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USA poli science 2010

Obama: "This is the change [destroying the U.S. Constitution ] I was trying to do."


Obama continues to succeed at his radical agenda to Change America.

Ronald Reagan 25,000,000 jobs created.

Clinton ( 19,000,000 Jobs created (most Chinagate jobs disseminated to the public by Ron Brown before his assassination is suspicious plan crash returning from China)

Bush ( 9,000,000  Jobs created)

Pelosi taken over House 4,000,000 jobs lost, so Bush +5,000,000 jobs created) US National Debt Created 01042007-20222010 $4,997,378,083,005.27.

Obama 12,000,000 jobs lost ( two years)) October 2010, CBO figures. [ Sept. 2011 15,000,000 jobs lost].


Obama  March 2012 jobs in reality; 88.5 million jobless in Amierca: Jimmy Carter had for a short time, unemployment at 20% (like today’s modern Spain!), but this was for a short while. Under Obama the longest recession in U.S.A. history happened under Obama and continues ( even the Great Depression, had less unemployment over the course of four-years.) to break records as an incapable state leader.

Obama’s youth unemployment at 26% is higher than Jimmy Carter’s or Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s. The ironicy pertains to the youth vote ( like über Capitalist Mao Tse-tung’s youth support) put him into office.

Average compensation of government employees is $119k per year. ( These people vote Democratic Party Line).

Average compensation of private sector employees  is 61k per year. ( These people vote Republican Party Line).

Wealthy corporations contributed substantially more money to the Democratic Party in 2008 and 2010 elections.


Barack and Michelle Obama earned about $750,000 jointly, Federal Tax for the year of 2011. They paid 21.3%, and told Americans if one has a million dollars, anywhere, they should pay 30% to the Tax system. But Obama complained he does not have to play by the rules he forces on others -- because he is not a Democratic but popa - murdering Dictator.


National Debt under Obama rose over $10 trillion, and this is beofore the finishing of his first term. ( now $17.5 trillion, Jan. 2012).

Barack Hussein Obama’s plans for America.

You can get rid of Obama but you cannot get rid of the people who voted him into office. When a politician promises free money, people will vote for them. Even when they do not deliver, they will vote for them again. Thus the human species has a significant population are of the gullible type. Therefore, the human population cannot survive. It will destroy itself over and over again.  

07 December 2010 Obama implies Conservatives are all Terrorists

Speaking to the Media today (07 December 2010) about extending most of the George W. Bush Jr. Tax-Cuts (which Obama did not perform in the last two years when he lied and said he would focus upon the economy ‘like a laser’) called Conservatives hostage-holders, who hold the American public hostage. Hostage – holders under Obama’s department of homeland security places this description as a terrorist. C.N.N. reported some of the republicans were outraged, but C.N.N. seemed to applaud this hatred rhetoric because they are haters and supporters of the rich and elite. Many of Obama’s policies have hurt the very poor. Even the left-wing San Francisco city council voted this past month to make it illegal for homeless to sleep on the streets of San Francisco 24/7/365. This is because they are Marxists and Karl Marx hated the common people and the poor. His writings illustrate his contempt for the helpless and unfortunate. So far Obama’s understanding of republicans, conservatives, Americans are they are all failures as human beings, they are the enemies, and must be physically attacked, and they are the terrorists of the world. Mao Tse-tung, the mass murderer of the twentieth century held the same sentiments and used the same rhetoric. Hopefully, Obama will not let loose nuclear weapons out of sheer insanity over his mentally-challenged body. He is deeply mentally disturbed and many love him so much they will support him as the killers who killed tens – of – millions of Chinese supported Mao Tse-tung.

Democrats Create $ 5 Trillion In Debt in Four Years.

Debt has increased to $5 trillion since 04 January 2007 when Nancy Pelosi (Democratic Party, and House Speaker, San Francisco) took over control for the Majority Democratic Congress and for the majority Democratic House of Representatives. When Democrats took over the House and Senate during the midterm 2006 elections the national debt was a mere $8,670,596,242,973.04  (9.67 trillion dollars), according to the Bureau of Public Debt, a division of the U.S. Treasury Department. At the close of the businessman on 22 October 2010, Terence P. Jeffery from CNSNews (launched 16 June 1998) recorded the national debt rose under the Democratic control of capital hill to $13,667,983,325,978.31 (13.67 trillion dollars), an increase of $4,997, 378,083,005.27 (or approximately $5 trillion dollars. “Debt Has Increased $5 Trillion Since Speaker Nancy Pelosi Vowed, ‘ No New Deficit Spending,’ Monday 25 October 2010, Terrence P. Jeffery, accessed 25 October 2010, available from  http:// ; Internet.

Quantitative Easing: #1 & #2: Democrats Devalue US Currency by 40%.

Obama is issuing a new Quantitative Easing, called Q2. This will devalue the dollar about 40%, and cover –up his failed policies of sending billions of dollars to rich unionists who gave themselves million dollar or more raises. Obama’s current plan is having a private consortium of banks, called the Private Reserve, or a.k.a The Federal Reserve purchase $600 billion of U.S. Treasury securities by the middle of 2011. The Federal Reserve is not in the business to lose money, so they buy-up gold instead and have U.S. print money or give credits to international banks which is like printed money. This devalues the dollar but in their interests, it keeps inflation from rising for a ‘short period of time.’ This way Obama can get out of office and claim he had nothing to do with destroying the AAA rating of the global U.S. currency.

When the U.S.A. was on the gold standard, other countries instead of purchasing gold themselves used U.S. currency as their reserve against their created national currency. Therefore they had U.S. gold to back up their dollars, in real value. Once the Leftists began to organize with the Mafia Federal Reserve to end the gold backing, this deflated other nations currencies, thus for a short time, U.S. currencies continued to dominate. But over time, devaluation creates a need by the other countries to go off the non-gold-backed-dollar, and the U.S military threatens to bomb their countries as a way to keep the dollar dominant.

However, China has been for the last few decades building their own state of the art military complex. Therefore, one day they will now flinch at U.S. military threats over a global currency. They can just launch a war to claim they are no longer threatened and bullied.

In November 2008, the Democrats forced the Republicans to have the Federal Reserve issue Quantitative Easting #1 at $600 billion dollars. Four months later, the Federal Reserve announced that they needed more cash, so they upped the total to $1.8 trillion dollars. But the Federal Resreve will force the U.S.A. to pay them back with interest at an inflated rate. Therefore, the taxpayer will have to foot-the-bills and Obama can continue to buy-off his constituencies. So the world is truly evil and the little people, the common people do not control a military or police force to stop these crooks from forcing the little people to pay for their luxurious games of monetary hocus pocus.

Quantitative Easing works first by banks issuing credit money electronically to their reserves. They create money out of nothing, electronically. This automatically devalues the currency, but the bank ledgers instantly show that the bank now has more money than a few moments ago. Then, if they need the cash, they have the central government print the money and they return a credit invoice to the printing press officials of the U.S. central government. When backs default on bad choices, and want to issue a bankruptcy claim with the federal government, instead the federal government creates money out of nothing and gives it to the bank. The world bankers understand this so they devalue the currency, and the public hardly knows anything. Yet, when they go to the store to purchases items for their daily lives, prices appear to rise on all items. The rich and wealthy, even lower unionists will not feel the affront of economic hurt. It is the poor classes and the private sector that will feel the brunt of the economic depletion. 

In the early 2000s, The Bank of Japan, and more recently the Banks of England and spear headed by the private families of the Federal Reserve have devalued their currency under Q2s.

The Federal Reserve creates money out of nothing, putting credited money on their balance sheets then uses this ghost money to by land, assists, homes, mortgages, corporations and then sells them to suckers in the private sector and flees with the Money. Obama believes this is the best way to distribute money by covering up his fleecing to the unions of trillions of dollars. Obama recently excepted 111 unions from paying into Obama care , leaving the poor and private mom and pop business to foot the greater weight of the pyramid scheme.  The reason The Democratic Party, Obama and his leftist goons can do such swindling, fraud, and thievery is that he can send out private assassination groups to kill anyone that complains. In a true sense this is ultimately a form of fascism.

To sell this idea to the public, the Obama regime and Democratic Party who benefits the most by the secret payoffs to the unions and Swiss bankers will claim it helps shore up a grand ‘depression,’ not a recession. This is only a lie, made to scare the public into agreeing with the fascist government.  No America is not a democracy; and it is a myth that all politicians lie. This myth became a standard narrative after Bill Clinton’s State of the Union Address consistently lied about deficit spending. 

Obama pushes myth that fat cats favor the GOP, " by Timothy P. Carney, Senior Examiner Columnist, 22 October 2010; ; Internet.

Democratic Academia continues to purport a myth that the GOP owns Wall Street and big business. In the 2010 Midterm elections, “according to data at CRP, 54% of Wall Street contributions have gone to Democrats this election, including 57% of the industry’s PAC money. These numbers don’t include third-quarter contributions, which likely cut into the Democrats’ lead for the cycle –notwithstanding $2,000 from Bank of America’s CEO to House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank, D-Mass. You wouldn’t know Wall Street was favoring Democrats from reading the media’s coverage of campaign spending. Either because of laziness or bias, reporters tend to make facts fit a traditional –and morally satisfying -- narrative” ( The Party of the Rich is the Democratic Party; it has been that way for well over a decade).

Obama has used racial agendas to create discord in the unity of a multi-cultural state, the most tolerant of differing religious and cultures in history. He claims that Christians hate Latinos, and thus the enemies of Latinos are Christians. Obama billed by the leftist media as a messiah is anything but a savior type. He confidently proclaimed he knew better than anyone else how to fix America’s financial problems, social problems, and political problems. He made massive promises, over 100 of them broken by the first 100 days in office. Still, masses of people continue to believe he will take the rich’s money and distribute it to the middle classes. The Federal Reserve, a private institution, put billions into the Stock Market, purchasing debt bonds, to make it sour in point-index. This tricks the people to believe this is not recession, when in fact this will worsen the recession  --prolonging it because the U.S. public will have to pay-back these private families that own the U.S. Federal Reserve.  Obama is a wonder in –and-of-himself. He is taking the stupid-machine, called the teleprompter to India’s parliament. It will be the first teleprompter used in the Indian Building, ever!!! What type of person needs a teleprompter? It is solely impersonal, when you need a real person with real thoughts, not a robot reading what your financiers tell you to say.

Midterm Election Rhetoric

“We ‘re going to punish our enemies” –Obama, Los Angeles

It’s not enough to play politics,” Obama said. “If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘We’re gonna to punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issue [ taking over America] that are important to us,’ [...] Barak Hussein Obama to a Latino Radio station which aired on Univision, a Spanish controlled media conglomerate who supports the overthrow of America by Spanish Heritage Latinos, on Monday. Obama also campaigned at the University of Southern California, before going to Nevada to campaign for Harry Reid. ( Monday, 25 October 2010, Yahoo News, temp field for alerts).

Fall Out From Obama's "Enemy" Remarks

“Obama Pulls back on ‘enemies; remark to Latino” Julie Pace, Associated Press, online , 1 November 2010, accessed 1 November 2010), available from ;Internet.

“A day before the pivotal midterm elections, President Barak Obama pulled back from remarks he made last month when he called on Latinos to punish their ‘enemies’ on Election Day. In an interview Monday with Radio host Michael Baisden, Obama said he should have used the word ‘opponents’ instead of enemies.”

Obama’s original comments came during an interview with Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo, a Hispanic radio personality.

Republican House minority John Boehner said, “Sadly, we have a president who uses the word ‘enemy’ for fellow Americans, fellow citizens. He used it for people who disagree with his agenda for bigger government.” 

Poll: Women see Barak Obama administration as a ‘failure.’

Politico, by Carrie Budoff Brown, 11 October 2010, 9:07 pm EDT, updated 10/12/10 7:24 pm EDT.



65% of women consider the health care reform law a failure, while 29 percent view it as a success, according to the poll.


The economic stimulus package is viewed only slightly more favorably: 53% say it was a failure, while 34 percent say it was a success.


“[P]eople who voted for Obama feel just as betrayed by the outcome as conservatives, “ said Sonja Eddings Brown, treasurer and creator of The Kitchen Cabinet. “ Everyone realizes we’re burying our kids in debt, and even Democrats realize hope and change had a price tag they didn’t expect.”


In the survey, 41 percent of women identified themselves as Democrats, 37 percent as Republicans and 15 percent as independents.


Note is Obama that brought the term ‘failure’ into prominence during his campaign – blaming American traditionalists and conservatives as being ‘human failures.’ They were racists and intolerant and Obama as a colored person was going to show America how a real human can lead the world to peace and prosperity. Also, 

Also, this is the first time that women polled show more support toward the Republican or independent parties, such as the Tea Party than any other time. Even under Ronald Reagan, women polled and voted more toward the Democratic candidates. Liberal Hebrews who voted overwhelmingly for Obama have changed and will be voting against his people. Israel’s latest polls illustrate they believe Obama is a real threat and a real enemy of the State of Israel.

Europe Turns Toward Republicanism

Europe, which after World War II turned Democratic-Socialist as an ideology now considers republican ideas more attractive as their economies cannot sustain payments to state-worker pensions. Riots are happening, such as in France, they will cut the Pension age from 60 and raise it to 62 years-of age. Britain has elected a Republican who has called for defunding of foreign student’s at their public schools, and cut many government jobs. Canada is thinking about opening of a manageable free market in HealthCare as a shortage of doctors led to substitute doctors where many wealthy Canadians cross the U.S. borders to see U.S. doctors. The Democrats on the other hand have chosen to progress toward socialism. I have noticed many Unions received government money and they went out to purchase a third automobile, or supped-up expensive toy cards and are living very rich. They support Obama who used trillions of dollars to pay for people in the Unions who will elect Democrats and him in 2012. However, Obama’s enemy the free people and innovators of the U.S.A. are losing their jobs, homes, and inspiration. They do not care to work for the U.S.’s survival any longer but are very upset that this new younger crowd has co-opted the political U.S. arena.

Tricking the World With Slight of Hand

Obama has the Federal Reserve, a private group, purchase U.S. debt bonds and pad the U.S. stock market. That is why it is at 11,000. This gives an illusion the U.S. economy is out of a recession, but this is trickery and that money needs to be paid with interest back to the Federal Reserve. Obama’s ideas are the U.S currency will lose value (it has lost 40% of its purchasing power since 2002), and so payments to the deficit will be cheaper as the value of U.S. currency will lose its purchasing value. That is the hope and change Obama brings to the United States of America. Remember his wife stated to the U.S. public she is not proud to be an American. America is evil, according to Harvard and Obama’s ideology. Therefore, destroying it is a matter of preference. People think this is a joke, but the only other rational analysis is to claim Obama is stupid.

The American Right to Political Decent and Free Expression

According to the U.S. Constitution, each U.S. citizen can protest and voice their option against the U.S. government without censure. Yet, today, the political climate is steered by the leftwing media. If you say anything negative about Obama you are framed as a racist, a terrorist, and an anti-American.’

Voter Intimidation Against Obama Opponents OK’d by Obama Regime

Also, on many independent blogs, documentation, video, reports of physical beatings are becoming more prominent. The receivers of Socialism are becoming so rich that they are addicted and will beat, kill and destroy anyone that seeks to turn-back the tide of government hand-outs. When the New Black Panthers were videoed at polling places with weapons intimidating voters the Obama administration said that this was permissible. They were not prosecuted, even though many videos exist and are on You Tube for all to see. The media claims that if you protest -- because they are for Obama – you are a racist. Eric Holder advocated that they be given huge salaried government jobs for their punishment. We do not live in a democracy, but a thugocracy.

Obama You are too stupid to think for yourselves, you need Democrats to do it for you.

30 October 2010, New York Times, Baker Peter, “Elitism: The Charge Obama Can’t Shake” (accessed 31 October 2010) available from Internet.

“In a Boston-area home of a wealthy hospital executive one Saturday evening this month, President Obama departed from his usual campaign stump speech and offered an explanation as to why Democrats were seemingly doing so poorly this election season. Voters, he said, just aren’t thinking strait.”

“Mr. Obama’s remark that autumn evening played into a perception promoted by his critics that he is a Harvard-educated millionaire elitist who is sure that he knows best and thinks that those who disagree just aren’t in their right minds.”

Interesting that it made news, former 42nd president Bill Clinton asked three Democratic congressional and house candidates to step down from running for elected office. There certainly was an excuse as for a rational, but this paints Bill Clinton who is rather a racist and not many people could see this ( He killed the only black administration figure ( Ron Brown) of his eight years in office and did not hire at the one and two cabinet positions a black person, although he is accredited as being the first black president, which is farcical).

Barack Hussein Obama: Why are so many people uninspired and so unhappy? Why does Obama keep yelling and blaming the common poor American? In 2006, over 800,000 over sea military votes were denied an accounting that saw the Democrats take both the House and the Senate. Nothing was ever down to the Democratic Legislators that implemented these illegal Constitutional laws. Now, New York is trying to stop 200,000 over seas military ballots from being counted in this November 2010 mid-term election. Although the Justice Department is suing these individuals, these Democratic Party controllers in the Justice Department are the same individuals that allowed the 2006 military vote not to be counted. If they were counted it is likely that the Democrats would have not taken over the House and Senate. Jimmy Carter won the U.S. general election because of 200 votes in Ohio. That is only 200 votes that decided the U.S. presidency. The Democrats are refusing to allow Democracy to take place in America. Socialism is akin to Authoritarianism and Fascism. You can read a very descriptive definition of these systems, from a work I wrote while I was attending U.C. Berkeley.

The U.S. Constitution states: A protection for “a pursuit to happiness.” with the central government take – over of almost all aspects of one’s life, this constitutional right is being violated. But the Democratic Party that does not like Democracy prefers the people have no rights. Unions and big corporations control the Democratic Party – which is just a name. The Chinese Communist Party called their government the ‘true Democracy.’ There is no difference to the American system as well. It is all about power and control. Obama just made Fannie Mac Banking CEO the head of national security, and he does not have a military or national security background. Some promote Obama supporters of Academia are having meltdowns because Obama promised to support the little people, the commoners, but he continues to side with transnational corporations and globalists who run Wall Street. Since their meltdown is wholly irrational, all the can do is make up conspiracies and irrationally claim that Karl Rove and Bush are running the USA. It is no mystery why the U.S.A. educational system has gone down hill in recent decades. The triumph of the Scientific Elite ( Age of Reasons continues) is solely a conspiracy machine and a propagation of every changing scientific facts based upon which political group will fund the next scientific project.

SEIU UHW – United HealthCare Workers West ( National Democratic Fascist Union) went out to Tea Parties in 2009 and 2010 physically beating up poor people, citing that they need to pay into Obamacare – as part of the Tea Party protests were forced government programs – against their bill of rights. Then Obama listening to SEIU exempted the entire Union from paying one-single dime into Obamacare. That is fascism at its core principle.  

November 2010

Poll Numbers for the Job Approval Rating for Obama in November 2010 is at a new low of 39%.  Russia and China announced 23 rd of November to move-off the U.S. Currency (Headlines Around the World). By devaluating the U.S. currency, The Obama Administration hopes that China will raise their currency against the U.S. Dollar. But this would hurt China’s surplus as Obama has been devaluating the U.S. Dollar by $3 trillion dollars.







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