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44th President of the United States of America



Caption: Obama teaches Students an Economic Communistic System as illustrated on the Black-Board.

Campaigned on terms “Hope and Change.”

Defined Hope and Change for instance that Republicans as human beings were always Failures – he would change all past failure histories of Republicans and bring to The United States of America an unprecedented hope – which of course was to end all ways of the failure humans that had called themselves or affiliated themselves with any Republican principles. William Jefferson Blythe IV’s (Clinton) came close but he managed to say ‘Republican policies,’ ‘Republican ideas,’ of ‘their failed policies.’ Obama pushed the bar by saying only that ‘Republicans are/were/always failures.’ For some or even many, this led to enmity – implying possibly harm and irreconcilable differences. Mao Tse-tung, Mussolini and Hitler all used this radical discourse/rhetoric – and most people believed this discourse had no place in American history. Human beings are not failures, Obama, perhaps some of their ideas were – possibly – but not the human being. That said, there is absolutely no forgiveness and perhaps this was Obama’s plan as it was for Hitler, Mao, and Benito.


Born: Mombasa, Kenya ( Hospital) Source Grandmother. at 7:24 P.M. Local Time, 4 August 1961 , 39e40,04s03, U.T 16:24; Sidereal Time 15:54:38, Prominent Historical Star, Regulus as Heliacally setting. Other prominent aspect, the Moon is close in conjunction to Algol’s PED at 26TAU27, involved in a very ambitious Grand-Trine involving a Grand Conjunction and typical Biblical Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn aspectum ( My writings on these are not released at this time!). Uranus the planet notable to the ancient water constellation, Aquarius indicative of new beginnings ( biology, from the sea we came/note Biblical troves too!), progressed to relative conjunction of his Helical Setting star – Regulus – thus the keyword is ‘Change.’ For those considering his oratory abilities, this Mercury and Mars conjunction in the 2009 progression chart are approaching the famed harvest star Spica – unbounded success or generally the harvest --- i.e. the Chickens have come home to roost!’ These are extremely powerful positions; and denotes his success in getting what he wants. There is a huge debate to what does Obama really want? From a certain Republican standpoint he wants America destroyed, and so far is excelling at this, a plan they say derives from his time in the pews training as a communist organizer ( Mao Tse-tung’s claimed career identity!). From a certain radical leftist viewpoint, Obama is excelling at finally changing a Republic (The original U.S. Constitutional rhetoric) into a Democracy (The term Democracy is nowhere found in the original U.S. Constitutional rhetoric!). Democracies have never represented the people, but they represent what is deemed ‘advisors,’ the Soviet term ‘sovet,’ in which derived in the acronym, U.S.S.R.

Mother registered Obama’s birth in Hawaii on recommendations by family and friends so he could be a duel citizen and take advantage of citizenship, unlike his father.

Higher Education:

Transferred as an undergraduate to Columbia University, and then accepted into graduate school at Harvard. Continually held plans to become a community organizer while in school, despite being nominated to the office of President of Harvard’s Law School on recommendations of a riot that saw students rise up against faculty that had fired a black professor ten years earlier; without qualifications, and during his sophomore year, the students passed upon 60 other students, including seniors that would become perhaps Supreme Court judges and while others may become prominent lawyers to give Obama the position as the first African American President.   Absolutely no transcripts from all schools or any writing of Obama’s have been released to the public on pain of lawyer reprisal and Obama’s suggestion to not allow the public any transparency of his earlier life. Lost his license to practice law in 2008, according to the Washington Post – the media suppressed this information.   Officials at the University of Chicago also claimed Obama never held a professorship – either or an adjunct – but were ordered to place him for one year as a teacher where he talk social constitutional law (the field of a J.D.), focusing on homosexual marriage (his final exam to his students for his only year as a teacher) rights and economic communism as seen above in the photo.


Obama announces he is the Messiah.

QUOTE: "... a light will shine through that window, a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany ... and you will suddenly realize that you must go to the polls and vote for Obama" - Barack Obama at Lebanon, New Hampshire.

January 7, 2008.

Comment: This announcement set off a flurry of media from left to right admonishing or criticizing his audacity to claim the throne of God. Obama may have believed the radical left activists stating that 43 d President of the United States of America, George W. Bush, Jr. was the actual anti-Christ. Therefore, in Obama’s so eloquent simplicity, this obviously made him God – thus he announced it to the world what was so clear and apparent.


NAZIism =  Anti Free Market = Obama's Hope and Change!

Obama has called decent to his policies as “troublesome,” ( March 2010) as well as saying he does not use ‘demonizing’ policies. These are out-right lies, yet again. Obama has demonized the banks, doctors, insurance, and the car industry, as well as Wall Street in general, all corporations, and even some unions. He uses vitriol, slander, hate-speech, and all against the people’s protestations. He does not listen to the people, as overwhelmingly the opposition ( by numerous polls) to the forced federalism onto American freedom – the ObamaCare – which its emblem is designed exactly to mimic NAZIism as illustrated below.


Nearly 77 Years to the Day, Adolph Hitler bribed leaders and closed the door on the public ( no – one was allowed to see the Obama Care bill prior to passage, as Obama announced) on his natural healthcare ( 23 March 1933) – the first step in which Vladimir Lenin states for the first operation to initiate communism – nationalizing healthcare is rather creepy. Hitler was described as brilliant and charismatic – two traits Obama and Hitler share.  Like Hitler, Obama promised jobs for everyone ( his message that nationalization of the car industry, Wall Street, education ( control on student loans), various corporations, insurance companies ( the medical), cap-and-trade, control of the science industry, is reminiscent of Hitler’s propagation of the Enabling Act --- and act that was secret in order to take the state from a representative party system to a federalism party system. His homeland security chief, Janet Napolitano forwent focuses on the Muslim terrorist threats and focuses her interrogation squads onto supporters of Jews and the Jewish State. It should not be forgotten that Hitler employed many Muslim terrorists into his Anti-Jewish army. Obama humiliated Binyamin Netanyahu by inviting him to the United States of America, at the White House (25-26 March 2010) for dinner and when he arrived told him to wait as he went off to have Dinner with Michelle and his kitchen staff. The President walked in and demanded Israeli concessions, then walked out to dinner and said “let me know if there is anything new.” (Yediot Aharonot, a daily newspaper)  The Israeli news papers believed Obama was using street bullying tactics, reminiscent of Hitler, and one Israeli newspaper in particular called the so-called meeting “a hazing in stages.” To wait for Obama to finish dinner with his family and kitchen staff, Netanyahu and his staff retreated to the Roosevelt room and awaited Obama too finish. There were no photos nor press releases and Obama dismissed  Netanyahu and said ‘call on me tomorrow.’ Netanyahu stayed in Washington D.C. for one more day, and was not called, so he left. Obama, supposedly, according to Robert Gibbs, the White House Press Secretary, had demanded Netanyahu or his staff to draw illustration-map to show Obama locations about a said disputed condominium for a Jewish Settlement in disputed Jerusalem. Netanyahu and his staff are not carteologists, nor cartoon drawers and left in disgrace. Supposedly the President had stated ( telephone conversation the day after the humiliation at the White House)  that Netanyahu and his staff should stay in Washington D.C. and learn how to draw – so as to present the map-illustrations to Obama – so he can visually see what was happening. Mr. Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, the Israeli Defense Minister, retreated to the Israeli consulate, in fear of this madman in the White House. A recent poll continues a trend the overwhelmingly more Americans support Israel and not the Palestinians nor Iran or other Muslim totalitarian nations of the Middle East. Obama, again, is not on the people’s side –but against Israel, just as Hitler was against Israel.

Polls for majority against ObamaCare March 2010 – all major polls.

Demonization – Hatred from the White House pulpit

Obama repeatedly called for bi-partisanship and to stop demonization. Obama, as far as any former U.S. president of the United States of America had demonized almost all classes and aspects of the United States of America. The point to which Obama lies is commonplace.

As reported 2 April 2010, “The Early Show,” co-anchor Harry Smith, Thursday (1 April 2010) met Obama on the basketball court (Where the president usually hangs out) to discuss talk radio’s insinuations that Obama is a socialist or worst being called a NAZI. Obama called it “troublesome,” and asked for “to cool it down.” He also explained he has never ‘demonized’ anyone or anything. So continuing the ramped and continuous lies by this president, Obama is recorded with demonizing almost all peoples and things in America – on a continuous measure of evilness. During his more than a year for campaigning for the office of the president, Obama repeatedly and often called all Republicans, as humans, ‘failures.’ And this energized the radical youth of America to get on the bandwagon and believe his “change and hope” plan for America where he would end U.S mingling in foreign affairs, U.S. Guantanamo detention center, apologize to the world on a world tour for all past U.S. Republicans who had damaged the world by their 200 years of bad politics that hurt people all over the world and never did one good thing (“republicans are failures.” Obama’s mantra) , and more overwhelmingly, he had demonized U.S. institutions, U.S. banks, U.S. military, U.S. Medical Establishment, U.S. Veterans, U.S., U.S. Car companies, U.S. Industry, U.S. insurances, U.S. Doctors, U.S. media, U.S. Wall Street and U.S. Boards, CEOs, U.S. economic policies, U.S. Unions,  and U.S. Education. Almost all aspects of the American society Obama has demonized.  Is there one thing of truth Obama has ever stated? Apparently not!  These lies give fuel to the opposition movement, including now many independents and some Democrats who voted him into office, that he is out to destroy America. And for good measure, they are possibly correct by his continuous lies and demonization of the U.S.A. His wife’s famous statement that she was never proud of America before Obama was nominated to run as the leader on the U.S. Democratic ticket for the U.S. Presidency, fuels these suspicions. 


Today, and prior to the election, in the overwhelmingly leftist media, if anyone opposes anything, such as an idea, an utterance, any policy Obama puts forth or campaigns on, the individual or group are demonized as “racists, terrorists, and mass murderers.” Multi-Culturalism is an antagonistically terminology pitted against the principles of unification or ‘celebration.’ It is more like a war between cultures and that cultures are not equally created with certain unalienable rights. The culture of republicans are therefore deemed now forbidden, a ‘total failure,’ according to the 44th President of the United States of America, Barak Hussein Obama.


Barack Star Chart:

Note in 2010: Diadem is on the Descendant, so this is very lucky fortunate; he should get what he wants – at other peril.

Uranus plays a prominent role in Obama’s chart, and here is What Vivian Robson had to say about Uranus over Regulus. No wonder left-wing academics want to discourage astrology. It shows their people to whom they really are:

With Uranus: Energetic, ambitious, successful, may be unjust or dishonorable, self-aggrandizement, high official position, panders to aristocracy, associated with religion for business purposes, gain through speculation and companies, favorable for marriage, sorrow through death of daughter and disappointment through a son; friends become enemies at end of life, may retire and live in seclusion, violent death through accident or assassination. [Robson*, p.197.]

It is as if, any right-wing talking points were laid out thousands of years ago by observations of astronomy/astrology.

4 November 2008 – Obama 44 th president, born on the 4 th day of the month.

1216 – The moon progresses to natal position over PED of Algol
2029 ~ around that time mars traverses the descendant – progression!


Forcasts: Obama's Horoscope page one of three

Note that Chiron will be visited by Barak’s progressing Moon soon – look for starting in the Summer and continuing until next year, in Obama’s personal life, his past, family and origins will of a main concern to him and might reveal some rather surprising things to us all.  












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