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United States of America 1963 : Lyndon B. Johnson & Hoover F.B.I. Meet the Night Before the Coup d’état  

Origins of the U.S.A. Military Complex

Assassination of J.F.K Changes America and identifies Evil in the Places that it should not be, our lives!

by Archangel Michael: major updates, 14-17 (21-24, 31, nov. 4-5 th, 7-9 th)  Oct,Nov 2013.  Comet ISON 2012 Conjunct Mars Conjunct Alpha Leonis. Alpha leonis is little king, Mars is the murderer, and the comet is the revelations. Here I will use a Nostradamus' poem to crack the case.Lyndon B. Johnson born with this star at culmination PED


Magic Racist Bullet Theorem

Vincent Bugliosi’ Propaganda for Implementing White Supremacy.

The Magic Racist Bullet

Zapruder 313 Digital Copy with Color Enhanced ( see jpeg for color code) to highlight debit of shots. Jacqueline Kennedy and Lilly, Connolly’s wife, the Secret Service man behind him, stated in an interview and, a police man on a motorcycle on the left side and behind the President’s limo, and NOT JOHN CONNOLLY were the only ones to get blood and brain matter on their persons.


Arlen Specter (Washington D.C. Military Complex Establishment, switched parties on multiple occasions to remain in power. He has murderous power but a low intellect.) explained that Connolly is sitting below the U.S. President, and to his right, so that the arc from the sixth story window of the Texas School Book Depository was a direct line for the shooter ( he says was Lee Harvey Oswald, he claims by scientific proof) to hit both the President and the Governor. So Vincent Bugliosi using Military Complex goon Specter’s conspiracy refused to explain why kill shot ) 313 Zapruder did not spray Connolly with the President’s brains, blood and body matter. Instead, we saw Jacqueline Kennedy walk up the stairway of Air Force One with blood spattered all over her clothes, and Lilly, Connolly’s wife sitting in front of Jacqueline testified she also had blood and brain matter on her. Therefore, in my opinion, you can be mentally ill and be a great prosecutor or be in Washington D.C. for most of your life. It matters not. If the magic bullet theory works in Specter’s and Bugliosi’s theorem but it does not apply to John Connolly, we have some mentally confused individuals with perhaps a conspiracy to support the U.S. Military Complex themselves.

Rosemary Willis' Two Head Snaps (she hears shots, west edge TSBD, and looks and then about z-214 while looking at roof west edge TSBD, begins turn at z-215 to Knoll gunshot sound(s), head snaps radically to powerful exploding bullet sounds).

[Donald Roberdeau 2001]

Vincent Bugliosi’s Reclaiming History tries to finally dispose of the Oswald was not the only shooter conspirators, but fails to impliment standard rational thinking, normative science,  nor does it use any critical thinking, and often sounds overly emotional as in a spoiled child’s temper tantrum;  and it simply covers up for white or for European Racism. Bill O'reilly Dennis Prager, and many others believe in Oswald is a Commie and that explains it all. Lee Harvey Oswald said to C.I.A. officer on film, in almost all Documentaries, he is not a communist, he is a Marxist, two very different things. Bugliosi, Specter, L.B. Johnson, Hoover, Angelton, Bushes, Clinton, nor anyone in the Senate has any idea between the difference. The sad thing about John F. Kennedy was a government so delusional of its new “superpower” world status, it forgets to define its direction and it went uncontrolled for a long time. A Marxist has 100 different authors on variations of what Karl Marx said. The Communist Manifesto was written by Frederick Engels, a sweat-shop corporate businessman, who asked Karl Marx to help in spelling and organization of a pamphlet that became known as the Communist Manifesto. This is or will never be what Karl Marx described in his ideas on how to rule a state. Bugliosi and the long shooter conspirators keep this under wraps because to admit the government was involved in a cover – up would mean to stop warlord racism, and mass murder based upon NAZI biological determinism. Perhaps, Civil Rights moved to far for Bugliosi’s liking and so he wrote Reclaiming History  in hopes to put back the White Supremacists that control the U.S. Military Complex.

Rosemary Willis' Turns from West Roof DTSBD to Knoll Shot Sounds!!!

Nostradamus 1557 A.D.: The Guilty Hidden, Pruned Garden {grassy knoll} during a mist {rained + misting before and after the coup d’état at Dallas 22 Nov. 1963!}.

For the Prophecy Military Complex sec. D.

This is called the Majic Racist Bullet because it allowed the U.S.A. People to laugh at killing Asians and destroying their families, which was the purpose to kill Kennedy by the Military Complex and use Demon boy Lyndon B. Johnson as its puppet. But the guilt lay solely on the American people that support the Murder Inc. Complex, it gave them their middle class status.    

oo.4506 seconds difference between two shots. Notice John Connolly has not yet been shot that we see him  collapse, as he stated his whole life he was shot by a separate bullet, so did his wife say this over and over again; he was looking at Kennedy and appears not to have been hit by the collapse bullet yet,  while John F. Kennedy is receiving more than one bullet, in these photos from frames of Abraham Zapruder. Robert Gordon believes there were as many as between 8 -10 bullets. Two bullets were recovered, one in a pristine form, inside the Limo, retrieved at Parkland before Lyndon B. Johnson, by previous orders to Roy Kellerman to clean the crime scene to cover up the evidence.

#killedkennedy with #Bushsr #antichrist   + #African #American   #fbi #jayehoover a private sissy gurl.  #lbj + #hoover    forced #ruby to commit, submit and lie. He went to get big bank from new #dullas , just retired by #JFK to make wars on whites to dark skinned #Asians for Billions in comparable econ equivalence with current 'exchange
  indices .. #halliburton = belongs owned by his #traitor to humans #wife  
 after Killing #Kennedy , first day in office #potus   over turned ALL of Kennedy's #stopvietnam legislation. media lies, lied and keeps  lying  = these are the  #Military #Shadowgovernment . wife laid air strips at Vietnam to kill humans, got over a #billion dollars in today's worth. 

Text books call him 'great leader' ! He was #assassinated for his knowledge. poisoned, heart attack. #arcmichael #bookoflife #10182016ad  

after this was accomplished and years later, #antichrist with Ronald dumba$$   #reagan began the persecution of white #white and Christians after the #Lebanon barrack attacks and the illegal invasion of Granada to  knock off his #antichrist ways.

#africanAmerican #FBI    #jjayedgarhoover #jayedgarhoover   worked with Reagan to end white white people on Earth. #Einstein said, #Kill all whites to end racism . So that is what the #eviljins of fake #hebrew arabite barbarians are doing.

#hoover ( #black ) with  skin disease worked with #ronaldreagan to end #kkk second wave. these were mere #german #whtiearabs ; nordics are only there up to 1920s, the last end of the first wave.

#Reagan   began #NAFTA and threw out Americans out of their jobs, replaced them with #brown #Jihadis . Now we have   a real culture issue. so west and now big cities are turning brown because #BROWN HATES #Whites AT #dna LEVEL.

#beast 1990s Finally sings #nafta into legislation. now 150 Million USA citizens live well below the  poverty line.  & 70 Million of those are on #ssi or some form of government #welfare

Yo Idiots, we want jobs. you make war for yourselfs but blame us innocents, only. Your own greed, we got nothing. FOAD.  You support cultures that rape and kill us, you are going to a lake of Fire. † updated 10182016ad

Lee Harvey Oswald was a Marksman

Three Marine Levels of Rifle behavior as determined by U.S. Marine Corps and Warren Commissions Findings.

Could Oswald Shot a Gun?

U.S. Marine Corps? Overall Evaluation, NO!

top award: “Expert” (Master) ( Oswald NO!)

Middle Award: “sharpshooter" ( Oswald No!)

Lowest & a fail: “marksman” (Oswald Yes!)

Only one round of shots did Oswald make 212 or in the ‘sharpshooter” range. All the other rifle shot data on Oswald agrees with the U.S. Marine Evaluation. He sucked!; he was more of an intellect.

Oswald was eventually thrown out of the Marines, perhaps arguing that Democracy in America is not actually Democracy but run by the C.I.A. So the Military kicks him out and then he is put on a coup d’état patsy list; This means he will be turned white to black, and then kept in the dark shadows. If things turn out, they have hundreds of patsies that the U.S.A. Military watches, then that Patsy is ready to go , to be used like piece of trash for entertainment.

Warren Commission Reconstruction: The Commission's test firers were all rated as "Master" by the National Rifle Association (NRA); they were experts whose daily routines involved working with and shooting firearms (3H445). In the tests, three targets were set up at 175, 240, and 365 feet respectively from a 30-foot-high tower. Each shooter fired two series of three shots, using the C2766 rifle. The men took 8.25, 6.75, and 4.60 seconds respectively for the first series and 7.00, 6.45, and 5.15 for the second (3H446). In the first series, each man hit his first and third targets but missed the second. Results varied on the next series, although in all cases but one, two targets were hit. Thus, in only two cases were the Commission's experts able to fire three aimed shots in under 5.6 seconds as Oswald allegedly did. None scored three hits, as was demanded of a lone assassin on November 22. (Ch. 9 Oswald's Rifle Capability )

Oswald was a marksman and he had not fired a rifle since May of 1955. In the Warren Commission Reconstructioners, all firearm experts were daily practicing gun enthusiasts and only ‘masters’ are able to achieve this level by a continuous practicing mode.

Because the U.S.A. Military Complex stopped the lead car with two of their people, near the triple over pass to call on two way radio if the patsy was in the building, the Presidential Limo was slowing, speeding, slowing up, nearly stopped, and then slamming on the gas. The car was never a steady flow, which reconstructions totally miscount. Albert Einstein as a cocky youth claiming there is no God, he knows more than him, he just published his “Special Relativity Paper,” not many had read it yet, changed his mind over time. God, surely exists, Einstein corrected his younger blunder, because space-time is not uniform, now I see, a mistake of my youth! John F. Kennedy was not in a stable linear motion. For any shooter, even a Marine Expert, to make all three shots hit, as the Warren Commission made its final statements, totally ignoring multiple bullets they pulled off the Dealey Plaza grounds in two days of investigation, these shots would have been a near miracle.

John. F. Kennedy was wearing a secret brace which then made his tallness or head in not a normal position. Oswald, unless the Military Complex told him, because this secret info comes from Lyndon B. Johnson, his V.P., the scoping in would have to be adjusted.  

GUN - The Warren Commission Claims for Proof of Lee Harvey Oswald - NUG

[T]he Warren Commission had three pieces of tangible evidence that linked Lee Harvey Oswald to the assassination of President Kennedy: (1) A rifle purchased by Oswald and three empty cartridge cases fired in that rifle were discovered on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, (2) a nearly whole bullet that had been fired from Oswald's rifle was found on a stretcher at Parkland Hospital, and (3) two fragments of a bullet or bullets that had been fired from Oswald's rifle were found on the front seat of the presidential limousine.

No Proof, even Chief Jesse Curry did not believe Oswald fired the gun.

 "[T]here is nothing in this evidence itself to prove either that Oswald's rifle was used in the shooting or, if it was, that Oswald fired it. The whole fault in the Commission's case relating the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle to the shooting is this: bullets identifiable with that rifle were found outside of the victims' bodies. Pieces of metal not traceable to any rifle were found inside the bodies. The Report merely assumes the legitimacy of the specimens found externally and works on the assumption that these bullets and fragments had once been inside the bodies, and thus were involved in the shooting." [ ratical.org].  

The Gun reported to be found in one of the three plant wallets that had been linked to Oswald, one suspiciously left at Officer Tippet's crime scene, claimed A. Hiddle purchased a carcano from another state through the main to be picked up at the United States of America post office. But no receipt or Léger of a pick up of a Gun by either Oswald of A. Hiddle was found. The Gun in the so-called Marina photos was shorter than the one they found allegedly at the sniper’s nest on the sixth floor open window and the one purchased by A. Hiddle, allegedly. So The Warren Commission needed forensics test from the bullets to the gun to the scene of the crime, they had to lie and just hope people would believe them.

 Two Star Witnesses See D T S Book Depository Assassins.

Facts: Only one Witness Claimed to have seen a dischard rifle, and here is one star witness for The Warren  Commission  and one star witness for The John F. Kennedy truth.


<-GUNFIRESEEN---------------6 th Floor Dallas T S B Depository----GUNFIRE NOT SEEN->


Sixth Floor DTS Book Depository, 12:30 p.m., 22 Nov.1963

Only Gunfire To be seen by only one witness.

East Window: a man holding a rifle Fired a second sounding Shot, discharge seen!  Amos Euins testimony. Military Complex member, Arlen Specter said, Yo! You did not see that! Get it? (2H209).


medical student Willam A. Harper pointed out q Skull Fragment, dubbed the Harper Fragment, flown later to Bethesda, the arc or trajectory of a projectile runs a near cord to the Dallas Texas School Book Depository west column windows.

    Warren Commission (R63).     Sixth Floor DTS Book Depository, 12:30 p.m., 22 Nov.1963

No Gun Discharge Seen.

West Window: Howard Brennan: Saw man point a rifle, heard shots like everyone else, no discharge seen.

Mr. McCloy: Did you see the rifle explode? Did you see the flash of what was either the second or the third shot?
Mr. Brennan: No.
Mr. McCloy: Could you see that he had discharged the rifle?
Mr. Brennan: No . . .
Mr. McCloy: Yes. But you saw him aim?
Mr. Brennan: Yes.
Mr. McCloy: Did you see the rifle discharge, did you see the recoil or the flash?
Mr. Brennan: No.
Mr. McCloy: But you heard the last shot?
Mr. Brennan: The report; yes, sir. (3H154).

Carcanos' admit a small amount of smoke (26H811) and manifests a recoil (3H451). Brennan claims he only saw a man point a rifle.

Malcolm Wallace finger print found.
Lee Harvey Oswald’s fingerprints found a day after Military Complex retrieved body at Morgue in front of the staff, apparently they had no concern about them, tampered by - hand to gun, hand to cardboard pieces as was reported. By one week all the tampering was complete, according to Hoover’s conversation to Lyndon B. Johnson, 29 Nov. 1963.

            Fifth Floor DTS Book Depository, 12:33:30 p.m. local Dallas Time, 22 Nov.1963

West Window: Two black employees hear shots,

Not sure of where, these two also said they heard three shells dropping ( most likely placed into the narrative, or the captured audio by Military Complex, 6 gunshot sounds)  the Warren Commission tells them it comes from above them. Other Witnesses see a dark complexity man in the west windows of the fifth or sixth floor, and after, one runs after a man and he had brown skin toned, a dark jacket and ran into a get away car .     

Amos Euins,
a 16-year-old whose who had a difficult time with the pressure of the Military Complex lawyers and panel claimed to have seen a rife come from the far east window ( e.g. the closest to the scouter 'kill shot' area). c.f. man holding a rifle in the southeast-corner sixth-floor window & said he saw the Depository gunman fire the second shot (2H209).

 no spectrographic data matches gun

Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry held the belief until he died that the bullets found could not be linked to the gun, thus, then, nor to Lee Harvey Oswald as the shooter.

Military Complex Solution?

Hide the Evidence & Lie!

On November 23, 1963, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover sent a report to Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry summarizing the results of FBI laboratory examinations, including spectrographic analysis (see 24H262-64). On the matter of composition. The lead metal of [exhibits] Q4 and Q5 [fragments from the President's head], Q9 [fragment(s) from the Governor's wrist], Q14 [three pieces of lead found under the left jump seat in the limousine] and Q15 [scraping from the windshield crack] is similar to the lead of the core of the bullet fragment, Q2 [found on the front seat of the car].

However, no spectrographic data was presented for public enquiry.

FBI ballistics expert Robert Frazier gave testimony about these tests on May 13, 1964. John F. Gallager (5H67, 69) was not a spectrographic expert and had no history of training in  physics and in chemistry. He was considered a ranch hand ballistics and firearms identifier. This was just a way for Hoover to present false information to the public. There is no science involved in matching the gun to the bullets found.  Lee Harvey Oswald had no gun residue on his cheeks, it would have been there if he had fired that rifle and they could have matched samples but how could they get them when the suspect did not carry them?


Archangel Michael:

The spectrographic tests falsities created an outcry from the public and so the U.S.A. government became fearful that the people would stop the human sacrifice of the elite Washington D.C. Military Complex club. Life was too exciting to stop murdering innocent people, this thrill of killing was an addiction, so the U.S.A. government in put away  the Warren Commission gun residue data so no one could try to match these samples to the gun. The Academic, Hollywood Entertainment, Media Global, Middle Class and upper class Military Complex continues to support the suppression of truth so they can feed their murderous addiction. That remains the reason and the only reason. You have to be too stupid not to understand this simple fact. No evidence for the people, you must be hiding the truth.


The Window

Two finger prints on two box cartons next to the southeast sixth floor window is all the evidence to place Oswald at the window. However, these boxes could have been moved there prior. This is really not proof. Oswald works in the building, and boxes are its normal cargo.

In addition, the twenty something youth that saw a dark completed man at the window saw that same man run from the scene, he ran after him, he exited the rear of the Book Depository building ran one block and jumped into a get away vehicle. So this was not Oswald in the first place. There are also two black men at the time of the shots photographed by Dillard, 3.5 seconds after the kill shot, and these people could also have been confused with the upper widow of the sixth floor. They are on the same column of windows just a different row, one row below on the fifth story.

The fingerprints were the only "physical evidence" the Commission could offer to relate Oswald to that specific window (R140-41). Since the fingerprint evidence in fact does not relate Oswald to the window, it is important to note that no physical evidence placed Oswald at the window at any time. append.


The Rout Did Not Contain Information of a 270° turn and passing in front of the Dallas Texas School Book Depository. This would be against U.S. Secret Service and Presidential Security Laws.

So multiple routs were published, and acknowledged by Earl Warren. However, to the public they lied. And stupid people like super leftist Bill O'Rielly  support the murderous Military Complex by continuing these lies.


This intends, Oswald could never have pre meditated the motorcade passing in front of his work place. However, conflicting routs were published, but the Commission never mentions this. The Dallas Morning News and the Times Herald carried the release of the motorcade route on November 19, including the information about the turn onto Elm (22H614-15). Then they changed it. On  November 20 "[the Dallas] Morning News carried another description of the route, saying the motorcade "will travel on Mockingbird Lane, Lemmon Avenue, Turtle Creek Boulevard, Cedar Springs, Harwood, Main and Stemmons Freeway," with mention of the Houston-to-Elm stretch omitted (22H616). Not included in the Commission's evidence but discovered and printed by Harold Weisberg, is a map of the motorcade route that appeared on the front page of the Morning News of November 22, the day of the President's visit. The map shows the route as taking Main down to Stemmons Freeway again, avoiding the cut-over to Elm.[1] ." 

The Public News papers never published the exact motorcade route on any day. The only link was Main St. to the Triple over pass.

Warren Commission Finding:  Speculation. -- The route shown in the newspaper took the motorcade through the Triple Underpass via Main Street, a block away from the Depository. Therefore, Oswald could not have known that the motorcade would pass directly by the . . . Depository Building. (R643).

Warren Commission Military Complex Media Communication: The rout for the president was exactly laid out in news papers on multiple days.

So the Military Complex Commission ( a.k.a. The Warren Commission) a "co-worker James Jarman, who met Oswald on the first floor of the Depository between 9:30 and 10:00 on the morning of November 22. According to Jarman, Oswald was standing up in the window and I went to the window also, and he asked me what were the people gathering around the corner for, and I told him that the President was supposed to pass that morning, and he asked me did I know which way he was coming, and I told him, yes; he probably come down Main and turn on Houston and then back again on Elm.
Then he said, "Oh, I see," and that was all. (3H201)

This shows no premeditation. Oswald does not know in fact the U.S. President will pass with its motorcade below the window of the Book Depository. He had no clue. It was suggestive. So the premeditation cannot be used in court.

Ruling: Therefore this cannot be linked to premeditation and the only motive put forth by the public, media and the U.S. Military Legislative complex, "Oswald wanted to be known to the world."


The Gun Storage Insanity.

The Military Complex had already three days before the assassination intimidated Marina, and she lived with her translator, Ruth Paine, in Irving , some fifteen milies from Oswald's work, with two children. Buell Wesley Frazier, who also worked at the Depository, he often gave Oswald rides to work he says, and he saved his car and gave television and film memories of the day he drove Oswald; he had noticed a brown paper bag Oswald had brought. Frazier lived near by, Oswald asked him a day before 21 Nov. 1963

Oswald generally would go to Irving on Friday afternoon and return to Dallas Monday morning" (R129) he worked with Frazier and he was a neighbor to his wife and Paine.

The Warren Report claims this was unprecedented, that Oswald was totally estranged from his wife. Oswald was estranged, meaning he was ordered not to live with her, be her. He visited on the weekends, and thus he knew Frazier well. When he asked Frazier to give him a ride to work, and he somehow mentions curtain rods for some apartment, this was not significant but a general conversation. He would not even had to bring up the curtain rods in the first place, Frazier’s car was a long car, a station wagon, and the rods were probably more fitted for car transportation in a station wagon. You can move curtain rods in a bubble car, Volkswagen, but they would perhaps sticking out the open windows. The Warren Report implies Oswald does not go to Irvine, and Ruth Paine stores his weapon. That is the Warren Report link.

Ruth Paine on 23 Nov. 1963 produces three photos taken by Marina of Oswald in front of General that had escaped an assassination [ back alley; but Warren Commission claims this was the back of Paine's home.]. So it seems like a familiy affaire. 

Marina testified she once peeked into this blanket and saw the stock of a rifle (R128). She never said she saw a C2766 rifle ( i.e. code for the Carcano in the Warren Commission). So what to do? How about producing some type of photos? When the police searched the Paine Garage, Marina was told to point to the sheet or blanket Oswald covered up the rifle nozzle she claimed to have seen. Mr. and Mrs. Paine took off leaving the F.B.I. to search their home.

C2766 rifle = The M.C. Patsy Oswald rifle was an Italian Fucile di Fanteria (Eng: Infantry rifle) Modello 91/38 (Model 1891/1938) manufactured at the Royal Arms Factory in Terni, Italy, in 1940. Ironically, the (Carcano) Fucile di Fanteria Modello in the hands of Oswald in the Military Complex fake photo, seen in all the academic military complex books, is a 32 inch, so it was not the C2766 rifle. Often The Military Complex employs low intelligent humanoids and mistakes like these are common. 


Curtin Rods

Military Coup D’état : Get landlady to lie.

Truth take photos: After assassination photographers wanted raw photos of the suspect's room, they take them and no one knows about the curtain rod issue. When the photos are taken, the curtain rods are not assembled but laid out as if someone was waiting for a missing piece before they installed the entire set! Does this mean Oswald was actually telling the truth?

September 21, 1964, ten months after the assassination only Roy Truly was ever asked about if anyone found 'curtain rods' in the Book Depository because there were rules about 'turning in found curtain rods' which is ludicrous. Oswald's landlady said his room contained rods and curtains. So why did he need them? However, more evidence comes by a later investigation, where others know a huge story narrative on curtian rods.

Black Star photographer Gene Daniels followed many of the events in Dallas on the weekend of the assassination. On Saturday morning, November 23, he went to Oswald's rooming house and obtained a fascinating set of pictures. Daniels explained the circumstances to me:

I went to the rooming house the following morning and requested permission to make the photograph from the landlady. I'm not sure of her name but I don't think she was the owner. We went into the room and she told me she preferred not to have me take any pictures until she put "the curtains back up." She said that newsmen the evening before had disturbed the room and she didn't want anyone to see it messed up. I agreed and stood in the room as she and her husband stood on the bed and hammered the curtain rods back into position. While she did this, I photographed them or possibly just her I forget right now, up on the bed with the curtain rods etc.[7]

It seems doubtful in the extreme that the activity of newsmen the night before could physically have removed curtain rods from the wall in Oswald's room. A more reasonable possibility is that the rods had not been up at all until November 23, when Daniels witnessed and photographed the landlady and her husband hammering the rods into the wall. 

What did Officer Fritz ask Oswald on day two? Oswald said he not heard of shower curtains claim from his friend, According to Fritz, Oswald denied having told the curtain-rod story to Frazier (R604). The women thought he had come to Irving because he felt badly about arguing with his wife about the use of the fictitious name. He said that he was lonely, because he had not come the previous weekend, and told Marina that he "wanted to make his peace" with her. (R740) . This is where another claim by the Demon Court that Oswald left his wedding ring, and most of his money to Marina, as a tyle of farewell gift. This is unlikely because Marina would have used the money for the children, and making child payments was normal, and she lived 15 miles away from Oswald's work, so why wait to after work to leave the money). Oswald cubicle at the boarding house was being renovated, and needed curtain rods.  Frazier on all his television documentaries said he looked into the back of the car and noticed the brown bag Oswald had brought but did not ask him what it was, and Oswald told Fritz he never spoke to Frazier about the curtain rods that day of the assassination but according to Frazier Oswald called him the night before to give a ride from Paine’s home ( where Marina and his two children live) to work, because he was to pick up some curtain rods.

Mrs. Linnie Mae Randle, Buell Wesley Frazier's sister and Frazier were the only two people to see Oswald that morning before he arrived at the Depository. Both claimed on their initial reports the  bag was 'about two feet.' in length. At the Warren Commission reconstruction testimony was the bag was about 6 feet long. Yet, Frazier and Randle always claimed the bag was about 27 to 28 inches long. A Carcano is 32 - 36 depending upon various model and lengths. Not even the Commission could produce a single piece of evidence disputing Frazier and Mrs. Randle. This is why the Warren Commission has an  80% disapproval rating the lies, the self contradictions, the ambiguity ( Angelton, C.I.A. Counter Intel) because the package was not the length of the Gun found, it was way too short. So let us look back at the facts. Oswald’s room has no rods nor curtains, it is being renovated during the President’s visit. Oswald says to Officer Fritz I did not speak about curtain rods to Frazier, Frazier on documentaries to celebrate his status as being the driver that drove the ‘alleged’ assassin, he never said a word to Oswald the morning of the coup d’état. He only noticed Oswald had brought a brown paper package about 27 and a half inches. So Oswald was not technically lying.

The Commission has weighed the visual recollection of Frazier and Mrs. Randle against the evidence here presented that the bag Oswald carried contained the assassination weapon and has concluded that Frazier and Randle are mistaken as to the length of the bag. (R134) .

"A [38-inch long] handmade bag of paper and tape was found in the southeast corner of the sixth floor alongside the window from which the shots were fired. It was not a standard type bag which could be obtained in a store and it was presumably made for a particular purpose," says the Report (R134). Before any evidence relevant to this bag is presented, the Report draws an important inference from its location; "The presence of the bag in this corner is cogent evidence that it was used as the container for the rifle" (R135).

We already noted the Commission Called Mrs. Linnie Mae Randle and Frazier, the man who Oswald gave a ride to work that day, are liars. Now we have a palm print linking the 38-inch long handmade bag of paper and tape, because it was self constructed. This is the same bag brought to the Mortuary where the Secret Military Personnel was reported by staff to have brought in a rifle, and a some paper and visit Oswald's corpse.  

Furthermore evidence showed that tape from the Depositor was used and it had to have come off the dispenser, it was moist sensitive. So Oswald would have made that package inside of the building, not at Paine’s home. The forensics showed the tape was from the Book Depository. He would have had to take a large section of the spool home or to Paines’ home and then pull the tape. Troy Eugene West, a full-time mail wrapper at the Depository, worked at the same bench from which the materials for the paper sack were taken said he never saw Oswald near his area of work.

Mr. Belin: Did Lee Harvey Oswald ever help you wrap mail?
      Mr. West: No, sir; he never did.
      Mr. Belin: Do you know whether or not he ever borrowed or used any wrapping paper for himself?
      Mr. West: No, sir; I don't.
      Mr. Belin: You don't know?
      Mr. West: No; I don't.
      Mr. Belin: Did you ever see him around these wrapper rolls or wrapper roll machine, or not?
      Mr. West: No, sir; I never noticed him being around. (6H360) .

When FBI hair-and-fiber expert Paul Stombaugh examined CE 142 on November 23, he found that it contained a single, brown, delustered viscose fiber and "several" light-green cotton fibers (R136). This meant the Paine garage blanket that wrapped the gun had fibers found on the bag? This was the Holy Grail, linking a bag found on the sixth floor at the scene of the crime, and the blanket used to store the gun in a garage store room, the case was closed. No it was not. The blanket was touching the paper bag of photo shoots for the press, this is after Oswald was arrested. So the evidence is tampered with, the items are in contact for various different events, such as moving them to Washington D.C., then moving them to F.B.I.'s office, these items were bulked together, so fibers from the blanket could be attached to all other circumstantial and false items.


When FBI hair-and-fiber expert Paul Stombaugh examined CE 142 on November 23, he found that it contained a single, brown, delustered viscose fiber and "several" light-green cotton fibers (R136). The Report does not mention Stombaugh's qualification of the word "several" as indicating only two or three fibers (4H80). It seems that these few fibers matched some composing the blanket in which the rifle was allegedly stored, although Stombaugh could render no opinion as to whether the fibers had in fact come from that blanket (R136-37). How does this relate the rifle to the paper bag when it does not conclusively relate even the blanket to the bag? The Commission's theory is "that the rifle could have picked up fibers from the blanket and transferred them to the paper bag" (R137).
      Had the Commission not been such a victim of its bias, it could have seen that this fiber evidence had no value in relating anything. The reason is simple: the evidence indicates that the Dallas Police took no precautions to prevent the various articles of evidence from contacting each other prior to laboratory examination. On Saturday morning, November 23, physical items such as the rifle, the blanket, the bag, and Oswald's shirt arrived in Washington, on loan from the police for FBI scrutiny. It was then that Stombaugh found fibers in the bag (4H75). Prior to Oswald's death, this evidence was returned to the police. However, on November 26, the items remaining in police custody were again turned over to the FBI. Before the second return, some of the items were photographed together on a table (4H273-74). This photograph, CE 738, shows the open end of the paper bag to be in contact with the blanket. Such overt carelessness by the police ruined the bag for any subsequent fiber examinations. If this was any indication of how the evidence was handled by the police when first turned over to the FBI, all the fiber evidence becomes meaningless because the various specimens could have come in contact with each other after they were confiscated.
      There is ample evidence that CE 142 never contained the Mannlicher-Carcano. James Cadigan, FBI questioned-documents expert, disclosed an important piece of information in his testimony concerning his examination of the paper sack:
      I was also requested . . . to examine the bag to determine if there were any significant markings or scratches or abrasions or anything by which it could be associated with the rifle, Commission Exhibit 139, that is, could I find any markings that I could tie to that rifle....And I couldn't find any such markings. (4H97; emphasis added)






[ radical.org] complaints filed to U.S. courts, but the courts controlled by their sexual addictions to killing innocents made them comply with the Academic Hollywood Industrial Corporations Military Complex.  March 11, 1970, filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in the case of Harold Weisberg v. U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of State, Civil Action No. 718-70.).

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