.V. programming, including the entire week of the coverage of the Boston marathon bombings and capture of the culprits. This is because during Aurora, Colorado Movie Massacre, Newtown, school shooting, and many other current event tragedies, C.N.N.have consistently framed in racial profiling White Supremacists, White Christians, White atheists, White Agnostics, White conservatives, White Republicans, all which have been debunked – making their own audience force to turn to Fox News Channel to get at the truth. Even when Harry Reid, the evil Senator from Nevada claims poison attacks ( Ricin, deadly poisonous material) at the same week of the Boston bombings ( we know he is a liar) they ( meaning Obama too) tried to frame a white person; but after finding out this person ( name and address on the envelopes, so there was no doubt) was not white and had dark skin color, Reid and Obama said they had made a mistake and let him go – this is because B. Hussein Obama had said, written and implied over and over again, all white people are evil – there is no other truth than this.

These are the types of people that create all the suffering on Earth; in a government by God on Earth, these types of behaviors would elicit instant death sentences. There is no room for liars, frauds, avaritic loyalers and celebrity fame from scandalous gossip making – with an intent to harm seriously. I watched cable T.V. C.N.N. last night, 22 April 2013, it was full of demons, liars, and dangerous persons. I believe it is a terrorist organization.   

Erin Isabelle Burnett (born July 2, 1976, Mardela Springs, Maryland. She is the youngest daughter of corporate attorney Kenneth King Burnett and Esther Margaret Burnett (née Stewart.) is an American journalist and news anchor, currently the anchor of her own news show on CNN, Erin Burnett Out Front.  Burnett began her career as a financial analyst for Goldman Sachs, and has illustrated live on cable television to represent the elite 0.00001% sentiments, and being their algolian warrior. 

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Goldman Sachs is a part of the private.federal reserve hedge fund criminals. The U.S.A. people foot the bill, always.

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