Facts: Revolutionary War = use poor people to fight your battles for continued profits.
Facts: Civil War = use poor people to fight your battles for continued profits.
Facts: Vietnam War = use poor people to fight your battles for continued profits.
Facts: Middle East - Iraq Wars I & II.  = use poor people to fight your battles for continued profits.
Facts: domestic = use police to enforce your agenda of = use poor people to fight your battles for continued profits.
Facts: domestic social violent activity = weather underground sees no solution but to murder the supporters, the police, judges, or government officials who protect the rich who send poor people to fight your battles for continued profits.

Facts: violent protests are American and its traditions.

Facts: ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC, MSNBC & academia controllers are all anti American, they all advocate peaceful protests with no change for putting in the poor to fight their avarice wars.

Transcripts Full versions of all discussions here : William Ayers, Dinesh D'Souza with host Megan Kelley a correspondent, now nightly spokesperson for the Military Bully Complex and hater of women, how Ironic.


Yeohoshua's 1 of 2 commandments: Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.

Megan Fox: broke God's commandment.

Dinesh D'Souza : broke God's commandment.

William Ayers: completed God's commandment.

Polisci definitions U.C. Berkeley w/ AM: Reasons for Vietnam.
Institutions: fear of a global communist world
Economics: oil fields in Vietnam waters, today China is trying to exploit this
Social: White people hated against Asians to which Vietnamese have brown skin tones, a set of particular Asians.


comparative lit. Edward Said school of thought:

Roman Exceptionalism = Kill Jew babies, and rob their temple of all of its gold and tax them to death, while adorning the Roman gladiator coliseum with that temple gold, and bragging about how the Roman state killed, murdered, and stole from foreigners and then call it Roman Exceptionalism.

do you use violence against the system and its supporters (Police, Judges, government agencies)? Yes or No? If rich, you say no; and if poor you say, yes.

The Weather Underground Organization (WUO), commonly known as the Weather Underground, was an American radical left organization founded on the Ann Arbor campus of the University of Michigan. Originally called Weatherman, the group became known colloquially as the Weathermen. Weatherman organized in 1969 as a faction of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) ( Mark Rudd, spokesman for the violent faction) [2] composed for the most part of the national office leadership of SDS and their supporters. Their goal was to create a clandestine revolutionary party for the overthrow of the U.S. government.[3]. Ayers is a silver-spooned son of a Chicago CEO of a government monopoly utility. The violent activists that set bombs to kill officals of the Czarist Russia, just before Lenin took control of Russia, these violent activists were from non -poor, well-off families. Many make the case that Ayers fits this narrative to a tee. The spoiled children who used daddy’s money to throw bombs instead of temper tantrums has origins in the family cutting off funds to their spoiled children. The Ronald Reagan assassinatior, John Warnock Hinckley Jr. (born May 29, 1955), was cut-off financially from his parents two weeks before he decided to shoot the U.S. President. His family was tired of funding his permanent vacation, where he doodled away and played guitar with no aim in life. Many suspect the same applies to Bill Ayers. The reason why is that America has not changed at all, nor has his exploits and teachings changed anything.

The initial and only real reason Ayers ( by his own admission) began a violent protest group was to end the insidious wars that the U.S.A. inflicts upon their poor. Being privileged, Ayers was a brunt of attacks and his idea was to join these protest movements or continue to be attacked.  In this manner, his 11 years on the run and doing violent protests gave him political street-creds to align with other privileged at MEAMIC who needed a spokesperson to calm the ever present poor fodder of U.S. youth that must fight these MEAMIC  wars. Robert Franklin Williams was asked by the U.S. government to return form China to head up a post in a major American Institution. Williams was given a grant by the Ford Foundation to work at the University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies. He wrote While God Lay Sleeping: The Autobiography of Robert F. Williams. Because of the years over the fall-out of the KKK, in the 1920s it was a peaceful race protests and it turned into violence and anti hebrewism which made its downfall, because the topic of world Jew control is too difficult for clansmen to ponder; Williams was arrested upon his return, for alleged kidnapping a Klansman, but all charges were dropped. Many of the public persona of the Black Panthers also came form uppity or upper middle class households and after a stint in activism, they too are now professors, some being locally taken by Stanford, a private university. After many leagal battles Ayers was adopted into Chicago University as a American social historian.

Social Violent Activities : The college campuses were the first to find out that the Vietnam War was a fraud conducted by Lyndon Baines Johnson ( he got $25,000,000 from the U.S. government for overturning ( first week after he helps kill John) an executive order to bring all troops and advisors home. Instead, Lyndon, Bush Sr. Hoover, and Nixon helped to kill John F. Kennedy because all were on the side of international corporations who needed a war in Asia to conduct massive profit making schemes. Tom Hanks who did the CNN series ‘the 1960s’ ignored this because Tom Hanks is all about kill-for-his-own-comforts to the Bully Military Complex ( MEAMIC) and $700,000,000 fortune.  Vietnam was for the rich corporations to make large profits and these college campus kids were the first to respond with ‘serious’ questions to why these things are happening and to why it is the poor who always suffer,  of all colors to be paraded out for MEAMIC’s ceremonies of death and profit.  After years of peaceful protests and some property damage parades, nothing changed and conscription was feeding the MEAMIC beast for innocent human slaughter. The people that railed against this narrative were either ignorant or greedy and these kids wanted to live in peace and not fear that they would be sent to a far-off distant land for human sacrifice. So what to do? Fight-back with the only thing that brings results. In fact, Robert Franklin Williams (February 26, 1925 – October 15, 1996), ‘Niggahs with Guns’ fame cryptically advocates violence to achieve security and self-agency ( Title changed to reflect the times, Negroes with Guns). A large part of the ideology of the Black Panthers came out of this book. And yes, blacks killed white policemen because that was the only way to fight back.  During the violence of the Civil Rights leaders being gunned down by the C.I.A. ( white controlled) and the N.S.A. ( Bush family’s orders to send poor youth to make oil people rich, thus the Vietnam narrative in its true colors) the only path for change was, is and will be violence.

This once top-secret MEAMIC document links the weather underground to sparking protests that sent down town Chicago's shopping district into a riot over the rich using the poor to fight their wars. Nov. 1969 A.D. This advocation for property damage is not what the rich want in your protests, the rich want peaceful negotiations with no change to their profits.

Why are MEAMICs atheists and faux religious?

Answer: The Bible Advocates, also cryptically but some books openly a very sever violent solution to the rich suppressors. The rich do not like this and thus they use a letter by Thomas Jefferson to separate Church (coded for religion) and State ( U.S. MEAMIC bully military complex). This is not a difficult idea to understand. It is a current universal truth.

So why is Megan Kelley so opposed to this conundrum? Megan Kelley acts if the Founding Fathers had no right to kill usurping King George’s British Red Coats.  Fox, establishment, funds Megan Kelley so she has boundaries on which to argue her own narrative.

The young Community Organizer ( Hitler, Mao Tse-tung and Joseph Stalin all called themselves this as their main job title in life) only knows Bill Ayers, Rev. J. Wright and Edward Said ( now deceased, Barack and Michelle eat with Said at a University function) because they were heavy weight public figures at Chicago, the adopted city Obama rose in politics and ran for the U.S. Senate. All three of these people fight the American bully and without knowing world history, which also goes to illustrate Edward Said, who basically plagiarized all of Michel Foucault' revolutionary ideas without following Foucault's 'discontinuity' arguments -- not understood by Marxist ( athiests) because of their limited intellectual capabilities. Obama not intelligent, at all, perhaps our first BasketBall Commander in Cheif, Party President, after Bill Clinton who used the White House for a party pad, could not distinguish truth for lies of all these people. In fact, Rev. Jeremiah Wright debated Obama on general knowledge of history three times, and Wright devastated Obama exposing him as, yes, a community organizer and with limited and false historical narratives that makes up his world view. Except for a few Fox blurbs on these three debates in 2008, the general media ignored this. Edward Said was a Palestinian violent advocate against Israel. He like Hillary Clinton always ignored Yasser Arafat's embellishment of western U.S. Senate financial support, where he did not feed the people with U.S. financial support but Palestinian authorities purchased weapons to kill Israelis at all opportunities. The left under the Clintons were supporting anti Israeli movements so the military of Israel had to take out Arafat to whom Hillary Rodham and Edward Said believed Arafat was for the people -- when he was perhaps a non-Muslim, a pretender who liked child sex and lots of cash from American politicians to fight Israel. All the mudding of the waters of whom supports who in this global fight for social -economics begins at the top, and so many Americans do not see the underground movement in any positive light because of all these 'suspicious' relations between other Chicago public figures thoroughly confused the RightCons. Hillary's college thesis is on another Marxist protester Chicagoan, Saul Alinski.

Bill Ayers: U.S. should ‘build monuments to the unknown deserters’ like Bergdahl

Bernardine Dohrn, former leader of the radical, anti-war movement Weather Underground, and her companion Bill Ayers are escorted by federal authorities after surrendering at Cook County Courthouse in Chicago, Ill., Dec. 3, 1989. (AP Photo).

posted at 11:21 am on July 1, 2014 by Noah Rothman

On Monday night, University professor and former Weather Underground founder Bill Ayers joined Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly where he was grilled over his past violent activities and his controversial views. The interview became heated when Kelly and Ayers argued over whether the violence he advocated is equivalent to the violence perpetuated by the United States in conducting operations overseas.

“You sound like — with respect — Osama bin Laden,” Kelly said when Ayers asserted that it would be “fair and balanced” for American media outlets to examine the violent history of the United States as thoroughly as they do his activities.

Later, Ayers asserted that it was a “heroic thing to do” if it is proven that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl deserted his post. “I think, throughout history, we should build monuments to the unknown deserters,” he added, equating Bergdahl’s alleged desertion with those who fled the United States to avoid serving in Vietnam. “The people who look at the craziness that they are asked to participate in and say, ‘I’m not part of this.’”

Later in the interview, Kelly pressed Ayers to repent for his attempt to bomb a dance hall filled with U.S. soldiers. That nail-filled improvised explosive device went off prematurely, killing Ayer’s girlfriend at the time along with two others.

“You realize people could’ve been hurt, you admitted it in the beginning,” Kelly noted.

“I realized people could’ve been hurt,” Ayers answered. “Thank god they weren’t, but we made every attempt not to and they weren’t.”

“I don’t say it wasn’t reckless and I don’t say it wasn’t illegal, it was illegal,” he added.

“You could have murdered somebody with those bombs,” Kelly shot back.

“The people who were conducting the war in Vietnam actually murdered people,” Ayers insisted.

Kelly who works for Fox News loves Dick Cheney, the vice president in charge by his own admission on 9/11/01. He had $10,000 going into his terms and came out with an extra $40,000,000 indicating the Iraq War II, that he advocated and helped to conduct net him a worth of $60,000,000 today. So when I.S.I.S. launched its affront to northern and middle Iraq lands for an Islamic Caliphate, in which they have absolutely  no idea of what it is because they are not historians nor do their schools teach it at the lower levels -- these are not academics going into war folks, many are gang members form Los Angeles because I.S.I.S. pays real cash salaries and Obama refused to floor budget for four years --they are advancing and to Dick Cheney this is a good thing because it means his profit war partners can advocate for more poor youth to sacrifice for their padding of their war coffers.  In part, this was what weatherundeground was striving to end, the needless youth genocide program of the people like Dick Cheney.

Most of the members, not killed by their own bombs, are still alive today, most living private lives out of the spotlight. Some had stated they changed the morals of society by their efforts, and this remains wishful revision of history.  The U.S.A. at this time is actually planning more wars; they are on schedules for years and even decades.  The rich will blast anyone as non-patriotic that stands in the way of war profits for the rich while sacrificing the youth soldiers and then allowing them to die in the Veterans Administration, Death Panel system. Megan Kelley does not seem to understand this, so she must be for  the 0.01%ers and warmongering Satanists.

The Blaze: According to a Jan. 14, 1981 article in the Lawrence Journal-News that covered Dohrn’s sentencing, it seems her views America in the wake of her Underground days hadn’t changed much. The judge lectured her, claiming, “we have a system for change that does not involve violence and jeopardizing the lives of others: the election process.” He then asked, “Are you ready to join us?” Dohrn, herself, was fined $1,500 and given probation for her role in the Underground.

escalation from nonviolent to violent. (In 1969, after an armed FBI-police raid led to the killing of rising Black Panther Party star Fred Hampton and another party member, the WU declared war on the US government and destroyed a number of police vehicles. It also bombed a New York police station in 1970 for what it described as the assassination of activist George Jackson, one of the so-called Soledad Brothers, during a botched jailbreak.)

Former Weather Underground Leader Claims Violent Group ‘Won the Moral War’, Talks ‘Revolution’ (Plus: What’s With That Flower in Her Hair?), Apr. 26, 2013 1:22pm Billy Hallowell The Blaze Weather Underground, accessed 1 July 2014 A.D., available form internet.

photo from http://inthesetimes.com/article/4251/you_say_you_want_a_revolution This photo does show populous support. Then again, the rich were sending 1000s of Americans to die for their rich lifestyles.



At the Flint conference in December 1969, Weather leaders evoked Charles Manson and attendees danced while making the sign of the fork, a Manson symbol. -- Howard Machtinger. Charles Manson was a racist that murdered white folk to try to set up a race war against blacks, trying to frame the murders with black symbolism at the crime scenes, so the police would be convinced it was a group of black murderers. At the same time Charles Manson is being held in custody, the RICO Act is being considered because in the 1980s, Griselda Blanco, a Columbian native turned Cocaine Queen who destroyed the NY Mafia five family's strong hold on heavy narcotics in New York distribution the law enforcement, along with the Mafia crackdowns in general, all of these law enforcement agencies needed the RICO act to get these criminals off the street. George H.W. Bush (41st U.S. Pres.) becomes famous under Ronald Reagan as he heads up the cleanup of south Florida's cocaine cowboy period. Manson did not murder anyone, and so putting him in Jail had to come by the way of this new 'conspiricy' law, called the RICO act. However, when looking at the WU movement's leaders there is little evidence that Ayers played a double agent racist behind the scenes. At meetings, there are always crowds that have limited knowlesges and use info available to them at the time. Some undoubtedly believed a killing of rich white folk was permissible in lieu of very extreme emotional times in America's history. However, Ayers says the Charles Manson episode was taken out of context, and the fact that Manson was given more media time than the 6,000 a week poor white and colored soldiers dying for the rich hollywoodites gives weight to Ayres' claim that this was regurgitated out of context blame toward the WU.

Why Bill Ayers is correct on the Manson issue

Today, all I see is the same media giving weight to coverage of the top story to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian every moment, while veterans die waiting for a phone call for an appointment years  after their multiple requests. The media is fixated on Paris Hilton's puppies and how well they are fed and dressed. The media is focuses on a lane closure but not on Drone Strikes that creates 1000s of years of hatred and revenge. The meeting that had this issue was in fact, according to Ayers, just a social critique of the general things on the media -- and things have not changed much. Today, we just do not televise wars, but Television was a novel thing and it was taking off during the Vietnam oil hegemony wars of America.

Bill Ayers tries to stay away form the 'other' reason for the WU, that of a violent revolution to overthrow the American government. Howard Machtinger is also critical of this blunder, according to his opinions. Machtinger emotes "Other longtime activists argued that our actions would isolate the movement, obscure its message, and sabotage priorities: We dismissed all of these criticisms as examples of white privilege, if not cowardice. Counter-arguments served mainly to convince us of our own revolutionary righteousness. Not even Chicago Black Panther leader Fred Hampton’s labeling us “Custeristic”–for the 1969 Days of Rage demonstration, which he accurately saw as self-destructive–slowed us down." [hm].

Howard Machtinger defines the overall future of the movement as doomed for its unqualified knowledge of history ( Marxism, disputes) and for the fact that Women's rights and voting rights and other social movements were conducting non-violent activism and professing to such things. Some of the most prominent Black civil rights leaders blasted their social violent activism. But this stemmed from a duel or confusing role of the WU movement. First, as Ayers pointed out, the movement’s focus was to first end the Vietnam War. Its next or co-role of the WU was to enact a revolution to change the U.S. government. That was fine by me, but it needs a 'correct' platform which no WU seems to understand. Here is how to explain it. After World War II, the domestic oil reserves had dried up, the top sweet crude had been sucked out of America' s lands since the early 1900s. When I grew up in the Valley ( San Fernando, CA) all over the foothills from Hollywood to the desert consisted of abandoned oil spickets and oil rigs, all of these machine mementos lined the landscape. The MEAMICs plan was to start a fictitious Cold War, pit another powerhouse but same race as you, white and go around the world fighting but to take the oil for energy. John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev  understood both States had war hawks, and wanted to continue the Cold War. But Americans complained to the F.B.I. and others that not getting energy for their new  washing Machines, no war for this energy would be undesirable. So John F. Kennedy was pushed out of the way and off to Vietnam for U.S. energy needs was a plan, well hidden. Today, China is  trying to wrestle away Vietnam’s off-shore oil deposits – so this has nothing to do with just overthrowing the U.S. A. government. This is a very serious human problem.

There is no evidence that WU leaders knew this as the U.S.A. secret military complex had plan to placate the people for their avarice ways into a world of Disney Luxury.  So to try to get the entire American public on your side would have been too difficult, as they too, their families, rely on energy. That was the mistake of the WU on their second reason for being. Perhaps this is why Ayers advocates the first criteria of the Movement’s purpose – to halt and end the Vietnam War. Perhaps, & after that new energy ideas could come forth, less brutal and unmurderous. The Gulf War I ( Bush 41 fabricated that invasion) and Gulf War II ( Iraq 2003-2012) are also both Oil or energy wars so many support these as almost all Democrats in Congress, but Obama. The fact that Obama is allowing Franking is a solution to wars and both the right and leftcon wings of society, our voting populations, sees this as environmentally damaging. But they sure did not care about the 'other' foreign countries environment of the innocent people they killed form both sides of conflicts. Obama's fracking policies, even Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid talk nonsense, blaming republicans for this trend, is a very positive thing in Obama's administration policies. It has ended a need for constant wars to which the Bushes and Cheneys have desired because their off-shore drilling gigs ( Bush sr. started oil in Texas for off-shore companies, not on shore, dolts) around the world and invading countries to put them into submission or putting puppet dictators is,was and will be the way of the 'exploitators.'

Two cases against Ayers are what the F.B.I. had to work with. The San Francisco bombing had many witnesses but no one could link WU to any specific attack The Detroit case, the F.B.I. failed to give immunity to one WU, and thus the case fell a part. Otherwise you only have communique of allegedly  Ayers advocating violence to humans.  Megan had the gall to assert, who are you to decide on who dies or not? Ayers who received his Ph.D. at the mid-forties age, now is a part of the establishment.  So he could not answer Megan with certainty.  But Ayers has a great alibi for all charges. The U.S.A. decided that they have the gall to kill whomever, and Kelley refuses to understand  a basic Christian rule, do unto others  as you would have them do unto you. This means, Megan, if  you support the Military Complex in wars for  oil and killing of innocents are a part of the unnecessary  casualties  of securing oil fields for your energy use, then Megan Kelley is surely a murderer, and therefore Ayers should ask her if she has that right to kill whomever she wants  for her energy needs. But Ayers is in a tough position being a part of  the establishment that does wars and kills innocents that pays his salaries.

Megan then had three F.B.I. agents that worked on the weather underground movement. The case name for the F.B.I. was called the weatherman front. Its purpose was to find WU fugitives and take them off the streets.  All of them tacitly claimed it is OK for the U.S. rich to send the poor to kill other country’s poor persons so they can have big bucks and big houses, and this shows that even the F.B.I. employees haters and racists to do its bidding. Megan looked angry and lost, and I’m sure her bosses were pressuring her to have a big scoop.  The good news about the Fox Ayers interview, and we can assume Fox’s purpose was to expose or uncover more dirt on Obama or the left’s agenda and it backfired. Bill Ayers came off more truthful than Megan or Fox and it showed that regurgitated lies were the right’s narrative on Ayers for 35+ years.  Megan tried to pin Ayres to what he would tell Obama if Obama contacted him and asked him for presidential advice. Ayers proclaimed to tell Obama to stop the Drone Strikes (I’m 100% in agreement, these kill innocents that Megan does not seem to care, only do not kill the rich is all about Megan’s purpose, to protect the murderers, what a failure of a human). People that drive the drones at JSOC 100, Nevada, are told who to kill or target and they do not know where these orders come from and so cannot make a moral decision.  This is very disturbing that we have a rogue Military group just killing people all over the earth with the criteria, if it wears a towel on its head, kill it, mentality.

Dinesh D'Souza, the filmmaker behind 2016: Obama's America who is out on $500,000 bond for allegedly violating campaign finance laws. "America: Imagine the World Without Her," 2014, 4th July wide release is a leftcon bias film with a filmaker that is not an historian.

[hm] Howard Machtinger,You Say You Want a Revolution, A founding member of the Weather Underground looks back at an organization unable to come to terms with its own violence. February 18, 2009., accessed 1 July 2014, available from http://inthesetimes.com/article/4251/you_say_you_want_a_revolution ; Internet.

Most recently, in 2014, Kelly was listed as one of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world. She earned her B.A. in Political Science from Syracuse University and a J.D. from Albany Law School, where she graduated with honors and served as editor of the Albany Law Review.

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