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Sustained unemployment due to Pelosi – Obama Economic 'Trickle Up Theory.'


Barack Teaches Communism: Power Analysis: Banks give money to corporations, corporations give money to a mayer [i.e. politicians!], who pay bribes to win their political seats. e.g. how Barack Obama won the  44th U.S. Presidency – caputch!

















Trust in the United States of American government is the lowest in recorded history under Barak Hussein Obama. and here Congress is at 22%, an histoical low. This is because the 44 th President of the United States of America, Barak Hussein Obama is continuing to lie to the American public, and the media mainstream left-wing and the majority Democrats are covering up for him. There is no transparency to the legislation, thus there is no democracy.

More Obama Hussein Lies : He stated to the American public that passing the Health Care Bill will make medical costs go down and decrease  the US deficit. We all knew this was a lie, as Obama Hussein is a habitual liar, so the Associated Press had to break the familiar news : Report: Health overhaul will increase USA's tab . 22 April 2010. $35 trillion is the estimate for nine-years but each country that had projected its estimates has never hit its mark and a substantial increase has resulted. Why would the U.S.A. be any different? Although this is a 1% - 2 % increase in which Obama lied, the real fact is that the lower-poor of America will have healthcare cut drastically, while not insuring 5% of the population --that is the poor and elderly, and stopping full-coverage for poor people. This way Obama can save his middle - class votes, even though he is raising their premiums despite promises not too -- all to have the socialist hold on to power.  After Obama took office he cut-off eye – care to the poor and foot care to the poor – totally cutting it off because the poor do not vote or have political weight according to Obama. The left-wing in America is the new party of the rich, and the new middle ‘elitist’ class. That is Obama’s target. Not poor sucker republicans. He wants them dead. 

For international readers who are not familiar with American politics, free-healthcare has been in order for all and including illegal immigrants since the 1950s. This was solely a power grab by the tyrants who call themselves Democrats but are nothing like democrats – they are totalitarianisms.



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