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#keylangs #NSA/CIA run wars in Middle / South #America to force mass migrations which are their voting populations to keep them in power. this is #edu #SATANISM 101

United States of America 1963 : Lyndon B. Johnson & Hoover F.B.I. Meet the Night Before the Coup d’état  

USA †Military Complex Coup D’état Programs
Establishment Retention policies


U.S.A. Military Complex Coup D’état Model  & ESTABLISHMENT RETENTION PROGRAMS

by Archangel Michael Dec 2 2013 updated june 8 2016



United States of America Military, Entertainment, Academic, Media,  Industrial, Complex 

Nixon, Eisenhower’s vice president was in on the know. He is privy to the top secret CIA assassination program called "Operation 40" that was aimed at killing Fidel Castro, but it is just a model used to get rid of undesirables, according to Satan’s army.

The Establishment Retention Program: 1947AD create modern #nsa  keep secret, start wars all over earth, target white people, allow masses of war torn migrants to immigrate , then pander to them and sell-out (appeasement ) your citizens and keep yourself into power ÞSatan    101

U.S. Coup D’état Model and Successful: 35 fth U.S. President. included

Guatemala Jacobo  Arbenz -  Guatemala had, like ancient Rome, gone through a strong man competition, where a set of military men ruled Guatemala and each overthrew the next.

Get Puppet Master: Must Be Corrupted

Carlos Castillo Armas ( not popular, an Angelton ambiguity)

Col. Carlos Castillo Armasin at Honduras met by E.H. Hunt during their training for the anti Communist rebels. Hunt: "do you think you can be a puppet master?" Castillo: "why not!"

Cultivate a list of Patsies : a large list of patsies were ordered because this was on schedule.

20 Year-old youth Romeo Vasquez Sanchez chosen.

Bill Clinton cultivates  Usama bin Laden, a philanthropist and a Russo-Afghan vet. 

Romeo Vasquez Sanchez: Fired by Military, hired by secret Guatemalan military. Get the Middle America destabilized and new #establishment voters come roaring into keep the careerist politicanites in greed and sloth, perpetually by a permanent war economy.

Silence Assassin. Romeo Vasquez Sanchez dies like Vince Foster. The U.S. Military Complex silenced the Guatemalan President’s assassin.

Create an ideological Enemy surrounding target state as a danger to the native ruling government. ( Communists, Soviet, Cuba dangers). We now have 100s and 100s of U.S. secret bases surrounding Iran.

Install Puppet Master/Leader: U.S. M.C. installed Colonel Castillo Armas & Install Puppet Master/Leader: U.S. M.C. installed Democratic Party Lyndon B. Johnson. & 2008 Install Puppet Master/Leader: U.S. M.C. installed Chicago Democratic Party Barack Hussein Obama ii ,, aka many other bizarre names Put into power by Chicago Jews/Arabs to continue Christian genocide and white white genocide‚ all over Earth. .

Destroy Evidence:  David Atlee Philips ( July 1954) accomplished, source Frank Wisen.

Steal Enemies Secret Papers: ( July 1954) Two State Department Officials Steal 150,000 Historical Documents from Guatemala to try to prove its Communist past, find absolutely nothing. This was type-cast as PBHISTORY. It purpose was to control history, rewrite in favor of the US Military Complex.

Destroy Evidence: F.B.I. destroyed notes taken. and I.R.S. commissioner, the Head of the U.S. State Department. Steal Enemies Secret Papers: ( July 1954) Two State Department Officials Steal 150,000 Historical Documents from Guatemala to try to prove its Communist past, find absolutely nothing. This was type-cast as PBHISTORY. It purpose was to control history, rewrite in favor of the US Military Complex

Get Puppet Master: Must Be Corrupted

At the Johnson Library in June of 1971 the ailing former President discussed the day of the assassination and proclaimed "We had been operating a damned Murder Inc. in the Caribbean." Leo Janos, formerly of the Johnson White House staff reported later, in the ATLANTIC Monthly Magazine of July 1973.

Day of Kennedy Assassination, Congress discussed putting Lyndon B. Johnson in jail for a variety of election and murder conspiracies. The U.S.A. Military Complex coup d’état shocked the world, and all of these investigations into the massive corruption of Lyndon B. Johnson was immediately dropped and never resumed.

Edgar J. Hoover and Lyndon B. Johnson were next door neighbors for 19 years in Washington D.C. they fell in love.

U.S. Coup D’état Model and Successful: 35 fth U.S. President. U.S.A. President John F. Kennedy. why? white white was murdered by black , brown and white arabs. #racism

Cultivate a list of Patsies: a large list of patsies were ordered because this was on schedule.  ( Tampa, Chicago, Dallas : Lee Harvey Oswald) make them be white people because arabs and niggers will be the real culprits. Military Complex hires non intelligent beings like the Muslim Brotherhood hires mentally ill to strap on suicide bombs. exmp: Lee Harvey Oswald: Fired by U.S. Marines, hired by U.S. Military Complex.

Breake the Chain of Command: Like HillaryClinton had two illegal NSA off site computers : one in her upstate Chappaqua Home and one in a friends bathroom at Colorado.

Create an ideological Enemy surrounding target state as a danger to the native ruling government. ( Communists, Soviet, Cuba dangers, Jesus Christ, Job for Natives).

Make Legalized Secret Policies: Put out false data, NSAM #273 not signed by John F. Kennedy and dated 21 Nov. 1963 this is a false document that claims John F. Kennedy is going to make war on Asians because they have funny faces – this is a document by the U.S. Military Complex, and placed in to children’s books around the world to make them believe Kennedy was a warmonger. This was a part of PBHISTORY.

FACTS:  On Nov 26, 1963, President Johnson signed a National Security Action Memorandum #273, the highest level national security document, as guidance for future Vietnam plans and policy. This brief directive most significantly initiated changes reversing Kennedy's Vietnam policy of NSAM #263, Oct 11, 1963. Kennedy had decreed then that "the bulk of U.S. personnel would be out of Vietnam by the end of 1965."

False History Shown To Government Leaders:

This was first practiced with astounding success by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Only 25% of the real C.I.A. and N.S.A. documents form the first set of them actually are released, and those that are released are inaccurate histories which were produced to give to Public Officials and Foreign Diplomats 'so-called secret truths' and these fakeries were packaged to influence a belief of someone seeing a  top secret report, when they mirrored PBHISTORY models. For Example, on China in Burma documents Odd A. Westad uses in his book on American military from World War II to the fall of the Berlin Wall, he used these false ‘top-secret- documents, does not reveal to his reader or students of the sources, and therefore teaches the world a false history. If you triangulate KMT leader’s private journal ( original journal, Stanford Archives), U.S. General in Burma’s private journal ( U.C. Berkeley archives, original book pub. on this journal), and private communiqué by Franklin Delano Roosevelt ( he micromanaged the eastern theater!) you will find out that Stilwell Was arming Mao Tse-tung and a frustrated and hands’ tied, K.M.T. leader, and then F.D.R. telling the U.S.A. that America’s presence in China was to help fight the Japanese. F.D.R. wanted China to become communist, thus giving a ‘life’ to the U.S.A. Military Complex, the global-political ideological struggle.

John. F. Kennedy: 26 volumes of The Earl Warren Commission on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Only 16% of all the evidence is used, much of it has been dissected by ‘numerous’ scholars and investigators to great success that this commission was a complete fraud, a visual part of Military Complex. PBHISTORY.

False History Shown To Government Leaders cont: After PBHISTORY operations, a book or a report is produced by these Military Complex agencies, and given to Public Leaders and Public Officials, after all things considered, a little truth and special interest lies do not give a truthful picture to academia, who some realize and do nothing but offer continued support to the U.S.A. Military Complex.

Arbenz had a Biography on Joseph Stalin, then the Military Complex said he had Marxist Literature ( they Accused Kennedy of being a Marxist, supporting the U.N. over the Military Complex for opinions and political directions.). With other false papers, they claimed he purchase weapons from Communists? The Military Complex then gives this report to the U.S. Legislators, and they rely this sensitively to the public so to support the U.S. media, academia, Military Complex. It is feeding an addiction.  

Destroy Evidence:  David Atlee Philips ( July 1954) accomplished, source Frank Wisen.

Steal Enemies Secret Papers: ( July 1954) Two State Department Officials Steal 150,000 Historical Documents from Guatemala to try to prove its Communist past, find absolutely nothing. This was type-cast as PBHISTORY. It purpose was to control history, rewrite in favor of the US Military Complex

very sensitive issue #islam

Frank #Lowy Sir Frank Lowy, AC b. 22 October 1930 Fiľakovo, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia) sD #seconddeath member

Frank Lowy & Larry Silverstine partner

and {Donald Petrie?}
#Islam this Muther FXXker bought the New York World Trade towers before 911 and then purchased the GRENFELL UK poor people’s towers prior to this IMO Arson attack by these teams . This and previous reason I Have the Queen of England in mY Lake of Fire, she is a secret jew Nazi, fake name too.
Sir Frank Lowy, AC is an Australian-Israeli businessman and Chairman of Westfield Corporation, a global shopping centre company with US$29.3 billion of assets under management in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.

Frank Lowy & Larry Silverstine : Purchased leasing of New York World Trade Tower complex portions 50 days prior to 11 th September, 2,001 Combined attacks. I ID’d three Judeans on the parking lot  of the Pentagon with a painted like an airliner Cruise Missile.

#Chiron1977 Pasadena = #key code :
1950s the Royal Family were embroiled with discourse in the masses to why do we have a royal family, they take up considerable funding. so they needed to look elsewhere. got it

codex: We're at War, We Will Find Who Did This and "We're Going to Kick Their A**" - Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer Tweet on words spoken by his boss, George W. Bush. Jr. on September 11, 2,001 A.D. #lga1230

#arcMichael this is the #UK playing with our #teamusa so we take them out.

#bookoflife #06192017ad 11:55 am #noho

Frank Lowy purchased World Trade Towers before 911 and then Purchased UK Grenfell just before massive arson fire : id FOR PROFIT GROUP: 9,459 properties are an umbrella The Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organization and this for profit off the poor scheme was formed in 1996. Chief Executive as Robert Black, Financial Director as Barbara Matthews, Director of Operations as Sacha Jevans and Head of HR Yvonna Birch. MSN

Sadiq Khan no matter what I said previously. I do support you, fully. A very good person.

link: 1917 conceptualized and then later developed = trilaterals are #GHWB bush teams with bad sauud agents ( #usama bin laden wanted to target ( got that Obama? Brennan screwed up)) and the #blueturbanqueen = #Elizabeth .

2:22 pm #06192017ad #bookoflife #ghwb _ #bluetuban + #fakesauud (Usama bin Laden's original targets now exposed by ME.) #apok ch. 12 #arcmichael Growing evidence that Bush jr was not in on the inside job of #11092001AD attacks on American institutions. My team Feb 1,999 A.D. pointed to BUSH (1), New York and Economics as the targets for a scaled form of my #x72 . (EDame #2 said 1999 on a radio program late night that it would definitely be an attack with large casualties and some terrorists at and at New York, not good at timing) + ( #1558AD , at Europe and North Africa publications) Economics' here is massive #Insurancefraud. You can run but you cannot hide. Fleshing out the real 911 actors. and yes #jews or #Fakeisraelites are deeply involved. #Noho

most English are WASA, like William Poole, the New York citizen butcher and #Xenophobe . IAM Scottish and so is the real fictual character #007 outlined by the author as #Scottish, which is a white white person and not a mixed jew race like the #blueturbanqueen who 's family's real sir name as #NAZI German jew mixers; and her family had faked an architect's name of #Windsor to fool the world they are white and #Christian . No more fooling the world. You are banned #jews #bookofjudges = #holybible Hebrew portion .

#love you #islam and you are welcome + 1
(1) Sr. already #sD .

#Matrix scalar forms #skyfall ≡ British Intel, asleep and turn coats in agency. I love almost all bond movies but this was very intellectual. So I liked it a lot and the first half had beautiful scenery form around the world. #Skyfall is the twenty-third film in the James Bond series. I rated it near or at the top; because of its deep emotional and very well done intellectualism. why movies? U spooks only understand these things, cannot read I intend :)


Russian Investigation June 19 th 2017. where are we today?

#Russia #investigation : what is going on after $30,000,000,000.oo US dollars ?

what is our #Fakegovernment who is investigating Donald Trump ( Source is Washington Post who sais we claim our reputation on this information --- do they have on Jeff Sessions, do they have on Donald Trump, do they have on Michael Flynn and do they have on Jared Kushner. They all did not fill out their security clearance forms correctly. This cost us about $30 Billion U.S. Tax dollars so far. Info coming. Soon. #DonaldTrump, however is exempt because he was no politician prior to running = #epicwin

#Flynn #sec 18 , sub code 1,001. If you lose your security clearance because you do not like the way deep state kills people all over the world for their fatso wives' expensive lifestyles, you must still registere to a secret list to whom you have contacted in any official or semi official foreing way , such as making nuclear reactors and other banned stuff on the State Dept. banned lists. . ( Thus not so much Obama , but Bill Clinton, secret white house lists which then were doubled to not show these official lists ( trade missions to China, 1990s, top secret where they killed a black First African American top level Commerce Secretary. because he was pro American and all should be in jail then, now! Building #NorthKorea nuclear small water reactor with Australia, then classified after media broke these news mainstream = this place today is used to make the weaponizedplutonium beyotches, you have ZILTH on Flynn! by comparison ). and #was doing Deep State operations and now they turned on him because he supports #americafirst and not some foreign jew #landbeast or #seabeast that has an history of calling out white as the sacrifice for their comfort and joy: sending whites to die for their WASA and yellow to brown international banksters' greed. Claim, the src. 18. subsec. 1,001 covers travel to foreign lands and #JeffSessions did not put these on his lists because he is in fear that deep #dumby #anti-AmericanState will kill his relatives . Antony #scalia did not reveal until #johnpodesta who is a #reptilianjew and a very poor educated yellow gurl had revealed his location, which is a crime itself and the #SCOTUS was found the next day dead (3) with a pillow over its head and Chelsea went nuclear on the TV MEDIA blitz to call for a new #leftwing#SCOTUS so Nontransparent ; #deepleftwingwhackos are now just murdering US Citizens in an unholy alliance with international criminals. IT is #mafiadeepstate

That is because deep state is 100% #antiwhite and #GeorgeHWBush is a #Hebrew weirdo and cares less of most of the #tribles of Isreal. He represents only a small number of Judeans and WASA turncoats. .

Chiron1977: #Sauud five to seven years ago secretly wanted to have their own nuclear weapons program, because of Iran's ; certainty jealously and for global protection. However, with US and EU led sanctions against white #white #dna people of Russia, their oil exports cannot pay for all their foodstuff imports and raw food imports and other living things. So they make nuclear reactors for energy and those countries , all of them, turn them into personal weapons manufacturing on the Nuclear scale. Dog! The tech country, being suppressed by Yellow DRAGONITES of the western nations can make ends meet with supplying cash from these building projects to feed and care for their own people.

Jews love to sit at the bank desk and make huge stacks disappear in their socks, while blacky and whtiey die on some foreign battlefield; all the while WASA homesteaders make these munitions and bombs which then are taxed and regulated by US Commerce and US State Dept. and put into our Annual Budget so these fools, un elected will have #fatstacks and #brownbags of cash for the rest of their lives; based on #DRAGON Warmongerisms. taught at the #Edu in MEAMIC Exmp: Bush Jr. is intelligent and he goes to Harvard Business school. So what is the Chiron1977 ? They secretly teach to pay-off foreign corpos (2) before American people's interests. Therefore the board members and CEO of international or domestic business , private and or semi = regulatory= are always featly=loyal to people who do not have the American people's interest at heart. How each individual comes out of these indoctrinations is a personal matter.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) parrots Meuller who all 1%er dumbbutts want to last for years because each week they get brown bags of cash and this explains why no one ever has gone to jail yet. For 70 years, the largest annual spending budgets include about 75% of the entire budget to go to Backs, Jews and WASA traitors: Whites, Islam, Asians and others are pushed out by these reptilian hebrew fakies. They push the UC Congress to comply with their schemes or they send assassination or rendition squads like they have already done to me and I see them on my street or everyone here, daily and by the minuet, actually if I am on the road.

#Jared #Kushner stays out of sight, mostly but filled out his security clearance because he did not report something and only #GODLESS leftwingers rule our government, except for us few whites and yes the USA was founded by only a handful of people, being white #white and rallying the Colonial troops who were the citizen militias. Today, it is all gov paid for armies for the 1%ers and that is life of the feudal MEAMIC.

(1) #CNNfakenews is my source for the 'where we are' in the #fakerussiainvestigation ::: Jim #Sciutto is Chief National Security Correspondent for CNN; #andersooncooper 'born with silver mouth gag kink' in its mouth. Cannot the news ever hire someone from the Middle Class? nope, only #foxbimbo squads and we got rid of these women harassers.

(2) #Deffraieur Me in my poem for 1,999 - 2,001 A.D. scalar form. #X. #LXXII 1557AD, #1558AD means to sell out #Disloyalty to your community or your nation for some economic personal benefit , in the common vernacular sense of our colloquial meanings for betrayal source first: Francis Bacon = to sell out the office of the CHURCH . what did he imply? The Holy Roman Emperor was a pay for play thingy and not much different than our current USA elections. Who can raise the most funds then can buy or purchase advertisement, & or influence to win the election.

(3) #JamesComey in his last testimony as I compose this complained that the public, us, we cannot interpret classified information. This is detailing this murder of a SCOTUS by the #DEMOCRATIC #LEADERship of the #DNC . so the entire democrats are on board for murder your enemies plan. So what is our secret? My team are #TierOne universities and we have deeper deepstate than any of the Comey #liberalarts folios. #Stanfurd ; #UCBerkeley ; #Chicago #Princeton #Harvard , maybe #Brown but never #Yale. We have internationally on our teams #Oxford and #Cambridge, at #UK and other international powerhouses. You have liberal arts school chums as your crack top teams #beastofland #beastofsea . #JamesComey has been there since #VinceFoster peoples. He fools no one. :) ; #subconsciously ' Comey complains on the stand that he could not get into a major University , even if he tried ' = / #subconsciously. in the #Matrix . I do approve him for teaching little league or some community sports leagues + 1

Copters buzzing all day must have a deep state operation for me out there tonight. But these copters have to shuffle when the airport traffic comes flying overhead. #lolz.

when You attack #Flynn you can add "July 30, 1999 Bill Clinton and his administration was indicted on charges of terrorism by the by Ramsey Clark." For real war crimes and we all can get going on the #northkorea nuclear weapons program built by #WilliamJClinton aka #BEAST ( 666) , a reincarnation of #Caligula

#bookoflife #arcmichael #USpolitics #usa #06192017AD

Hi nsa You had used 18 th century law to attack American Michael Flynn. = #epiclolzy Freako Bureau of Infantization. to make a deal with Saudi Arabia a Russian disign stuff for a small amount of $100 million dollars, which is low key and just a place aount for unknown amounts. First the U.S.A. Cannot make nuke facilities for Sauud Arabia but Russia can being outside of US Laws ( UN Masking). Flynn, Michael in June of 2015 in Congressional Testimony mentions he went to Saudi Arabia to broker a deal with Russia and the Congress had no problem of that then. He left it off to clear the clearance because he was denied clearance for being #americafirst and that is a shame and a symbol that Israel needs to be punished. William Jefferson Clinton created the North Korea  Small Water Nuclear Reactor that Nuclear weapons are now manufactured out of you dumbbutt FBFailures!

F86 form or an SCC Form: Flynn Might be working with the FBI on some districts.

Arc Michael G+
I guess you people missed near Bill's last year they sold China, 9 Tons of weaponsgrade Plutonium ; we were not using it, and they had the cash. so presto, a deal was made #jamescomey and #robertmeuller will be all over this, instantly. #NOT. USA gone to some creepy Judeans, #epicfail

There are so many of these in southern California that I never could hold a job. One opening and if a white filled it; then these types of Italian, Spanish, Latin, Iberian, South American mixed with Iberian or Italian would push me out of a job spot, dirty style and it was a part of group racial: Latins only like themselves, for the most part. When Islam came over, they ran up north and hid for centuries.

Bigot Brown Mexican & Columbian and Peruvian Cocaine made  a lot of money for the Tomato headed CIA baby raping machines because they introduced the hard form to the inner cities of Los Angeles, after experiencing the success of flooding or allowing the flooding of Columbian white powder into Miami and then the five Mafioso tomato heads Bosses of New York, And yes, it is not movie myth, Mafioso does drugs at 100%, historically. . 07232017AD

USA killed him by endless harassment and then assassination, like #vincefoster . & who are the USA? NON WHITE . he is #white and the #beast #williamjclinton (( called an afro white traitor, he has afro dna in him, why his mind is fucked up_) his myriad of black armies in the CIA and Judean yellow bellied Italian Porto-Spanish, who started slavery, modern and started Capitalism ( David Rodrigues, 18 th century) and so the Semite Evil brown yellow bellies are the world's problems. Exposing the USA Italian CIA mob making millions, back then, today worth billions in drug Semite culture to Silicon valley only, 2.5 Billion a year for Brown techies to grad white intern pussies with out permission, these are the evil that face world destruction. #problems Italians deny and cannot speak languages correctly, even their own native tongue. Too busy murdering and raping little boys as the Vatican has an issue with that today and most #deepstate feign religiosity while they sin each night. #confression no longer works, murder does, The CIA follows no laws and so why should any human on earth? Period.

CIA FBI NSA kiddie molester outfit has done nothing but for about 30 Million people of extreme wealth, the rest of the world are their abuse and rape vehicles.

important point I just missed is that the Media screwed him because the media are non white here in LA, they are yellow bellied Commies masking as Latin or Judeans and then there are blacks, they despise whites, just get along because it is convenient, and then the brown Asians who hate white Asians, historically and over in their quadrant t of planet earth . Media = Brown and So does CIA = Brown yellow bellied Judean AntiChrists,.

#revelations there is your secret. #Italian Mafioso ripped off about $100 trillion form the USA in the last 114 years. So we take their race off the fuxking earth for good, That way they can never hurt another child.

#bookoflife #arcmichael #07232017AD



Robert Meuller is looking into a John Podesta Email which says Hillary and Bill Clinton laundered $25,000,000 Million Dollars from mysterious terrorists foundations at Dubai . NOT , He could careless, it is about Paul Manafort’s $16 Million dollar debt to Eastern Shell Companies. Meuller believes this will lead to an impeachment of #DonaldTrump because he once hired him; but fire d him before the election. Robert Meuller and other CIANSAFBI Freakos did #911 as can be seen a full on three building demolition as each building came down in only a scientific way understood by all engineers. If the buildings fell because of plane fire, they would have toppled and fell to the side, Not a demolition, strait down with all those explosions and visual puffs of smoke preceding the collapse threshold – textbook “ #PULLDOWN” . Even Peter Jennings said the obvious . That looked like a pull down . #lolz. #11092001AD


now you can see why they tried to kill me at least 12 days and over 30 attempts. I upset their babyrape caliphate.

CIA believes that kiddie rape is what life is all about. your kids, not theirs . imo

#bookoflife #arcmichael

September 11 th 2,001 A.D. New York and Washington DC attacks were done by the establishment of the U.S. Dragon


A European scientific study has concluded that on September 11, 2001, the Twin Towers were brought down by a controlled demolition. 
The study, conducted by four physicists and published in Europhysics Magazine, says that “the evidence points overwhelmingly to the conclusion that all three buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition.”



.The study is the work of Steven Jones, former full professor of physics at Brigham Young University, Robert Korol, a professor emeritus of civil engineering at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, Anthony Szamboti, a mechanical design engineer with over 25 years of structural design experience in the aerospace and communications industries, and Ted Walter, the director of strategy and development for Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, a nonprofit organization that today represents more than 2,500 architects and engineers.
Conscious of the controversial nature of the report Europhysics included an editor’s note with the study in the September 2016 issue: “This feature is somewhat different from our usual purely scientific articles, in that it contains some speculation. However, given the timing and the importance of the issue, we consider that this feature is sufficiently technical and interesting to merit publication for our readers. Obviously, the content of this article is the responsibility of the authors.” wnd, yournewwire. accessed 07 23 2017 A.D.

USA Dragon History of the Satanist takeover

11:59 p.m. NoHo, Los Angeles, spelling and just a few add sentances after this time.— Archangel Michael 07232017A.D.

Robert Meuller ( Republican registered, acts like a anti-American Democrat Globalist) the reason the U.S. A. is in a very , very deep and discerning crises is that Prescott Bush did a very Satanic Act of skull fxxking a dug up human skull and Skull&Bones acted like the secret Knights Templer and butt fucked *eachother too keep a sworn pack of silence* .  In 1974 at Watergate, the son of the Demon that built the NAZI machine   or one of the nine U.S. Corpos that represented investment in Germany pre World War II had taken over the United States Military Complex from Allen Dullas.  His vision worked for a while: Kill Peacepeople like the Kennedys, take Vietnam for its  ‘then’ $2.4 trillion dollar trade access sea routs and accompanied small oil fields, Iran meddling by chemming up Saddam with Bush’s help to secure a Baathist hegemony  ( Saddam came from that village  tribe) and jinning up an Iraq- Iran war, and then arming the Taliban or Mujahideen, Tim Brown was a code name for Usama bin Innocent of all 911 charges , Laden and then did Iraq war I and II all on false narratives. Russian sat recon released two years ago shows no Iraqi troops in Kuwait nor near the border after the George H. W. Bush New York teaching of the Kuwaiti ambassadors daughter to lie and say Iraqis were taking  new borne  form mothers arms in hospitals and killing them on the spot. All were lies, Robert. And you know all of this too. .  Then Bush  Sr. said to his son, why do not You run for president so we can rob the Iraqi banks this time. So the Deep State worked with the Beast  ( Caligula reincarnated) William J Clinton and started the War on Terror officially by launching 65 cruise missiles at towns and factories in the Middle East killing innocents and calling them terrorist training camps. Fuxking shtye.  Then, the White Paper by Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, and  Wolfowitz or other dumademics claimed Russia was old news and last century and the U.S.A . needs to focus on  China  this century and a part of that plan was to take the oil of the Middle east into our control and that was the New Century Operation, aka  911. = September 11 ,2,001 A.D.

*Now the question remains* ? Did this all work and is America in a place it needs to be currently? Congress approval rating have been in the 20s for over 20 years now. That is  an embarrassment. No child passes a test these days below 40%, and that is a special circumstance. The world hates the U.S.A. and all know over at the east and Middle East the Syrian Chem attacks are the C.I.A. U.S.A. Deep State and thus America is the Devil. SO expect the 1,500 plus  year #blowback because of Bush sr.  We are told in the media, oil companies do contracts with foreign governments . But in reality, the USA puts in puppet rulers who suppress and torture their own citizens while they fxxk too, each other in the ass ( many Sauudi Princes are bi sexual or gay, confirmed for decades, and most are jews with false #Muslim names, busted)  and Bush Sr, Zapada meet  - and - greet a day after the assassination of J.F. K. , his vision for the U.S.A .has caused this crises, not The #Deplorables  ( e.g. Hillary Clinton's term for white people of generations whose generations built up American and fought to defend it.) that  are pushed out by Fascist political correctness = #whitegenocide  and affirmative action and Sanctuary cities  and all sorts of evil  in the propaganda sectors.  *This is the Bush vision* and Bush sr. gave a part of the Mil complex control to Beast Bill Clinton  two years ago. You fucking assholes will not stop with your hate, lies and bigotry and endless moribund warmongering for Judean profits and afro luxury lifestyles. Yeah, it is here  हर हर महादेव . So you can now report the truth punk to the world that your Bush Military complex vision of a new Century was a total disaster. So Bush’s plan was to frame Islam and then flood them into western lands and give them economic and social privilege as an excuse for destroying their lands? That type of  thinking only comes from a committed #Satanist : George  Herbert Walker Bush. That #NewCentury plan then turned into an 10 Obama attempted, some successful overthrows of North African and Middle Eastern nations;;  and you keep allowing white hate on every television show and movie while championing the white masked and driven U.S. government and the United Nations and N.A.T.O. as the moral or necessary saviors of the  human race? &  All the while killing #American #whistleblowers who were severely affected by all  your global mishaps and misadventures in Demonology?

The top argument is that this plan made #America #Great, the greatest #superpower on Earth. But that is also a flawed argument as  the poor have taken over the middle classes of traditional Americans and Deeppoopoostate flooded foreigners in with overstayed VISA and cheap labor -  all begun under Ronald Reagan and his #CIA , then V.P. George H. W. Bush, who is dumber than a pile of rocks. #Yale is the Ivy League liberal arts college.

#Harvard economic school that Bush Jr. attended  teaches that one puts the foreigner stock shareholders first before Americans.  Therefore in reality, the U.S.A  was not a great nation but a great globalist oligarchy of Freaky Liberal arts majors. Yah, Fucking your club buddy and  then digging up corpses to fuck dead skulls is not worthy of a leader of a powerful people and nation. Eh? That is why it is called a secret society. How is this #Democratic?  Secret and Democracies are sworn enemies. Read Hillary Clinton's 1969 Senior Thesis, which she apparently y never followed her own advice. #transparency

Basically your programs left the real American talent in the streets  and now you will pay  You will be a part of and a spectator to  the entire thing collapsing. Not our fault, your fault. Your anti-white rhetoric = Russian whites = and being white yourselves, thus white traitors, whites will and can and have the power and skill to destroy you too. You suck on Afro billionaire penises, a promotion to fucking small white  Bones club members. Your FBI and CIA et al. are run by the  feeling in your groins. Now you know why the U.S.A. is in a deep crises.

#arcmichael #bookoflife #07232017AD #politics #UShistory

#facts Interesting. on #Political Official top positions and #booze and #drugs. good observation about Dick #Cheney keeping 'W' drunk; just like John #Podesta kept Hillary drunk and medicated. Videos show this all over the media for the 2015-'16 Election cycles. See 2000s media for all the drunken bruises George Walker #Bush got on vacations, falling and hitting his head on the corner of a couch, dead drunk. #williamjclinton = #звір
#bookoflife #arcmichael #07242017AD #UShistory

Body Harvesting and Kidde Porn by Deep Pit Deep State Baby Rape

Klaus Eberwein's suicide was connected to Haitian body part and kidde porn to Bill  Clinton, Dick Cheny, and Barbara Bush by way of a Clinton foundation, St. Vincint  Hospital for the DeepPit ( Clinton) health initiative where they abduct children  and harvest their body parts for fatsos like Dick Cheney also found on  the donors list or member list. youtube . Assassinations list update. death of Peter Smith and Beranton Whisenant  linked to the US State Dept under Hillary Rodham Clinton, beast’s wife.


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Corsi, Jerome, Who Really Killed Kennedy ? 2013.
Parallels with Lee Harvey Oswald

There are many parallels between Sanchez and Lee Harvey Oswald.

Both were ex-military who left the service expressing distinct sympathies for communist Russia.

Assassination researchers Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann, in their 2005 book “Ultimate Sacrifice,” point out that Oswald was “a seemingly communist ex-Marine who was able to get a job at a sensitive firm – a Dallas company that helped prepare maps on U-2 spy plane photos – even after he returned from his ‘defection’ to the Soviet Union.”

Waldron and Hartman note that in comparison, the “Guatemala patsy” was described by the Guatemalan government as a communist fanatic who was expelled from the Guatemalan Army only six months before he assassinated Armas. Yet somehow Sanchez had still been allowed to join the Presidential Palace Guard.

How was that possible? Surely the Presidential Palace Guard would have been a sufficiently elite military unit to require a background check before they were hired. Waldron and Hartman further note both were ex-military who were described as communist nuts that killed a president with a rifle, conveniently leaving behind diaries rambling in communist propaganda.

There is no photographic proof that either Sanchez or Oswald were the assassins who pulled the trigger.

Neither had any witnesses who were in the room with them when they pulled the triggers.

Neither made any confession of their crimes.

Both were soon killed themselves – with Jack Ruby shooting Oswald and Sanchez shooting himself, obviating any need for a criminal investigation or trial.

Both the Armas assassination and the JFK assassination were considered open-and-shut cases in which responsible government and law enforcement authorities declared the guilt of Sanchez and Oswald was obvious, such that doubters could be dismissed as “conspiracy theorists.”

Both assassins were dead and buried a short time after the assassination, avoiding a prolonged time for grief or for unanswered questions to surface.

In neither case has any written record been produced of government interrogation. Oswald was questioned by Dallas Police, the FBI and/or Secret Service after his arrest. Sanchez was interrogated prior to being released from the military because of suspicions he was a communist.

In both cases, Sanchez and Oswald made perfect patsies because authorities openly proclaimed their guilt before trial, and their deaths made sure neither would have the opportunity to counter accusations.

The suicide of Sanchez closed the investigation of the Armas assassination, just as Jack Ruby murdering Oswald closed the investigation of the JFK assassination.
[ radical.org] complaints filed to U.S. courts, but the courts controlled by their sexual addictions to killing innocents made them comply with the Academic Hollywood Industrial Corporations Military Complex.  March 11, 1970, filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in the case of Harold Weisberg v. U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of State, Civil Action No. 718-70.).
Corsi, Jerome, Who Really Killed Kennedy ? 2013.
Assassination of J.F.K Changes America and identifies Evil in the Places that it should not be, our lives!

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