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United States of America -- Global Economy & What is the Gold Standard © 5 September 2010 by Michael Johnathan McDonald


"Simple fact: Budget deficits have to be paid for eventually.  Loans must
be repaid with high interest, or repaid with devalued dollars.  Current
taxes are not nearly enough to repay existing debt, so that leaves
devaluation.  Example: We owe $50 trillion in national debt, our annual
GDP is also $50 trillion, so we print an extra $50 trillion in currency
to pay off the debt.  The debt is repaid, but at a 50% loss to
investors, and for Americans the purchasing value of our wages are
halved (because prices double).  A skilled banker can shuffle numbers
around to make the embezzlement less obvious, but eventually it does
become obvious.  The banker keeps his job, and gets a bonus, and the
rest of us get fucked over by inflation." ( Dänk 42Ø (anony) google groups accessed 11 dec '14)

Easy Question and Answer:

What keeps the American Dollar the International Standard Currency?

Answer: The U.S.A. Military!

Under President Jimmy Carter there was an oil crisis. The Arab states demanded to be paid in gold for their oil, but the U.S.A. said that it would only give paper money (which of course decreases or increases according to market demands and the currents of the general economy). The Arab world crumbled in lieu of  the U.S.A. threatening stance to use M-16 Fighter Jets to secure the middle eastern oil fields and take the oil for free. Then the Arab oil sheikhs said to themselves, paper money is better than no money at all. Thus the 1970s oil crises died down and everything went back to normal. Thus the power of the U.S.A. military machine kept the United States in cheap gasoline. In fact, if America wanted it can never pay anyone who loans money to the United States of America by threat of military force. These threats keep China intact and other states. That is why they build up their militaries so they can control their own economy.

History of the Gold Standard in Modern Times ( as it is an ancient practice anyway).

One-fourth of the British Empire forces in the American Revolution were German regiments, called in the eighteenth century Hessian(s). King George III, a feeble leader of the British Empire, agreed with the rising German power bankers These Rothschilds to pay them gold for every Hessian killed in battle. About 30,000 of these soldiers were sold into service to fight in the American Revolution.  Paper money depreciates or increases on consensus, normally a Latin word Fiat [ let there be] is used as the term between states, parties and agencies. Precious metals like Gold, however, are impervious to the fluctuations of Fiat. Many of these soldiers were not mercenaries, they were allowed to serve in combat and allowed out of prison. Many were petty criminals. So each individual that died, the Rothchilds received ( William of Hess-Hanau) from King George III gold. It was illegally embezzled, and Hess-Hanau left a large sum to Mayer Amschel Rothschild who used it to expand his operations. In these days, and because of Napoleans destabilizaiton of the known European world, people could issue their own money from their own banks. They still needed something to back it up or others would not accept their bills. However, this was exactly what the Rothschilds achieved; They used the model of William of Hess-Hanau as loaning devices for made up money, with interest attached, and wanted payment in gold as the interest. This created the gold standard and some of the founding Fathers of America had to deal with too. They also had funding problems so some of them had to accept money from the Rothschilds ( Washington had to do this) to pay the U.S. patriot soldiers.

So the Rothschilds, like these Italian Renaissance bankers of the 1450s, lent money that was not there but collected a gold standard as a proof that they could make good on their loans. They branched out in banks across Europe, such as Rothschild buildings in Berlin, Vienna, Paris, Naples. By lending to governments instead of people, they could receive vast interest payments which they demanded if they could get it in gold. They understood that a country or state entity could go bankrupt and their paper money or coins of non-precious materials were useless. The Rothschilds placed their sons at each branch, and moved the headquarters to London because of the proximity to move the gold from British Empire control to the central Rothschild London Branch, founded by Baron N.M. Rothschild (d. 1836), in 1808. As any big business they branched out into London society and the world mainly from his son who became Baron Lionel N. de Rothschild, head of the former banking house Messrs, Rothschild & Co. died at the age of 71 years-old on 4 June 1879. Some conclude that the modern illuminati sprung from this banking house. The Rothschilds funded all sides of military campaigns, and cared not for politics – only interest payments.

What is the Federal Reserve?

What is the Federal Reserve? It is a bank that is privately owned consortium which is controlled by eight major families who own stock-holdings: The Rothchilds of England and Germany, Moses Seif of Italy, Lazard Freres of France, the Warburgs of Germany, Kuhn Loeb of Germany, Goldman Sachs of the United States of America, Lehman Brothers of the United States of America , and the Rockefellers of the United States of America.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a corrupted Freemason & Leftwing Racist Wackjob

Be Executive order [ a kingship decree not voted on by the American people or the Congress] Franklin Delano Roosevelt, issued this decree ( a mandatory law, punishable) on 5 April 1933, that “ all persons are required to deliver on or before May 1, 1933, all Gold coin, gold bullion [ bars], and gold certificates now owned by them [ in private collections], to a Federal Reserve Bank, branch or agency, or to any member bank of the Federal Reserve System.”

The Federal Central U.S. Bank ( Fort Knox, New York, section of Fort Knox) had valued each American note with a rating of 25% backing. That means that for each dollar of paper money the U.S.A. could pay you if it went bankrupt 25 cents on the dollar. That was before World War II. Today, if you turned your money into the U.S.A. for gold, it will give you 2 tenths of a cent for every dollar. So that is about 0.026 of a penny per dollar. Therefore we are on a Fiat system.

Obama has printed $1,700,000,000,000 dollars [ as of August of 2010, $1.7 trillion dollars! 10 to the twelfth power, Short scale] out of nothing and purchases American debt bonds with interests that will have to be paid back by U.S.’s next generation. It was the University of California’s economic team and the Federal Reserve which coxed him to do this so the U.S.A. would not go bankrupt.  Eventually this will depreciate the dollar.“In 1789, Congress assumed the total Revolutionary War debt of $78 million. Since then,” according to Andy Guase, “Congress has tried several times to set an overall ceiling on the amount of the debt outstanding. In 1946, $275 billion was set as the limit. It remained in effect until 1954. In the past 50 years, Congress has enacted 60 such increases to the debt ceiling. On August 10, 1993 the Congress set the debt limit at $4.9 trillion. Nearly two years later, in October 1995, the limit was reached. However, it wasn’t until March 1996, that the ceiling was raised to $5.5 trillion.”[1] Today, the U.S. President and Congress take money Social Security and do not pay it back, and more people are going into the program each year. So this causes the dilemma of creating money from nothing and telling other countries that if the U.S.A. defaults, we have the supreme military to not pay –off our debt.

M3 system reports are all reports of all currency, and all precious metals in a currency related form.

M4 system reports are all ‘possible’ money, including debt, interest, bonds, loans, holdings, payments, etc...

These are supposed to be reported to the public which of course was reported until the Clinton’s terms. Now the M3 reports are no longer happening. Congressman of Texas, Ron Paul, has asked the Congress to vote on a Federal Reserve Audit to see who owns the gold, if there is indeed any at Fort Knox. He asked for this at the beginning of September 2010.  

China & Global Currency

China has been arguing to themselves about replacing the dollar with the Yen as the international currency. This is well and good, however. If China replaces the dollar they have to back it up with their military against the United States of America’s military. At this time, China makes most of its money from imports to America. Although since 2007, China has been trying its hardest to open up international markets for their goods in South America, and a failed attempt in Europe, the American dollar is still a currency of preference in most developed nations on earth. The families of international bankers, as part of the Federal Reserve, most likely want to keep control of their hedge funds so they will most likely seek to peg the dollar as a global currency standard. They can do this, and have been doing this by bailing out foreign banks that collapse. For example, after the massive floods in the Pakistan region, Afghanistan’s central bank has failed and a run on the bank by the Afghanis resulted in a leak by the White House under Obama that the Federal Reserve will replace the Afghan currency with the U.S. dollar by bailing out the central government Afghan bank. Obama’s White House has denied this, however, the White House under Obama has consistently lied to the American public of over 100 campaign promises. So lying to the Americans is already an art form under the Obama regime.

Arguments by Ben Bernanke to print money out of no backing.

If the Federal Reserve prints money, of course with the president’s approval it puts money into the economy. Currently, Obama has allowed for over a trillion dollars to be printed and with this money buy-off insurance debt of Goldman Sacks, Lehman Brother banks, and Fannie Mae. Also, Obama purchased U.S. debt bonds with interest payments. I would argue that you do not purchase debt bonds and just put the money into circulation. This is because he is doubling the debt by having Americans pay-off the interest of already fraudulent monies. This is done so the U.S. dollar and the U.S. central banks do not go bankrupt. However, it also means that the next generation of Americans will have to pay off both the interest and the fraudulent monies being printed by Obama’s decisions. This decision also keeps the inflation down for the short term which Obama wants to hold power and the Democratic Party to get re elected in 2012. It is not as much a decision about monetary policies and creating jobs as social reforms that the Democratic Party seeks to impose of the U.S.A. public. Part of these reforms by the Democratic Party is to get kids on medication that are obese to prop-up the pharmaceutical companies which pay huge sums to the Democratic Party in campaign contributions.  The plan of the Democratic Party is purely socialistic in the communistic sense. They want the state to control everyone’s life from the cradle to the grave. They believe this is the only path toward a just world. Therefore the philosopher kings ( Platonics) are in positions to make the critical decisions to what is best for ourselves and our planet.

Campaign contributions are a large part of the U.S.A. political system. If a corporation gives millions or billions of dollars – coming from many side-corporations that are alliances – they demand that the party provide them tax-breaks and market access --- in the form of market dominance. That is their products will have the prominent shelves in the supermarkets, convenient stores, and superstores. When campaign contributions are not enough to implement communistic models, the Democratic Party ( which is an oxymoron, because they are absolutely anti-people rule, and solely state to peasant rule) they take monies form social security, as in barrowing the money from future generations with promises that the next fiscal bill will pay –it-off. However, this has never happened and Washington D.C. is panicking because it cannot stop the spending, now in a one-party rule since 2008. At the last resort, the Federal Reserve in order to keep interest rates low will print money. This devalues the American dollar which makes Chinese investments in U.S. debt bonds extremely unhappy. The Chinese investments lose money. However, they understand that the U.S. Military is the trump card of the U.S. economic policy.

Going to War to Create Money.

This idea goes back to conspiracy theorists since ancient times. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal policies did not bring the U.S.A. out of the Great Depression. In fact it exacerbated it. How America became extremely rich was to blow up half the world and then produce the goods and services to rebuild it at exorbitant prices. The diary of a U.S. General in the Burmese/ Chinese theater in World War II (Stilwell, Joseph W., The Stilwell Papers, 1948) kept a diary in which his wife published to vindicate Roosevelt smearing of him. In it, at Cairo, where he, Joseph Stalin, Chiang Kai-shek and Roosevelt met to discuss war strategies, records Roosevelt’s ideas about global economics (Joseph Stilwell was a committed communist, University of California at Berkeley Alumnus, and the source never revealed by Joseph McCarthy to the arming of the Chinese communists that Roosevelt covered up by a White Paper 1945 (to the Congress in 1946) to the U.S Congress and placed military guards around Stillwell to keep him quiet to which his wife secretly issued his diary to vindicate the smear by Roosevelt; Roosevelt was in full knowledge that Stilwell was arming the Chinese Communists with American military supplies being sent over the Burmese hump, but could never admit this to the American public – and so he had to keep Stilwell quite. Roosevelt decided to invent a story that became the national narrative, that the Communist threat and scare was a right-wing irrational phenomenon. Roosevelt was a very-communistic left-wing kook. ). By destroying countries with aerial bombs, they actually create American manufacturing markets in which to sell U.S.A. goods once the war is over – as those countries will need invariably to rebuild their infrastructure. This happened and led to the high standard of living for U.S. Unions from the period 1950s- 1980s. It is not much as to a conspiracy as to reality. The U.S. forced Japan to extraterritorial rights and their precious minerals, to which Japan turned around the repeated the practice in China to which America responded with military intervention pre-World War II. In response to the American meddling in China of Japan interests, Japan organized their own military buildup and attacked Pearl Harbor to set off the Pacific portion of World War II. America responded and bombed Tokyo and much of the Japanese main land into oblivion, to which the Marshall Plan implemented after the world built up the Japanese economy and made it the powerful economic force seen from the 1970s to the 1980s. However, Japan chose not to print money which made their economy collapse for over a decade in the 1990s. But one must understand that this decision was based upon the idea they did not have a military to back up this decision. As these decisions to print money not only affect the local economies of the state that prints the money but if affects the global economy in our new interconnected world.

Why is Iran building the Nuclear Bomb?

The same reason that the Federal Reserve backs the U.S. dollar as the international currency. The U.S. military is their fail-safe bank security. So the international bankers will always back the going superpower’s interests. If the Chinese become the military superpower of the twenty-first century then the Federal Reserve will loose America and join the Chinese interests, as it has nothing to do with patriotism or fealty to a culture. It is all about control, and control is brought about by the most money. Money influences all things globally.

How Precious Metal Economy works.

If you lived in the 1970s, a quarter could buy one a gallon of gasoline. Today, at the current levels, lets say an average of $3 dollars a gallon, a quarter buys one one-twelfth of a gallon. Not enough for one gallon of gas. However, quarters used to be made with 90% of silver content. These quarters are not made now but the Federal Reserve had issued them to the American public. Today, these silver quarters can be sold for $4 dollars a piece. That can buy you one and a third of a gallon of gas for the exact same currency. Copper pennies are no longer printed but they are worth two-pennies if sold as precious metals today. Silver the base currency of China when the British Empire robbed it during its extraterrestrial dominance in the eighteenth century. Still, Silver is more valuable then gold as a commodity because it can be used in more ways then the precious metal of gold. Gold is used in small amounts in computer circuitry, but other than that it has no real use except decoration. Silver on the other hand has multiple applications and can be used in bartering for food, like small silver dimes and such. Gold bars of large weight will not be good bargaining metals for food and supplies if the economy collapses.  Small pieces of precious metal are more workable between human exchanges.

The Future of a Global Currency

At this time the Federal Reserve with the U.S. military backing is forging the new century based upon a global U.S. currency. Everything will be pegged to a fiat of the U.S. dollar. Still, if America falls to a dictatorship, perhaps Mexico as it is emerging with the most wealth of any nation on earth; the U.S. can collapse and still have the U.S. dollar as the global currency. In the book of Revelations (correctly called the Book of the Apocalypse of John of Patmos) in one hour the ‘New Babylon’ will be reduced to rubble and the world will morn the monetary system and trade of that city. It will be an economic collapse of the global system. Most likely it will be nuclear war, so see my Apocalypse page and Nostradamus X. LXXII prophecy. It will explain the underpinnings of Armageddon. KMS who planned and carried out the 11 September 2001 attacks on New York did so explicitly to hurt the economy of the U.S.A. So as with all conspiracies of wars, and the incorrect socialist professors always blaming religion which it is not, they are formulated with the economy in mind, not a religious ideology. The Al Sauds (The Saudi Arabian Dynasty in power in Saudi Arabia, which have been in power for over a century, and propped up first by the British and then the Americans) all have fully stocked bars, available prostitutes, and lavish amenities not prescribed in the Qu’ran. The Al Sauds are one of the riches families on Earth and only play fealty to Islam for political reasons. They are as paganist as any animal on Erath. It’s all about the money. The 11 September 2001 attack on America by a select few individuals was all about money by its organizer. He just used religious fanaticism to get workers to give up their lives for an economic cause.

Devaluation of US Dollar by Democratic Party

Quantitative Easing: #1 & #2: Democrats Devalue US Currency by 40%.

Obama is issuing a new Quantitative Easing, called Q2. This will devalue the dollar about 40%, and cover –up his failed policies of sending billions of dollars to rich unionists who gave themselves million dollar or more raises. Obama’s current plan is having a private consortium of banks, called the Private Reserve, or a.k.a The Federal Reserve purchase $600 billion of U.S. Treasury securities by the middle of 2011. The Federal Reserve is not in the business to lose money, so they buy-up gold instead and have U.S. print money or give credits to international banks which is like printed money. This devalues the dollar but in their interests, it keeps inflation from rising for a ‘short period of time.’ This way Obama can get out of office and claim he had nothing to do with destroying the AAA rating of the global U.S. currency ( for more see polisci 2010).



[1] Gause, Andy, Budget Busters, From Uncle Sam Cooks the Books ( Saturday 01 January 2005, accessed 5 September 2010), available from ; Internet.

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