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United States of America 1963 : Lyndon B. Johnson & Hoover F.B.I. Meet the Night Before the Coup d’état  

Origins of the U.S.A. Military Complex

Assassination of J.F.K Changes America and identifies Evil in the Places that it should not be, our lives!

WHY NO ONE TRUSTS THE GOVERNMENT: Army, Navy, C.I.A., F.B.I., N.S.A.,, 4 U.S. Presidents on Daeley Plaza Scene the day of J.F.K. assassination in MEAMIC operation Program K -- to put patsy leaders into office to manipulate the United States of America.

by Archangel Michael: major updates, 14-17 (21-24, 31, nov. 4-5 th, 7-9 th)  Oct,Nov 2013.  Comet ISON 2012 Conjunct Mars Conjunct Alpha Leonis. Alpha leonis is little king, Mars is the murderer, and the comet is the revelations. Here I will use a Nostradamus' poem to crack the case.Lyndon B. Johnson born with this star at culmination PED


50th anniversary on 22 November 2013. THE EVIDENCE

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was assassinated at 12:30 p.m. Central Standard Time (18:30 UTC) on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. Kennedy was fatally shot by a [some] sniper[s] while traveling with his wife Jacqueline, Texas Governor John Connally, and Connally's wife Nellie, in a presidential motorcade. A ten-month investigation in 1963–64 by the Warren Commission concluded that Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, and that Jack Ruby also acted alone when he killed Oswald before he could stand trial. Although the Commission's conclusions were initially supported by a majority of the American public, polls conducted between 1966 and 2003 found that as many as 80 percent of Americans have suspected that there was a plot or cover-up.

The Christchurch Star 23 November, 1963. Evening Edition, so 4 hours after the event.

Just four ( 4  hours) after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, New Zealand ran a multi page exposé on Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone shooter. Well, because of Greenwich mean time, used for U.T. on clocks, 23 Nov. 1963 about 7:30 p.m. it is about 4:30 p.m. Dallas on the 22 nd of Nov. 1963, so about four hours.

The Entire Warren Commission Biography on Oswald is in this issue and his suit is a personal photograph. Therefore this must have been set up before hand and given to news papers already in tact with the cover story.

page 3 of 10 on JFK click for larger or go to website linked to left

Mark Lane  shocks the world on National T.V. by exposing the Warren Commission as a fraud. This splits the establishment ( media, Political parties, Washington D.C. and the public) into two separate camps.

This is because the Democratic Party and Harvard, et al. Academia concluded that Jack Ruby was not present during the assassination, the Warren Commission had promulgated this view as a religious government document. Mark Lane author and lawyer appeared on Merv Griffon’s late night show November 23, 1966 promoting the first critical book on the Warren Commission, called, “A Rush To Judgment....”  and was severely yelled by T.V. host  (arguing with David Susskind) at for being a kook, and not believing as in a religious conviction that the government was already right it had academics on its commission’s boards. The Polls at this time favored the government’s view on a lone shooter and Jack Ruby as in a state of passion walks into an unsecured basement controlled by the Dallas Police department and kills the assassin. At France and Europe, the polls always showed that the U.S.A. government is lying; they had practiced fettering out government lies for over 1,000 years. Then Mark Lane said to the belittling T.V. hosts and guests, before I leave, let me show you a photo. He produced a photo of Jack Ruby in front of the Dallas Texas Book Depository some 5 minuets after the assassination. He then produced the same Photo used in the Warren Commission  which showed Jack Ruby’s head and body cropped to cover up he was there – the Warren Commission claims Ruby was no where near Daeley Plaza. The T.V. hosts and producers had a mental state of frenzy, almost like wild dogs with rabies, they were so angry they thought Mark Lane was the anti Christ. The Polls had favored but after Lane and a series of critical works that proved the Warren Commission only used 17% of the total evidence, tamped with much of the evidence,  the Polls changed to 20% supported the U.S.A. government. So what was the cultural significance? The U.S.A. people used to support the U.S.A. government’s words with loyalty. Now they no longer trusted their government and trust in government went down ever since the coup d’état.


In 1975, the Abraham Zapruder film was finally leaked to the greater public at large. The U.S.A. government, that all political parties tell us to worship loyally,  worshiped as like a god, never intended to release the film for national security matters? ( public photo-stills were released by Life Magazine who quickly told the public they happened to destroy the film, during its processing.).  The Zapruder film is a silent, color motion picture sequence shot by private citizen  Abraham Zapruder with a home-movie camera but in 1975, conspiracy books began to know about this film and later found out the Warren Commission took out frames and made a clear copy to a much more blurred version.

And by 1966 word came that Lyndon B. Johnson and Dullas, head and former head of the C.I.A. under the Kennedy administration, appointed to the commission by L.B.J. had mixed up or purposely removed key frames of the film, the section of the panning toward the Grassy knoll, clearly removed which then were used to show the Commissioners of  to the Warren Commission. In other words, Nostradmaus says, The Guilty Hidden, and this describes the fraudulent Warren Commission investigation and its continual 2,000 A.D. legalities to remain hidden ( no release of 50,00 documents until 2050 A.D. so that all the guilty parties will be dead, the government has silently claimed). . Since this was such a fraud, there were other investigations opened up after the release of the Zapruder film, and these conclusions differed from the Warren Commission.

Vincent Bugliosi, prosecutor of Charles Manson, wrote a massive mixed-fact and mixed-fiction book citing over 52 reasons for a lone shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald. He believes Arlen Specter who came up with the single bullet theory remain correct, but Bugliosi refuses to acknowledge that blood and brain matter do not fall on John Connolly; on the contrary, the trajectory of Kennedy's brain and blood matter fly on Jackie ( seen on her clothes as she board Air Force I), Connolly's wife, just a claim at the commissoin by the direction of the murdering husband, did not see any picture, the motorcycled cop had blood/matter on him, so did the secret service man behind the limo, claimed on T.V! The bullet's trajectory should have put brain and blood matter all over John Connolly, but it did not.

The very first televised claim of the kill shot was pointed to where Hesters' was right after the shooting on the east side of the pergola, the south Grassy Knoll and you can see an arrow here of Zapruder 313, color enhancement used to show the differentiation of brain/blood matter leaving the President's body and the trajectory is from the knoll not from the fifth or sixth floor of the book depository.

Malcolm "Mac" Wallace ( L.B.J. long time payrolled assassin in whcih John F. Kennedy was to expose in December 1963 to force L.B.J. out of the administration) is said to be with C.I.A. Moralas seen in the DTSBD on Roof, fifth floor window and sixth floor windows. Morals had dark complex skin tones. Both seen running away and jumping into a get away car.

These commissions found ‘perhaps’ Oswald did not act alone or was in fact not involved. Yet in all the school children books, controlled by the U.S. government unions, Lee Harvey Oswald is Satan on Earth and all government employees that identify with leftwing ideas are Angels, and never could hurt a fly.

Why would this be the case at all? The Zapruder film catches the only direct and opposite visual of the assassination to all other films and photos. Zapruder was with Marilyn Sitzman, the secretary who steadied Abraham Zapruder as he filmed atop an abutment of the Bryan Colonnade. One of the links to Nostradamus comes from Zapruder panning over a pyracantha bush catching ‘Dealey Plaza Dallas City Employee E.F. Hudson with his hat as he is running up the Byran steps, both have associations to the root word Nostradamus uses taillis. The term taillis comes from  Gaelic origins, adopted into the lingue franca, and is the term many of the popular Nostradamus books link to the idea of a ‘grassy knoll’ Tallis, literally is a pruned garden at the edge of a hill or forest, such as the case when naming a knoll. This is Emmett Joseph Hudson, seen in the Nix film running up the stairs to look for an assasin and can be found also in some of the Moormon photos. This is the official city employee ‘pruner.’ Since there was an unknown figure photograghed in the Betzner photo, seen below, some asked if this was the shooter?

by Archangel Michael 2013 Oct 16

Orson Welles, Nostradamus, the Man Who Saw Tomorrow (Presenter/Narrator), January 1981 (U.S. release). presents a frame near the end of the Zapruder film where clearly someone's head, with a hat, peers through the shrubs on the grassy knoll. This is the pyracantha bush that is directly in front of Abraham’s view of the Byran pathway, connected directly to the Irish/French word Nostradamus uses, and the only pathway seen on the knoll section of Dealey Plaza. Wells as narrator for the producers and writers asks, is this the shooter?  

Click Here For High Definition! 2740 x 2014 pixels.

Nostradamus’ franco-gaelic term taillis comes to life with the pyracantha bush that denotes a connotation to the term, and this is the bush Zapruder films E. J. Hudson’s head, the city employee pruner of Daeley Plaza.

William Betzner also captures this unknown figure in the grassy knoll.

taillis, the term Nostradamus uses does have a connotation to the type of bush seen here and circled. (Source The Myth of the Mystery Man in the Pyracantha Bush in Dealey Plaza, by Bill Miller.).


An enlargement of this unknown figure(s) reveals a couple, and they are seen here but disappear and have never been heard of and people have cried for them to come forward.

"That program opened with a live remote from Dealey Plaza that included one of the last interviews with the late Marilyn Sitzman, the secretary who steadied Abraham Zapruder as he filmed atop an abutment of the Bryan Colonnade. Pointing towards the corner of the retaining wall, Sitzman recalled:

"What had happened, there was a couple sitting right over here in a park bench and they dropped a pop bottle, right after the car went under the Triple Underpass. And when that pop bottle hit the cement, it kind of woke us up. And both Mr. Z and I was still standing up here. Everybody else was laying down flat. And all's I can remember then, was going through my mind: 'What am I doing standing up here?'" ( Jerry Organ Resercher 2000, "Smoke" on the Grassy Knoll, retrieved 21 Oct. 2013).

If true this perhaps rules out the steps as an assassin point. Unless this mysterious couple actually were a part of the killing squad.


One of Betzner's photos, clearly shows a misty figure

Nostradamus’ use of the word for misty is duly noted, and in the grassy knoll section just around the steps of Bryan’s colonnade, where most interpreters link the last line’s local for the guilty parties involved.

Here is the original scan of Betzner's photo ( Source jfkassassinationgallery.com ) in High Definition, large file.



Marilyn Sitzman in one of her last interviews, 1991 Geraldo  Rivera (leftist and pro Latin Culture over European culture, thus he does not care about Irish Kennedys, he treats all interviews that do not see Oswald as the lone culprit to the assasination as a joke; belives destroying any crime scene, by cleaning the limo by L.B.J. was great, it was fantastic and not of evidence to a conspiricy, and Rivera also claims a picture of Oswald with Gun found proves he was a lone killer, stated in 2013, Nov. 9th. on Fox special. Rivera has a track record of false claims, thus Fox News' cover-up.) hosted a series of talk programs which made him famous and his program was the first to re-air the zapruder film, by having concerned guests come speak with these topics of an assassination cover-up of J.F. Kennedy.

Unknown Grassy Knoll Human(s): circled.

Phillip Willis took this photograph at Z-202, 2.24 seconds after the Croft photograph, and .874 seconds after Betzner. Black Arrow is pointing to J.F.K. ( source J. Hunt Jr., Case for Jacket bunched). J.F.K. seen from arrow point.

Dealey Plaza is bounded on the south, east, and north sides by 100+ foot (30+ m) tall buildings.

Nostradamus in this poem affirms that the murder is achieved from the roof. So what are the arcs of these bullest, if they come from anyone of these tall 100+ foot buildings? The Dallas County Records Bld. has a relative arc of 35° - 36° to the 'x' marked on Elm St. where the kill shot of z 313 -316 takes place. The The Dallas County Criminal Courts bld.  if 20 higher then has a 37°- 38° arc to the 'x' marked on Elm St. where the kill shot of z 313 -316 takes place.

The autopsy photos force us to understand an exit-entry wound, highlighted in red below and the green orbit symbol near the crown of the top of J.F.K.'s head, completely gone by z313, that the arc(s) of the bullet(s) did not come from the sixth floor when addressing the kill-shot(s)! Thus the commissions after the public release of the Zapruder film  concluded Oswald perhaps was not the killer.


John Connolly waves white handkerchief as if to say, please do not shoot me!

This forced many Americans to reject the official U.S.A. government narrative that an insane lone shooter killed a U.S.A. president. The Zapruder film, rejected by the U.S. government for public consumption, indicates Kennedy’s head is tilted 51 degrees downward from the street level, and 33 degrees to his left side at Zupruder z312, a frame before a massive head shot takes off the top of his skull, and leaves two right-side wounds, one 3 centimeters just above the right ear, and open all the way to the spinal column, and a smaller wound in a shape of a ‘V’ just above his right eye and a little to the right of the eye. These autopsy diagrams and photos reveal that bullet trajectories, at least one of them, did not come from the Dallas Texas Library Book Depository ( head at 51 degrees tilt to the street makes it impossible for an entrance at the back of the head to exit anywhere on the forehead, at least one of these morbid wounds had come from somewhere else. Therefore, we turn to Nostradamus again.

This forces us to consider either a Huston Street building or somewhere on the knoll of Daeley Plaza or less possible, the rail-road tracks. The angle of Kennedy’s head at z 312 is tilted toward her caresses, therefore past 180 degrees from the sixth floor repository and 40° further placing it in line to a Huston Rooftop or a knoll or overpass direct angle!

Below is a view of the roof top of the Dallas Texas Country Records Building, and is number 3 on the directory photo above or adjacent to the Dallas Texas Library Book Repository building.  (120 ) feet from base. pathag. distance 323-347 feet.[if 300² + 120²  = 323.10989 ~ 35° ]

Did the shooter(s) have a conscious? The safest trajectories to not injur innocent parties come from these locations: The County Records Building, Huston St., the Country Criminal Court Building, Huston St. or the north knoll of Dealey Plaza, Elm st.


Evil ruin to fall upon the great one from the roof - Nostradamus.


see The bullet of the Kill Shot?

Weapon Arc trajectory only possible from a roof top.

Zapruder described the wound to Jay Watson of WFAA-TV shortly after the assassination. Anyone can see it is the front right part of the skull, so not possible for anyone to shoot from the Library Book Repository. J.F.K's head is 220° (40 ° past 180 degrees ) opposite of the book repository at the moment of the kill shot.

Abraham Zapruder (May 15, 1905 – August 30, 1970) was an American manufacturer of women's clothing best known for his home movie documenting the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Zapruder had just purchased one of the highest tech top of the line film cameras and this is the camera he uses. Still lenses in depth mode were not as corrected as today, so images in all films and all scans of the people on the Mall appear larger than his central foci of the Kennedy car passangers. Within 48 hours, Zapruder had been in the presence of knowing five copies of his film, and one original. The government allowed him to keep his original and one copy. Three copies of his film the government took and one copy was sent to Life Magazine, who claimed they destroyed much of it trying to recopy it.


The Autopsy shows a small hole above -right of the right eye, with the entire top left of the skull pushed outward, 10 centimeters by some doctors 13 centimeters by other measurements. In the famous back of the head photo, where there is no entry or exit wound of any bullet, regardless of fragments picked up and flown into the autopsy later that night (autopsy found entire skull cracked, chipped, from top to bottom!), the measuring stick is placed at one end of the wound while a doctor places one of his fingers thought he right eye hole, a small hole, the other side of the wound. So the small entry is at the front and the large or massive hole is at the top of the head. Then there is a massive right side of the head hole, seen clearly at least by z312, and John’s wife is trying to attend her husband, and at this point Connolly is turning to look, as did the driver and Connolly is not shot yet, but at z313 - z316, this is where Connolly collapses, his wife and others hear his screams, this was the massive head shot we seen clearly form the Zapruder point. So the right side hole, just above the ear, thus Sitzman and Gayle both claim they already see blood gushing out of John’s head and so this is prior to the head shot.

---------   A better Evidence.

Correct: Flesh (soft material) : A bullet entering the fleshy portion of the body will enter with a very small size entrance hole and excite with a larger fleshy exit wound. The bullet passes bones and cartledges, thus pushing them outward.  This is basic physics, according to Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. Bone (dense- hard material): If the bullet enters a piece of bone, especially at an angle as claimed, it shatters at the entrance, and then loses shattering power at the exist wound.

Jackie Kennedy is seen picking up her husbands brains on the back of the car! 

Click for large photo brains back of car

John Connolly’s wife testified she had blood and brain matter all over her. She was sitting in front of John's wife.

Problems Presented at Warren Commission


Key  Concept: Beveling. When a bullet penetrates the skull bone, it will leave a small hole on the side from which it enters, and a larger dished-out crater on the side that it exits. The existence of beveling of the bone of Kennedy’s skull allowed the autopsists — and later panels of forensic pathologists — to establish that the bullet that hit Kennedy in the head entered from behind, with at least one large fragment exiting toward the front. See JFK Exhibit F-61, from the House Select Committee on Assassinations.  ( source: Kennedy Assassination Home Page http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/medical.htm


Melon Tests:

Repeated melon tests using carcano rifles used and the same distance and bullets show that this Italian-French World War II rifle will flake a mellow and enter small and exit large but the melon will remain in tact. Using the same ballistic and logistics but using a soft bullet, such as a sabot slug, known to the C.I.A. at that time, will enter the melon with a small hole and then the entire melon explodes leaving little trace of any melon.  The Bethesda claimed as with the Parkland that structural fractures existed from top to bottom, but not flaking which protrudes from the entrance outward in all directions.  



The assassination site in 2008. White arrows indicate the sixth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository, and the mark on Elm Street is where Kennedy was hit in the head. The building seen close to the Depository is the Dal-Tex Building.


Published by the Saturday Evening Post on the weekend of November 23-24, 1963, as the Shooter's possible position. ( source for photos John. F. Kennedy for truth. ). At Zapruder z 312, after a bullet hit, noticed by Marilyn Sitzman and by Gayle Newman ( of the closest humans) , holding right ear, wife embraces her husband, John. F. Kennedy's head is turned leftward about 40° ( vantage from this photo at ~ 220°)  degrees and tilted downward about 51° degrees. This photo shows The President's head at 180°. This is not what the shooter sees!

Howard Brennan sitting across from the Texas School Book Depository. Circle "A" indicates where he saw a man fire a rifle at the motorcade. This is the fifth floor, second row from the north.

Dallas Police Chief:  first weapon said 7.65 Mauser & a Johnson 30.06 rifle found on The fifth floor. This was on T.V. then nothing is ever said again. A carcano cheap WWII rifle is then 'discovered.'


3.16 M.B. drawing of autopsy with bullet shooter locations by trajectoris.

J.F.K. top head drawing autopsy + bullet shooter locations

Army Intel Sound Tapped into signal Channel 2:

The technical aspects can become overwhelming. But this much seems to be true.
1.) There was a microphone stuck on somewhere in Dallas at the time of the
2.) The microphone did record the sound of sirens. Probably the sound of JFK's limo and the motorcycle escorts.

According to a newsgroup post, 26 Aug 1996 [Article: 1858 of alt.conspiracy.jfk.moderated],  Greg Jaynes wrote: At the time of the assassination, the Dallas Police were operating tworadio channels which were both being recorded at headquarters.

Channel one was being recorded onto a Dictabelt machine. A dictabelt is a plastic sleeve that fits around a platen in the machine. As the platen rotates a needle assembly records the radio frequency by cutting a groove
into the sleeve just like on a turntable record . It can be played back in the same manner.

Channel two was being recorded onto a Gray Audograph machine. An Audograph record looks similar to regular LP record Album.

Acoustics experts commissioned by the House Assassinations Committee determined that certain impulses on a portion of the channel one dictablet recording could have been the effects of rifle fire. The experts could
demonstrate the waveform of the impulses with spectrographic charts. But the human ear can not distinguish gun shots from the overwhelming background noise on the recording.

The official opinion is that Dallas Police Officer H.B. McLain who was riding a motorcycle in the motorcade had a microphone that was stuck in the "ON" position during the assassination and after.

Sheriff Bowles told H.B. McLain he had determined that Dallas Police Officer Leslie Beilharz who rode a three wheel motorcycle was who had the stuck microphone.



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