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A place to Report Death Threats by bands of Arab IS Mexicans of Arab CIA, please report here.

USA 1950 IQ= Rank #01 in World.
USA 2014 IQ= Rank #19 in World

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12 15 2015 A.D. NSA said Obama told them to allow Muslim terrorist rhetoric, and so the San Bernardino suspects were allowed to go free by Obama in 2012 A.D. three years before their terrorist activities.

Obama's approval ratings at 37%

MOODY'S: Obama wrong about default threat...

The U.S.A. People understand Obama has lied ( alpha , Sertan , a.k.a. acubens) = liar. The N.S.A., modern F.B.I., modern C.I.A., circa 1947 A.D. has alpha , Sertan , a.k.a. acubens) = liars on a global scale.( U.S. government said the N.S.A. did not exist from 1947 -2007 A.D.). This means there was no real democracy. These alphabet agencies started wars around the world without a democratic vote. Obama continues these policies. ( 09 Oct. 2013).

Congressional Budget Office: 4 levels of Middle Class.

(poverty, includes SSI) 0 - $12,500

(not classed but not poverty level) $12,500- $30,000 = majority of American people.

(MIDDLE CLASS level 1 or low) $30,000-$110,000

(MIDDLE CLASS upper, level 4 or high limit) $390,000

( Wealth, rich class) $390,000 + = 30,000 U.S. families ( many include Hollywood actors, bankers, Wall Street, Military Complex, Politicians, some land owners and private businessman).


Taxes on Rich used to be about 70% when the middle class was in formation. From Jimmy Carter to Barack Hussein Obama, taxes on the rich collapsed to levels the poor pay. Most rich people, like Barack H. Obama and Mitt Romney do not pay taxes and admit ( US 2012 Presidential Debate #2) do not pay taxes and have Cayman island bank accounts to escape capital gains taxes and other U.S. taxes – while ordering the Americans not to do what they do. This means the U.S.A. should be destroyed, it is too far beyond fixing correctly.

IRS destroyed 130 organizations that were not Republican nor Democratic ( thus NEOCONS) and its leaders, Obama appointed a female to I.R.S. top positions, refused to talk to Congress, take the 5 th amendment, implicating the program of destroy Americans and try to kill them by Obama and the Democrats was a total success. 

Louis Lerner IRS Cheif, Lied under Oath, John Boehner did not prosecute her because everyone in Washington D.C. is now corrupt.  Obama said on his 2008 campaign trail that he cannot do this alone, meaning Change. Well he did not lead the change so we could not follow. Instead, he was offered money and fame and took it, rather than changing America to a peaceful place. He continues to be a hawk, so many covert wars it is sad that the world needs to live with U.S.A. Satan.

  IRS stonewalls investigation of Tea Party targeting... ( update, IRS scandal, deleted archives, stonewalling, lies, no one goes to jail. sicko country.
  Withhold data until after mid-terms...

  'It's going to take years'...

Barack Hussein Obama's APPROVAL SINKS TO 37%  ( October 9 th 2013). On 26 March 2014, Barack's poll numbers fell again after he stopped Obamacare for the 11 th or 12 lvth time.

So the June July dip from starting an Islamic Caliphate, IRS, boarder flights of illegals to get $4.7 Billion while I starve and others. Not many people like this liar.

Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval

( 25 July 2014 = 39%) Daily results are based on telephone interviews with approximately 1,500 national adults; Margin of error is ±3 percentage points.



POLL: Obama disapproval hits new high... 26 March 2014 A.D.
Honolulu, Africa Flights Cost Taxpayers Nearly $16 Million...

'Rejoice: the Yellen Fed will print money forever to create jobs'...

Barack Hussein Obama's Approval ratings Gallop Poll 3-4 Nov. 2013 = 39% approve.


Obama's war against Women surviving. Women government jobs ( since 2008 A.D.) have shown a sharp decline to the heights of G.W. Bush. Obama is known to be a closeted bi sexual, perhaps trending toward Homosexual lifestyle. He tends to watch and be obsessed by large physical men, he usually is found watching men sports in between breaks where he tries to do his job.

OPM maintains a database called FedScope that contains historical information going back to 1998 on much of the federal civilian labor force (but excludes, for example, the Judiciary, the White House, the Office of the Vice President, several intelligence agencies and the legislative staff of Congress). According to this database, about 44.4 percent of civilian federal workers were female in 1998.

In 2013, only about 43.5 percent were female — the lowest percentage in the sixteen years available.

In 1998, nationwide, about 46.3 percent of the civilian labor force was female — about 1.9 points more than the female share of the federal civilian labor force. In 2013, about 46.8 percent of the nationwide civilian labor force was female — about 3.3 points more than the female share of the federal civilian labor force.

The female share of the federal government's civilian federal labor force peaked in 2000. That year there were 1,762,559 civilian federal workers covered by the OPM database. Men accounted for 969,255 or about 55 percent; women accounted for 793,288 or about 45 percent (and another 16 federal workers were classified as having an "unspecified" gender).

In fiscal 2007 and 2008, the two years before Obama took office, the female share of the federal civilian labor force was trending very slightly upward, rising from about 44.2 percent in 2006 to about 44.4 percent in 2008.

In fiscal 2009, the year Obama was inaugurated, the female share of the federal civilian workforce started trending slightly downward.

In 2009, it was about 44.2 percent. By 2013, it had dropped to its 16-year recorded low of 43.5 percent.




George Washington to George W. Bush, Jr: ( ‘$0’- ‘$4.7’ trillion) = 4.7 trillion dollars. 225 years +.

Barack Hussein Obama II:  ($4.7 trillion to $16.2 trillion as of June 2012.) = created $11.5 trillion dollars in U.S. Debt in 248 weeks (2009 to the summer of 2012).

U.S.A. Created National Debt:

Obama, Barack Hussein (Muslim-Arabesque name): created $11.5 trillion dollars in U.S. Debt in 248 weeks (2009 to the summer of 2012).

Obama: "This is the change [destroying the U.S. Constitution ] I was trying to do."  2009.

July 6 2013:


Longest Stretch of 7.5%+ Unemployment on Record..
. 1948 - 2013, since 2009 January, there have been a mean of 54 continuous months of 7.5% unemployment, the longest on record.


In December 2008, the month after Obama was first elected and the month before he was inaugurated, unemployment was 7.3 percent. In January 2009, it climbed to 7.8 percent. In February, the month Obama signed what the Congressional Budget Office would later determine was an $830 billion economic stimulus law, the unemployment rate climbed to 8.3 percent.

In the Obama era, the unemployment rate peaked at 10.0 percent in October 2010. It did not dip below 9 percent until October 2011, when it hit 8.9 percent.  From August to September 2012, it dropped from 8.1 percent to 7.8 percent—the first time during Obama’s tenure it went under 8 percent.

Since then, the lowest it has gone has been 7.5 percent—the rate it hit in April. But after April, it ticked back up to 7.6 percent in May and stayed at 7.6 percent in June.

Prior to Obama’s presidency, the longest stretch of national unemployment at 7.5 percent or higher, as reported by the BLS, was 32 months from September 1981 through April 1984. From August 1981 to September 1981, unemployment climbed from 7.4 percent to 7.6 percent. It then stayed above 7.5 percent until April 1984, when it was at 7.7 percent. In May 1984, it dropped to 7.4 percent.

On January 10, 2009, Christina Romer, who was President-elect Barack Obama’s top economic adviser, and Jared Bernstein, who was Vice President-elect Joe Biden’s top economic adviser, published a report predicting that if Obama’s proposed stimulus plan were enacted the unemployment rate would not top 8 percent.

In a February 2013 report on the impact of Obama’s stimulus law—the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)—the Congressional Budget Office said that it estimated the law would have the net effect of increasing federal budget deficits by $830 billion between 2009 and 2019.

CBO also estimated that the stimulus had the impact in the last quarter of 2012 of lowering “the unemployment rate by between 0.1 percentage points and 0.4 percentage points.” (Terence P. Jeffrey, 54 Months: Record Stretch of 7.5%+ Unemployment Continues (Cybercast News Service, July 5, 2013, 12:16 PM., accessed 6 July 2013.))


USA illegal aliens to vote Obama : 13 March 2012
Venus/Jupiter conjunction today, 2012

Obama criminalizes Freedom of Expression and Political Decent, Tyrant Grab. ( read all )

(Reuters, Jeremy Pelosfsky, Washington D.C.) “The Obama administration on Monday [12 March 2012] blocked a new [ state] law in Texas requiring voters to show photo identification [ American citizenship] before they can caste a ballot, citing concerns that this could harm [ stop!] Hispanic voters [ audience, illegals ] who lack such documentation.” [ from voting]. Yahoo/News/Reuters.

House Resolution H.R. 347, passed by the house into law on the 8 th of March 2012 officially makes it a federal offence to protest against the office of the Presidency or its administration.

Obama continues to succeed at his radical agenda to Change America.

Ronald Reagan 25,000,000 jobs created.

Clinton ( 19,000,000 Jobs created (most Chinagate jobs disseminated to the public by Ron Brown before his assassination is suspicious plan crash returning from China)

Bush ( 9,000,000  Jobs created)

Pelosi taken over House 4,000,000 jobs lost, so Bush +5,000,000 jobs created) US National Debt Created 01042007-20222010 $4,997, 378,083,005.27.

Obama 12,000,000 jobs lost ( two years)) October 2010, CBO figures.



25 August 2011: Gallup Poll Approval 38%, Disapprove 55%.

2011: August: 50% of all Americans families make less than $27,000 per-year.  If four people in the household, this means poverty, very poor.

Barack Hussein Obama’s plans for America.


(1) Economic Aid to Party Constituencies: Called Stimulus Package: Goal to pay-off voters who will keep him in office. Most are of a public union, not a private union. For example, teachers who can never be fired, or SEC employees who sit around all day and look at PORN on their government computers. About $53 billion in Federal Stimulus went to a private company MSNCB who is a media magnet and runs propaganda  news broadcasts in support of Democrats and Obama.

(2) Cap-and-trade: New Taxes on all energy, and regulatory energy plans to force consumption low: Made to hurt the poor people. Will not affect the Rich people. Like Macedonia ( Classical Greece) more and more corporations form the U.S.A. are now employing foreigners in Mexico and importing the goods to the U.S.A. which Americans do not benefit in either taxes nor employment. Mexico is getting very rich and within a few decades they will begin building their military to conquer America. If you speak out against these Democratic Policies you are accused of racism and sedition to the state.

(3) Immigration Reform: Take away illegal status: anyone wants to come to the U.S.A. gets free medical for life and free money from welfare. Will not get prosecuted if they kill white Europeans. 2010 Social Security and public benefits were deeply cut to all on these programs. In 2011 these cuts will remain despite the cost in general living will rise by 1- 2%. The plan is to have the Democrats pay-off rich union employees with the saved money to go to the poor because these unions fund their campaigns and special interests – so the Democrats can stay in power. The Democrats play the myth that all politicians lie. This is in fact a lie; most liars come form the Democratic Party ranks.

(4) ObamaCare: a need to kill-off the poor people. The Bill illustrates that Medical and Medicare, the poor people’s health plan, will be severely cut. This begins now but the brunt will take place in 2014.  The reason! The rich people need to save money. The goal is to save rich people money and lessen the poor population. This is Barak Hussein Obama’s vision. The poor will have to pay three times the costs they were paying under Bush and no Obamacare, now the truth has come out. This is why the Democratic Party does not run on the passage of Obamacare, because as the Republicans had stated all along, it was a secret across-the-board tax increase. The problem with Democrats is tax increases are not used to help the poor but to pay exorbitant fees to their highly paid Unionists. Most unions have million dollar pension plans, a beautiful home and are paid more than the common private sector employee. Also, Unions are the large corporations the Democrats always are telling their supporters to fight against, because big corporations are not for the ‘people.’ Yet, the unions are now the wealthy organizations.

AP polling over the course of 2009 till Oct. 2013 polls showed up to 80% of Americans were satisfied with current plans. Now, a new Gallop Poll ( linied below) shows that 22% of American plan to sign up and the rest pay fines and risk going to jail if the I.R.S. audits them.

REPORT: 52 million Americans have lost or will lose health insurance...

Barack H. Obama lied, caught on video/film/audio ( film 26 times) in major speeches to win re election that no one would lose their life long doctor of be forced to change their current health plans. This was placed in the 2010 passed version of ACA 2010 and Obama lied about it, and this reflects in the polls that show him in the 30s, and Bush, Jr. also had low poll numbers in the mid 30s but he also ran Afghanistan and Iraq wars, very unpopular. Everyone’s insurance will go up who make less than $200,000 per year, another lie Obama used to get re elected. The rich will all have their premiums go way down which was what Obamacare was about – taking care of the rich, lower their costs and place the burden on the poor. While the bill passage states 23 March 2010 ( when Obama signed the bill stating your rates will skyrocket and you will lose your current plans) it was passed on Christmas Eve by EO and vote shifting while Americans were at home or away from home with their families over the holiday. ( 6 Nov. 2013 update as Obamacare takes implimentation.



Obama Care Horoscope 10:10 am. Washington D.C. 2009, October 29

This is the so-called 'afordable healthcare act, the first passage in House, the data above. this section was updated on 4 Oct. 2013., admist a republican government shutdown, over one issue only, the funding of the rich by the deceptive Obamacare act of 2009, passed in secret, and against the US populace polling at 10+ against.

VerDate Nov 24 2008 10:05 Oct 29, 2009 Jkt 000000 PO 00000 Frm 00001 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 C:\TEMP\AHCAA_001.XML HOLCPC
October 29, 2009 (10:05 a.m.)
f:\VHLC\102909\102909.022.xml (453769|4


= pilled - up corpses, that is to day the planet is directly in -line with praesepe cancri and in the 8 th house of Death.

No one puts up the Government Shutdown chart. well here it goes. This is what the fight is over. This is the so-called 'afordable healthcare act,'  the first passage in House, the data above. You can retrieve this on the US gov website Congress site. The codes I put up for easy searches. [ this chart is 5 mins off, you can adjust yours if you want.]. 

Hell is on the western horizon, so this law will go down to hell. and the bill passed in the HOR is in the position of piled - up corpses, this is also a tie into the often called Obama Death Panels, which Harry Reid conducted the first one yesterday ( Oct 3 rd 2013 AD) and aploigized today on the Senate Floor, so 8 th house, in praesepe = piled-up corpses. and the bully star Antares is close, not on but close to the ascendant.

is too close to the MC so this indicates a death to this death panel bill. The bill was formulated upon 100% lies, and the chart shows it. Premiums to go down? not one case the media can find, making yet again, Obama and the Democrats passed legislation upon a lie in order to hurt and make people suffer and die. There were never one US citizen nor illegal that was refused any operation, including heart surgery since the 1950s -- there has always been FREE US HEALTHCARE For the world, this was in reality a tax the poor system, and make health care cheaper for the 1%ers. The majority os US citizens do not know the name of the Vice President, nor do they know the first US president in history. They vote today. They make our world by voting and yet they know little to nothing but what the media seeds into their minds. Mindless- Robots.

( wide) = poisoned law, and a poisoned spirit. This describes this massive fight against raising taxes upon the poor, which the founders of the USA did not want to see the government take over and tax the 'poor' populace to oblivion. Polls always shown from 2009-2010 when these were talking points on news shows, the majority were against this ObamaCare in the first place, and on all polls, left and right winged. They all had 10+ against Obamacare( death). So Here, at least in this case, Obama did not run his program upon the populace polls, he did a dictator thing like people often ( and correctly) accused Bush of doing.

is smack on the I.C. ( anti - culmination point) and here it has a link to Barack Hussein Obama ii's natal which is posited upon his descendant, I use Mombasa Hospital, his directions in astrology terms line up at that local, so I use what science says is correct. here will show a legacy of 'change.' and may not be very positive, not because of Uranus' position, here; but because of the other stars and angles associated to the Bill that was passed in secret and the majority of the U.S.A. population believed it would damage the U.S.A. because everyone, including illegal aliens or foreigners could receive free healthcare and including any surgery procedures since the 1950s. 

(5) Ideology: To demonize the American past, its people, its heroes, its legacy. To demonize the Republican Party that stands for freedom, free speech, private ownership, and means to keep private ownership.  To demonize everything of capitalism, i.e. private corporations, the coal industry, the oil industry, the car industry, the insurance industry, the private union industry, the banking industry, the private school industry, the private medical industry. Make everyone hate private institutions so much that government takes over all control and decides how initiatives and laws will proceed. This is communism. This is the ideology of Barak Hussein Obama. When Obama’s policies are against the populous, then it can be said he is an ideologue. Obama stated he was never an ideologue, but then his Sun is under Acubens. According to C. Ptolemy (c. 150 BC) the native are liars.

Inspiration Absent

Obama remains someone that does not inspire the average American citizen. To Obama, America is a bad corrupted country that needs change. He is strictly negative and angry in his speeches, often nearing a mental breakdown by raising his voice and almost screaming that the poor republicans are damaging Americans from gaining employment. He is almost irrationally insane. With a messiah, there needs to be an enemy. So Obama makes the poor white farmers and republicans the enemy. Where I’m from, California, most people are connected to unions, and they love Obama attacking the rural poor; this is even evident in Berkeley protests that just protested a new building that supports aid to the poor of the world. The leftists nearly attacked it grand-opening crying that they are suppressed and should not support the poor of the world.

Voting Criminals

Barack Hussein Obama: Why are so many people uninspired and so unhappy? Why does Obama keep yelling and blaming the common poor American? In 2006, over 800,000 over sea military votes were denied an accounting that saw the Democrats take both the House and the Senate. Nothing was ever down to the Democratic Legislators that implemented these illegal Constitutional laws. Now, New York is trying to stop 200,000 over seas military ballots from being counted in this November 2010 mid-term election. Although the Justice Department is suing these individuals, these Democratic Party controllers in the Justice Department are the same individuals that allowed the 2006 military vote not to be counted. If they were counted it is likely that the Democrats would have not taken over the House and Senate. Jimmy Carter won the U.S. general election because of 200 votes in Ohio. That is only 200 votes that decided the U.S. presidency. The Democrats are refusing to allow Democracy to take place in America. Socialism is akin to Authoritarianism and Fascism. You can read a very descriptive definition of these systems, from a work I wrote while I was attending U.C. Berkeley.

August 2011: Vice President Calls U.S. Grass Roots Party Terrorists, allegedly!
Joe Biden allegedly calls all Tea Party affiliations 'terrorists' in a closed door meeting on raising the U.S. debt ceiling for the 57 th time in U.S. history, to a record 800 billion. Chris Matthews then copied Biden and called the Tea Party, baby-killing terrorists, and then Al Sharpton, not wanting to be left out called the Tea Party a 'monster.' (Johnathan Allen, John Breshahan, "Sources: Joe Biden likened tea partiers to terrorists", 8/1/11, updated 8/2/11, 2.22, PM EDT, accessed 8/2/11, ). This is the first time that a U.S. grass roots party have been categorized as enemies of the world and akin to Al Qu’aeda.

March 13 2010 Universal Health Care Bill : Reconciliation Bill   [note not the actual bill, as it was kept secret by Obama before it passed! his way of runing a democracy!]

Backroom deals, lying to the public, not allowing Republican voices, allowing rhetoric to go unchallenged that if one is against Obama’s views they are racists. Obama threatening people, “I'm keeping score brother!;” Buy-offs, shady-deals, and using non- Constitutional voting laws to pass the bill, not allowing the U.S. citizens to have any voice in the matter. To align with other countries those understand that this will destroy the U.S.A. When Obama was cited as sitting in the pews for 20 years listening to an Anti-American preacher, Amerika KKK, and white people tried to eradicate the black people by institutional programs, and America is the most evil country full of murderers in all of history, the Democratic media claimed that non-of-these-views had rubbed off on Obama’s psyche. After Obama had his victories, such as this HealthCare bill, we now live in the U.S.S.A. The United Soviet States of America. Soviet comes from the Russia word for ‘advisor(s),’ which is opposite of these representatives which are part of a government that runs a democracy. Advisors are like these Czars, these cabinet dictators, and the Democratic Party that uses only the law-breaking rules to pass bills. This is the change Obama has spoken of – to break all the traditions of honest, open and representative government. I had known this, this is why I had not voted for him. Almost all the people around I know had voted for him. his two major points were, he promised Hope and Change, that is utopia, and that Republicans for all history have been the bad guys, they were in his own oft repeated rhetoric “failures.” The Democrats won, and they have achieved the change of America. I and other now call it the U.S.S.A. Just like the U.S.S.R., but even worse, it will fall into oblivion. But then again that was Obama’s plan, I it was all to evident for those who could understand the subtle rhetoric coming from his teleprompter on the campaign trail before the general election.


Peter Baker, "As Health Vote Awaits, Future of a Presidency Waits, Too" March 14, 2010.

Illustration by Nola Lopez, photograph by Damon Winter/The New York Times


Obamacare ( before it was passed, it has now changed and will cost trillions more so take note!)


What Obama thinks is good for the country matters not to its peoples. The majority of persons were against this bill, many Democrats too. The vote system used and the Bill’s policy actually break the Constitutional guarantees, but Obama does not care for such trivialities. Over and Over his screed was to “Change America.” He has accomplished that feat. He feels overwhelmingly proud to have defied laws and institutions and forged a new way for the world, a world in which America no longer exists in its current state. To Obama, and much of academia today in the United States of America intends without a doubt that the U.S. A was founded upon criminals, it continues to the more racist country in any history, and its white population are a bunch of murderers, thieves and destroyed the world’s environment – therefore the white people need to be annihilated. This view gives, provides and entails Obama and the radical Marxists the strength in their atheist religious conviction too at all costs change America from its system of multi-cultural democracy to privileged Democrat Elites world government and slave-group of Republicans who will work for the Democrats as slaves to be used and die servicing their wants and desires.


To take control, according to Marxism, one must control the financial freedom of the middle class. To do so is to take control of all sectors of the economy.

Another argument is that European HealthCare is only 10% of their yearly budget. Without revealing that most hate their system in Europe, despite its free services, the Europeans do not have a military to fund. They have more money to put into the


Healthcare system. Most of European nations have high unemployment, as they try to control their middle class. Many radical nationalists (left-wing communists) argue that their society is being taken over and destroyed by foreigners. They have not military to get rid of them. Therefore, their culture is being replaced by the foreign culture – mainly Islam –albeit, Islam is still 20% -10% In many European countries.

Romney echoes what most Constitutionalists declare, ‘ Unconscionable Abuse of Power’

Power is all that matters: Obama, Pelosi, Reid and extremist Democrats to stay in power will give amnesty and free money from American taxpayers as many immigrants that can migrate ( immigrate) into the United States of America. They will also do this by breaking laws as they did when they ‘made up laws’ to pass Obamacare.


Medicare to be cut in funding by 50% while increasing population of the system by millions.


History and This Particular Bill

Is Universal Health Care (ObamaCare) Unconstitutional? Yes! The Tenth Amendment of the United States of America limits federal power so that what is not in the Constitution is not law unless a new Constitutional Amendment is enacted under processes of Constitutional Law. Eric Holder, along with the rest of the Washington D.C. establishment see the Tenth Amendment as a little more than a minor nuisance to their supremacy in all things. The Constitution is crystal-clear: the only rightful role of the Federal Government is to protect individual rights (for each state autonomy) from violation thought the initiation of force. Recent Examples: For Abortion rights, it is a federal law; however, one does not have to obtain an abortion if one does not want too. Additionally, each state has different Car Insurance policies. In California, for example, the state forces car owners to purchase insurance. However, the state does not force its citizens to purchase cars. Each state has different laws, thus abiding by the Constitution of the United States of America.  The Bill of Rights was never intended to be a list of individual rights, but al list of things that the federal government could not do against individuals of the United States of America. America was founded with one purpose, which is freedom from government.  

Tenth Amendment Clause: “The Powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Will the people get to review the Bill or know what it in it? No! Obama wants “By the time the vote has taken place, not only I will know what’s in it, you’ll know what’s in it because it’s going to be posted and everybody’s [sic] going to be able to evaluate it on the merits,” –Obama to Bret Baier (FoxNews Channel, 17th March 2010). This decision by Obama does break a promise by Obama for transparency in regards to House and Senate Bills. Also one cannot evaluate a Bill after it is passed with the intention to approve of it or voted down. Once this Bill is passed, the United States of America no longer exists as a Democracy. First, the Republican will not be able to rescind it, amidst a major bloody and a violent revolution. Second, the Bill will take-over one-sixth of the U.S. economy paid for by tax-payers which allow full Federal Government control which is the plan to wean state rights away and too append them to the Federal jurisdiction. This climate will then entail a passage from a democracy, that’s to say, a government that runs a state, and gives-way to states being run by a government.

Unconstitutional: There was no transparency; No one was allowed to see the real bill until passage. ( updated upon news after the vote!)

Obama declared that Health Care (ObamaCare) would not cover undocumented immigrants. When Obama addressed both chambers of Congress, Joe Wilson shouted “ you lie.” This lead the media to demonize Republicans citing they breach decorum and liars. The mainstream media, fully left-wing, claimed that republicans are lying and slandering the president. This brought about a proposal to censure Wilson. Today, the ObamaCare Bill does indeed cover undocumented immigrants and will be associated to a “Real ID” chip-card to track individuals by satellite. In effect, anyone that comes to America and passes the boarder will reap healthcare benefits the same as those who are citizens and taxpayers who have paid into the system. The reason why the Democratic Party has placed coverage for undocumented immigrants into the universal healthcare bill is not because they care about human life ( they promote abortion, as “kids cost too much” –Nancy Pelosi), but because undocumented immigrants will majority of the time, that’s almost always, vote or support democratic candidates. It is a monster voting block, observed by ethnic and social group identification. In essence, the Democratic Candidates support illegal immigration for power-base longevity – not because they care about humans.

The cost of HealthCare would be ill advised to believe the numbers as they are projected by the Democratic Party. Observably and always, costs escalate after Bills pass and time passes. Right now the Bill is projected to nearly one trillion dollars, and according to history, this should increase exponentially each month.

$2,100,000,000 in bribes by Pelosi, Obama and Harry Reid ( as of 10 March 2010, it has since gone much higher)  to secure Senators and House Representatives to change their vote to support the U.S. Universal Health Care Bill.  Because of the unpopularity in their districts these Democrats feared losing re election. However, pay-offs are a way to place local programs into these districts which can help these elected officials in their bids for re elections.

  An argument that After Kennedy was shot and Lyndon Baines brought in Medicare [ later Medicade was added on the bill] that what was deemed as the cost then is now 10,000% times higher. As well, as contentious some extremists advocates for HealthCare claim that look how it made America better and the Democrats were champions over the Republicans ( actually it was semi-bi-partisan, unlike the Healthcare Vote which went 100% party-line). One thing is that Democrats have raped Medical and Social Security, so that it is nearly a failing system and bankrupted. Social Security nor Medicare/Medical were never supposed to be money deposits into which the Democrats could take funds and shift them to other projects, in hopes of replenishing them some day. Instead a progressive tax was the only solution. However, as with so many Bills and programs from the Democrats, they neither read the Bills, as they said they did not read the healthcare bill they voted upon, nor checked the programs they voted upon, thus wasting billions of dollars in redoing these programs because they never tested them or thought them out. BNP in the soil, in which they gave billions to the environmental agency to dispose of them, the agency then disposed of them and it was found out that from their disposal places, leaking toxic waste could and had dirtied people’s drinking water. So the California Democrats then again voted in more billions of dollars to clean up what they gave billions before to clean up. The Democrats do not think or test things thoroughly  but only claim that Republicans are racists because they vote down these measures that republicans see as wasting money in failed projects.

Vladimir Lenin proclaimed the number one priority in establishing communism was to force universal healthcare onto its citizens. Then it had control, could change policies at any time, stop funding, and have full identification priorities at a beckon –call to search out protestors against any government policy.  Soviet comes from the Russian word sovet, which means ‘advisor,’ or ‘advisory,’ as in a body or group of persons that have a higher rank than the common citizen, meaning anti-democracy – as democracy means government run by the people – Soviet is the antithesis of government run by the people, it is people run by the government, instead.

Myth: 30 million American go without Health Care Insurance, this is why we need healthcare –Obama ; truth: Since I have been born in the 1960s there has no one, including undocumented persons ever, in the United States of America been turned away from health care – if you did not have the money, you simply received it for free.

Myth: Obama stated that Universal Health Care will not cover abortions. Truth: Universal Health Care will cover all abortion procedures and services.  

Myth: The Federal Government will provide the funds. Truth: Beginning immediately, each year a 5% decrease  in government support comes with each state making up that percentage, while the government retains complete control.   

Myth: The Federal government will not be in control. truth:  the New Federal Secreatary can withhold funds to any state and with any excuse, non-binding or arbitration – the Federal state is in full control.

Myth: You will not be observed and tracked. Truth: Your health records will become public and assessable. A new ID card with a satellite tracking device will begin with the guest worker program and then become a standard ID tracking card for each person in the United States of America under the Universal Health Care program.

Myth: This will decrease the costs for healthcare to all persons. truth: this will increase everyone’s costs and as a hidden tax.  The program was meant to give authority to the central government and to financially control each family.

Myth: Obama intends that U.S. HealthCare is substandard to all over countries that have universal health care.  FACT: People from all over the world who could afford it came to America seeking the best medical service in the world. They universal health care is communicated as substandard – America as the standard. This will now make America on par with the substandard, and we all know it was Obama that said this was the change he was working for all along. That is to make the U.S.A. a substandard medical system. In pyschological terms, Obama does not take things too seriously. He understands that most countries in the world have universal healthcare and the United States of America does not. He is not intelligent or he is actually evil, because the U.S.A. never denied a foreigner or U.S. citizen any type of healthcare.

After Healthcare House Vote 21 March 2010.

CNN and other news outlets in discussing how the votes were achieved and why people that were going to vote against had suddenly changed their minds? 60 persons in which Obama bought-off with deals to vote yeas on healthcare.

Radical Democratic [ actually Marxists who registered as Democrats and say they are not Marxists, because they are liars] say that Republicans are failures and that this bill will cut costs, get everyone well, will not lead to political/medical profiling and that it will create jobs.

Phyllis Chlafly, president and founder of the conservative grassroots public policy organization Eagle Forum, exposed Blue Dog Democrats that were pro-life that voted for ObamaCare, that funds abortion. All one needs to say to a doctor is they feel sick, or they stubbed their toe, and it will be free. Obama on Saturn the night before the election, secretly made and signed an Executive Order to place abortion proxies into the HealthCare bill without telling the public.

Environmentalists are now too silly to comprehend. They just claimed that global warming (which is made up in order to foster a global government based upon debt-energy usage – that’s to say, the west transfers Tax-payers money to the east to pay a debt in usage of Earth’s raw-materials) causes flowers to lose their scent. What is not told to the public is that commercial flowers are grown in hot-houses ( artificially heated Green Houses) and sold to the public. And they still have their scents. This ploy is to attract money from one source, the United States of America and ruin it, and transfer it to another state that will then do the same as the U.S.A. had done in history

The Vote in the House 21st March 2010 was 119 ( Democrats 34 Democrats voted against the Bill) and all Republicans voted against the Bill. Obama’s speech intended that we live in a utopia and again, it was because republicans are all failures. No rationing, the economy will benefit by lower healthcare costs, everyone will be able to afford it. In no part of the bill were the lawyers restrained. The largest lobby on Washington was tort lawyers, they are part of the Democratic Machine. A lot of racist talk is going on now. If you are white and oppose anything Obama suggested you are deemed a racist. Obama changes language often so history books can say he did not say that or mean that, he said this – it is a typical ploy for historical writers v—that is 99% say something and then 1% say the opposite so that the historians can say the 1% was actually the 99%. This was the freedom and law citizens called the Republicans are always the bad guys and the Democrats are always the good guys.

Nancy Pelosi’s address after the vote said “HealthCare is a right and not a privilege,” and that this would restore the American Dream.” The United States of America already had free healthcare for all citizens, including illegal aliens. In fact, it was so broken because of servicing anyone who flew to the U.S. they just made up stories that they were undocumented and they received free operations and medication. What this bill actually does is to force the American generally families to fund more that ten families of illegal immigrants – who are the voting base of the Democratic party – because of racism of their people saying America is really their land and not Europeans – because they first killed the native Americans and took their land before the Europeans.

How to understand U.S. Universal HealthCare

The government will force everyone who is capable to ‘purchase’ a government healthcare plan. It will be like forced payment for car- insurance. Currently, and for many decades, each person in the United States of America, including undocumented individuals received ‘free-healthcare,’ at any state – public hospital – in which are subsidized by state and some federal taxes. This means, for example, in Los Angeles County, approximately $150-$350 million dollars each month goes toward paying for free healthcare. Note that included in this statistic is also welfare recipients’.  This adds up to a tremendous amount of tax – payer monies. However, universal healthcare will not lower the costs, but replace some taxes with other taxes which perhaps will be a greater tax upon each family or individual. The Obama/Reid/Pelosi plan recommends passage of a program where the middle class will pay for the lower classes by forced insurance. It works like a gambling racket, at casino odds, and develops a distribution plan of uneven expenditures. For example, statistically universal healthcare banks on serving less middle class citizens, such as older persons or terminally ill persons, and shifts the money to cover expenses of the lower classes. This is basically what other states in the world have developed. News items usually suppressed do actually get out into the public, via the internet, and succeeding in horror stories of patient neglect, amounting to scores of deaths per year that would never have happened under private insurance. Vladimir Lenin proposed the obvious human control system, but equating Universal HealthCare is the first priority of an autocratic government to take control of the society – this form called communism – which is actually anti-community. Once the government controls all institutions’, a private citizen cannot citizen it or it will be deleted from participating in that system – e.g. that person will be neglected or marked for deletion of life.


29 March write ups


Slander, libel by the left media: Extremism action taken by federal government to demonize disconnect.

Modern Media Prognosticators failed in their predictions advancing notions that Barak Hussein Obama would not get his policies pushed through and change would not happen. I had always noted that he would be successful because America is falling from its freedom and its human rights against Federalism. Obama stated that the founding fathers of the United States of America were failures because they did not promote or practice ‘distribution of resources.’ unfavorably, Obama personally does not practice his own ideological view, instead is one of the wealthiest individuals in American history. Obama is not a hypocrite but a fraudulent human being who cares only in his narcissist way of receiving recognition of his inflated ego. HealthCare did pass, and medical rationing ( Sarah Palin’s death panels)  appears to be a reality. Senior citizens medical prescriptions will be cut in half to save money to the federal government, and the Obama and the Democrats have already cut-off dental coverage and eye care to all poor and old recipients on Medicare and Medical.  Obama during his speech after signing the historic bill claimed that all children will receive all healthcare despite preconditions ‘ this year!’. However, this statement was false and these coverage do not start until 2014, until many young adults can pay into the system to support full coverage for preconditioned children with life-ailments. Senior citizens will be jeopardized to access to doctors, and while this is part of the medical savings the democrat/communist federalists are hoping for as Social Security costs too much because the Democrats had taken money from the fund and gave it to their unions to buy votes. This left no more ‘secure’ money in Social Security so they have to ration healthcare by taking control and denying coverage to recoup their vote-buying pay-outs. It appears, as always, the issue is not healthcare, but power and control of the government. The government does not negotiate prices, it fixes them, so this is how the government will cut budgets and redistribute monies from the health industry to pay-off unions and their special interests to remain in power. The republicans appear to look like some deer in the headlights, not knowing what to do at all. The media continues to call them racists for not going along with the federal takeover of the U.S. communities. States have no rights any longer as the Supreme Court is ruled by a majority of communists. The immigrant minorities, in which the democrats curry favor by representing them, seek to destroy the U.S. by advocating communism in the U.S.A. while champion free-market capitalism in their homelands.


After the Historical Bill was passed, numerous reports of death threats to democratic government officials appeared all over the news and airwaves. Stories such as coffins being left on a congressional democrats front lawn ( turned out to be false), bricks/ rock thrown  through a window of liberal democrat Rep. Driehaus’s Ohio home ( They later retracted by the Seattle Times on 26 March 2010, first reported 24 March 2010, but it spread throughout the internet) swastikas on a Greek Orthodox Church at Berkeley, not reported by the national media, because it appears there is a rash of black individuals using set-ups to get their political agendas tabled. The recent noose incident at The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) created a special panel at U.C. Berkeley to initiate radical admission changes for minorities, admits violent protests. All this was going on at the same time Kaneesha, a black liberal radical had placed the noose in the UCSD library as a set-up to frame white people as all racists – admitted it to the local police and school officials after being overheard bragging about the frame-job. Yet, no story, retraction or discussions of the truth were written about in the local Berkeley papers or national liberal media. It continues to be reported that it was a white individual who is intolerant of black people. The U.C. regents called it a “toxic racial climate,’ the incident begat from the “Compton Cookout,’ a party organized by a black comedian, in which the black community claimed it was a racist white frat house – and after the facts came out they did not change their stance and still intend it is so. What matters in a social context is that political concessions can be won by stroking the fames of conflict – be it factual or completely made-up to progress the racial agenda.

Continuing discontent over the federalization and the dismantling of the U.S. Constitution the radical leftist media continues to paint any opposition to the Bill to the party to a racist ideology. A brick was actually thrown through Michigan Republican Party’s office with graffiti scrawled as “Long Live the USA,” and “God Bless the USA.” A Philadelphia Muslim man and an Obama doner was charged with threatening to kill GOP whip Eric Cantor. Yet, the leftwing media failed to report on this event, beit that he was arrested and charged. Instead they continue to frame political discontent with bogus stories of motivated violence spurned on by Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh with absolutely no evidence to back it up at all. Even the secret service to Obama had came out in defense of many bogus claims cited by the leftwing media about Tea Party events – issued to the public and ignored by the leftwing media. John Marshall ( darling of the leftwing NYTimes, a blogger who started talkingpointsmemo and hates Bush and Republicans – who spreads stories without fact checking them)  and the Democrats claimed over and over that the Republicans were inciting violence; however, seven out of ten ‘violent acts’ in August of 2009 at town halls were attributed to Democratic supporters.

The change in America is a stark contrast to what the previous two hundred plus years had achieved in the cause of freedom rights of human individuals. The British wanted to force their hegemony federalism onto the American colonists. The American colonist fought back with violence and won, albeit not very decisively – they actually wore down the British who had monies in other parts of the world and no longer could afford such an expensive war. Today, the hegemony is this thing called the redistribution of wealth, which is what the British wanted to colonists to do – that is redistribute the colonist wealth to the British Empire. Former DNC head Howard Dean stated in March that Obamacare is a redistribution of wealth.

The universal health care is a gambling racket and works like this. Everyone pools their monies, but only selected persons can take part in the health care. To mask the ideology that everyone is served, a person can wait three to five years to get an operation, if only approved first, which is  not likely. This way more individuals who grow up into the tax zone can pay into the gambling pool in which hopefully – as a risk of a gamble – there will be monies there for the operation years down the road. It is worth noting that Obama made himself exempt from this universal health care – abolishing all ethics and moral to honestly being an American. This is why many radicals who oppose Obama actually believe he is the Anti- Christ (America was initially a Christian Nation, albeit many diverse denominations). In fact, Obama called Christians derogatory conservative epitaphs fanning the flames that he is indeed a Muslim supporter and anti-Christian, from which Anti-Christ derives its concept. 

Rep. Bart Stupak (D. Michigan) who had vowed not to vote for Obamacare as he represent pro-lifers, changed his vote and Obama had thanked him. A day after the vote, Stupak order Obama to turn over the $3.4 billion in Earmarks Obama had promised him for his change in the vote to pro-Obamacare. The bribe for votes is communicated as a Chicago style government system in the media where to get anything done, a politicians need to be paid-off in order to sway whatever ideology he grasps. It apparently has noting to do with issues, as perhaps no one actually read the HealthCare bill to begin with, but more to the power of redistribution to remain in power. Onder Mao Tse-tung, the corrupt and murderous Chinese tyrant, he curried this same favor with this city local officials to remain in power. He paid local city thugs to go to the country side to steal crops and kill individuals who were too expensive to feed. Once the farmers had produced the crops, then the city officials would massacre the farmers and take their crops and redistribute the crops to the city – all under hope and change. Many paid scholars intend Mao was the best  or smartest leader – a leader we lack today. Note that they, these paid scholars, would also be in the city official category of the Mao regime.  Thus the system is a repeated cycle that is empirical to me.

Sarah Palin spoke in Search Light, Nevada, Harry Reid’s hometown, a town of about 900 people. The left-wing media reported that about a dozen persons came to the event. In photographs and radio broadcasts, thousands upon thousands of persons turned out, and the local officers had to block incoming traffic as the crowd was getting overwhelmingly large. As with history, Palin a normal America and not of the elites like Reid, Pelosi, and Obama , the leftwing media had a meltdown – and apparently so did Obama and the White House. They issued the arrest of a supposedly Christian group ( they termed militia as it from their standpoint in opposition to the Constitutions, in which it is not!) the day after the event to make the news cycle says, a Tea Party happened in Search Light and at the same time the Federal authorities arrested an extreme right-wing group together in the same broadcast. This comes from Saul Alinsky’s play-book and Obama played it perfectly. The claim was this group was going to kill a police officer or many, in hopes of battling the Anti-Christ (apparently Obama). This was presaged by a bogus radical left poll that claimed one-third of all republicans or more than that percentage believe Obama is the Anti-Christ. The leftwing media reported that this group called themselves Hutaree – who creed is to go to Church, pray and take care of the family – were in possession of weapons of mass destruction. After the arrest in multiple states, apparently only nine individuals, only guns were found – a right of an American citizen. The leftwing believed that these gun carrying youth were going to do another 911, and that they threatened America. Obama’s push for this mimics the ‘wag- the – dog’ scenarios.  Palin had made considerable fun against Obama’s use of the teleprompter because Obama has a hard time learning to read and memories anything. The F.B.I. leveled a charge that one suspect was teaching others in the group to make explosives. Without knowing these individuals, the U.C. Berkeley campus shows how to make weapons of mass destruction on their websites – that is how to construct nuclear weapons – all with illustrated diagrams. Apparently, the F.B.I. and Obama deem this permissible and teaching how to make incendiary bombs are forbidden.

Undoubtedly, the history books are mainly written by radical liberals who will perpetuate these myths and non-facts. The right-wing will be depicted as deranged, violent, stupid and uncontrollable, to name a few framing of discourses. Another phenomena is that once the radical liberals are exposed to their lies, they do not apologize or have regrets to their framing of individuals wrongly accused. Their ideology stems from an axiom of leftism that one never has to apologize when wrong. When a wrong is pointed out to them then ignore it and change the subject back to their lies. 

EurObama: President follows Europe into places Europeans no longer want to go. ( Matt Welch, 25 April 2010, New York Post, online). “The Federal government spent $3.5 trillion last yea while taking in only $2.1 trillion, producing a deficit-to-Gross Domestic Product ratio of 10%, a level not seen since World War II. By contrast, the European Union requires member countries to keep deficits at 3% of GDP. If America was in Europe, we’d be Greece [who are bankrupt and in need of billions of dollars in bail-out monies!]


Corporate VAT Tax in Europe is 25%.

Corporate Tax in America is 40%. This VAT would shift the burden of monies onto the poor. A $200. monthly stipend for poor people still would not add up to value purchases imposed by the VAT. The top marginal income tax-rates, which in the US are 35%, are under 25% all across the former East Bloc. 


U.S.A. Universal HealthCare History 2009 – 2010

Summer of 2009 in Discontent (below intro and charts!)


When Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States of America, the world wondered at this new savior of mankind. Muslim leaders dubbed him the potential Mhadi, Europeans believed he came to Restore America’s great European Ties, and Many or Most Leftists claimed Republicanism finally had been put to rest –the messiah had arrived. Most of these views were concluded because for about a year-and-a –half Barak Hussein Obama campaigned on the consistent message that Republicans in all of history were ‘failures.’ This did not mean that some policies or decisions by this party were failed policies, but each individual that ever espoused these beliefs or had joined this Party, were indeed inhuman beings, and as a result ‘FAILURES!’ The messiah concept was born and parties across the earth saw weepings for the rise of this individual who would restore peace and bring prosperity to world where only republicans had created all evil. If anyone had held this not to be true, they were shouted down, pushed, beaten-up, killed or pushed to the side. With Obama’s general election victory, suddenly heaven on earth had been established. Only some republicans had stated, ‘wait just a minuet,’ he is an ideologist who is masked as a pragmatist. This ended up being the case. Besides saying repeatedly that all Republicans were always failures, he stated that people, who ‘cling to their Bibles,’ are failures. In fact, a part of Obama’s ideology was anti-Christian.

More Obama Hussein Lies : He stated to the American public that passing the Health Care Bill will make medical costs go down and decrease  the US deficit. We all knew this was a lie, as Obama Hussein is a habitual liar, so the Associated Press had to break the familiar news : Report: Health overhaul will increase USA's tab . ( added April 2010)

A Disaster Presidency in the Making. Democrats buy-off Votes for HealthCare, in the billions of tax-payer dollars, also to buy-seat votes in future elections with Stimulus monies, and even physical threats. The U.S. A. is falling apart. Vial language and media figures calling for the deaths of Republicans.

Obama’s outrageous arrogance illustrates the problems associated to U.S. economy. He spent the first year in office delegating billions of dollars of U.S. tax-payer monies to special interest groups and persons that would vote for him in 2012. Many of these persons were Wall Street executives and CEO who gave themselves historic bonuses which were from these stimulus monies. Jobs were not created as planned and admitted too by the White House, but jobs continued to be lost, and various Democrats continued to provide themselves with historic bonuses.

Obama plans on having an up-or-down vote, not unprecedented to the Republican Party that used it in history also, but that Democrat scandals have rocked the House and Senate recently. Rahm Emanuel, according to Democrat went naked into the Senate shower room and began to physically accused Democratic Representative (D-NY) Eric Massa, in which possible three criminal charges could be applied. Instead, out came a story that Massa had sexually harassed staff, and he resigned before an ethics committee could bring a hearing on conduct. On 9 March 2010, the Reprehensive was on the Glen Beck show and stated a nude Rahm Emanuel while pocking him in the chest in the shower barked, “Better Vote With the President!.” ( Real Clear Politics Video, 9 March 2010, “Nude Rahm Emanuel Told Massa He “Better Vote With The President.” accessed 9 March 2010), available online from ;Internet.  Eric Massa, who had been rumored to use strong sexual language to young male staffers as early as January 2009 was not a subject of discipline by the Democratic Party. However, after deciding not to vote on Obamacare, because their is no Bill specifics, only an 11 page outline, and the fact that most Americans do not want the Democrats to pass the bill without the Republicans having choices, voices and decisions because of their historical economic success, Massa suddenly began to be investigated for allegedly grouping staff. (Carol D. Leonnig, “Massa investigated for allededly grouping staffers” (Washington Post Staff Writer, Wednesday, 10 March 2010; AO1 [ i.e. front page!], accessed 9 March 2010 [ Drudge had received an early copy from the WP, via his news connections]), available from

Obama promised transparency, and after a year of speeches and rallies, he decided on Christmas Eve (2009) to run a debate on HealthCare, on C-SPAN, a capital hill news channel that no one really watches, and certainly not during the holidays. It has been a year, small business cannot hire employees in fear of what the government will punish them financially in forcing them to pay healthcare costs that have not been worked out. This universal healthcare will cover approximately 30 million people who do not vote and all people will be forced to pay into the system of pay a fine or go to jail. It is not Constitutional, but if passed, it will be a federal law meaning that the police can put you in jail. Vladimir Lenin stated emphatically that the course toward Socialism/Communism is universal healthcare. This way the state controls all aspects of ones life. Health is one of the most important decisions one makes and forcing sub-par services onto individuals is actually anti-freedom. Therefore, democracy cannot be said to be a form of freedom at all.

The Democratic Party have pushed to ram through the House and Senate nationalized HealthCare to which 68% oppose passing ObamaCare without Republican support, according to many polls, including a Gallop (39/59 split opposed to reconciliation) poll and the same day the Fox poll found 59% who thought Obama should start over if no compromised was possible. The Associated Press-GfK Polls found 68 percent say the President and congressional Democrats should keep trying to cut a deal with the Republicans rather than pass a bill with no GOP support. The reason why is because if the healthCare system falls into major trouble in the future, it would benefit the Republicans to know that they had not voted for the potential catastrophe. While healthcare is free or mainly free in many European states, individuals I spoken to that attend U.C. Berkeley on VISAs for a year of study claim that their system is horrendous. (Princeton, New Jersey, “Americans Tilt Against the Democrats’ Plan if Summit Fails, 25 February 2010, accessed 9 March 2010), available from ;Internet.


European Leaders No Longer Like Obama

“The Obama presidency has been a shock to Europe. At heart, Obama is not a Westerner, not an Atlanticist. He grew up partly in Indonesia and partly in Hawaii, which is about as far from the East Coast as you can get in the United States. ‘He’s very much a member of the post-Western world,’ said Constanze Stelzenmüller of the German Marshall Fund.

The greatest struggles of the Cold War, which bound Europe and the United States, did not mark Obama, whose intelligence and priorities were shaped by globalization, and whose feelings are tied more to the Pacific and to Africa. He can make a respectable speech on a Normandy beach, but he’s probably the first U.S. president for whom the Allied landing is emotionally remote.

These truths have taken a while to sink in because Europe, in its widespread contempt for President George W. Bush, saw in Obama a savior who would restore trans-Atlantic ties. One by one each European leaders have been disappointed by the president’s cool remoteness. A jilted feeling has spread.” cite: Cohen, Roger, “Gone , Solid Gone” ( New York: New York Time, Op-Ed, 8 March 2010, accessed 10 March 2010), available online from http// ;Internet.



Update 2010




Freedom of Speech is a value of an Intelligent Society.

Summer of 2009 in Discontent:  How to Hold an Open, a Respectful and a Free – Speech, a lesson from the Obama Administration  & Analyzing Obama Care !

The historian Thucydides observed that escalating vitriolic discourse portends toward the ending stages of the stasis period of a civilization and to the beginning stages of its fall.  The University of California, Berkeley Professor Emmanuel Saez’s Top 0.01% Income Share study from 1913 – 2004 graph which had been illustrated in his work, “ Striking it Richer: The Evolution of Top Incomes in the United States” (update with 2007 estimates) addressed as publishing date of 5th of  August of the year of 2009, provides an explicable examination upon a forming Empire as to its rise levels, to its stasis levels and then shifting toward its fall. While these associated data-fields imply scientific analysis and data gathering, the empirical results of precedence of older Empires eludes the inter-disciplinary field of discourse. Frankly put, some of the founding persons of the United States of America, by using ancient Greek discourse implied the obvious ( see anonymous published Federalist Papers (85 articles), some published in ‘The Independent Journal’ and ‘The New York Packet,’ in October of 1787 and of August of the year of 1788. ) examples in sections of discussions of a state; it was assumed by past precedence that once a nation becomes wealthy, a social fight for these precious funds will politically ensue and the collapse will be a normative historicism of economic sparseness. This invariably resumes to power-politics, i,e, realpolitik – as later Classical scholar Jacqueline de Romilly (b. 26 March, 1913, Chartres, Eure-et-Loir) had first pointed out investigating Thucydides’ ideas on real politics in association to the human condition. However, it has not been identified of whom the Federalist Papers’ authors had in mind in the Greek contexts’ they used to cite these prophetical passages -- all too assume the obvious. The United States of America is falling, and this is its chronicle.

Introduction to the Summer of 2009 in Discontent

The German Legacy (my hypothesis)

For eight – years a phenomena of the radical left calling Republicans NAZIs or creating public symbols implying Republican as NAZIs appeared as pandemic. The hateful rhetoric spewed from the pulpit to the Cable News Channels to these international protests. There were no reprieves. If one assumed any relationship to a Republican attribute, such as a fiscal conservative, strong family values and/or the sacredness of life, one was implicated in association to mass-murderers. If one spoke up in defense of the first President of the United States of America, George Washington, automatically it was assumed he/she was carrying a concealed sawed-off shot-gun with intensions for a blood-bath ensuing and predicated upon the nerve for ending his or hers own life while taking as many others’ with them as possible. The German Legacy (my hypothesis) intends that Marxism played a monumental role in shaping the twentieth-century for the left-wing as well as shaping the twentieth century for the right-wing. From the furthest reaches of Asia to South Asia, to South America,  to the European continent and at last but not least to North America, either Marxism or NAZI ideologies have been associated to a state’s governance or those groups to whom are in power. For the U.S.A., white dominance pertained to its rise as a superpower after World War II. From 1415, and Spain’s conquest of the North African trade-port Ceuta, the French coined the term ‘la longue durée.” La longue durée indicated that white supremacy (or Caucasian, implicating Spanish and Italian ethnicities as well) took control of the earth through its technological and epistemological dominance. In reaction, the suppressed socio-economic and political ethnicities adopted Karl Marx in varying forms of Marxism as a reaction to the action of La longue durée. In essence the world had been continually controlled by the discourse of German intellectuals. When the Democrats took control of the Congress in the 2006 after the mid-term elections, and subsequently reached a total control of the government’s directive during the general elections of November of the year of 2008, the role of the bottom class, grass-roots, and movements in a social context had switched. While the President spends U.S.A. tax monies either to the elite rich or the very poor, the middle class has been hit the hardest. Instead of  the tired system of distribution of recourses, a two tiered had been established – class warfare.


Marxism had become the rulers and NAZIs had become the suppressed. For what it may concern coming out from our ideological inversion over this combative social phenomenon, the eight-years of Bush in control and as communicated by the NAZI persona, now implies to the political group out of power. However, conflicting, and  because historically the Republican Party financially and militarily supports Israel as the Democrats in general support the Palestinians, the discourse is constant in a Germanic parlance. When Nancy Pelosi cast her judgment upon town –hall protestors carrying Swastikas (actually it was a lone union-leftist plant and/or Larouch advocate) the tradition to mark the Republican opposition as mass murders continued. The legacy of the HealthCare reform, from whatever shape it resolves too, will be the German Legacy. This hypothesis intends, for whomever you came, to wherever you go on this planet, you will always be tied to the German ideological - philosophical legacy. If you do not support the President’s massive ideological totalitarian shift into economic engineering, you are branded a racist. If you are Joe Wilson and call-out during a president’s speech about some lie ( actually the bill states that undocumented workers need a citizenship Identification Card, which is an oxymoron, and the White House reported days after the speech that Wilson was correct and Obama did misspeak) in the speech, you are branded a racist. Freedom of Speech is no longer tolerated, and identifiers as hate speech are common place for holding a traditional right to criticize the U.S.A. government’s socio-economic and political decisions. Under Marxist ideology, as some intellectuals intend, there is no verbal dissent toward the centralized government bodies. Whatever the boss says, you mimic and do – or die. Freedom of Speech is no longer allowed.

Many black conservatives are having it rather tough. Certainly they do not want to see Barack Hussein Obama, II, fail; they are torn that his lack of fear and bravado will end any chance in the future that a black persons will again be elected to the Office of the Presidency of the United States of America. Condoleezza Rice on the other hand, smart, intelligent and qualified, is not preferred by some actual racist white conservatives. Condoleezza Rice  balanced approach, I intend to the Lebanese and Israeli conflict qualify's her as a potential presidential candidate who has foreign relations experience and an outward courage to face some difficult tasks and some circumstances.

Colin Powel, an intelligent U.S.A. iconic political figure, who has worked for both Republicans and Democrats (voted for Obama, but remains on the Republican ticket), is a Washington D.C. insider. He did not approve to taking the call to be nominated, but he would be an excellent choice as a moderate conservative in the White House. Also, the lack of Asian agency on the east coast political scene is rather disturbing. While Asians hold local power in most of the west, the absence of inclusion in Washington D.C.’s power base bears witness to Asian exclusion. In addition, the lack of any middle eastern influence in Washington D.C. is a despondence to the political events of a few radicals from the 1990s and onward. Some political pundits conclude that Obama has not reached former President Carter’s exclusion of political power sharing but may be approaching that threshold soon as the President still remains not committed to filling numerous cabinet and political positions. Some anti-U.S. president activists portend that Obama is trying to hard to control all the aspects nominally regulated to a larger staff of consulting individuals.

A prominent Greek Intellectual warned that once a society descends into course discourse, it is a sign that Statis has been achieved and the downfall is close at hand.  However, during the U.S.A.’s initial series of presidents, the campaign trail and rhetoric was just as vicious as 2008-2009.

Health Care and Redress  

Discoursing Freedom and the shades of perceptions

Political Tradition of the United States of America is nominally called Redress. This allows populous political decent, as well, and an individual’s political right to criticize their government’s policy developments.   It is a protected right under the United States of America’s Constitution. However, due to the historical implications of African American slavery, and the subsequent social engineering programs actually begun prior to the Colonial Revolution between North American colonists and the British Empire, the first non-fully white president has allowed freedom of speech to take-on a different perspective. If anyone is critical of the President or his administration, they are classified as racists, thus becoming victim to a possible injury, to some loss of job, and even unto death. Therefore, the color of ones skin defines Freedoms of Speech. So the lesson is: do we want Freedom and Democracy or do we want  a Dictatorship or an Oligarchy and as well as an absent of many of the Redresses we have come to accept as commonplace and/or habit?


Nancy Pelosi to constituents : I’m a Fan of Disruptors [of protests].  - January 15, 2006.

President Obama to opponents -- No yelling, no screaming, no disrupting  [of meetings].- August 14 , 2009. 

Obama on Political Debate, past remarks, but valid ideas he believes are US traditions.

Obama To His Constituency: "They Bring a Knife...We Bring a Gun"
Obama to His Followers: "Get in Their Faces!"
Obama on ACORN Employees: "I don't want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I'm angry!"
Obama To His Constituency : “Hit Back Twice As Hard”

Nancy Pelosi to her followers: These town hall protestors are NAZIs -- August 2008.


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to opponents --  you are liars, rumerists, and are evil-mongers. -- August 15th of 2009.

Democrat Congressman of Indiana, Baron Hill to protestors -- you are ‘blow-up,’ 'political terrorists.' -- August 12th of 2009.

CNN's Democratic news-pundit, Anderson Cooper to children of protesters – you are homosexual co*ksuckers.-- -- May - July of 2009.

Senator John Dingell a  Democrat from Michigan to his constituents: HealthCare protestors “remind me of the Klu Klux Klan and white supremacists !

Van Jones [Obama’s Green Czar, to oversee Cap-&-Trade] to the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations 2008: “President Bush sounded like a crack head.” Currently there are 62 Czars, down from 63 original non-congressional appointments by Obama or as the Hill Reports, 44 Czars or 30 Czars -- indicating the tight secrecy of this Administration.


Summer of 2009 in Discontent


During President Obama’s August 12th town hall meeting , he claimed there are “wild misrepresentations” surrounding his plan for a government takeover of health care. So what are these mis-representations? If you are writing history, how do you analyze his claim. Doesn’t this claim make sense to a specific party or a perspective or as a unified democracy, where each has equal rights and has equal protections against authoritative suppression and/or epistemic dominance? 

When “Democratic minority leader Nancy Pelosi came home to hold a town hall meeting in San Francisco on Saturday (January 14, 2006)she was greeted like a pro-establishment warmonger,” Erin McCormick, Chronicle Staff Writer, reported Sunday, January 15, 2006. McCormick  continues, “Her opposition to the Iraq war may have earned her a reputation as a radical lefty in Washington.” In this meeting Pelosi said to the ruckus Anti-War Protesters, ‘I’m a Fan of Disruptors.’ (Video). Hillary Clinton, who bellowed at the top of her lungs, Michelle Malkin writes, The New York Senator said in 2003:“I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration somehow you’re not patriotic. We should stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration.”However, what is the Obama Administration telling us today about dissenting against his legislation? Former Democratic National Committee president Howard Dean announced to the media that Senate Republicans want to kill the president and they have a guidebook from 1994 which is a blue print (see: YouTube link below) for this purpose. 

August 14, 2009 (08:44 AM), Michelle Malkin in her creators syndicate column, "The Etiquette Czar’s Rules for Patriotic Protest," stated “The White House press office is now Miss Manners’ office. President Obama’s press secretary Robert Gibbs took to the television airwaves this week to criticize congressional town hall protesters for “yelling.” Gibbs’ underling, Bill Barton, chastised voters not to “disrupt” and “scream.”  At the San Francisco town hall on the August 15th of 2006, Nancy Pelosi witnessed, “Dozens of heckling, sign-toting anti-war protesters [ that]  tried to take center stage at the congresswomen's town hall forum on national security -- calling for an immediate de-funding of the Iraq war and impeachment proceedings against President George Bush,” McCormick reported. Pelosi in a political turmoil as a minority leader then showed tolerance to the radical left-wing and said, "It's always exciting,'' she told reporters after the meeting. "This is democracy in action. I'm energized by it, frankly." Yet, that was in 2006 and the radical left’s call for impeachment of then President Bush over the US war involvement in Iraq, inspired the future House Speaker.  Now that the Democrats have power,  they are calling these protestors ‘fear-mongers' and 'NAZIs.' Pelosi came out in August and said that she saw at these protest people caring swastikas. ABC News reported “The state-run media is out smearing the town hall protesters today. They are  claiming the protests are a breeding ground for hate groups.” On August 14, 2009 Brian Ross, Anna Schecter and Megan Churchman reported "that Experts who track hate groups across the U.S. are growing increasingly concerned over violent rhetoric targeted at President Obama, especially as the debate over health care intensifies and a pattern of threats emerges." "The Secret Service is investigating a Maryland man who held a sign reading "Death to Obama" and "Death to Michelle and her two stupid kids" outside a town hall meeting this week. And in New Hampshire, another man stood across the street from a Presidential town hall with his gun on full display. However, this turned out to be a demonstration of his constitutional right to bear arms, but MSNBC edited the raw video and placed NAZI paraphernalia into the video, as a way to manipulate reality, and frame the US citizen as a white supremacist; thus illustrating to the USA public the desperation of the mainstream democrats from a federalized healthcare bill which is even being criticized by Blue Dog Democrats. Obama’s general poll numbers as of the 19th of August of 2009 has reached the mid-point at 50% approval overall of his general presidential job duties. While the republicans remain statist at 40%, the 26% drop in the Presidential approval poll numbers has Democrats reaching for desperation. Democrats believe eventually all sides of the political party-line will come to enjoy centralized single-payer health care ( except for Washington DC officials who are exempt!) "Yet Bullhorn Assaults on Little Old Ladies by Obama supporters illustrate hate groups against these average U.S. citizens too. These assaults appear to be permissible to the left-wing media as the average citizens has contacted and has provided the empirical evidence to these state-run media that they are not happy with paid unionists who are aggressively counter-protesting.. Dem Rep. David Scott screams at a local Georgia urologist Dr. Brian Hill for asking him a question on Obamacare at a town hall meeting. Karen Miracle (a local democratic leader) assaults Barry Osteen, right, who was debating her husband, Garry. “We have the best health care system in the world and I’m completely happy with what we have,” Osteen said to

Where are all of those so-called antiwar protesters today? Afghanistan’s war is escalating, and Obama is sending in more troops. The left’s argument for why the USA should not be in the Middle East is the same then during the Bush years  as it is today under the Obama administration. Yet these Anti-war protesters have not appeared as they did during the Bush Administration. The radical left street protests that consistently at times, but sparingly overall for the years of the Iraq War (ii) did not materialize under an Obama Administration continuance on the war of terrorism in Afghanistan and now Pakistan (as of the 19 of August of the year of 2009).

The Top is Now the bottom and the Bottom is Now the Top


The history of civil rights became popularly framed as grass-root movements, and was used from a previously used terminology of antebellum political agency. Grass-root nominally is associated with non-recognized government agency – in which persons unit to represent an alternative idea with a collective aim at achieving inclusion into some form of recognized governance. Recognized governance, therefore, achieves power through law-making and political decision-making. In essence its goal is to be a part of the controls to administer the distribution of resources. Astroturf a term used to imply a fake grass-roots moment was applied to anti Obama’s hegemonic-legislation protests that sprung up along with the signing of the second/ revised Stimulus Package on the 13 th of February of 2009 ( $787 billion in economic aid --in a 60-38 Congressinoal vote & an earlier House vote of 246-183). Obama promised during his campaign to allow three days for the public to view any public bill – under the discourse of ‘transparency.’ However, the revised economic Stimulus Bill had not been made public at anytime before this revised vote. Astroturf began to be associated to the phenomena of a grass-root movement nominally entitled Tea – Parties – to protest the non-transparencies of the President's reversal decisions and to protest the increased federal deficit which came as empirical results of passing such a massive distribution of wealth to government appointed agencies. In effect, the argument by the tea-partiers intended a robbery by the central government had taken place which was viewed after the passage of the revised bill as non-Democratic. The general charge was the central government took their their tax-monies and handed them out to special interest agencies – but only chosen by a selected few individuals and in powerful U.S. Government positions – nominally the 44th President of the United States of America. Grass-roots, under this viewpoint came from the original storied event by colonists protesting their former country’s intrusion upon their civil rights.

Associated to the original Boston Tea Party (the night of 16 December 1773 at Boston Harbor a direct reaction to the 10th May 1773 Great Britain’s Parliamentary decision to force colonialists’ to consume Indian slaved-labored tea and pay a surcharge (a tax) while under extraterritorial jurisdiction ), the massive distribution of wealth bill forced the geographic locations of Middle America to pay for coastal American inner city and urban poor centers which empirically had been voting Democratic and consisted of traditional U.S.A. minorities in scientific & historical studies. The left-wing media understanding where the new ideology of funding would then come from – not the public but the federal government – associated themselves to the new central authorities and began calling this new grass-root phenomena hate-filled epitaphs. As in historical periods of massive power changes in the U.S. government toward the left-wing, the radicals latched on to the powerful shift and began to pressure the Congress to engage in disturbing discourse. The first courses of action by these radical leftists were to frame the argument. The first frame came as associated derogatory terminology. Tea-Party then became Tea Baggin’. It is usually a forced sexual act engaged by more than one persons of the same gender. The Urban Dictionary, a voted upon common system of defilement gave varying descriptions of which more than one can be associated to the derogatory terminology.


What is a teabagger?

A teabagger is an oral homosexual act and is used as a code-word inside the homosexual community and associated to adults only; and with an urban vernacular for soliciting a type of homosexual sex-act at meeting places, this term deems derogatory and combative.The first large and successful anti-stimulus protests (April 2009), geared at an opposition adhered too some higher-taxes hidden in  the stimulus package, and a massive national debt that the measure will ensure, brought this word into use by the left-wing establishment. The left-wing use of this demonizing word had thought to rhyme with the term, Tea-parties. Yet, the word association did not rhyme; however, it did communicate that this accepted mainstream media establishment lowered its editorial standard to that of irrationality – as pure hatred - calculated upon suppressing its opposition. Anderson Cooper of CNN fame, a popular media figure with a widely watched daily show on CNN, showed photographs of young children who attended these mass protest tea-parties with their parents on a video screen behind him. Denouncing the opposing side’s efforts at grass-root organization, Cooper smiled at the camera and called these little children homosexual ‘c*&ksukers, indicating a desired pedophilia sentiment on behalf of these left-wing media’s rhetorical responses to these protests of which they had not previously encountered and are scared. Cooper’s motive was to allow left-wing personalities this permission to use this hate-word  and as this derogatory word used toward the children, the most cherished thing of a right-wing family member. It was meant to hurt the protesters and to warn them not to act out their Constitutional Right. It is like the bully that verbally threatens anyone by strong language, in hope that his victims will quell and shiver and not stand-up for their human – rights. In this case, Cooper’s motive is to issue a derogatory discourse in hopes that the right-wing will quiver and shiver and stay-home in fear of the powerful lefty bully's discourse.

Town hall protesters are "evil-mongers," says Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in one of such many examples.  Such "evil-mongers" are using "lies, innuendo and rumor," to drown out rational debate, Reid said August 15th of 2006. During the late 1950s and on into the 1960s, the term grass-roots organization strictly applied to black agency and white mentorship, at the street level. Under Ronald Reagan, at times, the Republicans had taken to the streets too  in a similar fashion. However, since Bush, Sr. and onto Clinton and Bush, Jr., the right-wing grass-roots attempts have been quite limited. However, under this current administration, a phenomena, not seen in quite a while,  has startled the left-wing and startled them considerably. Their reaction may be an over reaction. Calling old ladies with white-hair who are filmed and captioned on left-wing blogs,  raising their hands to ask their local representative tough questions on ObamaCare,  have frightened the left-wing media. The left are calling granny, the mobster, the white supremacist, the hate-monger, the anti-American, and a danger to society. It is as if the left-wing has come unhinged at the moment. They have not seen this phenomena for decades, and are quite novice into how to deal with it.


African American  Dyron Hart (photo), a former Nicholls State football player, faces 5 years in prison and a fine of $250,000 after posing as a white supremacist and threatening to kill blacks over the Obama presidential victory. "U.S. Attorney Jim Letten says 20-year old Dyron Hart pled guilty in federal court to "communicating threats in interstate commerce." "According to court documents, Hart... admitted that he created a fictitious name and used the photograph of a white supremacist to communicated a threat. He then purported to be a person outraged by the election of President Barack Obama," Letten said in a news release. Letten says that Hart sent the threat to an African American student at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux "indicating he wanted to kill African American individuals because of the election of the President." 

Gateway Way pundit related a story on the 13th of August of 2009 on false racist charges in an effort to frame and insight hatred and outrage for political reasons. " CNN was upset that a St. Louis woman Maxine Johnson had her sign ripped at Claire McCaskill's town hall meeting this week. Dana Loesch, who was at the event, and later wrote about the incident in an email: "The footage on the Post Dispatch site and on all the liberal blogs totally omits Johnson entering 30 minutes before the forum's end, rudely gesturing to the audience, and mouthing off in an attempt to start a fight." Of course, the left is trying to accuse the ripper James Winfrey of a hate crime because the sign had Rosa Parks on it. The audience was told several times before the meeting that no signs were allowed. The unhinged left is trying to smear the "teabaggers" because of this incident. Ms. Johnson knew signs were not allowed into the meeting and brought her sign in anyway.CNN jumped all over the story and set up an interview with McCaskill to discuss the incident. Even Claire "ACORN" McCaskill was not buying the charges of racism."

911 Truther in an Unoffical Appointment by Obama (update, 6 (-7th) September 2009, resigns at midnight)

Van Jones [Obama’s Green Czar, to oversee $60 billion in Cap-&-Trade] name appears [ and editor claims his signature is on file], as national executive director, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights,, in flyer, “San Francisco March to Demand Congressional Inquiry of 911, Carol Brouillet, Justin Herman Plaza, 8th January 2002. [ colloquial called a 911 Truther – persons believing that former President Bush, Cheney, Rice, engineered the so-called Terrorist Attacks upon the New York Sears Towers and the Pentagon on 11th of September of 2001, so Bush’s father could take revenge on his nemesis, Saddam Hussein and make war in Iraq again]

2008: “President Bush sounded like a Crack head.” --Van Jones.

Barack Hussein Obama Bi-Partisan Administration : Van Jones, Green Czar, Job Description: Cap & Trade Leader

Van Jones sings Anti-United States song (Van Jones: A Radical, Anti-War Record Producer as Well?, Morgen on September 4, 2009, at Verum Serum: Magna est Veritas et Praevalebit). Jones also help create the "WarTimes: Reports from the Opposition," an anti-capitalist and anti-USA magazine he chaired for a year and a half.

Various Singers-Poets: The American way, manufactuered by these white folks in office. By these rich men here to mock us. The United States is a stolen land led by right-wing, war hungry, oil thirsty. And when it's all said and done they still can't clean their own place because they got people of color playing servant to do that sh*t for them... The true terrorists are made in the US, in this police state... The US is a crack-fiend for oil. And they're ready to rape, kill, assault, rob anybody and everybody...Bombing babies in the night. Two wrongs don't make a right... The US needs to exit its colonies in Iraq, in the region and finally in Israel (Link).

Jones then in 2008 espoused that Bush sounds like he is on Crack Cocaine (Editor's note: This clip comes from remarks Van Jones gave in 2008 to the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations; Brietbart B TV, accessed 4 September 2009).  The Hill reported: The White House’s reaction to this news of the link to the 911 truther’s movement elicited a confidence call on the Green Czar’s position. 

Petitioning a federal investigation connected to the Truther movement. “Jones said the petition he signed in 2004 did not reflect his views and that he did not carefully review the language in the petition before agreeing to add his name.” This article at from 2002 links Van Jones to the 9-11 Truther movement at its infancy:

Barack Obama's communist Green Czar, Van Jones, endorsed an anti-police day of action initiated by a Maoist communist cult group in 2006. Here is Barack Obama's communist Green Czar giving an interview in 2008 at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. The title of the talk was "Green Jobs - Not Jails" Via One Middle American and Kristinn at Free Republic: Mao Tse-tung organizing day and symbolism (Friday, September 04, 2009) "Take a closer look at the mural and you'll be bowled over. The painting has mages of African-American and Latinos in the center, with a white cop shooting a Latino woman with her baby on one side, and a white guy in a suit on the other side with a sign that says "war on youth" holding an African American kid in chains."


Gateway Pundit continued its reporting on the Van Jones episode citing once again “The NAACP, a once great human rights group, released a statement today in support of Barack Obama's communist-Truther, whitey-hating, Jew-hating, cop killer supporting, Green czar in the White House.” Van Jones and killer Mumia al-Jamal released a hate-filled music album together. Instead, the NAACP is blaming Glenn Beck. The NAACP Continues its Support of Special Advisor of Green Jobs Van Jones and the White House Green Jobs Initiative. The NAACP is calling for civility in the national discourse on safe, clean communities and sustainable sources of domestic energy. It is time to end the personal attacks on administration officials as a distraction to crucial discussion on our nation and our world's environmental conditions.

NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous:“It is sad and unfortunate that our nation's precious airwaves and cable television time are being occupied with the unscrupulous, diversionary tactics launched by right wing extremists such as Glenn Beck. These desperate tactics divert America's attention and intellectual resources away from issues affecting our families and communities. These life-and-death concerns are being overshadowed by employing ruthless attacks against Van Jones, White House Special Advisor for Green Jobs and dedicated advocate for safe, clean and healthy communities.Van Jones has established himself through his many years in public service as a hardworking advocate for positive, progressive change. He is a devoted husband and father. Mr. Beck and the other news services' portrayal of Mr. Jones to the contrary is not only distracting and disingenuous but harmful and destructive. Apparently, pointing out Van Jones' own radical statements and support for communism is being "disingenuous" and "distracting." (NAACP Releases Statement In Support of Obama's Communist-Truther Green Czar... Blame Glenn Beck, Saturday, September 05, 2009, Gateway Pundit.


The Washington Examiner in “Times has failed Van Jones apoligies“ [sic] reported that the Times could no longer “could kill a story -- could deny the bad guys a win -- simply by ignoring it.” Bay Area radical Van Jones, who co-founded STORM, a radical left-wing communist group became a non-story for three days. “Now, the Times has failed to report another story, this time one that led to the resignation of a White House official much loved by many on the left, "green jobs" czar Van Jones. Times readers didn't know it, but the causes for Jones' departure included the fact that he signed a 2004 petition supporting the so-called "9/11 truther" movement; that he was a self-professed communist during much of the 1990s; that he supported the cop-killer Mumia abu-Jamal; that in 2008 he accused "white polluters" of "steering poison into the people of color communities"; and that earlier this year, speaking to a friendly crowd in Berkeley, Calif., he called Republicans "a--holes." When controversy erupted, Jones apologized for the "truther" episode and his remarks about the GOP, but the Times, having not reported the original story, also failed to report the apologies.” Will Lester, writer  to the Associated Press in  “Controversy over fiery remarks fells Obama adviser” ( 06 September 2009, Yahoo/AP) had disclosed the midnight resignation. However, its findings mimic Jones’ statement. Jones describes the outing by Jim Hoft’s blogsite, Gateway Pundit, as "vicious smear campaign against me." However, at U.C. Berkeley, Jones had called all Republicans a nasty bodily part. It was if Jones did not like that Asians, Blacks, Middle Eastern and other ethnicities’ were allowed to have a mind of their own. Still the Associated Press reported the damning evidence that “of Jones' name appearing on a petition connected to the events surrounding the Sept. 11 attacks. That 2004 petition had asked for congressional hearings and other investigations into whether high-level government officials had allowed the attacks to occur.”


Criticism: President Obama said recently that when one makes changes in policies (Hope and Change, as example) a certain segment of the population will not be happy. The idea is strictly right-wing and unavoidable. It implies that Washington DC cannot please each and every group or persons. Obama was referring to a historical mentioning between F.D.R. and Reagan’s policies.

Scholarship. (August, so this is one of the three the old bills)

HR3200 IH : Official April 2009 promulgated USA National Health Care Bill, pp. 1,017. 

Secretary =  the Secretary of Health and Human Services. (p.344, l. 10).

It is widely known in the scholastic community that the medical field empirically contains the highest suicide rate for medical students in reliable historical statistics. These students' efforts to become a competent physician or a doctor take considerable training and are communicated as the most stressful of fields in academics. This means that those students who sacrifice their lives for no-social lives and for hard work, and do not commit suicide, will not be rewarded with a higher paying job come any completion of their rigorous training. Nationalized health care and  empirically from all models put forth in the last 50 years demonstrates the opposite in pay-scale. This has led to hiring of foreigners who have certificates of medical practice licenses but were not given them by host countries in which they serve. These ‘forced’ patrons had complaints of incompetence and malpractice as was widley spread, they reported. Obviously, as Harry Reid so gibberishly alludes too, the pushing of the health care bill into passage needs to proceed in haste. The real-strong debate arguments are being passed-over by accusations of racism, intolerance, and evil-mongering. Mao Tse-tung’s national peasant medical programs trained their doctors in six weeks. However, what is lesser known was he hated the peasantry and produced genocidal programs in secret capitalistic endeavors which explains his nonchalance toward the masses. Obama stated that Capital Hill employees for the us the public will not attend too his Obamacare clinics, they will have superior private doctors. Currently, as of 17 August, 2009, the public option is being revised. There may be no public option in the final bill.

Despite of the doctor stresses, a need for lower medical workers is attested too in one of the three main promulgated draft bills. For example, HR 3200 IH, page 1016, (A,B, lines 1-6 under Subtitle D—Grants for Comprehensive Programs To Provide Education to Nurses and Create a Pipeline to Nursing SEC. 2531. ESTABLISHMENT OF GRANT PROGRAM.), (A) an increased number of incumbent workers entering an accredited school of nursing and in the pipeline for nursing programs; (B) an increasing number of graduating nurses and improved nurse graduation and licensure rates.

Under TITLE VI—PROGRAM INTEGRITY Subtitle A—Increased Funding To Fight Waste, Fraud, and Abuse: SEC. 1635. REQUIRE PROVIDERS AND SUPPLIERS TO ADOPT PROGRAMS TO REDUCE WASTE, FRAUD, AND ABUSE, pp. 713-714, lines 19 -25,p. 173 & lines 1-15 p. 714, If the Secretary of Health does not like you, you are ruined. If you are a medical supplies provider, and it happens to come out that you voted for G. W. Bush, Jr., you can be, and most likely under “Republicans are failures rhetoric on his campaign trial of 2008,” and most likely be dismissed -- from the only medical program allowed in the United States of America.

Federal Control and Bias Jurisdictions.

Under Subtitle C—Enhanced Program and Provider Protections SEC. 1631. ENHANCED CMS PROGRAM PROTECTION AU THORITY. & ‘‘SEC. 1128G. ENHANCED PROGRAM AND PROVIDER PROTECTIONS IN THE MEDICARE, MEDICAID, AND CHIP PROGRAM, The Federal Government has control over the state "For periods beginning after January 1, 2011" (p. 704) "based on relevant complaints, reports, referrals by law enforcement or other sources, data analysis, trending information, or claims submissions by providers of services and suppliers) with respect to a category of provider of services or supplier of items or services" (p. 704, lines 9-14). Under the geographic area, under title[s] XVIII, XIX, or XXI a number of Federal intervention [ like the third-world complaints against the United States of America WWII-Post 20th cent., eh Obama?] become permissible.  For example, if the federal central control wants to force screenings of individuals and background checks before they receive any service the federal authorities trump state authorities. For example, you say Obama’s golf-game is terrible, the central authorities make up some type of false claim and you can no longer receive medical care. It is like the United States of America going to a foreign land and claiming they will help out the native population, while they appear to do this –they are actually raping the minerals from the lands and stealing commodity value at the foreigner’s expense. It is an intervention non-the-less. While attending Columbia and Harvard Universities, Barak H. Obama had plenty of exposure to the negative connotations of the term intervention. The federal controls into which this bill has merit demarcates a shifting of a power from the individual’s autonomy of community into a central authoritative shadowy entity. Finally, while these oversights are unannounced and can be random, and limited to 365 days, however, they are not binding to the continuance or renewal policy or a stability factor that may result in failed or bias jurisdiction.


The real issues are a centralization of the federal government over the states’ autonomy or against the precepts of the Constitution of the United States of America. Obama’s motive is economic, in that rationing will take place; it is in the bill and will provide needed funds to the central authorities. Medical and Medicade/care are broken government low-end medical programs. They are 20% of the national annual budget, and by increasing this percentage on the taxpayers, the central authorities will have an  increase money-flow into which to work back into their constituencies. Instead of fixing Medical and Medicade, the goal of Obama’s administration or more potently Barak Obama’s agenda is to redistribute tax-payer monies more evenly to all Americans and some foreigners.

The Secretary of the Health-system will become one of the most powerful persons in the USA.

The Secretary is to developed the entire medical field. All sub-sections basically are controlled by this person,  with the efforts at controlling monies into the programs where these new program employees are supposedly to receive training. It is a general, good-feeling argument, but has absolutely no specifics whatsoever. For example, what happens why the Federal Reserve goes bankrupt or has a few bad years. Then how is the funding going to continue. Who will be funded? Why is this important? because the states are no longer in control, they are dependant upon the government not making mistakes. Has any government not made horrendous mistakes?

Death Panels

Under Subtitle D—Medicare Advantage, Reforms, PART 1—PAYMENT AND ADMINISTRATION, SEC. 1166. LIMITATION OF WAIVER AUTHORITY FOR EMPLOYER GROUP PLANS, page 344, lines 7- 14, intend, "a report that evaluates the adequacy of the risk adjustment system under section 1853(a)(1)(C) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1395–23(a)(1)(C)) in predicting costs for beneficiaries with chronic or co-morbid conditions, beneficiaries dually-eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, and non-Medicaid eligible low-income beneficiaries and the need and feasibility of including further gradations of diseases or conditions and multiple years of beneficiary data." After a vetting process, only the top 25% will have a Medicare Advantage instead of a base Medicare plan. (p. 338, l.21 ), part of SEC. 1162. QUALITY BONUS PAYMENTS [ to providers]. Thus, the provider reports to the central authorities and they decide if this person makes it to the top quintile of medical services. If grandma is a little too old, and keeping her alive costs too much each year, then simply downgrade her to some basic clinic services, such as ‘take some aspirn and call me in six months,' -- this suffices the central authorities' greed at their intervention policies. By intervening, such as the accused mid-20th century American foreign policy, the US central government is intervening on their own greed and behalf, and not grandmas. After Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel slandered Sarah Palin that no program existed in the bill in a New York Times report, and accused her that she had poor scholarly practices in her Facebook analysis of the death panel section, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel apparently took out the section ( Remember this is the early version of the bill that is on this site) from the bill. 

Death Panels linked to Financial Concerns

New York Times interview, “After the Great Recession” ( p. 5, of 6 web, April 28, 2009, New York Times, Online), with  Obama on the health care issue, The President  illustrated the point of medical reform which is to provide more services and at the same time to cut costs, thus the government can make money – in which then to do what it see fit in its ideological quest. Obama linking a government control of healthcare to the movie The Matrix is rather quite horrifying, Obama said, “That don’t make people healthier. So when Peter Orszag and I talk about the importance of using comparative-effectiveness studies (9) as a way of reining in costs, that’s not an attempt to micromanage the doctor-patient relationship. It is an attempt to say to patients, you know what, we’ve looked at some objective studies out here, people who know about this stuff, concluding that the blue pill, which costs half as much as the red pill, is just as effective, and you might want to go ahead and get the blue one. And if a provider is pushing the red one on you, then you should at least ask some important questions.” Here, Obama demonstrates that the government provides some ‘choice less’ decisions for you, does the evaluation for you ( even in variable global governance - historic incompetence of chronological record), and reconstructs your life according to the Marxist work doctrine. The Marxist work doctrine is that anyone not fit to work is deemed undesirable, and therefore, the down-graded health plan is a road to hell in a choice less health-care society. The Obama need to destroy the private sector establishment of US healthcare provides the data for the Marxist work doctrine, which had been employed under the Chinese and Russian ( and other) 20th century communist regimes.

Doctors “operate within particular incentive structures,” Obama said in late April of the year of 2009. However, Obama intends that incentives can be decreased by shaming and comparing methods that work in another city, such as his example of doctor salaries in Minnesota which are 25 % lower than similar doctors in Florida, makes his case. The point of government control is to take out the incentive, and save money by down grading the salaries of comparative regions. The winner is the federal government, the losers of the private citizens who spend 15 grueling years of medical school and residency only to make the same salary as someone that works as a manager of a Burger King. These fast-food employees  only had to get a high-school diploma and attend a manager course of instruction which took less than six-months.

A moral and ethical quandary posed by Obama insisted the economic stress indicators on the elderly do exists, which prompted the death-panel debate promoted by Sarah Palin, after she had stepped down from her post as the Alaskan governor. In this same interview  in April, Obama clearly recognizes where the bulk of the health care funding directs toward. Obama said, “….there is going to have to be a conversation that is guided by doctors, scientists, ethicists,” and linking it to this empirical observation, the President said “...the chronically ill and those toward the end of their lives are accounting for potentially 80 percent of the total health care bill out here.” This type of speech scared the elderly and those who do not have the option like the Obamas for private Congressional medical insurance. The 80 percent figure emoted by Obama is a scare tactic, not true, and is quite revealing that the Death Panels are conceptually based on financial means.


Sarah Palin & A Single Payer Plan , Death Panel and Control Your Life, on FaceBook


Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm Emanuel's brother, the health-policy adviser at the White House’s Office of Management and Budget, in a rebuttal to Sarah Palin’s contention over Section 1233 of HR 3200, said "A provision allowing for doctors to talk to patients about end of life care, and turn it into the suggestion that we’re going to have euthanasia boards -- that’s a complete misreading of what’s there. It’s just trying to scare people,” The New York Post reported However, Ezekiel Emanuel has never lived and been forced to comply with a single controlled ideological government program. If racism or ethnic social circumstances have not been solved, then racial and ethnic profiling will take place. Not having choices simply allows the percentage-factor that these circumstances will exist. Ezekiel Emanuel works for Obama and his job is to quell reality and to say ‘yes,’ to whatever his employer tells him to say or think and do. Palin who wrote a Facebook entry on this section related “Dr. Emanuel is now distancing himself from his own work and claiming that his “thinking has evolved” on the question of rationing care to benefit the strong and deny the weak.” Section 1233 of HR 3200 has been taken out of the Bill. However, Obama claims that once the bill is passed, he will put what he wants back into the bill, through an executive order.


Snippets of Palin’s FaceBook Entry, August 2009/ September 2009:

A single payer health care plan has been President Obama’s agenda all along, though he is now claiming otherwise. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what he said back in 2003: “I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care plan.... A single payer health care plan – universal health care plan – that’s what I would like to see.”

"I join millions of Americans in expressing appreciation for the Senate Finance Committee’s decision to remove the provision in the pending health care bill that authorizes end-of-life consultations (Section 1233 of HR 3200). It’s gratifying that the voice of the people is getting through to Congress; however, that provision was not the only disturbing detail in this legislation; it was just one of the more obvious ones.

As I noted in my statement last week, nationalized health care inevitably leads to rationing. There is simply no way to cover everyone and hold down the costs at the same time. The rationing system proposed by one of President Obama’s key health care advisors is particularly disturbing. I’m speaking of the “Complete Lives System” advocated by Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the brother of the president’s chief of staff. President Obama has not yet stated any opposition to the “Complete Lives System,” a system which, if enacted, would refuse to allocate medical resources to the elderly, the infirm, and the disabled who have less economic potential. [1] Why the silence from the president on this aspect of his nationalization of health care? Does he agree with the “Complete Lives System”? If not, then why is Dr. Emanuel his policy advisor? What is he advising the president on? I just learned that Dr. Emanuel is now distancing himself from his own work and claiming that his “thinking has evolved” on the question of rationing care to benefit the strong and deny the weak. [2] How convenient that he disavowed his own work only after the nature of his scholarship was revealed to the public at large. "

Geoffrey Dunn, an award-winning journalist, filmmaker,  and historian, posted September 9, 2009 03:25 AM “Palin No Longer Writing Her Own Script” ( Huffington Post) invents or rather reinvents the classic Martin Luther parsing. By taking one example of a non-grammatical Twitter post, he frames Sarah Palin as a semi-literate.  Martin Luther who took a few phrases from  Saint Paul, from a few sections of the Pauline letters,  created a religion --thus parsing the Biblical context and forging a new radical extremist view. It would take Philip Melancthon  and John Calvin to correct Luther’s  extremism.  Dunn’s piece is a hit-job, claiming Palin is a novice, actor, and basically not qualified. However, he has never been a governor of a state in the Union nor a candidate for the job of the Vice President of the United States of America.  For example, Dunn writes “For better, and, actually, mostly for worse […]. It is difficult to understand which direction his idea takes one. Is it for the better or for the worse? Dunn’s rhetorical skills are rather futile against a heavy weight of the likes of Palin. The vitriol seeps through Dunn’s amateur textual analysis – all based upon Twitter -blurbs. If all of our literary judgments were based upon blogging comments, in which Palin’s op-eds against the Obama Care are nothing of the sort, we would all be failures to Dunn’s vision of perfection of the Twitter post. Unfortunately, his own serious Op-ed exposed her is non-too-articulate. In fact, Sarah Palin  in “Obama and the Bureaucratization of Health Care, The president's proposals would give unelected officials life-and-death rationing powers,” ( Op-Ed, Wall Street Journal,  September 8,  2009 , 7:45 P.M. ET, accessed 09 September 2009) does have some grammatical problems – so thus debunking Dunn’s claim that a professional ghost writer had written in her disguise. Even as the piece is littered with grammatical errors, the first sentence contains the first of these. For example, “Writing in the New York Times last month, President Barack Obama asked that Americans [to] "talk with one another, and not over one another" as our health-care debate moves forward.” My brackets illustrate the need for a prepositional syntax before the quote. Another example form the same Op-Ed. Sarah writes, “Now look at one way Mr. Obama wants to eliminate inefficiency and waste: He's [has] asked  Congress.” Why not literally incorrect,  a past tense verb is usually not performed in formal writing. In most cases ‘He is’ pertains to a normal contraction in any present tense.  In another instance, she writes, “let's give Americans control over their own health care.” There is no contraction for ‘lets.’ It is either ‘Let is,’ which is ungrammatically permissible in the first place or as the proper form of Lets – which was not written. While the piece is basically polished, it is not a grammarian’s pride. Evidence that Sarah Palin did write this piece is more convincing then the usually political marginalizing of Dunn’s hit-piece. Dunn’s point is Republicans are hopelessly stupid and Democrats are inherently intelligent.


Non- Articulation is what makes contrived opinions. For example, Thomas L. Friedman, a three times Pulitzer Prize winner for Journalism, intends that the U.S.A. is a "one-party democracy." (Thomas L. Friedman,  Our One-Party Democracy,   Thomas L. Friedman, Op-Ed,  New York Times,   September 8, 2009 , accessed 9 September 2009). He clarifies his illusions of China’s success without understanding that it is engaged in full-fledge capitalism. He says that a “One-party autocracy certainly has its drawbacks. But when it is led by a reasonably enlightened group of people, as China is today, it can also have great advantages.” While this may be true, the Chinese government restricts its country persons to that of a third-world country, while the city and urban centers thrive upon capitalistic endeavors. Being a darling on the left, and not a critical historian, his opinions are rather limited in range. In fact, he contradicts a political system or rather refuses to understand its compromise in balance approach. For example, he confuses oneness to pluralism: “Our one-party democracy is worse. The fact is, on both the energy/climate legislation and health care legislation, only the Democrats are really playing.” Unfortunately, the uncritical analysis or miss understanding of socio-political and economic criteria make these columns difficult to digest. Finally, it makes little sense to start a topic sentence and give its supporting sentence at the end of a graph and filling up a medium paragraph with rants and raves against the Republican Party. In doing so he contradicts his topic sentence and appears rather confused to what actual wealth creation is and what actual wealth management is, thus his contradictory conclusion in this opinion piece as: “The G.O.P. used to be the party of business. […] Yet the G.O.P. today resists national health care, immigration reform and wants to just drill, baby, drill.” The last time I remember industry and job creation and big – business, the oil companies ran the U.S.A. during the Great Depression and onward toward its massive big industry during the 1940s to the 1970s. It was big business in the U.S.A. and still there is opportunity for a continuance and alternative formulation by research and innovation in the natural resources industry. Yet, Friedman is not a scientist and cannot create in-depth critical thinking.

Health Care:


The Hill reported that Obama has not invited a single person to the White House since April of 2009 to engage in discussions on the Health Care issue. “House GOP Leader John Boehner (Ohio) said Monday morning. Boehner told reporters that the president has not invited House GOP leaders to the White House for meetings on healthcare reform since the end of April.” (Molly K. Hooper , “Boehner: GOP leaders haven't met Obama for health talks since April” ( The Hill,  09/09/09 11:09 AM ET, accessed 09 September 2009).


1233 & Death Panels Is There a Real Issue?


Charles Lane in his op-ed “Undue Influence: The House Bill Skews End-of-Life Counsel “ ( Washington Post, 8 August 2009) wrote admittedly that while Death Panels do not exist, the concept is rather correct and right-wingers caught it – meaning that Sarah Palin, while not naming her – and it appears that right-wingers had to explain to the left-wingers what is actually in the bill – while at the same time left-wingers called the right-wingers stupid.


[excerpt] Though not mandatory, as some on the right have claimed, the consultations envisioned in Section 1233 aren't quite "purely voluntary," as Rep. Sander M. Levin (D-Mich.) asserts. To me, "purely voluntary" means "not unless the patient requests one." Section 1233, however, lets doctors initiate the chat and gives them an incentive -- money -- to do so. Indeed, that's an incentive to insist.

Patients may refuse without penalty, but many will bow to white-coated authority. Once they're in the meeting, the bill does permit "formulation" of a plug-pulling order right then and there. So when Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) denies that Section 1233 would "place senior citizens in situations where they feel pressured to sign end- of- life directives that they would not otherwise sign," I don't think he's being realistic.

What's more, Section 1233 dictates, at some length, the content of the consultation. The doctor "shall" discuss "advanced care planning, including key questions and considerations, important steps, and suggested people to talk to"; "an explanation of . . . living wills and durable powers of attorney, and their uses" (even though these are legal, not medical, instruments); and "a list of national and State- specific resources to assist consumers and their families." The doctor "shall" explain that Medicare pays for hospice care (hint, hint).

Admittedly, this script is vague and possibly unenforceable. What are "key questions"? Who belongs on "a list" of helpful "resources"? The Roman Catholic Church? Jack Kevorkian?

Ideally, the delicate decisions about how to manage life's end would be made in a setting that is neutral in both appearance and fact. Yes, it's good to have a doctor's perspective. But Section 1233 goes beyond facilitating doctor input to preferring it. Indeed, the measure would have an interested party -- the government -- recruit doctors to sell the elderly on living wills, hospice care and their associated providers, professions and organizations. You don't have to be a right- wing wacko to question that approach. [end excerpt]

Dialectical Materialistic Profiling

RealClearPolitics is reporting the 12th of August, 2009, that Democrat Congressman of Indiana, Baron Hill stated that grandmas and grandpas are bomb exploding terrorists and are bent on destroying the health care debate. According to the video of a news conference, the Senator said, “They have only one purpose in mind and that’s to blow up the meetings that are being held and that serves no one, ladies and gentlemen.” He recently clarified this statement saying “If you just want to blow up a meeting that’s a political terrorist." White House spokesman Bill Burton says that "Nancy Pelosi was right when she said people are showing up to [the] town hall events wearing swastikas," according to a news-media broadcast from the White House. Yet, there are no photos, or proof, and plants (human beings) have been organized including confessions on blogs because this is such an intense issue. Photos of persons holding up Obama as Hitler do exist, but they are not from any group connected to the Republicans or the Democratic party-mainstream. The Democrats and especially this president for the last ten-years and for this president are extremely contentious to Jewish issues and under normative political circumstances have been anti-Israel. This projection is a rather a mirroring, especially from a Protestant passion perspective of the sixteenth century – of whom we could consider them as the progressive or as the liberal party members of their day. Also, it is a difficult time for African Americans, Latinos and Asians who are right-wing in ideas because of the hatred coming out of the oval office in the White House. Obama’s leftist aggressive sloganry of ‘get in their faces,’ and mirroring the Marxist rhetoric or an actionary program of ‘live to rage,’ foreshadows violent revolutionary theory of Tse-tung. This means one must forgo thinking and act upon anger, rage, & total irrational emotions -- a follower and not a leader in their community. The charge that protestors are NAZIs, the similarly eight-year theme used by the left against the Republicans in War protests across the world and in the States, reflects a growing hatred and propaganda by these left-wing radicals. The NAZIs killed many whites, employed one-third of their military as Arabs, and formulated a genocide against Jews. Former President Bush was always accused by the left-wing for supporting Israel over the Middle East interests. The fact that NAZI means Nationalist Socialist mirrors what the Obama administration wants out of the USA’s ideological future. These tactics by the Obama administration are rather tiring and non-productive to democracy. Democracy is supposed to allow multiple ideas and discourses into its environments, whereas communism or community is exactly the opposite. This idea is to foment an ideology of the sameness – of one thought and of one body to the community. Marxist ideology is never a compromise, it is a win or a lose – winner take all situation. It is a dangerous precedence, and not an idea founded upon as a principle of any democracy known in history. Finally, Marxist concluded that violence is the only way to achieve victory to their cause. Passive resistance and common-respectful debate are for losers , i.e. the stupid people.


ACORN plants from the Michigan chapter holding up Impeach Obama signs with a photo of the president’s face with a Hiterlesque mustache are displayed with photos by American Power blog reporting -- not MSNBC. A local ABC News division covering the largest protest in Michigan at that time refused to run the evidence in photos and videos of the event (estimated at 3,000 people). The Los Angeles Times also refused to run the report. American Power Blog ran its report under the title “Astroturf at Adam Schiff Town Hall: ACORN, AARP, Organizing for America, SEIU, and Stalinist Apparatchiks for Obama Care!” on Wednesday the 12th of August of the year of 2009. Far left groups infiltrating the Protests are holding up Hitler associated signs to link Obama with NAZIs, a form of defamation as counterintelligence to sway public opinion that average American citizens opposed to central control are all white supremacists.


One of the photos Nancy Pelosi had commented upon as protesters were carrying swastikas turned out to be a Democrat Plant who was a unionist at the John Dingell Townhall forum. Frank Beckman on his broadcast on WJR 760 AM interviewed an eyewitness that saw union thugs enter the doors and the Obama as Hitler poster was already in the venue in the back hall where the union members took their seats. The man who was responsible was seen handing out Dingal campaign flyers at this event. The left-wing media took up this story and the Soros-funded Michigan blogs transferred the propaganda to national media outlets. It was the right wingers they claimed.  Huffinton post carried the report, stating their correspondent saw a young black man holding up the Obama as Hitler 5- foot tall poster, nearly 30 minuets before the meeting. There were swastikas painted at Georgia congressmen’s office, the Detroit news reported.


A Democrat opposed to the President’s health care reform plan, Bill Cornish, attended Senator Dingell’s town hall meeting, said this to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto: CORNISH: “There was actually a gentleman in there carrying around a sign outside with Obama as Hitler, and it turned out later he was outside handing out Dingell information on the health care program. So it appears that he was part of the Dingell operation.” (You Tube Video).


A LaRouche group (of Lyndon H. Larouche, considered radical by both the left and the right, whose supporters include the Chicago’s Nation of Islam group, were also eyewitnesses that were photographed holding up Impeach Obama signs with a face-picture of the president  and an Hitleresque mustache. The left-wing media reports that these persons from  La Rouche are right-wingers, while the right-wing media report that these La Rouche groups are of left-wingers. La Rouche spokesmen claim that the “Impeach Obama” signs are directly linked to their claims that Obama is running a form of “Tiergarten policy,” a relic of Hitler’s economic system. On Lyndon H. Larouche’s website, as of the 12th of August of the year 2009, one such link is called “Stop Obama’s Nazi Health Plan.” Most consider the Larouche a communist group and quite marginalized.

When Obama held his recent TownHall meeting on ObamaCare at Portsmouth NH with a supposedly randomly selected audiance, he bussed in union supporters and zealots of his followers. Most importantly, he planted a young daughter of a campaign supporter to post the question about old people. Using C-Span’s archived video of the town hall, a citizen put the report together: some photographs, some contribution reports and a motivation.

Julia Hall from Malden MA, the little girl who asked Obama the most important question of the meeting,  was a plant. Identified by grass-root supporters of the protestors against ObamaCare, Julia’s mother, Kathleen-Manning-Hall, is a Big Obama supporter and campaign contributor ($636 to Obama in 2008; profession, Legal Asst, Looney and Grossman LLP). Kathleen met the Obamas, Joe Biden, and has photographs of her wearing Obama regalia at the Washington Inaugural in January of 2009 on her public website. Kathleen’s ‘FaceBook’ friend is Addisu Demissie, the National Political Director of Organizing for America and former Ohio ‘Get out the Vote’ director of Obama for America. At the Townhall meeting Obama wanted to squash rhetoric that his euthenics’ section in the Health Bill will be used to deny old persons the right to life by denying them preference to shorten medical services – outlined in his cutting cost sections. This randomly asked question gave Obama the perfect opportunity to dismiss the talk about “death panels that will pull the plug on Grandma.” ( Question asked at 29m:25s). Obama said later “I do not want people saying I have a bunch of plants in here.” Yet, further investigation illustrated that President Obama gave only some 5 minuets for criticism on his health Care package. The White House came out with the statement on the 11th of August stating that the New Hampshire Town hall meeting hosted by Obama was not a set-up. However, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs acknowledged that many of the audience members were friendly to Obama’s message. Leftist professors acknowledge and giggle that former President Clinton used to place plants, mainly black US citizens into his audience in which to pick to answer questions, making it appear as a random act.


On Thursday of August 6th, 2009, a video showed a black conservative Kenneth Gladney  badly beaten by SEIU ( a major health care division union, with a major stake in Obamacare) members at the Rus Carnahan town hall meeting in St Louis. Five people were arrested and one later as too connected to the beating which also included a physical assault on one of the video camera persons. Gladney was trying to make some money selling buttons and flags, with a early US marine slogan of ‘ Don’t tread on me,” when purple-shirted Union members took his button display away from him. Gladney tried to grab it back but was beaten into the ground, including being stomped. The next day, he was in a wheel chair, interviewed by Allman in the Morning at 97.1 FM Talk Radio. One SEIU member allegedly called him the ‘n’-word, and accused him that he was not a real American – so apparently if one is not for the union and also against any legislation that Obama purposes, you can never be an American. The main media did not believe that these SEIU members could act in such a way, so they had communicated that it was Gladney as the instigator. However, the video is rolling long before the incident happened, and there is no proof of any instigation  as Gladney was minding his own business and was not aggressive.


When the first protests of Obama’s term had appeared by average citizens criticizing the stimulus packages lack of earmarks and preference for Obama supporter groups, CNN and many other leftist media outlets dubbed the protesters as “teabaggers.” The term is from the homosexual community to denote an oral sexual act. When Anderson Cooper of CNN reported on the protests, the video screen behind his reporter's desk featured small children who attended the protests with their parents.  Cooper with a smirk on his face  claimed these little children were co*ksuckers - repeatedly. Ever since then, the normative left-wing media refers to protestors of Obama’s legislation as co*ksuckers. Apparently all decency has left the American political landscape, and we have delved into the realm of barbarian-rhetorical politics. That is hope and change, apparently.

Black Conservative Beat Up At St. Louis Town Hall ObamaCare meeting.

You may recognize Elston McGowan. He is the Public Service Director of SEIU Local 2000 and a local Baptist minister. He is also one of the SEIU thugs who beat Kenneth Gladney after the Russ Carnahan town hall meeting in St. Louis last month. McGowan said Gladney, who is half his size, actually attacked him. He claims he was the victim even those he was hauled to jail for the attack. 24th State is reporting tonight that Elston McGowan is asking the SEIU for workman's comp for the injury he suffered at the Carnahan rally while beating Ken Gladney's a$$. Here again is McGowan "at work" in August: This, also from 24th State, was posted at the The Community Arts Media Project. Elston is asking for donations to cover his expenses: Protester Speaks Out After Finger Bit Off By Deranged Criminal (Video)William Rice, the man who lost his finger after it was bit off last night by a thug, spoke to Neil Cavuto later today: Then , The Unionist who actually beat up the black conservative, which is on video, claimed he was attacked and asked his union for a lawsuit settlement, by way of Workman's Comp From the SEIU For His "Work" Injury.

"UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. It's the Post Office that's always having problems." --Obama on Federal Government Control.


UPS & FedEx are both non-government controlled.

The United States of America "Post Office" is wholly a US government controlled entity.

The expression was to link the New Health Care Bill to government competency. However, President Obama may not have known the facts, the differences between the two. UPS & FedEx are both profit oriented corporations, while the US Post Office is not a profit oriented corporation.

The New Words That Are Banned From Text Books ....AMERICAN or AMERICANS. It's "geographically chauvinistic". ( academia)


Economics 2006-2009

The President’s administration is placing blame on the former Bush Administration for the recession we are in today. However, the Democrats won the 2006 Congressional Election, and foreign oil producers took that change in Washington DC’s power to increase profits all the while in knowing the Democratic disposition to never complain. The U.S. saw the highest gas prices of its history, and the business sector for transportation suffered the most -- affecting the people. While the stock-market did not show indications of decline, when presidential candidate Barak H. Obama announced the distribution of resources plan in the summer of 2008, the Stock-Market indicator empirically began to decline. Persons from all over the world began to become spooked and began to take out their investments from the US stock market. This invertible cause affected the mortgage-loan companies, automobile companies, and general services to collapse. As the stock-market and these large corporations began to fail financially, Obama sought to spend a stimulus package to jump-start the economy, clamming the job- unemployment index would not reach 8%. Unemployment claims currently are around 10%, and the White House admitted they had stopped counting the persons who are no longer looking for work. At this moment, Medicade and Medical are 20% of the entire U.S. yearly federal budget. The financial figures for the New Health Care are not known. There are three different bills floating around, one released in mid-June which is about 1,018 pages on political websites. There is already free health care in the USA, and has been since World War II’s completion. Even non-citizens in certain states, if not all now, can receive free medical help, including operations. I have had to go to the free-health care in 1998 and with a broken bone floating in my leg, received the final operation to pull it out in 2001. The service was free, and the doctors were basically pretty good – most from USC, in Southern California,  as medical trainees, however it took a very long-time to receive the care. When I type in “HealthCare Bill” into the White House government website, 65 items comes up – with no link to the actual promulgated bill. Under the link, issues, a menu comes up with no direct link to the bill. Under the website Health Care Reform Gov, there are no links to the actual promulgated bill. Under Obama’s campaign, one of his promises was transparency. A promise to allow the USA public to see any Capital Hill legislation before they vote on it; that promise was quickly broken on the revised version of the Stimulus Bill. The American narrative on the town-hall debates is being heavily suppressed by much of the media. Ordinary people asking questions (Their Constitutional Right)  are being depicted as monsters, irrational freaks, and according to Pelosi, “Un- American.” Many grass-root blogs display home videos of protestors against this massive legislation being beaten-up by Health Care Unionists, who have a valued interest in having the legislation pass – even though Obama can pass it without any Republican Congressional decent – he already has the votes. Ironically my school, U.C. Berkeley has voted to loan the State of California, $200,000,000 by using its credit value, which is in good condition. The interest to be paid back is 3.4% annually, however critics here say that Sacramento is spending money too liberally and politicians need to start to think rather than feel their emotions on budget matters. At the same time, U.C. Berkeley has had to make some drastic cuts in all sections of the campus. Libraries are closing certain times of the week, people are being laid-off, some are taking involuntary-time off and there appears to be topic-speak of the entire California UC system declining in its prided top-flight education. What is even more interesting is most of the USA States are going through legislation to succeed from Washington DC and break off as a sovereign nation. The United States of America has changed, rather quickly.

President Bush announced in October 2007 that because of increased tax revenues as a result of the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 the national deficit was lower than the average of the past forty years. The Bush Administration celebrated the news at the White House website that their tax cuts had worked.

Tax cuts work to promote economic growth, and that economic activity brings in higher revenues to the Federal treasury. This year tax revenues grew by $161 billion to reach $2.568 trillion, the highest level of Federal revenues ever recorded. That's an increase of 6.7 percent. And it builds on the 14.5 percent and 11.8 percent increase in revenues during the last two years.

During the Bush years, despite the 2000 Recession, the attacks on September 11, the stock market scandals, Hurricane Katrina and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Bush Administration was able to reduce the budget deficit from 412 billion dollars in 2004 to 162 billion dollars in 2007, a sixty percent drop. In 2004, the federal budget deficit was 412 billion dollars. In 2005, it dropped to 318 billion dollars. In 2006, the deficit dipped to 248 billion dollars. And, in 2007, it fell below 200 billion to 162 billion dollars. During the Bush years, the average unemployment rate was 5.2 percent, the economy saw the strongest productivity growth in four decades and there was robust GDP growth. These were amazing accomplishments considering the major challenges during the Bush years...

You can read the rest here. There is also a list of my recent columns on this page. (tip., and source as Gateway Pundit).

Unprecedented Staggering Economic Figures Represent a nation at a fundamental Change in the course of its history.

Diana Furchtgott-Roth wrote  (“Obama's Excessively Optimistic Deficit Projections” (27 August 2009)) that 40 years ago “federal budget deficits remained relatively low-most years below one percent of GDP.” Yet with Obama’s economic shift toward totalitarian anti-free market approach the federal budget deficits will be “56% of GDP in 2009.” For example, upon this projected economic path, “In 2019, debt held by the public will be 76% of GDP” (Furchtgott-Roth). Obama’s deficit spending will force the United States of America to shift from economic prosperity to economic hardship. Emmett Tyrrell, in his column,  “Obama's Carrousel of Incompetence” (28 August 2009, Creators Syndicate Inc) expressed the reason is a lack of communal impute for solution solving which had been benchmarks for most US administrations in the last forty-years except the current and former President Jimmy Carter. He writes,  “According to sources with whom I confer, the Obama White House is the most tightly controlled White House in years, with the President, Emanuel, and David Axelrod micromanaging practically everything. They compose what is called "the Politburo," and the news story waiting to be written is that their control is as stultifying as was Jimmy Carter's control of his White House. “(Tyrrell). Micromanaging was a problem with F.D. Roosevelt during the Chinese-Japanese and then WW II in the Burmese theater. Roosevelt simply changed the historical record to cover up the fact that his micromanaging of the war lost the chance for Democracy in China. F.D. Roosevelt did not micromanage any other General as a learned lesson afterwards.  Many Obama supporters now doubt the White House’s hierarchal and decision making process.

Obama continually over the course of his campaign for the Office of the Unites States Presidency repeatedly brought the point home that the entire history of the Republican’s ideas in economics, social ideas and political ideas were abject failures. Apparently he is proving his point as the Democrats took total control of Washington DC in 2006, in which the economic prosperity under George W. Bush, Jr. despite Katrina, 9/11, the mortgage crisis and bank failures, became insignificant benchmarks in US economic history.  Before Obama took to his private island vacation as the Congress takes a summer recess, he told the public he will increase the deficit by $2,000,000,000,000 to bring the national debt  to the projection seen in the chart-graph.

Barack Hussein Obama The Astrologer

July 22nd of the year 2009, President Obama consulted his astrology Czar and made the following announcement on the future of Socialized Medical Care. President Barack Obama said on Wednesday [ July 22, 2009] that the "stars are aligned" to pass healthcare reform legislation and Congress should take advantage of that opportunity." Obama - 'stars are aligned' for healthcare reform' (Thu Jul 23, 2009 5:57am IST, Thomson Reuters 2009).

"Millions face shrinking Social Security payments,"  and Medicare is being cut which affects Senior Citizens, Associated Press Writer Stephen Ohlemacher reported 23 August 09:51 PM US/Eastern, 2009.



Job Losses Weigh on Recovery

Layoffs Slow but Unemployment Rate Hits 9.7%, Highest Since 1983


"Teenage unemployment hit 25.5%, the highest since the government began keeping records in 1948. "



Dow Jones Industrials
7 October 2007: Dow set record high with 14,164.
Obama announces : plan to reorganize ‘failed’ republican ways
Obama announces Marxist economics: Stock investors freak-out!
mid-March 2008: collapse of investment bank Bear Sterns: Dow falls 2,000 points.
Mid-March to Labor Day: Credit markets froze at times of the 10 days following Labor Day – fear of Great Depression.
10 October 2008: Dow fell 2,400 – Dow Jones at 8,451.
Labor Day to 9 March 2009: Dow fell 5,000 points.

$11.2 trillion loss from Dow Jones peak in October 2007 to March 2009 bottom.
$4.6 trillion in gains since 9 March 2009.

Usama bin Laden: Claim for reason behind 9/11. It was for an economic collapse of the USA and world markets.

Summer Administration Forecast

Obama promised during the summer he and his administration would create 600,000 jobs.  As example, Doug Palmer reported in June,(” UPDATE 1-Obama speeds projects to create, save 600,000 jobs “(Mon Jun 8, 2009 2:31pm EDT, Reuters)).” - President Barack Obama said on Monday accelerated stimulus spending would create or save 600,000 jobs over the next 100 days, pledging action to slow the growth of unemployment that has reached a 25-year high.” Instead the job numbers turned out exhibiting a negative growth index. For example, The US lost 443,000 jobs in June; and The US lost 247,000 jobs in July; and still further, The US lost 216,000 jobs in August. “Instead of creating or saving 600,000 jobs this summer the US lost 935,000 instead. The unemployment rate is at 9.7%, the highest rate in 26 years (Gateway Pundit reported).”

The New York Times is now starting to tell the truth but still misattributing the blame. But they frame Biden and Not Obama as the economic failure administer.  “While the stimulus law cut federal taxes to inject money into the economy quickly, at least 30 states have raised taxes since January, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a liberal fiscal policy group. The stimulus will spend $27.5 billion in federal money on highway projects, but at least 19 states are planning to cut their highway spending this year, according to the American Road & Transportation Builders Association, a trade group. And as the stimulus devotes $8.4 billion to mass transit, transit systems across the nation have been forced to cut service, raise fares and delay capital spending.” "States Cut Back and Layoffs Hit Even Recipients of Stimulus Aid, " By MICHAEL COOPER, New York Times Published: September 4, 2009 , accessed 5 September 2009).  The subject of the article is David Wahl, 52, a factory worker of transit systems whom began working in 1999, and later the business turned Unionized -- where he became the leader. However, with the failed economic stimulus plan,  he had to leave the union and get rehired as an independent. The New York Times blames Vice President Joe Biden and not President Obama as the New York Times with its 80% white editorial board has great fear in criticizing Obama.  David Wahl was laid off the New Flyer factory in St. Cloud, Minn. He is currently shocked by these central government economic controls. But promises of a reduced salary by the Obama administration resolve to a life less wealthy – which is the Obama plan.

Radical leftist NJ Blogger Hal Turner is “facing charges in two states for allegedly making threats against lawmakers and judges was trained by the FBI on how to be deliberately provocative, his attorney said Tuesday.” The main stream leftist media is painting him as a radical right-winger, but the allegations that he was being used by a leftist FBI official to frame the right-wing into hate crimes – is so obvious.

Hal Turner advocates hatred against Jews and other races, which had no connection to his plea of guilt over posting private information on three Illinois judges on the internet with intent to harm. Turner’s news allowed former DNC head Howard Dean to make accusations that Republicans want to kill the president.  Dean says in this recap from YouTube:  'Senate Republicans Want To Kill The Bill And Kill The President.' According to Dean, the Republican 1994 playbook is about killing presidents. It appears the healthcare bill is being scrutinized by Senate and House Democrats, and the radical fringes are losing countenance.  The fear is about holding on to power. For example, dean enumerates, “I’m an optimist. I think the president is gonna get a bill on his desk. I think it is going to have a public option in it. He’s going to sign it in December, his numbers are gonna turn around and we’re not going to lose a lot of seats. In fact I think we’ll pick up seats in the Senate and lose just a couple of seats in the House.” Dean does not say that the President does not need on Republican to sign the bill – Democrats have the majority and can defeat any filibustering efforts.

Totalitarian Dreaming or Fuzzy Facts

Cynthia Tucker in her piece, “AMERICANS ARE STARTING TO SEE A LESS-PROSPEROUS FUTURE” (Cynthia Tucker Cynthia Tucker – Sat Aug 15, 7:57 pm ET, UPress), available online, stated, “The Chinese, it seems, have passed a huge stimulus package that is working quite well. The authoritarian state, still officially Communist, doesn't have to contend with competing political parties or listen to irate citizens or pretend to care about polls. They decide on a policy. They enact same. Done. Democracy is a vastly superior system, of course, but our particular brand of democracy is a bit dysfunctional at the moment. The opposition party is committed only to the failure of the president, even if that means the country fails, too.” Yet, Tucker was apparently blind to the radical left with the same intentions toward the right during the two terms of former President G. W. Bush, Jr. her argument is rather weak, and it is the current president who had promised bi-partisanship, but had yet failed to yield any effort toward that goal. The President continually uses the rhetoric of ‘my opponents.” Senator John Dingell is a Democrat from Michigan who recently had a town hall meeting stated that health care reform opponents “remind me of the Klu Klux Klan and white supremacists.” Tucker apparently cannot understand that change comes about through dialogue, respect and compromise. President Obama repeatedly calling traditional American ‘failures,’ will bring about a reaction that garners him a no –cooperation- environment. However, Obama is used to schools teaching him only a single ideology in which he has no idea on how the other-side thinks. Thus he calls the traditionalist Americans, failures, bitter, stupid and awful, when in fact they are not that at all.

Tucker blames the republicans when she states that “Democracy is a vastly superior system, of course, but our particular brand of democracy is a bit dysfunctional at the moment. The opposition party is committed only to the failure of the president, even if that means the country fails, too.” This notion comes from Obama breaking over 100 campaign promises as chronologies by the New York Post after his first 100 days in office. The lone issue to the republicans is that the president cannot be trusted of what he says. Once that trust has been broken, the martyr complex appears. The Republicans would rather die and bring the country down with them, then live in complete humiliation constructed as lies, slander and libel by the current radical Democratic leaders in the Senate and White House. While former President Bush use the words “the evil – axis” to refer to states supporting terrorist training camps and anti-equal justice ideologies, he did not however, use such strong hate-full language against the Democratic Party. Obama has not come to realize this yet, and Obama needs to take his agenda into his own hands and take ‘full responsibility ‘ for it. The myth that national healthcare will not cost a lot of money is a myth and the republicans do not want to be put in position of taking the fall for such lurid and mythful thinking on part of the radical left’s Oval Office Agenda.

Still Tuker does have some decent insights. She states, “And the majority party [ The Democratic Party ]is still beholden to lobbyists, special interests and money, despite Obama's promises to clean up Washington. (The Blue Dog Democrats, as just one example, sold out to UnitedHealth Group, which doesn't want a public insurance option.)”

Fake Doctors Promoting ObamaCare

"At Democrat Sheila Jackson-Lee’s town hall meeting yesterday [ 11 August 2009] , this “doctor” said she was a pediatric primary care physician and a supporter of Obama’s health care plan. The only problem is that she is no doctor, although she was an Obama state delegate," Gateway Pundit reported.


Capitalistic Green Movement


“John Mackey, co-founder and chief executive of Whole Foods Market” In the Washington Post decries Socialism and promotes Capitalism as it commutates the new capitalistic green movement. “In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, Mackey not only insisted that personal responsibility and choice are preferable to bureaucratic dispensation of health benefits, he went so far as to assert that health care isn't a right, any more than food or shelter are.” Mackey went on to list alternative policy reforms as well as point out the Obama supports calling for a national boycott of his store accusing him of apostasy.


Veteran's Death Book


Jim Towey of Wall Street Journal reporting the 18th of August of the year 2009 in his opinion "The Death Book for Veterans, Ex-soldiers don't need to be told they're a burden to society" list 21 scenarios (on page 21 of a 52-page end-of-life planning document, "Your Life, Your Choices." ) decisions for a veteran's death. There are four check boxes, two boxes if check allows doctors to end ones life, and simple questions such as ‘ I have the blues,’ making it permissible to end a veterans’’ life.


NAZI HealthCare


The NAZI’s formulated a national health plan predicated upon the concept of Leben ohne Leben, or "life without living." This program had five identifiable steps by which the Nazis carried out the principle of "life unworthy of life. " First, there was coercive sterilization of the undesirable workers. Second: as the extermination of ‘impaired’ children formulated under cost effectiveness to the central authorities. This plan had its roots in financial solvency of which impaired children had cost hospitals too much money. The third evolutionary step was to exterminate the elderly, because they had no value in a socialist workers society. Thirdly, the killing of “impaired” adults, mostly collected from mental hospitals, in centers especially equipped with carbon monoxide gas led to the last two identifiable steps associated to the NAZI Final Solution – which was the extermination of a race of people. The fourth, therefore were the extinction of the impaired worker and prisoner labors of the foreign races, and lastly (the fifth) the total annihilation of the entire race of the Jews. No-one is advocating the Obama Care bills will exemplify this, but the economic associations to the get rid of grandma and grandpa is quite disturbing in the many promulgated HealthCare bills floating around as of today of the 20th of August of the year 2009. The point in question was that the NAZIs did not allow choice; there was no capitalism –i.e. competition. It was purely some socialism/communism/fascist conception or whatever term one used.


Capitalism means competition, choices, and freedom, as in Free-Market. It is the antithesis of Socialism/Communism/Fascism/ Totalitarianism Or Single Payer Insurance.


Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei ("National-Socialist German Workers’ Party"), an implied borrowing of the first compound word comes the abbreviation of NAZI. NAZI is synonymous with white supremacy, However, under Hitler the NAZIs as a unified group they had murdered white people, brown people, black people and any other color once could imagine to increase their state for prosperity. They also aligned with brown people and other colors to kill other brown people as World War II concluded. Therefore, the definitions of what is a NAZI are  qualified. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (October 15, 1844 – August 25, 1900) a German philosopher advocated breeding upwards until a superhuman would be conceived as a model race. However, inbreeding was not well understood in the 1930s-1940s, as it is today and semi-literate Marxist made up the inner core of NAZI intelligence during the formation years. Marxists advocated materialistic reality, where the spirit or idealism is replaced by materialism of the human body and the senses of sight, sound, feeling and shape. In order to prosper, materialism made up the main course of action. To get there, the entire society needed to be bundled ( i.e. Fascism, Roman, reeds that are tied together in a bundle!) into a cohesive unit ( National Socialist) and put to work in factories as Karl Marx had advocated. In order to do this, only the strong working persons could function for the state. All of the infirmities of the human condition were obsolete to the final plan. Nietzsche‘s postmodernism implies that a definition does not matter, and only ‘might is right’ – basically a mimical nomenclature by Darwin’s misconception of the ‘survival of the fittest’ axiom. Therefore, the NAZI’s conclusion to self-agency was aggressive conquest. In order to conceive this plan, a full-fledged nationalization and social control needed to take place. Republicans on the other hands just wanted to be left alone, and only attack if they are attacked and or threatened.

In an unsourced letter floating around the internet with more than one year date ( 1975? Or 1977?) Thomas Colton Ruthford in a Washington Times Letters to the Editor June 7, 1977 [’75?’] - Arlington, VA, wrote “During the past several months in the American press, the Democrats have frequently denounced the Republicans as Nazis due to their attempts to control runaway federal spending.” [President Carter years!] “"Nazi" was gutter slang for the verb "to nationalize". The Bider-Mienhoff gang gave themselves this moniker during their early struggles. The official title of the Nazi Party was "The National Socialist Workers Party of Germany". Hitler and the Brownshirts advocated the nationalization of education, health care, transportation, national resources, manufacturing, distribution and law enforcement. Hitler came to power by turning the working class, unemployed, and academic elite against the conservative republic.” The German Republic was replaced by a totalitarian oligarchy predicted upon self defense and eventually leading to irredentism. The key facts were the traditions of Karl Marx, a rabid anti-Semite, and Martin Luther, rabid anti-Semite, both of German heritages. NAZIs implemented the first animal –rights legislation in European history, and began to take freedoms and rights away from all its citizens and form a central control predicated upon making the nation strong and powerful. This is the same plan of the Democrats in that they want to nationalize most industry and social institutions with the same promises of efficiency, a strong nation, and a more powerful global presence. The right-wing just wants to be left alone and have their private lives unimpeded. Under Hitler, private lives were no longer permissible. The NAZI’s aligned to the Palestinians, the Old remnants of the Ottoman Turks, and the New Muslim Youth to fight in their south eastern theater of war – which took place during the last year of WWII, due to the loss of massive German male soldiers. Islam sympathized with the NAZI’s Final Solution for the extinction of the Jews, such as mirroring Mahmoud Ahmadinejads’ sentiments today. The Republican Party for the last 50 years or so have been aligned with the Jews against radical Democrats who favor aligning with Islam to oust the ‘evil’ Christians, as they see history from their perspective. Claiming the little old ladies with white skin and silver hair as NAZIs at these anti-Obama Care protests is a misnomer, a slander and libel, and frankly propagandist. The critical criteria for a definition are the polar opposites of central control vs. non-central control. The NAZIs wanted full central control and achieved it, while Republicans only want limited central control, and have had this ideology for its existence. It was the leftist Franklin Delano Roosevelt who placed the religious symbols into our currency and advocated the terminology of God onto or social discourse and nationalized the country into the military complex it is today. It was never a right-winger in U.S.A. history that favored non-isolationism. The radical left has yet to face that fact and come to grips with their fear, predicated upon ignorance. NAZI HealthCare was not about choices, it was about total control.

Who Wrote the Health Care Bills?


The Health Care Bills were written by coastal Democrats, both from the Blue Democrats to the Radical Democrats. No Middle American moderates or Republicans have written the bills, because Obama doesn’t want private options to be included. Germany has a national health care program, but they have multi-options and even over the boarder insurance options form private firms. This means they have choices and many of them too. The Democrats are also terrified that if they pass ObamaCare with out support of the Republicans, that they will lose seats if it turns out to cost each US citizen a significant increase in personal taxes – as the US citizen is still under difficult financial strains due to the occurring recession. If the Democrats solely pass the bill alone, they must take full responsibility in history and that is why they are scared and using such aggressive tactics in the first place.


Afghanistan / Pakistan and the Blame Game


ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent George Stephanopoulos, former President Clinton White House Correspondent and Press Secretary, who is a left-wing radical illustrates the obvious sentiments of the blame-game. In a blog-post entitled, "Obama Needs Confidence Boost," August 21, 2009 7:59 AM Stephanopoulos wrote “Blaming the GOP for blocking health care will make Democrats feel better.” Stephanopoulos’ solution to feel good politics defines much of an historical argument coming from the left, but can be equally used by persons who have right-wing persuasion. That is to say, passing-the- buck, an old Washington DC idiom, is a way to get out of taking responsibility for your authoritative position. If one takes an active part in politics, they succumb to a position of authority, at varying hierarchical degrees. One such problem is the continuance of the Afghanistan /Pakistan civil war between the Taliban and hardliner Islamists and the more moderate Islamic groups vying for control of the region. On the campaign trial, and during Obama’s political career, the verbal affirmative use of the term ‘failed’ to an ideology of spread democracy by military force defines Obama’s continuing actions in the Middle East Theater. Apparently, the USA is meddling in Afghanistan and Pakistani agency, a policy derided by the left and used as a pass-the-buck by the Democrats over the last fifty or some-odd years. In order for Obama to keep true to his non-meddling ideals, he is advised to bring the US Military home from the Middle Eastern theater. However, his actions have been the opposite and have escalated the War in Afghanistan and on the boarders of Pakistan. When Obama responded to his former Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr., over the issue of the Bush doctrine, the President mixed up his facts and the reverend won the argument. Wright claimed, and rightly so, that Franklin D. Roosevelt’s spread the American ideology of democracy abroad by force is exactly the same ideology that is the so-called Bush doctrine. In fact, we have Roosevelt’s handwriting to prove Wright’s claim. Caroline Baum in her commentary  “Obama Snares Palin, Media in Wide Blame-Game Net: Caroline Baum” ( Bloomberg  , August 18, 2009 21:00 EDT) mis-wrote “When the political winds shift -- when a party is voted out of power or a policy is panned by the public -- Washington turns to its favorite pastime: the blame game.” In fact most of the blame game has been a part of the radical left’s literary and verbal discourse for more than 70 years from a the western civilization perspective. Stephanopoulos honestly admits blaming the Republicans makes the left feel good. A mirror of social engineering predicates the obvious duel-speak and conditioning. Blaming the USA for atrocities, such as the ousting of Saddam Hussein and the subsequent spreading democracy to Iraq via the US military, yet ignoring F.D.R’s subsequent spreading democracy by the US military during the Second World War – because F.D.R. is seen as a lefty politician – defined a division in the US political party movements. US’s ideology of spreading democracy by force, which led to meddling in foreign affairs is aggressively protested by the left when a right-wing leader is in office as opposed to silence by the left when a democratic leader engages in the same ideology – such as Obama is currently engaging in the war in the Middle East.


Unprecedented Deficit to Rise to $9.1 trillion as Obama Continues to Spend and Distribute Wealth, his economic plan – some call Socialism.


Jeff Mason of Reuters reported from Washington, in "Obama to hike 10-year deficit to $9 trillion" (Fri. Aug 21, 2009 4:36pm EDT, Editing by John O'Callaghan, Thomson Reuters 2009 ) "The CBO said in June that deficits between 2010 and 2019 would total $9.1 trillion. The official said the 2010-2019 cumulative deficit projection replaces the administration's previous estimate of $7.108 trillion. The record-breaking deficits have raised concerns about U.S. ability to finance that debt and whether the United States can maintain its top-tier AAA credit rating.The United States relies on large foreign buyers such as China and Japan to cheaply finance its debt, and they may demand higher interest rates if they begin to doubt that the government can control its deficits."


Obama sad about the phrase, Death Panel, and claims to clean up the language with school-yard banter.


Mark Silva reported (August 21, 2009 11:55 AM, The Swamp) the lower discourse entering political speak of this new administration. Obama says that these politicians  are pissing in their pants by using the connotative explicate to denote uncontrolled bodily functions by the use of the phrase, “Wee weed-up.” So what did the president mean when he said this week that everyone's getting all "wee-weed up'' in Washington? "It's a phrase I use,'' White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said today, hesitating at his press briefing to offer a physical demonstration of the phraseology. "Let's do this in a way that's family friendly,'' Gibbs said. "I think 'wee-weed up' is when people get all nervous for no particular reason...." Gibbs is  reacting  to pressure. Silva writes,    "This specific time period, however, has brought a new low-point in the president's public job approval-ratings - down to 51 percent this week in the Gallup Poll, the Pew Research Center's poll and the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released this week. An ABC/Washington Post poll today shows that fewer than half of Americans surveyed - 45 percent - support the health-care reform as it has been explained to date, with 50 percent opposed.



The United States of America is comparably facing many issues in parallel of the period from Classical Greece, Athens;  specifically, where multiculturalism is concerned, Ancient Greek white-human government control (similar to white American history) comes into fashion with some democratizing universal social institutions. Here, Plato relates through on of his final dialogue masterpieces the choices of government controlled doctors ( slaves) and free market doctors ( Free humans) to their respected recipiants – the patients.

"Plato compares the lawgiver in Magnesia to a free doctor treating free people. Slave doctors who treat other slaves merely give them orders and then rush off to other patients. Free doctors treating free people must explain to their patients the condition they have and the rationale for treatment before prescribing (Laws 722B-723B). " ( Stanford, 'Plato on utopia,' First published Thu Dec 5, 2002; substantive revision Tue Dec 19, 2006.).

There is an eerie comparison to the role of the state as compared to the role of the free human. The state is there to save money, e.g. they treat people as animals – usher them in-and-out as quickly as they can as they have central government commands to make / save monies. All the people I have known who are from countries with free-healthcare claim that their system is broke, dismal, dangerous, uncaring, but free.

How's that Hopey Changey thing working out for yah?

U.S.A. Democrat Economics

        The Pelosi/ Obama Trickle Up Theory. 

Hope and change

Communism is dangerous to justice as the empirical circumstances confirm a hypothesis.

A person (Private Citizen) goes to court; they are represented by a government attorney, subsequent to government laws, decrees, and regulations, appear before a government judge, are overseen by a government police force. If they sue a universal healthcare, they are suing the government entity which is protected by the said above. If the government owns all the auto industry, a private person has no recourse against the auto industry, because all the judicial and government systems are represented by the federal government. If the federal government controls all learning institutions, then one cannot oppose the opinion of the government’s opinion on what is the curriculum and how to think. If the government own all commerce apparatuses then private citizens have no recourse or choice – but that which is controlled. If the government owns all the land and all the building therein, then if a private citizen has a complaint they must go to a government agency to hear that complaint. Therefore, the only recourse of justice is the government. If that government is controlled by racists or ethicists or even biological determinists, they have no recourse if the judicial system is also controlled by the same individuals. Under communism, a body of individuals is the sole arbitrary on your life. If they as a body deem you as a complainer or non-conformist, you are subject to their disposal. The dangers of this nightmare have proceeded independent thought throughout time in endless social science literature. The United States of America’s Constitution, it is amended Bill of Rights is such a piece of legislation which protects the private citizen against the governmet.

Today, the Democratic Party has Communist Aspirations, to take over all controls of the private sector of society – thus to control your lives as a body of ‘advisors.’ The term Soviet, comes from Sovet, which means ‘an advisory.’ In connotation this means a privilege body of persons has control over every aspect of your existence. It is non-other than an Oligarchy, a body of privileged individuals who decide for you what you are to be and how you are to die. Communism is the antitheses to all ‘freedom,’ ‘self-expression,’ and ultimate individual ‘happiness.’ The traditional U.S. Republican Party works tirelessly to oppose legislation that will result in the U.S.A. going communism. Bill Clinton, to a lesser extent, and now Barack Hussein Obama, to a greater extent, are Communists, who use the language of ‘Globalists” to promote the autocracy of the American individual. (The Control of Humans by Progressive Government).

The most politically effective totalitarian systems have gotten people to give up their own freedom to vent their resentment or hatred at other people – under Communism, the capitalists; under Nazis, the Jews. (Thomas Sowell, “Politicians' goal: Get us to hate others” (Posted: February 16, 2010, 1:00 am Eastern, accessed 5 March 2010), available from ; Internet.  [a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution in Stanford, Calif.].

How to understand U.S. Universal HealthCare

The government will force everyone who is capable to ‘purchase’ a government healthcare plan. It will be like forced payment for car- insurance. Currently, and for many decades, each person in the United States of America, including undocumented individuals received ‘free-healthcare,’ at any state – public hospital – in which are subsidized by state and some federal taxes. This means, for example, in Los Angeles County, approximately $150-$350 million dollars each month goes toward paying for free healthcare. Note that included in this statistic is also welfare recipients’.  This adds up to a tremendous amount of tax – payer monies. However, universal healthcare will not lower the costs, but replace some taxes with other taxes which perhaps will be a greater tax upon each family or individual. The Obama/Reid/Pelosi plan recommends passage of a program where the middle class will pay for the lower classes by forced insurance. It works like a gambling racket, at casino odds, and develops a distribution plan of uneven expenditures. For example, statistically universal healthcare banks on serving less middle class citizens, such as older persons or terminally ill persons, and shifts the money to cover expenses of the lower classes. This is basically what other states in the world have developed. News items usually suppressed do actually get out into the public, via the internet, and succeeding in horror stories of patient neglect, amounting to scores of deaths per year that would never have happened under private insurance. Vladimir Lenin proposed the obvious human control system, but equating Universal HealthCare is the first priority of an autocratic government to take control of the society – this form called communism – which is actually anti-community. Once the government controls all institutions’, a private citizen cannot citizen it or it will be deleted from participating in that system – e.g. that person will be neglected or marked for deletion of life.

Investigation of Medical Lies and Manipulation at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin ( Live Action [dot] Org) [ Lisa Rose, 21 year-old U.C.L.A. student, and president of ]

SpeedCam : Spy cameras all around the United Kingdom -photos.

Barak Hussein Obama  “Republicans are failures!”

  Sustained unemployment The U. S. A  2009 -2010.

Barak Hussein Obama  “Republicans are failures!” – the repeated 2008 campaign slogan rhetory – the idea was that Republicanism had its final death-blow – Obama and the Democrats would solve all the U.S.A. foreign  relationship problems and U.S.A. economic problems, proving once and for all that all the republican ideas of the past, of the present, and no longer of a future were abject and utter failures. The Obama and the Democratic Party’s arrogance reached its fever pitch on the coat-tails of George W. Bush, Jr.’s departure from office. Calling the republican party failures may have been the harshest accusations against a political party in any history. It is a stereotype, it is a general statement, and it was meant to hurt emotionally while not to hurt pedagogically. It caused a backlash creating the Tea-Party movement, it elevated Sarah Palin to national media star – note the focus on her and her family ad nausea by the left-wing media –an obsession verging on hysteria by the left-wingers in general – and the president's approval ratings at a level of the 80s in January of 2008 have dwindled to the lowest point so far in the 20s in early 2010 which is a record in the U.S.A. history and is a record for any U.S. sitting president for their first year in office.

Minuets after the confirmation of Obama’s general election victory, The New York Times revealed the entire political process of democracy when it splashed the reason why Obama was elected to the office of the United States of America – the color of his skin. This implied emphatically that there was no content of character or intelligence involved in the voting process. If the intelligence of a democracy run by the people judges a worthiness of an individual to lead a nation that is based upon the color of the skin of the body, then that democracy does not deserve to survive.  The individuals within that democracy do not have the intelligence to run a democracy. 02.23.2010 Archangel Michael.

How do we understand “tradition?”

How do we understand “tradition?” And what does it mean to change a tradition?  In some USA political challenges, change usually implies some form of break from a tradition. In the discussions on mass-mobilized societies, it has been argued that influencing the minds of groups, or mass-bodies of individuals removed from their traditions, i.e. homes, churches, farms, their familiar surroundings, such as sent off to war  -- increases the chance on influence for a change in tradition – usually in offering an alternative for tradition – a beginning of a new tradition. In USA politics, moving away from the United States of America tradition usually means race relations, such as ending the dominance of white Europeans for more diverse socio-political-economic groups at the high levels of society, and changing the “nationalism” of American protectionism for universal proliferation of ideas and technology. Yet, if the chastisement of humankind does indeed come about, what will move us away from our traditions. Would the judgment of the human race by global catastrophes therefore be a benefit to change? It has been argued that the Current president of the United States of America, based upon the color of his skin represents change. However, his policies are more of the same for far-left-wing policies – a remnant of Jimmy Carter’s. On the agenda, according to Barack H. Obama’s campaign promises were a national dialogue on race-relations. When confronted by this promise, and after Obama was well into his first year in office, he decided to break that promise. It is confusing as to why he has not and as well as a more telling of a leader who does not change things by his refusal to engage in this promise.

If diversity is the progression of human evolution upon planet Earth, then why have China, have Venezuela, have Spain, have England, and have Russia kept inserting pure-racial political rulers? Why not just elect multicultural cabinets, multicultural parliaments, multicultural senates, multicultural representatives, and make the Earth a cross-cultural circus? The Sophists would intend that race and culture are human constructs and that debating them will do little to reveal truth(s).

EurObama: President follows Europe into places Europeans no longer want to go. ( Matt Welch, 25 April 2010, New York Post, online). “The Federal government spent $3.5 trillion last yea while taking in only $2.1 trillion, producing a deficit-to-Gross Domestic Product ratio of 10%, a level not seen since World War II. By contrast, the European Union requires member countries to keep deficits at 3% of GDP. If America was in Europe, we’d be Greece [who are bankrupt and in need of billions of dollars in bail-out monies!]

Corporate VAT Tax in Europe is 25%.

Corporate Tax in America is 40%. This VAT would shift the burden of monies onto the poor. A $200. monthly stipend for poor people still would not add up to value purchases imposed by the VAT. The top marginal income tax-rates, which in the US are 35%, are under 25% all across the former East Bloc. 

see: Hussein’s Role In Greece Bankruptcy?  Securities and Exchange Commission spends all days downloading Porn on tax-payer expense.

Note the new bank regulations bill will allow the president access to all bank accounts and credit cards. this way he can send out thug-stompers to beat down the freedom and civil rights groups, like Tea Party members, and Christians. !!!

Gaining Scientific Knowledge by Watching the Animals’ Ignorance’s.

Tuesday 20 April 2010.

Michael J McDonald ( updated on 21 April 2010)

Michael J McDonald ( updated on 22 April 2010)

After Goldman Sacks’ financial contributions to the Obama campaign in which he is poised to pass a Congressional Bill to pay-off his supporters with bail-out money, a proper communist – a bribe-ploy into which a connecting of ones constituents to a support group allows a president to keep in power, the University of California was number – two on the most campaign contribution list in total amount of campaign contributions given to the Obama campaign. ( Continue ).

Hussein’s Role In Greece Bankruptcy?  Securities and Exchange Commission spends all days downloading Porn on tax-payer expense.

Goldman Sacks was the number one contributor to Hussein’s  campaign ( perhaps $5 million dollars, although NYTimes reports it a little under $1 million, they have been known to make of facts and figures to support their candidates!), and Goldman created the Trojan Horse securities, a 'special -purpose vehicle,' called Titlos PLC, because Greece was willing to pay to dress up the books to make European Union bean counters happy by understanding its debt, reported Allen Sloan, Fortune Magazine, 22 March 2010. In fact, Goldman Sacks is being investigated by the Hussein Administration because of securities fraud.  Goldman Sacks took money from Greece so that they would not have to show the European Union they were in default because they had default insurance which was covered by a complex system called 'default swaps.' This assured that Greece could tell the EU that it was totally covered for their debt payments, even though they knew they were covering up the truth and that they were buying time until these default swaps in fact defaulted. ( Continue ).

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Obama Denies Link to Timing of SEC Case...


Rumors of War

A warning to the Obama Administration:  Israel had stated a long time ago that if it is attacked, it will send out nuclear missiles in all directions, including Europe and with no attitude, just do it for its survival. For the most part Israel just wants to be left alone, but the Muslims have an intention to take back the holy-land because Jerusalem is the third most holiest site in Islam, because allegedly this is the city where Muhammad, their prophet had ascended to Heaven. The only way to control Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions is to actually occupy the state of Iran. Otherwise the only other option would be to bomb the nuclear weapons facilities, and keep doing so periodically as Iran keeps rebuilding. Russians out of a need for finances built the Iranian nuclear reactors, the same reactors that are processing the nuclear materials. They have also made a deal with Chavez’s regime to build nuclear weapons. Also Iran’s military is now on its way to Venezuela to guard this new project of nuclear weapons facility. Chavez’s hatred of white people intends to get nuclear weapons for the future coming Armageddon scenario. When Ronald Regan and Mikhail Gorbachev announced reduction of nuclear weapons, it was only between the Soviets and the U.S.A. which had too many of them in Europe. Now North Korea, China, India, Pakistan, and currently working on a new set of nuclear bombs is Saudi Arabia (this has been secret but in the open from intelligence for about two years!) and now Iran and South America. The world is arming itself for some sort of massive show-down in weapons of mass destruction.

Obama Administration Won’t Rule Out Firing on Israeli Jets If Iran Is Attacked

Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, April 21, 2010, 8:42 PM (Gateway Pundit)

More Hope and Change…
The Obama Administration won’t rule out firing on Israeli jets if Iran is attacked by Israel.
The Danger Room reported, via Mere Rhetoric:

America’s top military officer wouldn’t rule the possibility today of U.S. forces firing on Israeli jets, if Israel launched a pre-emptive strike on Iran.

In a town hall on the campus of the University of West Virginia, a young Air Force ROTC cadet asked Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen to respond to a “rumor.” If Israel decided to attack Iran, the speculation went, those jet would need to fly through Iraqi airspace to reach their targets. That airspace is considered a “no-fly” zone by the American military. So might U.S. troops shoot down the Israeli jets, the airmen asked the chairman, if they breached that airspace?

Mullen tried to sidestep the question. “We have an exceptionally strong relationship with Israel. I’ve spent a lot of time with my counterpart in Israel. So we also have a very clear understanding of where we are. And beyond that, I just wouldn’t get into the speculation of what might happen and who might do what. I don’t think it serves a purpose, frankly,” he said. “I am hopeful that this will be resolved in a way where we never have to answer a question like that.”



Wednesday 7 April 2010

A Harris Poll Recently claimed that 24 % of Republicans Polled believes Barack Hussein Obama is the Anti – Christ.

According to my calculations, 557 Republicans took part in this poll. This meant that overwhelmingly many more independent and standard Democratic Party members took a part in this poll.  24% believe Obama is the Anti-Christ or about 134 of these Republicans out of a total pool of 2,320 persons polled on-line, who have to be members of the Harris Interactive Research. The Benefits are web-points in which participants can collect and receive free products or money. The user can sign up anomalously. Although other companies do such procedures, the famed accurate expensive polls that are credible would never rely on these features.  According to Gallop Presidential Polling Methodology, the most historically accurate and the rare one only done once before the election which costs over $1,000,000, the Simple Random Sample (SRS) is so stringent that they chase persons around the globe without moving-on to the next random phone number which would skew the results and increase the margin of error. Read Further....


  Thursday  15 April 2010 United States of America -- TEA PARTY 01

Trust in the United States of American government is the lowest in recorded history under Barak Hussein Obama. see Obama's Economic Charts (CBO).


Poll: Women see Barak Obama administration as a ‘failure.’

Politico, by Carrie Budoff Brown, 11 October 2010, 9:07 pm EDT, updated 10/12/10 7:24 pm EDT.




65% of women consider the health care reform law a failure, while 29 percent view it as a success, according to the poll.


The economic stimulus package is viewed only slightly more favorably: 53% say it was a failure, while 34 percent say it was a success.


“people who voted for Obama feel just as betrayed by the outcome as conservatives, “ said Sonja Eddings Brown, treasurer and creator of The Kitchen Cabinet. “ Everyone realizes we’re burying our kids in debt, and even Democrats realize hope and change had a price tag they didn’t expect.”


In the survey, 41 percent of women identified themselves as Democrats, 37 percent as Republicans and 15 percent as independents.

Note is Obama that brought the term ‘failure’ into prominence during his campaign – blaming American traditionalists and conservatives as being ‘human failures.’ They were racists and intolerant and Obama as a colored person was going to show America how a real human can lead the world to peace and prosperity.





Asteroid Lucifer aligned to Obama’s Sun, its Official.

Its official, Obama has the asteroid Lucifer conjunct to his natal Sun. Birth place of Honolulu, false location, promulgated by Washington D.C. and U.S. Media. Sun 12° LEO 32'53" domicile 6; speed 57'29" Latitude 0° 0' 1" S Declination 17° 2'32" N. Asteroid 1930, Lucifer, 13° LEO 53' 4" domicile 6; speed 20'23" Latitude 0°53'57" N Declination 17°31'23" N. Tropical separation at 1° 20’11”.

Obama Astreology


George Washington to George W. Bush, Jr: ( ‘$0’- ‘$4.7’ trillion) = 4.7 trillion dollars. 225 years +.


Epic Fail by B. Hussein  Obama

Barack Hussein Obama II:  ('$4.7' trillion to '$16.2' trillion as of June 2012.) = created $11.5 trillion dollars in U.S. Debt in 248 weeks (2009 to the summer of 2012).

U.S.A. Created National Debt Under Obama: $11.5 trillion dollars created and if you complain the Democratic Party identifies or marks one as a racist.

Obama, Barack Hussein (Muslim-Arabesque name): created $11.5 trillion dollars in U.S. Debt in 248 weeks (2009 to the summer of 2012).



Times have Changed Big Time

Obama ordered full amnesty for 800,000 illegal youth aliens on 15 June 2012 ( Mercury turns retrograde); (Kingship order, called an Executive Order, a lone decision by the President that becomes law and the Senate has 60 to 90 days to overturn this tyrant order – about 99% of the time they are never debated or overruled.).  And although this is official, it is actually 8.7 million. And all persons that are 30 years or younger are now able, to receive U.S. citizenship, to take American tax dollars and defray monies to their foreign countries). This tyrannical presidential move is against the government laws and the U.S.A. Constitution; Times have changed. Richard Nixon was thrown out of office for spying on his political enemies. Many states have passed laws already or are in the process of passing laws to confiscate American tax dollars to distribute for free of millions of illegal aliens over a generation’s lifetime. The cost over one year will come to $64,380,000,000. or $64.4 trillion dollars.

Immediately, national unemployment jumped to 12%. The job market is nearly absent and 16-30 year-old set of immigrant can now apply to any job they want, impacting myriads of jobless American citizens.


Obama Epic Fail

post Summer Solstice 2012

fast and furious: 2009-11 Executive Assault Weapons, Murder Order, Obama Style.

Began October 2009: after Bush was out of office.


November 4, 2011, Illegal President Obama told Representative Issa that there is no such thing as Operation Fast & Furious. Fast forward to May-June 2012. The Obama funded and Holder allocated ‘kill American citizens’ operation, and was acknowledged to Representative Issa who sits on a committee at Washington D.C. to discover improprieties and evil doings.


Bush ran a program called Wide Receiver 1/4 of the size of Operation Fast & Furious, only in Tucson AR. But Operation Fast & Furious was run out of eleven U.S. Cities, and the plan was to flood the military middle and military south Americans with high-powered weapons for the purpose of undermining American pro-gun laws. Operation Fast & Furious increased the trafficking of the Guns, killed hundreds of people, one American boarder agent, and was run solely by Barack Hussein Obama and his henchmen Eric Holder. In Bush’s Wide Receiver there were arrests made of Drug cartel operatives and chiefs -- but no one was arrested by Obama’s Operation Fast & Furious -- his plan was more sinister, like Lucifer (Asteroid 1930) aligned to his Sol at the moment of his birth (data from NASA DE03).


Obama operation to purchase guns mainly in Arizona, then move them across the boarder and give them to violent criminals who then killed tens of thousands of people, including American citizens --- all to drum-up support for absolving of the second Amendment and blaiming poor protestors to Obama's plan of destroy Asmerica -- because he wrote in his fictional autobiograghy that White people are the cause of all evil.


Eric Holder refused to turn over documents about this murder campaign, upon Congressional request. He called Obama and the president gave Holder executive privilege to keep this a secret against the U.S.A. constitutional notion of discovery. The reason this became an issue was that Americans being killed in Mexico and more egregious were the American border agents being gun down by Obama’s guns.


Basically the plan was to kill as many humans as possible to support the taking away of all personal protection so that government can create a brown-shirt organization to do Obama’s evil deeds. We already know Obama kills U.S. citizens (he admits it) without Constitutional representation. February 4 , 2012 Holder sent a letter to Congress that A.T.F. (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms)  was solely to blame for all these decisions – this was a lie. The A.T.F.’s job is to prevent weapons from leaving American shops and being sold to criminals of foreigner countries.


National Broadcast Network ( NBC) blamed the poor Tea Party people of running the program, when this was a serious murder program by Obama. The American news organizations are lying machines, bent on keeping the rich as the aristocracy in place at the controls of human destiny.


This was Obama’s reasoning: If we kill American citizens by American guns in the hands of the criminal Drug and Sex traffic Cartels of Latin organization, then we can advocate the confiscation of American self protection and I can take the military and take over the United States of America. At least, we can get the process of doing away with the Second Amendment of the United States of America’s Constitution.


Obama on Fast & Furious: “If I can trick the American people to think Arizona and other gun shops sell assault rifles, we can get rid of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. I cannot wait for little children and women to be violently gunned down, so we can blame the Tea Party.” 

Obama during his time as a Congress person demanded that then President Bush to give time-tables to the enemies in Iraq’s war so they can kill U.S. troops easily. So everyone knew Obama was a anti-American radical. Obama told Larry King (19 March 2007) that Presidents should not hide behind executive orders -- that context was about the then Vice President Cheney's executive privilege from Karl Rove's protection of attorney generals. Bush actually fired less attorneys than Obama or Clinton -- Clinton fired all the attorneys, so it was a spurious claim.

The Obama administration claimed after hiding the documents that it was President Bush -- Holder and Obama claim they have documents to prove this was Bush's program but they will not turn over the documents -- which means Obama lies again (Acubens to his natal Sun)  -- an al-Gol signature because people lost their lives.

Holder and Obama said you can have documents but you must relinquish legal powers to throw Obama and  throw Holder out of power. This is the current state  of the U.S. Justice Department.

So the Congressional Plan by the Democrats is to claim that this is a lie and is all about racism.




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