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1980: us banned states to make choice on immigrants

USA 1950 IQ= Rank #01 in World.
USA 2014 IQ= Rank #19 in World.

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University of California, Berkeley : Nursery school personality and political orientation two decades later © Michael Johnathan McDonald

Released: 24  July  2012,  11:57 a.m. Burbank,, Los Angeles, United States of America. 

Tracking children over 20 Years to Reveal Behavior Traits to Link To adult Political Persuasion.  A first of its kind study


The only study done to my knowledge for an attempt to distinguish political persuasions of young adults, based upon kindergarten behavior. The study is admittedly bias; however, no other study exists to compare the findings too. I found them reasonable accurate but misleading by the conclusions and by these analyzes.

Number one problem is liberalism is not defined. Pro Immigrant and anti Family are not Democratic or Liberal values, they are repressive central controlled values by a select few bodies or organs of government.

Number one problem is liberalism is not defined. Pro Immigrant and anti-Family are not Democratic or Liberal values, they are repressive central controlled values by a select few bodies or organs of government. Communist is not conservative either.


Jack Block, Jeanne H. Block “Nursery school personality and political orientation

two decades later” (Berkeley, CA: Elsevier Inc, Sept., 2005 ), Department of Psychology, MC 1650, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-1650, USA) [ Full Release Here, 2005]



 Democratic or Liberal

The present study reports on the personality attributes of nursery school children who two decades later were reliably stratified along a liberal/conservative dimension. An unprecedented analytical opportunity existed to evaluate how the political views of these young adults related to assessments of them when in nursery school, prior to their having become political beings. Preschool

children who 20 years later were relatively liberal were characterized as: developing close relationships, self-reliant, energetic, somewhat dominating, relatively under-controlled, and resilient.

Republican or Conservative

Preschool children subsequently relatively conservative at age 23 were described as: feeling easily victimized, easily offended, indecisive, fearful, rigid, inhibited, and relatively over-controlled and vulnerable.

IQ during nursery school did not relate to subsequent liberalism/conservatism but did relate in subsequent decades. Personality correlates of liberalism/conservatism for the subjects as young adults were also reported: conservatives were described in terms congruent with previous formulations in the literature; liberals displayed personality commonalities but also manifested gender differences. Some implications of the results are briefly discussed.


Subjects were participants in the Block and Block Longitudinal Study of Cognitive and Ego Development at the University of California at Berkeley, begun in 1969 (see Block, 1993; Block & Block, 1980b) for comprehensive descriptions of the study. Subjects initially (about 1969–1971) were attending two different nursery schools and resided primarily in the urban areas of Berkeley and Oakland, California; they were heterogeneous with respect to social class and parents’ educational level. At age 23 (about 1989), 104 of the original 128 subjects were intensively assessed. Of these, usable data for the present analyses were available for 95 subjects, 49 females, and 46 males.


(B) Findings:  Boys to Men (N =46), girls to Women (N= 49). (¡ conservative)




Liberal: Is introspective, concerned w/self .52* .17 [ yes, liberals are concerned only about themselves, and thus family fealty masks their personal self aggrandizement.]

Liberal: Concerned w/philosophical problems .44* ¡.06 [ yes, they are concerned that religion dampens their self expression and criminal desires]

Liberal:  Has insight to own needs, motives 37* .19 [ Very wanting of more, more of everything, especially at the expense of others, even watching them suffer to death is considered a good day of excitement.]

Liberal:  Genuinely values intellectual matters .32* .17 [ Yes, they value intellectual matters but often their emotional wants and controlling self-interests force them to intellectualize, everything for me and nothing for you.]

Liberal:  Complicates simple situations .30* .19 [yes, if it is fixed, why break it? Curiosity killed the cat]

Liberal: Has a wide range of interests .28* .30* [ vacillating trends cue superior humans]

Liberal: Is an interesting, colorful person .28* .36* [ yes, nothing speaks of academia then vague, unpacked, and even myopic tableaus of a masterpiece of a stool on a paper plate, being the intellectual achievement of a liberal artist – their ultimate expression and hard work, taking millions in public funding and 20 years to produce the correct turd position on the paper plate, for the art museum.]

Liberal:  Tends to be rebellious, non-conforming .27* .24 [ The leftist-liberals of today tend toward a single mind, a single goal, that is to say total control over other humans. ]

Liberal:  Evaluates the motives of others .39* .04 [ to take advantage of them]

Liberal:  Perceptive of interpersonal cues .38* .07

Liberal:   Is an interesting, colorful person .36* .28* [ too vague to address]

Liberal:   Is verbally affluent .35* .16 [ tend to be offspring of bourgeois]

Liberal:    Enjoys aesthetic impressions .33* .40* [ too vague to address]

Liberal:    Has wide range of interests .30* .28* [ not good to have personal interests if a leftist, all supposed to have one common interest]

Liberal:    Has high degree of intellectual capacity .29* .39* [ uses it to lie, cheat, and dominate others]

Liberal:    Is critical, not easily impressed .27* .23 [ Yes, leftists are haters]

Liberal:    Is self-dramatizing; histrionic .27* .03 [ It’s all the Jews Fault, the most overused excuse by the leftists- liberals.]

Liberal:     Enjoys sensuous experiences .26* .18 [ Yes, no conservative has ever had sex, or enjoyed it]

Liberal:     Is skilled in social techniques .25* .11 [ Yes, brain dead is the only conservative characteristic that applies].

Liberal:     Seems aware of impression made on others .24* .00 [ Seems is the sticking point description, is it not?]

Liberal:     Tends to be rebellious, non-conforming .24* .27* [ a negative: “a collective single-mindedness of purpose so often is required”]





Conservative:   Favors conservative values ¡.55* ¡.51* [ too vague to address]

Conservative:   Uncomfortable with uncertainty ¡.49* ¡.45* [ true, example: gambling, for example of your child’s food allowance on the roulette table, losing all your child’s welfare,  at Los Vegas, can make even a liberal “uncomfortable with uncertainty.”  King Louis 14th ( XIV) of France lived like after me the deluge ( his own words) – meaning he cared less of his offspring, his country or the world, life was to give him all the riches in the world for his enjoyment and to hell with everyone else – a classic Early Modern Liberal. ]

Conservative:   Behaves in sex-typed manner ¡.37* ¡.38* [ but Blocks just explained Conservatives are not sensual, do not like sex?]

Conservative:    Is emotionally bland ¡.35* ¡.14 [ yes, a good thing]

Conservative:    Judges self, others in conventional terms ¡.33* ¡.37 [ study flawed, Block labels Liberals as critical], this is just an academic term to mean judges self and others in conventional terms.] 

Conservative:    Is calm, relaxed in manner ¡.32* ¡.02 [ and this is a bad thing?]

Conservative:    Appears straightforward, candid ¡.32* ¡.06 [ yes, lying and shifty liberals create the world’s problems]

Conservative:    Is moralistic and self-righteous ¡.31* ¡.31* [ fallacy argument, we have two diabolical opposed characteristics. Being moral does not mean one is self righteous.]

Conservative:    Behaves in ethically consistent manner ¡.29* .02 [ Liberals therefore behave according to their own avarice, and desires, not caring for their fellow humans, so this is correct]

Conservative:    Regards self as physically attractive ¡.28* ¡.12 [ this finding mirrors Hollywood gorgeous people who stand in front of a mirror and complain about their superb beautiful looks, and they are overwhelmingly liberal 1% of the wealthiest of the world. ]

Conservative:   Compares self to others ¡.28* ¡.06 [ and liberals do not? That’s the point of science!]

Conservative:   Is power oriented ¡.28* ¡.07 [ wrong! leftists/liberals are individualists, anti-collective, and the study explains they are bullies – that’s is power oriented toward the liberal spectrum – so fallacies have been included in this study.] .




Analyses: The relatively Conservative young women, as young girls in nursery school two decades earlier, impressed the then assessors as: indecisive and vacillating, easily victimized, inhibited, fearful, self-unrevealing, adult-seeking, shy, neat, compliant, anxious when confronted by ambiguity, and fearful.


Liberal young women, as identified via the LIB/CON Index, 20 years earlier were evaluated in nursery school by a coherent host of qualities: self-assertiveness, talkativeness, curiosity, openness in expressing negative feelings and in teasing, bright, competitive, and as having high standards.


Liberal young men, when in nursery school two decades earlier, impressed nursery school teachers as boys who were: resourceful and initializing, autonomous, proud of their blossoming accomplishments, confident and self-involving.


Conservative young men, when young boys, were viewed in nursery school as: visibly deviant, feeling unworthy and therefore ready to feel guilty, easily offended, anxious when confronted by uncertainties, distrustful of others, ruminative, and rigidifying when under stress.


addendum: Jack Block, Jeanne H. Block


The study is too limited by itself to admit of extensive efforts at rationalization of the dynamics between personality and political persuasion. But the present findings may contribute toward a context for understanding that will be deeper psychologically and politically.


Michael’s Comments: One can see almost all, not all, attributes, findings, characteristics found in conservatives are socially prohibited, and carry all negative connotations. On the other hand, almost all, not all, liberal attributes, findings, characteristics found in liberals are socially permissible and carry all positive connotations.