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pathways: Entering sexual slavery

child sex slavery is run by atheists.

Epidemic Chicago, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Odessa, some parts of Turkey, and generally the world.


Escaping sexual slavery

Justice and Salvation of homeless, of an abused children run by Christians. Moslems, Hebrews.


By GLAAD's actions publically their official stance to refuse to allow heterosexuals to live in peace and love of the family, we conclude this is the official government position as well. All Christians must be destroyed, a cancer on society. GLAAD spokesman Jeremy Hooper and Family Research Council president Tony Perkins appeared on the Fox News show the Kelly File. Black man, and spokesperson Wilson Cruz claimed Phil Robertson was a terrorist live on national T.V., and reproduced on local news television. The key to understanding Satan’s army is they always accuse others of what they really are, such as real sexual terrorists.

The only issue is not Phil’s it is the Bible’s;  so how about executing all Christians?  This intolerance and desire for mass murder is what GLAAD now promotes. Moses or accredited to Moses was the only instance of outlawing men sleeping with men. That was some 3,500 years ago.  Apostle Paul mirrored this rule, Jesus said no such thing. The Moses chapter begins the military portion of the Hebrew historical narrative. In that period, they needed babies not alternative lifestyles that do not produce babies, a lifestyle just to survive as a race. Islam outlaws homosexuality, but GLAAD favors Moslems and wants to destroy all Christians. Phil’s personal feelings were never broadcasted on the show and everyone knew he was 100% against homosexuals and they still watched the program, because of the silly and fun stereotypes of northwestern Louisiana red necks.

GLAAD so preferred death sentence: execution.

Target:  Christians

Execution List

Barack Hussein Obama ii.

+ 47,000,000 Americans.

How is GLAAD going to rustle an Army for this genocide feat of the evil on Erath according to them?


Q How to get on the U.S. Domestic F.B.I., C.I.A. Terrorist Watch List?

A: Become a member of some Christian Organization.


Legal Authority: Patriot Act Revisions ( written in Jan. 2009) 2010, passed by U.S. Congress = Christians potential terrorists and threat to the government of the United States of America, co signed, Janet Napolitano. 

A Fact You Do Not Know!

ALL Duck Dynasty Members are Terrorists.

A&E Legally Knows it Harbors Terrorists



The U.S. Government, Media, and Homosexual Groups came unglued demanding the intolerance to the Bible, as GLAAD’s spokesman correctly identified as a terrorist organization. The head of this terrorist organization, for the chapter at the United States of America is currently Barack Hussein Obama ii. He is the head terrorist of America. I’m included too.  In fact most of the hip-hop community is, almost all of Washington D.C.,  and all one needs to be jumped into the gang is to become a Christian.

Second week of December 2013: Arts and Entertainment decided to fire a popular T.V. personality, from a cable television show about a family of squirrel-eating, Bible-thumping, catchphrase-spouting duck hunters that became the biggest TV audience of non fiction in all of cable history, even the President commented he watches it all the time, for linking homosexuality to the Bible and to sin and to anti social behaviors. The show represented something out of the ordinary; it was the first Christian themed show that did not push anti social behavior into your face. Frankly honest, these southern American peasant classes ( Duck Dynasty, Louisiana backwater, northwest corner, the hometown, west Monroe. Cajun redneck culture and Ozark redneck culture intersect achieved the American dream when civil rights helped changed the southern American peasant classes to rise from poverty and attain social and economic ascendancy. They still had their traditionalisms, mannerisms, and peasant class education but managed to turn a duck-calling tool to a multi million dollar business prior to ‘entertainment’ wanting to film them doing their daily life things. Also, many in the show were natural born actors and loved the limelight which transferred happy feelings to its audience which helped spread the word of the show.  The show is about a family that lives in the swamp. It is back woods, outdoors, primitive living, but in this case they have modern tools because of their successful business. So on regular bases, explosive devices are detonated, which always is a crowd pleaser.

‘I will not give or back off from my path because you conquered death, Father, so we are not worried about all the repercussions.’

The first Sunday after being suspended, A&E said it did not fire him, they just won’t allow his to work or get paid ( same thing), Phil Robertson held his ground and preached these words about choosing not to put his penis into another man’s mouth and the segregation of the government atheist society that sees the only salvation in life is a penis shoved into another's anus or female homosexuality as a girls mouth on another girls vulvae: If you do not express and practice this loyalty to homosexual practices you are branded a terrorist.

Phil Robertson (a devout member of the Church of Christ), the family patriarch also gives sermons in local churches, and he recited his translated protestant version of some of Corinthians I, “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers — they won’t inherit the kingdom of God.” The media latched on to this as a terrorist red flag ( the Christians are terrorist legally, the Democratic Congress members voted overwhelming for this) because these views are in opposition to their views on things.

J.E. Hoover helped Lyndon B. Johnson Kill John F. Kennedy over Hiding Hoover's gay practices.

We murder each other and steal from each other, sex and morality goes ballistic. All the diseases that just so happen just to follow sexual mischief [..]”. -- Phil Robertson, sermon 22 Dec. 2013, west Monroe, LA. in, 23 Dec. 2013


Interpretation, after WW II, the U.S.. followed a global bully program run by Transvestite J.H. Hoover ( he kills Kennedy to cover up his drag-queen, fellatio behavior) and the U.S. army goes around the world killing humans: Vietnam, coup d’états in a dozen countries, 150 military bases around the world with extra state privileges, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, anywhere the U.S. leaders deem people need to be slaughtered for the “Games of Slaughter”, Phil Robertson is saying that domestically and correlatively, bizarre sexual practices ( just as Stanley Kubrick was investigating and filming his last films about this topic) demonstrates that alternative lifestyles outside of man and women practices have seen the U.S. go out and do bizarre murder practices.


According to spokesperson and black person, Wilson Cruz, “Phil’s decision to push vile and extreme stereotypes is a stain on A&E and his sponsors who now need to reexamine their ties to someone with such public disdain for LGBT people and families.”

So we identified the protagonist, that is Christianity, the hero is Homosexuals, and the evil ones are the members of Christianity. So to honor Cruz’s position, we cannot tolerate these views in America. So what to do? To get rid of them, Machiavellian style, we execute these traitors (e.g. Christians).

Cultural Relevance:

Phil Robertson (white man) comes from a non school back ground, he is semi literate and feels that no man  should fall to his knees and suck another man's penis. He preaches from a book that confirms his personal feelings and beliefs.  

Mind: School of Nature and self made businessman

Personal Success: ( from poverty to multi millionaire)



Cultural Relevance:

Wilson Cruz (black man) comes from some inner city type of standard U.S. public indoctrination, the atheist style. It teaches that a man whose penis is smaller than any man in front of him, he should fall to his knees and then begin to suck the large man’s penis as a way of honoring cultural conformity.

Mind: School of Academia, state indoctrination.

Personal Success: from bourgeois Privileged upper-class family, to the Gay Mafia's spokesman.


Twitter (a Fascist international group) banned heterosexual twitter feeds and blocks any support for Christ, as exposed by the people on 23 Dec. 2013. Twitter like Facebook is now influenced by the N.S.A. or the National Satanic Association, a global entity to bring smut, lust, hate, greed to the forefront of social lifestyles.

"Women with women. Men with men. They committed indecent acts with one another. And they received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion. They're full of murder, envy, strife, hatred. They are insolent, arrogant God haters. They are heartless. They are faithless. They are senseless. They are ruthless. They invent ways of doing evil." -- Speaking at the 2010 Wild Game Supper in Pottstown, Pa. (Five more debate worthy quotes, Los Angeles Times.).

GLAAD linked to multi millions of innocent human murders.

How? J. E. Hoover helped kill a U.S. President that led to millions of deaths because J. E. Hoover felt betrayed by his gay community. The truth is that GLAAD practices covering up Hoover’s she male episodes as a necessity so that millions of innocent Asians and poor blacks and withes will be slaughtered, which GLAAD sees as a good thing. Otherwise they would not have helped Hoover cover up his central role in killing a U.S. President.


The U.S. Military Is Full of Murderous Atheists. Christianity is banned in most divisions regardless of what they say.  I know people that are Christians in the U.S. Military, they used to be open, but since the government gives them a paycheck since B.Hussein Obama ii, albeit almost above poverty status, they do not voice their views in fear of retribution like Phil Robertson. However, child sex slavery, and homosexual practices linked to Atheists ( i.e. no belief in a higher power other then their sexual conquest perverted sex drive!) drive the public bully pulpit.

Phil Robertson linked the degradation of the U.S.A. roles in the world from WW II’s period to today, and as Homosexuality has increased in public awareness and acceptance, due to atheist takeover of Banks, of Academia, of government and of military, and showed us the killing as ‘Games of Slaughter’ for fun; too genocide for fun, to which as been a gay experience on a world scale for Atheists. There is no secret many of the leaders in the Army or general military are gay and it has been no secret that since world war II, the U.S.A. military used the Soviet Communism as an excuse to rape, pillage, destroy families, and kill myriads of innocent women and children all across the Earth, thus spreading the gay Mafia Agenda. Phil Robertson is just spreading facts in his sermon, and GLAAD does not like their little suppress the sex slave industry and use the U.S.A. military to run roughshod over the world, exposed.

Marriage comes from the spiritual union between a man and a wife as defined for  5,000 years and the human race finds no discussion on a state giving heavy tax breaks to married couples based upon a spiritual union and atheist counter or opposition spiritual or the religious experience? There is no proof in the Hebrew Bible when God wed ( symbolic) Adam and Eve to give them tax breaks --- the number one and only reason for the Gay Mafia’s same sex marriage movement. If a critic says ‘maybe gay couples want the spiritual union part of being married? Then, I say,  marry yourself and give yourself a kiss. The only reason, again, is for the economic benefits of state sponsored tax breaks. There are no laws in the U.S. banning two members of the same sex to cohabitate or to live  like a couple having a family. You can marry yourself in the mirror and that is good enough. If you are a state’s advocate, you need to argue that case, such as ban tax breaks for heterosexual legal marriages.  So effortlessly, GLAAD is mentally challenged and aggressively bullying, whoops it’s a Gay Mafia right? GLAAD uses religion if it fits its purpose, while not knowing religion, what is it?

GLAAD, the [U.S.A., although it advocates for world politics] nation's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) media advocacy organization [ This remains a total lie, see facts, evidence below]

Official statements: GLAAD is changing culture by working directly with news media, entertainment media, cultural institutions and social media.

Official statements:  Using the power of the media - GLAAD advances the stories that need to be told and that make real change.

GLAAD  official position and media compliance to this position. If a man sticks his penis into a women's vagina, this is an act of terrorism.

By GLAAD's actions publically their official stance to refuse to allow heterosexuals to live in peace and love of the family, we conclude this is the official government position as well. All Christians must be destroyed, a cancer on society. Position on GLAAD: it is a legitimate terrorist organization, with the expressed goals to refuse funding and acceptance to all lifestyles that are not 100% homosexual. The Stazi or SS, or whatever NAZI comparison to intolerance one takes, GLAAD holds this banner proudly. In Hollywood, near where I live, the bisexual community is treated like ‘outcasts,’ by GLAAD's leadership, and the proof is overwhelming.

research: Please do not pay attention to the lies coming from GLAAD. I have research this.

GLAAD 30 years of funding breakdown on departments.
  • 2% of all funds went to alternative lifestyles other than 100% gay.
  • 98%  of all funds went to only pure homosexual lifestyles.

GLAAD campaigns for 'all' alternative lifestyles, while it defines itself as only a 100% a homosexual movement but when it fundraises it claims it funds all alternative lifestyles, a lie. The funding history is the proof and there are numerous more bi-sexual in our world than any 100% homosexual.  


GLAAD a Terrorist network of intolerance and vicious hatred usually campaigns or fundraises on false premises. In GLAAD’s case it is for ‘all’ alternative lifestyles than the natural women and men relationship. However, after GLAAD receives these funds, the terrorists in leadership for the last 30 years have stolen those funds and not supported ‘all’ lifestyles as they advocate, thus a false persona which is a terrorist network. When terrorist fund through charity channels, this is also a lie, and this is also hove GLAAD operates.

OFFICIAL U.S. MEDIA and U.S. Government Position: If you claim to want to sleep with a woman and you are a man, you are branded a terrorist and must have your family destroyed. 21 dec. 2013, North Hollywood, Studio City:

A year ago I did some research into GLAAD, they have a large presence in Los Angeles, California. There are some affiliated to the Organization that complain of racism, fascism, and intolerance of its leadership and funding boards. This sparked my interest because they have a voice-box to the U.S. government and media. Anything they that goes against homosexuality they complain, the media or government replies as if they are the sissy bitches that are slaves to these GLAAD leaders. Well I found out that for over 30 years, GLAAD has mis appropriated funding to a damaging skew of 98% of those funds going directly  to Homosexual Research and directly to GLAAD department funding. In contrast, only 2% goes to ‘other’ alternative lifestyles, such as the more populated class of bisexuals. This means there is a Gay Mafia that has for over 30 years controlled GLAAD. In my opinion it is a terrorist group because it advocates killing blacks, Asians, whites and brown people ( see here MEAMIC) , the ones that are not 100% homosexual. It is OK for them to exist, but to use the media and government to set policy because it sees its Gay Mafia as the only real concern in all of life, screw everyone else, they are a terrorist organization.

Sleeping of a man and a women is defined by the U.S. Media and U.S. Government as Christian Fundamentalism.

Here is an example:

Gay & Lesbian A A D that supports the Lesbian & Gay & Bi-sexual & Transgender community LGBT.

That acronym implies some fascism: a smaller group ruling and making policy over a larger group without any say and clearly misrepresented. Bi-sexual in my definition are 100% humans, period. B as an acronym  must go first or this is some terroristic propaganda by these Gay mafia both female and male homosexuality.

BGLAAD is the only solution and BGL in that order and the same for levels of economic performance. You can pronounce it as the sound of the capital letter B and then form the word glad, in communicative purposes.

BGLAAD is an anagram of BAG LAD. so no good, so edit this to something more inspiring.

Bag Lad is am European adult male to young male expression ( code word), even for a child, for older male sexual conquest of younger males. That is a illuminati diablo symbol used by a hidden anagram.

BTLG and funding in that order with the most as the front letter of this acronym.

GLAAD says they have never gotten more angry phone calls and emails than they have since they decided to launch their attack on Phil Robertson.

GLAAD is not concerned nor stops Atheist Child Sex Slavery happening in Chicago Streets and all over the world. Why? because some of these kids can be exploited by sexual LGTB predators and homosexual rapes are most common to children without homes or parents. So it is an opportunity for them to fulfill their sexual fantasies, raping young boys and throwing them into a garbage can.


The GLAAD spokesman and women on the Kelly File ( Fox News because no one watches the Propagandist channels on the left) so everyone comes here to Fox News, claimed they do not want to hear the opposition to homosexual or master/sex slave lifestyles in the public, which was not what Phil Robertson did at all. He gave his views to a private company that in this for covert slander practices, and an adult men’s magazine. His religious views on sin and abnormal sexual practices were not viewed on the show. GLAAD forces its homosexual narrative on over 5,000 Television and Radio networks, it does not want any competition; it is a dictator or die mentality.

Aldous Leonard Huxley  (26 July 1894 – 22 November 1963) most acclaimed work,  ‘[A] Brave New World” he argues that children must have bizarre sexual behaviors and practices forced upon them when they are so young they are at the learning stages, such as six years old. Then older people have sex with the children as a way to condition them into bizarre forms of sexual practices. Any opposition to this wish, as heard and desired by GLAAD’s spokespersons, this is deemed a threat to humanity. Phil Robertson is just pointing out that this is a part of Satan’s plan.


Duck Dynasty Star Compares Gay People to “Drunks,” “Terrorists,” and “Prostitutes”

But he says he "would never treat anyone with disrespect."
By Laura Stampler @laurastampler, Dec. 18, 2013

U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama admitted after this flack came out that he watches the show all the time. Duck Dynasty is not a religious platform it is a show about buisness southerners who grew up around other blacks, all happy because all of them were dirt poor thus they commiserated well side by side. They are a unique window to illustrate culture in the deep south of U.S.A. and how it thrived and traditionalized to a cross culture phenomenon of what is a red neck (( a silly white person most possibly uneducated) as opposed to the world famous cowboy thematic and city school indoctrination period of 18 years of 24/7/365 for race relations studies). Growing up poor in the south along with the poor blacks, and both blacks and whites from here, the  southern poor managed to scrape up their families from poverty and become millionaires, including and not limited to blacks and whites. However, the key to the show is that these folk kept their poor culture, it makes people laugh, and they never got what is called a sophisticated ( inner big city) indoctrination. The people on the show are naturals and love to entertain in front of the camera and so the normal television experiance brought a huge audiance.

This means just as the President understood from the start, these are southern, very southern old style white southerners and there is bound to be a tie into culture and their operating minds. Obama's works on an academic level so when he thinks he has a set of skills installed through big city schools whereas these folk never were exposed to it. The same goes for the black families that have traditions of families in poverty and then since the 1960s they have scraped up and out of poverty. There are numerous black millionaires and a very vibrant middle class and for sure the highest standard of living ever or for the last 5, 000 years.

Robertson returned to the subject throughout the interview. When giving a CliffsNotes version of the New Testament book of Corinthians:

Laura Stampler, Gurney Productions in Time Magazine Dec. 18, 2013.

“Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers — they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. … Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

Thus they or at least the shows patriarch latched on to a life manual called the Bible but in this case it is interpreted incorrectly by all sides of this argument. Corinthians is a Pauline part of the Bible and has no words accredited to Y’ oshua speaking directing in the text, and therefore must be opinion. The southern version of Christ Church then misuses perhaps without knowledge what apostle Paul will incorporate of the Hebrew Bible, which is then reframed in the New Covenant of Christ. Just fresh out of escaping doom for an entire race of humans, Moses wrote some temporary anti homosexual laws found in the Old Testament. But the lesson of Moses was a nation of perhaps 250,000 men and much less men of psychical stature and at a soldier's age would survive the known Empires they had escaped from, thus the law was for self-group survival. These laws were incorporated into the Hebrew civil laws just after Moses passed, and used to birth male children. This practice was perhaps borrowed by the polytheist superpower states like Egypt or Syria to the north.  The male children then had to produce male children, that was their job. Homosexual practices diminish a critically struggling nation of ideas that first brought homosexual toleration and civil rights to the civilization table.  Half the U.S. Congress aligns themselves to some Christian demonization that will have these anti homosexual view in them, thus they must at this moment be fired! Obama included.

The Issue was his personal views, apparently known to the show and after the fact A&E claims they warned him not to voice his Christian views ; and yet, everyone who watched the program, making it the highest ratings cable show of all time listened to openly Christian views on the show indicating that A&E had and the legion of fans had accepted Homosexuality will lead to misbehaviors as Paul the apostle spoke, not Jesus, in the Christian Bible. In The Book commonly known as Revelation is says form the original Greek version, Erasmus' effort, : " no wise will enter the kingdom of Heaven," and that is a list of whose who and all of it. The Erasmus definition according to books he wrote on this subject will damn to hell the writers and agreeers with the Title on this TIME Magazine hit piece on Christian Phil Robertson and U.S. Citizen. A part of the population of the 'wise' are propagandist NAZIs that own the air channels.



 Robertson listed and TIME magazine twisted in propaganda NAZI 101 practices. Therefore, this is a terrorist hit job. Here is TIME magazine’s hit piece analyzed by me.




Phil Robertson

list of things and actions that he believes are sin.


When Phil Robertson claimed before the welfare state that black and that whites lived in the south harmoniously, the truth remains correct. The media made up lies and said that Blacks were unhappy. This was never the case. Both whites and blacks lived in extreme poverty and Phil Robertson came form this poverty. So the leftwing limo, jet-set castle living capitalist haters implied Phil must have been a rich plantation owner because he has white skin. The Rich Plantation owners was Lyndon B. Johnson's wife who lived in a south plantation house and started Halliburton to build air feilds in Vietnam to ship poor blacks to their deaths. This is the Democratic Party's people and worshipped heros -- indicating the corruption I mention.

Phil Alexander Robertson (born April 24, 1946) is an American professional  hunter, businessman (Duck Commander), and reality television star on the  popular Arts & Entertainment network, which the U.S. President claims he watches for laughs all the time (apparently it is the most entertaining television show on cable, widely reported in recent months). Because they were born in poverty with the blacks in the south, they got along and saw their upbringing as happy along with the other poor blacks. They were not from a white plantation home like Lady Bird Jonson ( she creates Halliburton) that sent blacks and other poor to the front lines in Vietnam to fight a fictitious war, a cover to get rid of blacks) they were from ‘extreme’ poverty. Their only life guidebook was the Bible; the government did not care about these poor folk, white or black, so they did not give them a life guide book. So Phil like others around him in poverty turned to the local churches and these local churches have traditional views, such as anti Homosexuality. GLAAD never complains that Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, both reverends in the Church also do not support Homosexuality. So we already know that GLAAD is a fascist machine, rich Homosexual Mafiosi running rampant with their greed and intolerance, with power in the media.  

U.S.A. Barack Hussein Obama ii,  Taught Against Homosexuality unions at Chicago University

Do you really know who Barack Hussein Obama ii really is? I do not think so.

Examine Barack Obama's University of Chicago course materials. New York Times Blog

He argued against Homosexual Marriage in the fall of 2003.

This means Obama should be fired too like Phil, no? Or is GLAAD and the government and media a part of Satan's army, one policy for them, one policy for the others?


Barack Hussein Obama II Argues against Homosexual Marriage: The U.S. President taught an adjunct class for one semester, in J.D. Law, on the legalities and permissibleness to the U.S. constitution of homosexuality, at Chicago University. While the constitution part was an ‘option’ of one’s feelings ( see his outline for his final exam) he argues that Homosexual marriage brings up a host of difficult civil and difficult social issues. This has nothing to do with his personal feelings.  So Barack H. Obama argued against homosexual marriage. GLAAD has not called Obama a hater, an intolerant or an anti-homosexual as they did Phil who never advocated this on the Television Show, he was set up by a G Q interview in the woods, so this was not a part of A&E.  

MEAMIC: NEW YORK TIMES LIES AND CLAIMS OBAMA SPENT 12 teaching law at the University of Chicago. In 1998, we see Obama writes he is a full professor, seen on his Final Exams, released to the public, if not as false as his birth certificate, with no official seal on it and its hospital name not being invented to years after his birth, wow! When Obama wrote his so-called autobiographies he never told his audience he was a professor and taught for 12 years at Chicago U.

Note these documents appear to be uniform in creation, such as created at the same time, although they span some 12 years.

If you are a professor there will be ‘massive and massive’ paperwork and legal documents. There are no such documents that show that Obama was a professor at all. The only evidence is someone put forth in sections, that means these were not all released in unison ( I saw the 1998 one, and only this one, in 2008-09 and never heard of the most recent releases – is this like Obama claiming the N.S.A. never spied on Americans? The lies and deliberate document falsification to cover up the lies is tremendous.

Chicago University claims they do not any documents to show Obama was ever a teacher or a professor at Chicago University: a very hard school to get a professorship job at, if at all!

FACTS: Obama spent four months or one semester teaching one adjunct class on law against homosexuality, at any University, as I reported in 2009, because this was the only news and years that he had taught at that time. Then fast forward five years later and we get more years Obama taught, suspicious?

Obama then tells us in his so-called auto-biography his next job was a $12,000 a year community organizer, also a paid state government job. So Obama’s account differs from MEAMIC and NYTimes account or Obama was never given a professor's salary and taught illegally being an adjunct for 12 years -- when most Ph.D. programs are about four years.

[format created scan onto P.D.F. ]  2003 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW III, Final Examination, Autumn 2003 [No Date], [no time].

[format created scan onto P.D.F. ]  2002 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW III, Final Examination, December [No Date], 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

[format created P.D.F ]  2001 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW III, Final Examination, December 2001, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

[format created scan onto P.D.F. ] 2000 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW III, Final Examination, December [No Date], 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Part I: 25% black representation [U.S. black population 12%]  and 15% Latino [ Latino Population 14%]

[format created P.D.F ] 1999 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW III, Final Examination, December 1999, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

[format created P.D.F ] 1998 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW III, Final Examination, December 12, 1996, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

[format created P.D.F ] 1997 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW III Final Examination December 13, 1997 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Interesting article. First and foremost this article is using the connotation of “Professor” to prop Obama on a pedestal. For the accurate record, Obama was neither an Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, nor Full Professor. Obama holds no Ph.D, and he was hired as a lecturer, and senior lecturer at UC. Professors work many many years, very hard, publishing, and teaching to earn that title, and to give Obama that title in this cavalier way, is an insult to us in the academic community. You insult those of us in Academic circles by giving him this title. He was NOT a tenured Professor! ( see comment on NYTimes blog. July 29, 2008 6:00 pm ( posted)


Notes: Obama was never a professor nor was he asked, despite the continual lies. Here is the proof: The University of Chicago is one of the most elite law schools in the country, and it would be extremely rare for the law school to offer a tenure-track position to someone without any legal scholarship, much less one with tenure.

I go to U.C. Berkeley and all Ph.D. students teach an undergraduate class or a freshman class or help out a professor with class duties. These have different names but these Ph.D. candidates, usually working simultaneously on personal and department research also call themselves teachers or professors, when they are not legally. They are type-classed as ‘adjunct’ or a fill-in for a lack of a better meaning. Usually Ph.D. students are preferenced to visiting professors who can make $100,000 more dollars per semester teaching than adjuncts,  and at low level rote memorization classes, economically adjuncts favor profitability. Tenured professors like the advanced classes where they can spout their theories. You will hear bloggers on NYtimes claim Obama taught for 12 years at Chicago, and all sorts of lies and false stories. Obama taught one adjunct JD. law class on the premissableness of homosexual marriage in the local Chicago Community.  according to his syllabus, he was a descent teachers who allowed extra time for students on the final exam if they lived far from campus. This means he was thoughtful.


Time Mag.

International buisness news:


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