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Update Spring 2014 at bottom, news on candidates and their various issues.


For those who do not want to read a bunch of opinions, Obama will win reelection regardless of who opposes him in the General Election of 2012. This had been known prior to him stepping into office in 2009.

update 28 Jan. 2012: 'Herman Cain had the best chances but his relationship past haunted him and he allowed the media to say it is ok if Bill Clinton had teenage hookers underneath his oval office desk and lying to his estranged wife, but it is not alright for Republicans to do likewise. In a true democracy anyone in the media purposely promoting duplicity would have their entire family wiped out of existence – because they engage in damaged D.N.A. propagation ' of the human race.

U.S.A. General Election 2012

Mitt Romney's Progressed Sun will oppose beta persei, al gol's P.E.D. at 26 TAU 20'47" for the year of 2012. Otherwise Disaster.

2012 [web us 2012] US Elections [1] © 1 December 2010 (4:18 PST; Studio City, Los Angeles; uploded 4:26 p.m.).

For those wondering about the upcoming 2012 U.S.A. general elections Sarah Palin, according to her promulgated horoscope, cannot win the U.S. office of the Presidency. Also, neither can Hillary Clinton. Both of these potential presidential candidates do not have these correct planetary aspects that are empirical in the past elected U.S. Presidents. In fact, Barack Hussein Obama ( an entitlement socialist) does have the required angle-to-planet aspect. He will continue to have this aspect in 2012 for the general election. I have done his progressed chart and there is a yod-aspect progressed for 7 Nov. 2012, which means he will not win overwhelming if he becomes the front – runner for the Democratic Party and is not challenged by other Democrats. It would be difficult for any white Democrat to challenge him without Obama calling on his colored constituencies to call-out or accuse white people of being racist against colored people. As the Republicans have learned in the past two years, if you criticize any policy by Barack Hussein Obama you are instantly stigmatized as a NAZI racist – and it does not matter if you have black skin too.

Unfortunately, Mitt Romney is not favored by most Republicans and polls indicate that if Obama and he make the final general election ballot some republicans or most independents will vote for Obama. It will not matter that Obama destroys the U.S. job markets or destroys the military; what is important Democrats consistently equates the color of his skin to intelligence and the fact that Obama ‘rewards his followers, and punishes his enemies. News surfaced during December first and the second that Obama has created $3.3 trillion dollars to mask his policies which have been taxing the Americans to pay for his rich banking friends and his constituencies, much by forcing equity for bailout funds in exchange for government representatives on major company boards to issue federal political expediency. This is classic socialism, no matter what word you imply, and China views this move by the Federal Reserve and by the Obama regime as ‘cheating.’ The Federal Reserve prints $3.3 trillion dollars and purchases U.S. debt, and Obama pays-out this new money to his voter base or buys equity via entitlement ( stimulus, whatever name) and the stock-market looks healthy and the Wall Street fat-cats stay financially healthy. This makes the U.S. economy appear to be in good shape, when in fact there was nothing to back this financial move. However, this creates inflation and massive debt which hampers ‘real growth,’ and creates international financial chaos to which China reacts by keeping their currency artificially low, as Obama cannot force them to raise it when he lied to China so many times. Obama is making the Asian countries our economic enemies which can in the future reverberate in war.

The other news that surfaced was the U.S. role in the European bail-out which helps explain where this massive bulk of funds voted in by mainly democrats ended up to our surprise. Most people I know asked what happened to that $3.3 trillion that Obama spent on the stimulus. Well he created that money out of nothing then bailed out many European banks. This means those banks received faked backed money which does not fix anything, it only prolongs financial crisis. However, like American mediocrity, in Europe if you criticize Obama’s immature and dangerous financial games, you are eternally labeled a racist. So the lesson here is that justice, morals, ethics, and equanimity are illusions and the rich-democrats are in fact not the non-establishment.

Ever since the 1970s, manufacturing jobs have been outsourced. Outsourcing in a term where a company moves out of the country’s physical boundaries and hires locals and pays taxes to those ‘host’ countries, and permit fees and other business fees. Not in the definition is empirical. Most of these U.S. business are regulated to such an extreme by the socialist Democratic Party that they have no choice but to flee. They then hire foreign workers at measly pay and pass on the consumer costs to Americans, while making a heftier profit that what they would have earned if left alone by the Democratic Party. But the key to understanding this is not all negative to the Democratic Party. One the company moves oversees and begins making huge profits, it kicks back money to the Democratic Socialist Party’s coffers, thus this explains why the Democratic Party are top recipients of big-business in the accounting records which are public but hard to find or analyze. The final trick is to assume the usual narrative that Republicans are all big-business and all are rich- fascists. The narrative continues that all Democratic Party members are middle to poor in class and suppressed by the Republican choices in big- business. The reason why Republicans have won major elections in the last fifty-years despite this promulgated ‘false’ narrative is because much of the population sees the Democratic Party as habitual liars.

Then one asks why then do the Democrats sometimes win elections? This is because the Republicans do some things that populously negatively reflect on the Party and thus change is preferred. Such a case was the reaction after 11 September 2001. Most people understood that a drone-plane had Usama bin Laden in its sights, the C.I.A. called into the White House for a confirmation on the kill of Usama bin Laden and the White House ( Bush, Jr.) called off the attack, citing that international Muslim ambassadors were accompanying Usama out of Afghanistan. This has been public record for a long-time and predates the invasion of Iraq and the large war in Afghanistan and the boarders on Pakistan. Then Bush took the U.S.A. military into Iraq to take the oil-feilds and the polls at home in the United States of America reflected this was not the right pathway to achieve energy stability, so George W. Bush created at least 21 reasons why he had invaded Iraq ( there perhaps are 25 of them so far). This move and the fact U.S. troops are in Afghanistan fighting peasants angered many independents and some staunch Republicans. Thus when Obama campaigned for ‘Hope and Change,’ with promises of immediate military pull-out of Iraq and a fast withdrawal in Afghanistan this won him over to many anti-Democrats – who therefore voted him into office.

Still the U.S.A. is fighting peasants in the Middle East and continually angering the natives and the Muslim internationalists. The distrust of government in general under Obama today is extreme in comparisons to other decades. No longer do most Americans trust the Federal Government, and believe the naked scanning and molestation – pat-downs are somewhat like a kabuki theater. These ‘searches’ focuses on 4-10 year-old white girls and white women, while moslem women are not allowed to be scanned or patted-down, regardless of what the leftwing media claims. Bill Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, and even John McCain all ran on the platform of anti- establishment. All are ‘the establishment.’ We were told of a new transparency in the Congressional legislation, and this never happened. The Government is increasingly taking over all controls of the sectors of a state (a.k.a. country) and not allowing the people to have any say in these secret programs or financial decisions.

The color of his skin defines Obama's morality and ethics according to the New Left, which Bill Clinton was the first U.S. president of that genre. However, most people of the world do not understand that the New Left has already won in America, and most people are now speaking of living right now it America’s demise period. Racial issues which were the number-one issue in the demise of all multicultural state-attempts, seeks to repeat in the U.S.A. This does not mean the physical boarders will ‘suddenly vanish,’ what it means is a mediocre and slow dilapidation of the civilization. The country will evectional reflect the host’s country in its previous form.

Most conclude now that in some respects it will no longer matter who becomes the leader as the political decisions are always based not on merit or responsibility but to polemical issues of lies and propagandist racial discrimination. The Abbassid State had extreme difficulty with this very same issue, and it fell from a famously and fabled multicultural ‘great civilization.’ It fell because of racial issue and nothing else. The New Left will claim it fell for military reasons or internal conflicts but a strong military needs its citizens not battling over the level of intelligence of a human is based upon one’s skin color – in the streets. The internal conflict is all about race; the scientists of academia always compartmentalize race, ethnicities, and then pit-them against each other in reviews, papers, and promulgations of lies and summaries.

Here is a prime example of the Left who understand they can be in power for the next 100 years by the science of this polled and these analyses of the 2010 mid-term elections. There is about one-million jobs lost in the state of California, but there has been an increase in immigration to the state of about 15 million of which that large portion accounts for tax-payer services. The Democrats support illegal immigration because staying in power is the ultimate morality and these immigrants will vote for the party that promises them what they want—such as the overthrow of white America. White Democrats will say this sounds good, but first we need to through out white Republicans, this should take about 10-12 years, and during that time we will be partners. The Latins giggle and laugh to themselves because the next group on the list will be those varied white Democrats who facilitated all their hopes and dreams of a puritanical Spanish dominated colored America.

In California’s mid-term 2008 elections, 80% of  the Latin Votes went to the Democrats, and over 50% of the students in elementary to high-schools are now Latin Children. Despite the majority of States in the Union voting for Republican and ousting Democratic Incumbents, California for the first time in a long-time has voted nearly all Democrats into all offices of importance. At U.C. Berkeley, at least in my Department of History, the white professors and faculty understand they must leave the b boarders of America because of the racist latins and other colored ethnicities. They actually speak about this. One such prominent professor there spoke to others and claimed she would not have to leave, despite her color of the skin as white, because she was born in Japan. Of course, she is living in a fantasy land, the Latins care less about boarders they care about the heritage and color of your skin.

This dysfunctional view is not endemic to the Cal’s History Department; it is pervasive all over America’s academia. This supposedly vicious and multicultural ending idea is the pinnacle of 5,000 years of learning and lessons. There is no secret why Socrates predicted the fall of Democracy nor is it ‘surprising’ while Nostradamus believed civilizations rise and fall based upon these common advents. The mediocrity was evident as I went through the Provost and papers of chancellors of the early period of Cal which diametrically argued opposite of what is argued today. They argued ideas of everyone getting alone because everyone has their specific gifts to contribute to a vibrant society. Now all we here is what ethnic group and what color of the skin can politically get you entitlement handouts, thus this is the correct course of action to follow politically. Common advents are just that, common as in mediocre, and damaging to progress. Does history repeat itself in a similar but not exact fashion?

On College campuses, financial fights between departments and levels of students to graduates are signs of the times. One such outcry in the last few years was the Regents of California, by way of a special interest group would exclude testing from the application process. The Daily Cal had three Asian professors who hammered the white racists and the evil of humanity because this would allow more blacks and browns ( Latinos) to be accepted at the University of California. At that time and continuing as I write this the overwhelmingly larges student and graduate population of Cal’s campus are Asians.

When the students voted in Obama they believed his lies that he would make the U.S. prosper in economics compared to George W. Bush’s economy. This was because, as Obama repeatedly stated, Republicans were failures ( that’s to translate as stupid, fascist, rich, bigoted, sexist, etc... place all the world’s negativities into this definition by Obama, including his latest, Republicans are the enemies of the U.S.A.!) they could not understand prosperity. Now, ever since Obama paid-off his rich business friends, leaving little to no-money for the poor students they have suspiciously started blaming everyone but the ‘agent.’ They are vandalizing the campuses and involved in periodic disruption of classes because they are not receiving their entitlements – they believe ‘free everything,’ as Obama promised them, belongs to them. They have no idea that all over the U.S., and in fact the European states as well, are seeing the same phenomena. Obama goes around the world apologizing for American exceptionalism, and the students demand exceptional-cheap or actually free-education and life-long government ease-jobs.

In order for Obama to keep winning, all he has to do is keep up the lying American narrative. The Republicans are the filthy rich-class, sexist, racist, stupid, unhuman, killers, radical activists, retards, incompetents, inconsiderate, mentally insane, anti-nature, world-destroyers, bigots, and all other negative descriptions of all things knowable. Obama does this, which he learned from F.D.R.’s winning campaign style and he can be elected every time. It will not matter if he kills 2 billion people, or start wars, or the unemployment goes to 40%, the people in the U.S.A. are divided upon racial-lines, based upon the appearance of the body. Over 90% of the blacks who voted in 2008 voted for Obama. Why would this change according to historical trends?

From 399 - 150 B.C.E. the white Greek population were systematically kicked out by racism. The contemporaries writing about the demographics of Greece claimed that there nary was found a white human in Greece. In history, Egypt, The East, Middle East, North Africa, and South East Europe began to rise in power and commerce under multiculturalism. The localities of the Grecian states dilapidated as result of the lessons taught by the elite to the issue of color superiority, for the reasons to kick-out the evil white beings that were discussed as conservatives or traditionalists. Greece fell for no other reason that multiculturalism-lies. Now these lies continue, but we have a very populated world. So instead of the white colored people running away, yet again, there will be some sort of standoff or purge on Earth. Thus the Apocalypse of John of Patmos seems to indentify some form of world control, a backlash to this control,  then a purge of the stupid’s – the humans that never learn their lessons and base all intelligence evaluations upon the color of the skin and not the content of character. At U.C. Berkeley, I was in an American Culture’s class, a mandatory class for all undergrads, and they taught that content of Character does not reap justice, only violence. Martin Luther King, Jr’s message of content of Character was demeaned mentally – challenged, it is claimed; ‘Niggers with Guns,’ actually changed racist repression. Mao Tse-tung (actually one of the most racist dictators of the twentieth century) was victorious because he used the barrel of a gun to force China into multiculturalism – where all different people from all different nations got along in harmony. I have no idea where they dig-up this garbage, and that is why I assume these super-leftists are in fact habitual liars.

When I went through the Bancroft boxes of the hand-writing letters, notes, and exams of the early to mid-twentieth century students and faculty, I found no idiocy that today is the hallmark of thinking in upper academia. When I hear charges that radical anti-Americans now populate the professorships at all the upper academic institutions’ of America, unfortunately these claims are true. How can you have a country or a progress into modernity when Obama is calling all people who criticize is takeover of the private sector and spending programs a result of evil white people who “are the enemies,” as he puts it. Therefore, it is easy to see why America will fall away soon. Rush Limbaugh, perhaps citing someone else, stated you can get rid of Obama but you can ‘never get rid of the people who put him there” (in office!).

In this sense it will no longer matter who gets elected to the office of the president. It will only from now on be conditioned upon the color of the skin. That determines ethics, morals, intelligence and correctness; the New Left replaced religion and all its criteria of faith, belief, propaganda (the church uses this term quite differently than the Marxists! take note!) and salvation. Entitlement is salvation, and the government is now god, and the Party that facilitates its ideology is the Democratic Party which has been co-opted by the New Left. In my understanding New is actually a camouflage of the actual coded term for ‘Radical.’

The U.S. Government Lies and Destruction of U.S.A Looks Promising to Their Plan.

Obama has increased the U.S. debt to levels not seen since F.D.R. created the largest U.S. debt in history, pre-World War II by his New Deal ( socialism/communist) policies. Many wondered where all the U.S. poor people’s taxes went. Well, after Julian Assange dumped hundreds of thousands secret U.S. cables detailing such morsels of information as State Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton’s role in stealing DNA form from foreign diplomats so to use them against them biologically and to gain weaknesses in their biological makeup – elucidating we live in a corrupt time of world history, the truth comes out that Obama following the private families of the Federal Reserve used poor people’s money to pay-out massive billions in bail out to foreign banks, foreign corpora , and to rich Wall Street fat-cats so they can buy a second Hampton’s home. Like F.D.R., like the Soviet leaders, like Chinese communists and host of others in the world history makeup of lies, the rich tell a tale to the poor and act differently to hide the truth – the politicians pad-the-rich’s bank accounts. There was a row about 2009 figures of Wall Street C.E.Os. who received massive Federal bailout monies that gave themselves the larges bonuses in their collective history – using the poor’s tax-money. The Social Security benefits were frozen from price-adjustments, and even cut to pre-2002 levels so that these defrayments of Federal Tax dollars could go to the ‘very rich’ to make them more very rich. Then you have U.C. Berkeley polisci and economic professors praising the economic policies of Barack Hussein Obama and demonizing anyone who criticizes these decisions.

If you remember, Obama believed Armageddon would come if he was not elected president of the United States of America to ward off a financial meltdown scenario. The people in the know, like I, Obama has the helical star Acubens which details a character of a liar and a criminal. But history proves that socialists are criminals because they lie to the public and coddle their rich personages. The divide between the rich and poor in America developed as industry began to wade in the later 1970s, but in the 1990s, Clinton started the mortgaged crisis by forcing lone-banks to allow under performing entities to get large loans or he would send the I.R.S. after these loaners, and also use executive orders to keep them out of federal business opportunities. He forced them because he was a New Leftist and believed central control by the power elite needs to be concentrated in the hands of a few instead of the many-one – the people. Clinton has his Saturn, Pluto and Mercury midpoint in cancri, and some midpoint progressions were on the outer boarder of Acubens’s arc of a conjunction’s influence. Everyone had to deal with the Clinton program of continuous lies. The Feds withheld $885 billion dollars in loans so the American populous have no idea what the government is doing. To keep the public distracted, kabuki theater full body scans, which can be secretly uploaded to the internet, showing your naked body or the choice of molestation grouping, including the first few weeks of operations in late November 2010 of you girls being molested by grown-up hands, illustrates that the U.S. has gone politically insane under Obama’s apology tour. Obama travels around the world apologizing for white people’s stupidity and inherent evil to other nations, and does not stop even when he is home in the states. He is quite pathetic and promulgates lies and hate-crimes, but no one can claim such a thing or they are jailed, or demonized in such a way as to cause financial or life –harm.

“Swiss based UBS and Britain’s Barclays, according to more than 21,000 loan records,” introduced “ new financial regulatory legislation. The data reveal banks turning to the Fed for help almost daily in the fall of 2008 as the central bank lowered lending standards and extended relief to all kinds of institutions it had never assisted before,” Washington Post reported. Washington Post, which is a radical leftist rag was quite angry about this foreign bail out as unemployment rose in November of 2010 after October showed job creation was slightly up from the summer, revealed “The American people are finally learning the incredible and jaw-dropping details of the Fed’s multitrillion dollar bail-out of Wall Street and corporate America,” said Senator Bernard Sanders (I.Vt). ( WP). I guess I was correct that Obama’s Acubens illustrates the obvious: he is a criminal and a lair.

Obama spends $3.3 trillion and Does Not Tell the U.S.A. People = Criminal

“The Fed launched emergency programs totally $3.3 trillion in aid, a figure reached by adding up the peak amount of lending in each program” ( Washington Post). “Foreign-owned banks also benefited from the Fed’s commercial-paper facility. The Korean Development Bank, owned by the South Korean government, used the program to the tune of billions of dollars, including a $407 million short-term loan on a single day. Many foreign banks, including the French BNP Paribas, the Swiss UBS and the German Deutsche Bank, took extensive advantage of various programs. Even a major bank in Bavaria benefited, as well as another one headquartered in Bahrain, a tiny island country in the Middle East.” (Washington Post). Yet, this was a short-list of a massive list of recipients of the poor people’s money the Feds swindled and Obama approved. The Feds even paid billions in dollars to banks no longer in Business, as Bear Stearns, and did not ask for the money to be paid back, and Bear Stearns’ swindlers who paid off their Hampton homes will not pay a dime back. The Washington Post which cited the Bear Stearns case also states in conclusion, “The Central Bank assisted 18 companies through this program.

Fed aid in financial crisis went beyond U.S. Banks to industry, foreign firms [ foreign banks]", Washington Post ( Washington Post Staff Writers, Thursday, 2 December 2010, 12:15 am, Jin Lynn, Neil Irwin and Davis S. Hilzenrath, accessed 2 December 2010, available from ; Internet.

Delian League Fleecing a Mirror to American Modernity.

Illegal Immigration has seen about 25 million illegal immigrants to which about 15 million are stationed in various parts of California, many working under false IDs, and using all the public services. So the $500 million pension short fall for 2009- 2010 is being professed as a problem by the U.C. Professors who want to see a large tax increase on all persons so they can keep their million dollar a piece pension plans. Most of these tenured professors have already made over a million dollars in salaries and those who have worked at least 30 years have made over $3 million in salaries. These very bad people intend they are financially suppressed because they compare their ‘worth’ to individuals such as capitalists Steve Jobs, Rupert Murdock and Bill Gates, all who are multi-billionaires. Therefore they write papers after papers demonizing illusionary entities that are running the U.S.A. Republicans’ who are against raising the taxes on all economic levels. There is no rationality in these lies by academia, these are programs of intense greed. Professors live in Utopia, which is the campus life. They have a police force that protects them, they have a vibrant social life, including access to the best drugs and alcohol, they have million dollar pension plans, and over $100,000 annual salaries, free offices, perks and cheap supplies, and a wealth of sexual opportunities from their younger sets on campus. Sitting down and writing a screed about how invisible entities of the conservatives have destroyed everything good in the world is the persistent American Lie-Narrative. The number one aim is to keep them in power and power to them is wealth and comfort in this utopia land of the campus. This was not always the case on campus, it is a result of the expectation that America is falling and taking what one can get away with is all the objective of these greedy-players who are actually mediocre academics. These are the ones brainwashing our children of the United States of America today.

James Bradford De Long (born 24 June 1960, Boston Mass.) commonly known as Brad Delong, is a professor of Economics and chair of the Political Economy major at the University of California, Berkeley. He was an official of the Treasury Department in the Clinton Administration, he worked on the 1993 budget, on the Urugay Round of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, on the North American Free Trade Agreement, and on Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful health care reform, and advises the Obama administration. Along with Christina Romer (born Duckworth, 25 December 1958, Alton Ill.), who was appointed by Obama to head up the national budget as a chair of the Council of Economic Advisors in the Obama Administration ( resigned 3 September 2010), but left before a huge embarrassment was tacked to her resumé, U.C. Berkeley basically was the point-man, so-to-speak of the world economic meltdown being organized by the mediocre, polemic, conspiracy theorist, radical leftwing communists. Delong has his sun at a Noon Chart at 03CAN06’47’; Moon at 08CAN48’56”; Mercury at 27CAN16’00”; Venus at 03CAN39’28”; Uranus at 18LEO30’37”; Pluto at 03VIR59’24”; Mean Node at 19VIR25’22, which culminates as Alcyone sets 0° 04’ which all indicates a cancrian homologue to a mid-point disaster over a habitual liar astrological point. At 3:27 pm L.M.T. ( Universal Time 19:27; Sidereal Time at 08:54:31, 71w04,42n22, Fixed Star/Placidus) as Acubens (13LEO05’04”, 05LAT05’02”) is closing in on a culmination with the midheavan at 11LEO10’22” and the Ascendant at 03SCO53’52” and the position of  Neptune to the ascendant at 2° 37’ and approaching and Mars is opposing the ascendant at – 0° 40’. While I use the word conjunction, I’m working within a few degrees and nothing exact. However, the influence varies according to tradition, the ancients 5-7 degree, others less, while some including modern day observers use 10 degrees and under - -but all have variations and their degree separations. Here those, what is interesting is that Mercury 27CAN21’24” has a 9° 09’ degree square to Neptune and approaching and a square to Mars at -5° 52’. This means Delong’s natal Mercury is heavily afflicted which pronounces he works hard intellectually, but this loose square is formulated against a traditional Ptolemaic star of a habitual liar and a criminal. Like Obama, Delong believes Republicans’, conservative, Tea-Partiers, most independents’ or anyone opposing the elite Obama regime are the enemies of the state, extremely ignorant and not worthy of conversation. This explains why Delong writes for Shrillboge, which collects stories and articles about critics of what the authors perceives as fundamentally dishonest on the part of the advocates of “conservative” policies in the Republican Party and the Bush Administration. Delong is a prolific blogger and his modus operadi consistently paints republicans as ape-like beings. Otherwise the poor and helpless are not worthy of life and too stupid to understand that printing money out of nothing creates jobs, wealth and prosperity. Now to confirm this Acubenic traditional Sumerian, Babylonian, Akkadian, Neo-Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Mystical Hebrew, and later Muslim expertise on star’s importance in the horoscope, we deem a thread of mid-point exposures to confirm our findings on Delong’s character.

The mid-point of Mercury and Uranus  mark the seven and half degrees of Leo, or close to Praesepe, but still able to be within a ten-degree distance of Acubens at 13 LEO 05’04”. The Pluto to Moon mid-point moves also to a seven and a half degree position of Leo, marking another mid-point over Praesepe and under a ten-degree arc to Acubens. This of course compounds the already midi point phenomena of these two mid-point’s synchronization;  Yet, further, the Sun and Venus to the mean node mid-point comes to about seven degrees of Leo, well under the 10 degree conjunction arc I’m looking for and also pointing to an amassing of astrological objects of traditional significance under cancri, Praesepe and of course Acubens. Now adding the already discussed Neptune/Mars angles to Acubens which exists already, all these planets, luminaries and mean node indicate a highly concentrated emotional response to the reflected qualities of Praesepe and Acubens.  Usisng the near-culimination Acubens chart just describe and then compositing George W. Bush ( 43 rd President of the U.S.A.) as a single chart of these two figures, the natal for the composite is over Regulus (28LEO36’45”) and conjunct Pluto at 22LEO17’04”. The Mean node is at 04LEO30’27” which is a few degrees away from Praesepe, and the Natal Sun 08CAN30’52” conjoins the natal Mars at 06CAN36’45”. The mid-points are telling as well for the Moon and Pluto and then Uranus near Wasat and the Sun/Mars to have a mid-point toward Mercury which would is approaching Praesepe and the mean –node. So the Chart illustrates, perhaps, the obsession of Delong to G. W. Bush, and from my reading there is quite an envy on Delong’s part, which explains his constant nightmares of G.W. Bush. The composite to socialist, racist, and New Dealer Franklin Delano Roosevelt illustrates the Sun conjunct Venus composite as well as the Moon conjunct Pluto ( obsession to F.D.R.’s policies) and the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction. There have been plenty of anti-Asian charges against Delong, some coming from hot-contested comments on issues of proposition 209, and recent Regent decision to exclude tests form the undergraduate application process, but by inference when he states that no-one should talk bad about quantitative easing ( Q1 and Q2) which is a euphemism for the U.S. Federal Government to print money out of nothing, that is to say no backing at all, actually angered China tremendously. In fact, Obama after issuing Q2 went to China’s representatives and told them to buy more debt. The Chinese asked why should we buy printed money that you print with no backing; do you think we are stupid or something? F.D.R. as I had uncovered was a serious anti-Asian in private, and seemed to like to play with their banks when the instability of the War allowed such black-market swindling. F.D.R.’s family had businesses in China when he was a young boy and fleecing the backward economic Chinese during their instability period was a financial windfall for the Roosevelt’s!  

Of course, Delong has a Sarah Palin, Brad Delong luminary conjunction square to the Saturn, and indication of cross lifestyles or career directions. Yet, there mean node is at 14LEO16’02, which blends in nicely to the fact both have as their composite Uranus, Pluto ( trines), Jupiter ( sextile), Mercury ( conjunct) and a 30 ish degree separation from Mars to the Sun as a part of a world recognition to a common purpose.

Brad Delong’s current post on the Berkeley blog ( a fairly recent inception) called “Thinking about a time when government would not just stand back and let the business cycle wreak havoc” (29 November 2010, accessed 3 December 2010, available from thinking-about-a-time-when-government-would-not-just-stand back-and-let-the-business-cycle-wreak-havoc/ Internet) begins by a reflection, “One disturbing thing about studying economic history is how things that happen in the present change the past – or at least the understanding of the past.” Delong is a big fan of communism, as he writes, “I would confidently lecture only three short years ago that the days when governments could stand back and let the business cycle wreak havoc were over in the rich world. No such government today, I said, could or would tolerate any prolonged period in which the unemployment rate was kissing 10 % and inflation was quiescent without doing something major about it.” I was wrong. That is what precisely what is happening.” First off, he is incorrect. Europe after World War II went seriously socialist and tolerated unemployment levels higher than 10%, and these countries were still considered as part of the rich countries on Erath. Does this mean Delong is ignorant of general history of our modern age? It is hard to believe that; or is this Acubens rearing its ugly dishonesty? Delong, as a communist, identifies the agent who is destroying the U.S. economy. He goes on to say, “How did we get here? How can the US have a large political movement—the Tea Party - -pushing for the hardest of hard-money policies when there is no hard-money lobby [ as opposed to pre and post WWI but ending after WWII!, he early states as historical hard-money lobby in Washington D.C.] with its wealth on the line?  How is that the unemployed, and those who fear they might be next wave of unemployment, do not register to vote? Why are politicians not terrified of their displeasure?” The reason Delong, is that Washington D.C. controls the monetary funding for the secret military complex, it has a radical communist as head of the Department of Homeland security who identifies poor Americans as the enemy of the state and turns the F.B.I. on them ( Ruby Ridge, Waco Texas, were examples pre and during Clinton’s regime), and the Government has promulgated intense sedition laws. These seditions laws makes it inconceivable to rise up against the national federal government at all.  Of course, Delong is eluding to the Founders of the U.S.A. who stated when the Federal Government becomes corrupted the citizens should forma militia ( the right to bear arms) and overthrow them. However, the Founders also wrote that when America becomes too wealthy ( as it has done so for a long time) the internal conflicts will perhaps make it impossible to rise up and do the obvious. So that solves that issue, but he brings up his complaint that the “right wing” objects to quantitative easing, and as he suggests, “for reasons that largely remain mysterious.” He even places the nail in the coffin of rationalistic analysis by emoting, “Blather about Federal Reserve currency manipulation and excessive risk-taking is not worthy of an answer.” When Mao Tse-tung was murdering tens of millions people, falsely identifying them as capitalist roaders or sympathetic intellectuals, Tse-tung  did not deem any other ‘worthy of an answer’ to his murderous policies. It was very clear China was extremely upset that Obama told them to raise their currency against the U.S.A dollar and then purchase printed money from nothing? It is called cheating Delong, and perhaps you are not worthy of a professor ship if you cannot understand simplistic economics at the four-year-old level. What remains a mystery is why a major University has such a low standard of an economic theorist at its chair. Is Cal a mentally challenge institution?

The trickery here is the term hard-money to whatever word you organize for non-hard money. The Feds just put into banks credit which is not hard-money, that is money that is in your hands, but it can withdrawal money from this credit account and turn it into hard money by the Obama administration sending that hard money to that banking institution. Or that bank(s) can transfer that credit to another institution which then can redeem that credit for hard cash. So the word-trickery by Delong does not pass the level of a third-grader. Food prices, Medical insurance, car insurance, mortgages, and everything else is inflating at this time, and the New York Times claimed by early December in op-eds that the U.S.A. should get use to unemployment that nearly kisses 10 %.

Again, with 25 million illegal immigrants needing jobs who have been living in the U.S.A., this rises with the Democratic Party’s vote buying that caters to the illegal immigrants who do not understand that the Democratic Party abuses whatever group is of a new-stripe in the U.S. population --- which means usually many figure out the greedy rich-rule the Democratic Party who just use groups to get what they want and damn the future of America. At the same time manufacturing is going to these illegal immigrant countries and they get the taxes and the work, not the United States of America.

Brad Delong will not need to worry about money, he has a million dollar pension, and he is already rich compared to most people on Erath. All he needs to do is keep the American-Left-Hatred Narrative up and he wins his rich-friends loyalties.

Joseph Stalin’s and Brad Delong’s composite chart indicate an intense affair, love or hate, the composite Sun is at 29VIR42’49 and the Venus is at 01LIB30’18”. Mercury is heavily aspected and within a ten-degrees of conjunction to Spica. Of course as Joseph Stalin’s Sun rises with his Venus close the ascendant, Spica culminates and Acubens, including the path on the house circle of Praesepe intersects the cusp of the eighth house ( 18 Dec. 1878, greg., Fixed Stars, Placidus. 7:34 am L.M.T., 44e07,41n58, Gori, GE; Universal Time 4:37:32; Sidereal Time 13:20:39). However, it would not be fair to leave Hitler out of this composite mishmash, as Brad Delong has also a love affair or hate affair with Hitler as the composite horoscope illustrates another Sun 02GEM02’12” and Venus at 10GEM15’39” trine to the Moon at 08LIB41’54” (6:55 pm, Braunau, AUS, 20 April 1889, greg.). Also, of course, using the same time-data for the Acubens chart of Delong, here with Hitler’s birth time at 6:55 pm, Acubens culminates with their composite chart.   

Nero Caesar and Brad Delong Composite Chart

There would be no complete analysis without the replete Neronic comparison, and at a quick glance, their composite Moon is over Praesepe (M44 cancri). Nero’s data I use is Sunday 15 December, 37 Julian Calendar, 7:39 am, Anzio, Italy, Fixt Star, Placidus, Mid-point horoscope). One of the most interesting findings is Delong’s composite over the U.S.A. chart has Saturn as composite over Dschubba, Jabhatal, Jabba (scorpius) and also the Nero Caesar and Delong Composite also achieves this position of Saturn over Dschubba, Jabhatal, Jabba (scorpius)(USA data, I have approved the Declaration of Independence Chart for 5:00 pm, one of the two most accepted times, but this is also considering if even using the other time it is the same day, or even if a few days the position of Saturn moves so slow in a composite chart when dealing in days – as compared to months of years – that it will not make much of a difference. What does this say about the influence of Saturn’s position as comparable in both the Neronic composite or of the Declaration of Independence?

Delong has long been accused of having a totally different idea, view, and definition, of what is a ‘free market.’ To him, a free market is central government regulatory initiations. The U.S.A. never ran a Laissez-faire market, that’s to say, a market where there are no restrictions for both state-wide or for federal regulation. The Republican predecessor party implemented the first federal market regulations when it supplied funding and arbitration for river clean-up between the warring states. The wars erupted because both states used the same river to ship goods to and fro and often nature and environmental damage from industry created a need to have a constant maintenance of these bordering rivers. That is to say, some states had natural borders which were rivers wide enough to be considered trade-routs.  Since rivers needed constant maintenance to keep boats and steamships pathways clear from various natural and man-made debris, the states argued over who would fit the bill. So the federal government stepped in and partially funded it, and at the same time had some jurisdiction over policies by being the funder of this conflict of commerce. This was long before the Democratic or Republican parties were actually formed. Thus precedence of an absence of Laissez-faire market was never the case as a standard of ideology or a viewpoint or a reality in American history. However, Marxists , as liars because they have no argument, create the myth that conservatives or Republicans are for Laissez-faire markets. Laissez-faire markets are almost equivalent to chaos, as if the Wild West was a model for all American commerce. It is simply a Marxist lie and an Acubenic circumstance. It is in Delong’s best interest to lie and form his charges ( young students’) minds and form them into twisted ideologues. Delong’s purpose in life is to keep his 100% government funding expanding his lavish and rich lifestyle. To achieve this he has to twist the children’s minds into pretzels, confusing them long enough to vote Democratic – which proved successful to the campaigns of Obama, of Roosevelt, and of Jimmy Carter into the office of the presidency. The campus vote is important, and this is why Obama tried to stop at every college campus where the students were of legal voting age, to get their votes by promising them utopionic free money, and promises that are never in reality. The media follow along because they are big business to which Obama spent the people’s money to these big businesses.

Then when you place the University of California, Berkeley, Horoscope ( my choice of data, Monday, 16 April 1860, 122w16, 37n52, Noon Chart, Sidereal Time 1:40:45; U.T. 20:09:04, fixed Star, Placidus; composite mid-point) Mercury is in opposition to Dschubba, Jabhatal, Jabba (scorpius), and the mean – node is also within five-degrees of Dschubba, indicating the direction of his life-path with the University. Now we relate Nero’s, Declaration of Independence, and the U.C.B. horoscope to uncover that the Saturn, which partially rules his discipline because Saturn represents the ‘foundations’ of any government or state body or organ, we can relate these stars and these persons to uncover a view, perhaps, a reflection to his modus operandi. Nero is a totally different subject all together but Nero’s horoscope revels a relationship to beta (β ) cancri, the brightest star current ( because we know magnitudes change in history) with its traditional name Al Tarif. This star is less than two degrees from the horoscope circle’s descendant, which is a theoretical arc privy to location and is setting as Nero was born. Nero has Algol as his I.C. star so this is in another ball park but the ideas under which this study seeks the Saturnine comparison is taught.

Without going into any polemics about Nero’s treatment of the early Christians and to what extent historians framed him as the main culprit, which to some extent was exaggerated, as later Roman Leaders were much more damning racists and genocidists, Nero was a classical socialist as we know them today. I intend that Delong by his long passions of anti-conservatives and his admittance to teaching socialism in his classroom that he is indeed an Anti-American socialist. There is nary evidence that the founders of the United States of America perceived utopic socialism as anything but destructive to the American spirit of modernity. Socialism has always been around and this is why you can find these writings and arguments against this system in their identified signatory writings and their ‘masked’ writings, such as the Federalist Papers. 

Manilius (1 st century A.C.E.) in book four (Loeb Classical Library No. 469, English and Latin eds., trans., G.P. Gold, Harvard University Press, 1977,  p. 235, quoted in Anne Wright 2008, Constealltionofwords/stars/Acubens, available online) of his work Astronomica identifies cancri as the Summer Solstice during his day [ check this fact], and relates in skill of this time to the greed-faire of “established commercial ties between so many unknown lands, to search out under foreign skies fresh sources of gain [ capitalism], and from the high prices of his goods to amass sudden wealth. With heaven’s favor he also sells seasons of idleness [ note this is the beginning of the summer in the northern hemisphere, where shipping is preferred, trade routs do not have snow, etc.. good conditions for travel] at rates of interest to his liking, wishing the swift passage of time to add to the principle [ usury]. He is a shrewd nature, and he is ready to fight for his profits (Manilius, Astronomica, B4).” The description of classical greed is telling and to identify the entire constellation of Cancer, which is actually quite small, not the tropical zodiacs depiction of a 30 expanse of the  nightly heavens, this reveals why Bill Clinton, G.W. Bush, Barack Hussein Obama, and Delong as well as many others are the same ‘elite’ who favor profit in some capacity. George Soros, in which the left call him anti-capitalist and a fervent entrepreneur or philanthropist are but the same as these persons – only using a different name to twist the mind of the charges. George Soros, the anti-American – communist who funds much of the left’s world agenda and is one of the richest public personas in the world and; he is one of the richest public personas in the world and is a greedy capitalist in the truest of the senses. Just because he funds his political persuasions does not excuse him as a raw and real definition of a person that made their profits off of others who were less fortunate.

It is Vivian E. Robson in his work, Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology (1923 first ed., p. 116), that provides the characteristics of Acubens as “making its natives liars and criminals.’ In polemical books against G.W. Bush, when astrology is mentioned they will frame Bush’s bad traits on him having a prominent cancri position. However, as noted in my many writings, many U.S. Presidents, politicians, economists, and business persons, have this as a prominent position. Anne Wright 2008 uses Robson’s work as an addition to the ancient ideas about stars. 

The racist and communist Franklin Delano Roosevelt has his Saturn squared cancri which perhaps formed a mid-point over his Midheaven in his horoscope. So thinking minds think alike! F.D.R. created the largest public deficit, prior to WWII, and so has Delong’s Department at the University of California, Berkeley. Cal loves to be number one, and it matters not if it is ethical, moral or good for the state of the nation. As long as they are number one, which is of course a form of narcissism, the enemy of Karl Marx while employing such a character his whole life.

Most Favored President by the Radical Left Loved Adolph Hitler – no coincidence, quite predictable.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (F.D.R.), a four –time president has the largest deficit creation record in U.S. recorded history. All of his deficit was created prior to World War II, so the U.S. funding for the war effort d

oes not factor into his historical spending and put America on a path of financial hardship until the decade of the 1950s. He died in early 1945, and in 1947, many of his spending policies to secure votes ( that was all it was, and nothing more, it was fascism vote buying, typical because he adored Hitler’s government, but the British crying and the general people of America forced him to make war on Germany, when he loved Hitler and Stalin too, he gave Stalin Manchuria at Cairo summit as a way to tell the Asians they are not human beings they will submit to the fascist F.D.R.) were overturned in the courts and buy ballots. Then the economy came back to life. Under Obama things will be similar. If you cannot follow deep discourse on economic theorists, they all claim the economy will improve in 2013 if Obama is overthrown and kicked-out of office or the economy will improve in 2016 when Obama is forced to flee from raping the U.S.A. system. Franklin Delano Roosevelt wrote a memoir after her husband shot himself to death and revealed his filthy racism. However, despite the fact that F.D.R. created the largest deficit in U.S. history, Obama has still someway to go to achieve predominance, and F.D.R.s blatant racism, the Democratic Party continuously polled reveals his is their favorite president of all U.S.A. history. This is because of some of his character to frame discourse in a pleasing way to the public.

F.D.R. to win reelection always claimed that Armageddon would erupt in the U.S.A. if the Republicans take control of the U.S.A. This resonated to the populous (albeit it F.D.R. won his last election in a very close race) and similar rhetoric exhumes with Obama. Obama tells the U.S.A. population repeatedly by inference and outright political-speak that Republicans are the enemy of the human race and America and you must attack them (see his recants and retractions in polisci 2010, and 2009 pages in the Index area). F.D.R. did the same thing, he repeatedly made the Republican party out to be the enemy of mankind, while he consistently manipulated information, including secret documents ( which the left have not figured out because their are mediocre academics, mainly believe their political persuasion – they get paid by the left, so they write toward the left, it is very simplistic and not a complex theory of self-propagation and self - preservation), and painted a dire-apocalypse scenario if he was voted out of office. Obama paints the same picture; especially after witnessing his campaign trail of speeches this last mid-term election. He claimed over and over on the campaign trail that if Republicans took controls of both the House of Representatives and the Senate that Armageddon would soon fall upon America. Richard Riech, a tenured mediocre professor at the University of California actually wrote a piece, perhaps for Obama’s eyes, in which what I said about framing and demonizing the Republican Party is exactly how to keep the Democratic ( they are actually Socialist, Fascist) in control of the U.S.A.  The Latin results indicate that California, as a trend setter it always has been indicates the Republican Party has a few decades left and after that it will be gone from the U.S.A. history. What will form?

Roosevelt redefined liberalism by creating a rational of spreading American military force and influence across the globe as a Doctrine, outlined in his own handwriting in the Four Freedom Speech notes, historians explored – but most often never promulgate this. One of Obama’s failures in history is to blame George W. Bush as creating the Bush Doctrine, this doctrine Obama claims is to spread American Democracy by military force, and often cites the Invasion of Iraq as a direct correlation. However, that is what is outlined by Roosevelt in that speech and not Bush. Empirically this is how Roosevelt redefined Liberalism, the U.S.A. went form an isolationist country to a full-blown imperialist nation. So empting all the fraudulent New Left academics, it was a Democratic Imperialist President who redefined Liberalism as a reflection of what Karl Marx seen as inherently evil, imperialism.  So the New Left had to create a false U.S. Narrative and claim conservatives are imperialists why they began imperialism and practiced it to its logical conclusion. Roosevelt claimed, “To reach a port, we must sail –sail, not tie at anchor – sail, not drift.” I have never met a registered and promoter of the Democratic Party who was not a avarice son of a gun. There mind is continuously on making money at the expense of others, and no moral or ethics will deter their determination. Their heroes are the wealthy, powerful, and extravagant.

The 22nd Amendment of the United States Constitution sets a term limit for the President of the United States of America. It was ratified by the requisite number of states on 7 February 1951. President Harry S. Truman recommended this amendment in 1947, a key – date in U.S.A. history because the problems of the New Deal were overturned and it took at least five – years before the economy started to stabilize and actually boom. Countless conspiracies arise to why this had been changed. The U.S.A. first president was George Washington, who was coaxed into serving a second term. As tradition held, the next presidents did not run for a third term. However, Franklin Delano Roosevelt did not care about Democracy and held the office, even until his death in the spring of 1945. Most people believed that because of Roosevelt’s disregard for tradition, which is of course of a conservative persuasion ( he redefined America into an imperialist nation, calling it the New Liberalism), this led to a populous outcry to change the U.S. Constitution setting term limits for the office of the presidency.  The New Left will claim that it was not because of F.D.R. because the bill was not passed until 1951. First off, the legislative bills for such amendments usually take years, because you need two-thirds of the states’ legislative bodies to pass such a difficult piece of legislation. Changing the U.S. Constitution is the most difficult legal and judicial measure of the U.S.A. The reality is that F.D.R. did not overturn his failed economic policies, unemployment remained consistently high during his administration(s), and only real economists understand it was his restriction on individual creativity and the private sector which delayed any previous recovery. The New Left loves the New Deal, because it mainly funds Leftist institutions, of which Karl Marx in fact predicted would happen to American by 1920. The left will claim that Karl Marx was incorrect, that the U.S.A. did not become communist, but in a sense he was exactly correct. The U.S.A. began a system of systematizing vast unions all over America. The Soviet Union has the title of Union in its name ( U.S.S.R.). It was theoretically one big union.  When Republicans overturned much of the union-privileges in the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947, this was the coexistence of the term-limits idea as well. Term limits were promulgated because F.D.R. was too stupid to understand that his prolonged presidency hurt people and many died because of his unnecessary stranglehold on the U.S. people over their money. He changed the gold-standard, and placed price-caps on everything. If F.D.R. lived for 100 years and no world-wars happened, and he kept his same policies as he held-sway too when he was alive, the U.S.A. would be a vast grave-yard of dead bodies. F.D.R. was not as intelligent as the Left claim. In fact, like Mao Tse-tung, and other communists in history, he was a mediocre and rather ignorant liar. But the left prefer these characteristics in people because they love mirror images’ of their own persuasion: the lie is the government takes care of you if you give them control of your destiny.

F.D.R. placed profit restrictions on all sectors of the economy. The Left will claim this was victorious and ideological correct. However, as I copied his program form the U.C. Berkeley office of War information which they have the raw data on his New Deal programs, which you can access in my history Index, you read he exempts his rich corporation buddies. Barack Hussein Obama, a lover of F.D.R., did the same thing by giving U.S.A. tax-payer money in the amount of multi-billions of dollars to already multi-millionaires, a way to say – heay! I’m in the elitist club, here is your pay-off, support me. F.D.R.’s policy playbook is exactly that and many saw F.D.R. as a king not a democrat.   

Undoubtedly, because of such a long – term(s) in U.S. history holding power, many leftist see him with adoring eyes. Social Security, United Nations, union preference, and many socialistic causes started under him which are viewed with adoring eyes by the entitlement left. We would never need Social Security but for the disabled if we paid our workers a wage so they could save their own retirement funds. Instead, the left just pilfer this fund to pay-off their voting constituencies, and at the same time yelling Armageddon will take place immediate if you vote for conservatives. There mentality is so predictive it is like predicting the next imitated bellowing of a Cockoo from a Cockoo Clock. In directly some bravery to the horrible realities of death and destruction of a world war, F.D.R. famously quoted, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” The left media took this battle cry to heart and in each nightly broadcast the fear mongering newscasts claim everything will go to Armageddon if you do not support the radical left’s agenda. The world lives in perpetual fear because of these radical –fascist tactics.

For predicting seers, Obama started serving the 44 th U.S.A. presidency under a Jupiter, Neptune and Chironian stellium. F.D.R. was born under a Jupiter, Neptune and Chironian stillium with Chiron and Jupiter close to each other close to the ninth house cusp. Both F.D.R. and Obama’s horoscopes reflect a westward chart, which concerns them toward a socialistic bent, as compared to focusing on personal ideas for individuals. When you provide the visual to the composite horoscope of F.D.R. against Ronal Reagan one will realize they have cross-purposes ( Saturn square the Sun, albeit very wide, as well as other contributing aspects)  and ideas, their lives are not tethered to the same game plan.  They live at cross – purposes. The left envy Reagan while the rights generally dislike F.D.R. and believe he was a communist in disguise. Of course, as F.D.R. gets elected to his first term, dodges a bullet ( assassin was not after him, a disgruntled Italian day-labor angry at unemployment, demonized in leftwing historical narratives as crazy) Acubens is approaching culmination in his progressed horoscope. Pluto and Saturn are in the seventh house in progression indicating a bad omen for America.

Many historians call F.D.R. the fifth political party, the New Deal party to which Roosevelt placated immigrants over heritage and many generational families.  It is similar to the way the Left promises to kick out all the white people ( except themselves) in promises of giving the Spanish, Latino Americans and immigrants preferential power in all capacities. This way they can win election after election until the Latins through out all white people for their superiority race – a direct repetition of the Macedonian political conquest of Greece states ( by 150 B.C.E. there were nary a white person in the traditional Greek territories). Obama often infers that all white people including everyone who is white in his family but his mother are ‘failures,’ and in need of ‘correcting.’ This is pure evil and not necessarily proof of stupidity. Obama plays the game to win support in all capacities from the scared white left and the masses of foreigners who seek to take what wealth America has left to distribute. The left’s aim to their end-goal is to take control of Washington, Tax everyone and they swindle it. It is classical robbing the Delian League’s treasury chest at the temple of Palace Athena, Acropolis. The false prophets and demons on the left have so much power they put Socrates to death for his complaining and then the left make up some false history and claimed some bogus charges of ‘corrupting the youth’s minds’ to execute him. It appears nothing has change, the same history is repeating itself – not exactly – but empirically.

Roosevelt was inaugurated 4 March 1933 and Acubens is approaching culmination in his progressed horoscope. Obama’s natal Sun is over Acubens. Obama without having 20% unemployment, which America’s depression was at its nadir when F.D.R. assumed kingship over America, Obama followed his political program to a tee ( exactly). The first step was a ‘100 days’ program of relief. Obama’s political advertizing signs are all over American roads, entitled like F.D.R.’s.  The “Federal Emergency Relief Administration”. While not exactly termed the same "The Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009’ sought to mimic F.D.R.’s programs although America was not a depression. We later learned that Obama followed F.D.R.’s system to a tee and paid-off the rich at the poor’s expense. This act by Obama was so overt and became apparent when news leaked in November of 2010 that even many staunch left-wing personalities could not publically deny it with a strait face. As an Omen, F.D.R. was inaugurated 32 days after Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany.  So the mundane astrological signs are similar in outlook. Hitler became a dictator, and even though F.D.R. preached consistently against dictatorship, he was de facto a dictator. This is because of  many factors, and Acubens reveals some of the inside details by its approaching culmination upon F.D.R.'s rise to dictatorship. The academic left adore dictators in history, and blame Republican eras as the bad things in history. For example, I have not met or heard preach a academic who ever loved the Republican era of the Roman Republic. They however, adore the Roman Empire, especially when certain Caesars went out raping and pillaging other states and counties. I found out that academic leftist chose the mass murderer, the worst of the twentieth century, Mao Tse-tung, as their most loved and adored political figure of this era. They particularly love his lies, power, and ability to stay in office until his death.

Athenian demise (425- 330 B.C.E.)

The normative pathology accepts the Athenian demise (425- 330 B.C.E.) and there will be a two party system, still in America, but just two Democrat Parties, each party dominated by an ethnicity.  Illustrated history of these fights for single ideological control is usually cannibalistic. Once the Republican Party has left America, Democrats will have no prime enemy and thus attack each other. This will result in the hold-out white race being forced to flee and allowing the controls of government be divided between the shades of colored people.  Socrates was put to death by a bunch of leftists of the 500 council that made the jury system of public accounting in Athens. By the time of his trial the conservatives of Athenian politics was already finished, having declined decades prior to his trail. The left, understanding this in the 1920s did their best to rewrite history, claiming it was Socrates alone that destroyed Athenian Democracy.

When Socrates was preaching at the Agora, there was no democracy at that time in Athens. Political vote buying had replaced traditional meritocracy of potential candidates, even though certain lay political rhetorys preached democratic values. During the last two decades of Socrates existence the Palace of Athena held the Delian Leagues funds and was consistently raided by leftists of Athens who bought their votes by promising the foreigners potential influence in economics. The Delian League was a security - monetary system devised for the protection for all Greek-City-States, in case of a massive invasion by the Persians. When the fleecing of the treasure, which was just that the leftist fleeces promised to replenish it which of course was a lie altogether the cause of the demise of conservative Republicanisms of Athens; no longer able to control the ethnic divisions as massive Macedonian immigration grew more prevalent, the Persian Empire’s system of socialism was modeled and promulgated and decade by decade the conservatives of the Greek City states fled to North Africa or Italy to start a new life based upon freedoms. Athens’ freedoms dwindled each decade until political correctness that we see today redefining America or the world had changed the demographic influence which would end the Greek City States. Mexico is the exact reincarnated group of the Macedonians and will achieve the dictatorial takeover of America in the coming decades. The Spanish do not have a heritage of running Democracy, and cannot change to the system without going through the necessary hard-history-like pangs to achieve a stable understanding of how to run a democracy. Like the Macedonians, they will leave democratic institutions in place but behind the scenes dictatorial dictators will force policies when they want onto the governing body. So Mexico with the most wealthiest individual business men in the world ( currently in the Forbes riches 500 people in the world) will have a system for America’s future that is a model of Spanish dominated government of Mexico. There will be a few rich entities and the masses of the population will live in poverty, just as the post-Classical Greece area have witnessed.

Currently Mexico has more U.S. manufacturing companies operating in Mexican towns than the U.S.A. and achieves all the monetary benefits from these entitlements. The modus operandi is to claim the Americans stole North America and must get out and while this is taking place you must move all your financial industry to Mexico – which has been taking place under the radar of the mainstreamed leftist-paid-off media. The other program for a modus operandi is to have the Mexicans infiltrate the controls of the U.S. military so that in 2020- 2050 they can overthrow the controls and take the military from the U.S.A. There is nothing to stop this, absent from war with Mexico, and the media, academia, and big-business, now almost exclusively voting Democratic Party line will not accept their temporary rich lifestyles to secure the future of America for freedoms. The past does not repeat exactly, but in a similar fashion. During the Obama visit to U.S.C. campus he stopped for an interview in a Spanish language radio station in Los Angeles County, during the stumping for the mid-terms, and right before he left for Nevada to campaign for Harry Reid’s re election. He told the Latin audience to physically attack the Republicans, because he claimed these are your ‘enemies.’ He retracted his statements after the election, but that was theater, because this is how he really feels. There was no protest in the leftwing media, because as I have stated before, they are rich and do not want to sacrifice what little time they have left in relative comfort. In the long run, it will not matter if you are Asian, Indian, European or any other ethnicity or race other than Spanish, you will be forced out of America in the next 100 years. La Raza, is a racist component for retention of Spanish on all U.S. college campuses and promote ‘equality,’ but at the protests on campus these sighs that are held up state, ‘get out everyone by the Spanish.’ They are allowed this privilege because the New Left, as I have stated before, are relatively rich, live in comfort and understand that the Spanish cannot take over the controls of America for at least a few decades. That gives them time to get drunk and reminisces about how intelligent they are, and they do not care at all about their children. If you oppose La Raza ( it translates to ‘the superior race of people’), you are fired from your job, accused of racism, and killed if they can get away with it. Their deity is not Jesus Christ but a skeleton, which is the grim reaper. Many people will point out that a large portion of latins are Catholics, which is the case but for 99% of the very poor, not the wealthy, middle-class and ambitious Latins who have these empire plans for a pure La Raza North America.  The Ottomans had a solution which paid-off for many centuries.

The Ottomans lasted for nearly 500 years, and for most of that time, multiculturalism was not achieved but a multicultural state of different ethnicities survived in relative happiness. The Ottomans understood that races and ethnicities cannot be solved, ever be solved, so they devised a rational plan. They segregated their race and ethnic communities along their varied provinces, and promoted multiculturalism in public on for the working hours during the day and public festivals. But in each block-communities, each had their own ways for living in which the palace did not get involved. This system worked well for a few centuries until the religious Islamic fanatics were adopted into the Ottoman system. Once they came into political might, they advocated a pure-race and this started the demise of the Ottoman Empire. So these changes in states falling are not indicative to Europeans states at all. The Ottoman did not have a democracy, by no means whatsoever, but they did not intrude on the different blocks of ethnic communities until this element of radical Islam came into state-influence. For Christians, if you wanted to have orgies, sleep with your neighbor’s wife, do drugs or get stinking drunk, or be a rabble rouser in your community, the Sultan and the Palace did not care at all. All the placed cared about was during the work-week everyone comes together as a nation and works toward the common good of the state. The Ottomans believed that racism was a historical constant so keeping the people at night in their familiar domains of colors and culture created the most auspicious prosperity, and they achieved this at a longer – lasting result than Athenian Democracy.

America even before the American Revolution has been in a constant racial war within its boarders. Even today, the Republicans and Democrats see that Mexico will eventually take-over the U.S., and one side wants to curtail this while the other side stays out of the argument. Both, however, see this as a real eventuality. If the American does not allow the racist element of Mexico to take over America, they threaten constant war in the streets. The U.S. saw these wars from 1950s till the 1980s and became tired of the constant fighting in the streets and gave up in the name of multiculturalism. Obama sees the entire white race as the only evil that exists in history. He is a mediocre academic as his historical commentary on history proves, and grew up under the umbrella of privileged called ‘entitlement.’ His wife’s Princeton Thesis is too difficult for any professor to read, it is basically incomprehensible. Obama does not release any of his school work for the obvious reasons too. He came through the system called ‘Affirmative Action,’ a system that allows sub-par work to be considered ‘outstanding achievement awards.’ His entire political pogrom ( not program!) is to take American tax-payer money and pay-off his voting base, which is parse-and-parcel of how socialists have operated for millennia. By parsing the American tax-payer funds to his parcel, which is his voting block he can be re elected in 2012. F.D.R. did exactly the same thing, while demonizing his opponents. It is a winning strategy for the elite to remain in wealth and to siphon off some of the general wealth to the poor voting block of the Democratic Party. However, it will not solve the endemic problems which plague multiculturalistic government, known in America as Democracy.

I have said this many times before; Napoleon called his kingship democracy, Mass murderer Mao Tse-tung called his dictatorship of the masses, the correct democracy, Stalin called his dictatorship democracy, Hugo Chavez calls his suppressive regime a democracy, and in fact when looking at the historical record Democracy is a cheap word used by most dictatorial regimes of the twentieth century. Once the ancient regime term dufunked its novelty, it was replaced by the term Democracy, after the French Revolution masked the common advent preference to be controlled by dictators. The Spanish rose to world dominance by the best military in the sixteenth century and this was accomplished by dictatorial kings who one of them called himself the world king and built a museum celebrating his world conquest and world land controls. So the Spanish as reincarnating groups will position themselves for this exact repeat by favoring kingship rather than democracy. This is why the left is turning very communist – which is actually less representative than Democracy. U.C. Berkeley calls it the atheist-scientific élites who control the minds, money, and programs, for the future of humankind. They are the messiah-group (in which actualities are the false messiahs).

Sarah Palin does not have the predisposed planetary to angle aspect that is required to become a president. So if Obama does win again in 2012, the economy of America will not recover until he is kicked out by law in 2016. And it will take a while for the U.S. economy to recover from his vote-buying dictatorial policies, applauded by the left who do not want to be accused of racism because his skin color does not match theirs. This amount of time will provide the Spanish opportunity to keep in the background and the war between the white Democrats and the white Republicans figuratively kill themselves off in constant doctrine fights, mostly over immigration. By 2016, about three-fourths of the Californian schools will be Hispanic and voted entirely for their own members of their race.

It will never matter even if the U.S. economy devolves to about 40% unemployment, ,Obama will be worshiped as a messiah ( although in reality a false messiah) by the leftwing media, the left-wing dominated academia, and the repressed world, because he like the mass murderer Mao Tse-tung represents change and hope of someone different than the norm. Even though Mao Tse-tung has to his evil credits the more extreme and horrific torture and murder record of modern Times, the Chinese communist government still promotes him as a benevolent deity, relying on false history that America was going to invade ( despite the polls in the late 1940s and 1950s that overwhelming refute this claim) China and suppress them which was never the case – the Chinese Communist Party CCP still promotes this to control their own population – and lies determined historical outcomes, as F.D.R. proved and Obama had lernt form him as a key stratagem of political dominance.

The Greek Tragedy plays will become reality for Americans as these traditionalists figuratively fight to extinction. All levels of American schools are full of anti-American texts, claiming as Obama often says need teachable moments and correction. That correction is a different ethnic-racial group controlling America who will be just like the dominating whites of the last 200 years – there will be no difference at all. The sad thing is that most people know this instinctively – so humor masked as tragedy is of the order of the day.

Even if white families such as the Financial Reserve, which is not all dominated by whites, believes it can retain control of the world in a new world government of financial institutions fail to realize they have absolutely no control over foreign military and nuclear weapons. The late November wikileaks dump of cables just confirms China’s nuclear missile defrayments to North Korea and to Iran as well as other small armaments. In the 1990s China proliferated to Pakistan and India, while American business of the military complex defrayed with Clinton’s approval duel-use weapons of mass destruction to China. The militaries control destinies not the banks. Banks can be bombed or targeted and money does not work like weapons of mass destruction. The U.S.A. military controlled by the whites at this time and are linked up to the white banks will no longer be able to claim or combat the charges from La Raza of racism. The military will be dominated by Spanish and their home country will turn form socialism to dictatorship and then take-over the U.S.A. Ever since the C.I.A. group that assassinated John. F. Kennedy, the only Catholic to achieve the U.S. presidency, elections are but kabuki theatrics and a result to a mask of democracy. Bill Clinton, nor Obama can get the C.I.A. to release the J.F.K. filed, even after going to the media in protestations. The presidents control is limited to dictations of the military complex. Therefore, as the Macedonians achieved, taking over the military persuasions of the Athenian militaries helped them achieve their later battles with the military to overthrow the Greek Military states. It will appear as history repeats itself.

Sarah Palin is a strong contender for the U.S. Presidency, but fate of astrology does not illustrate her planetary necessities to win the office. Understanding this demonstrates a certain repeatable fate. History cannot repeat exactly but in a similar fashion. I really doubt any real Democratic Party contender will run against Obama in 2012. If there is no Republican candidate with the correct planetary to angle aspect for the general election to run against Obama, Obama is a sure winner for 2012. Therefore, Obama Hope and Change of the traditional principles of Democracy to be dissolved will carry-on in correct linear fashion to the demise of the Republic of America. A banana- Republic is a colloquial American term for a small body of rich leaders and corporations which rule the masses – the same thing as a corrupted kingship/dictatorship – this is the fate of the U.S.A.




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